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Mother and daughter are caught by father.
You are always reading stories and seeing on vids about a guy that comes home unexpectedly to find his wife or daughter being fucked by a stranger. I never expected anything like that to happen to me but it did and I'm glad it did.

My flight that I was to take on a business trip was canceled after being delayed for two hours. There wasn't another one till the next day so I decided to return home for the night. It was about ten pm when I entered the house, everything seemed normal but no-one appeared to be home. I sat in the living room for about fifteen minutes waiting for Judy, my wife. Finally I decided to go to bed as I had to be back at the airport pretty early the next day.

I climbed the stairs and headed down the hall. There was a light on in our bedroom. When I got to the door, what I saw made me stop dead in my tracks. Judy and our daughter, Fran were on the bed naked and in the 69 position. Fran was on top. Judy was eagerly eating our daughter’s pussy and Fran was fucking her mother with a big plastic cock as she rubbed her crotch up and down on her mother's face..

I stood there watching. They were so into what they were doing that they never noticed that I was there. After a couple minutes I unzipped my slacks and pulled my now rock hard cock out and started stroking it. Judy repeatedly licked Fran from clit to ass hole and dug her tongue deep into Fran’s snatch making her moan. Soon, Judy had a big climax and when she did, Fran pulled the dildo out and dove, face first into her mother's wet cunt. Fran came next and pressed her crotch tightly to her mother's face as she filled Judy's mouth with her girl cum. They slowed down and just gently licked each other’s slits while they came down from their highs.

I was ready to explode. Jane's head was at the foot of the bed and she had her eyes closed and Fran was facing the other way. I walked up to the end of the bed and after a few more strokes; I blasted a big load of cum in my wife's face and on my daughter's ass. One thing I have always been proud of is how much cum I make. Any porno film would be delighted to have a guy that came so much. Rope after rope of cum flew out of my cock and covered Jane and Fran. When they felt it they jumped. One of Jane's eyes flew open. The other was covered with my thick white cum and didn't open. Fran jumped off her mom and looked back at me in panic. "DADDY !?!"

I smiled and said, "Well, well, well. What do we have here? I didn't realize that you two had gotten so close." I put my dripping cock head to my wife's face. "Open your mouth." Jane did as I said. I pushed myself into her mouth. "Suck it clean, Darling." Fran stood next to the bed with one forearm across her tits and the other hand in front of her cleanly shaved pussy. I hadn't noticed what a beautiful young lady she had grown to be. I guess I had just automatically thought of her as my little girl. I couldn't help but notice now.

Fran was about 5'5". Even behind her arm I could see that her tits were about 34-C's and they were high, full and firm. She had smooth light skin, a small flat tummy, small hips and long shapely legs. Actually, she looked a lot like her mother. I got a better look as she ran to the bathroom. I enjoyed watching her boobs bounce.

"I didn't know you were a lesbian." Judy scooped up some of the cum that was on her face, clearing her eye, and sucked it off of her fingers. "I'm Bi, not a lesbian. There's a difference. I haven't been with another girl since college. And by the way, I haven't been with another guy since we were married either. When I had 'the talk' with Fran I told her that she could ask me anything and I would answer her honestly. Well, one thing led to another and a few weeks ago we started spending time together." "I wish I had known." I said. " We could have had some pretty hot threesomes all these years."

We heard the shower running as Fran washed my cum off of her ass, and a couple minutes later she slowly walked back into the room with a towel wrapped around her and stood next to the bed looking at us. "It's OK Honey. Don't worry. I'm not mad. I was just surprised." "Daddy, I'm still a virgin. All I do with the boys is give them blowjobs and let them finger my pussy. I've been thinking about it for a long time and I want you to be the one to take my cherry. Pleeeeease." Fran said with almost a pleading tone of voice. I looked at Judy. She smiled and nodded her head yes.

I stood up, reached out and removed the towel. I got my first good look at her large erect nipples. I could feel life starting to come back into my manhood. I pulled her tight to me, feeling her firm young tits press against me, and my cock press against her stomach. "Franny, Honey I don't like to wear a condom. Not many guys do. So we need to get you started on the pill. While we are waiting for it to start to work, we can do what you and mommy have been doing. Sometimes we can even all do it together. Would you like that?" "Yes Daddy, very much." I bent down and gave my daughter a kiss. It wasn't a father/daughter kiss.



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Loved it!!!

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2013-08-21 23:29:09
Love it when I fucked my wife and slut daughter

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2013-07-25 09:13:21
Hi Judy. You know who this is. I wanted to let you and everyone else know that my daughter Jenny and I spent all day yesterday in bed fucking with your husband while you were out shopping with your friends. He's a pretty goof fuck for his age.

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2012-12-06 01:07:29
Thats me squirting all over my 3 daughters and wife in hot 5 some

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2012-10-22 03:27:31
JUDY MYERS:Mel so good to see you today at the County Line. Enjoyed your singing so much. At least it was not snoniwg. A little chilly but not too bad. The people don't know what they missed. Thanks for being there. And keep on keeping on. Listening to your Solid Gold now. G R E A T .hard to pick a favorite,,,all are so good.Your Friend Judy the trip to see you was well worth it.

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