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"Joey!" Angela Banner called from her back door, straining her voice to
overcome the noise of the lawnmower. "Come have a cold drink, darling!
You must be terribly hot!"

"Sure am, Mrs. Banner!" Joey Watson shouted back, cutting off the
engine and running to pick up his shirt where he had thrown it in the

Angela was hot too, but the heat that was bothering her had nothing to
do with the weather. Angela's house was cool and comfortable, but her
pussy was steaming, steaming with lust for the handsome young boy who
was busy mowing her lawn that hot summer day.

Angela was well aware that her desire for young Joey was wicked and
taboo. She knew that a married woman with two sons of her own had no
business dripping with lust for a teenage boy. She knew that what she
was about to do was wrong, but she had struggled with her conscience for
a long time, and her conscience had lost the struggle. She had to have
the boy, and she had to have him now.

Angela had been waiting all week for the opportunity to seduce Joey, and
today was the perfect time. Her husband Mike had taken her two sons Thad
and Randy to the lake for an afternoon of fishing. It had taken her all
week to persuade her husband to take an afternoon off from his insurance
business to spend some time with the boys. Mike didn't seem to care
about anything but his business. He devoted all his time to building the
business, living and breathing insurance. He had succeeded in making his
business the most successful in the area with his total dedication to
work. He had also succeeded in ruining his marriage.

In the happy, early years of their marriage Angela wouldn't have thought
for a moment of seducing a boy, but in the early years of their marriage
she had gotten all the fucking she could handle. Unfortunately, Mike had
lost all interest in sex. He hadn't even been able to raise a hard-on in
more than a year. The man who had once been able to drive her wild with
passion every night now came home after working all day at the office,
worked on his books for a couple of hours and fell off to sleep as soon
as he hit the sheets. Nothing Angela did could kindle a spark in him.

Angela knew that she wasn't to blame for Mike's total lack of interest
in sex. She was still just as beautiful and seductive as she had been
twenty years ago. If anything, she had improved with age. Mike had
chosen to devote himself totally to his work and nothing she could do or
say would change him. Angela didn't want a divorce. Mike was a good
provider, and when he found the time, he could be a good father. As far
as Thad and Randy knew, nothing was wrong at home, although they both
wished they could have more time with their father.

Angela had considered looking to another man for sexual satisfaction,
lout had decided that that was out of the question. In the close-knit
little community of Carterville, any extramarital affair soon became the
subject of vicious gossip. The people of Carterville would be shocked
and enraged to find that their head librarian was having an affair. Her
fellow townspeople might suspect her of having an affair with another
man if she gave them half a chance, but how could they possibly suspect
her of having an affair with a teenage boy? Things like that simply
didn't happen in Carterville.

Angela was a woman of powerful sexual desires. She had always loved
fucking. As a teenager, she had a reputation as a hot fuck. When she had
married Mike and moved to Carterville, however, she had settled down
considerably. Mike had given her all the cock she needed to keep her
happy, but that was all in the past.

She longed now to experience the youthful male vitality that Mike had
thrilled her with in the early years of their marriage. She longed to
have a big hard cock buried in her cunt again She longed to feel a hot
cock pounding in and out of her seething pussy until she came again and
again. She seethed with unfulfilled desire, and she could stand it no
longer. She knew that Joey could provide her with just what she needed
to be happy.

Angela knew that Joey was more than a little surprised to find her
standing in the door wearing only a flimsy negligee and a warm smile.
She knew that the boy could see through the gauzy garment, that he could
see her luscious tits with their hard little nipples. She knew that he
could see the shadow of her soft warm pussy nestled between her lithe
legs. She watched the boy's glittering blue eyes widen and his mouth
fall open as his gaze roved up and down her fine feminine form.

"Well, Joey? Aren't you coming in?" Angela asked with a playful smile.

"Uh... sure... sure, Mrs. Banner," the boy choked, apparently
unable to look her in the eye.

"Is something the matter, Joey?" she asked, putting her hands on her
hips, smoothing the material of her negligee over her silken thighs.

"G-gosh... no... I... I guess not..." the boy rasped.

"Does it bother you that I'm dressed this way, darling? It's so hot
today and this negligee is so light and airy," the hot-assed woman said,
smoothing her garment over her bulging tits and letting the boy see her
pointy nipples.

Joey couldn't believe what was happening to him. He had never seen Mrs.
Banner dressed that way before. She might as well have come to the door
wearing nothing at all. He had always known that she was a beautiful and
sexy woman, but seeing her that way affected him powerfully. He had
never seen a woman that close to naked before, except in pictures, and
Mrs. Banner sure was better than any picture he had ever seen. Standing
there in front of her and watching her move her hands over her nearly
naked body made his legs weak. He didn't know what to do.
"Are you as hot as I am, Joey?"
"Huh?" he gasped.

"I'm sure you are, darling," she said. "Why don't we go into the living
room and have a nice cold drink?"

Joey had been buttoning his shirt up when he had got to the back door.
When he had seen Mrs. Banner standing there like a vision in a wet
dream, his hands had dropped to his sides. Now he somehow managed to
regain control of his fingers enough to finish buttoning his shirt
before he followed her into her living room, but Mrs. Banner had other

" You don't have to button your shirt Joey, she said, taking his hand in
hers. "In fact, why don't you take your shirt off, darling? You didn't
really really need to put it on to come inside. I like to see handsome
young men like you with their shirts off, Joey. I was watching you
mowing the lawn. I just love to watch your muscles move when you work!"

Joey just stood there in shock as Mrs. Banner unbuttoned his shirt for
him. Her hands brushed against his chest. She was so close to him that
he could reach out and touch her if he had the nerve. Her magnificent
tits were right before his eyes. He could see the hard points of her
nipples poking out against the thin material of her negligee. He watched
her tits rise and fall as she breathed. The scent of the perfume she
wore wafted past his nostrils, intoxicating him.

"Such a nice strong chest!" she breathed laying the palm of her hand
over his heart. My goodness, Joey, your heart is beating so fast. Are
you nervous about something?"

I... I guess... " the boy choked, feeling the incredible warmth of
her silken hand soaking into his chest.

Angela stepped up behind the boy and eased his shirt off his strong
young shoulders. She ran her warm hands up and down his sides, thrilling
to the feel of young muscles beneath her fingers. She knew that she was
driving him wild with her boldness, and she knew from the way he was
reacting to her sensual onslaught that he was hers for the taking. She
wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him quickly from behind,
letting her warm tits crush up against his strong young back.

"Shall we have that drink, Joey?" Angela asked, kissing him behind the
ear and sauntering into the living room.

Joey stood frozen in place for a moment or two. He couldn't believe what
she had just done to him. He could still feel her soft warm tits
pressing against his naked back, could still feel-her moist breath
against his cheek. She had to know what she was doing to him. She had to
know that she was making his cock stiffen in his pants. His balls were
getting hotter and hotter by the second.

Joey had never had an experience quite as confusing and exciting as
this. He had no idea how he should react to the incredibly beautiful
woman. She was old enough to be his mother. How could she possibly be
doing such wild things to him? He was afraid that his cock would harden
up and make a big bulge in his pants the way it always did when he got
horny. He couldn't possibly hide a cock as big as his when it got hard.
She was sure to notice the big thing swelling- between his legs. He was
already embarrassed, but if he went into the living room with her,
things would get a lot worse. He almost turned and ran out the back
door, but she beckoned him toward her and he was powerless to resist her

"Are you nervous, darling? Haven't you been entertained by a woman
before? " Angela asked playfully, holding out a glass, which the boy
nervously accepted.

"N-not this way, Mrs. Banner," he rasped.

"I'm surprised to hear that, Joey. You're such a handsome young man!
You're awfully hard to resist. I'm surprised that you haven't been
seduced before," the horny older woman said, sipping her drink and
looking at the boy with blazing eyes.


"Of course, Joey! You know what the word means, don't you?"

I...guess...but... is that what you're gonna do?"

"Unless you have any serious objections, darling!"

"But... uh... what about... what about... I mean...
you're married and... " the boy stammered.

"Yes, darling, I'm married and I have two boys. And you know both of my
boys, don't you?"

"Gosh, yeah, Mrs. Banner, I know Thad and Randy. So how can you seduce

"Like this, lover," she said, putting her drink down and opening her

"Jesus Christ!" Joey gasped when the luscious woman parted the gauzy
pink material of her garment and exposed her naked tits for him.

"Do you like them, lover? Do you think my tits are pretty?" she asked in
a honeyed voice, lifting her naked tits, displaying them for him.

"God, yeah, Mrs. Banner! They're beautiful! But..."

"No buts, darling. If you like me, you can have me. It's as simple as

"Have you?"

"All of me, lover," Angela said, still lifting her naked tits for Joey's

"But what about Mr. Banner and Thad and Randy? What if they catch us?"

"Don't worry about that, Joey darling. They won't be back for hours.
We'll have plenty of time to have all sorts of fun together. Now sip
your drink, Joey. I'm sure it will make you relax. I realize that this
is all new to you, but I'm sure you'll get used to it quickly."

Joey sipped his drink and found that it was mostly alcohol. He felt the
warmth spreading through him and gulped it down quickly. His hand was
shaking so much that he almost dropped his glass. His cock was swelling
more and more all the time, making a bulge in his pants that he knew
Mrs. Banner could see. He shuffled his feet nervously, letting his hand
drop to his crotch in an effort to hide his embarrassment.

Angela let her glance fall to the boy's bulging crotch. She was thrilled
to find that her efforts were having the desired effect on the boy. She
could hardly wait to get her hands on the throbbing hard-on that she had
raised on him. She sat on the couch and crossed her long lithe legs. She
bounced her foot lightly, raising the transparent material of her
negligee inch by inch until she knew that he could see the down of her
naked cunt.

"Come sit beside me, Joey. I won't bite, although I might eat you," she
purred, patting the cushion next to her.

"I... I don't think I'd better," the boy rasped, his cock aching as it
throbbed against t he material of his jeans.

"Because you have a hard-on, darling? Don't be silly I know what I've
done to you. I've made your cock as hard as a rock. you don't need to
try hiding it, lover. Come sit beside me and try to relax. Don't be

Her cunt was itching with desire for the horny young kid.

Joey had to do what she told him. He was in her power completely now. He
walked stiff-legged over to the couch and sat down beside her. He tried
to leave some space between them, but as soon as he sat down she moved
closer. He felt her warm body against him, felt her warmth soak into his
leg and go straight to his balls.

"That's much better, Joey darling! Do you like sitting close to me?"

"Gosh, yeah, but I don't know what to do... " the nervous, turned-on
kid stammered, dropping his hands to his lap in an effort to hide his
bulging crotch from Mrs. Banner's gaze.

Joey could feel Mrs. Banner's eyes burning into his crotch. He wanted
desperately to look at her naked tits, silken legs, and the nest of her
exposed pussy, but he didn't dare.

"Have you ever been this close to a woman?" she asked softly.
Joey shook his head.

"Not even a young girl your own age?"

"Not like this!" he gasped.

"How do you mean that, lover?"

"Well, I mean... uh... you're almost naked!"

"And before long I'll be completely naked for you, lover!"

"Oh, wow! This is somethin' else!" the boy choked.

Angela brushed his hands away from his bulging crotch and ran her
fingers along the bulging crotch and ran her fingers along the bulge of
his hard cock from the head to the root. The boy's prick was even bigger
and longer than she had imagined. She knew now that she had made the
right choice for her little experiment in seduction. Just the thought of
taking such a long hard young cock in her cunt made her writhe with

"It's so big and hard! Did I do that to you, lover? You must be awfully
horny today! " she said, moving her hand over his swollen prick. "You
don't mind if I touch it, do you?" she asked when she felt his body jerk

"If you want to... " he said breathlessly.

"Does my hand feel good on your big hardcock?" she asked in a voice
dripping with lust.

"Yeah! Wow!" the boy gasped, closing his eyes as she moved her loving
hand up and down his cock.

"It's been so long since I've felt a hard cock. It's so hot and full of
power. I just love it! I wish my husband could get as big and hard as
you, Joey. I just know you can do the most wonderful things to me with
that beautiful prick."

Joey's balls were on fire now. Every stroke of her warm hand up and down
his cock made him harder and hornier. He thought his cock would tear a
hole in his pants at any minute. His balls were cramped in his pants, so
cramped that they were starting to hurt just a bit. He wished she would
open his pants and let his prick jerk out into the open, but he didn't
dare suggest such a thing.

Angela loved the way she had him squirming. She pressed the palm of her
hand against his hard cock, pressing it against his leg. She could feel
it jerking beneath the denim of his jeans. She pinched his thickly
swollen prick with her fingertips. She ran her hand down between his
legs and felt the swelling of his big cum-filled balls. She longed to
have those balls pumping her cunt full of hot jism.

"You're starting to drip already, lover. You must be awfully hot!" she
said, noticing a wet spot near the end of his cock where it was oozing
pre-cum. "How long has it been since you've jerked off, darling?" she
asked boldly.

"Gosh, you really wanna talk about that?" he asked in amazement.

There seemed to be nothing Mrs. Banner wouldn't say or do. Guys just
didn't talk to older women about stuff like jerking off. Just hearing
her say the words made his balls ache even more.

"Well, darling? Have you played with yourself recently?"

"A couple of days ago," Joey heard himself say.

"Your balls must be full of cum now, darling! Tell me, lover, when you
jerk off does your cum shoot a long long way?"

"Uh... yeah... I... I guess!"

"Wonderful! Then I'll be able to feel it shooting hard way up inside my

"Inside your... your cunt?"

"That's right, lover! You'll spray the inside of my cunt with hot cum!"

"You mean you want me to... to fuck you?" he rasped.

"What else, silly boy? You do want to fuck me, don't you?"

"Heck, yeah! But, I've never done it before!"

"You have to learn some time. And I'll just love teaching you! I'm sure
you'll learn fast. I want you to do all sorts of wonderful things to me,
lover. I want you to make me feel like a woman again. It's been so long
since I've been fucked!

"But, I'm just a kid!"

"You're young, Joey, but you're a man now. Age doesn't make any
difference, Joey. My husband Mike is grown. up, but he can't even get
hard any more. you can make me feel much better than he can."

"You really think so, Mrs. Banner?" Joey asked, feeling proud of
himself for being a man in her eyes.

Angela tugged down the boy's zipper and reached her warm hand into his
pants. He sat up straight, his muscles tense. No one had ever put a hand
in his pants before. The feeling of her fingers against his cock and
balls drove him wild. He felt her fingers moving against his swollen
balls and the hard root of his cock, teasing him, making him hot beyond

"I'm glad you're not wearing any underwear, darling; It makes your
wonderful cock and balls so much easier to get at. Do you like what I'm
doing to you, Joey? Do you like the way I'm making your cock feel?"
"Yeah! It's great!"

"Unfasten your pants, lover. Spread them open," she breathed, her mouth

Joey did as he was told, and did it eagerly. The more he got into the
act, the more he enjoyed it. He wondered now why he hadn't approached a
girl long ago. He sure had been missing a lot. And he somehow felt that
the fun was only beginning.

Angela ran her fingers through the growth of curly black hair between
her young stud's legs. When he spread his jeans open, she reached down
and hauled out his young balls. She tried to pull his jerking cock out
of his Levi's, but it was stuck too far down his pants leg.

Joey raised his body up a bit and pushed his pants down to his knees.
His prick snapped up against his stomach, splattering fluid over his
skin. Angela reached out and wrapped her delicate fingers around the
slippery shaft of his cock and squeezed tightly. She began gently moving
her fingers up and down his cockshaft. She smiled at him and got on her
knees between his legs.

Joey stared at Mrs. Banner's naked tits. He wanted to reach out and feel
them, but he thought he should wait until she told him to touch her. Her
tits were hard to resist, swelling and warm-looking with hard little
nipples that he couldn't help wanting to feel.

"Your cock is just beautiful! Do you mind if I kiss it?"

"K-kiss it? You really mean it, Mrs. Banner?"

"I really mean it, dear boy! I'm going to do more than kiss it, Joey.
I'm going to put it in my mouth and suck it. I'm going to make your cock
feel just wonderful inside my mouth." She bent Closer to the boy's
dripping cock.

Joey sucked in his breath when he felt her warm lips touch the naked
head of his swollen prick. No one had ever touched him there before, and
now the most beautiful woman he had ever seen was pressing her lips
against the head of his cock. It wasn't just a quick kiss either. Her
lips remained on his slippery cockhead, sucking at his turgid flesh.

"Delicious," Angela said, licking her lips. "I just have to taste the
cum that's oozing from your cock!"

With that, the seductive older woman flicked out her tongue and brought
the tip of it against the piss-slit of the boy's rigid cock. She ran her
thumb up the underside of his jerking cock, forcing another droplet of
crystal clear pre-cum to ooze from the tip of his prick. She eagerly
caught the droplet on the tip of her tongue and took it into her mouth,
tasting the saltiness of it and thirsting for more.

Angela opened her mouth and went down on the kid's hard cock. She
wrapped her warm wet lips around the knob of his prick and sucked hard,
running her practiced tongue around the underside of it, making his
balls ache with pleasure. She took him deeper into her mouth by the
second, sucking and licking his cock.

"Oh, wow! That feels great, Mrs. Banner! Keep doin' that! Don't stop,
Mrs. Banner! It feels so damn good!" the kid rasped, feeling her mouth
working against his naked prick.

Angela felt the bulging head of his cock filling her mouth. It was a
feeling she hadn't felt in a long time. She could imagine how much
better his cock would feel stretching the tight flesh of her seething
cunt. She began moving her head up and down on his big hard cock, taking
it all the way down her throat with each downward motion, letting it
almost pull from her lips on each upward movement.

Joey couldn't believe how good she was making him feel. He had heard
about guys getting blow jobs, but he had never imagined that anything
could feel that good. He didn't know how much longer he could stand it
without shooting a wad of hot cum into her mouth. He didn't think she
would want him to do that.

"I... I... I think you'd better stop, Mrs. Banner! I'm gonna...
uh... I'm gonna shoot the stuff!" he rasped.

Angela wrapped her finger around his balls and squeezed them tightly.
She let his cockhead pull from her lips with an audible slurping sound.
She squeezed his balls with one hand and his cock with the other,
looking into his glittering eyes.

"Tell me, Joey, when you jack off how many times can you make yourself
come?" she asked. "Don't be embarrassed about telling me, Joey. I really
need to know."

"Gosh! I can do it five or six times," he said.

"Wonderful! Then I'll suck you off and let you come in my mouth. You'll
have plenty of hot cum left to shoot into my cunt. I just know you'll
like shooting a wad down my throat. I'll like it too. I just love the
taste of cum! I love to feel it shooting against the back of my throat.
I love to feel it running down my throat. Your cum will be so thick and
so hot and sweet!"

The sex-starved woman plunged down on the horny boy's cock and began
sucking wildly at it. Every muscle in his body was tense now as he came
nearer and nearer to a ball-busting climax. He felt her lips pressing
against his naked cock-flesh, felt her teeth gently scraping against his
sensitive cockshaft as she bobbed her head up and down on him. She moved
her head faster and faster, taking his prick all the way down her throat
with each downward plunge.

Angela felt his cockhead banging against the back of her throat. The boy
couldn't help arching his back and thrusting up and down. She reached
under his ass and grabbed his hard young butt, squeezing and lifting it,
forcing his cock even deeper down her throat. The hot assed woman almost
choked on his swollen cock, but she enjoyed every minute of it.

Joey felt her throat grasping his impaled cock, felt her swallowing it.
Her long fingernails dug into the cheeks of his bucking ass as he fucked
her face. His balls bounced between his legs, swelling more and more
with hot cum. He knew that it wouldn't be long before his wad exploded
down her throat. He had always shot off in a handkerchief or on the
ground, but now he was going to pour his jism down a beautiful woman's
throat. Just the thought of it made the boy dizzy with excitement.

"Suck me, Mrs. Banner! Suck my cock!" Joey shouted.

His words seemed to make her suck his prick ever harder and bob her head
up and down even faster.

"I'm gonna shoot it! Are you sure it's all right?" he rasped.

Angela moaned deep in her throat and sucked harder than ever. She almost
drowned on his hot thick cum when his balls exploded and filled her
sucking throat with it.

Joey closed his eyes and almost saw stars when his wad shot through his
cock shaft. Spurt after spurt of it shot from his prick and into the
woman's eager mouth. - The boy thought he would never stop coming. It
was like nothing he had ever experienced before. It was as if all the
tension in his body was suddenly discharged through his cock. Her tongue
still worked on his shooting prick and her lips still pressed the shaft
of it as he filled her with jism.

Angela opened her eyes and watched Joey's handsome young face when he
experienced his orgasm. She tried to imagine how he felt when he came in
the mouth of a woman for the first time. She tried to swallow all the
cum he shot into her mouth, but it was no use. The stuff trickled from
her lips and ran down over her chin, dripping onto his cockshaft and
saturating his young balls.

"Oh, Joey! Joey, darling! It was beautiful! Did you enjoy it, lover? Did
you like coming in my mouth?" she breathed, licking the cum off her
glistening lips.

"Jesus, yeah! It was great! Did you swallow my cum?" the kid asked,
still feeling the surge of pleasure that she had caused throughout his

"Yes, Joey. It tasted so good! It's been so long since I've tasted cum
in my mouth. Your cock is still hard, Joey. You're such a stud! I just
love you! We'll have so much fun together."

"Are we gonna do it again, Mrs. Banner?" the kid asked, feeling bold now
that he had experienced the wild pleasure that a woman like Mrs. Banner
could bring him.

"Come with me, Joey. Come up to my bedroom, stud. There are all sorts of
wonderful things we can do together. No, Joey, don't bother to bring
your clothes. You won't be needing them!" she said, laughing


Joey followed his sex instructor upstairs to her bedroom. He watched the
full curvy cheeks of her ass rising and falling as she glided up the
stairs. He almost fell over backwards when the lusty woman reached down
and raised her negligee all the way to her waist, letting him gaze at
her exposed asscheeks. As she climbed the stairs in front of him, the
horny kid could see the tuft of curly hair between her legs.

Angela felt lascivious beyond belief as she displayed her feminine
charms for the boy. She glanced behind her and watched the kid's stiff
prick bouncing in front of him as he climbed the stairs. She was
thrilled to know that she could keep him so interested in her, thrilled
that she could keep his cock as hard as a rock even after he had shot a
heavy wad of cum only minutes before. He was certainly an improvement
over her lifeless husband.

At the top of the stairs, Angela bent over and touched her toes, giving
Joey a view of her ass and the slit of her cunt that was impossible to
resist. He stepped up close behind her and stood motionless for a moment
or two. He wanted to reach out and feel the cheeks of her lewdly
exposed ass. but he was still not bold enough.

"Don't be afraid, Joey darling! Touch me if want," the lusty woman

Joey reached out and put his hand on Mrs. Banner's naked ass. Her flesh
was even smoother than he imagined. The warmth and softness of her
affected him powerfully. His hand moved over her naked asscheeks,
exploring every curve of her tempting butt. He dared to let his hand dip
between her legs and feel the tufted mound of her quivering cunt. The
warmth of her pussy drove him wild. She was as hot as hell between her
legs. He felt her dewy cuntlips against the palm of his hand as he ran
it between her legs.

"Oh, Joey! Your hand feels so good on my pussy! I'm so hot for you! Do
you feel how l am, lover? Do you feel how hot my cunt is?"

"Gosh, yeah!" the excited young man said in amazement.

"I'm just dripping for you. Do you feel how wet I am? Wouldn't you just
love to sink your big hard cock into my hot wet cunt?" she teased,
wiggling her naked ass, moving her seething pussy against the boy's hot

"Oh yeah! This is somethin' else! I wanna do it, Mrs. Banner. I wanna
fuck you. you really gonna let me?"

"Yes, lover! But you'll have to catch me first!" she giggled, breaking
into a run down the hall and leaving the boy standing there at the top
of the stairs, his hand wet with cunt juice and his cock dripping with

Joey ran after her, his young balls bouncing between his legs. Mrs.
Banner's laughter rang in his ears. He had never been so turned on in
his life. There seemed to be nothing she wouldn't do to excite him. He
followed her into her room and ran to the foot of her bed. She had
thrown off her negligee and jumped into bed. She was lying on her back
with her legs spread, letting him have a good long look at her naked,
open cunt.

Angela beckoned him and Joey jumped into bed with her. She wrapped her
silken arms around the boy and held him close. Her naked tits crushed up
against his strong young chest. Her stiff nipples brushed against his
skin, making them tingle. Angela's cunt seethed with lust as she held
the boy in a loving embrace. She felt his heart beating hard and fast.
She felt his stiff cock pressing against her thigh, poking at her. She
knew that he wanted desperately to sink his young prick into her sweet
cunt, but first she would show him a few of her secret treasures.

Angela told the boy to lie on his back. He did as he was told. She
planted a wet loving kiss on his lips, slipping her tongue into his
mouth. He responded in kind. It was a nervous sort of kiss, but Angela
was thrilled by it. She began kissing his throat and making a trail of
kisses down his chest to his hard young stomach all the way to the hair
on his groin. She tangled her fingers in his curly pubic hair and let
her tongue flick over the head of his tightly swollen cock.

"It's just delicious, lover. It's so hard and hot. I just love the way
your cock tastes. I could suck it all day," she said, opening her lips
and taking his prick into her mouth.

Angela sucked his cock until it seemed ready to explode. By the time she
was ready to stop sucking it, the boy was writhing in pleasure, moving
his legs and tossing his head to and fro. She let his cockhead pull from
her sucking lips and let it snap against his stomach. Her tongue moved
to the kid's swollen balls. She tickled his balls with the tip of her
tongue, pressing them, dividing them in their sac. She kissed the pouch
that held his young balls. She nibbled at his sensitive ball-sac,
tugging at his skin with her teeth. Then she opened her lips and sucked
his balls into her mouth one at a time.

"Mrs. Banner! I think I'm gonna shoot it again!" he rasped.

Angela let his balls pull from her mouth and planted a kiss on the
throbbing head of his cock. Then she straddled the boy's tense young
body and rubbed her juicy wet cunt against his chest. She knew that he
was ready to unload another wad of cum, but first she wanted to give him
a taste of her delicious pussy. She knew that she had the best-tasting
cunt in town. Joey was sure to love the taste and scent of her hot wet

The hot-assed older woman moved her cunt closer and closer to his face.
She was dripping with passion. The lips of her cunt were glistening with
juice, longing to be licked. She wanted desperately to feel his eager
young tongue working against the lips of her trembling cunt. It had been
much too long since she had felt the pleasure of a tongue lapping at her

Joey stared at her open cunt when she kneeled over his face. It was the
first time that he had ever had the opportunity to stare at that part of
a woman. Her cunt looked as hot as it had felt earlier when he had dared
to put his hand on it. The rubbery lips of her pussy seemed to tremble
visibly. The rosy gash of her cunt seemed to invite him to touch it.

"Can I touch you there?" the boy asked in a dry voice full of

"Yessssss!" she hissed. "Touch my fucking cunt! Put your fingers in me!
I want you to, lover! I'm so hot, so fucking hot! Touch me! Please!" she
cried in the heat of her lust.

Angela reached down between her legs and spread her cunt open for the
boy. When she felt his fingers touching her sensitive pussy flesh, she
almost fainted with pleasure. Her cunt twitched and tingled with delight
as Joey put his fingers between the spread lips of her naked pussy.

The horny kid inserted first one finger and then another and another
until his whole hand was buried in her cunt. He felt the flesh of her
pussy closing around his hand, felt her cunt squeezing his hand inside
her. He wondered how her cunt would feel squeezing the shaft of his
turgid cock.

"Move your fingers in and out, lover! Oh, darling! Yes! That's right!
Oh, God! It feels so good! Fuck me with your fingers, Joey! Yesssss!
Fuck my cunt! I love it!"

Mrs. Banner's cunt seemed to get juicier and juicier the more he ran his
fingers in and out of her. His fingers made wet slurping sounds as they
raced in and out of her pussy. He had to taste the juice that covered
his hand. He took his fingers out of her cunt and brought them to his

"Do you like the taste of my pussy juice, darling?" she asked in a deep
voice smoldering with lust.

Angela looked down and saw her young
stud licking his fingers. She knew that he was ready to eat her pussy,
and she was certainly ready to be eaten. She crouched over the boy's
eager young face and ever so slowly eased her cunt down toward his
mouth. She closed her glittering eyes and waited for the pure pleasure
the boy was about to bring her with his lips and tongue.

The scent of Angela's musky cunt was intoxicating to the boy. He inhaled
her heady feminine fragrance and it went straight to his head. When the
lips of her cunt were very close to his mouth he flicked his tongue over
them. He began lapping at her rosy pussy, running his tongue up and down
the juicy slit between her legs until she shivered with delight.

"Joey! Oh, my God! Lick me! Lick my fucking cunt! Make me hot! Make me
drip! Oh, darling boy! Put your tongue right up inside me! Suck my cunt!
I just love it!"

Joey ran his tongue all the way up her cunt, stiffening it and poking it
in and out of her. He felt her cunt sucking and tugging at his tongue as
if to suck it all the way up inside her. Her pussy juice ran freely and
he lapped it up thirstily. His cock jerked between his legs as hoe
sucked her cunt. He had never felt anything as wildly exciting in his
young life. He was actually licking a woman's pussy, a woman old enough
to be his mother.

"My clit Joey! Lick my clit! Lick me there!" Angela cried, pressing her
finger against the turgid little bud of hot flesh between her legs. "My
clit is tingling so! Lick it! Lick it, lover! Drive me wild!"

Joey did as he was told. He pressed the tip of his tongue against her
hot little clit and made her shiver with pleasure. Her body quaked
whenever he moved the tip of his tongue over her hot clit. He wrapped
his lips around the tiny bud and began sucking and gently nibbling at
it. She moaned with pleasure as he worked on her seething cunt with his
tongue and lips.

"Oh, lover! Joey, are you sure you haven't done this before? You make me
so hot! I want your cock now, darling! I want you to fuck me!" she

Joey was ready. his cock was as hard as a rock. He had wanted to shove
his prick in her pussy ever since she had exposed her cunt to him. Just
the thought of how her cunt would feel sucking at his cock made him ache
with horniness.

Angela moved down over his body and positioned herself over his cock.
She crouched over his cock and lowered herself onto it until her
seething wet cunt was pressing against his cockhead. She rubbed her
pussy against the length of his swollen prick, pressing it into her hot
slit, making it slick with her freely flowing cunt juice.

"Oh, shit! That's somethin' else, Mrs. Banner! I didn't know it would
feel like that! Jesus Christ!" the boy grunted, raising his ass off the
bed and thrusting against her creamy cunt.

"I want you inside me, lover! Fuck me! Crawl on top of me and ram your
cock into me!" she moaned, rolling over on her back and opening her long
lithe legs for him.

Joey mounted her and poked his cock against her cunt in a wild frenzy.

"Let me help you, lover!" she said, reaching down and guiding his
rock-hard prick into her pussy.

Angela closed her eyes and prepared for his entry into her long-unfucked
cunt. She didn't expect him to be gentle with her. She knew that he was
nervous and eager to get his cock into a woman for the first time. She
expected him to fuck her hard and fast, and that was exactly what she
wanted. She gasped when he rammed his distended prick into her all the
way to his balls in one rough thrust.

"Did I hurt you, Mrs. Banner?" Joey asked.

"No, darling, not really! I love it! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Oh, Joey,
your cock is so long and hard! I can feel it way up inside me! Move it
in and out, lover! Fuck me! Fuck my goddamn cunt! Do it, stud! Fuck
meeeeee!" she cried.

Joey began fucking her wildly. He bucked his ass harder and harder,
making the bed bounce. His balls slapped against her hot damp crotch
each time he banged into her. Her tits shivered and shook as he pounded
her cunt. Her cunt clutched at his cock like a dozen hands squeezing him
tightly. It was a feeling unlike anything he had ever experienced.

"Take it, Mrs. Banner! Take my cock in there! Oh, fuck! This is great!"
the excited kid growled as he rammed in and out of the woman's clutching

"Fuck me! Fuck the piss out of me, stud! I need it! Oh, Joey, it's been
so long since I've had a cock up my cunt! You don't know what you're
doing to me, darling boy! Fuck met Fuck my cunt!" she moaned, grinding
her pussy against the kid's cock.

Joey felt his balls swelling more and more by the second. He felt the
tension building up between his legs. He knew that it wouldn't be long
before he shot a hot wad of cum all the way up the luscious woman's
sucking cunt. He felt her fingernails digging into his back as he fucked
her, raising welts on him as she scratched him like a cat in heat.
hot slit, making it slick with her freely flowing cunt juice.

"Oh, shit! That's somethin' else, Mrs. Banner! I didn't know it would
feel like that! Jesus Christ!" the boy grunted, raising his ass off the
bed and thrusting against her creamy cunt.

"I want you inside me, lover! Fuck me! crawl on top of me and ram your
cock into me!" she moaned, rolling over on her back and opening her long
lithe legs for him.

Joey mounted her and poked his cock against her cunt in a wild frenzy.

"Let me help you, lover!" she said, reaching down and guiding his
rock-hard prick into her pussy.

Angela closed her eyes and prepared for his entry into her long-unfucked
cunt. She didn't expect him to be gentle with her. She knew that he was
nervous and eager to get his cock into a woman for the first time. She
expected him to fuck her hard and fast, and that was exactly what she
wanted. She gasped when he rammed his distended prick into her all the
way to his balls in one rough thrust.

"Did I hurt you, Mrs. Banner?" Joey asked.

"No, darling, not really! I love it! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Oh, Joey,
your cock is so long and hard! I can feel it way up inside me! Move it
in and out, lover! Fuck me! Fuck my goddamn cunt! Do it, stud! Fuck
meeeeee!" she cried.

Joey began fucking her wildly. He bucked his ass harder and harder,
making the bed bounce. His balls slapped against her hot damp crotch
each time he banged into her. Her tits shivered and shook as he pounded
her cunt. Her cunt clutched at his cock like a dozen hands squeezing him
tightly. It was a feeling unlike anything he had ever experienced.

"Take it, Mrs. Banner! Take my cock in there! Oh, fuck! This is great!"
the excited kid growled as he rammed in and out of the woman's clutching

"Fuck me! Fuck the piss out of me, stud! I need it! Oh, Joey, it's been
so long since I've had a cock up my cunt! You don't know what you're
doing to me, darling boy! Fuck met Fuck my cunt!" she moaned, grinding
her pussy against the kid's cock.

Joey felt his balls swelling more and more by the second. He felt the
tension building up between his legs. He knew that it wouldn't be long
before he shot a hot wad of cum all the way up the luscious woman's
sucking cunt. He felt her fingernails digging into his back as he fucked
her, raising welts on him as she scratched him like a cat in heat.

The sounds of hot fucking filled the air, moans of pleasure mingling
with the slurping sounds their flesh made as they banged together. Joey
was panting hard as he furiously fucked the luscious woman. Angela was
breathless as she experienced for the first time in years the pure
pleasure of a hot fuck.

"Oh, Jesus! I'm going to come, Joey! You're making me come, lover! Oh,
Joey Fuck me! In and out! Shoot me full of cum! Pump it into me! Empty
your balls into me! I'm coming, comminngg!" she screamed as her pussy

"I'm coming too! I'm gonna shoot it, Mrs. Banner! I'm gonna come in your
cunt! Take it! Take my jizz! Oh, wow!" the boy gasped.

Joey knew that he wasn't dreaming when his balls ballooned up between
his legs. His body jerked when surge after surge of pleasure shot
through him. He thought he would never stop coming. Mrs. Banner's cunt
seemed to suck at his cock until she had milked every last drop of cum
out of him.

Angela almost died when she felt the boy's hot jism spurting deep
inside, spraying against the walls of her cunt and filling her with it.
She quaked and shuddered as her orgasm tore through her like a tornado.
She felt her cunt clutching the kid's jerking cock, holding him in a
vise-like grip deep in her hot cunt. She felt his cum filling her pussy
and dripping down her thighs. It was the first real orgasm she had
experienced in more than a year, and she intended to experience more of
the same with her young stud.

"It was lovely, Joey. You made me come so beautifully. You learned so
fast!" she whispered in his ear as he lay panting on her.

"It sure felt great! Do you want me to take my cock out of you now, Mrs.
Banner?" he asked.

"Yes, lover. Take it out and let me suck it for you until it's good and
hard again. Then I'll let you fuck me another way," she said in a
honeyed voice.

"Another way? You mean it?" the kid asked excitedly.

"If you're up to it, Joey!"

"Hell, yeah! I'm up to it all right! I could go on doin' this all day!
This is great!" the boy beamed, pulling his cock out of her clutching
cunt and sitting cross-legged next to her on the bed.

"You're just the boy I need, Joey. You're so eager and virile. You're
just perfect!" she breathed, wrapping her wet lips around the slippery
head of his cock.

Angela sucked every last drop of cum from the boy's balls and licked the
shaft of his cock until he was hard again. She put her fingers in her
pussy and diddled herself while she sucked his prick into full erection.

"Why don't we go take a shower together, lover?" she suggested.

"Together, Mrs. Banner? Wow! That sounds like fun!"

"Oh, it will be, Joey! I'll let you lather up my pussy and I'll wash
your cock and balls for you. A shower will make us both very horny, I
promise you that," she said, slipping out of bed and leading him to the

Angela stepped into the shower with Joey and adjusted the spray until it
made her skin tingle just right. She rubbed the soap over her naked
tits, slickening them, making them glisten. Joey couldn't resist
reaching out and putting his hands on her naked tits. They were silky
and resilient in his warm hands. He filled the crevice between her
luscious tits with suds and then spread them all over her flesh. His
hands glided over her soapy tits. He ran his hands down over her sides
all the way to her silken thighs. She parted her legs and let him have
access to her steaming cunt.

Joey fell to his knees before the luscious woman and began rubbing the
bar of soap against her naked cunt. It wasn't long before her pussy
looked like a cream pie. Angela handed him a washcloth and the boy
seemed to know just what to do with it. When she spread her legs ever
farther, the boy held the cloth between his fingers and began sawing it
back and forth between the shivering lips of her cunt. He drove her
wild. Each time the cloth stroked the tingling bud of her clit, she
cried out in pure delight. When she could stand the maddening sensations
no longer, she fell to her knees before the boy and began soaping his
rigid cock and swollen balls.

The hot-assed woman wrapped her fingers around the kid's soapy cock and
began slowly jerking up and down on it. He leaned against the shower
wall, his body tense in every muscle. His prick filled her hand with
hard male meat. She had to have his young tireless cock in her cunt

"Fuck me, lover! Fuck me again!" she cried.

"Here? In the shower?" he asked in amazement.

"Yesssssss! Right now! I need your cock in my cunt again! I can't get
enough of you, lover! I can't get enough of your big thick prick! " she

Angela got on her knees, the water cascading over her naked body. She
reached between her kneeling legs and rubbed her naked pussy, inviting
the boy to fill her cunt with hot cock.

"Fuck me from behind. Joey! Get on Your knees and shove your cock into
me! I feel like a bitch in heat, darling, so fuck me like a dog! Fuck me
hard! Make me feel it!"

Joey got on his knees behind her and guided his jerking cock between the
open lips of her cunt. He shoved his prick home in one mighty plunge,
filling her cunt with hard, swollen cock. He felt her cuntlips sucking
at him, pulling him into her. It was almost as if hands were gently
massaged his cock inside her cunt. He began thrusting in and out of her
hard and fast. His big cum-filled balls slapped against her soapy cunt
and his hard stomach banged against her upturned ass.

"Oh, God! It's perfect! Fuck me, you wonderful young stud! You're a man
now, lover! Fuck me hard! Ream my cunt! Make my pussy shiver! Make me
come!" she moaned.

Joey ran his hands up and down her silky body as he fucked her. He
gasped when he felt her reach between his legs and grab his balls. She
squeezed his tender young balls and tugged at them while he fucked her.
She was squeezing him hard enough to cause him some pain, but the
pleasure was enough to make him disregard it. It didn't take long for
the boy to reach the peak of pleasure again. He had already shot his wad
twice, but Angela was such an expert at sexual stimulation that she made
him feel like he was about to shoot another wad at any minute.

"You're making me come again, Joey! Oh, darling! You're doing such
beautiful things to me! You're so much better at fucking than my
husband! Oh, Joeeeey!" she screamed as her cunt collapsed around his

Joey grunted and gasped when his body surged with the pure pleasure of
another ballbusting orgasm. He wrapped his strong arms around the woman
and grabbed her wet tits, squeezing them as he held her.

"Take my cum, Mrs. Banner! Take it in your cunt! Oh, fuck! I'm shootin'
it again!" the kid growled.

"Fill me with it! I want it in my cunt! Oh, yes! I can feel it spurt
inside me!" she cried, her body still surging with pleasure after her

The teenage boy and the cock-hungry older woman dried each other after
their wild fuck in the shower, each paying close attention to the
other's sexual organs. Angela knew that Joey could fuck her again and
make her come as wildly as before. She wrapped her fingers around the
kid's hardening cock and led him by the cock out of the bathroom and
down the hall to her bedroom. She was just about to suck his prick into
full erection again when she thought she heard something outside.

"Oh, no!" she gasped, running to the window and peeking out. "It's Mike
and the boys! They're pulling into the driveway!"

"But I thought you said they wouldn't be back for a long time," Joey
said nervously.

"It must be later than we thought. Time flies when you're having fun,

"What's gonna happen if they catch us? What's Mr. Banner gonna do?'

"We can't let that happen, Joey! Your clothes! Run down and get dressed!

Joey almost fell down the stairs in his rush to escape. Angela threw on
a robe and followed him down. She looked out the window and saw her
husband and her two sons coming up the walk.

"Out the back door, Joey! Hurry! They'll be here in a minute. Now
remember, darling, not a word about this anyone. This is our little
secret," she said, planting a warm kiss on the boy's lips.

"Can I come back?' he asked as he opened the back door.

"I'll call you, darling. I'm sure we'll have many more exciting
afternoons together, lover."


Angela's pussy was itching unbearably, itching with desire for a hot
fuck. Mike was lying next to her, fast asleep as usual and not in the
least bit interested in filling her cunt with his cock. She needed a big
hard prick in the worst way. It had been a week since she had seduced
Joey. Mike hadn't suspected a thing, although he had asked her why she
was smiling so much lately. The boys had noticed a change in their
mother's mood too, but no one had any idea that she had seduced the kid
down the street.

The hot fucking Joey had given her that afternoon had satisfied her for
a while, but now she was going wild with lust again. It seemed that her
experience with the boy had awakened desires in her that she hadn't
really known before. She dreamed about Joey and the wonderful things he
had done to her. She dreamed of taking his cock in her mouth and sucking
it until it grew big and hard. She dreamed of spreading her silky legs
for the kid and letting him sink his turgid prick into her hot cunt. She
dreamed of the wild surges of pleasure that would course through her
body as she came. For the past few days she had been able to think of
nothing but Joey. She hadn't been able to find a safe time to call the
boy over for another romp, and her eager pussy continued to smolder.

It was quite late and Angela was unable to sleep. She decided to slip
out of bed and go downstairs to watch the late show. It was better to be
bored by the boob tube than to lie in bed writhing in unfulfilled
passion next to a husband who could offer her no relief. She slipped on
a robe, slipped out of bed and glided silently down the hall to the
stairs. She passed Thad's room and suddenly had the strangest feeling.
Her pussy suddenly quivered and the nastiest thought passed through her

It suddenly occurred to her that behind that door was a young boy like
the one she had seduced earlier, a young boy who could satisfy her
perfectly, a young boy who could learn from her and, at the same time,
do the most wonderful things to her hungry cunt. Of course the boy
behind that door was her teenage son, but for some strange reason her
pussy continued to quiver anyway.

Angela was ashamed of herself. She had actually stopped outside Thad's
bedroom and was thinking lusty thoughts about him, about her own son.
She didn't dare feel sexual desire for her son. It was depraved and
taboo, and yet there she was, her pussy steaming as she thought about
seducing her son. Her experience with Joey had introduced her to a new
world of sexual pleasures. She had never felt as hot, never as
deliciously wicked as she had with Joey. There was something about
violating a taboo that made her dizzy with excitement, and nothing was
more taboo than an older woman having sex with a young boy, unless the
young boy happened to be her own flesh and blood.

Angela tried to stop herself, but once again she was losing her battle
with her conscience. She felt her hand rising to the doorknob, turning
it, pushing the door open. She had to slip into the boy's room. She
would try not to do anything that she shouldn't do, but she had to at
least look in on her son. She peeked in and saw that he was fast asleep.
His bedroom window was open and his bed was bathed in moonlight. She
silently stepped closer and stood over the sleeping young boy. He looked
even more innocent than usual lying there.

Angela tried to control herself, but it was impossible. She was too hot.
She reached out and gently touched Thad's forehead. Her fingers trailed
down over his cheek and brushed his lips. She couldn't help imagining
how her son's lips would feel pressing against the tingling bud of her
clit. Thad was wearing only his pajama bottoms. His sheet was drawn up
over his chest. She couldn't resist the temptation to uncover him. She
slowly drew his crisp white sheet down around his waist.

The hot-assed mother trembled with excitement as she uncovered her son's
sleeping body. She stood motionless for a moment or two, trying
desperately to fight the urge to touch him. She felt her hand moving to
his chest, felt her fingers gently moving over his soft skin from his
chest down to his stomach. She dared to bend over him and plant a loving
kiss on his lower stomach near the waistband of his pajamas. It wasn't
enough. She had to see the rest of his body.

It had been some time since Angela had seen her son naked. She wondered
how big his cock had grown, and her uncontrollable lust drove her to
satisfy her curiosity. She pulled Thad's sheet down to the foot of his
bed and carefully unfastened his pajamas. Her fingers trembled as she
unsnapped his pajamas. She stared between her son's legs as more and
more of his groin became visible. She spread his pajamas open, daring to
expose his cock to her lusty gaze.

Angela's cunt was on fire, and the fire grew hotter and hotter by the
second. She let her fingers run through the sparse growth of curly black
pubic hair between her son's legs. She tried desperately to draw her
hand away, but it was too late. She hoped she wouldn't awaken the boy.
How would she explain to him what she was doing to him if he awakened?
She knew how dangerous the situation was, but by now she was completely
out of control.

Angela sat on the edge of her son's bed and stared at the part of him
that she had exposed, stared as no woman dared stare at her own son. Her
fingers tingled as she ran them around in the hair between his legs. His
cock was resting against his leg. She was amazed that it had grown so
long and thick. He was only a teenager and already his prick was as
large as a man's. By the time he was grown up, she thought, his cock
would be huge, more than big enough to satisfy any woman. His cock was
already big enough to satisfy his mother.

The lusty mother wrapped her long silky fingers around the young boy's
sleeping cock and lifted it away from his leg. She felt the warmth of
his young cock soaking into her hand. Her belly fluttered and her cunt
twitched with excitement and fear as she held her son's prick in her

Angela was fascinated by Thad's youthful cock. She couldn't help wanting
to see Thad's cock grow hard in her hand. She couldn't help wanting to
feel it Jerking and throbbing against her loving fingers. She wanted to
up over his chest. She couldn't resist the temptation to uncover him. She
slowly drew his crisp white sheet down around his waist.

The hot-assed mother trembled with excitement as she uncovered her son's
sleeping body. She stood motionless for a moment or two, trying
desperately to fight the urge to touch him. She felt her hand moving to
his chest, felt her fingers gently moving over his soft skin from his
chest down to his stomach. She dared to bend over him and plant a loving
kiss on his lower stomach near the waistband of his pajamas. It wasn't
enough. She had to see the rest of his body.

It had been some time since Angela had seen her son naked. She wondered
how big his cock had grown, and her uncontrollable lust drove her to
satisfy her curiosity. She pulled Thad's sheet down to the foot of his
bed and carefully unfastened his pajamas. Her fingers trembled as she
unsnapped his pajamas. She stared between her son's legs as more and
more of his groin became visible. She spread his pajamas open, daring to
expose his cock to her lusty gaze.

Angela's cunt was on fire, and the fire grew hotter and hotter by the
second. She let her fingers run through the sparse growth of curly black
pubic hair between her son's legs. She tried desperately to draw her
hand away, but it was too late. She hoped she wouldn't awaken the boy.
How would she explain to him what she was doing to him if he awakened?
She knew how dangerous the situation was, but by now she was completely
out of control.

Angela sat on the edge of her son's bed and stared at the part of him
that she had exposed, stared as no woman dared stare at her own son. Her
fingers tingled as she ran them around in the hair between his legs. His
cock was resting against his leg. She was amazed that it had grown so
long and thick. He was only a teenager and already his prick was as
large as a man's. By the time he was grown up, she thought, his cock
would be huge, more than big enough to satisfy any woman. His cock was
already big enough to satisfy his mother.

The lusty mother wrapped her long silky fingers around the young boy's
sleeping cock and lifted it away from his leg. She felt the warmth of
his young cock soaking into her hand. Her belly fluttered and her cunt
twitched with excitement and fear as she held her son's prick in her

Angela was fascinated by Thad's youthful cock. She couldn't help wanting
to see Thad's cock grow hard in her hand. She couldn't help wanting to
feel it Jerking and throbbing against her loving fingers. She wanted to
watch it lengthen and fill with pounding blood. His cock would be so
much more useful to her than her husband's, so much more capable of
bringing the flashes of pleasure that she longed to feel in her blazing

Angela had to kiss Thad's delicious looking cock. She had to put her
lips where no mother was supposed to kiss her son. She held her breath
as she bent between the boy's legs and pressed her lips against the head
of his prick. She had intended to make the kiss a quick one, but the
warmth of his cock against her lips changed her mind. She opened her
lips and sucked the head of Thad's cock into her mouth.

The woman's heart raced as she ran her tongue around the soft head of
her child's cock. She sucked ever so gently, being careful not to scrape
his sensitive cockhead with her teeth. She dared not awaken the sleeping
boy. She glanced at his face as she gently sucked and tongued his cock,
watching for any sign that he might be stirring from sleep. She didn't
think he was waking up, but she knew that his cock was.

Angela felt the boy's prick grow bigger and fatter in her mouth. She was
giving him a hard-on in his sleep. She was actually making the boy's
cock stiffen, making her own boy's f cock harder and harder by the
second. She Almost fainted when she felt his cock growing until it
filled her mouth. She sucked harder, moving her tongue faster and faster
over and around his swelling cockhead.

Angela dared to reach her hand between Thad's smooth young legs and
fondle the boy's balls as she sucked and tongued his stiff prick. She
knew that Thad's balls were full of cum. She knew that a few minutes of
her expert sucking would make his balls hot beyond belief. She moved the
boy's cum-filled nuts around in their sac, dividing them with her
fingers, weighing them. She longed to feel them writhing as they pumped
out their load of hot cum. She wondered how long she could keep her son
in such an excited state without waking him.

The hot-assed mother slipped her free hand between her legs and began
stroking the quivering flesh of her naked cunt. She was already wet with
passion. Her fingers ran over the flesh of her cuntlips, making her
pussy juice flow freely. Her fingers slipped easily into her
well-lubricated cunt. She began jabbing her finger in and out of her
trembling cunthole. Her cunt clutched at her fingers clutched as if to
suck them deeper into her pussy. She wished that her fingers could be
replaced by the hard young cock of her sleeping young son. She wanted to
crouch on his prick and take it right up her cunt, but she didn't dare,
at least not yet.

Angela took her hand away from her son's cum-laden balls and let his
cock slip out of her sucking mouth. Her lips made a wet slurping sound
when the head of the boy's rock-hard cock pulled out of her
sucking-mouth. His prick was oozing crystal clear preseminal fluid,
slippery fluid which she smeared over the head of his cock with her
thumb. She wrapped her fingers around his rigid cock and began slowly
Jerking him off, squeezing his shaft and making droplets of slippery
pre-cum ooze from the head of his cock.

Angela thought she would faint when she saw the boy stirring in his bed.
She almost pulled her hand away from her cunt and unfastened her fingers
from around his cock, but something stopped her. The same urge that had
made her seduce Joey was about to make her seduce her son.

Thad had felt something happening between his legs even while he was
sleeping. He had had dreams before that drove him wild. He dreamed about
women sucking this cock spreading their legs for him many times, and he
had awakened in the morning with a big wet spot on his sheet where he
had shot his wad during the night. He had always wondered what his
mother thought about those wet spots when she did the laundry. He was
sure that he was about to shoot his wad again, but this time there was
something a bit different.

He opened his eyes and shook his head. He had to be dreaming. He looked
down and saw a hand, a real flesh-and-blood hand, working up and down on
his rock-hard cock. When he looked up and saw his mother's smiling face,
he almost pissed.

"Mom!" the boy gasped, staring wild-eyed.

The boy sat up in bed and stared in amazement. His gaze flashed from his
lovely mother's face to his cock and back again. He couldn't believe it.
His mother was actually sitting there beside him her hand moving up and
down on the biggest harden he had ever had in his young life. The smile
on her face was unlike any smile he had ever seen on his mother's face
before. It was the smile he had always imagined on the faces of the
lusty women and girls who fastened their lips around his cock and opened
their hot pussies for him. He was more confused than he had ever been

"Gosh, Mom, what... what are you doing?" the young kid asked in
amazement as he watched her play with his rampant hard-on.

"What do you think I'm doing, Thad darling?" Angela asked sweetly.

"I... I don't know, Mom! I guess you're jackin' me off!" Thad rasped.

"That's right, darling. That's exactly what I'm doing. Does it feel

"Uh... yeah, it feels great, Mom! But... uh... I don't get it.
You're my mom."

"Yes, I know, darling. Isn't it nasty? Your mother is squeezing your big
hard cock and making you all horny," the hot-assed woman said wickedly.

"But why, Mom?" the boy asked in a dry voice, feeling his balls aching
with pleasure.

"Why? I simply couldn't resist temptation any longer, Thad," Angela
said, her cunt seething with desire. "I've been so horny lately. My
little pussy has been itching. I need a big hard cock to satisfy me,

"A... a big hard... " he stumbled. "But what about... what about
Dad? I mean... uh... don't you and him..."

"Not any more, Thad. I'm afraid your father doesn't have it any more!
He's so busy with his business that he just doesn't have the time or the
energy to satisfy me any more. Don't you understand, darling?"

Thad didn't really understand, but he nodded anyway. All he understood
at the moment was that his lovely mother was driving him wild! She was
doing maddening things to his cock and balls with her silken hands,
things that Thad had only imagined in his wildest dreams. She didn't
seem to have any intention of stopping what she was doing to him, even
though she had admitted that what she was doing was wrong.

"You poor darling! You must be terribly confused by all of this. Just
try to relax, Thad. Just try to enjoy all the things I'm going to do to
you, darling. I'm sure you'll find yourself loosening up soon. Just
remember that your mother knows what's good for your darling. Just
remember that I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. We can have all sorts
of wonderful fun together, Thad."

Thad's body jerked when his mother ran her thumb over the glistening
head of his cock. A shock ran through his body, making his muscles
stiffen when she moved her thumb over the super-sensitive knob of his

"Did that feel good, Thad?" his mother asked, smiling warmly at her
innocent young son.

"G-gosh yeah!" the boy replied in a dry voice.

"Do you play with yourself often, Thad?" she asked.

"Huh?" he asked in amazement, his face flushing.

"Don't be embarrassed, darling! You have nothing to hide from your
mother, not any more. you can tell me anything. We're going to be very
close from now on, Thad, very, very close! Now tell me, son, do you play
with your cock? Do you masturbate?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess... " the kid admitted, looking away from his
lovely mother's glittering eyes.

"Do you jerk off until your cum shoots out of your cock?" she asked,
tasting her salacious words on the tip of her tongue.
Thad nodded weakly.

"Do you do it often, Thad? Don't be ashamed, lover! All boys masturbate.
Be honest with me now." she smiled sweetly, her hot pussy tingling
between her legs as she questioned her son.

"I do it two or three times a day some days," the boy said.

"Ummmmmmmm!" Angela said. "Then you must be a very horny young man! I
always knew our sons would be horny and eager for sex. Your father
always used to love to fuck. And you know how hot I am!" She giggled,
raising her negligee and turning so that her astonished son could see
her fingers still working in between the lips of her dripping cunt.

"Mom! My God! Wow! Are you... uh... are you..."

"Yes, I'm masturbating! I'm making my pussy feel just wonderful. I've
been masturbating while I've been sitting here with you. I've been
playing with my cunt while I played with your beautiful cock and balls.
Now what do you think of that?"

The boy stared between his mother's long lithe legs. He watched her
fingers moving against the seething flesh of her naked cunt. He watched
her moving the raggedy lips of her pussy. Her pussy seemed to be alive
between her lithe legs, seemed to be moving with a force all its own.
Her cunt was dripping with juice, juice that glistened on her moving
fingers. It was his mother's cunt that he was staring at, and she was
freely exposing it to him.

"It feels so good," she breathed. "Do you like the way my fingers feel
moving over your cock, lover?"

"Oh, yeah! I sure do!" he rasped.

"Have you ever felt a woman's hand on your cock?"
"Uh uh," he said hoarsely.

"Haven't you asked a girl to play with your prick?" -

"Uh, I wanted to, but.. uh... I always got kinda scared!"

"You won't ever have to be scared any more, Thad. I'll teach you
everything you need to know about sex. You'll have all the sex you can
handle. You'll learn how to make girls happy and they will be all over

"Yeah! And how!" the boy said, his balls aching, his cock jerking in his
mother's warm hand.

"Your cock is just beautiful, Thad, so long and thick, and so hard! I
just have to kiss it! You don't mind do you?"

"K-kiss it? You really gonna do that, Mom?"

"Of course, darling! I'll do more than kiss it, son!'

Thad stared in disbelief when his luscious mother bent over his aching
cock and planted a wet kiss on the naked head. She held his jerking cock
in her hand, making it stand straight up from his groin. He felt his
body jerk when her lips made contact with his tightly swollen cockhead.
The warmth of her mouth soaked into his naked cock and went straight to
his balls. It wasn't enough that he was feeling a woman's lips on his
cock for the first time. These were his mother's lips. He was almost
dizzy with excitement as she planted kisses up and down the slippery
shaft of his cock.

"Ummmmmmm! Your cock is delicious, Thad! It's so slippery. I've never
seen a cock ooze so much fuck juice. I just love the taste it. It's so
hot and salty. I have to have more. Do you mind if I give you a blow
job, son?"

"A blow job? You mean you're gonna suck my cock?"

"I'm going to suck it until you shoot your cum right down my throat,
darling boy! I'm going to drain every last drop of jizz out of your
beautiful big balls!"

Thad almost passed out when his mother opened her mouth as wide as she
could and wrapped her wet lips around the head of his jerking cock. He
had heard the guys talk about having their cocks sucked, although he
doubted that any of them had really had it done to them. But he was
having it, and he was having it done by his mother. Just the thought of
what was happening to him was almost enough to make him shoot his wad.

Angela's heart beat faster and faster. Her cunt fluttered as her fingers
continued to move between her legs. She was sucking her son's cock. She
was licking and sucking it until it swelled to enormous proportions
inside her lovely mouth. She felt the swollen knob of it pressing
against the roof of her mouth. She felt the rock-hard shaft scraping
against her teeth as she took more and more of it down her throat.

"Oh, shit! That feels good, Mom! I didn't know it would feel this good!
I don't believe this is really happening'! I gotta be dreaming! My mom's
suckin' my cock! Oh, wow! This is somethin' else!" the horny boy rasped.

Thad watched his mother's silken cheeks swell as the knob of his cock
pushed into her mouth and down her throat. He felt her cheeks sucking at
his naked hard-on. He felt her throat clutching at his big hard prick as
it went deeper and deeper into her mouth. He could feel his slippery
pre-cum oozing from his cockhead as she sucked it. Every time a droplets
of lubricating fluid oozed from his piss-slit, he felt a spasm of
pleasure deep in his balls. He knew that his nuts would explode at any
minute if she kept sucking at his cock.

"Mom, I think something's gonna happen if you keep doin' that to me. I
think the stuff's gonna come out of my cock. you... you really want
me to... to come in your mouth?" the boy asked his lascivious mother.

Angela answered her son's question by bobbing her lovely mouth up and
down on his rigid cock. Her hair flew as she sucked on his sensitive
prick. With each upward motion, she almost let the head of her son's
cock pull from her sucking lips. With each plunge downward, she took his
prick all the way down her grasping throat until she nearly gagged on
the swollen shaft.

"Wow, Mom! That feels so good! Suck me, Mom! Oh, yeah! It feels great!
Keep doin' it, Mom!" the boy rasped, flexing the hard young muscles of
his ass and driving his rock-hard cock deeper and deeper into his sexy
mother's mouth and throat.

Thad felt the cum swelling his hot young balls. The sensations his
hot-assed mother inspired in his cock and bans were driving him wild
with pleasure. His cock kicked and jerked as his mother worked on it
with her lips and tongue. His balls seethed in their sac as if with a
life of their own. He felt his orgasm building in his balls. He knew
that in a matter of seconds he would be shooting his mother's mouth full
of hot cum. He found it hard to believe that his mother wanted him to
come in her face, but from the way she sucked his cock harder and
harder, that seemed to be exactly what she had in mind.

"I'm gonna do it, Mom! I'm gonna shoot! Oh, fuck! Suck me, Mom! Suck my
cock! I'm coming!" the boy grunted as his hot cum blasted through the
shaft of his rigid prick.

Angela almost fainted when she felt her son pumping his jism into her
sucking throat. She reached down and grabbed his hot balls, squeezing
them as they emptied their hot cum into her throat. She squeezed them
hard as spurt after spurt of steaming cum pumped into her mouth. She
felt her son's hard young body shaking as his orgasm wracked his balls.
His legs stiffened. His buttocks flexed, forcing his spurting cock all
the way down her throat. He put his hands on his mother's head and held
her over his prick. Angela was thrilled at the eagerness with which he
accepted her loving attentions. She could tell by the way his body
tensed that this was the best orgasm the boy had yet experienced, and
she had brought it all about.

The horny mother almost strangled on the huge volume of jism he shot
into her throat. She swallowed and swallowed, and he kept spurting and
spurting. She couldn't believes that a young boy's balls could hold so
much cum. Angela grabbed his balls and squeezed a his cum shot out of
his cock. She greedily sucked at his spurting prick until she had
drained his balls dry. She let his half-hard cock pull out of her sweet
mouth and wrapped her long loving fingers around it. She smiled up at
him, playfully rubbing her thumb against the spit-slickened underside of
his cockhead making his body jerk with each stroke of her thumb.

"Wasn't that nice, Thad?" she asked her young son.

"Gosh, yeah, Mom! it was great! But... isn't this kinda..."

"Dirty? Is that the word you're looking for?"

"I... I guess, Mom."

"Well, darling, I suppose it is a bit dirty, deliciously dirty. That's
what makes it so much fun. Just think, darling, your mother has just
sucked the cum right out of your cock. And there are many more wonderful
things your mother can do for you."

"There are?" the boy asked in an excited whisper.

"There are many forbidden pleasures yet to be explored, darling! My cunt
is just dripping at the very thought of them. See?" she breathed,
opening her legs wide and letting her son have a good long look at her
seething pussy.

"You want me to... to look at your... your cunt?" he gasped.

"I want you to look at it, Thad. And I want you to touch it. I even want
you to kiss it, lover! I want you to eat me! Do you understand?" Angela
smiled wickedly.

The horny boy nodded weakly. His cock was already rock-hard again. Just
looking at his mother's exposed cunt made his cock rise to attention and
jerk between his young legs again.

"Why don't you just bury your handsome face between my legs like a good
little boy and lick your mother's hot cunt?" Angela suggested, reaching
between her spread legs and manipulating the hot lips of her cunt.

Young Thad did as he was told. He moved his face closer and closer to
his lusty mother's steaming cunt. He could feel the heat of her pussy
warming his lips as he moved closer to her crotch. She opened her legs
even wider for him. He heard her making little moans of pleasure as his
lips came closer to her cunt.


"Oh, Thad! Yes, darling! Kiss me there!" Angela gasped when she felt her
son's eager lips trembling against her naked cunt. "Oh, darling! You
don't know how wonderful that feels! Kiss me there, right there!" she
breathed, pointing to the bud of her tingling clit.

The willing young boy pressed his lips against her clit. She reached
down and spread the raggedy lips of her cunt open to allow him to better
reach her blazing clit. Thad kissed her gently at first, but when she
began to writhe in ecstasy, his kisses became hotter and harder. He
wrapped his lips around the turgid little bud of flesh between her legs
and sucked at her clit, making her body shiver.

"Oh, son, I love it! Lick me! Use your tongue on my cunt! Make my juices
flow! Do you like the taste of me?"

"And how! You taste great!" the boy rasped.

"Lick me harder, darling! Lick the lips of my cunt! Yesss! That's the
way, darling boy! You're making me so hot, so fucking hot! No one has
ever made me so hot, Thad!"

"Not even Dad?" Thad asked in amazement.

"No one, darling," she moaned, wrapping her legs around his shoulders
and holding his face against her dripping hot cunt. "Put you tongue in
me! Please! Put your tongue in my cunt! Oh, yes! I love you, Thad! Move
you tongue in my pussy! Stiffen your tongue and use it like a little
cock!" she cried.

Thad pushed his tongue into the rosy little slit between his mother's
legs. He felt her cunt clutching at his tongue, sucking it into he
deeper and deeper. He pushed it in as far as he could and began moving
it inside her, flicking the tip of it around inside her sucking pussy.
She seemed to like everything he did to her, and he knew that he liked
everything she was doing to him. He still found it hard to believe that
his mother was giving her cunt to him, but if she was so willing, he had
to assume that it was all right.

The taste and hot feminine scent of his mother's cunt was driving him
wild. Eating pussy was like nothing he had ever experienced before. The
more he licked and sucked her steaming cunt, the hotter it got and the
more pussy juice flowed.

"Oh, Thad! I want to suck your cock again! I need a big hard prick in my
mouth! I need to feel it jerking deep in my throat. I want to feel it
kicking inside my throat and filling me with hot meat! I want to suck
you while you eat my pussy!"

With that, Angela swung into a sixty-nine position and eagerly wrapped
her loving lips around her son's cock. She felt his body jerk
uncontrollably when she sucked his naked cock into her mouth. She ran
her tongue up and down it while she sucked him, making it harder and
harder all the time. She began to bob up and down on his big hard prick,
taking it all the way down her throat with each thrust. The boy flexed
the hard muscles of his ass and drove his prick in and out of her mouth
with a youthful passion.

"Suck it Mom! Suck my cock!" the horny kid rasped.

"Tell me how much you want it, Thad! Tell me how you want it!" she
cried, letting his cock pull from her mouth for a moment, and then
plunging back down on it again.

"I want it all right, Mom! Suck my cock! Suck that fucking thing! Take
it all the way! Squeeze my balls too, Mom! oh, shit! This is wild! Suck

Angela sucked wildly on her boy's stiff cock. She let him lick and suck
her cunt until she couldn't stand it any more. She had to have a big
hard cock buried in her cunt. She had to let her son fuck her. She knew
how taboo it was to give herself to her child, but she had to do it. She
had to experience the ultimate act of depravity. Her cunt was begging
for his cock, begging to be filled with a hot pulsating prick.

"Gosh, Mom! Don't stop suckin' now! I'm about ready to shoot again!"
Thad whined when his mother pulled her mouth off hi cock.

"But I have something even more exciting in mind for you, Thad. I want
you to put that big beautiful cock to even better use, lover. I want you
to put it in my cunt! Will you do that? Will you fuck me?" she asked in
a voice drip ping with honey.

"You want me to... to fuck my own mother?" he asked in amazement.

"Yes, darling! Doesn't it sound wicked? I want you to know what wonderful
things my pussy can do for your cock. I want to make you forget all the
silly taboos and enjoy yourself with me. I want you to fuck and fuck
until we can't stand up any more, Thad!"

"Yeah, Mom! I'll do it! I'll fuck you! Bet... uh... will you tell
me if I'm not doing it right? I've never done it before."

"I know you haven't done it before, darling. I'll be the first woman to
spread her legs for you. You mustn't worry about a thing. I'm sure
you'll fuck me like a man. You'll learn quickly and satisfy me
perfectly. I know my son. Take me, lover! I'm all yours!" she cooed,
lying on her back and raising her spread-legs for him.

Angela boldly beckoned her son to come to her. She saw his long hard
cock kicking like a stallion in front of him. She saw his prick standing
up straight and strong from his loins and wondered how it would feel
plunging in and out of her juicy cunt. She reached out and took his cock
in her warm hand, pulling him toward her.

"Fuck me, Thad! Show me what a stud you are! I want that big beautiful
cock! I want it so!"

Thad eagerly mounted her and began poking his rigid cock nervously
against her. Angela had to reach down and guide his jerking prick to its
target. She gasped when she felt the animal heat of his young cock
soaking into her eager cunt.

"Did I hurt you, Mom?" he asked, hearing her sharp intake of breath.

"No, darling, it feels wonderful! Your cock is so hot against my cunt!
It's so hard and lovely! Put it in me! Shove that cock right up your
mother's fucking cunt!" she cried.

Thad closed his eyes and bucked his ass, driving his distended cock into
her juicy pussy all the way to his balls in one hard thrust. He felt her
cunt sucking at his sensitive prick as soon as he had entered her. He
felt the muscles of her pussy working against his swollen hardon, making
shocks and tingles race up and down it all the way from the base to the
head. He had never imagined that a woman's cunt would feel as good as
this. It felt as if a thousand tongues were licking his cock, as if a
thousand hands were massaging it.

Angela cried out in pleasure when she felt her son's man-sized cock push
into her hot wet cunt. She felt his swollen prick fill her cunt with
jerking meat, stretching her pussy as it hadn't been stretched in years.
She looked up and saw her son staring at her naked tits as he pushed his
cock into her. She crushed her huge tits together and rubbed her thumbs
over the tingling nipples.

"My nipples are so stiff! I'm so hot! Do you like my nipples?"

"I love 'em, Mom! I love all of you!" he rasped, pushing his cock in and
out of her clutching cunt.

"Does your cock feel good inside me?" she asked, her cunt muscles
squeezing the boy's impaled prick.

"Oh, yeah! It's real hot and wet in there, Mom! I didn't think fuckin'
would be like this! I could do this all the time!"

"I know you could, Thad. And you will. Your prick feels so good up
inside me, so hard and hot! Oh, yes! It's so good! It's stretching me,
making me drip! I love it! Fuck me, son!" she moaned, her cunt blazing
with lust.

"Take it, Mom! Take my cock up there! Can I move it faster? I wanna fuck
you faster, Mom!" the kid grunted, his balls on fire.

"Oh, God, yes! As fast as you want! Do anything you want to me!"

The boy began driving his distended cock in and out of her cunt harder
and faster. His balls slapped against his mother's wet crotch with each
thrust into her pussy. His cock made wet sucking sounds as it punched in
and out of her dripping cunt. He felt a kind of electrical excitement
building in every fiber of his young body, a charge that seemed to be
concentrated right between his tense young legs.

Angela reached behind her son and grabbed his firm butt, pulling him
closer to her, squeezing the cheeks of his ass as he fucked her. The boy
felt her long fingernails digging into his skin. He felt her legs
wrapping around him, holding him tightly to her. He held himself over
her at first, but as he grew more and more excited, he lowered his body
onto hers. He felt her naked tits crushing up against his hard chest,
the same tits he had sucked as a baby. Her breath was hot and moist
against his cheek.

"Harder, Thad!" she whispered excitedly. "I want everything you've got,
every hard fucking inch of it! Fill me with cock! Make me feel it all
the way up inside my belly! Oh, yesssss!"

"I'm gonna shoot it pretty soon, Mom!" the boy gasped. "Is it all right
or do you want me to pull it out first?"

"Don't pull it out, darling! I want you to shoot my cunt full of cum! I
want to feel it blasting inside me! I want it to fill me! Oh, God? I'm
hot! I'm so fucking hot! Fuck the piss out of me! Come in me! Empty
those beautiful balls into me! I'm coming, son! I'm coming! Fuck

Thad felt his mother's silken body stiffen beneath him. She seemed to go
into a momentary trance, closing her eyes and becoming suddenly still.
He saw her body shaking a moment later. He felt her cunt tighten even
more around the thick shaft of his cock. The squeezing sensation was
more than he could take without shooting his wad. When he heard her
utter a shrill cry of pure delight, he had to let his cum shoot through
the shaft of his hard cock.

"Oh, fuck! Sheeeeit! I'm shootin' it, Mom! Oh, yeah, take it! I'm
shootin' my cum in my mother's cunt!" the horny boy moaned as he filled
her with steaming cum.

Thad thought his cock would never stop shooting. It was as if all the
tension that had built up in his body had suddenly discharged through
his aching prick. His balls spasmed, sending blast after blast of jism
into his mother's sucking cunt. Her pussy seemed to milk his balls,
squeezing every last drop of hot thick cum out of him.

Angela felt her son's jizz shooting into her pussy. She felt each shot
spurting against the inner walls of her cunt, filling her with balm. The
boy's cock swelled suddenly inside her just before he shot off, and just
at the moment of her own body-wracking orgasm. She was thrilled that she
had been able to bring her son off at the same time she had experienced
her flash of pure pleasure. Sharing an orgasm with her son was the most
moving experience she had ever had.

"Oh, Thad! Thad, my beautiful stud! It was so good. No one has ever
fucked me as beautifully as you just did. Do you realize that, darling?"
she said as they held each other in a warm embrace.

"Gosh, Mom! Was I really that good?"

"Words can't describe how good you were, Thad. And you've never fucked a
woman before?" she asked, fondling the boy's half-hard cock.

"Gosh, no, Mom! I've always been kinda scared to ask a girl to let me."

"But you won't be afraid any more, will you, lover?"

"Hell, no!" the boy said excitedly.

"I'm sure you're quite capable of satisfying any girl you might be
attracted to, darling. Of course, you still need a bit more practice,
but before long your mother will help you become quite the expert at
fucking! Would you like motor lessons, Thad?" She smiled, squeezing his
cock until it was almost rockhard again.

"Shit, yeah I wanna do it again!" the kid said, trying to mount his
hot-assed mother again.

"Wait, darling! There are many other stimulating positions for fucking.
I'll show you some of them. But first, let's take a shower together!
doesn't that sound like good clean fun?"

"Wow! Yeah! Can I... uh... can I rub soap on your cunt, Mom?"

"Of course, Thad! You can wash my pussy and I can do the same to your
cock and balls. I'm sure that by the time we finish showering, we'll be
so hot and horny that we'll be able to fuck all night!" She smiled,
reaching between her legs and rubbing the hot gash of her cunt.

"All right! Let's go, Mom! I'm ready!" Thad said, jumping up from the
bed and taking his mother's hand.

"We must be very quiet, darling. We mustn't wake anybody! I don't think
your father would understand if he found out what we've been doing
together. This has to be our little secret."

Thad opened the door and led his mother quietly down the hall to the
bathroom. They closed the door silently behind them and Angela stepped
into the shower with her teenage son. The shower spray tingled their
skin as it fell on their naked backs, stimulating and refreshing them,
and making them horny beyond belief. Angela began rubbing a bar of soap
over her son's strong young chest. Her busy hands moved down over his
stomach all the way to the boy's groin. She lathered his groin until it
looked like a cream pie between his legs. His cock stuck straight up
between his legs, the head of it purplish and swollen with lust. Angela
dropped a handful of lather onto the hard head of her son's prick and
fell to her knees, looking up at him with a wicked smile.

"You sure know how to make a guy feel good. Look at my cock standing up
straight. My balls feel like they're gonna blow up right now."

"I know, lover boy. I love to make you feel hot and horny. You're
naturally horny, darling. You must have an endless supply of cum between
your legs, stud. Let me just wash your cock and balls for you, darling,
just like I did for you when you were a baby."

Angela wrapped her fingers around his rigid prick and began working her
hand up and down on his soapy cock shaft. She cupped the kid's wet balls
with her other hand and began rubbing his balls gently until they were
covered with lather. Her hand slipped up and down easily on the boy's
soapy cock. His nuts writhed in their sac as they grew hotter and hotter
under her expert influence.

"Squeeze 'em, Mom! Squeeze my balls! God that's great!"

When Thad leaned back against the shower wall, Angela brushed the soap
off the hard knob of his cock and planted a warm wet kiss on it. She
flicked the tip of her tongue over the piss-slit of his prick and around
the helmet shaped knob. She felt her son's body jerk when she fastened
her lips around the head of his cock and began sucking with a passion.
Her lips and tongue worked on the boy's rigid cock until he had to
thrust his prick in and out of his mother's warm mouth. He flexed the
muscles of his hard ass and buried his cock in her sweet sucking throat.
His prick moved in and out of her mouth harder and faster by the second.
He would have shot a heavy wad of cum down her throat if she hadn't
pulled away just as he reached the brink of his orgasm.

Thad stared at his lusty mother as she fell on her back and parted her
long lithe legs for him. The shower spray fell on her naked tits, making
her nipples stand up in little peaks of lusthardened flesh. Water ran
down between her tits, down over her stomach and between her legs. As
the boy stared, she dipped her hand between her legs and began
manipulating the lips of her wet cunt. She rubbed her clit and made
herself wild with passion. She saw her son grab his prick and pump it up
and down as he stared at her lascivious display.

"Can I fuck you again, Mom? I'm all ready. My cock's aching again, Mom.
I wanna stick it in your cunt again! Is it okay?"

"Fuck me from behind, darling!" Angela said, getting to her knees and
bending over, exposing her naked ass and the rosy flesh of her steaming

"From behind, Mom? Right here in the shower?" the boy asked.

"Yes, darling, step right up behind me and poke that big fat cock right
into my cunt. Get on your knees with me and fuck the piss out of me!
Treat me like a bitch in heat, lover! Make me scream for it! Give it to
me! Right here! Right now! Take me!" she cried, her cunt twitching with
pure delight.

The young boy did as he was told, and did it with all the eagerness of
youth. He got into position behind his hot-assed mother and slipped his
turgid prick between the open lips of her cunt. He felt her cunt
grasping his soapy cock tightly, squeezing it, working hard against the
sensitive flesh until he thought he would pass out with overwhelming
pleasure. The boy banged away at his mother's cunt. His balls slapped
hard against her wet cunt as he fucked her just the way she wanted it.
The little cries of pleasure she made spurred him on, making him hotter
and hotter. Her body shook as he rocked back and forth against her.

"Oh, God, yes! Yesssss!" she cried. "It's so beautiful! Fuck me hard!
Oh, son, you're stretching my cunt! You're so big and hard! Oh, God,
yes! Grab my tits! That's right, Thad! Squeeze your mother's tits while
you fuck her! You're doing such wonderful things to me! I love it!" she
moaned, her nipples tingling when the boy reached down and began
fondling her tits.

"I'm gonna shoot it, Mom! I'm gonna come in your cunt! Take it in there!
Take my cum in there!" Thad grunted as his balls exploded between his
striving legs.

Angela felt the rush of her orgasm through her body when her son
unloaded his cum in her sucking cunt. Her cunt spasmed again and again,
bringing her sensations that made her see stars. Her body quaked as her
orgasm tore through her. She felt her son's cum spraying against the
inner walls of her pussy.

Thad fell against his mother as his cock pumped her full of hot jism.
His body went suddenly weak for a moment. He felt his mother's cunt
sucking the cum right out of his cock, emptying his young balls.

"Thad, darling, you've learned so much so quickly! I'm just thrilled!"
Angela smiled at her son as she dried his cock and balls after their
shower. "Your cock never seems to tire of fucking. Just look, son,
you're hard again already! Do you think you're up to one more fuck

"Shit, yeah, Mom! I'll fuck you all night! I'll fuck you every night of
the week!" Thad said, ready to sink his cock into his mother's juicy
cunt again.

"I love it! You're so young and eager! Come with me to your room, lover.
We have a busy night of fucking and sucking and other delights ahead of
us," Angela said, leading her boy down the hall by his hard cock. "Be
very quiet, Thad. I can't imagine what would happen if your brother or
your father found out about our little secret!"


It was happening again. For the fourth time that week, Thad and his
mother were sneaking into Thad's room at night after everyone else was
supposed to be asleep. Sometimes-they even stayed in that room together
all night. Randy wondered what was going on. Whatever it was, they were
keeping it a big secret. Randy had asked his younger brother about his
mother's nightly visits, but he had acted kind of scared and had avoided
answering the question. He had wanted to ask his mother what was going
on, but from the way Thad had reacted to his questioning, Randy had
decided it was best to try finding out in some other way.

Randy had noticed a difference in his mother's attitude lately. She
seemed happier all of a sudden and a lot easier to get along with. There
was something unusual about the way she and Thad acted when they were
together too. It was as if they were communicating without talking
somehow, as if they shared some big secret that no one else knew about.
Randy had to find out what was happening, and this was going to be the

He had listened at the door until he heard his mother slip quietly into
Thad's room. He waited a few minutes and then tiptoed silently down the
hall to the room. He fell to his knees and peered through the keyhole.
What he saw made his mouth fall open in shock.

They were both stark naked. His brother and his mother were standing by
the side of Thad's bed embracing. Their naked bodies were pressed
together. Their hands roved over each other, touching everywhere. They
were kissing too, kissing each other on the lips. It was too much.

Randy almost fell over when Thad stepped back and he saw the big harden
that was jutting up between his legs. His mother had done that to him.
Thad's hard cock had been pressing up against his mother's thigh. When
she boldly reached out and wrapped her fingers around his brother's
stiff cock, Randy knew why they had been hiding.

The boy couldn't help staring at his mother's naked form. Her tits were
big, luscious-looking double handfuls of flesh that the boy couldn't
help wanting to feel for himself. Her nipples stood out from her
goose-pimpled aureoles in hard little peaks that seemed to beg to be
nibbled and sucked. She turned toward the door just a bit and Randy
could see the patch of cunt hair between her legs. It was no wonder that
Thad had a rip-roaring hardon. In fact, Randy was getting a hard-on
himself as he watched his mother and his kid brother getting it on.

Randy's young cock grew bigger and bigger in his pajamas as he watched.
He watched his brother sit on the edge of the bed, his big cock jerking
hot and hard between his legs. Their mother moved close to Thad and
offered her tits to him, lifting them in her hands. He watched Thad
fasten his eager lips around his mother's nipples and suck on them like
a baby, first one and then the other. And while he sucked, his mother
dipped her hand between her silky legs and began playing with her cunt

"God, I'm hot tonight, Thad!" His mother said in a voice brimming with
lust. "I'm hot for the taste of your big stiff cock in my mouth. I'm
thirsty for your cum, lover. Will you satisfy my thirst for me tonight,
Thad darling?"

"You know I will, Mom! You can have all the cum you can suck out of
me. Come and get it, Mom!" Thad said with a grin.

Randy watched as his younger brother dropped his hands to his sides and
looked down between his legs. He parted his legs slightly and thrust out
his cock, making it look even bigger and longer. His mother fell to her
knees and began licking his rigid prick from the root to the tip. Randy
was lightheaded with excitement. He had never imagined anything so wild.
He had gotten Linda Benson to take his cock out and kiss it a couple of
times when it was hard, but she hadn't really sucked him off yet. His
kid brother was sitting there getting a blow job, and he hadn't even had
one himself yet. He couldn't help feeling a bit left out.

Randy's cock jerked in his pajamas, straining at the material as if it
wanted to tear a hole in them. He couldn't help reaching between his
legs and grabbing his hard-on through his pajamas, squeezing his cock as
he watched his younger brother and his mother getting it on. He watched
as she opened her mouth and went down on him, taking his cock all the
way down her throat. Randy heard her make little cooing sounds as she
sucked his brother's prick. He tried to imagine how her lips felt
sucking at his cock, and the more he imagined the tighter his balls got.

"Yeah, Mom! That's great! Suck it hard! Suck my fuckin' cock!" Thad

Randy watched his mother's hand working between her kneeling legs. Her
palm rubbed against the wet gash of her cunt. Her finger scratched at
the rosy lips of her pussy, making her drip with excitement. He wondered
if Thad had been shoving his cock into her cunt. Randy had always wanted
to do that to a girl, but so far they had been afraid to let him. He
found it hard to believe that his mother would let Thad do that to her,
but he had already seen things that night that he would never have
dreamed possible.

The boy began rubbing the shaft of his cock through the material of his
pajamas, pressing it against his leg and making it ache with excitement.
He watched his mother bobbing up and down on his brother's long hard-on
and couldn't help wanting her to do the same thing for him. He couldn't
quite believe that she could take an of Thad's long hard cock down her
throat, but there she was, taking it so far down that her lips were
pressing against his brother's balls

"Swallow my cock, Mom! Suck my prick! Suck it good!" Randy heard Thad
grunt as his mother gave him head.

Randy began unfastening his pajama pants and pushing them down around
his ankles. He tried to control himself, but it was no use. The scene in
Thad's room was just too hot to resist. He wrapped his strong young
fingers around the shaft of his cock jutting up from his crotch and
began stroking it as he watched the show. His cock dripped preseminal
fluid until it was slippery from the head to the root. His hand flew up
and down on his cock faster and faster as the activities in the room
became more depraved.

"I'm gonna shoot it, Mom! I'm gonna fuckin' fill your mouth with cum!
Drink it up! Take it all! My balls are gonna blow up right now!" the
horny kid grunted as he shot his wad.

Angela almost strangled on the huge volume of cum the boy pumped into
her throat. She tried in vain to swallow all of it, but the thick jism
trickled from her lips and down her chin. She pulled her head off her
son's cock and licked the cum off his slowly softening prick. She licked
her lips and smiled up at her son, who was now stroking his cock slowly
and waiting for the treat he knew she had in store for him.

"Would you like to eat my pussy, Thad?" she asked in a honeyed voice.

"And how!" Thad said, already feeling his balls stir.

"It's all hot and juicy for you, son. I've been playing with my cunt and
making it wet for you. Just look at all that delicious cunt juice. And
it's all yours, darling! Lick me, Thad! Lick my pussy like a good boy!"
she said, sitting on the edge of the bed and spreading her legs for her
horny son.

Thad fell to his knees before her and buried his handsome young face in
the nest of her cunt. Randy's cock jerked in his hand as he watched his
brother licking and sucking his mother's cunt. Randy could hear the wet
slurping sounds his lips and tongue made they worked al her juicy pussy.
He could see Thad's tongue flicking over the wet rosy flesh of her cunt.
She was writhing with pleasure, her legs moving sensuously, Randy
wondered if her cunt tasted as good as it looked.

"Put your tongue all the way inside me, darling! Lick my cunt! Make me
hot! Your lips and tongue feel so nice on my lithe cunt! My clit,
darling! Suck my little clit just the way I taught you! Oh, yes! Yes!"
she moaned.

Thad's hand raced up and down his cock almost as fast as Randy's did on
his. The boy kneeling outside the door was beside himself. He beat
himself off in a frenzy. He grunted and groaned as his balls tensed with
ever increasing, maddening pleasure.

"Lick her, Thad! Lick her cunt! Give it to him, Mom! Oh, fuck! This is
wild! This is too much!" He was so wildly turned on that he forgot where
he was. "Suck her pussy! Oh, yeah! Do it! 0h Mom! Mom!"

"My God! ' Angela gasped when she heard the voice outside the door. "Did
you hear that?"

"Shit, yeah, Mom! There's somebody out there!" Thad rasped.

Thad and Angela were frozen with fear for a moment or two. When Angela
got control of herself, she rushed to the door and threw it open, not
even bothering to put on any clothes. What she saw there made her dizzy
with excitement.

"Randy! No! Oh, God! What... what are you doing here?"

"G-gosh, Mom... I... I didn't mean anything! I... I mean...
I didn't see anything! Honest! " Randy struggled, all the while trying
desperately to pull up his pajamas and hide his rock-hard cock.

Angela was terribly confused. There was no denying that they had been
caught in the act. She couldn't possibly lie to her son about what they
had been doing or make their act seems anything less than the depraved
affair it really was. Randy had seen her suck his brother's cock. And
from the apparent condition of Randy's young cock, he had enjoyed
watching them go at it.

There was something strangely exciting about the position in which she

now found herself. She had been afraid that something like this might
happen, and now that it had, she simply had to make the most of it.
Perhaps she could even interest her horny older son in joining them. The
possibility made her pussy melt.

"Stand up, Randy," she said, quickly taking control.

"I... I... I can't, Mom," Randy said, trying to cover his cock.

"Stand up this minute!" she said in a hushed but insistent tone.

"But... but Mom!" he protested, standing up in spite of his
embarrassment, in spite of his stiff cock.

"Be quiet, Randy! Come inside! Quickly, Randy!" she said, ushering him
inside and making no attempt to hide her nakedness.

Randy stepped into his brother's room and watched his mother close the
door and lock it. He had managed somehow to pull his pajamas up around
his waist and fasten them, but his rock-hard prick still stuck several
inches out of his fly.

"What were you doing outside the door, Randy?" Angela asked in a
carefully controlled voice, letting her gaze fall on the huge hard-on
between her handsome son's legs. "Were you spying on us?"

"No, Mom. Honest. I didn't see a thing. I didn't!" he struggled, his
mouth as dry as cotton.

"And what is that?" she asked, pointing to his rampant hard-on.

"I... I... I was just on my way to the bathroom, Mom. My... uh
... it... it always gets hard when I have to go at night," Randy
said, hoping against hope that she would believe him.

"But that doesn't explain why you were on your knees, darling!"

Randy stood silent, shuffling his feet and swallowing hard.

"I think you were watching your brother and me through the keyholes
darling boy. I think you were watching him suck my pussy! Isn't that
true, Randy? Come now! Out with it!"

"Uh, well, okay, I guess I was watching but I didn't mean any harm, Mom!
Honest I didn't!"

"No one said you've done any harm, Randy. Thad and I have nothing to
hide from you. Isn't that right, Thad?"

Thad stared wide-eyed at his mother. He had been sitting on the edge of
the bed hiding his stiff cock the whole time. He had hoped that his
mother would get rid of Randy somehow, but he hadn't dreamed that she
would invite him in. She wasn't making any effort to hide her nakedness.
In fact, now that the initial shock had worn off, she seemed to be
pretty calm about the whole thing. He didn't know how to behave, didn't
know what she expected of him now.

"Try to relax, Randy," she said warmly, her cunt twitching.

"But I don't get it, Mom. What... uh... what are you doin'?"

"That should be obvious, darling. I was sucking your brother's big
beautiful cock and he was eating my cunt."

"But why? I mean, gosh, Mom, I don't understand!"

"There isn't anything to understand, Randy. Thad and I were both very
horny," she said matter-of-factly. "Don't you get horny, Randy?"

"H-horny? Uh, yeah, Mom, l guess I do... but..."

''You're horny now, aren't you, Randy? Watching us has made your cock
all hot and hard!" she said, staring into her son's flashing eyes.

"But Mom... Mom... I..." he struggled.

"Are your balls aching, son? Do they feel as if they're about to
explode?" she asked, daring to reach into his pajamas and grab his
swollen young balls with her silken fingers.

"Oh, God! Mom! Wow! What are you doin'?" he gasped when he felt his
mother's fingers cradling his sensitive balls.

"Why I'm playing with your balls, Randy. Doesn't it feel good to have
someone touch your balls?" she asked, gently squeezing his balls.

"Yeah, Mom, but is it all right? I mean... uh... you're my
mother!" he rasped.

"Of course it's all right! Anything that feels good is all right. And if
your don't believe sex feels good, just ask your brother. We've been
fucking for some time and enjoying every hot minute of it. Tell him,
Thad! Tell him what fun we've been having together!"

"Uh... yeah, Randy. She's telling the truth all right. It's really
great! Mom really knows how to make a guy feel good!" Thad said,
beginning to feel a bit more relaxed.

"And Thad certainly knows how to make a woman feel good, Randy. He has a
big thick cock between his legs, and he knows just how to use it on my
hot little pussy."

"Yeah?" Randy choked.

Randy couldn't help being turned on by the things his mother was saying,
not to mention the things she was doing to him with her warm and eager
fingers. He couldn't help feeling that he was about to be drawn into
something new and wild with his brother and his mother

"I just know you'll be able to satisfy me, Randy. Both of my sons have
such huge cocks between their legs," she breathed, letting her hand
wrap-around Randy's excited cock. "So big and hard! It's so hot,
darling. You must be terribly excited. My sons have something else in
common. They both get turned on easily. You are turned on, aren't you,
Randy?" she asked, squeezing his naked cock.

"Gosh, yeah! How could I help it? You're playin' with my cock!"

"And it doesn't bother you that your mother is handling your beautiful
cock?" she asked, moving her hand up and down on his

"Gosh, no, Mom. If you say it's all right, I guess it must be. It sure
does feel good," Randy said, his body tense from head to toe.

"It's such a shame to let this beautiful hardon go to waste, darling. I
suppose you were just going to jerk off outside the door and shoot your
cum all over the rug?"

"Yeah, Mom. I had to. I can't sleep when I get horny like this. I gotta
shoot off!"

"You will, darling. You'll shoot off again and again. But you won't be
doing it all by yourself. I want you to join us, Randy."

"Join you, you mean it?" Randy choked.

"Yes, lover, I want you to join your brother and me in fucking and
sucking. I'm sure Thad won't have any objections."

Thad wasn't expecting anything like this, but if his mother wanted him
to share her with his older brother, that was fine with him. Thad was
under her seductive spell and willing to do anything she asked of him.
So far she had brought him nothing but pure pleasure and he knew he was
in for more of the same.

"Sure, Mom. Anything you say," Thad said, his cock kicking between his

young legs.

"Come with me, Randy," Angela purred, grasping her son's stiff prick
tightly and leading him by it over to the bed. "Don't be afraid, lover.
We're going to have a wonderful time tonight!"

"What are we gonna do, Mom?" Randy asked as he sat down beside his kid

"You'll soon see, darling. Have you had any sexual experiences yet,
Randy? I realize that things like this are a bit difficult to discuss
with your mother, but it might be easier to introduce you to the joys of
fucking if I know how much you've already done with girls. Do you
understand, lover?" she asked, sitting between her two sons.

"Yeah, Mom, I understand, but I really haven't done anything...not much
anyway," Randy said, daring somehow to look into his mother's mysterious

"You gotta try it, man!" Thad said. "It's great! And Mom's the

"Would you like to watch Thad and me for a while, Randy?" Angela asked,
reaching out and grabbing Thad's arching cock with her free hand. "We'll
just put on a little exhibition for you, darling."

"Okay, Mom. If you're sure you wanna."

"We'd love to, Randy. Thad will show you a few of the things I've taught
him about sex," Angela said, her cunt burning with lust for both her

"Yeah, Randy, just watch me, man, you'll learn a few things," Thad told
his older brother, feeling proud of his prowess. "Mom says I really know
how to do it right."

Randy was a little embarrassed about having to watch his kid brother
show off, but he said nothing. His eyes roved over his mother's curvy
body. He watched her naked tits rising and falling gently as she
breathed. Her nipples were stiff and pointed. Her tits were heavy but
firm, warm-looking and as soft as silk. Randy couldn't help wanting to
run his hands over her body from her swelling tits all the way down to
the nest of soft cunt hair between her slightly parted legs. He could
feel the warmth of her body next to him and the soft feminine fragrance
of her pussy wafted past his nostrils, intoxicating him, making him
drunk with desire.

Angela knew how powerfully she was affecting her older son. She knew
that he was completely in her power now, knew that he would jump
headlong with her into the whirlpool of incestuous lust. She wanted to
show him what joys were in store for him now that he had walked into her
seductive trap.

"Why don't you just sit there and play with yourself while you watch,
Randy. Keep you cock nice and hard for me, darling. Don't let yourself
come though. I want you to save it for me," she said, falling to her
knees in front of Thad.

Angela slowly licked Thad's cock from the root all the way to the head,
being careful to let Randy see exactly what she was doing. She nibbled
at the boy's balls for a while, sucking them into her mouth and letting
them pull from her lips with an audible plop. Then she slowly opened her
pretty mouth and went down on him. Her wet lips wrapped around the
glistening head of Thad's cock and sucked his hard flesh. From time to
time she glanced over at her other son and watched his reaction to her
expert manipulation of his bother's rigid cock.

Randy found that watching was a real turn on. His cock swelled as his
hand raced up and down it. His balls tensed between his legs as he
imagined her lips and tongue on his prick. Randy could tell that Thad
was really enjoying the things she was doing to him. He watched eagerly
as she reached between her legs and inserted a finger between the lips
of her cunt.

Angela let Thad's cock pull from her mouth and snap up against his hard
stomach. She leaned backwards and supported herself with one hand behind
her back while she opened her cunt to her two sons. She had been
involved in gymnastics in school and now she was glad she had learned
how to move her body. Her legs opened more widely, moving seductively as
she lasciviously displayed her pussy. She knew that her sons' eyes were
following her every movement.

"Come and put your tongue in my cunt Thad. Show Randy how expertly you
eat pussy. Lick me! My cunt is just itching for it! Angela told her
hard-cocked son.

Thad did as he was told. He jumped from the bed and walked quickly over
to her, his stiff cock bobbing up and down as he moved toward her. He
got on his knees between his mother's legs and rubbed his handsome young
face against her hairy pussy.

Randy thought his cock was about to shoot cum into the air at any
minute, his excitement was so intense. He watched his kid brother kiss
the raggedy lips of his mother's cunt, watched his tongue flick over her
hot flesh. His younger brother licked her rosy slit up and down, making
her cunt juice flow freely. He had watched Thad eat her cunt from his
kneeling position outside the door, but this was much more intimate and
much more stimulating. He could see the dew of his mother's seething
cunt glistening on his brother's lips. He couldn't help wanting
desperately to taste her pussy juice for himself.

"Oh, Thad You do it so perfectly! My clit! Oh, God, my clit is on fire!
Lick it! Suck it! Oh, yes! Yessss! Beautiful! It's so beautiful!" she

"I wanna fuck you, Mom!" Thad rasped, his balls aching.

"Do you, lover? Do you want to stick that big hard prick right in my
cunt and fuck the piss out of me?" she breathed lasciviously.

"Yeah, Mom! I wanna drive it in you all the way to my fuckin' balls!"
the kid said, grinning at his older brother.

"I just love that big hunk of cock in my cunt! I love to feel it
throbbing and jerking inside me! Fuck me, Thad! Screw me hard! Give me
every big fat hard inch of it!" the wildly excited mother cried.

"Watch this, Randy, I'm gonna show you how to fuck a woman right!" Thad
said, enjoying his position of authority.

Randy's eyes widened as he watched Thad mount his hot-assed mother and
poke his hard cock between the lips of her juicy cunt. He heard her gasp
in pure delight when his prick slipped into her hot cunthole. Thad
thrust forward until his rock-hard cock was buried in her all the way to
his swollen young balls. Every muscle in his body was taut as he began
fucking his luscious mother and sex instructor.
"Oh, shit! This feels so fuckin' good you wouldn't believe it, Randy! I
can feel Mom's cunt suckin' at my cock! It's hot and wet it there, man!
It's better than jackin' off, a million times better!" Thad rasped as he
thrust his cock in and out of her sucking cunt.

"Oh, Randy! Your brother is making me feel so good! His cock feels so
good inside me It's filling me up! It's stretching me! Could you stretch
me too, Randy?" Angela moaned.

"I... I guess so, Mom! My cock's real big!" Randy replied, his prick
swelling bigger and bigger by the minute.

"Do you want to fuck me, darling boy?' she asked in a honeyed voice,
thrilling to the idea of having both her sons fucking her.

"Yeah, Mom! I sure as hell do!" Randy rasped.

"And do you mind sharing me with you brother, Thad?" Angela asked

"Hell, no, Mom! If that's what you want! It sounds real wild!" the boy

"It will be wild, darlings! I can promise you that!" the hot-assed
mother breathed.


"Randy, darling, come here! Let me suck your big hard cock!" Angela
called to her horny son.

Angela fell on her back, keeping her crotch raised and gyrating it,
grinding her cunt against Thad's pistoning cock. When Randy stood beside
her, she reached up and wrapped her silken fingers around his swollen
cock. She pulled down on his cock and made him fall to his knees beside
her. She pulled his rigid prick down to her sweet warm lips and planted
a kiss on the dripping head. Her tongue ran all over his glistening
cockhead, licking up the salty preseminal fluid that oozed from the

Randy closed his eyes and abandoned himself to the pure pleasure of the
blow job his lusty mother was giving him. Her lips pressed hard and hot
against the throbbing knob of his naked cock. Her loving tongue wrapped
around the underside of his super-sensitive cockhead, driving him wild
with pleasure. Just thinking about having his mother's lips around his
cock had made him ache deep in his balls. And now he was actually
experiencing what he had only imagined as he had peeked through the
keyhole minutes before.

Randy felt his cock going deeper and deeper into his mother's eager
mouth. He felt teeth scraping ever so gently against the rigid shaft of
his prick. He felt the roof of her mouth against his turgid cockhead as
she took more and more of it into her mouth.

"Feels good, don't it, Randy?" Thad asked watching his brother's hard
cock bulging their mother's cheeks.

"Fuck, yeah! It's great! No wonder you've been doin' this stuff every
night! Is she gonna let me come in her mouth?" Randy asked, his balls
tensing between his legs.

"Sure, man! She likes to swallow cum! Go ahead, fuck her in the face"
Thad rasped banging his cock in and out of his mother cunt harder and
faster by the second.

"You really want me to, Mom? You really want me to shoot cum down your
throat?" the boy asked.

Angela moaned her approval and began bobbing her head up and down on her
son' distended cock. She wanted his cock hard so that he could fuck her,
but she knew that shooting a wad down her throat wouldn't make him
soften up for long. If he would be anything like her other horny son, he
would be able to keep it up all night for her.

Randy watched his mother's tits shaking she met Thad's thrusts with
thrusts of her own. Randy began moving back and fort pushing his hard
prick in and out of her mouth. His cock went all the way down her throat
with each thrust into her face. He heard her choking on his massive
cock, but he didn't think she wanted him to stop. He found it hard to
believe that she could take his big prick all the way, but she was doing
it and making his balls ache with mind-bending pleasure.

"Suck me, mom! Suck my cock! I'm gonna come, Mom! I can't hold it back
any more! I'm gonna shoot it down your throat in a minute!"

"Fuck her face, Randy! That's the way, man!" Thad rasped, his own cock
pumping in and out of his mother's cunt.

"Fuck her, Thad! Fuck Mom's cunt! Do it! Yeah! This is too much, too
fuckin' much! I'm shooting Mom! Swallow it! I'm commmmminnnngggg!" the
boy grunted when he felt his balls explode.

Angela felt his balls slapping hard against her chin as he fucked her
face. She reached out and grabbed his hot nuts and squeezed tightly just
at the moment of his ball-busting orgasm. She felt his hot cum shooting
into her mouth, filling her throat. She swallowed hard and fast, but the
hot thick jism dripped from her lips.

"Oh, God!" she cried when Randy's cock pulled from her cum-covered lips.
"Your jizz is so delicious! And there's so much of it!"

Angela wrapped her lips around her son's dripping cockhead and began
sucking again with a passion, draining his cock of every last drop of
cum. The sensations in her hot cunt were driving her wild, bringing her
closer and closer to a body-wracking orgasm. Her son's cock punched in
and out of her tight wet pussy, making her twitch and tingle with

"Fuck her, Thad! Fuck her hard!" Randy rasped.

"Suck my tits, Randy! Suck them while your brother fucks me! Oh, yes!
That feels so good, so fucking good! Wrap your lips around my little
nipples! Feel how stiff they are? Nibble them, darling boy! Fuck me,
Thad Fill my cunt with cock! Fill my cunt with cum!" she cried in the
heat of her lust.

Angela gasped when she felt her orgasm flashing inside her. Thad felt
her cunt suddenly grasping his cock the way it always did whe she came.
He made a few more hard thrusts into her seething cunt and pumped a hot
wad of cum into her.

"I'm shooting Mom! Take it in there! Oh yeah! Take that cock!" Thad
growled as his balls exploded.

Angela screamed when her cunt spasmed with pure pleasure. She wrapped
her arm around her sons and held them to her. She had never been so
perfectly satisfied in her life. She felt their hard cocks rubbing
against her as they held her. She felt their breath against her cheeks.
She kissed them deeply in turn, her tongue thrusting into their eager
young mouths.

"Darlings, something tells me that we're going to have wonderful fun
together. You boys are so horny! I'll bet you're both ready to go at it
again, aren't you?" she asked after they had embraced for a few moments.

"Sure, Mom! My cock's still stiff! How about yours, Randy?" Thad asked,
looking down at his brother's jerking prick.

"Shit, yeah! I'm ready again! I don't think I'll ever get tired of
this!" the boy said, daring to dip his hand between his mother's silky

"Do you feel how hot my cunt is, Randy? Put your fingers in it, lover.
Isn't it warm and wet? Wouldn't your cock feel just wonderful in there?"

"Yeah, Mom! Can I do what Thad did to ya? Can I fuck you in the cunt?"
Randy asked, moving his fingers in his mother's creamy cunt.

"Of course, Randy. There's nothing I won't let you do to me. My cunt is
all yours, lover," Angela breathed, putting her fingers between her
spread legs and manipulating the lips of her pussy. "I have a delicious
idea, boys. why don't I sit on one of your big hard cocks while the
other fucks me in my pussy?"

"You... you mean you're gonna take one of our cocks up your... up
your ass?" Randy asked in disbelief.

"Yes, darling boy. Doesn't it sound nasty and exciting?" She smiled, her
asshole quivering with anticipation.

"Yeah, Mom! But... uh... won't it hurt you?" Randy asked, his
balls aching between his strong young legs.

"Only in a pleasant sort of way, lover. Now why don't you just sit there
on the floor, Thad. That's right, darling. Just sit there with your
beautiful cock sticking straight up between your legs for me. I can
almost feel your cock pushing up my ass already," Angela breathed.

The lusty woman positioned her naked ass over her son's pulsating prick.
She bent over and let Randy have a good look at her naked pussy and her
shapely ass. She lewdly spread her luscious buttcheeks apart and let the
boys have a peek at her asshole.

"I want you to lick me there, Randy!" she said.

The boy did exactly as he was told. He pushed his face against his
mother's beautiful ass and flicked his tongue over her tight little
asshole. Thad waited patiently for her to sit on his rigid prick. If her
pussy was so tight, he wondered what her asshole could do to his cock.

"Oh, God, how deliciously hot you're making me, Randy! " she breathed.
"You can't imagine how lovely it feels having your tongue licking at my
little butthole! Feel my pussy now, Randy, darling! Feel how wet and hot
it is!"

Randy let his fingers slip between her legs from behind and brush
against the creamy gash of her juicy cunt. He felt her cuntlips hot and
wet against his fingertips. Her pussy seemed to want to suck his fingers
into it. He pushed his fingers right between the lips of her cunt and
began moving them gently inside her pussyhole.

"Wonderful, Randy! I'm so hot and wet! I have to sit on Thad's big hard
cock! I want his prick in my ass! I want every hot, hard inch of it!"

Thad sat there as he had been told, his hard cock sticking straight up
between his legs. He wrapped his fingers around his dripping prick and
held it tightly, making his pre-cum ooze from the tiny slit of his
cockhead. He knew that his cock had to be slippery before it could push
its way into his mother's tight asshole.

Angela crouched over his cock and lowered her ass slowly down over it.
bandy now stood beside them, watching eagerly and slowly running his
hand up and down on his dripping cock. With her back facing Thad, she
sat on his cock until she could feel the throbbing head pressing against
the puckered ring of her little shitter. Her pussy fluttered with
pleasure when she felt the heat of her son's cockhead against her flesh.

"That's right, Thad. Hold it straight up, son. I'm going to sit on it,
lover! I'm going to take that beautiful cock all the way up my hot ass!

"Yeah, Mom! Take it up there! I wanna feel your asshole squeezin' my
cock like your cunt does!" Thad rasped, his balls swelling with

"You will, lover! You'll feel your cock being squeezed like it's never
been squeezed before!" Angela smiled wickedly.

It took a bit of doing, but Angela finally felt the bulging head of
Thad's cock pushing into her ass. She gasped in pleasure and pain when
his thick cock entered her. Her body stiffened. Her cunt fluttered. The
ring of her asshole grasped the boy's cock and held it in a vise-like

"Does it hurt, Mom?" Thad asked when he felt her body stiffen. "Am I
hurtin' you?"

"No, darling... well... yes and no... " she moaned. "It hurts
but I love it! It's so beautiful! Your cock is so thick and hard inside
me! I've only taken an inch or two into me, but already I feel filled
with your lovely cock!" Angela moaned in ecstasy.

"Does it really feel good, Thad?" Randy asked, crouching down and
staring at the place where his brother's cock had pushed into his
mother. The little ring of her asshole had seemed so small when he had
licked her there. Now it was stretched enough to surround Thad's thick
cock shaft. Inch by inch she was taking his prick all the way up inside
her hot ass.

"Yes, lover, yes! More cock! Slowly, darling! Ohhhh! It hurts! It feels
so... so big... so hot!" Angela moaned.

Thad couldn't resist forcing his cock into her asshole in slow but
insistent strokes. He flexed the muscles of his young ass and raised
himself and his mother off the floor, pushing his prick all the way into
her butthole.

"Oh, Thad! My God, Thad! You're so big and hard! I'm taking every inch
of you inside me! I can feel you stretching me! It's beautiful, darling!
Does my asshole feel good to you, Thad?" she asked, her cunt burning
with lust.

"Shit, yeah, Mom! Your asshole is squeezin' my cock like crazy! It's
even tighter than your cunt! Can I start moving my cock in and out of
you now, Mom?" Thad asked, itching to start punching his prick in and
out of her asshole until he shot off in her.

"Yes, lover! Fuck me, Thad! Ream my asshole with your big fat cock!"
Angela hissed. "I want to feel every inch of it! Make me feel it,
darling boy! Make me scream! Fuck my ass! Fuck my hot asssssss!"

Angela couldn't control herself any longer. She had to jump up and down
on her son's rigid prick. In spite of the pain of his throbbing cock,
she delighted in taking it again and again from the head to the root and
back again in wild lunges.

Thad felt her asshole wrapping around his cock and squeezing like a
fist. With each thrust up her ass, his cock blazed more and more with
the fire of young lust. His swollen balls bounced together and slapped
the floor as he bounced his mother up and down on his lap. He looked up
and saw his older brother jerking himself off in wild abandon as he
watched Thad butt-fucking his mother.

"Oh, boys, I'm so hot, so fucking hot! I want a cock in my goddamn cunt!
I want your prick inside my pussy, Randy! I want you to stuff that big
beautiful prick into my cunt and fill me with it! Give me your cock!"
Angela breathed in the heat of lust.

"You really mean it, Mom? You really gonna let us both fuck you at the
same time? That's wild, real wild!" Randy rasped, his balls threatening
to explode at any minute.

"Between my legs, Randy! Put that thing between my legs!" the horny
mother cried, her cunt dripping with lust.

Angela let her back rest against Thad's chest. He wrapped his strong
young arms around his mother and held her. His hands closed over her
quivering tits. The boy could feel her nipples stiff against his hands.
The kid's cock was buried in her ass all the way to his balls. He felt
her tight sphincter squeezing his naked cock. He knew that his mother's
cunt was hot and steaming with excitement. He knew that she was hot to
suck his older brother's hard cock up into her cunthole.

"Can you get on your knees, Thad, darling?" the boy's mother asked in a
honeyed voice.

"Sure, Mom!" the athletic young man replied.

"That's just wonderful!" she said, when he had done her bidding. "Now
your brother can fuck me in the cunt while you fuck me in the ass! Put
it in me, lover boy! Fill me with it!"

Randy got on his knees between his mother's spread legs and began
rubbing his jutting cock against her silken cuntlips. He felt her
fingers wrap around the naked shaft of his dripping cock. He watched her
guide his aching prick into the seething slit between her legs.

"Oh, God! It's so hot! It feels just wonderful, Randy! Put it in deeper!
Oh, yes! Yessss! Fuck me! Fuck your mother, Randy! Bury it between my
legs!" Angela cried, shuddering with pure delight when she felt her
boy's distended cock push into her juicy cunt.

Randy felt his mother's cunt engulfing his prick. He couldn't resist
gently pushing his cock into her sucking cunthole. He pushed it farther
and farther in until it was in her all the way to the root. He felt her
downy pussy hair brushing against his crotch as their hot bodies
touched. His mother's tits were crushed up against his chest now. He
felt her stiff tingling nipples brushing against his skin.

"I love it, boys! I have everything I could possibly want now! A cock in
my ass and a cock in my cunt! And they're both so big and hard! I can
feel them stretching me! I can feel them rubbing together inside me!"

"Me too, Mom!" Randy rasped, beginning to buck his ass in jerking
movements, forcing his prick to move in and out of her pussy. "I can
feel Thad's cock movin' in there!"

"Harder, Randy! Fuck my pussy! Oh, yes! I'm on fire! You're making me
wild, boys! Fuck me, Thad! Fuck my ass with that beautiful cock! Thrust
deeper! Fuck me harder!"

The boys felt their balls slapping together as they pummeled their
mother's cunt and ass with their stiff young hard-on. They could feel
their cocks rubbing together inside her. Her cunt and ass held their
pricks tightly, making their balls ache with pleasure. Thad reached down
between his mother's legs and began rubbing the rosy lips of his
mother's grasping cunt. He rubbed her steaming pussy lips while Randy's
cock banged in and out of her cunt.

"Fuck me, darlings! Fuck me hard! God, yes! I love it! Fuck the shit out
of me, Randy! Screw me, Thad! Fuck me, boys!" their hot assed mother
cried as her passion continued to build to the breaking point.

The boys grunted and gasped as they drove their hard pricks in and out
of their luscious mother. Neither of the boys could quite believe that
they were actually fucking their mother. The whole experience was like a
wild, exciting dream. The boys half-expected to wake up at any minute.

"Fuck her, Randy! Fuck that cunt! Give her what she wants, man! Give her
your cock! Give it to her hard, Randy! That's how she likes it! Fuck
her!" Thad told his older brother, his own balls blazing with sexual

The boys rocked back and forth as they punched their cocks in and out of
her. Their bodies were tense and their pricks as hard as steel. Angela
felt the fires of her orgasm burning deep inside her. She closed her
eyes and abandoned herself to the pure pleasure her two young sons were
bringing her.

"I'm going to come, darlings! I can feel it! Oh, God, yes! Fuck your
mother! I'm on fire! Fuck my ass! Fuck my cunt! Give it to me! Every
fucking inch! I'm coming... I'm coming!" she screamed.

"I'm gonna shoot my wad up your ass, Mom!" Thad rasped as his balls
tensed between his legs.

"Oh, God, yes! Shoot in up my ass, Thad! Fill my ass with your hot
fucking cum! Are you ready too, Randy darling? Are you ready to come in
my hot cunt?" Angela asked in a voice smoldering with sexual heat.

Young Randy felt his cock suddenly snap up inside her steaming cunt. His
prick seemed to grow bigger and longer inside her. He wrapped his arms
around her and tensed in every muscle of his body as his cum shot
through his stiff cock. He was actually coming in his mother's cunt. The
knowledge that he was violating a taboo, plus the incredible sensation
when he shot off, was almost enough to make the boy pass out right there
in his mother's arms.

"I can feel it, boys! Oh, yes, darlings, I can feel your cum shooting
inside me! You're filling me with jizz! Drown me in it, boys! Fuck met
Fuck meeeee!" the horny woman cried as she climaxed in ecstasy.

The soft moans and groans of pure delight filled the air as the three
incestuous fuckers came together. They fell together on the floor,
holding each other and wishing they could go on fucking all night long.
The horny trio would probably have jumped into Thad's bed and had
another romp if they hadn't heard a husky voice calling from outside.


"Angela? Where are you, baby? Angela?" Her husband called, his voice
getting closer and closer to Thad's room.

"Oh, God! It's your father! Quickly, Thad! Give me my negligee! It's
there on the floor! Hurry, darling! Get into bed, Thad!" she said,
slipping into the filmy garment her son had nervously handed her.

"What am I supposed to do, Mom?" Randy asked in an anxious whisper.
"Under the bed, Randy!" Angela urged.

"But... my... my pajamas," the boy rasped, scurrying under his
brother's bed, still naked and feeling more frightened than he had ever
felt before.

"Be very quiet, boys," their mother said, kicking Randy's pajamas under
the bed.

Angela took a deep breath and tried to get hold of herself. When she had
regained her composure somewhat, she silently opened the bedroom door
and slipped out into the hall.

"Angela, I wondered where you were," her husband said, rubbing his eyes
and looking at her sleepily.

"I was... well... I was in Thad's room," Angela said in a
matter-of-fact manner.

"What are you doing up at this hour? Is something wrong with Thad?" Mike

"Oh, no, darling... not really," Angela muttered.

"Not really? Uh, what does that mean, darling?" Mike asked, a puzzled
look on his face.

"Oh, nothing... nothing really..." Angela stammered. "I thought I
heard a noise in Thad's room, that's all."

"You seem upset, Angela. Are you sure there's nothing wrong? Maybe I'd
better check the house for burglars. Maybe you really did hear
something, dear. Better check just to be sure!" Mike said.

"Oh, no! No! Don't! I... I mean... don't bother," Angela said,
trying to stop his hand as it went for the doorknob.

"I think I'd better, Angela. You stay right here," he said, brushing her
hand away and entering the room.

Mike was a bit surprised to find the light on in Thad's room. He was
even more surprised to see Randy crawling out from beneath his brother's
bed. The boy was stark naked and when he saw his father standing there
in the door, he froze, unable to move a muscle for a moment or two.

"Randy, what the hell are you doing?" Mike asked in amazement.
"Uh... I... I was just huntin' for something Dad," the boy rasped,
suddenly realizing that he was naked.

"Looking for something? Uh... okay... now what were you looking
for at three o'clock in the morning?" Mike asked.

"I... I was just lookin' for my pocket knife, Dad. I just remembered
that I left it in here when I showed it to Thad. You know, Dad, the
knife you bought me last week. I... I woke up in the middle of the
night and remembered where I lost it, " Randy said, quickly getting to
his feet and brushing by his father on the way out of the room.

Randy hoped that his father bought the story about the lost knife. He
closed his eyes and prayed that he wouldn't ask him to show him the
knife. The boy kept his hand closed around the imaginary pocket knife
and hurried out of the room.

Angela's eyes caught Randy's as the boy ran from the room. She could see
that her son was afraid of being found out. She tried to reassure the
boy with a sly smile. Underneath the calm exterior she was maintaining
for Randy's sake, she was just as afraid as he was.

Mike was about to flick off the light in Thad's room when he saw
something lying under Thad's bed. He investigated further and discovered
one of Angela's slippers. He got on his knees and reached around under
the bed until he found the other one. He couldn't imagine what Angela's
slippers were doing in Thad's room.

"I see you found my slippers, darling," Angela said, trying to be brave.
"I wonder what they were doing in here."

"Oh, well, Barney must have hidden them there, Mike. You know how he
likes to steal slippers," Angela said, putting the blame on the family

"I guess that must be it," Mike said, following Angela out of the room.

Before turning off the light, Mike glanced back at Thad's bed and
wondered why Thad hadn't awakened with all the talking and the lights
being flicked on and off. It almost seemed that he was pretending to be
asleep for some strange reason. Mike had the funny feeling that there
was more here than met the eye. Angela seemed nervous about something,
and Randy had darted out of the room as if he had been caught doing
something pretty serious. And why had Randy been naked instead of
wearing his pajamas? The boys didn't usually make it a habit to run
around the house buck naked like that.

Mike glanced around the room one more time and caught sight of what
appeared to be a pair of pajamas lying on the floor. In fact, there were
two pair of pajamas. Mike scratched his head sleepily and quietly closed
the door behind him.

"Come to bed now, darling," Angela said with a nervous smile. "I'm sorry
I woke you up, Mike. I know you have to get to the office early

"Doesn't matter, Angela. You didn't exactly wake me up. I just rolled
over and didn't feel you next to me," Mike said.

"I'm surprised you noticed," Angela sighed.

"What's that supposed to mean, Angela?" Mike asked.

"Well, darling, you should know," she said in a bored voice.
"But I don't know, Angela."

"Let's drop this discussion, darling. It's awfully late," she murmured,

"I don't think we will drop it, Angela!" Mike bristled.

Angela knew that her attitude toward Mike and his lack of interest in
her had changed since she had discovered how to get attention from
younger men. She could already feel herself fighting the urge to
ridicule him for his impotence. She was losing the battle to control
herself. Mike's near-discovery of her incestuous activities had put her
on the defensive. But now that she thought of it, there was very little
chance that he would realize what was actually going on. Angela herself
found it hard to believe that she was fucking her sons so how could Mike
ever catch on?

"I suppose you think I don't know you're alive, Angela. Is that it?"
Mike asked.

"No, darling. I know you know I'm alive. I just wonder if you remember
that I'm a woman... or that you're a man!" Angela said, sitting at
her vanity and combing her long lustrous hair.

"Jesus Christ, Angela!" Mike said. "You know I love you! Don't you?"

"Yes, Mike, I know you love me," she said with a bored sigh.

"Well?" her husband asked. "If you know I love you, what's the problem?"

"Mike, darling, a woman needs more than love. Of course you love me. You
feel comfortable with me. You know I'll always be beside you. I'm like
an old pair of house slippers beside your bed. I'm tired of being a pair
of house slippers, Mike!" Angela shouted.

"But what else do you need? I mean... hell, Angela... I do the best
I can for you and the boys. I'm not rich, but we're comfortable. The
business is doing just great. I'm ready to expand, Angela. I'm going to
go over the plans with my accountant tomorrow morning. I'll be able to
double my business in the next year. We'll be able to buy a new house,
maybe even take a vacation in Europe."

Angela glanced over at her husband and watched a look of pure bliss come
over his face. It was almost the same look that used to come over him
after fucking her. Angela was feeling the same hatred of his business as
she would have felt if he had been seeing another woman.

"Oh, wonderful," Angela laughed, tossing her hair. "A vacation for three
in Europe!"

"For three?" Mike asked.

"Why of course, darling! You and me and your business! Surely you don't
think you could leave your business behind! You're precious business!
It's disgusting!" she spat.

"What's happening, Angela? You've never acted like this before. Did I do
something?" Mike asked, unable to believe his wife was dissatisfied with
her situation.

"Nothing's happening. And you didn't do anything. That's just the
trouble, Mike! You don't do anything for me at all!" Angela screamed,
feeling like a lioness about to pounce.
"I don't get it, Angela."

"No, darling, I don't get it! And I haven't been getting it for a long

"Getting what, Angela?" the man asked.

"This, Mike," she said, gliding over to the bed where her husband sat
and reaching between his legs to grab his cock through his pajamas.
"This is what I'm not getting!"

Mike looked down between his legs and watched his wife squeezing his
lifeless cock. He tried to wriggle free of her grasp, but she was

"What's the matter, Mike? Doesn't this feel good?" Angela asked as she
squeezed and rubbed his cock and balls.

"Uh... sure it does... but... uh..." the man stuttered.

"But your cock won't get hard, will it, Mike?"

"Well... I... I'm a little tired... you know it's early in the
mornings... and... I..."

"But you can never get hard, Mike! It doesn't matter what time of day it
is, don't you see? You can't do a thing for me, Mike! Do you understand,
dear? All you really care about is your damn insurance business! I'm a
woman, Mike, and I need attention! I need this!" She pulled Mike's
flaccid prick out of his pajamas and shook it. "You're not the least bit
interested in me, are you, Mike?"

"Sure I am, Angela. You should know that," Mike said.

"Are you interested in this, Mike?" She slipped out of her negligee and
presented her naked body. "Do my tits excite you, Mike?" she asked
cupping her tits in her hands and lifting them slightly.

Angela brushed her fingers over the little peaks of her nipples and made
them stiff and inviting. She knew that any man capable of feeling a
sexual urge would be turned on by her display. She moved closer to her
husband and smiled seductively. She pressed her warm silken tits up
against his face, burying his face in her cleavage. She glanced down at
his lap, but his cock, which was still hanging lifelessly between his
legs, hadn't stirred a bit.
"Oh, well! It's no use!" Angela sighed.
"I... I'm sorry, Angela... I...

"It doesn't matter, Mike. It doesn't matter any more. I've found other
ways of amusing myself," Angela said, slipping into bed and closing her

"Other ways?" Mike asked. "What the hell does that mean?"

"You should know, darling! After all, dear, you know perfectly well that
I've always been a woman with... certain needs!"

"Are you telling me you've been seeing another man?" Mike asked in

"Another man? No, darling, not another man!" she laughed.

Angela knew that he would fall out of bed if she told him that she had
been fucking her two sons.

"Go to sleep now, Mike. I haven't another word to say on the matter."

Angela had enjoyed teasing her husband. It gave her pleasure to make him
suffer a bit after the many months of suffering she had endured with him
recently. She soon drifted off to sleep, the most blissful sleep she had
had in a long time.

Mike didn't sleep quite as well.


Relations between Mike and Angela were even more strained than usual.
Mike had tried to forget the things Angela had said to him that night,
but to no avail. It had been the first time she had ever actually
taunted him about his impotence. The subject had been taboo until
recently, but in the past two weeks, Angela had been making one pointed
comment after another. For the first time, Mike was actually beginning
to feel ashamed of himself.

It occurred to him now that maybe he really was working too hard. It was
just possible that he was spending too much time with his clients and
his books and not enough time with his wife and children. The more he
thought about his situation, the more he thought Angela was right. Maybe
he could save the day yet. Maybe he could rekindle the spark that had
gone out of his married life.

The possibility that he had already lost Angela to another man was
eating him up inside. She had been acting more and more as if she had
been seeing another man. He had asked her more than once in the past
couple of weeks if she had been cheating on him, but she had always
denied it. Angela wasn't in the habit of deceiving him and he knew it,
but this time there was something going on, and he knew that too. Mike
had to find out what was going on behind his back. He had nothing to
lose by investigating. If Angela was still faithful to him, perhaps he
could devote more time to her and save their relationship. And if she
had been cheating on him, maybe a confrontation with the man in question
would show Angela that he still wanted her.

"Aren't you having breakfast this morning, darling?" Angela asked as he
rushed through the kitchen with briefcase in hand.

"Didn't I tell you, Angela?"

"Tell me what, Mike?"

"Didn't I tell you I have to be out of town this weekend? I thought I
told you last week. It's pretty important," he said, raising his

"But you said you were gonna take us to a ball game this afternoon,
Dad," Thad said disappointedly.

"I'm sorry, Thad!" Mike said. "You know how business is, don't you, son?
Never know when I might have to be out of town for a day or two. you
understand, don't you, boys?"

"Yeah, Dad. I guess," Thad said dejectedly.

"Next weekend I'll make it up to you, boys! Okay?"

"Sure," they both muttered.

"Don't worry, boys," Angela said. "I'm sure we can think of some way to
amuse ourselves while your father is away."

Mike thought he saw something pass silently between the boys and Angela,
but he couldn't quite catch the meaning of it.

"Have a nice weekend, dear!" Angela sang as her husband walked out the

"Don't you darlings think we can have some fun on our own while your
father is away?" Angela asked with a wicked twinkle in her eyes.

"And how!" Thad said, his balls stirring at the mere thought of it.

"Are you boys ready for another little orgy?" the hot-assed mother
asked, reaching up under her dress to feel the dampening mound of her

"I am, Mom," Thad said, boldly standing up and showing her the long
hard-on that already bulged in his pants.

"Me too, Mom. I'm as stiff as a board already," Randy said excitedly,
his balls burning with desire for his mother.

"I wouldn't be surprised, boys. It's been three days since we had our
last little fling! We were awfully rushed last time, weren't we, boys?
As I remember, you darling boys both shot off your wads in my hands just
before your father came home from work. He came in just a second or two
after you zipped up your pants. I had to tell him your cum was a new
hand lotion I was trying," Angela laughed.

Angela's fingers scratched gently at the damp crotch of her panties,
making her cunt tingle with delight. She wanted to feel a tongue licking
at the sensitive flesh of her hot pussy. She wanted to feel a pair of
lips sucking at the tiny tingling bud of flesh between the lips of her

"I'm so hot for you boys! My pussy is positively steaming! Wouldn't you
like to feel it?" Angela asked her two young sons.

"Yeah, Mom!" they shouted in unison.

Both boys ducked under the table in a flash and kneeled at her feet.
Angela lifted her dress and let her eager young studs have a good long
look at her quivering pussy. They could see the shadow of cunt hair
beneath the flimsy panties she wore. They stared in rapt attention at
the part of their mother that most boys never see.

Randy ran his hand up and down her silky legs, letting his eager fingers
brush against the crotch of her panties. Angela shivered with pure
delight when his fingers touched her there. She had been smoldering with
desire for the two boys all night. Now that she was unexpectedly free of
her impotent husband, she had every intention of making the most of the
opportunity for fucking.

"Take my panties off me, Randy darling! My pussy is so hot! I'm itching
to have my pussy licked! " Angela breathed.

The boys were eager to comply with her request. Both boys had been
aching to fuck their mother for the past three days, but there had been
no time when they could be alone and certain that their father would not
come home and catch them in the act. Both boys were eager and willing to
pull her panties off and do just about anything she might ask of them.

Angela sighed when she felt her flimsy undergarment being slipped off
her. When her cunt was completely exposed, she spread her legs wide and
ran her fingers through the down between her legs, inviting the boys to
eat her out. Angela felt wonderfully wicked as she sat there at the
kitchen table, her boys dutifully at her feet and ready to suck her

"Lick me, Randy! I'm so hot! My pussy is so juicy! Lick me, darling! Oh,
yes! Oh, God! It's so beautiful, Randy! You're making me wild! Put your
tongue all the way up my cunt, lover! Make me feel it way up inside me!"
Angela cried, closing her eyes and abandoning herself to her naked

Randy lapped at his mother's steamy cunt with wild abandon. It seemed
that her cunt ran with musky moisture more and more with each stroke of
his licking tongue. The scent of her naked cunt excited the boy more and
more by the second. His cock strained in his pants, making his balls
ache with lust for his wanton mother.

Thad tore his zipper down and reached inside to grab his hard cock. He
stroked his prick up and down slowly, making his balls ache with lust.
He waited until his brother had eaten their mother's cunt for a while,
then he nudged him aside and took his place between her sleek naked

"Oh, my God! It's wonderful! Oh, yes, Thad! Lick it! Put your tongue up
inside! I love the way you wiggle your tongue in my little pussy! Flick
your tongue over my little clit, Thad! I'm on fire! Oh, Jesus, that
feels good!" Angela cried.

The boys took turns licking and sucking their mother's dripping pussy.
They played with themselves while they licked her cunt, making their
balls swell with hot cum. They knew that their mother would soon show
her gratitude for the wonderful things they were doing to her by letting
them shoot their wads in her throat or the warm wet channel of her cunt.

"You know, boys, I can tell which of you is licking my pussy by the way
you do it. Thad, you have a way of nibbling my cuntlips that drives me
wild. And, Randy, the way you move your tongue up inside my cunt is just
delicious. No one could do more wonderful things with his tongue than
you, Randy. And the way you suck my pussy, Thad. It's just perfect!"
the hot-assed older woman sighed.

"We sure like eating your pussy, Mom," Randy said, his cock jerking
between his legs.

"I think I'd like to eat you boys for a while. Let me have your big
stiff cocks! They are stiff for me, aren't they?" Angela asked her two
eager boys.

"Shit, yeah, Mom! Look at that!" Randy stood up and shoved his distended
prick in his mothers pretty face.

"Mmmmmm!" she groaned. "It looks luscious Just look at the slippery fuck
juice dripping out of it! It's so big and hot and hard! I just have to
taste it!"

With that, Angela wrapped her silky fingers around the slick shaft of
her son's cock and pulled it even closer to her mouth. She blew a stream
of cool moist breath over the naked head of the boy's cock and then drew
her tongue over the end of it, catching a droplet of crystal clear
presum and carrying it to her mouth.

"It's so hot and salty! I just love it, darling!" she cooed, licking her
lips and squeezing his prick lovingly.

"Look at mine, Mom," Thad said, pushing the dripping shaft of his cock
against her silken cheek.

"My God! It looks even bigger than ever, Thad! You seem to get bigger
and stiffer each time we do this!" she said, her eyes twinkling as she
stared at her son's prick.

The boys moved closer to her and pushed their aching cocks into her
mouth. She sucked first one and then the other in turn, running her
tongue up and down their naked cocks until she thought they were about
to come. Then when she felt their balls tensing and their cocks getting
suddenly harder, she pulled away and waited a few seconds. She managed
to keep her two young sons on their toes for quite some time. While she
sucked their pricks, she played with the slickened lips of her seething
cunt, keeping herself and her boys at the peak of sexual excitement.

"I want to suck both of you at once, boys," she said. "Put both of your
cocks together for me. That's right, darlings. Now be gentle with me.
They're so big and hard that I'd choke on them if you weren't gentle
with me."

Angela managed with the greatest of difficulty to take both glistening
cockheads into her mouth. She felt her cheeks bulging as the heads of
her sons' cocks filled her mouth. She felt them throbbing inside her
mouth, felt the boy gently but urgently trying to push their cocks down
her throat.

Randy reached down and rubbed his mother's cheeks with his hands. He
could feel his cock and his brother's pounding away inside his mother's

"Suck it for me, Mom! Take it all the way in there! Please suck me!
Don't stop yet, Mom! Keep sucking it!" Randy pleaded, afraid that at any
minute she might pull away and delay his much-needed orgasm again.

"Yeah, Mom! Suck 'em! Suck our fuckin' cocks! Make us both shoot it,
Mom! I gotta come, Mom! My balls are hurtin' something awful, Mom! I
gotta shoot it off!" Thad rasped, pushing his prick farther into her
sucking mouth.

Thad and Randy both thought they were going to fill their mother's
pretty mouth with cum, but they were mistaken. Just when both boys'
cocks were about to shoot a huge volume of hot jism down her sucking
throat, she pulled away and smiled up at them, her eyes sparkling with
wicked delight.

"Oh, Mom! Please, Mom! Let us shoot! My balls ache!" Thad begged,
reaching down and rubbing his swollen nuts.

"It feels good, doesn't it, darling?" she said in a lusty voice. "I want
you to stay all hard and horny for me, lovers. I'm going to take those
big stiff cocks into my pussy, boys. I'm going to keep you hard until
you make my pussy flood again and again!"

Angela stood up and reached out to wrap her fingers around her son's
cocks. She pulled them playfully along with her into the living room
where they could play their incestuous games in greater comfort. It
wasn't long before the boys and their mother were busily involved in a
wildly abandoned fuck that went on and on all afternoon and into the

The three were rolling together on the floor, tickling each other and
playing with each other when the phone rang. Angela was still giggling
and the boys were still laughing when she picked up the receiver.

"Hello!" she giggled. "Stop it, you're tickling me! Hello! Who is it?
Boys, stop it! Hello?"

"Who was it, Mom?" Randy asked, dipping his hand between her legs and
diddling her downy pussy.

"A wrong number I suppose," she said. "Who cares anyway?" she laughed.
"Catch me if you can! First one to catch me gets to put his prick in
my little asshole!"

The boys ran after their mother, watching the full firm cheeks of her
ass bounce enticingly as she ran up the stairs to her bedroom. The boys
knew that there were many hours of wild fun ahead of them that night.

Mike stepped out of the phone booth and shook his head in disbelief.
There was something odd going on in that house. Mike could feel it. And
there was something in the sound of Angela's voice that affected him
strangely. The excitement in her voice was strangely familiar to him. It
was the same tone of voice that he remembered from the wild times they
had had together before the spark had gone out of their sex life.

Mike still remembered the lust in her voice as they playfully teased
each other before plunging into a long wet fuck. It was the same girlish
but seductive little giggle he remembered. Something had to be going on
at home and he had to find out exactly what that something was. He drove
the short distance from the bar where he had been waiting all day, all
the while trying to figure out who his wife had gotten involved with.

The more Mike thought about the situation, the angrier he became. He
realized now that he had made a big mistake in neglecting Angela and
devoting all his attention, and all his passion, to his business. He
understood now that Angela must have suffered terribly having to live
with a workaholic. But understanding didn't make him any less upset. How
could Angela have the nerve to bring the bastard into his own house? For
all he knew, Angela and her secret lover were fucking in his own bed.

The drinks he had thrown down during the day swirled in his head as he
parked the car a block down the street from the house. He didn't want
anyone to hear the car pulling into the driveway. He had to pay Angela
and her new-found fucker a surprise visit. He didn't know exactly what
he was going to do when he confronted them, but the way he felt, he knew
there would be a fight.

Mike wondered when he reached the house why there was no strange car in
the driveway. He wondered why the boys' bicycles were still there. He
knew they never went anywhere without their bikes. For a minute he began
to doubt that anything was wrong. Surely Angela would have sent the boys
away if she had been planning to see another man. Mike almost turned
around and went back to the car, but then he remembered the giggles he
had heard on the phone and decided that the boys must have been sent off
to a movie or something just to get them out of the way.

Mike was fighting mad when he reached the front door. The alcohol
swirled in his head along with visions of what he would do to the man he
knew she was fucking. He almost used his key to open the front door, but
decided to use the back door instead. He had to get control of himself
and be as quiet and cool as possible if he was catch them in the act.

Mike sneaked in the back way and carefully made his way to the living
room where he saw clothes lying on the floor, apparently dropped where
they had been removed. She couldn't even wait to get to a bed, Mike
thought, his anger building by the second. His fists clenched, the
jealous husband ran up the stairs and stood for a moment outside the
bedroom. He could hear her giggling with obvious delight even now. He
could hear them fucking on his bed, and from the moans and groans they
were making, they had to be having a wild time. They sounded more like a
trio of fuckers. Mike couldn't remember when he and Angela had made so
much noise fucking.

While Mike stood outside steaming with anger and disgust, his horny wife
was steaming with insatiable lust for her two sons. She lay on her back
in the bed, her legs spread wide, her pussy dripping with the hot juices
of her lust. She had already let her sons lick and suck her cunt and had
done the same to their eager young cocks. She had already taken more
than one load of hot cum into her ever-ready pussy from each of her
willing fuckers. She felt as if she could go on fucking and sucking all
night, and she knew that her sons could keep it up as long as she could.

"Put your cock in me again! Hurry! I want to be filled with it again!
Stretch my pussy! Fuck me! Make me drip with juice again! Screw the
fucking piss out of me!" the horny mother cried in a voice high and
filled with emotion, a voice that easily carried beyond the door.

"Take it! Take my cock! Suck it right into your pussy! Move that cunt!
Squeeze that fuckin' cock in there!" a voice rasped, a voice that
sounded young, very young. Young or not, Mike was going to make the
bastard wish he had never met Angela.

Ready for anything that might happen, or at least thinking he was, Mike
kicked open the door and rushed into the room. When Mike saw what was
happening in the bed, his arms, set to throw punches, fell at his sides.
He stared in disbelief. There were two boys in bed with his wife, boys
of no more than fifteen or sixteen. One of them was positioned between
her legs, his cock obviously impaled in her cunt. Her legs were wrapped
firmly around his waist, holding his body close to her. The other boy
was straddling her and thrusting his cock into her sucking mouth. It was
enough of a shock already, but when the boys turned around and stared
wild-eyed at him, he almost keeled over. They were his own sons!

When the boys realized that they had been caught in the act, they
scrambled off the bed and stood against the wall as if afraid to move a
muscle. Their dad had never laid a hand on them in anger, but then
again, he had never caught them fucking their mother before either. They
didn't know what to expect.

When Angela saw her husband standing at the door, she screamed and
clamped her hand over her mouth, as if to stifle any further cries that
might escape her lips. She suddenly wondered how she could ever have
thought that she could keep her activities with Thad and Randy a secret
from her husband. It was inevitable that they be found out eventually,
and now she had to deal with the consequences, and she had to deal with
them quickly.

It was then that something quite unexpected happened to Angela. She
suddenly felt laughter, not tears, welling up inside her. As she looked
at her husband and saw the totally wiped-out look on his face, she
couldn't help laughing. She could imagine how her sudden change in
attitude and her new secretiveness had added up in Mike's mind to an
extramarital affair. But why had he been so upset with her? After all,
he hadn't shown any interest in her sexually in a long time. It struck
her as pathetic that Mike, who hadn't shown any interest in her at all
for the longest time, should suddenly become the enraged husband ready
to fight for his masculine pride. And if all of that wasn't funny
enough, the poor man had to find that his wife had been taken away from
him by his own teenage sons. Angela couldn't stifle a wicked giggle as
she thought of the absurdity of it all. She had to take control now. she
had to turn the disaster into something positive before it ruined what
was left of their marriage, and hiding her feelings wouldn't help things
a bit.

"Mike, darling! This is so funny!" she laughed. "Don't you see?"

"Funny? Funny? How can you say this is funny? Jesus Christ, Angela! You
... you're fucking our sons! It... it's incest! How could you?"
Mike stammered.

"Oh, Mike. It's nothing. It's really nothing. We were just having a bit
of good dirty fun! It hasn't hurt the boys a bit, and it certainly
hasn't hurt me. Isn't that right, darlings? Haven't we been enjoying
ourselves these few weeks?" Angela asked in a matter-of-fact voice that
she hoped would calm her understandably frightened boys.

"Sure, Mom... uh... yeah... sure... we... uh... we've
been havin' a good time. We didn't mean any harm, honest, Dad! It...
uh... it just kinda happened... " Randy said, unable to look his
father in the eye.

"You see, Mike. It's not as terrible as you might think." Angela smiled,
still lying in bed as naked as the day she was born.

"But why? Why, Angela?" Mike asked, his eyes roving wildly over her
naked body, which she made no effort to cover up. It was as if she had
not a trace of shame about the dirty things she had been doing with the

"You don't know, darling?" she asked. "Come here, boys. That's all
right, darlings, don't worry. Just come to me. I want to show your
father why I've been spreading my legs for you."

Mike watched Thad and Randy dutifully stand by her side. She boldly
reached out her silken hands and began fondling their young cocks and
balls. Mike couldn't quite believe the brazen display of incestuous lust
she was putting on for him. She squeezed and stroked the boys' young
pricks as if she had done it many times before. The boys seemed awfully
embarrassed, but they stood there anyway, as if entranced by her. It
wasn't long before the erections they had lost earlier were standing in
front of them again.

"There, Mike! See?" she said, turning the boys so that their father
could better see what she had done to their eager cocks. "See how lusty
they are, Mike? See how quickly their big beautiful cocks stand up for
me? They love what I have to offer them, Mike! They're always ready to
fuck me. They're not tired after working all day and half the night at
the office. They don't just lie there all limp and lifeless when I suck
their cocks and get them ready to plunge into my pussy. They're always
horny. They're just the way you used to be, Mike!" Angela said, still
lying there with her legs spread, with her cunt dripping.

"I... I didn't know it meant that much to you... I... " Mike
stammered, realizing now for the first time that he had cruelly
neglected his beautiful and sex-hungry wife.

"It means a great deal to me, Mike. I love you, but I need more than the
kind of love you've been giving me lately. I need the kind of love Thad
and Randy have been giving me. I need the kind of love you used to give
me, Mike!"

"I can still give it to you, Angela," Mike said, stirred into a new
state of consciousness by the shock he had just experienced.

"Can you, darling? Then come and show me!"

"In... in front of... " Mike stammered, his cock rising in his
pants in spite of his reluctance.

"It's all right, darling. I don't think you'll corrupt their
impressionable young minds. I think I've already taken care of that.
Haven't I, boys?" she asked with a wicked smile.
"And how!" Randy said.

"And you've loved every minute of it, haven't you?" she asked, still
stroking the boy's rigid cock.

"We sure have! Are you gonna fuck Mom, Dad?" Randy asked.

Mike stood silently for a minute or two, trying to decide what to do.
She was right about one thing. She had already taught the boys
everything they needed to know about sex. Mike remembered how great she
was in bed, and if she had taught them even part of what she knew, the
boys had to have had a wild time of it. Mike let his cock decide what to
do eventually. His big prick had gotten as hard as a rock in his pants.
It was the first time in many many months that he had gotten even the
smallest hard-on. Mike wondered for a second or two why he was so
suddenly affected by his wife's lusty beauty after so long.

Maybe it was the shock of discovering her in bed with their two boys.
Maybe it was the mental turmoil that Mike had been going through since
he had realized that she was seeing someone. Or maybe it was simply the
bizarre sexual situation in which he now found himself that turned him
on so powerfully. Whatever the cause of his excitement, Mike knew that
he had to show Angela, and the boys too, that he still had what it took
to make a woman happy.

Angela gasped when she saw the growing bulge in her husband's pants. His
excited condition came as such a surprise to her that she lost her
composure for a moment. She stared with glittering eyes at Mike's
swollen crotch, wondering if she was dreaming it all.

"Mike, is... is that... " she gasped.

"Yeah, baby! That's just what it looks like!" Mike rasped, boldly
reaching down the leg of his pants and rubbing his swollen cock.

"Oh, Mike! I don't believe it! You're hard. You're turned on. How? I
don't understand," she said in a quavering voice.

"You don't have to understand, baby! Just spread your legs and take this
fuckin' cock!" he ordered, unzipping his pants and hauling out the
biggest hard-on Angela had ever seen.

"My God, Mike! It's so big! It's bigger than I remember it! And so hard!
It's so fat and hard-looking!" she breathed, her cunt itching to take

"You're gonna remember it all right, Angela! You're gonna remember every
inch of it as it goes up that cunt!" the man rasped, his balls swollen
and aching with lust.

"You're not mad at me, darling?" Angela asked, her eyes roving over the
shaft of her husband's cock.

"Hell, yes, I'm mad at you! What do you expect?" Mike said, striding
toward the bed.

"You... you're not going to... to hurt me..."

Mike was enjoying the sudden change that had come over his hot-assed
wife. She wasn't quite as bold and defiant now. It seemed that his
sudden masculine reawakening had put her back in her place.

"Hell, no, Angela! I'm not gonna hurt you! Of course, this thing might
hurt you a little!" he said, stroking his rampant hard-on as he stood
over her.

"You mean you're going to fuck me? You're really going to fuck me?" she
asked, her eyes blazing with desire.

"I'm gonna fuck the piss out of you, baby!" Mike said. "We've got a lot
of lost time to make up for. We've got a lot of lost fucks to make up
for too."

"And the boys?"

"Let 'em watch! Hell! They're not gonna see anything you haven't already
showed them! Right? Maybe they can even get into the action later. How
about it, men? You wanna share your mother with me, or is she your
private stock?"

"Uh... sure, Dad... uh... if it's all right with you... "
Randy replied.

"How about you, son?" Mike asked, glancing over at Thad. "You game?"

"Sure, Dad! Uh... can I... uh... can I eat Mom's pussy while
you fuck her in the mouth?" Thad asked, his balls stirring at the
thought of it.

"We'll see what develops, darling," Angela said, reaching out and
wrapping her silky fingers around the naked cock that her horny husband
had presented for her.

Angela was amazed at how completely her husband had been transformed.
Where once he had been a tired, bored, totally lifeless man with no
interest in anything but his business, now he was a horny husband with
every interest in filling her cunt with his enormous cock. Angela was
used to taking the boys' cocks in her pussy. Her boys had cocks that
could easily satisfy her, but the cock she held in her hand now was
man-sized. The thought of taking Mike's prick up inside her pussy again
after so long made her melt with lust.

"Your cunt seems to be pretty hot, baby! Just look at that pussy juice
run out of it," Mike said, reaching down and stroking the silky warm
flesh of her exposed cunt.

"I'm dripping with love for you, Mike darling," she said in a voice that
smoldered with desire.

"You're as sweet as ever, Angela," Mike said, carrying some of her cunt
juice to his mouth and tasting it on his tongue.

"Let me see how sweet you are, Mike," Angela cooed, planting a warm wet
kiss on the hard head of his cock.

"Delicious, darling! Just as delicious as I remember you. Your cock is
dripping already You must be terribly horny after all this time. I'll
bet you could fuck all night!" Angela smiled, her seductive powers
returning after her moments of shock.

"I could fuck all week, baby! That's just what we're going to do too.
You're right about one thing. It's been a long time since I've gotten my
rocks off." Mike wrapped his hand around his stiff cock and pushed it
into his wife's lovely face. "Suck it like you used to, Angela!"

Angela did what she was told and did it eagerly. She opened her pretty
little mouth as widely as she could and plunged down on her husband's
enormous prick. She felt his jerking cock filling her mouth and
stretching her sucking throat as she went down on it. She expertly ran
her tongue around the shaft of the man's swollen cock, driving him
wilder and wilder.

"Squeeze my balls, baby! Grab those fuckers!" Mike rasped, his nuts
aching with lust for his hot-assed wife.

When Mike felt his wife's silky fingers caressing his hairy balls, he
almost shot off in her mouth. He wondered now how he could possibly have
gone as long as he had without her expert attentions. He closed his eyes
and let the wild sensations she was inspiring in him raise him to new
heights of ecstasy.

"Suck that fucking thing, baby! Give it all you've got! Suck it all the
way down your goddamn throat! That's the way, Angela! Suck my cock!"
Mike grunted as he began rocking back and forth and thrusting his prick
down her throat.

Angela almost choked on the big fat plug of cock-flesh that Mike had
forced down her throat. She thought he was fucking her face a little too
hard and making it a bit uncomfortable for her, but she knew that she
couldn't complain. After all, she hadn't exactly treated him fairly the
past few days. She knew too that Mike wouldn't do anything to really
hurt her.

Thad and Randy stood by watching their dad fuck their mother in the
mouth. They both wondered how she could possibly take such a huge cock
down her throat without choking on it. She coughed and sputtered and
moaned, but she kept working on his prick as if she loved every inch of
it. The boys wished she would work on their cocks the way she was
working on his. They both hoped their dad had been serious about letting
them get in on the action. Their cocks and balls were aching and ready.

"Okay, baby! That's enough head for now. I want some pussy, Angela. I
want to see if it's still as good as I remember it," he said, backing
off and letting his prick pull from his wife's sucking mouth with an
audible plop.

"It's as hot as ever, darling! It's tight and wet and warm! Just ask the

"How about it, you guys? Is she telling the truth? Is your mother's cunt
as good as she says?" Mike asked with a grin.

"Gosh, yeah, Dad! It's even better!" Thad replied.

"Mom sure knows how to make a guy feel good, Dad!" Randy added.

"I seem to remember that. Come to think of it, I believe she made me
feel good the night we made you! " Mike laughed. "Spread those legs,
baby! I'm gonna show you what a man's cock feels like!"

"Oh, yes, Mike darling! I've waited so long for this! Take me! Fuck me
! Use me! Make me remember what it was like! I want every inch of your
cock!" Angela breathed, raising her long silken legs and spreading them.

Mike stared between Angela's statuesque legs at the rosy slit of her
seething cunt. He watched as she reached between her legs and
manipulated the lips of her cunt with her nimble fingers. She lewdly
inserted two fingers between her cuntlips and spread herself open for
him. In a flash Mike kicked off his shoes and almost tore his clothes
off. He was on top of her in a minute, covering her body with his.

"Oh, Mike! You're so strong! Your cock is so big and stiff! Put it in
me, lover! Fill my hot little pussy with it! Fuck met Fuck me hard!" she
cried, her cunt twisting with desire as she felt her husband's cock
poking against her pussy.

Mike reached between his hairy legs and guided his swollen prick into
the open gash of her cunt. He pushed gently at first, but when he felt
the incredible warmth and wetness of her cunt against the hot head of
his naked cock, he lost all control. He bucked his ass and buried his
rigid cock in her cunt all the way to his balls.

Angela screamed when she felt Mike's massive hard-on push into her
pussy. She could hardly bear the stretching sensation at first. His cock
was so much bigger than the ones she had been taking lately that she
wondered if she could accept it.

"Oh, God! No! It's too big! It's too thick! It's so hard, so hot and
hard! I... I can't take it!" she cried.

"You're gonna take it, Angela! You're gonna take every fuckin' inch of
it! You got used to it before, baby, and you can get used to it again!
You'd better stay used to it too, baby! You're gonna be gettin' a lot of
it! You're gonna be gettin' it in your mouth and in your cunt and even
up your sweet little ass! Like I said, Angela, I intend to make up for
lost time!" Mike rasped, pumping his rockhard prick in and out of her
slippery cunt.

"Oh, Mike! Do you really mean it? Will you fuck me like this all the
time? Will you never let me get lonely again?" she moaned, her pussy
clutching her husband's cock and holding it tightly inside her.

"You're going to get all the cock you want from now on, Angela! From now
on, that damn job of mine can take a back seat," Mike said, his balls
slapping against Angela's seething pussy as he banged in and out of her.

"Fuck me, lover! Fuck me harder! Yes! Oh, Mike, yesssss! Fill me with
cock! Fill me with cum!" she hissed.

The boys couldn't help themselves. They crawled into the bed with their
mother and father and began jerking themselves off, waiting to be asked
to join the action.

"Will I be able to keep my boys? As fuckers that is?" she asked, her
eyes sparkling.

"I guess so, baby. Anything that turns you on. I'm no prude. From now on
it's anything you want," Mike said, his balls swelling with cum and
threatening to explode at any minute.

"Then come to me, boys! Give me your beautiful young cocks! Let me suck
you both off while your father fucks me! " she breathed, reaching out
and drawing her two horny young boys' cocks toward her lips.

Angela sucked their cocks into her eager mouth, running her slippery
tongue around the sensitive heads of their pricks until she knew they
were about to shoot their cum into her mouth again. She grabbed their
swollen balls and squeezed hard just as they shot off in her face. She
swallowed as much of their jism as she could and let the rest drip down
over her lips. When their cocks pulled from her lips, she smiled up at
her husband, who was violently fucking her red hot cunt.

"I'm coming, Mike! Oh, God! It's so beautiful! Make me come, darling!
Oh, Mike! Fuck meeeee!" she gasped as her orgasm tore through her.

"Take it! Take my fuckin' cum! I'm shootin' it, baby!" Mike growled as
his balls tensed between his legs.

Mike almost fell over when his cum shot through the shaft of his cock
and into his lovely wife's cunt. It was the first time he had been able
to get his rocks off in months. He felt renewed, young again, virile
again as he held himself over his wife and watched the look of bliss
spread over her face. He had come dangerously close to losing her, and
he had no intention of letting that happen again.

As far as the boys were concerned, there was plenty of pussy to share
with their dad. Angela had everything now that she could possibly want.
Not only did she have her husband back again, and in the same condition
he had been in the earlier years of their marriage, but she had two
horny young studs to keep her happy whenever he had to be away from her.
Her bed was full again at last, and so was her pussy.


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Wow what a cum slut. Loved the dirty language.

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2016-09-09 10:49:13
The only thing missing was the boys treating her like the whore she was. Like saying things like "come on you filthy little bitch. Fuck me" "come you fucking whore" and so on.


2015-12-07 06:23:28
just the same as your other story, just the names and places change for the sex.

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2014-01-09 22:56:45
That was 1 f'in helluva story, it gave me 3 gushing orgsms, I luv long stories, you get to go all the way, with emotions and feelings of the parties,etc it give time to progress naturally. Keep up the fantastic work, luv it. Luvsalik xx

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2012-11-14 18:17:44
another story not yours you try to take cedit for what an asshole

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