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Ryan and Linda get to know Whitehorse . . . and a lot more
Love and Lust on the Alcan Highway - Chapter 2

It was almost eight hours later that my body responded to the need to relieve my aching bladder. The call made me very aware that I’d better answer it in one hell of a hurry. The warm body sleeping on my chest had me reluctant to even think about moving.

I slowly and carefully extracted myself from under Linda’s warmth, not wanting to disturb her slumber. It was dark outside, which indicated that it was somewhere between 1:30 and 3:00 in the morning. If I got my ass in gear, we’d be in Whitehorse by breakfast time. But I knew that as soon as I fired up that Cat engine, either the noise would rouse my lover, or the vibrations would. The idea of lounging in Teslin for another four hours sounded tempting. It would let me stay curled up with this gorgeous woman for that much longer. That’s a tough one to say ‘No” to, let me tell ya!

Despite my longings, I crawled out of the truck, walked back to the rear of the sleeper, and inserted myself between it and the front drivers, getting as close to the frame as practical.. That little spot had been my “Trucker’s outhouse” so many times in my life, and this was another one.

I relieved myself, then out of habit, opened the petcock on the air tank to bleed off both air pressure and accumulated water from the compressor. It was only when that pervading hiss of air assailed my ears that I cursed myself for the inconsideration of the noise. It was sure to wake my sleeping passenger. Guilt washed over me. I thought seriously of closing the valve again, but it’s one of those things that just has to be done daily. The sleeper began to rock, alerting me that it was too late now anyway. Linda was awake and stumbling around inside.

The click of a door latch opening warned me of Linda’s pending arrival outside. I pulled up my zipper and met her at the driver’s door just as she opened it.

“Christ, I’ve gotta pee so bad!” she growled. “Is the truck stop even open?” I glanced over my shoulder, just in case it might be. Some days it is, but not today. The place was blacker than Toby’s ass.

“Sorry, Sweetheart. You’re stuck with an outside job this early in the morning. Tell ya what, though. There’s a box of tissue in the top drawer, top of the bunk. Grab that box, and you can squat behind the bunk on the other side.”

“Why that side?” she wondered to me.

“No reason, except this side’s already been watered . . . “ I educated her. It took a while for the message to sink past her sleepiness, then she slowly smiled in acknowledgement.

“You miserable fucker,” she growled, but with a soft and gentle tone to her voice, “pissing all over a girl’s hiding spot. It’s a good thing I don’t have to take a dump, isn’t it?” I could hear the laughter in her voice, and the implied intimacy felt good in my gut.

While waiting for Linda to jump back into the truck, I fired up the engine, waiting both for the air pressure to build up again, and for the temperature needle to reach one-forty. There’s no surer way of destroying a big Cat than running it cold, or worse, forcing it to warm up too quickly. I was about to turn on the marker lights, but as my finger touched the switch, I stopped myself. The last thing a woman peeing needs is lights advertising her actions. Instead, I leaned over to make sure her door was unlocked.

Eventually, Linda opened the passenger door and clambered in, arranging her addictively wonderful little ass on the seat into a comfortable position. She’d been out there a little longer than I thought necessary, especially if all she had to do was pee. It dawned on me that I’d better check on her delay.

“That took a while,” I commented, “or did you take that dump you were threatening?”

She looked at me with a smile that bordered on a snicker, and said nothing.

“Linda! You didn’t, did you?” I demanded with incredulity in my voice. There was a pregnant pause before she answered me.

“No, I didn’t, if you must know” she growled, the sleep still stuck in her eyes. “Why? What’s the difference?”

“Good. The treads on those tires have a bad habit of picking up that . . . shit . . . and smearing it all down the side of the fucking sleeper. And that, my love, makes for one hell of a shitty mess!” I declared to her. The resulting smirk on her face did little to soothe my fears as she sat there in complete silence.

With the engine now warm enough to roll, I pushed in the trailer valve, listening to the air pressure release the ten spring brakes that held the trailer’s brakes on fully. Once they’d released, I opened the tractor valve to let the truck’s parking brakes off, and slipped the stick into second gear. That’s when Linda hit me with the reason behind her extended visit behind the sleeper.

“If you must know, all that cum in my panties dried, and they stuck to my pussy. Shit, I now have bald spots. Sure hope you like bald pussies, Sweetie. Mine has patches of hair missing!”

The vision of Linda’s pussy fur looking like a patchwork quilt flew across my mind. I couldn’t help it. The laughter snuck up from my lungs and exploded throughout the cab. It was so intense that I damned near dumped the clutch! Not a good idea on a tractor-trailer combination weighing somewhere around 120,000 pounds, let me tell ya.

“Oh fuck off, you shit-head!” Linda scowled at me. “All that cum felt really good on my pussy when it was wet! But now my pussy hurts like a son-of-a-bitch, and I haven’t got any clean panties to put on! God damn it!”

As I managed to control the mirth spewing out of my mouth, I suggested that she could borrow a pair of my clean briefs if she wanted. They wouldn’t fit worth a shit, but they’d serve their purpose until she could pick up some replacements later that morning. She growled at me, then swung around and crawled into the bunk. I gave her directions to find some clean ones. I heard her rustling around back there, muttering curses under her breath, and she re-appeared after another few minutes, still clutching her cum-encrusted panties in her hand. She started to roll down her window, until I suggested that rather than throw her lingerie all over the Alaska Highway, she hold onto them and wash them out when we got into town. The idea of disposal was abandoned, but the sulking face remained. I smiled even as she suffered inside.

“What the fuck are you laughing at?” she demanded. “You’ve never had panties stick to you, I’ll bet. And if you don’t shut the fuck up, I’ll grab a handful of your pubic hair and yank it out! Then we’ll see who laughs!”

I reached over and curled my fingers over her hand, squeezing it softly as an indication of my empathy for her.

“Oh Linda, relax. When you think about it, it’s kinda funny, in a way. Admit it,“ I tried to soothe her anger, “and for what it’s worth, guys run into similar problems. Shit, I’ve had pre-cum glue my shorts to the end of my cock. If you think your pretty little pussy hurts, you should see the damage my cockhead goes through.” The information didn’t help her mood one little bit. “Tell ya what, Sweetheart. If your pussy’s still hurting when we get to Whitehorse, I promise I’ll kiss it better. Okay? Is it a deal?” The idea must have appealed to her, because that scowl slowly changed to a soft smile.

Linda began to lean towards me as I grabbed another gear. “Warning, warning, Mr. Trucker, “she whispered lustfully, “incoming lips at three o’clock.” I leaned to my right to welcome her kiss. “Thanks,“ she said to me as she began to regain her seat, “I needed that offer. How long’s it good for?”

“Good until used up completely,” I replied, “or until my tongue wears out, whichever comes last. Oh, and thanks for warning me. About the kiss, I mean. Sure wouldn’t want to fall off this road, especially when we’re this close to town, would we?” Linda smiled, turned to stare out the windshield, and we both waited for the sun to come up while embraced in the warmth of each other’s company.

It was almost 5:00 AM as we approached Johnston’s Landing, another little dot on the map that exists only because of the road down to Atlin. I asked Linda if she wanted to stop and grab a coffee on our way through. She pondered the idea before I got thoroughly interrogated. At that time of the day, three questions constitute a full interrogation to me.

“How long until Whitehorse?” Linda wanted to know.

“Couple hours, maybe a few minutes over that” I answered. She spent a minute of two rolling the answer around in her head.

“Hmm. What’s the coffee like at this place?”

“I’ve had worst. Just can’t remember where, though,” I told her, then added, “but if they perk it twice, you can lay five miles of asphalt with it. That give you any hints?”

“Yeah, right! Think I’ll wait. Matter of fact, I’ll buy you breakfast. Call it partial payment for the ride up here” she offered. Only a fool would pass up a free meal; only someone that’s brain-dead would pass up the company of this woman that was wending her way into my little life. I just smiled my acceptance.

As we crossed the Yukon River bridge, about thirty miles east of Whitehorse, the signal strength indicator on the satellite phone finally lit up. I’d been watching for that light ever since we’d left Johnston’s Landing, both to check with the company’s switchboard, and to make a call to Byron Cooper, Linda’s new employer. It might take some fancy talking, but I’d make sure she still had a job to go to. I dialled Byron’s private number, the one that doesn’t go through the switchboard. He answered on the third ring.

“What?” he almost screamed into the receiver.

“Good to hear your voice too, ya old fucker. I got a present for ya, if you’re nice to me” I wailed back at him. Byron actually was a helluva nice guy, but he kept putting on this act of being a miserable son-of-a-bitch. You really had to know the guy to be able to tolerate the attitude.

“Right! What the fuck would you have that I’d want, you goddamned pavement pounder!” I got told.

“Aw, shut your face, Cooper! It’s been a shitty trip, with a few bright spots. If I want any shit from you, I’ll kick your ass. And now that I have your attention, does the name Linda Coulter ring any bells in that empty head of yours?” I quizzed.

“Coulter. Hmm, let’s see,” and there was a pause, probably more for effect than anything else, “yeah, she was supposed to be up here yesterday, and start last night. The fucking bitch never showed, never called, nothing! Why? You run her over somewhere down the road?”

“Yeah, something like that. She had car trouble on Fireside. She’ll be there in a little over an hour. You’d better still have a job for her when I get her there, too. She’s had a rough one coming up the Alcan. I’d hate like hell to have to smack you one if you’re not nice to her.”

“Fuck off, Blackstone! Why the hell should I listen to you playing ‘Mr. Nice Guy’?” Byron demanded.

“Call it a favour to the guy that owns the first mortgage on your slimy ass. Or I could call the whole one-fifty you owe me, if you’re gonna be a real shit about this. We got a deal?” I worried him.

“Jesus, she must be one hell of a piece of tail if she’s got you that riled up, Ryan. But yeah, we got a deal. About an hour, you say?”

Yeah, about that. I gotta drop these wagons in the yard, do the paper trail thing, then we’ll be down. Oh, and Byron? You be real nice to this girl, hear? I’ve taken a bit of a shine to her, and I’m gonna be watching out for her welfare all fucking summer long. I think we understand each other, don’t you?”

“Whatever. But you’re buying breakfast when you get here. A guy’s gotta get something outta this whole thing” Byron whined.

“Maybe, but not today. I’ve already got a breakfast date, and she’s a whole lot better looking than you’ll ever be. Tomorrow morning’s a possibility, though, if you can remember where you left your teeth this time”, and I chuckled remembering Byron turning a room upside down looking for his dentures one morning. They were in his mouth the whole time! I just didn’t have the heart to tell him. Shit, I can be a nasty bastard some days.

I hung up, then called Travis in the local dispatch office. After explaining everything to him, I put the phone back in its cradle and concentrated on both the road and the questioning expression on Linda’s face.

“You got all that out of Byron Cooper over a lousy hundred and fifty bucks?” she asked. “I’m not sure if I’m impressed or scared. Shit, who the fuck let’s a hundred and fifty bucks control things?”

“Not many people,” I replied, “unless you hang three zeros behind that one-fifty.” The lights went on in that pretty little head of hers, followed by a soft, “Oh . . . .” The rest of the trip was spent either in silence, or with questions that could be answered in full with one of two words; ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. I chuckled inside for the whole twenty miles.

It took half an hour to drop the trailers, attach a king-pin lock to the lead trailer, drop off the manifest and related paperwork, and let Travis know that I’d be staying at the Airport Inn. I added that if he called me, his mother and father would never have to worry about becoming grandparents. Ever. Then Linda and I made our way down to the Golden Nugget. As soon as I got parked, she turned and looked at me with a face covered in concern.

“Ryan, do I really want to go in there?” she asked me. “This Byron Cooper’s starting to give me a bad feeling. I know how much he’s offering me, but I’m not so sure it’s worth the money.”

“Oh come on, girl. Have a little faith here. I told you, if he gives you a hard time, phone me. Byron’s a lot of noise, but once you get past the bravado, he’s actually the kind of guy you’d want on your side in a good fight. You’d know your ass was well-covered.” Linda didn’t look convinced, but she was leaning towards granting my recommendation the benefit of the doubt..

Breakfast was an enjoyable experience, despite Byron summarily joining us. I think Linda was feeling a bit better about the guy after we’d sat and shot the shit for almost two hours. She bought my breakfast, and I bought Byron’s. Mind you, I didn’t let him know that I was going to until he’d finished. If he’d known before, he’d have ordered twice as much, and saved the left-overs for his next two meals. My Momma didn’t raise no dummy. Anyway, Byron was all set to shanghai Linda to put her through his usual six-hour orientation bullshit. Anybody with half a brain could pick up the information in about an hour. I cut off his attempted seduction by stating that Linda and I were going to take care of some errands, and that she’d be back by 4:00 that afternoon. Just to really piss him off, I made it plain that she’d be staying with me until I left for Seattle. I think I succeeded, too, as only a blind man would have missed the blood vessels twitching near his temples.

The rest of the day was spent sightseeing, shopping for Linda, securing a room for me, and just having a lot of fun together. Linda went looking for clothes, and I steered her towards a couple of decent stores that might have both what she wanted, and what she’d need. “Sandor’s” had some of the lingerie that worked well on her body, but not so good on my wallet. “Reitman’s” supplied her with a work wardrobe, and the rest we found in “The Wild Wardrobe”. I suggested one of those one-piece Long Johns, the kind with the flap over the ass, and got an angry look of disapproval for my efforts. We both had a good chuckle later, though. It was worth the look.

I had Linda back at The Golden Nugget just a bit before 4:00 PM, and she went through the Cooper Inquisition while I sought refuge in the lounge. She met me there a couple of hours later, looking worn out from Byron’s whirlwind initiation. Despite originally expecting to work on the front desk, he’d given her the night auditor’s job instead. It paid better, and gave her more time to explore Whitehorse. In celebration, we went to The KEBABery for dinner, not the swankiest place in town, but if you know anyone there, the food is great. Then it was back to the Airport Inn and a chance to put our feet up and relax.

Linda’s first move was to commandeer the shower. She’d been on the road for four days since leaving Vancouver, and all the grease and grime of sixteen hundred miles had followed her, attaching itself to anywhere it could. While she was in there, I stripped down to just my briefs, enjoying the freedom from clothes that could walk back to Richmond without me in them. It was about fifteen minutes later when Linda opened the bathroom door, still dripping wet, and called me.

“Ryan, can you come in here and do me a favour?” she asked. With a body like hers, there was no way I’d refuse her.

“Sure,” I happily answered, “what can I do to assist, my love?”

“Umm, I need a . . . shave . . . and I can’t do it properly myself. Could you come in here and help, please?” It took my weary brains some time to clue in, but as soon as it did, I was in there faster than a hungry wolverine.

“Pussy, right?” I questioned.

“Gee, you’re smarter than you look!” she snapped back with a twinkle of laughter in her eye. “I can’t see between my thighs, and I’m not too keen on nicking myself there.” She hopped onto the counter and presented me with the most beautiful sight I’d seen in a very long time.

I ran the hot water in the sink, then wet a facecloth and placed it on her Mons. Leaving it to soak until the hair had softened up, I took a pair of small scissors and trimmed her bush as close as I could without clipping her soft skin. I could see where she’d pulled some of her hair out with the sticky panties, and fought like hell to keep from laughing at the few bald patches they’d created. Armed with a new razor blade and shaving gel, I lathered her Mons and labia lips, then carefully removed her pubic hair from those areas. While holding her lips in such a way as to be able to remove the hair, her juices began to ooze deliciously down her thighs. If they hadn’t been mixed with shaving cream, I’d have licked her lovely little pussy until she came all over my face! As difficult as it was, I concentrated on the job at hand, as it were. We went through a repeat performance to remove the last of the stubble and any stray hair around her asshole.

Satisfied that we’d removed every last hair (Yes, I checked - thoroughly!) Linda passed me some moisturizing cream and I liberally applied it to her entire pussy, spreading and rubbing it into her skin with soft but deliberate swirling motions. She was really quite relaxed when I massaged her Mons, and only a little apprehensive as I applied the cream to her outer lips. But when I accidentally rubbed against her clit the first time, she almost jumped off the counter. By the sixth or seventh incident, she was moaning lustfully, spreading her silky smooth thighs to make sure I found every square millimetre of her swelling little pussy.

Linda’s moans of pleasure became louder and more pronounced as I gently teased and tickled her engorging clit. I stood up to kiss her inviting lips which immediately opened to grant access to her demanding tongue that beckoned and swept my own with hers. My cock was hard and throbbing within seconds. When I slipped a finger up her cunt, she slid her beautiful ass to the edge of the counter and her hand under my waistband, wrapping her soft fingers around my heated meat, then began to stroke it slowly. I leaned forward to strengthen my purchase on those lips, resulting in her hardened nipples crushing against my chest. She rubbed them across me sensuously, exciting my own nipples in the process. It wasn’t long before the first of her orgasms began to make itself known to both of us. Just the act of bringing her to a peak of pleasure excited the hell out of me. I dipped my finger in and out of her cunt slowly, my thumb gently sweeping over her clit, even as the walls of her vagina began to flutter and grasp at me. We broke from the kiss, and Linda wrapped her free arm around my neck and pulled me tightly to her. Cradling her head against the base of my neck, she groaned into my ear with lustful desire.

“Ryan, you feel so fucking good!” she murmured, “Make me cum, Babe. Tickle my G-spot and make me go off! Christ, you’ve got me so fucking close!” In response, I sought those magical ridges that would give her the climax we both wanted her to have. As I softly touched her special places, her earlobe magically found my tongue. Never could pass up nibbling a sexy earlobe before. Wasn’t about to make this the first one, either. She felt so damned good between my lips. She also burst into one hell of a powerful orgasm, her entire body tensing, quivering, and shaking deliciously as she gasped desperately for breath. She’d lost the concentration to stroke my cock, but not enough to loosen her grip. If anything, it became tighter. I could feel my pre-cum oozing out the hole in my cockhead.

I’d kept on softly stroking her cunt, and Linda slowly came down from that high we’d both sought. As she descended, the rhythm of her hand resumed on my cock. I realized just then how good it felt to have her touching me. I also realized that I wanted to cum, but not there in her hand. There was a warmer, wetter, and much more exciting spot that I had in mind.

It was with a sense of disappointment that I felt Linda release my cock as she pulled her hand back out of my briefs. I almost growled at her about it until I reminded myself that she was under no obligation to satisfy any lustful desires I had. She ran her hand over her now-bald and smooth Mons, savouring the textures it had recently acquired.

“Damn, but that feels sexy” she exclaimed in a soft tone. “I’ve never shaved myself before, but now that it’s that smooth and soft, I may keep it like that. Whaddaya think, Ryan? Does my naked pussy turn you on?” Linda was really enjoying the textures of her own skin, when she suddenly cried out, “Ouch!”

I looked at where she’d been rubbing her fingers and found a small nick in her skin. Damn! I’d been so careful, too. There was only one solution to the problem: I leaned into her thighs and planted a light kiss on the offending area.

“There, a kiss to make it better. That help at all?” I teased her.

“Well, it helps, but I think it needs some more of that first aid treatment” she quipped back, a sultry tease to her voice. Linda pointed to a spot on her Mons that she thought could use some attention. I kissed it softly, then she found another spot. And another, and another, and another. I gave her one of those knowing looks that I can never pull off quite right, then went back to work applying the prescribed medications to her silky pussy.

“Umm, Ryan? I think you might have to do this one too” as she spread her pussy lips and exposed her hardening little nubbin. Being one of those gallant types, I bit the bullet, and her clit too, as I returned to easing her pain. It must have been effective, because it was just moments later that Linda was moaning in delight over the procedures I was administering. For a reward, I was presented with her oozing juices, to be licked and savoured as quickly as she dispensed her feminine nectar. More kisses and licks returned more nectar, which induced more licks and sucking, which induced more of her juices, which produced . . . well, you get the idea. The final result was my face covered in Linda’s love juice, and her her thighs clamped tightly around my head as she pushed me tighter against her lovely pussy. It wasn’t very much after that when she began to quiver and tremble as her orgasm swept through her body. Her own girl-cum squirted over my lips and mouth, flooding me with that female fluid that I love so much. Linda came so hard that I thought I’d hit the girl-cum mother-lode!

I’m not sure which one of us enjoyed Linda’s climax the most; her for the experience or me for the rewards. I do remember that I was a little disappointed when it was over, and that flow of her delicious nectar dried up. But I was also very happy that I had been able to give her that degree of pleasure. Linda hinted that it had been something special for her too. That warm and sensuous hug was my first hint; her still-quivering muscles were another. Just to make sure I got the message, she kissed me, hard and demandingly, with more warmth than I could recall having experienced from just one kiss. Eventually she collapsed in my arms, which isn’t easy to do while sitting on a counter. I swept her up in my arms and carried her over to the bed, laying her down gently. As I crawled onto the bed to join her, she curled up with her head on my chest, wrapped her arms around my body, and squeezed me tight enough to make breathing a real chore.

“Ryan, how the hell do you do that? I’m no prude, and virginity and I have been separated for a long time, but I’ve never had a man pleasure me as intensely as you do. You make me feel so special, so loved, and so satisfied. Do you have any idea how easily I could fall madly in love with you?” Linda whispered.

“Well, to be honest,” I replied, “I have no idea just how easily you could fall in love. Mind you, why a beautiful girl like you would even consider loving an old road warrior like me is also majorly unfathomable, but I’d be that last person to discourage you if you did. I could get quite used to being with you every minute of every day, too. It might be an idea to just take this slowly for a while, though, and see where the cards fall. And, while we’re waiting for that to happen . . . “ and I rolled Linda onto her back, slid my lips from the top of her forehead down to those hard little nipples, and started my version of a sexual smorgasbord as I feasted on the soft delicacy of her breasts.

“Damn it Ryan, you horny old fart! That feels so good, but I’m not so sure I can take much more of this. You’ve gotten my pussy so over-stimulated already that I’m really quite afraid of passing out on you before I cum again. But I do have an idea that we both might like . . . “ and with that, Linda pushed me off her and onto my back again.

“Great timing, Girl!” I growled at her. “Just as I was getting ready to really enjoy you, you go and push me . . . “

That was as far as I got. Linda had manoeuvred herself down my stomach, and was busy licking my cock from base to tip. The warmth and slickness of her attentions was guaranteed to shut the mouth of any male, even a used car salesman! Her tongue ran around and around my cockhead, teasing my senses to a degree I didn’t think was possible. I had instinctively gasped over the sensations, believing that I’d died and gone to Heaven, and that this was the ultimate in sensual overload. There wasn’t enough time to debate that point, but when Linda’s lips slithered down my shaft, the whole argument was academic anyway. She had a technique of leading her assault on my cock with her tongue that I had never even heard of before. The pressure she exerted on the bottom of my shaft was just strong enough to let her victim know that he was being consumed without taking away from the lustful joy of her conquest.

As she continued to take my cock into her mouth slowly, I thought that Heaven was over-rated; this had that concept beat seven ways to Sunday. Many times I had pleasured a woman, and myself, by slipping my cock into a cunt with slow and deliberate strokes. The objective for me had always been to tease my lover with the maximum of lustful pleasure. Now that I was on the receiving end, I finally knew what the feelings were like.

Arriving at the base of my cock, Linda then just as slowly slipped me back out, until only my cockhead remained under her control. She repeated this action, speeding her descend and removal of my cock between her lips just a little faster each time. Within minutes, she had me in a total frenzy of lust, want, and desire. God, I wanted to cum so badly, but was helpless to do anything more than just lie there and subject myself to her sucking and possessing of me. I was torn between the enjoyment of her pleasuring and the need to cum. It must have been ten or fifteen minutes of having my cock sucked so sensuously that I began to feel the imminence of my pending orgasm manifest itself.

“Oh God, Lover! Take me! Make me cum! Suck the life-juices out of me!” I cried, as my balls began to lift in readiness for a release of the pressure of my boiling seed. “Linda! I’m gonna cum!” I wailed. She immediately took a deep breath, then swallowed my entire length down her throat. The muscles of her esophagus pulsated on my cockhead, pulling and demanding the cum from my body. As the first spurt of that hot goo exploded out of my cock, Linda moaned softly, stimulating my cock to the point where I couldn’t have held back my ejaculation if my life depended on it! Lights exploded in my head, and the only other sensations I was consciously aware of was the vibrations of Linda’s throat muscles on my cock. Rope after rope escaped my shaft, blasting down Linda’s hungry throat and directly into her waiting belly. By the time she ran out of breath, I was down to a few last dribbles, and she greedily licked and lapped those up like a starved woman.

When the effects of my orgasm finally subsided, I felt exhausted and completely relaxed. It was all I could do to stay awake. A part of me required that I be allowed to hold this fantastic woman that had made good on her threat to possess my very soul. Linda moved herself up to rest her head on my chest, and I wrapped my arms around her, holding her in a desperate bid to remain conscious.

“Damn, Girl. I don’t know if sucking cock is a university course, but if it is, you get an A+” I moaned to her.

“Hmm, enjoyed that, did you?” she teased. “Bet not as much as I did. And after the way you ate my pussy, it was the least I could do to show you how special you’re becoming as a lover. You’d better get used to that, because I intend to run through several refresher courses, any time I get the chance.” Then Linda leaned up and kissed my jaw, wrapped her arms around me, and breathed softly in my ear. The result was that I fell asleep almost instantly, her warm body shielding me from the cool breeze of the air conditioner.

I woke several hours later, only to realize that Linda wasn’t lying beside me any more. In a foggy daze, I tried to understand why she wasn’t there, and panic swept through me. I jumped out of the bed, searching, and calling her name. When there was no response, I went from panicky to hysterical. Rationality had become a foreign concept. Just as I was about to fling the front door open and scream her name loudly enough to wake the dead, I spotted her note on the desk that held the TV.

Ryan. Gone to work at the Golden Nugget. Should be off about seven. Meet me for breakfast?

With a feeling of relief, I got dressed and made my way to the Golden Nugget. If nothing else, a good stiff drink would help me calm down from that panic I’d put myself through. Maybe, with a little luck, I’d get to say “Hi” to Linda while I was at it. The half-mile walk served to wake me enough that I could clear that fog in my brain, and the thoughts of a mug of “Moose Milk” spurred me towards my destination.

Arriving at the hotel, I walked through the lobby to the front desk. The young front-desk clerk gave me one of those surly looks that implied I was interrupting the monotony of a boring night. Despite that, I asked the young lad if Linda Coulter was available. He answered that she was in the back room, and his tone was anything but pleasant. I made a mental note to talk to Byron about his graveyard clerk, then insisted that he let Linda know that Mr. Blackstone was asking for her. Reluctantly, he complied, and left just long enough to call Linda. She poked her smiling face out the accounting office’s door, and my whole outlook on the world immediately brightened up.

“Hey, Sleepy-head. I see you’re still alive a breathing” Linda greeted me. “You didn’t have to make a special trip all the way down here, just to check up on me, ya know. But stick around for an hour, and I’ll have a coffee with you. Deal?”

“Young lady, you’ve got yourself a coffee date” I cheerfully accepted. “I’ll be in the Klondike lounge when you’re ready, and the mud’s my treat. Oh, and remind me to tell you something humourous that I went through just before I came down here. I think you’ll get a chuckle out of it.”

“Oh? Are you gonna give me a hint, or do I have to wonder what you’re talking about until coffee time?” she quizzed me.

“Well, it’s kind of personal, if you know what I mean” I mentioned. “Besides, you wouldn’t want to lose your concentration on those numbers, and have to stay late in the morning, would you? Nope, I think you’ll just have to wait.”

Linda smiled at me, but with a look of curious frustration on her face. She did blow me a kiss, which got a raised-eyebrow reaction from the young desk clerk. I waved affectionately to her, then turned and went into the lounge. The first person I saw was Byron Cooper, sitting in a booth at the back of the room.

“Byron, you useless piece of moose meat, what the hell are you doing up at this time of night?” I asked him. “Don’t you have a home that you’re supposed to be in?”

“Aw shit,” he replied, “isn’t there anywhere I can go to get away from you, Blackstone? I was having a good day until you fucked it all up. Make you a deal; I’ll buy you a drink, and you’ll go away afterwards, never to bother me again for as long as I live.”

“In your dreams, Cooper. If I couldn’t pick on a useless old fart like you, life just wouldn’t be worth living, and you fucking-well know it. But I’ll take you up on that drink, as long as you let me buy the second round. Besides, I’m waiting to meet someone later on for coffee, and she’s too pretty for me to stand her up.”

“Who’s that? It’s gotta be that girl, what’s-her-name, that you brought into town this morning. Shit, she’s got you wrapped around her little finger, doesn’t she? Damn, never thought I’d see the day when you’d go all ape-shit over a woman, Ryan. Mind if I stick around and gloat?” Byron teased.

“I’d say ‘No’, if I thought it would do any good, but you’re gonna be a fucking pain-in-the-ass no matter what I say. If you want to stick around, it’s your hotel, and I can’t stop you. But you’d better get used to me sauntering in here for the next little while. You’re right when you say she’s got me wrapped, and I’m gonna enjoy every second of it, despite having to put up with your ugly face in the process. Oh, and if you give her a hard time, you and me are gonna have ‘words’, my friend” I told him.

“Oh come on, Ryan. Give me a break, would ya? I kind of figured you two had something going when you arrived. But she seems like the kind of girl that’ll work out real good here. I can’t offer her any special treatment, for obvious reasons, but I’ll keep my eyes open to make sure she doesn’t have any trouble from the usual characters, okay? That’s the best I can offer you, but you’ve got my word on that.”

“Thanks, Byron. I really appreciate this. Linda’s a pretty decent kid, once you get to know her. She seems to have a good handle on reality, unlike most of those university-types you usually hire. See if you can do something for her that’ll help out in her studies back at school, would you? Call it a favour for an old friend” I said with as much gratefulness in my tone as I could muster.

“Yeah, I’ll see what I can do” Byron assured me. “Anything else on your mind?”

“Well, now that you mention it, you might think about giving that front-desk clerk a major attitude adjustment, while you’re at it. If I had thought about checking in tonight, I’d have changed my mind with the way he greeted me. And if you make one stupid comment about him being part of your new security system, so help me Hannah, I’ll deck you!”

“Hadn’t thought of that angle, but thanks for mentioning it. I may just have to put it into operation, especially if you’re gonna be slinking around in here all summer. We wouldn’t want you depreciating land values any worse than you already have, would we?” Byron chuckled, “but I will look into what you said. If you’re right, I’ll even buy you dinner some night. But, if you’re out to lunch like usual, you’re buying me dinner, understand? Now, what can I get you from the bar?”

I put my request in, and the two of us spent a relatively pleasant hour swapping lies and stories of our adventures in the Yukon over the past decade and more. I have to admit that Byron had experienced more than his fair share of situations. He’d lived in the Yukon for almost thirty years, and the only way he was ever leaving would be in a coffin. I could relate to what he was saying. After fifteen years on the Alaska Highway, I was beginning to think the same way.

Just over an hour later, Linda walked into the lounge, trying to find any familiar faces. I waved my arm to her, and she happily walked over to join us. She had a couple of questions for Byron concerning the accounts she was auditing, then we all settled into a friendly conversation about life in general. Even Byron seemed to enjoy her company, despite the fact that she was one of his employees. I had a good feeling that the two of them would develop a mutually-agreeable working relationship.

I left the hotel and made my way back to the Airport Inn, enjoying the twilight of the Yukon sun as it set over the mountains to the west. The light breeze made it an enjoyable walk, and the exercise was just enough to induce a good night’s rest. I’d planned on doing some routine maintenance on the truck while Linda slept later that morning. The time would also give me the opportunity to go through the paperwork necessary to get the two trailers I was waiting for through U.S. Customs with a minimum of delay. The less time I spent in Seattle, the happier I’d be. Nothing against Seattle, but when a guy gets used to the sparse population of the Canadian North, anything more than ten thousand people just feels crowded.

I finally crawled into bed, anticipating a long and uninterrupted sleep. It was a great idea, but I kept waking up every hour or so, looking for Linda to be laying beside me. Fortunately, she arrived back at the motel around seven-thirty, crawled in beside me, and curled herself up on my chest. We both slept like logs for another three hours.

I eventually dragged my ass out of bed, with a feeling of reluctance at having to leave Linda behind, and made my way down to the Whitehorse terminal yard. None of the chores that needed to be tackled were particularly difficult, but there were a lot of them, it seemed. However, getting them taken care of made the time go by a little quicker. I’d left Linda a note suggesting that she meet me in the yard when she woke up and was ready to take on the day. Sure enough, she showed up a little after three o’clock, looking as lovely as I could ever remember. She even attacked the dubious task of cleaning out the inside of the truck, finding piles of laundry that I had forgotten about for the last month or two. Squishing it all into a plastic garbage bag, she offered to have it done for me by the hotel’s laundry department. Who was I to pass up an offer like that?

The afternoon was warm and sunny, and we wandered about the town, taking in some of the sights. Linda was particularly intrigued by the Yukon stern-wheeler that plied up and down the river, offering tourists a different perspective of life in the area. I promised her a ride the next time I had a day or two off in Whitehorse, and she enthusiastically accepted. Somewhere along the line, we found ourselves at the White {ass and Yukon railway station, where we snuck into the dining room for a decent meal. By the time nine o’clock showed up, I was ready to head back to the motel and relax, and so was Linda.

All the labours of the day had left me smelling like a dead skunk. I told Linda I was heading for the shower, which created a bottleneck at the bathroom door as she tried to get in there first. If anyone had been watching that scene, they’d have sworn it was ed from an old comedy show. We both had to laugh.

I turned on the water and adjusted the temperature, then turned to get undressed. Linda was already unclothed, and the sight of her naked body took my breath away. God, but she was gorgeous. As I stared, she smiled warmly, then came to me and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“You gonna stand here all night with your tongue hanging out, or are you gonna join me in that shower?” she queried. “Unless you’re thinking of combining a shower with doing laundry, I suggest you get out of that stinky outfit before I rip it off your body in self-defence.”

As my mind returned to the task at hand, Linda helped me out by unbuttoning my shirt and peeling it off. I undid my pants, and as they slipped down to my ankles, Linda hooked her thumbs and forefingers into the waistband of my briefs, sending them to join the rest of my clothing on the floor.

Standing under the warm spray, I felt Linda’s hands running up and down my back as she spread a thick layer of soap suds from my neck down to the middle of my thighs. Her soft, gentle fingers were like magic on my skin, leaving me feeling semi-hypnotized. Well, until she ran those fingers down the crack of my ass and started playing with my asshole. My first reaction was to jump at the intrusion, but this new sensation was too delicious to pass up. While her one hand probed my ass, her other hand soaped and caressed my ass cheeks. All that attention wasn’t lost on my cock, which became semi-erect in a matter of seconds. Its rise wasn’t lost on Linda either, as she peeked around my arms to confirm what was happening.

“Hmm, looks like someone’s getting ready to play” she commented, then grasped my cock in one soapy hand and stroked my shaft until I was fully erect. “Maybe I should do something about that?” she asked. Before I could answer, I felt her fingers pushing past my sphincter as she probed my ass in search of my prostate. My full attention was oriented to the fondling of my ass and cock as I stood there, completely captured by this sexually-rivetting female.

“God dammit, Girl! You trying to make me cum without being aloud to reciprocate?” I demanded. “As much as I’m enjoying what your fingers are doing, would you be so kind as to get them out of my ass please? I’d hate to turn around and have them get damaged in the resulting fracas, thank you.” Reluctantly, Linda slipped her fingers out just before I turned around and borrowed the bar of soap from her.

Beginning at her shoulders, I began to lather her chest and tummy until she was well-coated in soap suds. Then I pressed myself against her and started to wiggle against her as I used my own body to spread the lather over both of us. As her breasts were covered by the soap on my skin, her nipples sprang to turgid attention, and she moaned in delight at the sensations. My ministrations were immediately rewarded with a deep and demanding kiss, her tongue forcing itself past my lips, then twisting and twirling around my own. Her hands had slid down to capture my ass cheeks, pulling me tightly against her tummy, and forcing my hard cock between her thighs, then along the gash of her pussy slit. All that soapy lather became an instant lubricant as Linda humped her pussy along the length of my cock. I felt her labia lips spread just enough to expose her clit so that it was stimulated by the friction of my shaft as we ground our bodies together.

“Damn, but that feels good,” Linda exclaimed softly in my ear, “but what I need is a goof fucking from that marvellous cock of yours. Just rinse the soap off first, then fill me up with it.” I happily complied. With the suds no longer coating my shaft, Linda guided my cockhead to her entrance and let her own natural juices smear over the tip of my cock, then eased her cunt down my shaft slowly. Her love canal felt like it was on fire with the heat of her lust. As I finally bottomed out in her cunt, we began to grind our hips together in unison, and my one hand reached between us to squeeze and caress her breast while I held her ass cheek with the other one. Pulling and twisting her nipple caused her to moan in pleasurable delight, augmented by the stroking of my cock in her cunt.

We continued our leisurely gyrations, the pace increasing as Linda’s cunt dispensed more of those fantastic feelings of sexual union. With her feet positioned just outside my own, access to her pussy was completely unhindered, and the slapping of her hips against mine created a sensual rhythm of its own. It wasn’t long before her breathing began to speed up and become ragged and shallower. I could feel the walls of her vagina begin to flutter and spasm on my rock-hard shaft. She held me tighter and tighter to her, the power of her desire building more and more with each thrust of her hips.

“God, Ryan, I’m gonna cum, so hard. Fuck me, Baby, fuck me!” she growled as she pressed her forehead against my neck. Within seconds, she began to mewl her passion, then screamed lightly as the first wave of her orgasm washed through her lithe young body. It was all I could do to hold her tightly as she trembled and twitched, caught up in the explosive pleasure of the cum that possessed her very being.

As her cunt pulled and pulsed on my hard cock, I could feel my balls lift and tighten, announcing the imminence of my own explosion. The need to fill Linda’s cunt with my boiling seed became overwhelming, and as the first spurt of my semen burst forth from my cock, I once again succumbed to that sensation of blinding lights blocking out every other sense of my being. The only other feelings I could consciously comprehend were the sliding of Linda’s cunt up and down my shaft, and the pulsing spurts of my cum as it sprayed deep inside her, flowing from my cock into her womb. Breathing became difficult, and maintaining my balance took more energy than I thought I could muster for much longer. I held onto Linda for dear life, just as she was grasping my spasming body in a desperate bid to counteract gravity. Through it all, that magical euphoria of oneness enveloped both of us, making life without each other joined like this something that neither of us could fathom.

Slowly we eased down from that sexual high, holding and kissing each other in a desperate bid to remain joined as one. Linda was the first to recover enough to keep us from falling on the shower floor. I held her a tightly as I dared, partly to maintain my questionable balance, and partly because her body pressed against mine felt so damned good.

“Damn, Ryan, but I needed that” Linda cooed softly. “I’ve had guys fuck me, but none as wonderfully as you do it. If you’re gonna be spending much time in Whitehorse, I’m gonna have to get my preion refilled, because I want your cock in me every chance I can get!”

The fog in my mind slowly lifted, then Linda’s message hit me right between the eyes. “Preion? You mean you’re not on something right now?” I asked worriedly.

“Oh don’t get so fucking panicky,” she answered, “but I’m on my last refill, and it’s beginning to feel like a renewal might be a good idea. That is, unless you’re planning on staying as far from me as possible. Otherwise, I’m gonna jump your bones every time I can. Damn, but you make me feel loved, special, wanted, and anything else I can think of!” She took a slow breath, then pulled her head back and gazed deeply into my eyes. ”By the way, did I mention that I’m finding it really hard not to fall in love with you, ya big Goof?”

“Yeah, I thought I heard a rumour to that effect, somewhere,” I teasingly told her, “but I still have to make enough coin to keep that rust-bucket of mine going up and down the highway. As much as I’d love to spend every waking moment of my life wrapped in your arms, the element of practicality keeps rearing its ugly head. And, to be honest, I’m not so sure I can call it a Summer love affair and forget all this in the fall. You’re becoming very, very addictive, Miss Coulter. It’s beginning to scare me.”

“What the fuck are you trying to say, Ryan? That you want to cut this off because you’re a chicken-shit? God dammit, Baby, you think I’m not as scared as you are? I’m just about ready to quit this damned job, give up university, and learn how to drive that fucking rig of yours! In my whole life, I’ve never met someone like you before. Now that I have, you’re gonna have the god-damnedest time getting rid of me! You got that, Mr. Blackstone?” Linda almost screamed at me. “And another thing. If you think I’m gonna just stand here in this shower, watching my heart break and flow down that fucking drain, I’ve got some bad news for you! So if I’m just another piece of ass for you, you’d better have the balls to admit it and tell me now! If that’s so, I’ll just get the fuck out of your life, and let you run up and down that super-slab all by yourself!”

Linda stopped screaming and yelling long enough to catch her breath. It was also long enough for me to figure out that I was as addicted to her as she claimed to be with me. What had started out as a simple rescue of a stranded maiden had become so much more. I may not be the fastest race car on the track, but it didn’t take a brain surgeon to understand that I could no more let this woman go than I could fly to the moon backwards.

“Linda, just stop, right there” I insisted. “You might be a lot of things, most of which I have yet to discover, but ‘just another piece of ass’ is something you’re not. I’ve known you for a whole two days, and as unrealistic as it might be, I’m finding myself caught up in some kind of web that I really don’t want to escape from. So let’s both just calm down, take a deep breath, and get those cards on the table where we can talk about this in a cool, calm, and rational manner.” I realized that the hot water supply was about to run out, and while some people might find a cold shower refreshing and invigorating, I’m not one of those people. “You might want to think about letting us out of this shower before it freezes our asses off, too” I added.

We turned off the water, grabbed some towels, and dried ourselves off. Linda was sufficiently pissed off that she would have nothing to do with me wrapping her up in a towel, or anything else to do with being together as a couple. I knew we had to talk before something beautiful began to die. As I dried myself off, I grabbed two robes and offered to hold one open for Linda. Amazingly, she accepted the offer without threatening me with sudden death. I appreciated that, too. Then we moved back into the main room and sat next to each other on the edge of the bed. Well, at least we weren’t sitting on opposite sides of something, one of us trying to keep the other as far away as possible.

“Look Linda,” I opened, “this whole relationship has sprung up pretty fast for both of us. I love being with you, spending my time around you, wondering where you are when you’re out of my sight, praying that you’re as happy as I feel, and all that stuff. But my experiences all tell me that a relationship that burns this hot usually burns out, too. I’m not saying that’s gonna happen in this case, but it very easily could. That’s the part that scares me. Someone always seems to get hurt, and I’ve been hurt too many times in my life already. And now, when you start talking about quitting Byron, leaving university, and throwing it all out, just to pound the pavement, that really scares the shit out of me. I’m flattered that you’d even think that, given that I’ve probably spent as much time trying to get off the road as you have in school since you were in Grade One.”

I had to stop for a breath, and to get my thoughts clear in my mind. As I relinquished the floor, Linda reached over and took my hand. Her own fears showed in her eyes and her facial expression. But as she lifted her face and looked me straight in the eye, I knew that whatever she wanted to do, she would, with or without my approval. She wasn’t selfish, but she wasn’t easily intimidated either. I admired her for that trait.

“Ryan, I’ll admit that this has all happened faster than either one of us expected. Maybe you’re right, and we’ll burn out in a rush, but deep in my heart, I don’t think so. Call it feminine intuition, faith, or whatever you want, but my gut is telling me that there’s a possibility of a long and strong future, as long as that’s what we both really want. I can’t speak for you, but I do know what I want. I’m just hoping that we both want the same thing. If I’m right, and I think I am, then there’s nothing the two of us can’t accomplish together. If, on the other hand, I’m blowing smoke out my ass, then I need to know that what I want and what you want are two different things. So here’s the deal. What I want is you, just the way you are, with no strings or restraints attached from my side of it. Now that I’ve shown you my hand, what the hell is it that you want?”

I had to think for a minute, not about what I wanted, but about how to put the complicated jumble in my mind into words that made sense. I breathed in deeply, then let it out slowly as my thoughts took on a semblance of concrete ideas.

“We’re not that different in our hopes and dreams, are we?” I queried. “Yeah, just like you, I’m looking for something more than just a seasonal fling. And just like you, I get the feeling that you and I could become something stronger. So, on that note, I don’t think you’re blowing smoke out your ass. But don’t even think about giving up on your education. I did, years ago, and I’ve regretted it ever since. I sure as hell ain’t about to let you fuck up as bad as I did, not without a fight.” I have an idea that my hours of service are gonna run out every time I get near Whitehorse, and I’ll have to spend at least two days here before I’m legal again. If John Robinson, my dispatcher, doesn’t like it, too bad. John’s a pretty decent guy, though. We’ve worked together too long for him to start being an asshole now.” I took another deep breath, but not deep enough to yield the floor to Linda.

“Sweetheart,” I continued, “what concerns me is the result of my personal experiences. I’m not interested in getting hurt any more than you are. But more important, I’m not interested in seeing you hurt either. Even if it has only been a couple of days, you’ve become more important than anyone I’ve ever met before. Ruining that is what scares me.”

Linda sat and thought for a few minutes while I sweated bullets. Then without a word, she turned to me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me with all the love and passion in her soul. I was pulled into her web like a woodchip into a whirlpool, and loved every second of it.

“I guess we are a lot alike, aren’t we?” she asked as she broke our kiss. “And maybe you’re right. But all that still doesn’t change the fact that I think I’m falling in love with you, Ryan Blackstone. You’ll be gone by this time tomorrow, and I’ll be waiting until you get back. Keep that in mind while you’re flying up and down that highway” and she kissed me again, warmly, deeply, passionately, showing me what was in her heart. I returned her kiss with all the feeling I could muster.

“Remind me to leave you those phone numbers” I said to her as we unlocked our lips. “You call me any time you need to hear my voice, or if you run into any kind of trouble. As a matter of fact, I’ll even answer your calls if it’s just for the hell of talking to each other. How’s that sound?”

“I love that idea, “she replied, “but I love the idea of you and I making love one more time before I go to work a lot better. You think you can put your worries aside long enough for that?”

Wordlessly. I twisted myself around and pushed Linda down onto the bed, nibbled from her ear to her breast, and suckled her nipple as it began to harden between my lips in anticipation. The thought of Linda’s warm body joined with mine had my cock as hard as a diamond drill in seconds. She grabbed my head and pulled me tighter to her breast, moaning with pleasure as I softly nipped and tongued her nipple. In this position, my hard cock rested on her thigh, the heat of her pussy making itself known to both of us. As I continued to savour the delicate texture of her breast, Linda moved a hand down to my cock and slowly stroked my swollen shaft, eliciting an overwhelming groan of approval from me. Despite how good it felt to have that hand jacking me, I eased myself down Linda’s torso, kissing every inch of the distance between her breast and her smoothly shaved pussy slit. As I slid my tongue down the top of her gash, I could feel her hardened nubbin rub against the tip of me, and I stopped there to lick and nibble on it. Linda groaned in anticipation, then gasped as her clit was engulfed by my lips.

“Yes, Baby! Lick my pussy like that! God, what you do to me when you eat my pussy!” she mewled with a guttural voice. I began to slide my tongue between her clit and the entrance to her cunt, dipping the tip of it inside her, and savouring the delicious taste of her juices. Each time I slipped my tongue back into her love canal, Linda gasped a little harder. Every flick of my tongue on her clit caused her to push her hips up, exposing herself to more of my probes. As I increased the frequency of each exploration, Linda began to buck harder and harder, her hands now pushing my head as tightly against her pussy as she could. I changed the pattern by slipping two fingers into her cunt while sucking and flicking her clit. It wasn’t long before she began to gasp more and more, her breathing becoming shallower and more ragged. Without warning, she wound her thighs around my head, thrust her hips up so that her pussy was forced against my lips, and began a high-pitched wail as her climax exploded within her. Soon, her body trembled and shook as wave after wave of pleasure swept through every nerve.

As her sexual explosion began to subside, Linda slowly released my head from the vise-like grip of he thighs, then relaxed her muscles that had almost given me a headache. I kept teasing her clit sporadically in such a way as to generate small mini-orgasms when she least expected them. Each flick of my tongue had her twitching and thrusting as the electric-like jolt of pleasure coursed through her clit and up through her abdomen. A minute later, I felt her pushing my head away from her now-oversensitive clitoris before the feelings became too uncomfortable for her. I slid back up to her soft breasts, recapturing one nipple between my lips while the other nipple lay besieged by my thumb and forefinger, which rolled, pulled, and tweaked their victim. Linda allowed me to linger there for a couple of minutes, then drew me up to her lips that begged to be kissed long hard, and passionately. As I ran my tongue over her lips softly in a bid to gain entrance, she forcefully flipped me over onto my back, then straddled my hips and reached between us to capture my cock. Guiding me into her cunt, she slowly lowered herself down my shaft, impaling herself down to the base of my cock, then rocking her hips sideways as she began to slide herself up and down my shaft.

“You keep telling me to slow down and make it last, Lover, and that’s just what I’m gonna do” Linda growled softly. “By the time I’m finished with you, you’re gonna beg me to let you cum, to make that gorgeous cock of yours spurt your hot seed deep in my cunt. And you know what? I’m gonna have you so fucking deep inside me that you’ll cream for as long as I can make it last!” and with that, Linda began to slowly slide up and down my cock, sending waves of pleasure through my system. I tried to match her movements, but she pressed me back into the mattress until I stopped struggling, then resumed her conquest of my manhood. It was both sensually exciting and sexually frustrating, all at the same time.

Linda rode me for what must have been almost twenty minutes like that, drawing me close to cumming, then backing off until the pressure in my cock relaxed, denying me my release. She was right; I would beg her to make me cum, surrendering anything and everything she wanted of me with no regrets or reservations. In an effort to retain my sanity, I grasped at those perky breasts of hers that swung just beyond the reach of my lips, and squeezed and fondled them. Linda capitulated and pressed her chest harder against my hands, allowing me to tweak and twist her nipples once more. She growled her lustful appreciation of my attempts to pleasure her, then leaned down to lock her lips on mine. Her tongue forced itself past any resistance I might have, dancing and twirling with my own, even as she increased the tempo of her thrusting hips. The tightness of her velvety cunt on my cock, the heat of her pussy as it radiated over my balls, and the increasing grip of her vaginal muscles on me encouraged my own orgasm. I felt my balls lift and fill my cock with that life-generating seed that was now destined to fill Linda’s waiting womb. As the first rush of cum coursed up my shaft, Linda began to moan a muffled scream of delight, signalling her own orgasmic explosion. She pounded my groin with her hips in unbridled lust, even as I thrust my cock deep inside her. Each successive spurt of my cock was equalled by a scream of pleasure from Linda. The rippling of her vaginal walls on my cock kept us in that frenzied state of orgasm for longer than I could consciously comprehend. We collapsed against each other as I wrapped my arms around ths magnificent woman and held her to me as tightly as I could.

The gasps of Linda attempting to catch her breath, the pounding of her heart on my chest, and the sounds of her laboured breathing all reverberated through my body. Despite the full weight of her body laying on mine, she felt so right being a part of me. My softening cock eventually slipped out of her cunt, leaving me with an uncomfortable feeling of having lost something that had become precious to my soul. Linda slid part-way off my stomach, leaving one thigh draped over my corresponding leg. I could feel the oozing of our combined juices dripping slowly onto my own thigh, and the burning desire inside me to hold her for the rest of time.

“Ryan, I know I should be thinking about getting ready to go to work, “ Linda whispered in my ear, “but being held in your arms is a whole lot more appealing. You’ve made me feel more like a complete woman in the last three days than I’ve felt in the previous three years. Thank you for making me feel so special, so wanted, and so loved.”

:You’re more than welcome, Sweetheart, “ I replied, “more than you’ll ever know. The thought of spending a whole night in this bed without you beside me isn’t too thrilling, though. You think maybe I should call Byron and make up some excuse as to why you won’t be in tonight?”

“Mmm, hell of an idea, but if I don’t show up for my shift, he’ll have my boobs for bookends, and we both know it. As much as I’d rather go down to Seattle with you, I need the money for university next year. So how about we get back in that shower and get cleaned up? I’ve got your cum all over my pussy, and while it feels so goddamned good, it’s gonna make a mess of my clothes if I don’t wash myself. And with the way I feel right now, I think I’m gonna need some help just standing up to walk as far as the bathroom. Are you ready for this?”

We struggled to our feet, then propped each other up as we made our way back into the bathroom, and the shower. I lathered every square inch of Linda’s body, paying particular attention to her breasts and pussy. When she turned around so that I could wash her back, my fingers slid sensuously between the cheeks of her ass, lightly tickling the pucker of her asshole.

“Mmm, that feels good,” she cooed, “but we haven’t got time tonight, unfortunately. I’ve only let one guy fuck me up the ass, and it hurt like a son-of-a-bitch. But the next time you’re in town, I think I want to feel you take me back there. That should give you something to think about on your trip south . . . “

“Oh yeah, it sure will!” I growled back. “My poor cock is gonna be hard as a rock for the whole twenty-five hundred miles until I’m back here! You’ll just have to fuck me blind to help get it soft enough to wear clothes again! Even now, the thought of being buried deep up your ass is making my cock twitch”.

Linda giggled softly, then turned and began to wash the sweat off my body, and the cum off my cock.

“If you don’t shut the fuck up, Ryan, you’ll have me so horny again that I’ll never get to work on time” she teased. “Turn around and let me get your back, and if you say one more word, I’m gonna finger-fuck your boy-cunt until your hard as a rock, then leave you that way!” I gave her a light swat on that firm little ass that followed her everywhere she went, then kissed her softly on the neck as I obeyed her command.

After we dried each other off and got dressed, I volunteered to walk down to the Golden Nugget with her. Under most circumstances, a night-cap would be most welcome, but tonight, it was almost anti-climatic. Still, I’d enjoy a drink, while reliving our lovemaking in my head.

“You gonna still be here when I get off in the morning?” Linda inquired.

“You’d better believe it, Sweetheart” I confirmed. “If you think I’m gonna drive all the way to Seattle and back without seeing you one more time, and sneaking a kiss or three, you’ve been smoking something that probably isn’t even close to legal!” Linda giggled softly, then hugged me until I couldn’t breathe. If I’d died right then and there, I’d have gone a happy man.

I walked down to the Golden Nugget with Linda, then strolled into the lounge after she’d gone to her office. Byron was still sitting in the same corner where he always sat, so I made a nuisance of myself, much to his chagrin.

“You ain’t gonna give me a break, are you, Blackstone?” he greeted me. “What the fuck do I have to do to get rid of you?”

“Not much, Byron, “ I answered, “except maybe buy me enough drinks to get me completely soused, then pay the cab fare back home. But you’re too damned cheap to try anything that desperate, aren’t you?” I kidded him.

I sat at the table, and we started talking about everything and anything that came to mind. I could tell Byron was trying to open the subject of Linda and I without being too obvious. Damned if I was going to make it easy for him, though. Finally he swallowed his pride and bit the bullet.

“So how long are you gonna chase that young girl, Ryan? Until she goes back down to The Beach after the summer, or until she shatters that old ticker of yours?” Byron asked.

“Good question. Too bad I don’t have a good answer for you, but check back with me next Christmas, and we’ll see where we’re at” I replied.

Byron gave me an inquisitive look, and his face reflected a million questions that he really wanted to ask, but didn’t dare pose. We’d been friends a long time. Byron probably knew me better than I knew myself. Still, this level of involvement with a woman was different than anything I’d experienced before, and he knew it. We were both scouting virgin territory, but even I didn’t have all the answers. Hell, I barely understood the questions.

“You gonna do something stupid on me, Blackstone?” Byron continued. “Why do I have a bad feeling that this girl could become a permanent part of your life? Shit, the next thing you know, I’ll be getting one of those flowery invitations, that start, ‘Mr. & Mrs. Foo-foo request the presence of your attendance at . . .”, and then all hell’s gonna break loose! Not that seeing you settled down and smiling naturally, for a change, would break my heart. But I’m also petrified that the two of you might invade this place with a large population of little ankle-biters, just to get my blood pressure as high as you can! And you would, too, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh relax, Cooper! Shit, I’ve known the girl a whole three days, and you’ve got me marching down the aisle? Nice guy!” I snapped back. “And all this time, I thought we were friends, too! But if it should happen, you fucking just know I’m gonna haul your ass down to Vancouver to be my best man, don’t ya? I mean, if I’m gonna commit emotional harikari, there’s no fucking way you’re getting off Scott-free, ya miserable old goat! Not unless you can come up with a three-thousand dollar wedding present.”

“Listen, Ryan. I went back over her work from last night, and she’s good. In fact, she might be one of the best night auditors I’ve ever had, with the exception of that Nasogaloak girl from Sach’s Harbour. But if you are gonna scoop her outta here, let me have her for the whole summer, okay? After that, you can make all the stupid mistakes you want, but she’s my employee until September. Is that understood?” Byron demanded.

“Yeah, it’s understood. Besides, if I yanked her out of here now, she’d never go back to Snafu U again, and seeing her make the same stupid fucking mistake I made just ain’t gonna happen. Education is too important these days. Byron, if I’m ever gonna get off the road, it’s one of those things I know I can’t do all by myself. My gut tells me that Linda’s the key to making it happen, and while I’d miss picking on you, and a bunch of other people I know on this road, the peace of mind might just prolong my miserable life another week or two” I confessed.

Byron stared at his glass for a couple of minutes, and the silence between us was deafening. With a feeling of relief on my part, he looked me square in the eye, and said, “Ya know, Ryan, in a way, I kind of hope that something good does work out between you two. God knows you deserve a break, and Linda’s a hell of a great lady. I’m not sure she deserves to be saddled with a traffic tramp like you, but both of you are on the same wave-length. That in itself is a minor miracle, but if you break her heart, I’m gonna cut your nuts off and feed ‘em to a horny wolverine! That’s a promise, not a threat. Understood?”

I gave Byron’s lecture time to sink in before I answered. “Yeah, understood perfectly. Now, am I buying the next round, or are you? I got an idea that this conversation is far from over, by the look on your face. If that’s so, I’m gonna need all the liquid courage I can get!”

All this honesty was putting a real thick lump in my throat. I could see genuine concern in Byron’s eyes, too. He wasn’t just a friend; he was one of my best friends. It made me feel privileged. It also made sitting in that bar until sunrise an enjoyable way to commiserate for both of us. By three-thirty, I was ready to stagger back to the Airport Inn, and fall down on the bed for a couple of hours. I remember starting to lay down, but nothing after that, including both landing on the bed, or Linda slipping into the room and under the covers after her shift. But she was a delightful treat to wake up to!

I searched around for a clock, and found one on the bedside table. It was almost ten o’clock, and the message light on the phone was flashing. I stumbled out of bed and made it to the phone without killing myself, or waking both Linda and the dead. That wonderful sensation of my brains trying desperately to get out of my head reminded me never to try and drink Byron under the table ever again. Despite my better judgement, I picked up the phone, waited for the desk clerk to answer, then retrieved my waiting messages. One was from Travis, the local dispatcher, and the other was from Dave Anderson, the driver I was supposed to switch trailers with. I called Travis first.

“Travis?” I whispered into the handset,” Ryan here. You heard from Anderson yet? I got a message on my voice mail, but no time stamp on it.”

“Yeah, he called me about half an hour ago from Carmacks. Wanted to know if you wanted to meet at the scale or here in the yard. I figured the yard would make more sense, as I have all your paperwork, and the wagons are here, too” Travis informed me. ” I’ll get him turned and off to Stewart River as soon as he arrives. How long before I see your ugly face?”

“Umm, I’m gonna shave and shower, then I’ll be up there in, say an hour? Nah, make that eleven-thirty. I gotta get something to eat before my head explodes” I suggested. “Oh, and Travis? Thanks for moving the switch to the yard. I’m in no shape to be traipsing around that scale-house, let me tell ya.”

“Yeah, I heard that you and Cooper really tied one on last night. Your girlfriend called me this morning, and mentioned that you looked like something that could be confused with road-kill. Sure glad I’m not on that highway with a maniac like you chasing around the countryside” Travis sneered. If my head didn’t hurt so badly, I’d have considered stuffing the smart-ass down a toilet bowl right about then. But he was a good terminal manager, and a hell of a great guy, too. I had a lot of respect for him.

Just as I hung up the phone, there was a rustling of bed sheets behind me. I turned to find Linda looking at me through eyelids that were threatening to clamp themselves shut on her.

“Mmm. Morning, you silly sot,” Linda mumbled, “what’s the fucking idea of getting so damned pissed last night? You knew you’d have miles to turn today, and the faster you get going the sooner you’ll be back.”

“Yeah, but Byron and I got yakking, and one thing led to another, and, well . . .” I grumbled.

“So I heard. He bought me breakfast, amazingly, and said something about having a single room all to myself when I’m ready to move in. Did you have a hand in that, lover?”

“I’d love to take credit, but I can’t. The whole thing is Byron’s idea, and if you’re smart, you’ll grab it. He seems to be pretty impressed with your work, too. I get the feeling that you just might have a steady summer job any time you need one. Not bad, for two days work; I’m impressed” I told her. “Besides, if I do it right, we’ll have some privacy when I get back.”

Linda crawled out of the bed, walked over to me, and grabbed me around the neck. I loved the feel of her soft, sensuous body against my own, but the pounding in my head made for a great diversion for what I really wanted to do with her. Damn! I was going to pay dearly for the previous evening.

“What you need, you stupid asshole, is a good shower, with lots of hot water,” Linda declared, “and maybe a little TLC from a certain female that’s gonna miss you. How long do you figure you’ll be gone?”

“Let’s see. If I can get out of the Richmond yard by six Monday night, that’ll put me back in Whitehorse a week tomorrow” I calculated aloud. “God, that’s a long time to be away from such a pretty lady!” and I accentuated my statement by locking lips with her, and feeling her demanding kiss in return.

“Gonna miss you, Ryan,” she cooed in my ear as we broke that kiss, “so you’d better drive real safe. Oh, and I’m still hoping for that list of phone numbers. The trouble is, my cell won’t work up here. How the hell am I supposed to get hold of you?”

I explained the Yukon phone system to her, and as I wrote down my phone numbers, I also jotted down the address of NorthWest Tel’s office, where she could pick up an new SIM card for her phone. Linda promised to call me just as soon as she had her new service, and that she’d pass on the new number when she did call.

As much as I would have loved to jump back into bed with her, Linda pushed me into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Just the sound of the water splashing inside the stall made my head hurt, but the gentle massaging of her fingers on my shoulders really helped. She pushed me into the stall, then followed me under the hot spray. I folded my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me, bathing in the warmth of her femininity. Damn, but this was going to be a long and lonely trip!

“Ryan, as much as I want to make love with you right now,” Linda began, “you have a job to do. So just hold me, and give me a warm memory that’ll last until you get back, okay? Oh, and remember I mentioned that it would be real easy to fall in love with you? For what it’s worth, I was right . . . “

“Yeah, I know what you mean, Lover. I think I’ve got the same problem, except I can’t find a solution to get rid of it. Guess you’ll just have to get used to an old, broken down pavement pounder for a while. Think you can handle that?” I whispered in her ear.

“I’m young, and flexible still. I think we can work something out, if you’ve a mind to help a maiden in distress” Linda teased, then she let herself out of the stall, grabbed a towel, and headed back to bed. I finished my shower, dried off, and got dressed. Then I sat on the edge of the bed and ran my fingers through Linda’s silky hair as she looked up into my eyes.

“I’ll let the desk know that you’ll be here until late this afternoon. No sense both of us running tired all day. Then you can move down to the Golden Nugget when you’re good and ready. Call me as soon as you get that new number?” I pleaded.

“Thanks, Ryan. Oh, before I forget . . . “ and she reached over to grab her purse. Searching around inside, she pulled out a piece of paper that I didn’t recognize at first. When she passed it over to me, I saw it was a picture that looked like it had been taken very recently.

“I had the desk clerk take this, and print a copy. Maybe put it on the dash somewhere? I hope it’ll remind you that there’s a woman waiting for you to come back to her again. And yeah, I know it’s a little corny, but what the hell do you expect from a woman in love?”

I was speechless, the words in my brain unable to compete with the tears in my eyes. It was all I could do to keep from bawling like a baby. How in the hell had this fantastic young woman managed to work her way so deep into my heart in such a short time? I had no answer for that question, but I was thrilled that she had. As I leaned over to kiss her one last time, I found myself uttering words that I never thought would cross my lips.

“I love you too, Linda Coulter. Keep that in your mind until next week, because when I get back, ‘vertical’ is gonna be a word that isn’t in your vocabulary.”

“Get out of here, Lover,” Linda commanded, ”so you can get back that much faster. Just promise me you’ll drive safely, and don’t push it too hard. I’d hate to find out you’ve been in an accident . . . or worse. I’m counting on you to show me more of this country . . . and to find out how well that sticker that Willie gave us works.” There was a twinkle in her eye as she reminded me of our first time in Teslin.

That twinkle kept me going for the next eight days.


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