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"Where am I?" I said. I was in a room with no door, or window, or anything for that matter. It was just a room painted white all around. I started walking forward and I hit no wall, so I just pressed on. After a few minutes of walking, I saw a red dot in the distance. I walked faster, curious to what it was. I came to it a minute later and it was just a red brick wall only about 5 feet long. I walked all around it trying to make sense of what it was. After walking around it for quite some time, I went to the side of the wall and waited there. A few seconds later Jake popped up on one side and Summer popped up on the other.

"So witch one of us do you pick, Conner?" They said in unison. Then they started chanting, "Pick, pick pick."

"Ummm. I don't know." I said. They chanted louder. I tried to run away, but I started to move back. I tried harder and harder to break away, but I kept being pulled back. Eventually I was pinned agents the wall and I couldn't move. Jake and Summer walked in front of me, still chanting. Then I started panicking and screaming,

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Then I woke up, still screaming, and completely sweaty. I looked down at my clock. 3:00 am. Suddenly I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I jerked back and gasped. It was Jake.

"Dude, dude!" He whispered. "You had a nightmare, but don't worry, I'm here and I wont let anything happen to you."

"Thanks Jake." I said, but I was thinking, 'OHHHH great!! He loves me now!!'. Then he kissed me. There was still no passion or lust, but it did have something. I couldn't put my finger on it but it had something.

"Would you feel better if I slept with you?" He asked. I said yes and he claimed under the sheets. I tried to fall asleep, but I couldn't. I kept staring at Jake's face. He was so hot. His hair was just amazing, his face was so chiseled, and my favorite- besides his dick- was his defined chest.

I slowly crept my hand down the sheets to his legs. I felt through his leg hair. I tickled my hand. I smiled and started moving up. I slid off his boxers and started stoking his dick. I felt the length of it, from the top to his balls. Then I carefully moved mu upper body down and slid his rod in my mouth. I still felt nothing, so I pumped harder, the whole length of the monster 10 inch. Yet my feeling stayed the same. So I moved faster still, and i moved down and started sucking his balls.

I was moving so fast that I started to choke. The sound made Jake wake up. He saw what I was doing and smiled. He picked me up toward him and placed my ass right on his dick. Them he slid away under me, and position to fuck me like I did to him earlier- doggy style.

He positioned the ti of his behemoth at the center of my hole and slid it in. It was a lot quicker than before, so Jake got up to speed quickly. I buried my face in the pillow to cover my screams of pleasure. Jake's dick felt amazing in me, yet it wasn't the same as before I met Summer.

Jake kept going faster. I was hoping that in doing this, the ecstacy would come back, but it didn't. I kept thinking about Summer. She was so beautiful and sweet. Plus she saved my life. On the other hand Jake and I had history. A positive history and plus I know he loves me.

I was lost in thought for who knows how long, but I was snapped out of it when Jake took his dick out of me. He pulled me up them pushed me down with his cock straight in my face. I closed my mouth over it and sucked hard. He came in my mouth.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." He moaned. "Yes Conner. Yes!! I love you!" I swallowed all of the mountains of cum in my mouth after he said that. I didn't know what to say. I looked up at him. He was looking back at me with his deep brown eyes. I saw that he was getting impatient, so I blurted out,

"I love you too!" He smiled and lied back down as did I. He leaned over, kissed me, and went to sleep. I just started at ceiling, trying to make sense of what just happened.

I woke up at around 6:00 am (I'm a morning person). Got up, took a shower, etc and walked down to the kitchen. My mom was there making breakfast.

"Good morning Conner!" She said cheerfully.

"Hey mom!" I replied and she kissed me on the cheek.

"So who was your day alone with Jake yesterday?" She asked.

"Oh it was fun."

"Whatcha do?"

"Oh you know, the beach, the pool..."

"What about the game room?"

"Theres a game room?!"

"I knew you'd like this place" she said. We both chuckled. Then I told her that I would be outside and I would be back later. I walked out of the door not only to not only the beach, but to a fallen angel. It was Summer. She was sitting on the beach looking out into the ocean. I stopped dead in my tracks, should I go back in to sit next to her and talk to her. My mind said go back, but my heart said go to her and at that point my heart was in control over my entire body.

I felt my legs starting to move toward her. I walked over the dunes straight to her. I stopped right next to her and sat down.

"Hey Michel!" Summer said

"Oh ummm," I murmured, "Its Conner."

"Oh really?" She asked. "Cuz yesterday you said it was um ugh." We both laughed and started talking. As it turned out we had a boat load in common. We like the same music, bands, style, animals, and we were both morning people.

I told her a funny story about my dog and we laughed. Once our laughing died down I found myself staring her deep blue eyes. I couldn't just stare at them for another second, I lost control. I threw myself at her, making out lips meet. I was scared that she would pull away and run, but she returned the kiss.

The kiss was amazing. Her lips were soft, and the passion she put in it, but it was different. It was more than I would kiss my girlfriend, but less than Jake's.

I kept going, hoping that the spark would come, but it never came. She eventually stopped, after what felt like an eternity. When Summer pulled away, she was beaming. I was too. Even though I felt no spark, I kissed the most beautiful girl on the island. 'And maybe,' I though 'the spark will come.'

"WOW!!" Summer exclaimed. "That was awesome!"

"Oh why thank you." I replied. She laughed and we said good bye. '

I looked back at the door and saw my mom walk back to the kitchen like she did not see a thing. I walked back into the condo, not knowing that someone else also saw.
To be continued?????????????

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2011-08-13 14:52:58
make it a threeway jake fucking conner and conner fucking summer

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2011-08-12 01:48:12
Sounds like you're asexual.


2011-08-11 13:46:57
Not gonna give the ending away but FYI... i hate UN-happy endings

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