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Ryan gets back from Seattle . . . and gets a nasty surprise, too
Love and Lust on the Alcan Highway - Chapter 3

Just after noon, I rolled out of the Whitehorse yard on my way south to Seattle. The two trailers I was pulling felt light compared to the ones I usually had, and that promised to make for an easy trip. A quicker trip meant that I’d be back in Whitehorse, and in Linda’s arms, that much sooner. The prospect sure didn’t break my heart any.

Linda Coulter. Somehow, this young woman had managed to sneak past all the barriers and safe-guards that I’d ever put up to keep my heart from being trampled on. A part of this realization scared me, while another part welcomed the intrusion of her warmth and genuine shows of real feelings and caring. After a mere four days together, she had become a part of me that I cherished much more than I had ever known, cared for, or wanted from another human being. This new situation was something that I really had to think about, but with eighteen hundred miles between me and Seattle, I had a few days to do that, and another three or four days on the way back, if I needed or wanted them.

Despite the late start of the day, traffic was amazingly light, especially for July. Most of the motorhomes were heading the other way, which was the opposite of the traffic flow that I had encountered on my way up to Whitehorse. There was no rhyme nor reason to this appreciated situation, and I sure wasn’t going to question the generosity of the “Powers That Be”. Between the light traffic and the lack of weight, I sailed through Watson Lake in a record-setting five and a half hours, which was a good thirty minutes sooner than normal. I stopped long enough to phone Gordie at Muncho Lake to see how he had made out with Linda’s car, which had broken down on her way north. He said that he’d gotten it repaired, and had done some routine maintenance for her as well. I asked him how much was owed, which came to a couple hundred bucks, and gave him my credit card numbers so that he could have his money as soon as possible. He wondered when we’d pick the car up, and I gave him an estimate of about a week. That seemed to agree with him.

As much as I hate the Stewart-Cassiar Highway, that route would knock three or four hours off my trip, and I wanted to gain all the extra time I could. With the difference in rules between Canada and the US, I really had to watch my log books to be able to make the one hundred and fifty miles between Vancouver and Seattle legally. The last thing I needed was to have a run-in with the Washington State Patrol.

It was early Friday morning when the satellite phone’s annoying “beep-beep, beep-beep” alarm woke me up. Glancing at the clock beside the bunk, I was shocked to find that it was actually seven-thirty. I had slept like a log, not waking once through the whole six-and-some-odd hours. That was not a part of my usual routine, but the extra rest made me feel like I could drive all the way to Seattle in one continuous shot. I clambered out of the bunk and answered the phone.

“Six-oh-seven. Blackstone” I croaked into the handset. Six-oh-seven was my truck number, and usually it was John Robinson, the Richmond dispatcher, that would call at such an ungodly hour of the morning.

“Well, good morning, Lover” the voice on the other end introduced itself. “Did I wake you, or are you in the middle of something important?” It was Linda, and the most welcome sound to start off my day. Just hearing her voice was almost inducement enough to turn around right then and there, and head back to Whitehorse.

“Good morning, pretty lady!” I exclaimed. “Sounds like you got that phone card exchanged. So, how’s my favourite lady this morning?” I greeted her.

“Tired, lonely, and horny as hell,” she answered, “but I needed to hear your voice before I fall down and get some sleep. Last night was a bit of a rough one, and I’m fried. Where the fuck are you, anyways?”

“Just crawling out of bed” I told her. “I decided to take the short-cut down the Stewart-Cassiar. It’ll knock a few hours off the run, but it has to be one of the shittiest roads in Western Canada. I may even break down and come back up this way, too, just to be back there with you a little sooner.” That message sounded really lame, even to a horny old trucker like me. “Shit, listen to me, would ya? I sound like a love-sick teeny-bopper! What, pray tell, have you done to me, Miss Coulter? If John Robinson finds out, or rather, when he finds out, he’s gonna have a shit-fit! And ya know what? I don’t give a flying fuck what he thinks!” I added. Linda giggled softly at my tirade, her laughter like magical music to my ears.

“So how far do you think you’ll get today?” she inquired.

“With a little luck, I’ll make it to Abbotsford, then lay over just before the border. I gotta watch my hours so’s I don’t get my ass locked up in a Washington jail cell. Those State Patrol guys don’t have no sense of humour, unless they’ve just gotten laid for the third time in the shift” I joked, then added, “Oh, by the way, Gordie has your car ready. He did a couple of maintenance things to it, too. I told him we’d pick it up in about a week, and he seems happy with that. Well, as happy as Gordie ever gets, anyway.”

“Awesome! Maybe I can catch a ride down and pick it up before you get back. Can a girl make it that far, and back, in sixteen hours?” Linda wanted to know.

“Not quite, unless you can fly real low both ways. With the summer terrorist season, I doubt you’d have enough open road to pull it off, either. If you can stand all the hoofing around, why not wait until I get back, and we’ll make a two-day vacation out of it? The thought of lounging around in the LLiard Hot Springs with your gorgeous body to pleasure has a wicked appeal, right now” I suggested.

“Lliard? Isn’t that down towards Fort Nelson?” she wondered.

“Yeah, but it’s more than worth the trip, believe me. Especially if we sneak into the hot springs around three in the morning, when there’s no one else around . . .” I teasingly mentioned, leaving a good part of my thoughts to her vivid imagination. I had visions of engaging in wild and uninhibited sex chasing through my head; I hoped she had the same ideas.

“Mmm, sounds delicious!” she enthused. “I just might have to get that preion filled before you get back!” she added, referring to her birth control pills.

“Oh yeah! That sounds like a plan to me, even if we never do make it to the hot springs!” I seconded. “I have all intentions of pleasuring that fantastic body of yours no matter where we go! And speaking of going, I’d better get going myself, before you get my cock any harder than it already is. I haven’t got time to beat off in desperate search of relief! Damn, but you can make an old man so fucking horny! I hope you’re thoroughly ashamed of yourself, young lady, getting me into this state while you’re eight hundred miles away. God only knows what shape I’m gonna be in by the time I get back!” I chided her lovingly.

“Eww, driving with a hard cock. That must be absolute hell!” Linda teased back. “Just think clean thoughts, and maybe it’ll go away in two or three hundred miles! I’ll let you go, Lover, but you drive real safe. I’d hate to be left waiting for that hard cock, only to find it’s stuck in some hospital somewhere!” There was a slight pause, but before I could say anything, Linda softly added, “I love you, Ryan Blackstone. You’d better come back to me, or I’m gonna chase your ass all over Kingdom Cum, you hear me?”

Those three words. I’d spent almost fifteen years avoiding them. Now, they were something that sent thrilling tingles up and down my spine. “I love you too, Sweets,” I breathed lustfully into the handset, “and I never thought I’d say that to anyone. Girl, you’re gonna be the death of me yet, aren’t you?”

“Oh shut up and get that thing back on the road!” Linda commanded. “The sooner you get back here, the sooner I’m gonna be able to fuck the hell outta you, ya big goof! And if you think you’ve got it bad, you’re making me a walking, drippy-cunt, hormone monster! Now, get back to work!”

Reluctantly, I broke the connection, fired up the old K-whopper, and got ready to tackle another eight hundred miles of road; a road that ran in the wrong direction. Just as I was about to slip that Fuller transmission into second gear, the satellite phone beeped again. Somebody really didn’t want me to move out of Delta Lodge in a hurry. I felt the hope that it was Linda calling again, but knew, deep down, that it probably wasn’t.

“Six-oh-seven. Blackstone” I answered.

“Geez, I’ve been trying to get hold of you for fifteen minutes!” John Robinson bellyached. “Where the fuck are you?”

“Delta Lodge, and if I get one more fucking phone call, I’m gonna spend the whole fucking day here, too. What can I do for you on this fine and shitty morning, Mr. Robinson?” I replied, the discomfort in my voice at being interrupted dripping from each and every word.

“Seattle’s screaming for those wagons,” John informed me, “although I told them that Whitehorse isn’t exactly just around the fucking corner! How soon can you be down there?”

“If I don’t get rudely interrupted with any more phone calls this morning, they should see me sometime tomorrow afternoon, so tell ‘em about four o’clock. If I’m earlier than that, it’s ‘Bonus’ time. Oh, and see if you can arrange a ‘turn ‘n’ burn’ outta there that comes north, would ya? I’ve got some unfinished business in Whitehorse to take care of.”

“Forget it!” John intoned. “I’ve got a California hot-shot with your name on it, waiting to roll. You and Whitehorse ain’t gonna see each other for another two weeks.”

“California? What the fuck did I ever do to you, Robinson? You know I don’t go south any more than I absolutely have to! So forget the hot-shot deal, and find me a Whitehorse load!” I screamed, then added, “And keep in mind that ‘Points North’ is always looking for trucks. I’d hate like hell to have to move, but I don’t do ‘California’, unless I’m really desperate for miles. At this time of year, miles are easy to come by, especially the ones going in the right direction!” There was a pregnant pause before John said anything.

“Yeah, okay, but no promises. I just don’t have anything moving north of Dawson Creek, at the moment. Shit, even Dawson’s a tough one to find, for some reason. What’s the big attraction in Whitehorse, anyway?” he queried.

“Nothing much. Just five-and-a -half feet of the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, all packaged up in a body that won’t quit!” The sarcasm in my tone wasn’t lost on John.

“Christ, just what I need, a love-sick truck driver!” John moaned. “I suppose this means that you’ll be looking for some special considerations now, right? Blackstone, there are days when I wonder if you’re fucking worth it! She must be one hell of a hot number to get you all twisted like that.” John paused to take a deep breath, and I could hear the hiss of air across the phone as he exhaled. “Like I said, I’ll see what I can come up with, and hopefully I can find someone for that California trip before you get to Seattle, and don’t you drag your sorry ass in an attempt to stall your arrival. Call me when you get through the border, so I can try and schedule something for ya. Just don’t count on a ‘turn ‘n’ burn’ outta there. It’s gonna be hard enough getting you back to Richmond, let alone all the way back up to Whitehorse.” There was another short pause before John added, “and the next time you fall ass-over-teakettle for some woman, would ya make sure you’re over on the Island, please? I’ve got enough extra traffic over there to keep three trucks going full-time until November!” That gave me an idea.

“John, I’ll make you a deal. You keep me running the Alcan all summer, and I’ll chase the Island for ya from after Labour Day weekend until you’re cleaned up. Linda’s back at SFU in September, and I think I’m gonna be looking for miles that’ll get me back to Vancouver on weekends, even if I have to leave the truck in Nanaimo and take the fucking boat back on my nickel.”

“Yeah, okay. I’ll have to think about it first, though. Meanwhile, would you get your fucking horny ass back on the road, and get Seattle off my butt, please? Call me when you shut down tonight, even if you have to call the house. You’ve still got my number?”

As much as I really wanted to fire a sarcastic comment at him, I let John’s subtle opening slide on by.

“Say ‘Good bye’, John. I gotta make some miles here, or my fucking asshole of a dispatcher’s gonna have my balls for bookends. Talk to ya tonight.” I hung up before he could add any more unwelcome news. A California hot-shot run usually paid good money, but not enough to keep me away from Linda any longer than absolutely necessary. John was probably wondering about the little sanity I still had left, right about now.

The trip down to Seattle and back to Richmond was spectacularly uneventful. Traffic was light, the border crossings were quick, and even the Washington State highway patrol seemed to have taken the weekend off.

John found a split load that wouldn’t be available until Sunday afternoon, but would get me back to Whitehorse. The lead trailer was bound for Stewart River, north of Whitehorse, but the pup only went as far as Dawson Creek. The revenue would pay my expenses, but just. As I considered all this, I realized that I’d have an empty wagon as I went through Muncho Lake, and if I could find a loading ramp, maybe I could pick up Linda’s car and haul it up for her. That’d be a welcome surprise; might even be able to use her car for that trip to Lliard Hot Springs, and a couple of days of luxurious love-making! My cock saluted the idea as I anticipated some of the activities we’d enjoy together!

Sunday midnight, and I was sitting in Prince George again. I was about to fall into my bunk when the cell phone started to play that annoying music that preceded a call. Who the hell would be calling me at this time of day, I wondered? There weren’t many people that knew the number, and even fewer that would use it. My curiosity got the better of me.

“Hello?” I answered the call.

“Hi, Lover. I had a couple of minutes to take a breather, and thought I’d check up on you. Haven’t heard your voice for so long, I was beginning to wonder if you’d gotten lost, or run away on me. Where the fuck are you?” Linda’s voice was the best thing I’d heard for days, and it reminded me of just how much I’d missed her. Yeah, me, the Asphalt Gypsy, missing a girl I’d only known a short time! But that sound almost gave me enough energy and incentive to roll the seven hours to Dawson Creek right then.

“Hey, Sweet-stuff! Damn, but it’s good to hear your voice. Can I assume that Byron is treating you like the lady you are?” I wondered.

“Yeah. I got settled into the room he assigned me, and it’s not half-bad. Beats the hell outta those dorms he stuffs the girls into, that’s for sure. But I’m gonna have to do something about this bed. It reminds me of your bunk; ‘One wide, two high’ ” and we both chuckled at the implications. “Mind you, I could get used to sleeping on top of your body all night . . . especially with that magnificent cock buried deep in my sopping cunt. Damn, but I want you, Ryan! When are you gonna be back in town?”

“By the looks of it, probably Wednesday sometime. I’ve got a delivery in Dawson Creek, and I’m hoping to get that off tomorrow afternoon, then roll a few hours on the Alcan. I’m gonna try to load your car on the pup, and be in Whitehorse in time for breakfast Wednesday. The lead trailer goes up to Stewart River, and if I leave early enough on Thursday morning, I should be back for Friday afternoon, then take the weekend off. Somewhere in there, I’ve got to get this poor scrap-heap serviced, and cleaned out. Remember those laundry monsters I warned you about? Well, the little bastards are breeding back there!” I teased her. “Out of curiosity, what days is the old goat letting you out of his kennels?”

“Saturday and Sunday. I finish around seven Friday morning, and don’t have to be back until eleven Sunday night. Why? You have something nefarious in your perverted little mind that I should be afraid of?” Linda quizzed.

“Now that would be telling, wouldn’t it. What’s the matter? You don’t like surprises?” I asked with a twinkle in my voice.

“I have no problem with surprises; at least, not the good ones. And in my mind, you constitute one of the good ones.” Linda’s voice betrayed her enthusiasm for any kind of sexual challenge I might be devious enough to spring on her.

“Linda, if load your car up, that’ll take me an hour or two, between loading at Gordie’s and unloading at the yard. How about I call you when it’s unloaded, and we’ll grab something to eat together?”

“Mmm, I already know what I want, and you’d better plan on eating something special too; me!” Linda lasciviously suggested. “Dammit, Lover. Just remembering that night you shaved my pussy is gonna have me leaving tracks like a slug! Oh, and speaking of shaving, I could use some of your magic on the stubble that’s trying to grow in. Fuck, is it ever itchy!” she declared. The thought of licking her pretty little pussy had my cock hard and raring to go!

“Nice going, lady! Now I’ve got a raging hard-on to worry about. If you don’t give me a break, I’m never gonna get outta here, and then we’ll both be bitchy as hell on the weekend. Is that what you want?” I needled her. “How about we save this discussion for Wednesday? I still have work to do before I can be back there, ya know. But it sure is good to hear your voice; makes me realize just how much I’ve missed you. Better let Byron know that you might be a little late for your Sunday night’s shift, like thirty or forty hours late!”

“Don’t tempt me, you cunt tease, you!” Linda retorted. “And just to make you feel real guilty, I’ve got to get off this phone, so I can go change my soaking-wet panties!” Then her voice softened as she added, “I love you, Ryan Blackstone. You drive safe, you hear? I need you back in one piece, all healthy and rested up. Take care?”

“Love you too, Linda Coulter. And I promise not to run too many ‘luxo-boats’ off the highway, although a few less motorhomes won’t hurt my cause any. Just makes for less interference on the highway for me” I cooed like a silly teenager. Damn, but this girl had a tight hold on my heartstrings!

By noon on Tuesday, I was looking at my favourite view of Fort Nelson; the one in the rear-view mirror. Muncho Lake was about another three hours ahead, and with only half a load on, even Fireside Mountain was an easy pull. I spent a little over half an hour in Muncho Lake loading and securing Linda’s car onto the pup trailer, then was off to Watson Lake.

The last leg to Whitehorse was uneventful, but because of my anticipation, it felt like the road was growing in length every passing minute. I did the two hundred and fifty miles from Watson Lake in a little more than five hours. Unloading the car, then breaking the two-trailer set and filing my paperwork wasted another hour. Travis arranged a delivery time in Stewart River for the next afternoon, and I was off to the Golden Nugget hotel faster than a raped ape.

I ran into Byron patrolling the lobby, and that’s about where the beehive of activity slowed to a crawl. He was in no hurry to have me stomping all around his building and waking his night staff. For the first time in all the years we’d known each other, I had a burning desire to arrange a dental appointment for him, and a reason to go to it.

“Geez, Byron, give me a break, would ya?” I pleaded. “It’s been a long trip, and running solo seems to have lost its appeal, for some reason. Hell, I’ll even pay you to rent me the damned room for a day or two.” Nice try, but Byron wasn’t budging.

“You’re not going in there,” he growled, “so let’s you and me go over to the lounge, and I’ll buy you a drink.”

Well, the offer of free booze was hard to turn down. An offer like that from Byron Cooper only happened once in a lifetime. But the old guy must have gone semi-senile since I left, because I also got a steak sandwich from him on the same tab. I began to contemplate having to phone 9-1-1. This wasn’t the same Byron Cooper I’d known for all these years.

Something was up, which left me feeling worried and a little queasy.

“Okay Byron, I give up,” I started, “what the fuck is going on? Buying me lunch, drinks, and keeping me away from the woman I love? That’s not like you, not in a million years. What aren’t you telling me?”

“Ryan, we had a bit of an incident here last night. A couple of the guys from Faro got into a fight in the lobby. When Linda tried to get them to leave, they went berserk. I couldn’t get to her fast enough, and they left her in . . . well, one hell of a mess. I’ll give her credit for one thing, though. That girl sure knows how to fight back. But she’s pretty badly bruised and scarred. She needs all the rest I can give her, and she’s going to need all the time you can give her to heal.” Byron paused as he stared at the table, then lifted his eyes up to look me right in the face. “She’s going to need your support, too, Ryan. Not all her injuries are on the outside. She’s one scared girl, and I don’t blame her. A couple of those scars are going to be permanent. She’s scared shitless that you’ll see the mess and walk away. And if you do, I’m gonna beat the living shit out of you myself. That’s a promise.”

I jumped up, knocking my chair half-way across the lounge. Injured? My Linda? If that was the case, what the fuck was I doing sitting here, filling my face and getting fall-me-down drunk? I leaned on the table as I pushed my face towards Byron.

“Buddy, I’m gonna count to three, and if you haven’t gotten your slimy ass out of that chair by then, I’ll smack you so hard, you’ll wonder what the hell is supposed to be on the top of your fucking neck! Now move your ass, and let me in that room!” I was beyond angry at that point. Hell, I was just crazy enough to actually take on Byron, right then and there, and to hell with the fifteen years we’d been good friends!

Byron slowly got up from his seat, reluctantly leading me out of the lounge and into the lobby. I expected him to head down the hall, but instead he veered towards the front door.

“Byron, where the hell are you going?” I yelled. “Linda’s room is down that hall over there, if my sense of direction hasn’t failed me. Now quit fucking around and tell me what the hell is going on!”

“She isn’t down there, Ryan,” Byron replied in a subdued tone, “she’s over in the hospital. Just shut your yap and follow me. I’ll drive you over there, and you can see for yourself. Then, after you’ve seen her, I’ll answer any questions you have, but not before. Trust me, my friend, because she’s one scared lady, and she needs you, more now than ever before.” Byron stopped and pivoted quickly, almost knocking me to the ground. “Ryan, if you don’t help that girl, I’ll make your life a living hell, and that’s another promise” he growled in a soft menacing voice.

Byron’s face was expressionless, and I was trying my damnedest to hold my tongue, even as a million questions pounded in my brain. On the one hand, I wanted to shake Byron’s head until I got those answers. On the other, I needed to find Linda, to talk to her, to hold her in my arms.

We made it to the hospital in about ten minutes. It felt like ten hours, especially with me not knowing what was going on. As Byron parked the pick-up truck, I had an overwhelming urge to jump and run into the building, even though it would do me no good. He was the only person I knew that could take me to where Linda was, or knew who we had to talk to in order for me to see her. We passed the front admitting desk and made our way to the second floor’s ICU, where Byron talked quickly to one of the nurses, then led me down the hall to one of the rooms. Just before he opened the door, Byron turned to face me, and I gazed at a face with more determination on it than I’ve ever seen from that man.

“Linda’s in pretty rough shape, Ryan. I’ll let you see for yourself, but the cuts and bruises will heal. It’s her mental condition that worries me. She’s scared that you’ll find her so repulsive, you’ll walk away. Personally, I think she’s wrong. I’ve known you too long to believe you’re that kind of an asshole. Just don’t make a liar out of me, or so help me . . . “

With trepidation in my heart, I walked into the room. Linda was laying in the bed, tubes in her arms, and enough electronic equipment for a NASA space launch attached to her. Her face was badly bruised, and her left eye was swollen shut. I could see that the bruising extended down past her chest, and that there were several stitched gashes on her upper chest and shoulders. How much more there was, I didn’t know. Yet.

“Sweetheart?” I called her softly as I sat on the edge of the bed. “Linda? It’s me, Ryan.” She managed to open one eye enough to let me know she was still alive.

“Hi, Lover,” she mumbled through swollen lips, “you came back after all. Babe, I’m so sorry. I didn’t want you to see me like this. God, I must look a sight.”

I leaned down and kissed her softly on the forehead, noting her wince in pain at the touch. At that moment, I’d have given anything, including my life, to make it better for her. But only time would heal the wounds and bruises. Time, and as much love as I could give this girl that had taken over my heart, my soul, and my life.

“Shit, Sweets, wild horses couldn’t keep me away” I answered. “All I ask is to be able to help you in any way I can. Just let me know what I can do, okay?”

A smile tried to escape through her bloodied lips, until she winced with the pain. “You mean you’re not disgusted with the way I look?” Linda mumbled. “I was so afraid you’d take one look and run out of here so fucking fast. But now, I think you just might stick around, although I have no idea why. What I need right now, though, is a big hug.” With that, she raised herself enough for me to take her in my arms and gently hold her to me. I wanted to show her just how important she’d become, but I was afraid to make things worse or cause her any more discomfort than she was already enduring.

“Ryan, there’s more, unfortunately, and it’s pretty ugly. I think you should know, and see for yourself, before you decide whether to stay or to leave. That bastard cut me, and the damage is going to be permanent.” Linda gently pulled back the covers to reveal a long row of stitches across her stomach and down to her right hip. I wasn’t quite ready for that, and it must have shown on my face. “My womb has been damaged bad enough that I’ll never be able to have kids” Linda explained, the pain of reality showing on her face. “I’ve been thinking about that, all damned morning,” she added, “and I can’t figure out why a man like you would want a defective woman like me. No matter how much you try to lie about it, I know you want kids, and I can’t give you any. Shit, Honey, I’m so sorry . . .” and she burst into tears, her sobs racking through her as she tried to pull away from me in fear and self-loathing. There was no way I was going to let her go, and I resisted her attempts to distance herself from me.

“Hey, Sweets. I’m not going anywhere; not without you, anyway. All this last week, I’ve been trying to figure out why a pretty girl like you would love an old pavement jockey like me, and I still have no idea. I just know you do, and that’s good enough for me. You just concentrate on getting better, and I’ll do the rest, whatever that may be. Keep in mind, though, that I’ve fallen in love with you, too, and this little setback isn’t gonna change that one little bit. You understand me, Miss Coulter? Not one fucking bit!” I took a chance and kissed Linda’s forehead again. This time, she didn’t wince, but pressed herself against my lips in a show of accepted affection and love.

Byron had been quietly standing at the door, and volunteered that he’d be in the hall whenever I was ready. I stood and walked over to him, extending my hand towards his, shook it, then grabbed him in an appreciative bear hug.

Linda remained in the ICU for another three days, then was moved to a four bed ward. I called every favour I was ever owed and had her in a private room, complete with TV and phone. She stayed in hospital until her stitches were taken out a week later. Byron explained about the miners from the Faro mines that had burst into the lobby, completely drunk, knocked the desk clerk out cold, and smashed the door to Linda’s office open. The RCMP had arrested them, and one was in custody in Edmonton awaiting trial for attempted murder. Those charges were laid at Byron’s insistence. I noted that the surly desk clerk had been replaced with a new clerk, native, and built like a Sumo wrestler. No one was going past him without using a sub-machine gun.

Meanwhile, my dispatcher had miraculously set up a series of runs that had me working between northern BC and the Yukon. The net result was that I would never be out of Whitehorse for more than three days, and usually could spend a day or two with Linda.

The doctor had hoped they could repair the damage to Linda’s womb, but her fallopian tubes had been damaged to a point where only a specialist might be able to salvage anything.

It was almost three weeks before Linda could return to work and resume the life she’d had before the attack. We talked every day, and I visited her every chance I had. Her spirits mended faster than her body, and that gorgeous body that I was addicted to did a pretty good job of repairing itself too. Even the scars became lighter, although they bothered Linda a hell of a lot more than they worried me. Maybe the packaging was a little wrinkled, but the contents were just as beautiful as ever.

It was four weeks and one day from the attack that we had a chance to be alone together for the first time. I had planned on taking Linda to the best restaurant in Whitehorse, then spending a romantic evening at one of the summer festivals. She wasn’t up to the chill of the approaching fall weather, though, and we ended up dining at the Golden Nugget, then returning to her room. Byron must have been keeping his eye on both of us, because he had replaced Linda’s single bed with a queen-sized one. Obviously, that was for our mutual benefit, and I made a mental note to thank him. Despite his gruff exterior, Byron was becoming a soft-hearted romantic, right before my eyes. Maybe I’d underestimated him all those years?

That evening when I picked Linda up, she wore a simple but exquisite print dress that covered her scars, yet made anyone with eyesight very aware that it was being worn by a deliciously attractive woman. The style hugged her breasts, accentuated her waist, and flowed over her hips and backside, then softly flared outwards from mid-thigh. The back was deeply scooped to just above her waist, and the hemline rode three inches above her knee. A pair of high-heel sling-backs and a soft tan shade of nylons completed her outfit. She had either spent hours in the beauty salon, or knew a lot more about hair styling than I was aware, as her shoulder length auburn hair was all swept to the left side of her head, exposing a diamond-like drop earing on her right ear. Whatever effect she had been aiming for had been achieved, and had me drooling like a thirsty dog, complete with lolling tongue!

I ordered the house special for both of us, not giving Linda a hint of what it was. When it arrived, she looked at me with a quizzical expression, trying to determine exactly what the entree consisted of. I whispered to her that it was barbequed reindeer legs, and she tentatively tasted one. The look on her face as her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree is something I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. She told me afterwards that it was even better than the caribou steak she’d had in Teslin.

After dinner, we retreated to the lounge, had a couple of drinks, and just relaxed in each other’s company. Linda seemed to be itching to hit the dance floor, even if I did have two left feet. I told her she was taking one hell of a chance with me as a dance partner, but she insisted. Amazingly, we danced for almost two hours, without her losing a toe or suffering a broken ankle. For me, that’s an all-time record, even to this day!

We retired to Linda’s room about ten o’clock. As I opened the door and she glided through it, there was a radiance about her that I couldn’t miss even if I had my eyes clamped shut. I closed the door, and as I turned back into the room, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her waiting lips. Her tongue demanded mine, swirling and tangling with mine in one of the most passionate kisses I could remember. We held that kiss for several minutes, and I was in seventh heaven.

“Thank you for a perfect evening, Ryan” she whispered in my ear. “It’s been a long time since I enjoyed myself that much. But right now, I want you. I’m still a little tender in spots, so be gentle with me. Just not so gentle that I’ll forget having you after being so fucking horny for the last five weeks.”

As my arms were around her anyway, I pulled on the zipper at the back of her dress, which conveniently slipped down her body and onto the floor. My hands slid up to her breasts, cupping them softly but firmly, my thumbs and forefingers lightly pulling and twisting her nipples as they became turgid and erect. Linda moaned softly in my ear, then locked her lips to mine as I continued to fondle those spectacular mammaries of hers. One of her hands slid down my chest and stomach as she gently began to rub my hardening cock through my pants. God, it seemed like years since we’d made love, and I wanted her so badly; wanted to feel her soft skin against my own, to slide my fingers over her Mons and into her slit, to luxuriate in the warmth and wetness of her pussy, and to bathe in the sensual heat of her cunt. My quickly-stiffening cock was begging to fill her to the depths of her womanhood, to be lovingly caressed by the velvety softness inside her, to glory in the explosion of her climax. In short, Linda had me hornier than a snowshoe hare, in seconds flat.

Linda removed my jacket, then unbuttoned my shirt, adding it to the laundry pile that was accumulating on the floor. My pants joined the others in less than a minute, and I guided her to the large bed that occupied one side of the room. Easing her down, I lay beside her with my arms holding her shoulders. I began kissing her ear, then her neck, and arrived at her breast. As soon as I had clamped my lips over her nipple, Linda pulled me tightly to her breast, moaning in pleasure as I nipped and lightly pulled on it. My hand caressed and squeezed her other breast, paying particular attention to her nipple, and co-ordinating with my lips to render it equal pleasure. I felt Linda’s hands on the back of my head as she captured me to her tightly.

“Mmm, that feels so good on my tits, Lover! Suck them, just like that” she pleaded.

Moments later, I felt the pressure of her arms beginning to guide me down her stomach to her waiting pussy. As I kissed her belly-button lightly, Linda winced a bit, and I looked up at her, hoping I hadn’t hurt her still-tender scar.

“Lover, I’m still tender as hell there, but your lips feel so damned good on my skin. I guess we’ll just have to keep that . . . problem in mind?” Linda informed me.

“I will, Baby. I will” and I continued to lay soft and light kisses down to the waistband of her panties. As I eased her panties down and over her hips, Linda raised her ass off the bed to help me do so, then lifted her legs as I removed them completely and threw them with the rest of our clothes. That delicious aroma of her moist pussy wafted to my nose, and I realized that her pussy was bald. Whether it was that way still, or again, I didn’t know, but I kissed every square inch of it in loving appreciation. I’ve always loved bald pussies, and hers was the prettiest one I’d ever seen, kissed, or experienced.

“Mmm, you like bald pussy, don’t you, Lover?” Linda inquired in a sexy growl. “I had it waxed, just for you. Hurt like hell, too, but you’re worth it to me. Should I keep it that way?”

In response, I slid my tongue over her mound, into her slit, and under her clitoral hood. Linda pushed her hips up in response to my probe, gasping deeply as she did. I flicked my tongue over and around her nubbin, delighting in the sensation of it hardening and calling me to pleasure it more. As I attacked that love button with more determination, Linda wrapped her thighs around my head, imprisoning me between them and insisting on as much attention as she could get. I took her clit between my lips and began to nibble on it, my tongue still flicking over the tip. Linda’s cunt juices were flowing out of her pussy and down her thighs. I slipped her clit out of my mouth long enough to capture a taste of her heavenly nectar, then returned to pleasuring her clit again. Soon I could hear her breathing begin to speed up, then become ragged and shallow as the first of her orgasms started to sweep from the centre of her sex to the rest of her body. As it did so, Linda tensed, then her entire body twitched and shook, and screams of ecstatic joy escaped her lips. I kept sucking her clit softly until she relaxed in the afterglow of her cum. She pushed my head gently away from her groin, then held me to her lower stomach.

“Ryan, I’m super-sensitive tonight. It feels like too much, too soon. You’ve gotta remember that I haven’t had a cum like that for five weeks, and with everything that’s happened, my body’s not used to so much intensity. But I still want you, Lover; just not in the way we’re used to.”

With that, Linda flipped me on my back when I was least expecting it, and swung one leg over top of me. Her pussy was poised just above my still hard cock, and as she reached down to capture me in her hand, her pussy lips sank down to where she could slide my cockhead along the length of her slit, lubricating me with her juices. I could feel the heat of her sex radiating from her entrance as she slowly took my cock into her cunt, impaling herself down the length of my shaft until she had me buried to the hilt. Then she began to gently rock back and forth on my cock, her soft, velvety cunt caressing my full length as it sensuously stroked my manhood. Damn, but she felt so good!

Linda leaned forward to kiss me urgently, her tongue intertwining with mine. I put my hands on her breasts, allowing her to transfer the weight of her upper body from her arms to my own. In this position, I could pleasure her firm breasts, tweak her nipples, and allow her freedom of movement while keeping her weight off her tender tummy scars. We were locked in the most intimate of embraces, and as she increased the tempo of her rocking motions, I could feel the imminence of my own cum. Within a few moments, that wonderful sensation of my balls lifting and my cock filling with hot cum destined for Linda’s womb grew inside me. At the same time, Linda’s breathing became shallower and more ragged. Her vaginal walls began to flutter on my shaft, softly demanding my cock to fill her with life-creating sperm and semen. Just as the first spurt of my cum exploded from my cock, Linda threw her head back and slammed herself against the base of my cock, leaving me captured in the depths of her cunt as I shot rope after rope into her waiting cunt. Between the intensity of my own orgasm, and the trembling and shaking of Linda’s convulsing body, it was all I could do to hold her up enough to protect her injured stomach.

Linda was first to start recovering from the power of our mutual climaxes, the first after many weeks of forced abstinence. She pressed her forehead against my shoulder, taking some of her weight through her neck, her gasps rapidly echoing in my ear, even as I struggled with the pounding and racing of my heartbeat. Gently, I rolled her on her side, following her myself, with my cock still filling that fantastic pussy. She clamped her vaginal muscles tightly around me, maintaining our union. That soft and unfocused glow of post-coital bliss drifted through both of us as I held Linda to me, kissing her softly on her forehead, the tip of her nose, her cheeks, and on those magically soft lips she offered me. As the tenseness of overstimulated muscles became total relaxation for both of us, I felt as one with Linda for the first time in what seemed like forever.

“Thank you, Baby, for being such a wonderful lover” Linda whispered in my ear. “All I’ve been able to think of for weeks is this moment, and now that it’s arrived, it’s better than anything I dreamed of. To be able to cum with you is . . . “ and she finished her sentence with a soft and sensuous kiss on my earlobe.

“Sweets, all I wanted was for this time to be special. It’s been a living hell for you up here, and you deserve better. I feel angry that a wonderful woman has had to experience something as shitty as all this. I’d give anything to make it right, but there’s nothing we can do to change what’s already happened” I apologized to Linda.

“Ryan, if it wasn’t for the warmth and love you’ve shown me for the last two months, and for Byron’s generosity, I don’t know if I’d have gotten through all this. I’ve got to leave for Vancouver in another month, and not having you in my life is gonna be hell. I’m not sure I can do it, either. But we have until then, to be together, to love each other, to enjoy the time left to us. After that, I have no idea what to do.”

“It’s not that far to Vancouver Island. That’s where I’m gonna be until the end of November. I promised John I’d run Island traffic for him if he kept me on the Alaska Highway all this summer. I’ll be back in Richmond most weekends, and a couple times in the week, maybe. I have a place in Ladner where you can stay, if you don’t mind a bit of a commute to and from university. It ain’t much, but it’s warm and dry, and has most of those amenities that make it a home. Having you as a roommate would be a real treat. You interested?”

I got smothered in kisses and hugs, which seemed like they were part of an affirmative answer to my question. The place was definitely big enough for both of us, and having someone to look after it would make me feel better. But I still wanted to hear Linda’s answer.

“Interested? Let’s see; somewhere to live, someone special to spend my free time with, no having to juggle my schedule with roommates that want the place to themselves when their boyfriends come over, and having you in my life still? Hmm, I’m gonna have to think about that for a bit . . . because that’s like a dream come true! I’d be a fool to let you out of my sights! Damned right I’m interested. And you know why?”

“Umm, would it have anything to do with being one of those starving university students?” I quipped.

“Yeah, well, there’s that, too. But mostly, it’s because I love you so damned much, Ryan Blackstone. I’ve been dreading the end of summer, and now you’re telling me it doesn’t have to end?”

“No, it doesn’t have to end, unless you want it to,” I assured her, “but someone has to make sure you get that degree you’re working on, and I’m volunteering for the job. Think you can stand a taskmaster like me? Because I’m gonna make sure you get that education, even if I have to turn you over my knee and paddle that awesome ass of yours. Mind you, I’ll probably break every bone in my body doing it, but it‘d be worth it.”

“And you’ll teach me how to drive that mechanical monster of yours?” Linda queried hopefully. “After all, a girl needs to make a buck somehow, ya know.”

“Not in this lifetime!” I replied. “I’m fighting like hell to get off the road. Damned if I’ll let you get stuck in the same rut as me! I do have some ideas of how to make all this work, but I’m gonna need your help. It’s almost seventeen hundred miles back to Vancouver from here. That should take long enough to work out a plan, don’t ya think?”

Linda stared at me for what felt like three weeks short of Forever, wordlessly mulling over something in her mind.

“Ryan, you’d give up the highway, and the Alcan, just because of me? I’m not so sure I’m comfortable with that. It’s a big adjustment, and a big step, especially after you’ve lived this life for so long” Linda finally voiced her opinion.

“Sweetheart, the highway makes for a great place to hide from the pain and hurt that goes with life. It’s more of an existence than a lifestyle, and it’s time for this old pavement-pounder to quit just existing, and start living. A guy like me needs some real incentive to change things. All of a sudden, that incentive is standing right in front of me, and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna be so stupid as to let her go. Look at it as a beginning of something new and exciting, not the end of something old and tired. Would you turn down an opportunity like that? Somehow, I don’t think so. That’s not you; not the lady I’ve come to know, and who I fell in love with” I whispered softly in her ear.

There was a short flurry of activity, and I found myself laying flat on my back afterwards, my lips being attacked by Linda’s probing tongue. I wasn’t quite ready for that, but it wouldn’t take very much for this girl to change all that.

Partially in self-defence, but mostly because I couldn’t resist the opportunity, I cupped Linda’s breast in my hand, almost automatically seeking and finding her nipple. Flicking my finger over it in a lazy sweep, I felt her becoming diamond-hard from the attention. Her lustful moan enticed me to add a thumb’s opposable flexibility to the manual mix, thus making it possible to gently twist and tease her teat, much to Linda’s delight. She moaned softly but insistently, encouraging me to continue. The weight of her body above mine pressed her breast harder against my hand.

“Baby,” Linda growled as she momentarily broke her assault on my lips, “you feel so good! Make me yours, Lover” then she resumed her attack on my lips with a renewed lustful energy.

Between her kiss and that sexy growling voice she used, my cock hardened instantly, the thoughts of her velvety soft cunt enveloping me again too much to resist. Linda was still straddled over my hips, her silky thighs spread just far enough to let her still-wet pussy caress my cockhead as she coated both of us with her heated juices. I tried to heave my hips and bury my cock in her entrance, but she moved just enough to deny me that access.

“Nice try, Buddy,” Linda admonished, “but this time, I’m the one calling the shots. I’ll take that beautiful cock of yours when I think you’re good and ready, and not before. Just be warned that when I do, I’m gonna ride you until you beg for mercy.”

I was helpless, it seemed. The only way to take back control of our union would be to pre-empt her position of authority. She dictated the speed and actions of her body as she fucked me senseless. I quickly conceded that Linda being in that position was a real interesting prospect. She took advantage of it, too, as she gently rubbed her clit against the tip of my cock. The pressure of her weight on my cockhead let me feel her nubbin becoming harder with each stroke, its growing engorgement making it possible for her to tickle that sensitive spot just under the edge of my purple head. Each time she slid her clit up and over my cockhead, my shaft would twitch in delicious reaction to the released pressure of her clit, anticipating being stroked again as her nub eased back over my cockhead, then down my shaft. With each pass over my cock, Linda left a little more of her heated cunt juice smeared all over me. Soon, the soft slipperiness of her labia lips as they caressed my throbbing cock had me so worked up and horny that I was sorely tempted to flip Linda over and bury my entire length deep in her boiling cunt. She must have read my mind somehow, because she left my lips just long enough to growl a warning at me.

“Don’t even think it, Baby,” she commanded, “because I warned you that you’re not getting into my cunt until I think you’re more than ready to be fucked out of your mind. Besides, your cockhead against my clit feels so fucking good that I think I’m gonna rub myself off on you until I cum. God, Lover, the thought of squirting all over you, then sliding down your cock afterwards is almost enough to make me explode!”

Linda’s lustful declaration, and the anticipation of her girl-cum bathing my cock and balls, was a hard invitation to refuse. Denying myself the joy of being captured by her heated pussy felt almost impossible. God, how I wanted to drive myself to the full depth of her, pounding and pumping my shaft until I filled her with all my life-giving seed, and feeling her writhe and wriggle as she came as hard as I could induce her! It was a tough temptation to overcome. I did manage, but don’t ask me how.

As Linda pressed her lips back on mine, and resumed rubbing herself off on my cockhead, I was vaguely aware of the change in her breathing. That change didn’t register fully until she inhaled deeply and rapidly, then began to tremble as her orgasm erupted from an insistent tingle in her clit to a full-blown explosion of light and feeling throughout her entire body. As her lungs exhaled, she began to groan lustfully, raising her pleasure-induced responses to a loud and high-pitched scream of passion. I felt the flow of her girl-cum as it erupted from her pussy, washing over my shaft and nuts, hot, wet, and emitting her scents of lust, my nostrils filled with the delicious smell of womanhood. But thrust and twist as much as I could, she still denied me access to that magical canal that my cock wanted to be inside so badly!

As Linda eased down from her lustful high, she began to rub herself on my cockhead again, her now-sensitive clit dancing along the bottom of my rock-hard shaft as light as a feather. Several times she swept over my shaft with her drenched outer lips, and each time felt better than the one before. Then, without warning, she slid over the top of my cockhead, making my cock shaft jump enough to allow her to engulf me with her boiling-hot cunt and work her slick pussy half-way down my cock. In involuntary response, I tried to thrust the rest of my cock to the very depths of her love canal, but she pressed against me hard to prevent allowing me any control at all.

“Dammit, Lover,” I groaned, “you’re a real cock-tease, aren’t you? Fuck, but I want to feel myself buried deep inside you!”

“I know, Baby, but I’m not gonna let you go any faster than I think you can handle. I’m gonna fill that cock of yours so full of cum before you spurt that you’ll beg me to finish you off” Linda growled back at me. She did, too. I felt my balls lift and my cock fill with my sticky cream, until my orgasmic explosion was almost a given. Then she stopped moving until the feeling passed, only to start rocking her hips up and down, and from sise to side, until my balls lifted again as they pushed more of my seed up into my overloaded shaft. I lost count of how many times Linda took me to the edge, only to pull me back as she prolonged the agony of denied release yet again. Finally, I couldn’t take any more.

“Baby, take me!” I screamed. “Make me cream inside you, fill you up! For God‘s sake, quit teasing me like this!” I begged. In response, Linda began to grind herself against the base of my cock, pressing and pushing her clit against my pubic bone, demanding that her nub send her over the edge at the same time as she milked the overflowing load of my sticky goo out of me and deep inside her waiting womb.

We both began to gasp for breath at about the same time. My cock was so full of cum that I was having a hard time achieving a full release. As Linda began to convulsively shudder, her cunt gripped and grasped my shaft violently, and the twitching of her walls was the catalyst I needed to spurt rope after rope after rope into her burning cunt. She almost jammed herself down on me hard enough to fill her belly with my cock, capturing every millimetre of my shaft and draining my poor overfilled balls of every ounce of my spewing spunk. The combination of her pussy muscles almost sucking my cum out of me, and her own orgasmic convulsions, set off an intense burst of light and sensation throughout my entire body, making just breathing a questionable option to me. I screamed with the joy of my release.

To that date, I don’t ever remember such an intense orgasm. The afterglow of post-coital bliss washed over me to such an extent that I lost track of reality for longer than I could comprehend. Linda had not only taken my body, but fucked me senseless, just as she’d threatened. The pounding of my heart in my chest almost drowned out every other sound, save for the gasps of Linda’s own recovery from our trip to Nirvana, and the insistent beating of her heart as she pressed herself tightly to my chest. Our bodies reacted as one, our lust mutually satiated as we clung to each other in a desperate bid to regain a modicum of control over our bodies again. It was the touch of Linda‘s tongue in my ear that made it possible for me to find my way out of that fog of physical confusion again. My cock began to soften as the blood of my erection slowly released itself from my still-throbbing shaft. At that moment, I would have killed to maintain a perpetual hard-on, and be allowed to live the rest of my days housed in that intimate chamber of love that was Linda‘s vagina. But such was not to be.

I heard Linda moan with resigned disappointment as my now-flaccid cock plopped out of her pussy and against her thigh. Apparently, I voiced the same disappointment, Linda told me later. All I remember was the attempt of my body to surrender to the relaxation of sleep. It was all I could do to remain conscious, for I hated the idea of not being a part of the woman that had captured every fibre of my being just then.

“Baby, I have never felt anything like that before in my life!” I exclaimed to Linda in a soft and awe-inspired tone. “I was beginning to think you were going to fill my cock with cum until it exploded sideways, but the release you gave me? God, I can’t put it into words, even! It seemed so intense that I could almost taste the love in your heart! Dammit, but I love you, Linda Coulter!”

“Ryan, I’ve never been so full of a man’s seed before in my life, and I love that feeling of having every drop of you still inside me. You’ve done so much for me, over the summer, and given me so much more than I sometimes think I deserve. But to be full of your essence? That’s the greatest gift I could ever receive. Who knows, maybe one day, this damaged body of mine might be able to return your gift with one of my own. You have no idea how badly I’d love to be able to do that for you” Linda confessed as she cooed softly in my ear, just before she attacked it with her tongue again. The shivers that ran down my spine from her kiss almost made me pass out. Only the impact of her statements kept me from doing so. But for that moment in time and space, all I could do was hold her to me, praying with every part of me that she’d never leave. By the feel of her returned passion, there was a good chance my prayers might be answered.
* * * * *
All that was six years ago. Linda completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree, and we’ve put her knowledge and abilities to good use. That girl is one of the few people that can convince the tax departments that two plus two equals whatever she wants it to be!

She also made it possible for me to finally get off the highway. We now operate a small trucking company that runs between the Lower Mainland and the Yukon, as well as into the BC Interior and Alberta. I’m still in negotiations, but it looks like John Robinson might come to work for us. His presence in the organization has the potential to double our market share. That’s something that will ensure our survival for long enough to pay off the mortgages.

The mortgages? Yeah, we have a couple of those to deal with. One is for the business’s expansion last year, and the other is for the new floating home we had built two years ago. It seems that the apartment building wouldn’t allow children, so we moved. Linda loves Ladner almost as much as I do. While only minutes from Vancouver, it’s smaller in population than Whitehorse Our adopted son celebrated his second birthday last week, so he hasn’t formed an opinion about living in Ladner . . . yet. Rod is a spitting image of his Dad, and just about as stubborn, too.

Oh, and we’re still waiting for confirmation from the doctor, but Linda might be pregnant! I’m still in awe at some of the miracles medical science can achieve.

And then, there’s Uncle Byron. Despite his vow that he’d never leave the Yukon, we see him down here once a year, usually from mid-November to early April! I swear, if he ever puts the Golden Nugget up for sale, we’re gonna move! That man has become a walking, talking, grumpy pile of Jell-O since Linda and I met each other. Byron can’t seem to do enough for us, and he’s spoiling Rod absolutely rotten. God knows what he’ll be like when the next one comes along, especially if it’s a girl!


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