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I’d been unemployed for nearly six months. We were making ends meet, just. My wife was working as many hours as possible as a receptionist and I was picking up casual work when possible. Thankfully our son was in the Army and our 17yr.old daughter had moved in with her boyfriend to make things easier for us financially.

As there was no answer from my pal’s first floor flat I walked around the corner of the dilapidated block of first floor flats that he lived in looking for somewhere to take a piss. I knew that it was unlikely that anybody would pass by or even notice me if they did. It was early afternoon and this part of town was as rough as they come. At least half of the flats were empty and the other half were only here because no one else would have them. I found a convenient corner and unzipped my jeans. As I pulled my cock out of my zipper and my piss cascaded against the wall I spotted an old red BMW 3 series with two people in it slowly drive along the rubbish strewn road. It turned left, parking almost directly under the walkway that I was pissing against.

“They’re up to no good,” I thought. They were either thieves who were going to strip what little was left from the derelict ground floor flats or, hopefully, married lovers after a bit of ‘love in the afternoon’.

I tried to remain hidden, keeping my body behind the wall but by peeking through the smashed storm hole I had a clear view of the windscreen and the occupants.

SHIT! I froze to the spot. My fingers clung onto the pebbledashed wall to steady myself. I couldn’t believe my eyes! There, in the passenger seat, was my wife sitting next to a Mediterranean looking guy that I sort of recognised too.

Anne furtively looked around, but the guy had parked his car very carefully making it virtually hidden from any prying eyes on the ground. But not from above!

Mesmerised and stunned, I couldn’t take my gaze off them. My mind raced with crazy thoughts.

“What were they doing here?”

“Who was he?”

“How did she know him?”

I checked my watch – 2.15. She had finished work 15 minutes before.

Anne sat impassively as he chatted and joked with her. After a couple of minutes he appeared to ask her a question, she nodded slightly and he leaned forward kissing her gently on the lips. My stomach turned. Thankfully she didn’t seem to respond. Then his hand slowly caressed her left breast. My wife flinched then closed her eyes. His coffee coloured fingers pressed and squeezed her ample breast through the material of her cream work shirt.

Anne’s arms were still by her side as he softly broke away from the kiss, keeping his hand on her breast.

He smiled and said something else. Anne smiled and lightly nodded her head. Staring into her hazelnut eyes he slowly moved his fingers across her chest until he began unbuttoning the shirt.

When the last button was undone he flicked the material to one side exposing her large bra encased breasts to his gaze. With a satisfied grin on his face he traced the pattern of her bra with a long bony finger, making sure that he made her flesh gently wobble. Anne closed her eyes again and bit her lip as he tickled her nipple with his fingertip. He laughed and she nodded. I gasped and nearly choked as my chest began to tighten.

My wife’s breasts and nipples are incredibly sensitive, so I guessed he was asking if she was enjoying his caresses. She flicked her hair from her eyes and nodded more encouragement.

He suddenly moved his body forward and kissed her much more forcibly this time, forcing her head back against the headrest. His hand swiftly slid underneath the lace of her bra and his hand was now roughly squeezing and kneading her soft flesh.

To my amazement my wife slightly changed position and began responding to his kisses by cupping his head in her hands as he casually lifted her tits out of their cups. Her hands were pulling at his jet-black hair as he tugged at her already extended nipples. I could tell that they were playing tongue tennis – forcing their wet tongues deep inside each other’s mouth.

I was now kneeling on the ground so that I could get the best possible view of my wife and this stranger, I became aware that I hadn’t tucked my flaccid penis away when I’d finished my piss. It was now rock hard and sticking out like a flagpole. I looked around, and as I’d guessed earlier there was no sign of anybody else. Unable to stop myself, I started pulling on the stretched skin of my cock. My stomach turned as my fingers touched my swollen knob.

I looked back through the storm drain to see my wife now kneeling on the passenger seat pressing her breasts against his face, having discarded her shirt and bra. Anne’s head was now arched back as he suckled her nipples and groped her tight arse through her trousers.

I was well on the way to cumming when I spotted her dropping her left hand into his lap.

“My God!” she was stroking his cock through his jeans.

Still sucking and licking her 34d tits the guy moved his right hand off her arse and started fumbling with his zip and top button. I could see through the steering wheel that Anne was unbuckling his belt. It took them a minute or two until his cock sprang out of his pants.

Still feeding a tit into his mouth my wife moved back slightly on her seat so that she could get a better look at his cock. Anne’s eyes sprang wide open as she stared down into his lap.

I came in buckets onto the wall as Anne wrapped her fingers around his shaft and stroked it with her fingers. I jerked the last few drops out as I remembered that we had made love only the night before. Although our son was 18 we'd been married for 17 years, and I’d always thought that our love/sex life was fine. I knew that I could still ‘press all of the right buttons’ because she’d even had an orgasm when I’d licked her. Perhaps I wasn’t as exciting a lover as I’d once been and was now a little bit over weight, but I’d never considered having an affair, so how could she? Had she been thinking about him as we’d made love? My heart sank as I leant against the wall watching my spunk float in the puddle of piss.

I peered through the gap again to see her leaning across his waist obviously sucking his cock! He was now the one with closed eyes. Anne’s head was bobbing up and down as he stroked her curly auburn hair and large breasts. Sadly the steering wheel obstructed my view but I could tell from their movements that they were really getting into it. His mouth suddenly hung open and he began gasping for air. Anne sensed that he was near his climax and suddenly popped his cock out of her mouth and smothered it with her bouncing breasts. She was laughing at him as his spunk shot out and onto her fabulous tits. She then milked every last drop into the warm crevice that she had formed by pressing her tits together around his hard on.

Still laughing as she flopped back into the passenger seat I could clearly see copious amounts of sticky white liquid dripping off her tits. My wife picked some tissues out of a box on the dashboard and began wiping his cum off her ample chest. When she was sure that it was all cleaned off she nonchalantly opened the window and threw the cum-stained tissues onto the ground.

When the man had regained his composure he leant over to kiss her again. Anne responded with a gentle kiss. He then whispered in her ear. Grinning she shook her head. I guessed that he wanted to fuck her. He persevered for a couple of minutes, playing with her sticky tits as he did so. She had to bite her lip when he rolled a nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She eventually seemed to agree to something. He grinned as he reclined her seat.

My cock was throbbing again as she lay back and began to unbutton her trousers.

“Oh shit!” I was going to watch him fuck my wife.

Anne pulled her trousers down to her knees, showing him (and me) her tiny white knickers. He rested his head on her swollen breasts and began making circles across her pubic area with his hand. As he began licking her right nipple his hand disappeared between her legs making her squirm.

She reached behind her head to grasp the headrest with both hands and opened her legs as wide as her trousers would let her.

I watched silently as his fingers found their way inside her panties. Anne appeared to groan as his fingers found her pussy.

My hand was furiously rubbing my cock again as I watched my wife get fingered off a stranger. The speed of my own hand appeared to be in exact time with his administrations. Anne tried to lift her legs higher up as he moved his hand further between her willing legs. His fingers must have been deep inside her pussy because she was rocking her hips making her tits wobble as she gripped onto her seat as if her life depended on it! Seconds later I could see her panting then she let out a huge groan as she and I orgasmed together. My balls ached as a small amount of juice oozed out of my tip, slowly dripping onto the ground.

Anne grabbed the mans head and gave him a great big kiss.

It only took them a minute or two to get their breath back. Anne awkwardly put her bra and shirt back on in the tight confines of the car as he quickly zipped up his pants.

I shook my head in disbelief at what I had just witnessed, as I too packed away my sore cock. He quickly reversed the car and drove off. I walked down the concrete steps in a daze. I don’t know why but I needed to see the scene of my wife’s ‘crime’. I stepped over empty beer cans and rubble until I was standing on the spot that the car had been parked. My eyes went straight to the tissues that she had nonchalantly thrown away. I picked them up. They were soaked with his thick, lumpy spunk. I couldn’t stop myself – I put them to my nose and inhaled. I then folded them neatly and put them in my jacket pocket.

Feeling ready to vomit but also incredibly turned on; I then scanned the area. Lying scattered were more spunk stained tissues – 4 or 5 squashed bundles. My mind tried to make sense of the evidence. I hoped that this was where he brought other lovers, but the way Anne had behaved made me believe that they were all hers.

I wandered around for a few minutes and noticed that the door to the empty flat was partly open. I put my shoulder to it and forced it back another 6 or 7 inches. The stench was disgusting – piss, shit, vomit and God knows what else. Junkies or vagrants had probably used it. I didn’t care. I turned into the living room and noticed a chink of light coming through the boarded up window. I hesitantly eased the corner back. It was an unobstructed view of the exact space that my wife’s lover had parked his car, perhaps only 4 feet away from her passenger window. “No!” I told myself, “You can’t. No! You mustn’t.”

I secured the door and wandered off, unsure how I was going to handle this situation. My head was buzzing when I silently entered the bar of a local pub. I’d been in a few times before, but didn’t recognise any of the three people sitting around the pool table. I checked my pocket - £3.62 (my life savings!) “Just enough for two cheap pints of strong lager.

The first pint went down without touching the sides. I sat in a window seat sipping the second as I contemplated how I was going to handle the situation. My wife was having an affair and I was devastated but had masturbated twice while watching her with her foreign lover. I was more than a little bit confused.

Anne was already at home when I opened the front door.

“Hi!” she called from the kitchen; “The kettle’s just boiled. Do you want a cup of tea?”

“Yes.” I grunted as I hung my jacket in the cupboard.

“Good day?” She asked as she handed me my mug.

“Sort of.” I muttered. She looked radiant. Her eyes were twinkling. I’d stopped noticing how beautiful she was.

“Did you see Johnny?” she asked as if she was the most innocent woman in the world.

“Hem…yes…no…I called but he wasn’t in.” It suddenly dawned on me what I had been doing when I’d spotted her. “Then I met Marty for a pint.” I lied. It was too late now; I’d missed my chance to confront her.

We spent the rest of the night like any other – watching crap TV. No wonder she had looked elsewhere for excitement. The tedium was only broken when my friend Craig rang inviting me to help him with some decorating work for the next few days.

I struggled to concentrate each afternoon, imagining my wife and her lover in his car. I finished work at 3 o’clock on the Friday. Instead of joining my pals in the pub I made an excuse and like a drug addict I found myself back at the flats. Much to my dismay and excitement there was another two bunches of discarded tissues lying in the same area. One set was still wet and warm. My cock stiffened as I realised that they had been there only minutes before. I pushed the flat door open and feverishly wanked as I sniffed her lovers’ spunk.

Like every other Friday night for the last 12 years I met up with my pals in the bar of our local pub. After a couple of pints I was beginning to relax when ‘he’ walked into the bar with a younger man, possibly his son. He looked over to the pool table that I was sitting next to and nodded ‘hello’ in my direction. I nearly shit myself. Fat Bob who was sitting next to waved back and shouted, “Hiya mate, how’s it going?”

“Who’s that?” I asked, as cool as possible.

“Who? Turkish Tony?” Bob replied as he lit a cigarette.

“Yeah. Where do you know him from?” I grunted.

“I’ve repaired his car and vans a couple of times. He’s got that sandwich shop in the precinct and does deliveries around the trading estates. Why?” Bob told me as he picked up his pool cue.

“No reason,” I lied, “I’ve just seen him around that’s all. He looks a right poseur”

Bob laughed out loud as he sank the blue ball into the top corner.

“He’s alright when you get to know him. He likes the ladies though! You should see his wife…. Fucking gorgeous, but he can’t keep it in his pants. You know young Gavin? I was told that Tony shagged his girlfriend on her Hen night!” The others all laughed and looked at ‘Turkish Tony’ with a newfound respect.

I tried to ignore him but couldn’t. My blood even began to boil when I saw them flirting with two young girls in mini-skirts. I felt it was like he was cheating on my wife.

There was no work the following week so I found myself hiding in the derelict flat at the same time on the Monday. I waited until 3 o’clock but they didn’t show. It was the same the following two days, but on the Thursday I arrived a little bit later to find that ‘they’ had already been as there were fresh spunk stained tissues discarded at the same point. My cock was aching as I sniffed them and put them in my pocket so that I could add them to the others hidden in my garage.

On the Friday morning Anne awoke as normal at 7am, I turned over and pretended to go back to sleep. After she’d been showered she returned to get dressed. Expecting me to be asleep she silently opened her knickers drawer and took out a very small pair of white panties. As she lifted her leg to put them on she glanced at my ‘sleeping’ body. Unknown to her I was peeping out of one eye, as I did most mornings. I loved watching her getting dressed – always had done. Perhaps that had been the beginning of my voyeuristic tendencies? She then took out a matching suspender belt and a pair of sheer tan stockings. She looked as gorgeous as the day I met her at school 20 years ago. We are both 36 now. Her slim frame really accentuates her round arse and heavy 34d breasts. I love watching her brush her shoulder length auburn hair. It’s a lot lighter now, her hairdresser sees to that, but when she flicks the fringe into place it always makes me think of the first day that I met her in the corridor at senior school. My cock was like iron. I knew that she must have been going to see him again today.

She continued dressing with a matching bra, a loose black (kilt-type) skirt and a nice white, low cut blouse. Finally combing her hair she smiled into the mirror and went downstairs for breakfast. I fumbled next to the bed for a sock and ‘cracked one out’. It was one of the most satisfying wanks that I’d ever had.

I entered my hiding hole in the flat at 2 p.m., carefully securing the door as before.

Ten minutes later I heard a car drive along the path. Slightly moving the metal shutter I spotted that it was his red car. My heart began thumping as my chest tightened. Just as I’d hoped they parked no more than three or four feet away from the window.

He immediately grabbed Anne’s breast as she looked over her shoulder to check for unwanted visitors. I could see him re-assuring her that there was no one about. She relaxed much quicker this time. I couldn’t believe my eyes as she instigated the first kiss. His hands were all over her lovely breasts as they French-kissed like teenagers. His deft fingers had her blouse unbuttoned in seconds. It looked like he was weighing them as he moved his hand from one tit to the other. As Anne buried her head into his shoulder she whispered something into his ear. His head sprung up and he grinned like a Cheshire Cat. He suddenly forgot about my wife’s luscious tits and lifted her skirt up so that he could see her stocking tops.

His face was a picture as I watched him carefully stroke her nylon-clad legs. I was staggered to see Anne take off her blouse and bra with absolutely no prompting. He hardly noticed as her stockings and suspenders fascinated him. My wife playfully slapped him on the head and fed her tit into his mouth when he looked up. He was like a ‘burglars’ dog in a butcher’s window’; he didn’t know what to go for first!

He was awkwardly trying to get his hand between her legs but she obviously wanted him to concentrate on her heaving tits. I moved an empty beer crate near to the window so that I could aid my vantage point. When I stepped onto it I had a much clearer picture of their antics. I desperately did not want to rub my cock too hard or fast but I couldn’t stop myself when Anne raised her left leg and rested her foot on his dashboard making her panty covered pussy available to him. Tony didn’t need telling twice his hand went straight inside her knickers as he sucked her tits. He looked as if he was being rough with her now as his wrist twisted and turned inside the little white pants. He was so worked up I think that he was even biting her nipples making Anne grimace as his fingers must have been deep inside her cunt.

“I’ve got to stop this!” I crazily thought as I approached an orgasm!

Just as I was about to stop and confront him I clearly heard my wife scream, “YES, YES TONY, YES, HARDER, HARDER TONY ……..YESSSSSsssssssss!” As an intense orgasm made her shake in his arms. I came all over my hand and jeans.

Tony gently kissed her on the lips as he withdrew his hand from her pants. As Anne lay back panting for air he waved three sticky fingers in front of her face then licked them like lollipops.

I gasped when I realised that he had had three fingers up her cunt!

Still licking his fingers clean he fumbled with his belt and jeans with the other hand. With a little bit of shifting position he sat against his door as if to say ‘my turn now’! From my viewpoint I could see that his cock put mine to shame. It looked huge (twice as long as my meagre offering) with an almost black plum shaped knob.

It took Anne a minute to get comfortable, but when she did her pear shaped arse, framed by her suspenders was pointing right at me. Because her legs were spread apart and her knickers were pulled to one side I could see that her cunt was actually dripping ‘love-juice’ onto her stockings as one of her knees was on her seat and the other in the foot well. My cock was still as stiff as before but I still felt sad that I’d never been able to turn her on as much as this. She nearly flung her face onto his dark cock. Slurping and sucking like a woman possessed my wife made Tony giggle with excitement.

I was rubbing as fast as I could a second time when I thought, “He can’t take much more of this.” At that moment Anne suddenly stopped sucking his cock and threw her head back. I stopped wanking. She excitedly told Tony something. He laughed then cradled her swaying tits as he passionately kissed her.

Anne shuffled back onto her seat as Turkish Tony reclined it for her. Both of them were smiling like teenagers as Anne lifted her legs in the air and pulled her knickers off then lay back on her flat seat. Her pussy glistened from between her nicely trimmed pubes.

My hand returned to my stiff cock as I watched Tony pull his trousers down to his ankles. Anne grabbed his wrist when he tried to get something out of the dashboard. She shook her head and smiled as she whispered something to him. He raised his eyebrows and moved towards her. I swear that she had told him she wanted to feel him cum inside her! My balls ached at the thought.

His cock looked even longer it swung viciously in front of him as he clambered on top oh my wife. It looked complicated but he had obviously done this before. As he positioned himself at her entrance with his hand Anne wrapped her stocking clad legs around his waist and rubbed her feet across his hairy arse and back.

“Oh God Tony!” I heard her groan through the closed window, “That’s so…so. Big!”

I stopped wanking and placed both of my hands against the wall so that I could get as a close a view as possible. “UGH! UGH!” She grunted as his hairy buttocks banged that big cock inside my wife.

“Ugh, oh…ooh…aaahhh…ugh!” Anne continued as he increased the speed of his fucking. Turkish Tony was licking and sucking her nipples so hard I thought that she was going to explode as she clung onto him for dear life. Her face was now contorted with pain as his cock knocked the wind out of her.

“Oh oh oh… Tony…faster, faster!” Anne groaned as Tony began licking her ear and whispering something to her.

“I can’t, ugh, ugh,” she panted, “no, no…YES, YES…. It is, it is…your cock is bigger…much, much bigger…oh ooh ugh, FUCK ME! FUCK ME TONY!” My wife screamed as her Turkish lover hammered his huge cock inside her sopping cunt. His face was now buried between her sweaty tits as he fucked her to the edge of orgasm.

“That’s it! THAT’S IT! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, fill me full of your fucking spunk!” Anne screamed at the top of her voice as they both tensed up orgasmming at the same time. I had the strangest feeling myself and looked down to see that I had ‘spontaneously erupted’ too onto the window frame.

I looked back at my wife and her lover. They were holding each other in a tender embrace. He then looked at his watch and then disentangled himself from her. Anne lay still for a few moments then I lost count of the number of tissues she used to mop up the flood of sticky cum from her glowing pussy. She playfully pretended to wipe them on his face before she threw them out of her window as usual.

As he pulled his trousers up and moved back into the driver’s seat. Tony’s flaccid cock still looked longer and fatter than mine did.

I stood trembling in the darkness as they grinned and chatted while Anne hurriedly put her clothes back on. Tony couldn’t resist the urge for one last feel of her naked tits as she fastened her bra. Then after a quick kiss the car reversed away and I scurried out into the daylight to collect even more sodden tissues.


2007-08-10 05:21:55
Wow, insanely good. 10/10.


2006-08-11 02:15:33
This was a great story, perfect grammar, which is rare. I gave it a 10/10.


2006-07-29 11:48:35
If you've ever seen Turkish people, you'd know that the majority of them are far from dark or olive skin. I lived in Ankara for nearly two years.


2006-07-29 11:05:57
Reminds me of a guy I use to work with. All the differant jobs and situations he said he encountered, we figured he was at that time, 'bout 127 yrs of age.


2006-06-25 18:19:24
lmao refenger is mad. the idea is erotica not wanton violence

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