A son making his dreams come true
Blackmail II

{Recap of part one-Brian and Jerome came back to Brian’s house after partying. Mom got caught blowing Brian’s passed-out friend in the bathroom.}

Brian and I got Jerome on the couch which was no easy task. My son didn’t say much and he was hard to read. He was no doubt in shock.
After we’d put Jerome to sleep, we sat together at the kitchen table―
“Look Brian, I’m sorry you had to see that. . .”
“I’m sure!”
I ignored his attitude. After all, who could blame him?
“. . . Jerome’s really drunk. . .” I continued. “He was passed out in the bathroom. . .”
“So you decided that was a good time to blow him?” Brian cut in harshly.
“Let me finish Brian.” I told him. Even though I didn’t have a leg to stand on, I tried to be stern “. . . He’s not going to remember any of tonight and you can’t tell him either Brian. You can’t tell anyone.”
It was hard to look into his eyes as I talked to him.

“Oh, he’ll remember!” My son gasped.
“What makes you so sure?”
“It’s all he talks about.”
“What do ya mean, It’s all he talks about?”
“He talks about fucking you all the time Mom. It’s all any of my friends talk about.”

Brian sounded distraught, flustered, almost like he was pissed off that his friends talked about me like that… …or he was a little jealous.
“I’m very much aware of that.” I told my son.
Brian looked at me a little sideways.
“Jerome was just a fountain of information tonight.” I assured him.
“Wha-da ya mean?”
“Well, he told me all about the things that you and your friends talk about; all the things you say about me.”
Brian’s attitude changed; he actually looked a little worried. He shouldn’t have been. After all, he certainly had the upper hand here.
“He told me that you wanted to watch while he and I had sex. . .”

Brian didn’t say anything. He sat there looking at me.
“. . .Said that you wanted to hide in the closet and take pictures.”
Brian got red in the face.
“He even told me that you wished you could have sex with me as well; said you dreamed about it a lot.”
Brian didn’t know what to say to that.
“And…and you believed him?” He stuttered.
“Well after hearing you guys talking and seeing the pictures that you had of me on your computer, you tell me Brian. Should I believe him?”
He didn’t answer.
“Well, is it true?” I pushed.
“Is what true?”
“What he said. You wishing something like that, dreaming about it? Is it true.” I asked.

The words made my stomach sink. I never imagined that that was a question I’d ever be asking either of my sons. I was hoping to show him that I wasn’t the only one that had something to hide here.

The silence and the look on his face said it all.
“Think about all the trouble it would cause if any of this were to get out Brian…Any of it.”
“Yeah, well…I bet you weren’t thinking about that when you were blowing Jerome, huh?”
My first thought was to slap him but he’d made a very good point.
“I guess not Brian. I can’t even tell you why I did that. I have no idea what came over me.” I said shamefully.

There was a long awkward silence.
“So now what?” I finally asked.

Brian cocked his head, shrugged his shoulders, and puffed out his bottom lip. After a few minutes he told me he had an idea. There was a hint of, what I can only describe as a mischievous smile on his lips.
“And what might that be?” I asked apprehensively.
“Well, I think I know a way to make sure none of this gets out. It would almost… … force us… …to keep quiet about all of this. ”
“Really now? And what might that be Brian?”

The tone of his voice and the look in his eyes made me very uncomfortable. “How ‘bout if you and me actually did it?”
Grab Toto and hold on to your ass Dorothy, I thought, there’s a storm a brewing.
“Did it? Did what Brian?”
“You know…”

I was surprised. Surely he wasn’t suggesting what I thought he was suggesting. Even thought I knew, thanks to Jerome, what kinds of things he had bouncing around in that little head of his, I didn’t believe he was actually willing to come right out and admit that Jerome had, even in his drunken state, spoke the truth.

He leaned in closer and whispered, “You know.” He nodded his head as if that would clear it all up, “IT”, he says in a low impish tone; his lips curled up on one side in a playful, yet disturbing smile. He looked very much like his father when he was up to something and he looked like his father now.

Had he a black Top hat on and been twisting the ends of a long handlebar mustache, the scene would have been set. There was nothing to do but wait for the train to come barreling around the mountain and put an end to little Polly Dogooder tied to the track.
I certainly don’t mean to compare myself to Polly Dogooder. I am, by-no-means taking the moral high ground here. I’d done something wrong, very wrong, and I now, it would seem, was about to pay for it.

I just stared at him for a long time while it soaked in. I was more than stunned. I couldn’t believe his boldness and, for the life of me, I didn’t see how in the world anybody would benefit from such a thing. . .
. . . Except for Brian of course.

I was troubled…Troubled and a bit disturbed. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought I understood.
He’d caught me doing the unthinkable. His mom was giving his 17-year-old friend a blowjob…Something I’m sure he’d pictured me doing to all his friends, and even to him at one time or another. Something I’m also sure, he’d never thought would really happen, even in his wildest of dreams. He, no doubt, figured that if his mom would do something like THAT…What else might she be willing to do?

He’d been standing in the kitchen just a short while ago, knowing full well what I was doing to his friend behind that bathroom door just as I had sat in that very kitchen knowing what Jerome had been doing in the bathroom when I left him there to jerk off. And like me, it had had a profound effect on him.

“Look Mom. . .” Brian began. “. . . If dad ever found out you did this, he’d probably kill Jerome, wouldn’t he?”
“…No doubt.” I told him, pretty sure I was right.
“. . .So. . .If he knew that I…You know… did it to you, he’d kill me too, right?”
“And me as well.” I agreed, “What’s your point Brian?”
“Well, if you let me…do it{His words staggered me} then there’s no way I could tell anyone without getting everyone killed. I mean, if one bee gets out. . .they all get out. Everybody loses, right?”

Every time he mentioned ‘Doing it’, my stomach tightened.
“He’d kill us all.” I added with an undeniable honesty.

I didn’t know what to make of all this. It was obvious he was trying to take advantage of the situation. He was using my careless transgressions to hopefully get what he wanted; what he’d dreamt about.
Somehow, in one night, I had gone from molesting my son’s under aged friend to . . . . . .To what?
“Jesus Brian. That’s incest. . .”I mumbled, the words sticking in my throat. “There has to be another way.”
“I don’t know Mom. I think Dad killing us all is a pretty good deterrent.”
“You could just promise me you won’t say anything.”
“Well yeah, I suppose.” My son said to me with a sinister smirk on his lips. “But my way seems more. . . .more fool proof.
“You’re kidding.” I was appalled but helpless. There was a big hole in my boat and that little son-od-a-bitch had the plug.
“You’re gunna Blackmail me?” I asked.
Saying it out loud put it in its proper place.

I shouldn’t have been at that point but I was; I was shocked. After everything I’d heard and seen, I guess I should have figured that Brian would find a way to fulfill his dark fantasy as I suppose I had too. I considered my father and some of the things he made me do to indulge his unnatural urges. And it would seem that I had done the very same thing with Jerome. And now Brian was doing it to me. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I suppose.

“I…I need to soak all this in.” I told Brian. I slowly left the kitchen and went quietly to my room. Oddly enough, to my amazement, the images of Jerome and the urge to pleasure myself still peeked at me from under the covers.

I sat on my bed. I thought long and hard. The problem was that I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’d done in the bathroom. No matter what else had happened, I’d fulfilled a fantasy that had poked at me for such a very long time. I suppose I couldn’t hold it against Brian for trying to do the same. After all, what he wanted to do was wrong but hadn’t I just taken advantage of…Sexually Molested, technically…a drunk miner in my own bathroom. It was hard to point a moral finger now.

I was sorry that Brian had caught me but I was in no way sorry that I’d done what I’d done. I couldn’t get over how it made me feel. In spite of everything…It aroused me like I’d never been before. It aroused me even as I sat there in my room trying to figure out what to do. I think that had a big influence on my thought process. It was almost one in the morning when made my way back to the kitchen.

I’d expected that Brian had gone to bed but he was still sitting at the table with an empty glass in front of him. He jerked his hand out of his lap as I stepped into the kitchen. He was no doubt thinking about what I’d done to his friend and probably fantasizing about what I might do to him.

I sat down quietly. We looked at each other for a few long, awkward seconds.
“Well, wha-da-ya think?” Brian asked hopefully. He looked like he could have had a winning lottery ticket in his hand and he was waiting to hear that last number announced on the television to confirm it.
“I don’t really have much of a choice here, do I?” I told him just above a whisper.
Brian looked at me like he was trying to understand, to put it together. “You…You mean YES?”
I rested my forehead down on my arm and shook my head slowly. I didn’t want Brian to see my face as I submitted to his blackmail.
“Yes Brian.” I said softly. Disconnected.
I looked up at him. “I have a few conditions.”I warned him.
“Sure, sure….Like what?”

His enthusiasm was overwhelming. It would seem that I was making two kid’s dreams come true tonight, but with any luck at all, one of them would never know.
“First and obviously…No one ever finds out about any of this…Right?”
“Sure. Right.”
“Right, I know.”
“Second…Just this one time, understand?”
“Yeah, I guess.”
He sounded like he’d lost a bit of that enthusiasm.
“OK?”I asked a little louder.
“Yeah, OK.”
“Third…If I tell you to stop. . . . You stop.” I was firm, as I cut my hand though the air like a forced good-bye wave.
“Forth . . . I leave my shirt on.”
He looked a little disappointed but agreed.
“And fifth…” I took in a long deep breath. Saying this was hard. “You have to take me from behind.”

Hearing myself say that to my son made my face hot. Then a wave of heat washed over my whole body like a tidal wave. It was like my whole body blushed. It wasn’t totally an unpleasant feeling…Just weird.
I would have expected it to have upset me more or maybe even disgust me, but oddly enough, it simply made me feel “Funny”.

“Is that it?” He asked. He sounded pretty anxious.
I shook my head slowly, “Yeah” and suggested we go to his room. I didn’t want to do it in the bed that his father and I shared.
“My room?”
“Well yeah, I assume you want to do this now, right?”
I hoped so. I just wanted to get this over-with before I had time to think about it anymore.

“Well sure, but what’s wrong with right here?”
“Right here…In the kitchen…With Jerome sleeping in the living room on the couch?”
“Sure. He’s passed out cold.”
I glanced into the living room and sighed. I shrugged my shoulders.
“Why here?”
“I think that’d be hot.”
“What, it’s not ‘Hot’ enough just fucking your mother?” I barked. “… we have to do it in the kitchen, where we eat?” My stomach flip/flopped again and I felt the heat in my face again as well.
“Come on, Please?”

I think I was becoming somewhat detached at this point. I figured it didn’t really matter. Let’s just get this over with. Jerome probably wouldn’t wake up till tomorrow afternoon anyways and as excited as Brian was, he probably wouldn’t last two minutes.

“Jesus! OK Brian.” I agreed.
I stood up slowly. I turned by back to Brian, took a deep slow breath, and unbuttoned my shorts. I can’t describe the feeling as I wiggled out of my shorts. I took another deep breath and a long sigh. I mumbled something religious. God forgive me…Give me strength…Maybe just- For Christ’s sake. I don’t remember but I know it felt out of place. After all I’d done and everything I was about to do, I had no business asking God for any favors.

“I can’t believe you want to do this.” I whispered as I stepped out of my panties revealing my bare ass to my son.
“I can’t believe I’m even letting you.”
I was put out; maybe even angry with him for making me do this, but when all was said and done…It was my own fault. I should have just walked Jerome back to the couch after he’d finished peeing.

“Wow!” I heard Brian whisper behind me under his breath. It was a strange feeling knowing that my son was behind me watching every single move I made and admiring my ass while I made them. I turned towards the kitchen table. I heard Brian’s pants unzip and hit the floor. I closed my eyes and bent over the table. I heard my son gasp quietly, “Holy shit!”

I tensed when I felt him rest his hand on my lower back. I sucked in and held my breath when something slowly, lightly slid back and forth over the lips of my pussy.
I thought it must be the tip of his little dick. I figured he was just teasing himself; trying to make “The moment” last.
Then I realized that he was trying to put it in…but he couldn’t quite reach. He was too short. Surprisingly, I spread my legs a little more and bent my knees a bit to accommodate my son.

I tried to think about something else to get my mind off the fact that this was my son behind me. I thought about the boy at the gas station and I thought about what I’d done with Jerome in the bathroom. Soon I found my son’s teasing was not entirely unpleasant.
“You’re wet.” He whispered as he slid his hard little dick back and forth over my pussy lips.
I didn’t respond. The fact that my pussy was responding embarrassed me.

I could feel Brian’s knuckles gently touching the folds of my pussy every few seconds. I could only imagine he was sliding his hand over his dick, smearing some of my wetness over it. I laid my head down on my arm and tried to pretend it was someone else.
Oddly enough, I briefly though of my father. If blowing a colored boy was a sure path to hell, then where would THIS lead me?

I couldn’t believe I was actually letting my son fuck me over the kitchen table just to keep him from saying anything about me blowing his friend. Jesus, the thought did nothing to settle me. Just forty minutes ago, I couldn’t believe what I’d done to Jerome. Now this.
I tried to think about the gas station attendant and I tried to conjure up the images of Jerome sitting on the toilet, his hard dick, and me kneeling in front of him. Anything but what was happening. It would seem I hadn’t been displaced from the feelings I’d doted over Jerome by much.
When I felt Brian entering me, I clenched my teeth and a small groan escaped me. At that point I wasn’t sure if I was groaning my displeasure… …Or my acceptance.

As Brian began to ‘fuck me’, it became more obvious, to both of us, that the experience wasn’t as humiliating as I first thought it would be. He went well past the two minutes I thought he’d last.
I suppose all the stimulation I’d subjected myself too earlier, began to affect me. To my surprise, I found myself beginning to push back, a little at first and then more when I realized how badly I needed to cum.

Brian grabbed my hips with both hands and started to really push into me hard. He was quite the little fucker.
“God, this is so hot!” He declared with heavy breaths.
I tried not to respond. “Um.” slipped out as I rocked my hips and moved my ass in small circles.

“You like it. You like it don’t you Mom?”
“Just do it!” I told him rather harshly, not wanting him to know the truth; yes, I liked it. He reached around me, forced his hands between the table and my chest, and seized my tits. I pushed up onto my hands. My head automatically fell back as I arched my back and let him massage my firm tits as he buried himself inside me again and again.
I was responding in a way I’d never expected. After a few minutes of getting fucked over the kitchen table, I heard myself sigh and begin to softly moan.
Then…Before I could stop it…A low whisper escaped me. “Fuck me. . .”

I liked it alright. I lifted one leg up and put my foot on the chair next to me to give Brian better access. He took full advantage.
“Oh god Mom! I knew fucking you would be awesome! You’re gunna make me cum! I’m gunna cum!” He cried.
“STOP!” I told him. I hadn’t thought that far ahead. “You can’t cum in me Brian.” I blurted out urgently.
“But. . .”

I quickly reached back and pushed Brian back a step as I turned around. He looked shocked, almost distraught.
“You can’t!”
His expression changed immediately when I dropped to my knees in front of him and took hold of his hard dick. My hand slid rapidly back and forth over his wet, slippery dick again and again and again.

He started to cum within seconds. His hot semen splashed my face and my hair. I automatically opened my mouth and leaned in to him. I think I was as surprised as he was when I sealed my lips over the head of his dick to catch his cum.

He came quite a lot. It was thick like his father’s and there seemed to be plenty of it as he spewed into my mouth.
I heard him gasp, “Oh God! Oh god Mom!”
I jerked him off into my mouth until he was done. When I’d squeezed the last drop of it out, I swallowed. I looked up at Brian. His eyes were huge and his mouth hung open as he stared down at me. He was speechless; and that was good. I didn’t feel like having a conversation. I just wanted to go up to my room and make myself cum. I couldn’t take any more; I was ready to burst.
I wiped his cum off my lips, “This is our secret. Right?” I told him as I stood up.

Before Brian could answer, I heard Jerome squeal from the living room. “Holy shit!”
He was standing by the steps looking into the kitchen with the same look on his face that Brian had on his…Amazement.
“Shit!” I muttered. I quickly wiped my face with my shirt sleeve. Jerome staggered into the kitchen, his eyes bouncing back and forth between me and Brian.

“You’re kiddin’?” He hooted at Brian. “Dude!!! Fuckin A!!!”
He looks at me, he can’t believe it. His eyes bug out when he sees that I’ve got no underwear on. I didn’t even try to hide it. What was the point?
“What a night this is turning out to be.” I stated matter-of-factly.
I guess I was never going to get to my room. I looked at Brian and shrugged my shoulders. I walked up to Jerome and looked up into his eyes. He has a huge smile on his face.
“Come-on Sweetie.”
I took Jerome by the hand and walked him back to the living room. I looked over my shoulder at Brian, “You might want to get your camera.”


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