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we go to a Halloween party at DeRonda's. I also find out why John has been acting like he has.
Hi, I last left everyone with John and me getting ready to go to a Halloween Party at DeRonda’s house. If you do not know who she is, I suggest you read my other stories if you need to catch up. John was dressed as a football player and I was in a cheerleader’s outfit. We jumped into the car and off we went.

“I have to stop and get some gas,” John said as he whipped his car into the gas station.

I stayed in the car while John was pumping the gas. I was so excited about going to one of DeRonda’s parties. I was sitting there thinking about her when I heard a commotion going on up by the entrance of the store.

I looked out to see John had some person in a headlock as he was yelling at another person. I got out of the car and ran over to see what was going on. When I got there, I heard John yelling and threatening the other guy.

“COME on mother fucker I got your buddy already,” “I only need one hand to handle your little punk ass,” John screamed at the other guy while motioning for him to come toward him.

“John what is going on?” I asked him as I got near enough for him to hear me.

“These fucking little punks picked on the wrong guy that’s what the fuck happened,” John replied swinging around with the guy still in a headlock.

“JOHN let him go,” I screamed at him.

John’s eyes had that look of hate in them again as he looked at me. John left go of the guy and he took off running. John yelled you had better run motherfucker. I saw he had the look as if he was going to run after them. Therefore, I ran up to him putting both my hands onto his chest. I told him to just stop it those two guys were not going to come back.

“Stay out of this Janet it does not concern you,” John semi yelled at me.

I gave him a little push on his chest as I replied, “It does concern me John I am your girlfriend.”
I saw the hate and anger vanishing from his eyes. I put my arm around his back as I told him come on let get to the car. I had never seen him like this. It was as if someone else had taken over his body and mind. I had never heard John cuss like that at anyone let alone wanting to kick their ass. I slipped into the car and John followed me.

John looked at me and he said, “Sorry you had to see that Janet but those two guys were picking on everyone inside the store.” “I just could not stand there and let them get away with it.”

John drove off the lot telling me that he had warned them to stop. However the one he had in a headlock had said, look the football hero thinks he can stop us. John told me he just grabbed the guy in a headlock and dragged him out of the store. I just sat there next to my door thinking of something to say.

“John you should have handled it a little different,” I said looking his way.

“Your right Janet,” John replied. “I am just a little on edge that all,” “Sorry now slide on over here,” he added.

I slid on over next to him and he gave my forehead a kiss as I laced my arm through his. I leaned my head against his fore arms as I did I noticed that he seemed to have built up his muscles in that arm rather well. I leaned against him wondering what he had meant about being on edge. I wondered why he had been acting as he had for the last week or so.

I had seen him throw his tools just last week while he was working on a car at his dad’s car dealership. Then with him pretty much raping me the other night when I had told him no. I thought maybe tonight’s incident was because the guy had called him a football hero.

“John, you OK with not winning the championship this year?” I asked rather out of the blue staring up at him.

“A little disappointed that’s all Janet, I should have played better especially in our first lose.” “But I will be bigger, better and stronger next year, then I will show everybody,” John replied not even looking at me.

It seemed like he was telling the whole world that instead of just me. As John drove I just sat there thinking he did not have anything to show me or anyone else. All he had to do was play the best that he could; he had nothing to prove to me. He would always be a winner in my book.

We finally arrived at the party DeRonda met us at the door. Her house all decorated for Halloween inside and out. DeRonda had on a very sexy gypsy’s outfit, those huge fucking tits of her flowing over the top. Her long red hair was flowing from under the gypsies’ scarf covering her head.

“So glad you two could make it tonight,” DeRonda said. She gave John a big hug with a quick little kiss before she turned to me.

“Janet don’t you look sexy in that cheerleaders outfit,” DeRonda said just before she kissed me fully on my lips. “The guys and girls are just going to love you,” DeRonda added as she broke our kiss.

She walked us into her house and a lovely home it was. I looked around and saw there were about maybe 15 to 20 people here. There were clowns, sexy vampires, mummies or ghosts I was not sure. There was a cowboy with a very sexy squaw. I also saw a guy dressed as a cop while his women prisoner had nothing on but shackles and handcuffs. I smiled to myself as I thought this party is going to be fun.

“John go play you know your way around, while I give your lovely girlfriend the personal tour,” DeRonda said as she put her arm around me.

“You’re in good hands Janet,” John said before taking me into his arms and kissing me very passionately.

“John I said go play, not to shove your tongue down Janet’s throat,” DeRonda said with a little laugh as she pried him off me.

John smiled as he walked away leaving me standing there with DeRonda. I watched him as he walked into the crowd of people. The guys were shaking his hands or patting him on his back, while the women would kiss and rub up against him.

“You ready for the tour?” DeRonda asked as her arm went around me again.

I shook my head yes, as she lead me away. She walked me across the room with all the people in it as she told me that this is where you can talk and mingle with the other guests. Guys and girls began to come up to us as she walked me across the room. They would give DeRonda a kiss and they would ask her who her new playmate was.

“This is Janet she is John’s girlfriend,” DeRonda would tell them.

Most of the people shook my hand and told me welcome to the party. That was until we ran into the cop with his prisoner. After DeRonda had introduced me to them, the cop kissed me fully on my lips. I kissed him back with my tongue sliding into his mouth. His hand went to my butt and he gave it a little swat with his hand.

“I know you are a bad girl,” “I will be putting you against the wall later and frisking you down,” the cop said when he broke our kiss.

The women with him placed her cuffed hands over my head and around my neck. She pulled her nude body against mine rubbing herself against me as she said, “Slut you can share my cell anytime you like,” as she kissed me with plenty of tongue. She even ran both her hands under my skirt before she walked away licking her lips.

DeRonda took me into her kitchen that was more like a banquet hall. She told me if you get hungry this is where you will find the food, unless you are hungry for something else. DeRonda was looking right into my eyes as she said that. I could not help myself I threw my arms around and she backed me up against the wall in her kitchen kissing me passionately.

DeRonda’s tongue entered my mouth and I just rather melted. I had never tasted or felt a tongue like hers in my mouth. DeRonda kissed and licked at my lips as I did the same to her. When I felt her starting to rub my pussy through my panties, I almost had an orgasm right there.

“Why don’t we just remove this now,” DeRonda said as she pulled my panties down exposing my hairless pussy.

DeRonda tossed my panties at a nearby guest dressed like a hobo as she said, “Here Fred go enjoy your self.”

The guy caught my panties and he held them up to his nose as he sniffed them.

DeRonda went back to kissing me as I felt her hand under my skirt again. I slipped mine under her short gypsies’ skirt. My hand sunk into a heavy mat of hair as my fingers slipped between her pussy lips. I dipped my finger into her honey pot that was already wet. DeRonda slipped one then two fingers right up into my pussy. I moaned against her lips as she started to finger me right there in the kitchen. I fingered her while she was fingering me.

DeRonda pulled her finger from my hole and ran it up to her mouth where she sucked at it. I removed my fingers and I licked at her juices looking right into those lovely green eyes of hers. DeRonda smiled at me and told me that she had better finish my tour.

When DeRonda and I turned to go out of the kitchen, I saw we had everyone looking and smiling at us. The cowboy and his sexy squaw stopped us and DeRonda introduced me to them. The cowboy gave me a tight hug and kiss pulling me into himself.

I felt his big gun pressing against me. He told me that he would love me to ride his pony later as he took my hand and placed it on his cock. My hand felt the biggest cock I had ever felt before. Before I could say anything, the sexy squaw took his place. She kissed me then whispered into my ear.

“I want you and that sexy hunk of a man of yours as well,” very sexy like.

DeRonda rushed me away from them telling them she had to finish the tour. I could feel my pussy getting wetter. DeRonda grabbed me by the hand and she led me through the crowd of people. I tried to look for John but I did not see him. DeRonda walked me up stairs as she told me.

“The up stairs are rooms that you can go to have fun.” “If the door is locked then they do not want anyone else joining them.” DeRonda explained as we walked down the hallway.

DeRonda pointed to some people standing outside an open door and she explained, “If the door is open you can watch or go join them.”

We stopped at this opened door and I looked in. There was my John on the bed. A woman was on top of him riding the fuck out of his cock. Another woman was grinding her pussy down on his face as she used the headboard for balance. I saw that there were four other naked women standing around the room. I asked DeRonda what those women were doing.

DeRonda looked at me and smiled as she said, “They are waiting for their turn.” “Your boyfriend is very popular at our parties.”

I felt my nipples getting hard as I watched the two women have their way with my John. It made my pussy throb as I watched him using his hands to slam her butt down onto his cock as she rode him. I wanted to go in and join them but there were four women ahead of me. DeRonda saw that I was watching the women have their way with John and she whispered into my ear.

“We can join John later I some more to show you,” as she licked at my ear.

The next-door down was closed with a pair of handcuffs was hanging from the doorknob. DeRonda explained that was telling us that this room was for bondage or for dominant, submissive people to come in and play. DeRonda opened the door slightly and I saw a woman spanking both a guy and a woman.

My pussy got even wetter as I watched the Mistress turn each of their butt’s red. I slipped my hand down under my skirt watching them playing as I touched my pussy. I started to rub my pussy faster as I watched.

“Careful Janet or I will have to spank you,” DeRonda whispered into my ear.

DeRonda told me she had just one more room to show me as she closed the door to the bondage room. I was hoping maybe she would just take me in there with her and spank me. DeRonda took me by the hand down to the next door. There on the door was a big sign. It read, “Do not enter.”

DeRonda looked at me as she said, “This is my room you are not ever allowed in here unless I take you in.”

DeRonda fished a key on a necklace from between those lovely big boobs of hers. She unlocked the door and ushered me in. Her bedroom was huge and decked out. There was a Jacuzzi, a mini bar with refrigerator, there were mirrors on the ceiling above a super king size bed with stuffed animals all over the bed. I continued to look around the room as DeRonda lead me to her bed.

DeRonda told me to have a sit on her bed. She told me she would get us a glass of wine. My eyes followed her as she walked to the mini bar. She bent over exposing a very lovely butt. I turned to lean back on the bed when a picture caught my eye on her nightstand.

My mouth fell open as I stared at the picture in a lovely gold frame. The picture was DeRonda and my John. My mouth fell open because DeRonda was in a wedding dress and John was in a tuxedo. I looked back to DeRonda who was walking back to me with two glasses of wine in her hands. DeRonda must have seen the troubled look I had on my face.

“Yes Janet John and I got married a couple years ago,” She said with a little laugh.

“WHAT!” I yelled out as I stood from her bed.

“Just joking Janet,” DeRonda replied as she sat the glasses down on that same nightstand.

DeRonda had me sit back down handing me my glass of wine as she explained it all to me. She told me that they had a honeymoon party where everyone came dressed as a bride and groom. DeRonda picked up the photo and as she looked at it.

“We did make a lovely couple that weekend,” “But it was all in fun,” DeRonda said as she placed the frame back onto the nightstand.

“Some day I hope I will be dressed like that with him myself,” I replied as I sipped at my wine.

“Oh from what John has told me about you I am sure you will someday,” DeRonda said with a big lovely smile.

We sat there on the bed just looking into each other’s eyes. I must say that not only was she a lovely woman but also a very charming one. DeRonda and I sat there on her bed swapping our life’s stories. I could feel my nipples stiffen as I looked at her and her at me. DeRonda took my glass from me and sat them on her nightstand. She turned back to me as she put her arms around my neck.

DeRonda pulled me toward her as I felt her hand lightly brush my long blonde hair from the nape of my neck. DeRonda’s touch on my neck furthers my need to have her. Our eyes met as our lips joined in a deep passionate kiss. DeRonda soft lips felt silky pressed against mine. DeRonda slipped her tongue into my mouth; her tongue was squirming deep in my mouth as she elicited a moan from me. My pussy was throbbing and dripping as our tongues played deeply in our mouths.

DeRonda broke our kiss as she said, “Let’s get comfortable shall we.”

DeRonda stood up and started to take her gypsies dress off. I stood up and pulled my little outfit right over my head. DeRonda was standing there in just her bra, garter belt and stockings. My mouth drooled looking at her legs and that lovely pussy hiding behind her thick red hair. DeRonda smiled at me as she unhooked her bra freeing those lovely big tits of hers.

I removed my own bra as I stood there looking at her boobs. They had to be 44’s at least, they were big and round. I believe it was a boob job for her tits had no sag but I did not care. I reached out for one of her tits. I took it gentle into my mouth as I sucked at her nipples. They hardened as I licked and kissed at them. I moved from one tit to the other as she ran her hands through my long blonde hair.

“Mmmmm your tongue feels lovely on my breasts,” “Let me return the favor,” DeRonda cooed out as she pulled me from her tits.

DeRonda used both her hands to feel up my tits. She tweaked at my nipples with her thumbs before she pinched them lightly. DeRonda lowered her mouth to my tit where she suckled at one then the other. She drew her head back a little ways from my tit as she flicked her tongue over each.

DeRonda removed her mouth from my breast placing it over my mouth instead. We lock into a deep passionate kiss as we both fell onto the bed. We squirmed in each other’s arm as our tongue did battle in our mouths. DeRonda worked her way on top of me as I parted my legs. I could feel her hairy pussy against mine. DeRonda bumped her hairy pussy against mine as I felt my pussy start to drip.

DeRonda spun around placing her head between my legs and her pussy right above my face. DeRonda dipped her tongue into my pussy as my thighs gave a little shake. I reached up with my hands and lightly rubbed on her thighs until I had worked my hands to that lovely hairy pussy.

I placed my hands on either side of her pussy with my thumbs near her pussy lips. I pulled them apart to expose her meaty red pussy hidden under her hair. Her big pussy lips were wet with her juices as they opened and hung down.

I used my tongue to lick up at her hanging pussy lips. I licked at them tasting her juices that had run over them. Her pussy tasted like no other woman’s I swear she tasted like fresh strawberries as I slipped my tongue inside.

DeRonda was spreading my own pussy with her hands as she dug her tongue deep into my hole. She ran her tongue in and out as if it was a little cock. I felt her slip her thumb up to my clit rubbing on it as she tongued out my pussy. I moaned softly into her pussy as I felt my clit swelling.

I drove my tongue up between her hanging lips. I flicked my tongue in and out of her wet hole. I put my hands up to her lovely ass pulling that hot red hairy pussy down onto my mouth and my tongue. I started to lick at the very insides of her pussy.

“AHhhh,” DeRonda moaned out as she started to grind her pussy down on to my face.
When DeRonda lifted up a little, I replaced my tongue with two of my fingers. I buried them up into her wet juicy pussy. I felt them rub against a small rough spot; I smiled to myself knowing I had found her special spot with ease. I took my tongue and I worked it on her big hanging clit while I rubbed my two fingers lightly against her special spot.

“MMmmmmm your good girl,” DeRonda cooed out between her licks of my pussy.

DeRonda was sucking on my clit as I felt her two fingers slipping deep into my pussy. I knew she would soon find my spot as well. I had to make her get off first. I curled my fingers as I rubbed them hard into her special spot. DeRonda moaned and she ground her pussy down onto my fingers.

“AHhhhh Janet you little slut,” DeRonda screamed out as I felt her thighs start to shake.

I felt a small trickle of her juices start to drip from her pussy. I wanted more than just that so I pressed my fingers down against her spot as I curled them back and forth against it. That small trickle soon turned in a fountain as her pussy left go with a long wet squirt. I just kept using my fingers on her making her juices gush out all over my face.

“OHhhhh ahhh,” DeRonda moaned loudly as she rubbed that pussy over my face.

DeRonda’s fingers suddenly found my special spot as she sucked at my hardened clit. DeRonda started to curl her fingers at my special spot. I felt the pressure building up in me. I tried my best to hold it but I could not hold it back any longer. My pussy convulsed once or twice as my juices shoot out splash after splash of my pussy juices as she rubbed my spot. My whole body trembled as I flopped around below her. Many strong and powerful orgasms raced through my body one right after the other.

“Oh my god,” “ AAAHHhhhhhh,” I moaned out loudly as DeRonda used her hand on my clit.

She moved her hand roughly back and forth on it. My clit throbbed as my pussy fired out another round of my pussy juices. This time DeRonda buried her face into my pussy as I squirmed on the bed beneath her. I felt like I was going to pass out from my excitement, as my orgasm just would not stop.

“Dam girl when you let go you let go,” DeRonda said as she spun around facing me.

She looked down at me with those lovely green eyes sparkling and her face dripping in my juices. I knew my face had to look like hers did. She leaned down and our lips locked into a deep passionate kiss. I was lost in her kiss when she pulled her tongue from my mouth and she started to lick around my face. I did the same to her as we licked our juices from one another.

DeRonda rolled off me lying next to me. I was looking at her using the ceiling mirrors when she said, “I see why John loves you like he does.”

I smiled into the mirrors as I replied, “I know now why John’s face lights ups when ever I asked him about you.”

DeRonda rolled toward me as she said, “He was not real happy last week when I ran into him.” “He seemed almost angry at me.”

“Have you noticed a change in him?” I asked as I stared into her lovely green eyes.

“Yes Janet I have,” “He seems to get angry when something is troubling him,” “But maybe it just because he feels like he has left us all down,” DeRonda replied as she stroked my wet hair.

“I think he feels that he left the whole town down,” I replied.

“John is not use to losing Janet nor has he ever had to handle defeat before,” DeRonda said. “Janet I have something I want to show you,” She added as she got off the bed and she asked me to follow her.

DeRonda walked me over to a nearby closet and she pulled the door opened. Inside were three or four shelves full of trophies, plaques and ribbons, DeRonda reached in and pulled one from the shelf handing it to me. I looked at it reading the plaque “Most valuable Player” it was one of John’s High School football trophies.

“How did you end up with these?” I asked DeRonda with wonder on my face.

“I caught him throwing them all away a few weeks ago, right around when they had lost their first game this season,” “I had questioned his judgment about throwing them away like he was.” “But he just yelled at me to mind my own fucking business,” DeRonda explained to me with a frown on her face.

DeRonda and I stayed in her room talking about John for a real long time. I found out from her that he comes over to her place a lot during the week after work instead of going home. DeRonda told me that they would just talk about different stuff. She told me that John had told her that he is so afraid of losing me and that he had to have me as part of his life.

“I had him crying in my arms last week,” “I tried to get him to tell me what was going on but he got angry and left when he felt like I was being nosey I guess.” “That was why I was surprised to see the two of you here tonight,” DeRonda said.

DeRonda and I made a pact; we were going to find the underlying cause of what ever was going on. DeRonda told me that she would keep all his trophies for now. She also told me that we had better get back to the party. We both were dressed and walked from her room hand in hand. I felt like I had just met and made my new best girlfriend.

As DeRonda and I walked down the hall, I almost stopped at that bondage room but I just walked by with a smile. I thought the next party. DeRonda walked me to the room where John was. Christ he was still in there but there were only two other women waiting. I kissed DeRonda as I told her I had better get him out of there.

DeRonda grabbed the other two women waiting and told them this room was going to close for a while. They gave a little moan but followed her out. I watched the woman with John cum all over his cock that she was riding.

She gave him a quick kiss before she turned to me and said, “Your next.”

I closed and locked the door before I climbed into the bed. I saw that John was soaked in his own sweat. He was breathing fast and heavy. I did not know why but the women had tied a blind fold around his eyes. His big cock was standing tall and throbbing. I placed my hand around his throbbing cock.
John rose from the bed, “I would know those lovely hands anywhere,” he said as he took the blindfold off.

“Honey you all sweaty, I think you have had enough,” I replied as I found a towel next to the bed and started to wipe the sweat from him.

John looked to a small chalkboard over the bed. I looked at it as well there were 12 dashes on it. John looked at me and he smiled as he asked, “Care to be 13.”

I could not help myself I ended up being the 13th woman to have him that night. It was one of the hottest and most enjoyable sessions of pure sex, which we had ever had. It was hard to believe; that this was the same man, who forced himself on me. I dried the sweat from him again before he got dressed. We went down stairs into the kitchen and grabbed us something to eat.

The night ended with DeRonda, John and I all jumping into her Jacuzzi. We all had one hot threesome before we all fell asleep in her bed. I would tell everyone all about it. However, there will be much more fun with DeRonda and the rest of the swingers; I met that night in later chapters. The next day we drove home back to his place as I told him I had really enjoyed myself. I made him promise that we would go to more of DeRonda’s parties.

The month of November flew by as well. John’s team won the rest of their games but not without a little trouble. John was thrown out, his last game of the season for fighting. A player on the other team pushed him and John jumped on him; they both ended up tossed from the game. John first year of playing college football earned him no awards and they finished in second place another first in his career.

I could tell something was wrong with John; the fighting on the football field was totally out of character. That and his grades had slipped a little in the last month or so. I would ask him about it but he would just tell me that he was OK and to stop worrying about him.

Thanksgiving break was here for the both of us. I had a week and a half off from school while John had two weeks off. I spent my time off with him in his apartment. I was about to find out just what he meant by being on edge.

John had to run to the store for something I cannot remember what it was. He had only been gone about five minutes when there was a knock on his door. I thought he had forgotten something, I opened the door and there was a huge big man standing at the door.

He smiled as he asked, “Is John around?”

“No he is not home right now,” I replied.

The big man rubbed his chin as he said, “You must be the lovely Janet his girlfriend,” “John talks about you a lot.”

I blushed as I replied, “Yes that is I.”

The man reached into his coat pocket and he pulled out a small box handing it to me as he said, “Janet could you see that John gets this I have a plane to catch if I am going to make in home for Thanksgiving.”

“OK I will give it to him when he gets back,” I replied.

The big man said, “Thank you and one more thing, John was not lying when he told me how lovely you were.”

I smiled as he walked away; I closed the door and sat the small package on the kitchen table. There were no markings or anything on it. I could not stand not knowing what was in it. It had masking tape around it holding the small box together. I carefully peeled the tape fall enough back to where I could peek inside of it. I could see three or four vials of something. I opened it further to read the label.

It read HGH on some of the vials and Anabolic steroids. I closed the box back up and I taped it back the way it was. I had no idea what they were or what their use was. All I knew was that they were some type of drugs. My John was doing drugs was all I knew. I had never heard of drugs by these names during the 70’s. I did not know what to do. I called DeRonda and I asked her if I could come over and talk with her, she told me OK.

I left John a note telling him that I had to run back home but I would be back. I drove to DeRonda’s and she left me in. I was crying as she hugged me asking me what was wrong. I took the box from my purse and I handed it to her.

“John is on some type of drugs that is what is wrong with him,” I cried out as more tears ran down my face. I told her to open it and see for herself.

DeRonda opened the box and she looked at the vials inside. She picked them up and she read them. DeRonda told me she did not know what they were but knew some one to call and find out. I watched her as she talked on the phone. She would tell the person on the other line what the vial said. DeRonda did this for each of them. I saw her shaking her head as she talked.

“What is it DeRonda is he on LSD or something?” I asked in a total sate of panic.

“No Janet the HGH is humane growth hormones and the other is steroids,” DeRonda replied.

“What Growth Hormones?” I asked.

“Yes Janet John is using drugs to build his body up and make him bigger,” DeRonda replied.

“Is that legal DeRonda?” I asked wiping my tears from my eyes.

“I do not believe it is,” “Janet we need to have a talk with John right now,” DeRonda said. “Let me grab my coat I will ride with you,” she added.

As I drove us back over to John’s I asked her if John was going to get in trouble for this. DeRonda told me the only trouble he is in right now was with her. I pulled into his apartment lot I saw that his car was there so he was home. DeRonda and I entered his apartment; John was sitting on his couch.

“Well isn’t this a surprise,” John said as he smiled at us both.

DeRonda flew across the front room right to him and replied, “YES it is a surprise,” as she threw the box in his lap.

“What,” John replied putting his head down.

“Young man just what in the hell do you think you are doing to that body of yours,” DeRonda yelled lifting his head from his chest.

“They will make me stron…” was all John got out before DeRonda slapped him hard across his face.

“Don’t you even go there John these drugs are dangerous not to mention they are illegal.” “What happen to that young man who used to run through the neighbor hood or lift his weights out back. “ “Where is that young man who took pride in what he had accomplished on his own?” DeRonda asked him all the while screaming at him.

“He disappointed all the people in this town, my family,” “I disappointed you,” “And most of all I disappointed Janet,” John replied looking at me with tears running down his face.

“JOHN you have never disappointed me ever,” I yelled at him as I walked and stood by DeRonda.

“That is until now,” DeRonda said. “John did you not think about the side affects of taking this stuff?” She asked.

“NO,” John replied in a rather loud angry voice. “I just wanted everyone to see that I was not a loser,” I wanted to get bigger and better for next season, I wanted to make you all proud of me again,” he added with his neck veins popping and that fire look in his eyes.

“Can’t you see what these drugs do to you John,” “You have never raised your voice to me ever before,” “These drugs make you angry and mean,” DeRonda said to him as she stood there shaking her head.

“John for the first time ever you have disappointed me,” DeRonda added as she wrapped her arms around me.

DeRonda and I stood there in front of John crying in each other’s arms. I watched John sink down into the couch. He rubbed his hands on his thighs and he wiped his eyes then his nose with his hand. John stood up and he walked to the kitchen where he threw that box into the wastebasket.

“There I won’t take them anymore,” John said as he sat back onto the couch.

DeRonda released her hug from me as she said, “You are not getting off that easy young man.”

John had a frighten look on his face as he asked, “What do you mean?”

“You’re not going to tell his coaches are you DeRonda?” I asked not knowing just what she was up too.

“While I am not sure what he did or was doing is against the college code or rules of the game. I do know that they are illegal just as any other drug around today,” “However if you promise not to take them any more,” DeRonda replied looking John dead in his eyes.

“I promise, I promise,” John said.

“Now there are a few more strings attached as well,” DeRonda replied.

John rather shuffled on the couch as he asked, “Just what else do you want?” I thought for a second he was about to use the B word bitch.

“First and foremost you are going to lose this fucking attitude of yours and I do mean fucking fast young man.” “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” DeRonda screamed right into his face only inches from it.

“Yes Aunt DeRonda,” John replied in a sheepish voice.

“Second you own Janet an pretty dam good apology for what you have put her through lately,” “ Third you want to become bigger and stronger for next season you do it the good old fashion way sweat and hard work,” DeRonda said.

My mind raced for a second did John just call her Aunt DeRonda? Did my mind hear him right or was my mind just playing tricks on me? I looked at John who had he head down onto his chest again and then to DeRonda.

DeRonda looked at me and she asked, “Do you have anything to add to the list Janet?”

“Just a small question if you do not mind,” I replied.

“Yes my dear what is it?” DeRonda asked as she looked toward me.

“Did John just call you Aunt DeRonda?” I asked with a puzzled look.

I saw DeRonda look at John at the same time he looked at her. DeRonda turned back toward me and with a little smile; she told me yes you heard him right. I am his aunt; his mom is my sister. I was surprised to say the least but not shocked that John had been having sex with his own Aunt for years.

It kind of all fell into place now why he was so interested about me having sex with my brother and my dad. The three of us sat down on the couch and had a nice quiet long talk. John asked me to forgive him from all the shit he had given me lately especially forcing him on me. I told him never to think that he not winning at football would make me leave him. I told him just always be truthful with me when he has a problem.

John told his Aunt DeRonda that he was sorry forever thinking that doing those drugs would improve his game. He told us both he would do it the good old fashion way by sweat and hard work. He both told him if he needed a couple running partners, we would be happy to join him.

“Remember how you use to chase me around my house and each time you caught you got to remove a piece of my clothing,” DeRonda said with a big smile as she ran her hair through his hair.

This is a good spot to end this chapter. However, November was full of surprises. John’s use of drugs to, build his body up. Finding out that DeRonda was his Aunt instead of just a friend. I had one more surprise coming before November ends. It had to do with Kim so check back for my next chapter.

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