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Brooke is introduced to sex
This is the first of the Brooke trilogy (young - teen - now), written at the request of a fan who sent me pics and sexy ideas to work from. Kisses Brooke.

Brooke was the oldest of three children. Her two brothers were three years and four years younger than her. She was born when her mother was fourteen. Until a year ago there was never a father in the house. Her mother never married any of the fathers. She did not even know who the father of her youngest was as she knew that the night she had gotten pregnant, she had a gangbang with three guys. Her mom had finally married a year ago and her stepfather wanted all the kids to call him Dad. He was firm but always treated the kids well and they liked him.

Brooke grew early. She was always a little taller than her classmates and slim. Her milk chocolate skin and black curly hair set off her cute little girl face nicely. When she was ten, she started to develop her breasts. By the time she was a little past her eleventh birthday she was right on the edge between a B and C-cup. The boys and many men started looking at her differently.

One evening her mother was out visiting friends and her step-dad was sitting in the living room watching TV. Her little brothers were already asleep. Brooke walked into the living room and looked at the TV. What was on did not look particularly interesting. She started to leave when her stepfather, John called her. "Brooke, come here for a minute" he calmly said. She stood before him and he stood up. "Lift your arms up." Brooke didn't know what was happening but she did what she was told.

"Let's see what you have been growing under that shirt." John reached out, taking hold of the bottom of her shirt. He quickly pulled it over her head and tossed it on the couch. Brooke felt herself blush as she put her arms across her chest. This was the first time she had ever had her body exposed to a man. John quietly told her, "Put your arms down Brooke." "Dad ????" "I said put your arms down. Do it." Brooke slowly lowered her arms to her sides.

Her stepfather reached out and his large black hands cupped Brooke's breasts and gave them a gentle squeeze. Brooke's young tits were nice and full and firm. They did not droop at all. John sat back down and just looked at her. Brooke grabbed her shirt and ran to her room. Her mind was spinning. She was shocked and embarrassed but her body also told her that she liked how it felt. Brooke did not sleep well that night.

Even at her age Brooke was learning about sex. Thru the thin wall, she often heard her mom and step-dad in bed. Her mom was heard saying things like "Oh shit yes. Fuck me harder. Drive it deep. God yes. Fuck me. Fuck me. Yesssss!" and she heard John saying things like, "I'm almost there. Suck the fuckin cum out of my cock, Bitch. Swallow every drop of it. Aghhhhh." She could clearly hear every word of it.

Brooke was also learning at school. She hung around a group of girls that were a little older than her. They spent a lot of time talking about fucking and sucking cock. One day after school one of the girls said that she had found one of her father's porn DVD’s and she invited the others to come watch it. Even though Brooke was younger, they still let her come watch it with them. The title was 'Black and White, Interracial couples get it on'. Each scene was a black guy with a white woman or a white guy with a black woman. It showed a lot of oral sex but also plenty of guys fucking all three available holes as well as a lot of pussy eating. Brooke's bottom was dripping wet when she left to go home.

The day after John had taken Brooke's shirt off, he saw her spending a lot of time looking at his crotch. When they were alone for a couple minutes. John stepped up behind her, reached around and squeezed Brooke's tits. Brooke could feel his manhood pressing against the small of her back. She froze but did not object.

Over the next couple weeks John did not touch her. Whenever their eyes met he would blow her a kiss. When he saw her looking at his crotch, he would reach down and rub himself. Brooke would quickly look away but she was thinking about it most of the time. It was hard to concentrate on her schoolwork.

The next Friday night John was having three friends over for poker and Debra was going out to a girlfriend's house. The boys were taken to a babysitter's but John said that Brooke was old enough to stay home. She could work on her homework. John's three poker friends showed up about nine o'clock.

The three other men settled in to enjoy a night of poker, beer and dirty talk as they did every time they got together. Two of the others were black and one white. One of the black men and the white guy were about John's age and the other black guy was probably in his late forties. Brooke was just about to go to her room when John asked her to come with him into the kitchen. "Brooke, would you be our waitress tonight and bring the guys snacks and beer. I'll double your allowance this week if you do. I bet you'll have fun doing it."

Brooke thought for a second and agreed. John reached for her shirt and pulled it up. Brooke struggled but he got it off. Brooke backed away. "The waitress has to be topless. That's how your mom does it when she is here." That wasn't true. John reached out for Brooke's tits and rolled her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Brooke felt a tingling between her legs. "OK, but nobody is to touch me. OK?" John didn't say a word. He handed Brooke a tray with chips and four beers on it and went back to the card table.

Brooke hesitated for a couple minutes. "Hey, waitress, where are those beers?" Brooke came walking into the room. When the guys saw her come in with her bare chest in plain view, they all whistled and cheered. Brooke almost chickened out and dropped the tray and ran but she didn't. She couldn't look at the guys. She looked down at the tray as she came to the table to deliver the drinks.

She thought the first guy was reaching for a beer but instead he his hand went straight to Brooke's breast. Brooke jumped back, almost spilling the tray. "No touching." Her crotch tingled again. "Ah, come on Brooke. Just a little bit. We won't hurt you." John looked her in the eye and nodded yes. Brooke let her pussy think for her. She stepped forward and again there was a hand on her breast as she set the first beer on the table. Four beers and four men copping a feel. Brooke felt wetness between her legs as she left the table and went to the couch to watch TV.

Several minutes and several poker hands later the men called to her that it was time for another round of beers. Brooke went to the kitchen. When she came back in, Frank was sitting back away from the table with his large black prick sticking out of his pants. "Do you like playing with cocks, Brooke?" She quietly replied that she had never touched one, that actually his was the first one she had ever seen except in pictures or those of her little brothers. "Well, come over here and touch it. You'll like it." Brooke again looked at her stepfather and he again nodded yes and he mouthed the words,” Go ahead." Brooke's curiosity got the better of her.

She walked over to the table and set the tray down. Then she stood next to Frank. He took her hand and pulled it down to his lap. "Put your fingers around it and give it a little squeeze." Her fingers encircled Frank's cock. Her pussy tingled again. Frank moved her hand up and down on his shaft, stroking himself with Brooke's hand. Wow, she thought. That does feel nice. It is so hard on the inside. yet the soft smooth skin on the outside slid easily up and down over it. "Get on your knees so you can get a better look at it Brooke." Brooke dropped to her knees.

Frank tried to get her to put it in his mouth. Brooke remembered watching the blowjobs in the movie but this was more than she was willing to do. "OK, just give it a little kiss and I won't ask for anything more." Brooke leaned forward and planted a little peck on his pecker. When she stood up, the others had pushed their chairs back and had their cocks out. "You can't do that for just one of us. What's good for one is good for all" John told her. Brooke went from chair to chair giving each man the same treatment. Her panties were soaked. Her stepfather was last. When she leaned forward to plant a little kiss on his, he shifted position and his cock head slipped slightly between her lips.

Brooke went back to the couch. Without thinking, her hand slipped inside of her shorts and she rubbed herself between the legs. "Beer time" John soon suggested. Brooke went to the table and collected the empties. Two hands squeezed her ass cheek and two squeezed her bare tit as she went around the table. She did nothing to stop them. She just smiled. When she set the bottles on the kitchen table, she noticed that two of them were only half empty. She quickly downed the remaining beer. It didn't taste all that good but it felt so adult to do. John followed her into the kitchen and watched her down the remaining beer. He smiled. "Get yourself one this time Love. And this time surprise the guys by taking your shorts off too before you come back in." He went back to the table to wait and see if she would do it.

Brooke walked into the room completely naked. She had the tray with five beers on it. The first thing she noticed was four men sitting there with their pants off, cocks on display. All of them had erections. "Brooke, this time when you serve the drinks, you have to sit on each of our laps." She did as they said. She sat on each one's lap. She could feel each cock pushing along her ass crack and she left her wetness on each cock. When she got to John, he said, "Ok everyone, including you Brooke, bottoms up. Five beers disappeared in a minute or so.

Brooke, you stay on my lap and hold my cards while we play. You'll bring me good luck. Frank dealt. She did bring him good luck. He won the next three hands. While she held the cards, John's hands were free. With one hand he played with one of Brooke's tits and the other worked its way between her legs and his finger found her clit. He rubbed and she squirmed. She had never had booze and two beers made her feel funny and relaxed. Her stepfather's fingering of her clit almost made her want to scream, it felt so good. She wiggled her ass on his cock and it slid back and forth along her crack.

It was just about to find the entrance to her tight virgin cunt when John looked at the clock. "Holy shit. Debra will be home any minute. Everybody, get your clothes on, quick." Poker night broke up. Everyone was wondering what would happen next poker night and also if John would wait till next poker night.


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