The rapid success of Name That Cock! has produced its very own spinoff.
Chapter 01 - Spinoff

"Good evening everyone and welcome to Know Your Cocks! I am your humble host Larry Terry. Now I know what you all are thinking, 'But Larry, aren't you the host of Name That Cock! the ever popular game show that starts its second brand new season this Tuesday night 8:00 eastern time on the fabulous FOX network?' And yes indeed I am. But let me tell you all a little story.

"It seems after our indomitable first season contestant Mary came back from her all expenses paid vacation in Italy she had the urge to return once more to be a contestant. Now our illustrious studio head knows talent when she sees it. And with her experience and natural 'talents' she knew that Mary could do wonders behind the scenes as well as in front of them.

"So, instead of an episode, she was given a job right here on this very stage. So why don't I let her finish the tale. Come on out and say hello, doll."

Everyone's favorite redhead comes out from backstage waving and blowing kisses. She comes up to the beaming host and plants a big kiss on his cheek leaving behind a trace of her dark lipstick.

"Thanks, Lar-Bear. As he so kindly put it, I came back begging for more, and instead received the Executive Producer title on this very exciting new game show. We have pooled all kinds of new ideas from all kinds of talented individuals. The games will be varied and exciting, and may even include some audience participation.

"But for now I'll leave you in Larry's capable hands. I'm afraid one of my duties as executive producer is to vet the new hires and weed out any stars that are not up to my standards. And who knows, some of my casting sessions might just make it onto the bonus features of the Volume I release of Know Your Cocks!"

With a knowing wink to the audience she turns tail and retreats from sight. The boisterous crowd's cheering follows her into the dark.

"How about a round of applause for that lovely lady my friends."

The audience redoubles their efforts and fills the studio with applause. Larry waits for the cheer to fade before continuing.

"Just like our unflappable leader said, we have a whole host of new games ready for your viewing pleasure. And some of these are just for you here in the studio audience. So who wants to volunteer for the first audience game of the season?"

Most of the audience's hands shoot up immediately and call out to be on the show.

"It looks like we don't have a shortage of offers, but how about I show you ladies and gentlemen what this game requires?"

He waves his arm in a magnificent sweep towards backstage. The audience's anticipation is palpable. The sound of wheels comes creakily from the dark and they hold their breath waiting for any clue as to what last year's star of Name That Cock! has in store.

Chapter 02 - Reaming Relay

Two buxom showgirls come out from backstage. One of them is pushing a table covered with dark cloth. She makes sure to bend low over the table providing the audience with a clear view down her tight top. With her ample assets on display, most of the spectators completely miss the second woman wheeling out a large blackboard.

Those that did spy the emerging board become quietly perplexed as to what it could mean. Written on the board is a large grid with three columns. The left column has a listing of five animals. The middle contains the numbers one through five. And the final column is just an empty grid of five boxes connected to the five numbers.

Once the two girls finish bringing out the props, they rise up and free the audience from the cleavage spell entrancing them. The entire crowd stares at the unusual board and wonders what is hiding on the table. Without further ado, Larry whips the cloth off of the table revealing five oddly shaped dildos displayed on five numbered pedestals. Each one stands defiantly upright on some type of base.

"Here's the deal. This is a little game we like to call the Reaming Relay. One lucky audience member will come on down. She or he will insert one of these impressive dildos starting with the first stand. You will then rush over to the blackboard and write in what animal from the left you think is the model for the dildo inserted in your body.

"If you are correct you'll hear this sound: *Ding Dong.* And if not you will hear this sound: *Foghorn.* You have an unlimited amount of guesses so you can keep trying until you are correct. But if the phallus ever hits the ground or your hands then you are immediately disqualified.

"As you can see we have given you all the choices for the assorted dildos on the left there so as you go the options become easier. But the objects grow in size with each successive insertion becoming harder and harder to insert the whole length and keep it there.

"You will have five minutes to complete the task from the moment the first dildo is fully inserted. And you will receive $10 for every second left on the clock once you are done. You can quit at any time, but you will receive a one minute penalty for every incomplete number on the board. So, who's ready to give the Reaming Relay a try?"

This time even more hands shoot into the sky. After his explanation, the assembled people are more than eager to try their luck. Larry quickly singles out a willing petite blonde and sends in his own blonde showgirl to pick her up. The young woman squeals with excitement when the other woman grabs her hand. She leads the happy customer down to the collection.

Before he can have her introduce herself, she reaches under her short skirt and tugs her panties down and off. She flings them into the rest of the audience happily screaming all the while.

"We all appreciate your enthusiasm my dear, but how about a name."

"I'm Sherry," she yells breathlessly into his mike.

"All right Sherry, are you all ready to go?"

"I sure am."

She jumps up onto the table and pulls her skirt over her hips. She spreads her legs and reaches for the first dildo. Larry appraises her speculatively and grabs her hand.

"Just one moment honey. I think you need a little assistance before that step. Kerry should be able to help you out."

Without a word, the blond stagehand kneels before the spread audience member and locks her lips onto her open flower. The talented assistant licks and sucks the sensitive crevice. Her tongue swirls around her lips coating them in her fresh saliva. The attention exposes Sherry's clit and Kerry sucks it in between her teeth. Sherry's startled moans reverberate through the set even without a mike. And her juices flood Kerry's face.

With the area properly hydrated, Kerry rises to the cheers of the crowd. She returns to her place with the other showgirl who calmly cleans the pussy juice off her friend with her tongue.

"With that pleasantness out of the way, are you ready?"

Sherry dazedly grips the first dildo and nods.

"Don't worry, you're time doesn't start until that dong is fully inserted and I say go."

Sherry nods again and places the phallus to the mouth of her crotch. She plays with the folds of her labia with the tip of the model. And the audience goes wild. The diminutive phallus practically requires the attached base just to give the user a place to grip while using it. But after briefly teasing herself with it, she shoves it all the way in until the wide base is flush with her ass. Larry gives it a few test wiggles to make sure it is secure and Sherry rewards him with quiet mewls of pleasure.

"Remember my dear, you can't grab it with your hands or let it hit the ground, except for right here in the taped off drop off zone. And it being the smallest of the five will be the hardest to keep inside you. But it is inside you now, so when I say go the timer starts. GO!"

The woman hops down from the table carefully. She clenches on the insertion, but it is hardly enough to notice much less hold on to. Luckily she is able to grip the base with her thighs, but this forces her to walk awkwardly over to the blackboard.

Once she makes it she grabs a piece of chalk and quickly writes one of the animals into the top slot. Stretching to reach the area she needs to fill. Her motions cause the dildo to shift. Despite its small size the movement makes her catch her breath. Only halfway through writing her first guess she needs to stop to focus on keeping the dick inside her.

Once settled, she completes the first guess and is rewarded with the foghorn. She erases her first attempt and tries again. The shifting stick swirls her juices as her body moves to write. But she focuses on the task at hand and writes in the next idea. Another foghorn echoes through her ears.

She erases again and stares for a second at the offered list. She cannot fathom any of them being right, but she knows she needs to be quick. She picks one of the last three at random and chalks it in. The satisfying ring announces her success. Breathing a sigh of relief, she waddles back to the dais keeping the tiny prick between her legs. As she makes her slow progress for the second insertion, Larry chimes in with the play by play.

"That's right folks. Despite their awesome strength and massive bulk, I'm afraid the Silver Backed Gorilla only has on average a one and a half inch dick. No wonder they only have one breeding male in the family, the others must use their massive fingers to a far greater extent on their ladies."

The audience laughs distractedly at his quip, but their attention is all on the young Sherry. She reaches the stand with the remaining dildos and drops the Gorilla dick onto the designated area. She quickly grabs the next in line, but pauses for a moment. It is indeed longer than the first, but also slender. And unlike the first prick this one doesn't have a base to clamp on with her legs. It doesn't even have an attached set of balls to provide traction. And oddly, though it has some girth, the tip is a very thin reed sticking out of the thicker end of the penis.

Unwilling to give up, she wraps her fingers around the base of the shaft and places it at the lips of her opening. Then she shoves the hard cock up under her dress. It pierces her pussy and slides in deep until her fingers slap against her wet flesh. The phallus also bumps against her cervical opening preventing further insertion.

But this gives her an idea. She takes the few extra seconds to carefully wedge the toy into her cervix. The thin tip is perfectly suited to worm its way into her tight opening. She pushes the slick dick in until her own fingers slip into her cunt. And then she keeps going shoving the slender member deeper into her folds. The much tighter orifice grips the tip of the phallus like a vice allowing her to, regretfully, remove her fingers without losing her grip on the phallus.

Without the need to clamp her legs down as hard, she can power walk to the board and throw up her first guess. Before the foghorn even clears, she wipes the slate clean and tries again. This time her idea bears fruit and she rushes back to the stands amidst the applause of her fellow audience members.

"What a great job, give her a hand everybody. A ram's penis might be lacking in girth, but it does its best to make for it with length. And curiously its urethra actually extends a bit from the tip of its erect penis. It's a shame we didn't have our internal camera set up to find out just how useful that thin faux vein was to our contestant. Now, on to the third."

Sherry spreads her legs over the drop-off zone and wiggles her ass forcefully until the long rod slips from her grasp. It bounces wetly off the first dildo before settling on the floor. But she's already racing off to grab the third.

The third dildo is the longest and thickest yet. Like the ram's penis it starts off rather pointed and widens gradually until it reaches a maximum girth. But this one is a good ten inches long and the circumference is an inch or two larger than the ram. She can't wait. She jumps onto the table again giving the audience a terrific view of her spread legs. But their vision is quickly obscured by the large black silicone toy.

She aims the point right at her opening and pulls it into her body. A forceful moan coincides with the insertion. She wiggles her ass as the length disappears up her hole. And the motion allows it to slip through her defenses undeterred. With the base flush against her mound, she can feel the barest whisper of the tip tickle the base of her womb.

As she rushes off towards the blackboard the gentle tickling intensifies as it shifts inside her. But when she reaches the board, she no longer feels the deep sensation of the tip. She can feel the dildo slipping out of her well-oiled orifice. Thinking quickly, she curves her leg and forcefully kicks the base of the dick driving it home. The sudden force of the dick slicing through her vagina brings stars to her eyes.

Luckily, the pain/pleasure of the intrusion forces her to tighten unconsciously preventing further slippage. As her breathing calms she overhears the excited host.

"Well we did only outlaw using your hands for this game. So I think we should give her an additional ten seconds on the clock to clear her head after that impressive display. What do you say folks?"

The enthusiastic clapping brings a smile to Sherry's lips. The audience clearly agrees with the host's assessment and that means extra cash for doing something she would happily do for free.

Buoyed on by the crowd's spirit, she chalks 'Stag' in the third box and receives an immediate ring of correct. She hurries back to the staging area and drops the deer dick on the pile with the others. With only two left and plenty of time left on the clock she grabs number four. She doesn't even give it more than a cursory glance before ramming it into her snatch.

The first couple inches are a breeze. But the phallus rapidly balloons out into a massive girth. She can practically feel the thick muscles underlying the animal's dick even though it's just a model. Her breath comes in ragged gasps as she pushes the large toy deeper into her passage. She can feel the monster pushing her walls aside as her delicate arms force it deeper.

Finally her fingers grip the wide base and wrench it the last few inches. For a moment she squirms on the curved toy enjoying the sensation of fullness it brings to her twat. But she has a game to win. She slides down from the table and walks to the answer board. For this one she doesn't even need to try. Its own girth keeps it lodged in her pussy.

Despite the constant tingles making her knees weak, she reaches the board and writes in the correct answer. After seeing the last dildo she knows she's right and heads back even before the success sound rings.

"Look at that confidence ladies and gentlemen. Of course she's right. It's just a shame that dolphin dick is only a replica. It isn't often a girl gets treated to a prehensile penis. But then again who knows what's in store this coming season."

The woman finds the drop-off and shakes her ass. This insertion takes considerably more effort much to the delight of the onlookers. She wiggles and shakes and jumps up and down until finally the wide dong slides free with a wet pop.

And on to the final challenge. Her pussy drools in anticipation of the final monstrosity. Grabbing it firmly she places the bulbous tip to her opening and rubs her lips. She may be eager, but she isn't foolish. The dolphin dong was wide after the initial insertion. This one on the other hand has the same width as the thickest part of the dolphin for its entire length. And the head flares out even wider than the shaft.

Once the apex is coated in her personal lubrication she pushes it between her lips. Her walls part before the massive member. The bulbous tip forces its way in with the strength of her arms. Much to the attendees' consternation, Larry starts talking over the constant stream of moans and joyful gurgles of the young woman impaling herself.

"Since this is the last item, I'm not giving anything away to point out that this is a model zebra dick. These puppies are much like their equine brethren the horse. But depending on your point of view we either kindly or cruelly limited this model to just one foot of penetrative length as opposed to its usual foot and a half."

The quivering woman is almost done inserting the copious amount of fake meat into her snatch. But she seems to have stalled out with only one inch to go. Larry walks over to the struggling woman as she wars with her own rising orgasm for the strength to complete the lascivious act. He carefully examines the still slightly protruding phallus entrenched in her cunt.

"My dear, you can stop at any time and take the final one minute penalty. But if you want to push on I'm afraid you'll have to get that last inch inside you at least initially."

"I'm getting there," she practically whispers. Her voice is weak and breathy with the combined exertion and exhilaration.

Making a bold decision, she shifts down to the corner of the table. She picks herself up off the table with just her tiptoes. Her ass twitches just over the corner until she suddenly jumps lightly. Her legs curl under the table for balance, and her full weight comes crashing down on the dildo's base driving the last inch into her twat.

"Is that good enough, baby," she adds with a sensual smile.

Without waiting for his reply, she hobbles off to the board to write 'Zebra' into the last remaining slot. Her legs feel like jelly between the thick pole jammed in her slit and the budding orgasm arcing through her body. But she manages to keep a steady hand long enough to write the answer and hobble back to the drop off point.

She shakes the last dildo free and it joins the crowded pile. Still shivering, she collapses lightly on the floor next to the wet stack of silicone.

"How about another round of applause for a successful Reaming Relay?"

The audience goes nuts. A standing ovation of cheers, stomps, and whistles fills the air. Once the hooting and hollering reduces itself to a dull roar, Larry addresses the proud contestant.

"I know we said that your prize will be the cash. And you are still getting that. But since you did finish all five rounds of Reaming Relay, you get a bonus surprise. You can choose any one of these fine toys, brought to you by Zoodicks Industries one of our proud sponsors, to take home with you. How about that?"

Sherry's face lights up like a beacon, and before the words are even out of his lips she grabs the zebra dildo off the top of the stack and hugs it to her breasts. The foot long dong still wet with her juices drips on the tight fabric of her t-shirt.

She stands unsteadily to her feet and gives Larry a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. But before she returns to her seat, she places the base of her newly won prize on the edge of the table. She angles it down and with one hard shove of her ass impales herself to the hilt on its hard splendor.

Her voice comes out in a husky purr. "If you don't mind I think I'll wear it home."

"That is not a problem at all, my dear."

The crowd erupts once more as one of the helpful assistants guide her back to her seat.

Chapter 03 - A Short Interlude

"Now that your collective appetites are thoroughly whet. Why don't we bring out our first contestant? Straight from Las Vegas to your home. Please give a warm welcome to Miss . . . what 'is' that squeaking sound."

Throughout Larry's introduction a persistent squeak floats through the studio. Eventually even he couldn't continue knowing that they'd have to complete a second take anyway once they identified the source. But once he stops talking and the audience looks around in puzzlement, they can hear the faint "Yes, Yes, God Yes," of a woman having a really good time.

The cameras finally find the culprit and zero in on Sherry's bouncing body. Her eyes are closed in deep concentration as a stream of pornographic expletives pour out of her mouth. Her cheeks are practically glowing red as the blood rushes to her face. And even with the dim lighting in the stands, the cameras can pick up the mottled black and pink dildo as it pulls slightly free only to be driven back into her snatch.

The loud squeaking is caused by her studio chair bouncing up and down in time with the woman as she painstakingly humps her new dildo with its aid. The tension in her face becomes sweeter as her voice grows louder. Her cries reach a fever pitch as she brutally rams the zebra cock into her belly again and again. The thick wet sound of the huge dildo impaling her tight cunt out preforms the ardent rocking of the cheap bleacher seat.

In the back of her mind Sherry worries that the chair will break with her vigorous activity. But the endorphins flooding her mind coo soft nothings to her frontal lobe and urge her onward. She pulls her t-shirt up over her jiggling tits flashing the rapt audience. Her hands pull and twist her pointy nipples. She alternates between massaging her fleshy mountains and mashing them roughly as she flounces.

The harried breath of the audience members on either side of her show she isn't alone in her lust. Without looking, she frees her copious breasts and tangles her fingers in the hair of the man and woman on either side of her. Before they can react, she pulls their mouths down onto her engorged areoles.

The two mouths latch on like starving children as they suck, lick, and bite until she can barely keep the rhythm going. Never one to take unfair advantage, she unbuttons their pants with her freed hands and dips into their crotches. She struggles to pull the man's erect cock out of his tight pants.

Thankfully her right hand has a far easier time of it. From the moment she slips her digits past the woman's waistline, she can feel the heat emanating from her hungry sex. She hooks her fingers underneath the stranger's panties and sinks her middle fingers into her open wetness. The woman gasps temporarily releasing Sherry's breast before redoubling her efforts with a fury once Sherry starts pumping her fingers in and out in the tight confines of the lady's jeans.

The gasp is echoed by another woman in the row in front of the trio. Sherry has finally wrestled the turgid bratwurst out of the man's cotton coffin and exposes it to the world. Sherry manages to lift one eyelid barely enough to see a woman sitting backwards in her seat eyeing the man's cock.

With a smile, Sherry begins jerking the long shaft in time with her own movements and her fingers slamming into the nearby pussy. She briefly releases the shaft to smear her own saliva on her hand. Then she returns to cover the upstanding tower with her spit.

The man groans into her tit, and the woman inches closer to the twitching meat. Sherry slows down enough that she can keep an eye on the entranced encroacher. The man is already humping his hips into the empty air desperate for Sherry to whack him off. But she has a better idea. The approaching face comes closer with her mouth hanging wide open. Sherry doesn't know if it's lust or amazement, but she's about to find out.

With exquisite timing, she pulls the large dick down. As the man falls back into his seat his organ swings past the third woman's eyes and once it reaches her lips he blindly humps forward driving his dick into her throat. The woman briefly gagged, but her surprise becomes passion and she sucks the offered penis deep into her gullet.

With her hand free, Sherry once again wraps it in the guy's hair trapping him against her breast. She just got him a free blowjob and she isn't going to let him go just yet. But she speeds up her own bouncing once more spearing the thick dildo in and out of her flesh.

Without the male to worry about, she focuses on the woman. She hooks her thumb inside her palm so it rubs roughly against the woman's clit with every stroke. The ravenous assault on her breast lets Sherry know she's doing the right thing. Soon, the woman's teeth slip from Sherry's nipple as her own moans override Sherry's.

Her cunt undulates around Sherry's questing fingers and her arms wrap tightly around Sherry's arm. Her shaking vibrates all the way down to her own cunt rocketing her over the moon. Once the woman has puddled into a quivering mass of mewling bliss, Sherry focuses on herself.

She releases the man's head which quickly snaps back in his own seat as he cries out his own orgasm filling the third woman's mouth. With a satisfied smile, Sherry humps the thick phallus like a demon. After a few more potent landings, she screams her orgasm to the heavens. Her body convulses quietly in her seat and the two audience members on either side grasp her arms to keep her from collapsing on the floor.

The man kindly thinks to cup his hand over her twitching cunt to prevent the corpulent dildo from being ejected by her spasms. She kindly rewards the helper with a wash of vaginal fluid over his fingers.

As soon as she regains enough of her sense, Sherry calls down to the host in a suitably dreamy voice.

"Sorry about that Larry. But that game got me so hot I just couldn't help myself."

Larry eyes the man sitting next to the little firecracker licking her fluids off of his soaked fingers like a lollipop and carefully tucking his dick back in his pants. He realizes that she can't possibly be ignorant of the effect she had on those around her and makes a mental note to keep an eye on her for the future. She just might be another rising star.

"Don't worry your pretty little head my darling. That was more than worth the slight delay. But if you do feel that urge later on in the taping be sure to flag down a cameraman so we can get in at the start. OK?"

She gives him a thumb's up and adds, "You bet, Larry!"

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