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I have fancied my sis for years now. How could I not with her fine blonde hair,long sexy legs,firm small breasts and her sexy little ass.
I have fancied my sis for years now. How could I not with her fine blonde hair,long sexy legs,firm small breasts and her sexy little ass. This is my story...........

It was about quarter to six in the evening when me (Jason) and my sister (Joanne) were escorting our mum and dad to the door. They were going out for the night to there freinds house and as usual mum was worried even thoe I was 16 and my sister nearly 14.
'Theres some snacks in the fridge and lots of drinks, so don't hesitate to take what you want. Make sure you go to bed at a reasonable time and brush your teeth. We should get back around 4 tommorow evening.'
Saying that, she placed a set of keys on the table and some money.
'Heres some money aswell if you want a pizza or something. And make sure you lock the doors before you go to sleep, you never no who's wondering round the streets.'
Joanne brushed her short blonde hair back with her hand and giggled, whick made our mum angry.
'Joanne this isn't a joke'
'Sorry mum' Joanne replied and gave her a hug and a kiss. Dad tapped our mum on the shoulder and said
'we have got to go darling, they'll be alright.'
'Yeah I know' mum replied.
She gave us both a hug and then her and dad walked out of the door into the pathway and I closed the door behind them. I then looked over to my sis trying not to get too excited and not trying to give any hint away that I was eroused by what she was wearing. A small pink belly top and tight jeans.
'Hey' she said as she slapped me on the shoulder.
'What?' I said fully knowing what she was talking about.
After that we stayed in our own rooms.

It was about quarter past nine and I was beginning to get hungry. I got up, walked down the hallway and knocked on my sisters room. But when I knocked the door swayed open and there laying on her bed in all her beauty was my sis Joanne in her cute little top and knickers. She jumped as soon as she saw me and blushed. My dick shot straight up but luckily my jeans hid it a bit. She walked to her wardrobe and quickly changed her robe on.
'Sorry' I said
'I just came to ask you if you wanted something to eat.'
She was still blushing and replied
'Yeah me to, I'll.......I'll be down in a minute.'
'Ok' I replied
I went downstairs and called for the pizza. As I put the phone down my sis came walking down the stairs.
'What did you order?' she asked
'Um... pepporoni,extra cheese, and red onions.'
She walked into the kitchen grabbed a coke and sat on the couch. I sat next to her and put the tv on. As she crossed her legs over, my dick and hormones went furious, I couldn't take it anymore.
'Hey sis'
'yeah' she replied
'how much do you weigh?'
'um... I forgot, why?'
'well in class yesterday me and my mates were lifting all the girls up and it was quite fun but I couldn't lift alot of them up. Can I see if i can lift you?'
'Alright' she said cheerfully.
She stood up and so did I. I put my hands round her waist feeling her slim belly. When out of nowhere I undid her robe. She hesitated at first but then she looked me in the eyes and smiled. She then undid my belt and jeans buttons and reached into my boxers.
I started to lick down her neck and pulled of her top. She was wearing a little pink bra but just as I was about to take it of the doorbell rang.

'Shit!' I shouted.
I pulled my jeans up and walked to the door as my sis ran into the kitchen. As I opened the door I was relieved. It was only the pizza man. He handed me the pizza and I payed him and closed the door.
'It was just the pizzam........'
I paused and dropped the pizza as I walked into the living room. Joanne my sexy little sister my standing naked with her nipples hard as nails. She then showed me with her hand to follow her. I quickly got all my clothes of and followed her as she went into the bathroom. She turned the shower on and got in. I closed the bathroom door and got in with her. She slowly curessed my dick with her soft hand and kissed me on the lips. I grabbed my rock hard cock and started to tickle her pussy. It was tight as anything so I eased my cock in there, lifted up her legs and fucked her with all my might. She screamed and screamed and I kept on fucking.
'oh oh I can't hold it in..........................................'
With that my warm cum flew into her pussy. As I pulled it out she licked it of my throbbing cock. I layed her down on the floor and worked my tongue slowly down from her neck with total affection till I reached her now loose clit. I stuck my tongue in there and licked and licked and licked as she moaned and screamed.
'This is ohhhhh ohhh yeahh, this is wonderfull' she kept on saying till she let out one big scream and we both layed flat on our backs. I cuddled her and placed my leg over hers, looked into her eyes and smiled. She smiled back and we layed there exploring each others bodys all night.

THE END..................

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2009-05-18 06:21:15
Girls don't get embaressed and suddenly wanna fuck you....

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2008-06-22 12:54:21
very stupid


2008-02-10 22:19:49
hmmmm....its not funny to turn me on then just stop a story......dick...


2007-11-06 15:12:37
It was a good story but to short


2007-06-23 13:19:26
too short

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