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She drove along the long lonely highway with just her car radio for company. She hated this trip and thanked God it didn't come along to often. It was getting on towards evening and soon it would be dark. As she drove along at a steady pace she heard a roar and suddenly a group of bikers rode out from a side road in front of her. They rode around her car forcing to pull over to avoid hitting them, she tried to keep the car going but they were all around her like a swarm of bees, weaving in and out. She ground to a halt locking her doors as they pulled up beside her.
Their leader got off his bike and swaggered up to her. He was massive, shaven headed, covered in tattoos under his grimy leather waistcoat. His body was covered in hair and he had 5 earrings in one ear and pierced nipples. He tried the door and she cowered away even though it was locked.

"Open this fucking door bitch" he shouted. She shook her head.

"Either you open it or I smash in the windows and you still come out."

Realising she was in a no win situation she unlocked the door and got out. She stood by the car as he towered over her, trembling as he moved in closer.

"Well well and what do we have here boys? He asked as he grinned at her. "Looks like we got ourselves a slut to play with.

"What do you want?" she stammered.

"You, your cunt, your mouth, your ass, your tits and anything else we can find. Now strip." She shook her head and he raised a mighty hand and slapped her across the face, sending her sprawling across the bonnet of the car. She lay there for a moment dazed.

"Now you fucking dirty cunt strip or better still I think I'll cut them off." He pulled out a long knife with a thin blade, and putting under the bottom edge of her sweater sliced through the thin material like a hot knife through butter. The material parted and left her top naked except for a flimsy lace bra. He sliced through that as well exposing her breasts. She tried to cover herself with her arms but he hit them down again. Then inserting the blade in the waistband of her skirt he sliced through that as well exposing her lacy thong. That too soon fell victim to the knife and she lay naked on the bonnet of the car. He lowered his head and took her right nipple in his mouth sucking it savagely and biting at the tender flesh. At the same time his right hand was cruelly pinching and squeezing her left nipple and his left hand was probing between her legs. She screamed out in pain twisting to get away from him, but he was too strong for he and held her there easily.

"Please don't," she begged sobbing, "please let me go I beg you."

"Oh you will beg bitch you will beg us to fuck you and do whatever we want to you. What we do with you after depends on how good you are. We may tie you to the bonnet of your car with an invitation to any horny motorist to fuck you. Or we may take you with us to be our fuck slave, or we may just fuck you to death." As he spoke he continued to twist and squeeze her nipples. Once more she screamed in pain and once more he hit her hard. He drew out the knife again and ran it along the top of her breast leaving a thin red line that slowly oozed blood.

"Scream once more I and I will cut of your tit and stuff it in your mouth, understand?" She nodded her eyes widening in fear too frightened to speak.

One of the other bikers came up and spoke to the leader.

"Boss we need to get the car off the road and out of sight in case anyone else comes along."

"Yes good idea." He looked at her lying there sobbing. "Tie her to the bonnet she can be our mascot." Two of the men brought some rope and tied her wrists, securing the rope to the door jambs, then her ankles securing those ropes to the bumper so that she was spread-eagled on the bonnet. Then one of them got in the car and drove it up the side road that the gang had emerged from.

She lay there stretched out fully, unable to move, terrified, unable to quite believe what was happening to her, feeling every bump in the rough lane, praying for someone to come along and rescue her. At last the car stopped in a woodland glade with a ramshackle hut in the middle of it. Out of the hut came a large woman with straggly blonde hair. The leader went up and put his arm around her.

"My dear I've brought you a present, you can make use of her in the house after we have finished with her."

"Well make sure she's still fit to work then," she replied "the last one died before I could make use of her. Besides I wouldn't mind a piece of that ass myself." She walked over to where the woman lay on the bonnet and ran her grimy hands over her body. Then without warning she pushed four fingers into her open pussy hard and deep. The woman tried not to scream remembering the threat.

"Mmmmm nice, what's your name bitch?"

"Ann" she whispered wriggling slightly as the fingers probed inside her.

"Well Ann when the boys have had their fun you and I are going to play together ok?" Ann nodded afraid to upset this woman. She laughed "well hun I'm sure you'll have fun with them or at least they will have fun with you." She removed her hand and walked back to the house.

The leader walked over to the car, in one hand he held a ball gag and blindfold, the other was held behind his back. He threw the gag and blindfold to one of the men. "Gag her and blindfold her" he said. The man did as he was told and Ann lay there unable to see what was coming next, tensed, waiting. He brought his hand from behind his back and in it was an evil looking flogger, plaited leather handle with many plaited leather tails. He smiled as he raised his hand and brought it down across her stomach hard, she jerked and a muffled noise came from her mouth through the gag. He raised his hand again this time across her breasts and then her thighs, blow after blow making her jerk and cry. Finally he stopped leaving her body red and sore.

"Untie her and bring her to the playpen." He moved away as his men obeyed him. They untied her and pulled her by the arms, leading her to their playpen, which was in a barn. When they were inside they removed the blindfold and she looked around her, shuddering at what she saw. The walls were lined with shackles and instruments designed to inflict pain. There was a small round cage hanging from a beam, stocks and crosses, a table with straps on, and devices to hold the victim in any position the dungeon master required. As she looked at the gang of men she noticed they were all naked now and that they all had erections. They were looking at her lustfully, some of them fingering and stroking their cocks. The leader came over and removed the gag from her mouth.

"Kneel down bitch" he commanded. She did as she was told and he shackled her hands to her ankles so that she was bent backwards slightly. Her breasts stood out proud the nipples hard and taut. He rubbed his thumbs over them.

"I know what these need," he said as he fetched some clamps. He fastened the jaws to her nipples then slowly tightened the screw enjoying the pain on her face as he did so, waiting for her to cry out. In the end she could not hold out any longer and she cried out as tears ran down her face. He raised her head to look at him.

"Don't worry I'm not going to punish you, I could see you were trying not too. Now are you thirsty?" She nodded, "Good then we are going to give you something to drink, open your mouth."

By now they were all stood around her in a circle holding their cocks out.

"Ever had someone piss on you and drink it?" he asked.

"No" she replied. "Well you are now so be a good little cunt and open your mouth." She shook her head and closed her mouth shut tight. He slapped her face and she fell over on her side from the force of the blow. He hauled her to her knees and picked up a piece of silver coloured pipe from the shelf. It had 2 straps coming from it. He came back and nodded to two of his men. Without a word one held her head back while the other forced her mouth open. He jammed the pipe into her mouth so that it was accessible through the hole in the pipe. They tied the tapes behind her head.

"Now you bitch try shutting your mouth now. So how do we want to do this? One at a time or all together."

"One at a time boss make it last longer and we can all piss in her mouth then," said the one who had held her head.

"Good idea and you can go first. Okay boys line up and give the little lady here a golden shower she won't forget." The man stood in front of and began to piss on her spraying her face, tits and stomach. Then he aimed at the pipe in her mouth and she felt her mouth fill with the warm tangy liquid. She tried not to swallow but the reflex action was too strong. It was either that or choke. As it trickled down her throat her stomach heaved and she thought she was going to be sick. Then mercifully it stopped only to be replaced by the next one. Again he sprayed her body finishing with her mouth. Again she heaved. One after another they came, each inflicting the same indignity on her until she was soaked in piss and her stomach felt full.

Tears of shame and humiliation ran down her cheeks as she knelt there at their mercy. As she knelt there in the puddle of piss, hair dripping down her face, he stood over her. His had been the last and now that pierced cock was level with her mouth. Her jaws were aching from the pipe in her mouth and she could smell the acrid urine on herself.

"God you stink" he said as he pulled her head up by the hair. "You are nothing more than a dirty filthy stinking bitch. If you think I'm going to fuck you like that your wrong. Don't get your hopes up because I am going to fuck you like the whore you are."

He stepped back and the next moment a powerful jet of ice cold water hit her full force taking her breath away. It played up and down her body until she was completely clean. He came back to her and took the pipe from her mouth. Then he released her hands from her ankles and stood her up. Her knees buckled beneath her from the strain they had been under and he caught her before she fell to the ground. Although a big woman he picked her up as if she were a baby and carried her to the table. He laid her face down and strapped her wrists and ankles to the restraints. She moaned as the clamps bit into her as they were pressed onto the table.

"Did you know wet skin stings more when it is flogged? He whispered in her ear. She nodded. He went to the back wall and selected a particularly evil looking flogger, thin chains interspersed the leather tails. He brought it back to the table and waved it under her nose. Then raising his hand he brought it down on her back hard. She jerked her back and screamed as the chains left little rivulets of blood across her back. He raised his arm again and this time it was her buttocks and then her thighs. She lay there trembling and sobbing, and once more it was over. He released her from the restraints and sat her up.

She clung to him briefly and he smiled and bent to kiss her. She tried to move her head away but he was too strong. He probed her mouth with his tongue and he tasted of cigarettes. He moved his head to her nipple and sucked greedily while probing her pussy with his fingers. Then pulling her off the table he turned her round and fastened her wrists to the restraints once more. Then parting the cheeks of her ass he plunged his rigid pierced cock into it. She screamed as he pounded her thrusting in and out. Suddenly he withdrew and coming around the table thrust his cock into her mouth. He held her head tight as he fucked her mouth pulling on her hair, making sure she took all he had. As he did so she felt someone behind her and once more a cock entered her ass. At the same time she felt another one enter her cunt. She was being fucked by three at once and her body began to betray her as feelings and sensations started shooting through her. She moaned softly through the cock in her mouth. He held on to her hair tightly as he began to feel his balls tighten. Suddenly he was gushing in her mouth pumping his seed into her forcing her to swallow it. She tried to move her head away but he held tight until she had swallowed it all. Her stomach heaved and she gagged on it but he was relentless holding her mouth shut until it was gone.

No sooner had he pulled out than another one rammed his cock in her mouth. Mouth, ass, cunt it was relentless until at last she slumped across the table exhausted. Her body had betrayed her and she too had cum many times Her whole body ached and her mouth was sticky. She felt sick as the bodily fluids she had consumed mixed in her stomach. She felt totally degraded and humiliated. Around her the men were dressing and she hoped her ordeal was over.

Just then she felt a tongue licking her ass and the men started to laugh, nudging each other and pointing to her. She looked around to see a Great Dane dog beside her.

"Noooooooo" she cried "please don't let him" but the men just laughed louder. "Go Bruno go" they yelled as the put his paws on her shoulders. She struggled and writhed trying to dislodge him when she felt his cock enter her and he began pounding at her. After a while she felt him pumping into her and he fell off her sideways. She lay there in shock unable to believe what had just happened. The leader came up to her and pulled her head up by her hair.

"Well you really are a fucking whore aren't you? All these men and a dog as well." He laughed at her and asked; "Do you want more cock?" She shook her head, "No" she whispered.

"Sorry wrong answer, proper answer is yes please sir I beg you to fuck me where ever you want." She shook her head once more, "No more please" she whispered. He bent his head close to hers and whispered "did you like the dog?" She shook her head.

"Well either you beg as I told you or I am going to tie you in the field and let the stallion fuck you, understand?" She nodded knowing he would carry out the threat. He released her wrists from the restraints and she fell to the floor, her body still throbbing from the abuse she had suffered. He walked across the room and sat in a chair.

"Now bitch you will crawl over here beg me for my cock and beg me to put this collar round your neck. Then when I have finished with you the boys will take you for a walk on a leash over to the house where you will serve my lady. Do you understand whore? You will be her fuck toy and you will help her in the house until she decides you can leave. Now crawl."

She got to her knees and crawled over to him. The rough floor of the barn grazing her knees as she went. She stopped before him and waited.

"You have something to say to me slut?"

"Fuck me and put the collar on me." She muttered. He slapped her face hard. "That's not what I told you to say. Now do it properly."

"Please sir I'm begging you will you fuck me in any way you want. Will you please put the collar on me sir?"

He patted her head. "Good girl" he said as fastened the dog collar around her neck.

"Now open your mouth and take my cock." She opened her mouth and he rammed his hard cock in it, pushing the ring to the back of her throat. She gagged and he withdrew slightly, just as she took a deep breath he rammed it in again. "Suck bitch, suck me off and get on your hands and knees." As she obeyed one of the men came and lay down in front of her forcing her to straddle him. He put his hard cock into her pussy impaling her as she knelt there. Then she felt one come up behind her and without warning a hard cock was thrust into her anus causing her to gasp in pain. Then they all started fucking her, the leader holding her head tight by the hair and the one under her twisting and squeezing her tits and the one behind her flicking her back with a flogger.

She was so overwhelmed with sensations of pain and pleasure and humiliation that she lost all sense of reality sinking deep into sub consciousness until she was aware of nothing else but the three men abusing her. She moaned and writhed as her body betrayed her and she felt the spasms begin inside her building to a crescendo as she came. At the same time the men climaxed, the leader holding her head tight as he pumped his juice into her mouth forcing her to swallow it. The overwhelming pumping sensations and her own orgasm sent her climbing to the peak before descending into the merciful oblivion of unconsciousness and she slumped to the floor as they removed themselves from her. She lay there her body still trembling and twitching although she wasn't aware of it.

"That is one hot fucking lady," said one of the men "do we have to give her back?

"Well I was thinking about keeping her here as a slave. She can help my lady with the housework and pleasure the rest of us whenever we want her." Replied the leader.

"Won't someone be looking for her though?" asked one of the others.

"Well we take her car miles from here and leave it somewhere and that's where they will look for her. No one knows we are here."

On the floor Ann moaned as she began to come round. She looked around her and groaned, she had hoped it was a nightmare but obviously not, she struggled to her knees not wanting to antagonise him any further. As she knelt there two of the men approached her holding dog leashes in their hands. They fastened them to rings in her collar and started to lead her away.

He stood in front of her, "Do you know what is going to happen now?" he asked.

"No not really," she whispered.

"Well from now on you are going to be my lady's pet. You will obey her at all times and the only time you may stand is to do the housework. The rest of the time you will crawl on the floor, eat from a bowl, sleep on the floor unless my lady wants you in her bed. You will be beaten if you do wrong and fucked whenever we want. Understand?" She nodded her head and replied "Yes"

The men led her away and she crawled out of the barn across the rough yard into the house. The men stopped in the kitchen where the woman was stirring a large pot.

"Your pet my lady" they said. She stopped stirring and turned around. Take her to the bedroom and tie her down as usual." They led her to the bedroom where they motioned for her to get on the bed. She did so and they fastened her leashes to the bedposts so she couldn't move her head. Then they took her wrists and fastened them to shackles and then did the same for her feet. She lay there, helpless once more awaiting her fate. The woman came in and sat on the bed and began smoothing Ann's stomach and breasts.

"What did they do to you little one? She asked "Used and abused you as usual?" Ann nodded and began to relax under the tender soothing touch. Just as she was beginning to feel safe an exquisite agony shot through her breasts. The woman was cruelly twisting the clamps on her nipples and smiling, "Hurts like hell doesn't it?" she asked. Ann nodded tensed up once more. "Well I'm going to take them off and then it really will hurt so I'm just warning you, ok?"

Ann nodded and braced herself as the woman removed the clamps. As the blood flow started a wave of pain hit her and she gasped. The woman gently massaged the tortured nipples and then lowering her head began to suck on one gently. Ann arched her back as sensations of pleasure shot through her going from her sensitive nipple to the very core of her pussy. The woman continued to lick and suck first the other nipple, then trailing her tongue down Ann's stomach over her mound until she buried her face between Ann's spread open legs. She wanted to writhe and buck but was tied so tightly she could barely move and this just added to the intensity of the feelings. Finally she could bear it no longer and wave after wave of spasms shot through her as she climaxed. Sweat poured from her body as she shook and trembled. Finally she lay still exhausted by the exertions and the treatment she had suffered.

As she lay there she thought she heard sirens. The woman had obviously heard them as well because she got up and went outside to see. Rushing back she undid the shackles that held Ann and released the collar from her neck.

"The police are here so you tell them you got lost and we helped you ok?" If not we will find you and make you suffer." Ann nodded not daring to raise her hopes that she was finally getting out of here. She stood up on wobbly legs and the woman threw some rags at her.

"Put these on" she said.

Before she had chance the door flew open and three armed policemen burst into the room. Behind them looking very anxious stood her partner and long term lover. The woman put her hands over her head as the police held her at bay with their guns. Peter enfolded her in his strong arms and held her tight murmuring endearments into her hair.

"Oh my love I've been so worried," he said holding her tight. He wrapped a blanket around her and picked her up like a baby and carried her out to the waiting ambulance.

Outside the gang had been rounded up and were in handcuffs. The leader looked at her and shrugged his shoulders.

"Shame you were a bloody good fuck." He said. Peter put her down and turned to hit him but she grabbed his arm.

"Don't he's not worth it. Just take me home love." As she spoke the doors to the ambulance closed and drove her away from her place of torture leaving the police to deal with the rest. Inside the ambulance Ann snuggled into Peters arms. Safe at last.
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