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Dale and I, Part III

This is a true story about friendship and coming of age. The names were changed. These events took place in the early 1970's. I do welcome constructive comments, and thank you to those that have. This is a true story of a friendship that has evolved over 40 years. This is also a tribute and a memorial to my friend, Dale, who passed away a few months ago. I am not a professional writer. This is not the typical gay suck and fuck story that seems to permeate this site and others. Both Dale and I grew up,went to college, eventually married women and had heterosexual sex,families and careers. But I am getting ahead of myself, so let me move onto part III.
For the next couple of weeks I took it easy and let my ass heal up. I would go over to Dale's house and we would work on his train set or his go-cart or his mini bike. We enjoyed each others company in a more platonic way, though there was those moments where we would talk about girls and having sex with them when we got older, get hot and bothered, and jack each other off. By the time the second week rolled around we had all of his toys up and running. He called me over to the house one morning really excited. I asked, ”Dale, whats going on?” “I have a great surprise for you and for me as well.” Dale replied. “Well what is it” I asked. You remember those doors off the pool area at the “Y”? “Yes”, I answered quizzically. Well, I looked into what they were and they are little private suites that you can rent by the day, week or month. “What are these suites?” I asked. “They have a shower, a toilet and a rest table, it is for guys who would rather shower and change privately.” responded Dale. What does that have to do with us? Well, we can rent a mini-suite for the rest of the summer for $20.00. I pay ten and you pay ten, this also gets us full use of the facilities days and most nights. “So what does that have to do with us?” I asked again. “ Well Poindexter, it gives us a place that is private for our own fun and games, without surprises.” Dale said sarcastically. I am sold. The next day we rode our bikes over to the YMCA and signed up and paid our $20.00 and $5.00 key deposit. We were given a set of keys and the rules of use. They did not ask any questions of us, other than respect the house rules. Life was easier in those days.
The next day we rode our bikes over to the “Y” and since it was “ free swim day” we took advantage of this and skinny dipped all day. I really enjoyed seeing Dale naked, I do not know exactly why, maybe it gave me hope I would be built like that one day, at least I hoped so. Other boys and men used the pool area also, we were not alone this time, but it was still fun seeing all those naked male bodies. From “no dick” types to “dicks half way down the leg” types. Dale and I would get out and scurry off to our private suite as we called it.
Once inside we closed and latched the doors from the inside and no one could enter. Dale brought a book on the practice of Massage, it belonged to his mom, who was a professional masseuse. It was fully illustrated. We were both still naked at this point. He told me to lay face down on the table. He started rubbing my shoulders, and it really felt good, I do not know if it was the massaging action on the muscles or his touch that just felt really good. For someone as young as he was, he really was a quick study and had really strong hands. “Am I doing it right Mike?” asked Dale. “ I replied, “God, Yes.” At the age I was I was just grateful to have the touch of anyone, as my family was not the touchy-feely type. I was laying on the table face down and Dale walked around to the front of me and leaned forward , grabbing and pulling my arms and shoulders forward to stretch the muscles. I looked up at the a most opportune time to have his cock staring back at me. As he leaned forward again, I was getting weenie whipped in the face. Dale had not noticed I was face forward at that moment, but as his dick came in for another landing, I opened my mouth and inhaled this incredibly soft and delectable member of his. He jumped and said,”Shit, Mike, you surprised the hell out of me!! His dick popped out of my mouth, as he jumped back “I aim to please.” I shot back. “Roll over,Mike.” Dale commanded. I rolled over with as big a boner my little dick could muster. “ God Mike, I think I am going to have to inflate Mike jr.,would you like that?” Dale asked mischievously. I reached up and pulled him on top of me. He very slowly descended slowly on top of me. This was going to be my first 69 experience. Dale asked,” Now what are we going to do?” I nonchalantly said,”We are going to suck each other at the same time and if we time it right, we will come together.” Dale retorted” First one to come and not together is a rotten egg.” We had to reposition ourselves so we were able and comfortable enough to do this. Dale started massaging my nuts and it felt so damn good. I just got down to business and slid his incredibly soft and delectable cock in my mouth. I explored his cock with my tongue and also slid my finger into his ass. I found his prostate and started massaging it ( I had read in Playboy this causes intense and explosive orgasms). Dale screamed,” Ahhh, Fuck Mike, What are you doing to me thaa.. that feels so fucking good, keep doing it, Ahhh, Oh,Oh” I was definitely more creative than Dale, but he also allowed me to experiment with his body, any way I wanted to as long as I did not hurt him, which I never would intentionally hurt my best friend anyway. My other free hand was massaging his incredibly tight and large balls. They were my hands down favorite for tactile enjoyment. I was sucking his now tumescent cock, massaging his prostate and massaging his incredible balls. I knew he would come before me, which is what I really wanted, I do not know why, I just did. Dale asked if it was OK for him to massage my prostate and if my butt healed up enough to even try this. I stopped sucking him and said to use one finger and take it slow, that I would guide him.
He slowly inserted his finger into my anus and asked if I felt Ok , I said I did and believe it or not he found on the first try. I said he was a quick study and I was right. I resumed my oral activities with Dale Jr. I screamed,” Holy Fuck DALE , that feels incredibly pleasurable (as waves of pleasure washed over my body. He was not only massaging my prostate, but at the same time that pile of nerves at the base of my anus). I was wrong, he definitely was more creative than me and knew how to play my body like a violin. The truth was we knew how to extract pleasure from each others body while infusing it into each other. We were both young but very sexually precocious. Dale screamed,” Mike, I going to come and I think you may drowned, I hope you are ready, AAAAHHHHHHH.” Right then what best can be described is a powerful burst of cum that not only could I not swallow fast enough, but it overflowed and covered my whole face in cum. Luckily, I was right on his orgasmic heels, and I blew my load all over his face and chest. I think I was more voluminous than he was. He collapsed on top of me from exhaustion. I just laid there and slowly stroked his now flaccid member. Dale? I asked, “Are you alright?”
A weak but solid voice responded,” I am tired, but I am OK and you Mike, are you OK? Ya Dale I am OK. He turned around to face me. “We look weird Mike” he said laughing. I was laughing to. We simultaneously hugged and held each other for the first time. We held each so long we actually stuck together. When we separated it actually hurt. We showered and left for home.

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2011-08-12 16:55:49
Very good - wish it was longer.

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