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Steve gets forced some more!
Gang Force

Part 2

By: Jimmy T Seay

(t+/t oral anal rape gang bang ws)

Author's Note
Some of you will remember Steve from 'JailForce'. As that story concluded,
Steve found himself grabbed off a dark street. And now for the new story,
Steve Meets the Gang. (Another title could have been, The Gang Meats

Steve now had the third Latino fucking him, he thought, "Two more to go". As
he wondered what would happen when this ordeal was over, Jose started
getting hard again.

Steve was thinking about his destroyed clothes, wondering where he was and
how he would get home.

Jose was thinking about what the white boy's mouth would feel like. Jose
pictured fucking Steve's mouth like he had fucked his ass. Jose was holding
his dick in both hands, staring at Luis fucking Steve.

Mario laughed, "You gotta wait, bro, you already had your turn!"

Jose said "So, he's got a mouth, don't he?"

Mario smiled, the two brothers walked towards where Steve's head dangled off
the desk.

Luis was enjoying the ass, he found it very slick from his friends' cum. It
was still tight enough to have friction, and the walls still clung to the
hard shaft moving in and out. Luis fucked at a leisurely pace, his dick was
around 8 inches, but the uncut head was extremely sensitive. If he moved too
fast, he also came too quick. He preferred to move slower and enjoy the fuck
for awhile before he shot.

Steve was laying across the desk, very passively. His mind was busy worrying
about having no clothes. The intrusion in his guts wasn't bothering him. It
was almost like taking a dump, it was uncomfortable, but not painful. His
ass hole was sore and raw, but he had gotten used to the dull thud of pain,
that his throbbing sphincter sent.

As Steve was thinking, the two brothers had reached his face. Steve looked
up to see both of them erect again. Jose reached out and brushed Steve's
lips, while Mario laughed.

Steve couldn't help himself, he yelled, "No, never! I'll bite that thing
off! I swear!"

Mario looked at the victim. ."You ain't biting shit, bitch! I'll slice your
little dick off the same way I sliced your clothes off! Now open your

Steve didn't obey and felt the cold knife blade at his left ear. Slowly, he
opened his mouth. As Jose placed the tip of his cock on Steve's lips, a sob
erupted from Steve. Steve was learning a lesson that males had learned for a
millennia, he was learning how easy it was to be dominated.

It was a hard lesson for Steve, and not one he had ever expected to learn.
Steve would now have to participate in this rape. Up to now, he had just
been used, now he was about to be made to suck cock.

While Luis fucked his ass, Jose inserted a bit more cock in his mouth.

Mario said, "Get busy, suck it, lick it, you know what the fuck to do!"

Steve could still feel the knife as he begin to suck on Jose's rod.

Jose was smiling, "Good, yeah, work my dick you cock sucker!"

Steve didn't need to hear the words to know that he had been reduced to
sucking dick. He could taste his own ass on Jose's cock.

Mario knew what was running through Steve's thoughts. "That's it, little
white faggot, taste your own ass cherry on the Latino dick you're sucking!"

Steve had been able to think that he had done nothing, he had simply layed
still and been raped. Now, he was carefully nursing about 5 inches of cock
meat. He was being made to give pleasure to another guy's dick! The rules of
the game had changed.

Steve had a strong, masculine personality, even if he didn't have the muscle
to back it. To Steve, the lowest thing a guy could do is suck dick. Those
were fighting words! As he thought about all of this, he continued to suck.

Jose said, "Come on, use your tongue!" Jose stuck about another inch into
Steve's mouth. Jose could feel the back of Steve's mouth, Steve's throat
passage was dead ahead. Jose's eager dick was leaking, Steve tasted the
precum as he tried to move his tongue. Jose's dick occupied most of his
mouth cavity, his tongue could move little.

About this time, Luis had approached the end, Steve felt the signs he had
already learned, Steve knew in seconds that Luis would be blasting a load,
the third load that Steve now carried inside.

Refugio saw it, also. He began to undress, his turn would be next. He smiled
thinking about how the white boy would react when he saw what Refugio was
packing! "Naw," Refugio thought, "White boy ain't seen a cock till he sees

Refugio's thoughts were justified. His friends had often teased him about
the 'pussy popper' he was endowed with. Refugio's dick was a sight to see,
it hung right at 11 inches. A few inches of dark tan foreskin dangled over a
beet red head. As you went from the tip, the penis increased in diameter,
reaching the size of a wrist in the middle, then moving towards the base, it
reduced to about the size of the head again.

Many would consider Refugio's cock ugly, the middle of the shaft almost
seemed deformed. But, it was a fine tool, and Refugio was very, very pleased
with it. It's size had scared street whores, it had made women scream.

Refugio loved to use it, after a few fuckings, most had found they craved
Refugio. He fucked rough, he intended to inflict pain. Refugio had fucked
white boys before, in juvenile, in jails, and once in the streets.

Refugio stood at Steve's side, Steve had not seen what he was about to be
impaled with next. Refugio stared at the dick sucking gringo, Refugio was
thinking of the names Steve had disrespected his friends with, there was no
expression of Refugio's face.

Mario noticed all of this, he had witnessed Refugio's fuck style before.
Mario told his little brother, "Pull out of the faggots mouth for a second,

Jose had been lost in the oral enjoyment, he looked around and smiled. He
stood back and turned Steve's head towards Refugio.

Steve stared at the Latino. Steve had never thought a dick could be so ugly.
As Steve saw the shape, he thought of a baseball bat. Steve spoke softly,
"It will kill me" he said.

Refugio smiled, "Help me turn the punk over," he said.

Steve was flipped over, his back now rested on the desk. He held his neck
straight to keep his head from hanging off the table. His ass rested on one
edge of the desk, even that little amount of pressure made his ass hurt!

Refugio spread Steve's legs and walked between them. He looked down at
Steve's shriveled dick and close drawn nuts. Refugio tilted his head up and
roared with laughter. "A white pee pee" he yelled, making his friends laugh
in amusement.

Everyone watched, the had all heard about Refugio dealing with punks.
Refugio sneered at Steve's equipment, he placed his index finger and thumb
together and began flicking Steve's dick and balls. He taunted Steve, "So,
little white boy, when you going through puberty? How many more years you
think it'll be?"

Steve was more concerned with the fact that Refugio intended to fuck him
with that 'thing' then the pain from the finger flicks or the taunting.
Steve looked at the Latino, "I can't, don't do this!"

Steve didn't beg, he made a statement. He was too stubborn to beg, and if he
had, it would have been a waste of time and words. Refugio would eventually
fuck, but now, he wanted to play.

Refugio took Steve's ball sack in one hand. He took his foreskin in the
other. All eyes, including Steve's watched, as Refugio placed Steve's nuts
inside the massive foreskin. The skin contained Steve's jewels without a
problem. Refugio then added Steve's dick, now the Latino stud's foreskin
held all of Steve's genitalia!

It was more then embarrassing and humiliating to Steve. It was downright
scary! The fact that the ugly, monstrosity could encompass his manhood
emphasized how large it was!

Refugio's skin bulged now with the lesser male's privates inside it, Refugio
wrapped both his hands around the bulge, he begin to apply pressure. As
Refugio squeezed harder and harder, Steve begin to squirm.

Steve felt his nuts getting flattened in Refugio's grasp, he could feel
sticky fluid inside the skin coating his balls and dick. He had to make
himself be still, the movements he had made only caused his nuts to ache
that much more. The pain throbbed through his lower torso, but Steve
remained quiet, he knew the Latino would enjoy his yells.

Refugio actually respected Steve for not screaming. He shrugged, Steve would
scream in time, it made no difference now.

Refugio yanked his dick backward, freeing Steve's privates. He reached
inside his skin with a finger, he ran the finger around the long foreskin,
gathering precum. He smeared it on Steve's ball sack. He looked at Steve,
"That's my scent on you. You're marked like a bitch dog. Bitch dogs have
little tits, like yours." Refugio's fingers locked into Steve's nipples, he
pulled and twisted. Steve broke out in another sweat but managed not to
yell. Refugio saw the pain in Steve's eyes and expression.

"It hurts, huh?" Refugio asked. "My fingers are small and they can give you
great pain, think how my dick's gonna feel! It's a lot bigger than these

Refugio released Steve's nipples, and stepped back. He placed Steve's feet
on his shoulders. Refugio held his big dick in both hands and stepped

Steve's ass hole still gaped open, the head of Refugio's penis entered
easily. As Refugio feed more cock into Steve, the pain began rising, sweat
oozed out of Steve's pores.

As the widest part Of Refugio's cock entered, Steve bucked, trying to get
away from it. No such luck, the Latino continued to impale the ass.

Steve's intestine had stretched to the maximum, it had a tight squeeze on
Refugio's cock, the Latino continued forward. Steve's prostate had no where
to go, the huge rod begin to mash it. As Steve's prostate was being mashed
and bruised, the pain became too much.

Steve let out a loud scream, "You are killing me! Stop, you fucking

Wrong choice of words for Steve, Refugio gave one last powerful thrust, and
entered Steve all the way.

Steve's vision went black, but he didn't quite pass out. The pain kept him
awake. It felt like his balls had been crushed. What had happened was
Refugio's dick badly bruised Steve's prostate, Steve's testicles begin to

Refugio didn't miss a beat, he begin fucking Steve. Refugio's dick was so
long, that he had to actually step back a bit to move it most of the way
out, before shoving it back in. As Refugio fucked, he battered the bruised
prostate even more.

Steve's nuts were visibly swollen now, they ached severely. Steve was
tossing his head back and forth, as if it helped with the hurt.

Jose grabbed the head, and held it still, he begin to feed his cock back
into Steve's mouth. Steve automatically begin to suck, such as a baby nurses
a pacifier. Jose was pressing into Steve's throat passage. Jose found out
with the new angle, he could penetrate Steve's throat.

Steve lost the ability to breathe as the large teen dick entered his throat.
He was blacking out when he managed some air. He was no longer sucking, the
cock was throat fucking him. Mario reached down and felt Steve's neck. He
could feel his younger brother inside Steve's throat.

Jose's eyes were closed, his face had a sweet smile, the white boy's throat
was new territory, he had never been deep throated before. Jose was liking
the new sensations. He found throat fucking to be better than even Steve's
ass had been.

Steve's body shook as the two Latino's fucked either end of it. Each had
found their own unique rhythm. Jose fucked three strokes to Refugio's two.
Steve's nuts continued to swell.

Mario noticed the swollen balls. While he didn't understand the cause, he
realized Steve's nuts had gotten a lot larger. They seem to fill the white
boys small sack now. Mario wondered if it was 'blue balls' that he had heard

Mario turned it into a joke, he pointed at Steve's nuts, "The white boy
finally got some balls!" he laughed. The gang noticed the size increase.
Steve did not even hear the statement, he had almost two feet of Latino dick
to deal with.

Steve's prostate had swollen also, it made his over occupied ass even
tighter, Refugio gave into the sweet, tight ass, and begin to add his seed
to the mixture already inside.

As Refugio pumped sperm inside Steve's ass, Jose begin to send his own into
Steve's throat. Jose's thick cum slowly ran into Steve's stomach. Steve
didn't even know that both men had nutted.

Steve felt both Latinos pull out in a few seconds of each other. Mario had
decided he wanted some white boy throat and immediately plugged Steve's

Jesse was in between Steve's legs. The white boy's ass hole didn't close
after the reaming Refugio had given it. Out of curiosity, Jesse bent down
and looked inside the gaping hole. He saw pinkness and cum, it was similar
to pussy Jesse had eaten.

Jesse stood up, and copied Refugio by placing Steve's legs on his shoulders.
He stuck his dick in the hole, Steve had been stretched so much, that Jesse
found his ass to feel a lot like a cunt. Jesse begin to fuck fast, he had to
catch up. Jose had already came three times, and Jesse pumped in and out
fast to hurry so he could match his friend.

Over the next few hours, the Latino gang continued using Steve. Steve's
mouth had dried out, it no longer felt good to the gang's dicks. His ass
hole was an open hole and was leaking cum bad. His nuts had begin to stretch
the sack containing them.

He stunk of the mixtures of sperm and sweat. He had lost his appeal. Mario
was not quite finished with the disrespectful white boy. Mario walked behind
Steve and inserted his cock one last time. Steve's ass offered no resistance

Mario begin to piss, right up Steve's raw ass. The urine burned, Steve felt
it but didn't realize another man was taking a piss inside his body. After
Mario finished, the others filled Steve with piss.

Mario then took some of the rags that had been Steve's clothes. He stuffed
them into Steve's ass hole to keep the sperm and urine from leaking out.
Steve was wrapped in a sheet of plastic.

They placed him back in the van. As the van moved, the liquid inside of
Steve sloshed around. Mario drove to a park, it was known as a place to go
get your dick sucked. They took Steve inside a foul smelling rest room.

Steve's hands were tied to a handicap rail. It left him bent over, his ass
exposed. Mario used pliers, holding his nose, he pulled the rags from
Steve's ass. Cum and pissed begin to flow as the hole was unplugged.

Jose handed Mario a can of red spray paint. With extreme skill, Mario
sprayed the paint onto Steve's back. He painted the words 'Fuck me', and
then made a very perfect arrow pointing at Steve's ass crack.

Mario still had one more insult to add to the injured boy. He placed the can
between Steve's legs and coated the very swollen ball sack with the red
paint. Mario emptied the can, paint dripped to mix with the piss and cum
pooling on the floor.

Mario handed the empty can back to Jose. Jose held it for a second, then he
grinned. The smelly rest room was filled with the cheering gang as Jose
stuck the can in Steve's ass hole. Jose left the can half in and half out of
the once tight ass. It was wedged between the slim butt cheeks of the white

As the gang was leaving, a effeminate white male approached the rest room's
doorway. The gang snickered as the male suggestively licked his lips. They
walked back towards the van, laughing, joking, full of friendship. It was
getting close to dawn, they headed towards IHOP to recover from the long
gang fuck.

Steve heard a high voice saying "My, my, what do we have here! Girl friend,
you are fucked out! Did you do all those boys?"

Steve managed a weak, "Help me."

The queen said, "Oh, no, Miss Thing, you gotta say please!"

Steve had never imagined saying please to a faggot, but things had changed.
He spoke with a very raspy voice, "Please?"


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