This is a story i wrote about a woman who is interested in being with another woman, her husband wanted to hear about what could possibly happen in my version of a story. This is what i'm hoping will happen in the near future.
I wanted to taste every inch of her body while I had the chance. In regular circumstances, this would have been wrong. She’s married, but, her husband agreed to it. She had had fantasies about being with another woman for a long time, and now she got her chance. Her husband talked to me, told me she wanted it, and wanted me to seduce her. I was very willing, and soon became friends with both of them. I then became their slave.

I loved to please, so this was perfect for me. It fulfilled her fantasy of being with a woman, and my fantasy of being a slave to someone. We were in the bedroom when I was told to strip. I was a bit nervous, but I had agreed to this, so I did. I was then told to strip her, and kiss her while I did so. I lifted her shirt up slowly and left a trail of kisses up her stomach to her breasts. Then I took off her bra and placed a kiss on both of her nipples, causing her to take a deep breath.

I moved down to my knees and began undoing her pants. I slid them down slowly as well, leaving kisses on both her thighs, and down do her shins. I repeated the same with her panties, and placed a kiss on her smooth shaven pussy. She was breathing hard from all the kisses by now, which made me smile; so I continued kissing my way up her body, up to her lips. It was a slow kiss at first; she was hesitant, but soon got really into it. We were snapped back into reality when he told her to sit at the edge of the bed, and me to get on my knees in front of her.

I knelt down eagerly, getting wet in anticipation. He told me to spread her legs, and I opened them slowly while rubbing my hands up and down her thighs to tease her. I kissed her inner thighs making my way up to her already dripping pussy, making her even wetter with my kisses. When I got to her, I touched the tip of my tongue to her clit and she gasped loudly. I began to lick and suck her clit, taking my time, drawing this out as much as I could.

I started going faster and sticking my tongue into her slit soon after. She was moaning loudly by now, so I decided to make things a bit more fun, and stuck two fingers deep into her while still sucking her clit. Not a minute after I started finger fucking her, she arched her back in an orgasm. Her body shook as I kept licking. Once her orgasm past, I removed my fingers and gave one last lick. I stood up and looked down at her panting.

“Kiss her, fondle her, take your time kissing her neck and nipples” I heard him say lowly right beside my ear. I complied immediately and gave her a peck on the lips before moving to her neck. I was on all fours over top of her, and I felt him rub her thighs and mine. She let out a small moan when I took her left nipple into my mouth, and pinched the other with my hand. I felt him touch the back of my thigh near my ass and let out a small moan myself when he discovered my turn on spot. I was so wet at this point, between being told what to do, pleasing a woman, and being fondled. I went back up to her mouth and began kissing her passionately and stifled her moan with my mouth when he shoved a finger into her tight pussy.

We didn’t break the kiss until we both couldn’t breathe anymore and needed air. Just as we broke the kiss, she moaned loudly as he began to play with her clit with his thumb. I wanted to be touched so bad at this point, I let out a small whimper, but didn’t ask. I would be pleased if that’s what my master’s wanted. So I went back down to her breasts to lick and suck her nipples again. I gasped loudly as I felt two fingers go into my dripping hole. I couldn’t tell who it was at first, but then from the angle I realized it was her who did. I groaned around her breasts as she switched from fast to slow, slow to fast.

“Get in a 69 position. I want to taste your pussy now, you tasted mine.” She said between pants. I changed positions quickly, trying to get there faster to feel her hot tongue play with my hole. He was still fingering her, so I licked her clit while he did his thing. I looked up at one point, and saw him jerking himself off. I wanted to taste him so bad too, but I wasn’t allowed unless told to.

He let his pants fall to the ground and I looked up again. He came closer and spoke “Start sucking. You need to give me lubrication so I can fuck her.” I eagerly began sucking and licking his rock hard 8 inch dick. I increased my pace and he let out a moan. His hands went to my head holding me in place while he came. I swallowed every drop I could, and then began to suck him hard again. He was hard again in no time at all, and took his cock out of my mouth. I whimpered in protest and he just laughed. I had been so absorbed in sucking him, that I forgot that she was tongue fucking me.

She shoved two fingers into my pussy and I moan loudly, while she continued to lick me. I heard her moan as he slipped his dick into her all at once. He began fucking her slowly, and I lowered my head to lick her clit and his cock with their movements. Every now and then I’d switch my tongue for a finger rubbing her clit, and then go back to licking and sucking. I felt her body shake beneath me as her orgasm came closer, and heard her yell out as she came. With that, she fingered and licked me faster, which lead to my own orgasm within a few seconds after hers. I yelled out as my body shook intensely. Seeing us both cum together, this brought his orgasm on. He grunted as he released his seed into her, and I collapsed on top of her. We all moved to lie next to each other, her in the middle, breathing hard from the best orgasms any of us had ever had.

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7/10 Words seemed to become repetative to me. A few mistakes in grammer. An actual review ... shocking right?

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