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The feild is getting crowded now
OK gang this is it. It all comes together now. I will be going on to other stories and my even create related stories after the woman in this series have their babies and even looking several years after the kids get older.
Hope you all enjoy how it comes together. There have been several parts to this and I almost thought I dragged it out to long but I don't feel it got dry or lacked quality.

I hope you enjoy the conclusion of:
it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 14. The Final Part.

So what am I to make of the revelations from Mom last night. She is pregnant with my child plus her and Sis intend to share me then on top of that my Mom and Dad are really Brother and Sister !.
I know growing up we never had much contact with family or even ever heard Mom and Dad talk about family that much other than occasionally hearing bits and pieces of them quietly conversing with each other.
All Sis and I knew was that any family we had were on the west coast and with us being on the east coast visits never happened, nor did phone calls ?. Yeah, seemed strange to Sis and I. It was like we were isolated but over the years we just accepted that our family wasn't that tightnit or close and we had grown accustomed to things as they have been.

I woke up with Mom facing me. She looked so pretty laying there, especially knowing she was pregnant with my child. I moved a little and she opened her eyes and smiled, "sleep good", she said.
"Uh Huh", I said.
It was still to early to get up so I asked her about how it came to be with her and Dad.
She explained that they were the only children and living in a rural part of California there wasn't much to do in the summer.
They either stayed around the house or would play in the woods and climb hills. There was a small lake nearby where they fished, skipped stones or played in the water. Since it wasn't far from the house her brother (my Dad) was allowed to camp out in a small tent there.
She pitched a fit and begged to go camp out and her brother reluctantly agreed.
Mom was the youngest of the two. They were 11 and 12 yrs old when this started happening. She said the first time she was allowed to go camping was the first time she ever saw a penis.
Some settings are just conducive for "things to happen" and it felt like a boy and girl alone together it was just "natural" or it was "supposed" to be this way. It was as if these situations were meant for exploration and to satisfy ones curiosities.
She said they were in the tent and he had to pee and when he got up she saw his shorts were "pushed out".

When he came back in she asked why it was like that and if she could see it.
He laid back and pulled his shorts down and of course she wanted to touch it and was amazed at how it started to grow again.
They began to explore what each other had and that Dad wanted her to let him put it in her mouth. She wouldn't do it but she liked feeling his penis and she liked it when he touched her.
She said it wasn't like either of them hadn't inadvertently walked in on their Mom and Dad when they were "doing it" and of course what they had heard around from friends or on TV they each knew the fundamentals.
She really liked him rubbing her pussy but he was getting agitated playing around and his penis was really hard and it hurt.
He begged her to put it in her mouth but told him they could try what they had seen their mom and dad do.
She got on her knees and he got behind her. She was kind of wet and when he he tried to put it in it hurt a little but it also felt good.

They worked at it and he "got in" a little and it felt really good until he reached a certain point. Everytime he tried she said it hurt her to much. She said he didn't break her that night but they continued to do it and he suddenly squirted into her which made it very slippery and after that his penis didn't hurt anymore.
She explained things were different from that point, they discovered something new, fun and very exciting. So they found out what they could and began to explore further and would sneak into one or the others room at night and this is when she sucked his dick and he licked her pussy.
She said as good as that felt along with what little bit he was able to get inside her then if he got it all in her then it should feel even better.
So with information they were able to obtain they planned another camping trip, prepared with some vasolene and towels to clean up. She remembered he was so excited when she got into position and globed vasolene on his penis and they began to "do it".
After some in and out action she was ready and on her command he shoved it in and she screamed from the pain and begged him, "take it out, take it out, take it out", He told her he couldn't stop and just kept going.
She said the pain gradually drifted to soreness as they "did it" and the feeling she anticipated deep inside happened and it felt good. He got to a point he was pounding her like a jackhammer she said. He went faster and harder until he moaned and she felt him squirting inside her.
She also said he held and caressed her afterwords and was sorry that he hurt her but that he just couldn't stop.
After that things changed for both of them, they loved each other anyway and liked what they were doing and things took off from there.

"Interesting story", I said.
She reached down and felt how hard I was.
"Yeah I see that, go see your sister", she said.
I rolled out of bed and strode out of her room and across the living room with a great big hard on leading the way. I walked into my sisters room, my cock was so stiff it could penetrate steel. Sis sat up and had a huge smile on her face as I walked to her bed.
Hey, DADDY", she said.
I already had enough conversation, I needed relief right now I thought to myself. My cock felt as if it could bust out of it's skin, it hurt. She leaned forward keeping her eyes on mine as she started sucking my cock. The instant it was in her mouth my eyes went closed and head leaned back, "AHHHHHHHH", was all I could get out as I grabbed the back of her head and kept pulling her onto me.
After a minute of her sucking I was ready for pussy, I was ready to FUCK.
I let go the back of her head, she pulled off of me and turned to get onto her knees. She bent over in a tight fashion keeping her legs together while supporting herself with her forearms on the top of her legs. She was dutifully offering herself to me, giving me what I desperately needed.

I positioned myself behind her with one knee on the bed and my other foot planted on the floor and lined up. Placing my aching cock in her slot I pushed in just past the head and met the typical resistance from her not being properly warmed up but I badly needed to bury myself inside of her.
I began to quickly work in and out pushing in more of my cock which caused her a few grunts and groans as I worked.
When I hit bottom I started fucking her slowly with long strokes. It felt so good to be inside my sister, something about her just satisfies me like nothing else.
She needed to be wetter and as I worked she let out a breathy, "mmmmm", as I felt a warm wetness around my cock and I was able to pick up the pace now. I began to slam against her butt, my cock was like a steel rod pistonning in and out of her pussy, that sweet sweet pussy.
I was close, so close to the release I needed. As I pounded away the cum raced up my shaft and I moaned out, "UHHH, UHHH, UHHH, UHHHHHHHHH", I shoved in as I shot a stream of thick sticky hot goo deep inside her.
I pumped into her a few more times then threw my head back and let out a, "OHHHHHHHHHH", as I let go another stream of thick rich cream.
"OHHH BABY, KNOCK ME UP, KNOCK ME UP", she screamed out. I was breathing hard from fucking her as well as from tightening every muscle as my body tensed for each eruption.
I was suprised at how much I felt I still had in me. I pumped her some more and as the pressure peaked I grabbed her hips pulling myself as deep into her as I could, "OHHHHH SIS", as another powerful stream of rich incestuous sperm coated her womb.
I pumped a few more times and, "OH GOD I CAN'T STOP CUMMING, AHHHHHHHH", I moaned as I pushed myself deep into her again, squirtng and squeezing my muscles as she worked her cunt to milk me.

Finally finished I stayed inside her while my once fully engorged cock began to deflate. I pulled out and sat down behind her as she spun around and threw her arms around my neck and began kissing my face all over and then my lips, we locked in for a long deep kiss.
She pulled away looking at me, "it's going to happen, I just know it is", she said excitedly.
"What, what's going to happen", I said.
"I'm going to have your baby", she said with a big smile.
"Sis, your on birth control.........RIGHT ?", I asked.
"Mom has been buying it but I haven't used it in a loooong time", she said.

Sure enough a couple weeks later she was sick one morning and the test confirmed it. It looked like Mom and Sis would deliver about next June, just in time for summer vacation.
I'm not sure what it is maybe female hormones or whatever but just after they knew they were pregnant their sex drives slowed for a few weeks but mine didn't diminish at all in fact, it kicked up a notch and WHY ?.
Maybe it was the knowledge that I wasn't shooting blanks or that I had a choice of pussy on tap under the same roof but whatever it was my need had increased.
This wasn't much of a problem for me anyway because either Mom or Sis dutifully took care of at least my morning wood, in one fashion or the other during their lull.
I do see my girlfriend and we have been fucking. She really seemed to have "come out" since our three way, she liked to get nasty. She loves it when I cum on her face or on her titties.
Her and I were texting and she had mentioned expanding on the three way scenario some, I think she either wants to or already has been with another girl, I'm not sure but she wanted some more "action" as she put it.
That was fine by me, if anyone knows of anything hotter than some girl on girl action during a three way then I would like to know about it.

It had been about a week or so since her or I have seen or heard from my sisters little friend other than an initial text that she was leaving on a trip and would be back.
My girlfriend wanted another three way BAD. She said she had to go but would text me tonight about planning another "get together".

Later the girl texted me that she was finally back and couldn't wait to meet up. I asked about the three of us getting together but she texted that she just wanted me right now.
We met in our usual spot, she beat me there, and had the place prepared with a blanket on the ground. She was laid out on the blanket but jumped up onto her knees as I walked up.
"I've been waiting to have you for over a week", she said. She anxiously began to pull at the waistband of my shorts. As she pulled my shorts down I dropped my underwear and she literally inhaled my cock into her mouth, sucking harder than she ever did before.
I just lightly laid a hand on the top of her head as she feverishly worked, taking me in as far as possible and it was feeling really good.
She replied with a muffled, "UH HUH", as she continued to bobb on my dick.
After another minute she pulled off with an audible "POP". She caught a few breaths then looked up at me, "I want you in my pussy", she said with lust in her eyes.
She pulled off her sundress then laid back and took off her panties. She spun around on her knees and bent over as I lowered myself down behind her, "I'm ready, she said.
I guided my meat to her little pussy, running my cock up and down her slit I found she was right, her cunt was wet.

I pushed into her and as my cock split her cunt lips apart and her hole stretched she loudly moaned out a painful sounding, "OHHHHHH". She was tight, like she hadn't had it in a while.
Wanting to get inside her real bad I pulled back and pushed in again, "UHHHHH", she moaned, which sounded like a mix of pleasure and pain. She wanted it as bad as I did.
She picked her head up off the ground and got up on her hands. This lined things up better so I pulled back again and thrust sliding in deep, "OHHH YEAHHHHH!", she said.
With my cock now fully coated with her juice I started fucking in and out of her and she began a constant, "UH HUH, UH HUH, UH HUH", as I pumped her. I hadn't seen her quite like this before and her cunt had really good action.

I started sawing in and out of her with full strokes. I noticed she dropped her head slightly then let out an, "AHHHHHH", and my cock was drowned with her hot jizz. Her juice flowed out around my cock and as I fucked her it began making slapping noises, she was REALLY WET now. I started fucking her hard and fast, she picked her head up and shouted, "OHHHH FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME.
She was driving me crazy and turning me on more and more. I was already holding back but she was so dam hot that I just had to cum in her NOW.
I pounded her as I worked up pressure, "UH, UH, UH, UHHHHHH, "OHHHH.........OHHHH.........OHHH", as I squeezed three shots of greasy pent up cum deep in her hot little pussy.
I held myself deep inside as she moaned out, UHHHH. UHHHH, UHHHH as her little cunt confulsed around my shaft. With my muscles relaxed I let her cunt action milk me.

When we were done I reluctantly pulled out of her still gripping pussy and we laid back on the blanket side by side catching our breath.
After a minute I turned my head to her, "Daddy huh, you been talking to my sister Huh ?", I said.
Looking back at me, "No, we haven't texted since before I left ?", she asked.
"Oh, well I thought that maybe you two...uh...that is......uhhhhhh, ahhh nothing, I stammered.
I turned my head away and was looking up. She rolled on her side facing me and propped her head up on her elbow and reached over with her other arm stroking my chest.
"You are a Daddy", she said.
I turned my head to look at her and she was smiling at me.
"Thats right stud, I'm pregnant, she said.
"WHAT, Noooo !", I said.

We talked for a bit and I asked the usual questions like how she knew I was the father, etc. She said it was way more than a 50/50 chance unless something went wrong because her brother always wore a condom since she wasn't on birth control.
Knowing how she is I obviously asked her about the possibility of it being anyone else but she maintained her brother and I were the only two she fucked.
She admitted she's been "around" but just giving blow jobs. I'm not sure I can believe that, how can I ?.
We finally parted and I walked back to the house in a daze. Walking into the kitchen I was greeted with a simultaneous, "HELLO DADDY" from Mom and Sis. I rolled my eyes and sat at the table.
"Mom, I been meaning to ask you about the "cousin" you mentioned weeks ago", I said.
She suddenly seemed nervous then glanced at Sis who was standing next to her.
"Well, since you two know about your Dad and I then I guess this needs to come out to as well", she said.

She began to explain that just like my father did, I fell for my sister. Furthermore just like I did, my father also had sex with his mother and got her pregnant with twins when Mom was pregnant with Sis.
She said when those children were born they ended up living with other relatives and unbeknownst to anyone they ended up moving to the same town we are in, it was just a fluke.
They always talked about if family ever did get together then they would explain that we were all "cousins".

I sat there thinking to myself, "no wonder Dad was calling her "baby girl" when she was blowing him.
How was I going to tell them that I now MAY be the father of my "cousins", "half sisters" or "whatevers", baby.
Well maybe keeping it in the family is a genetic thing or if nothing else there is trend so maybe telling them will be easier than I figured. "MMM, what if they give birth to girls..........this could be an interesting future I thought.
With all the fucking I get three family members pregnant and my girlfriend is the odd one out, I chuckled at the thought. How the hell am I going to explain all of this to her, I may have to at some point.
I sat there thinking how all this even got started. I had my girlfriend, my sister did her thing and I did mine. I just don't know how ALL this began and took off like it did.

As I sat there pondering I noticed Mom and Sis looking at me with a gleam in their eyes, "we have something special planned for you tonight", said Mom. I glanced over at Sis.
"UH HUHHHH", said Sis, nodding her head. My eyes darted between the two as they smiled at each other then back at me with a wicked look in their eyes. I guess what had left them the last couple weeks had come back.
"Come with us, DADDY", said Mom. They both turned and headed to Moms room. Sis was trailing behind Mom and as she walked she looked behind her with that wicked smile motioned "come here", with her index finger.
A smile grew on my face and I began to grow hard as well, "oh boy, we're gonna get nasty", I said to myself.
I got up and walked to her room and both were sitting on the bed, Mom patted the spot on the bed she wanted me to sit, which was right between them.
I sat down, each one leaned in an began to tongue my ears, they know this is one of the things that gets me lit. My already hard cock got even harder and as they tongued me Sis reached down and started rubbing my cock through my shorts.
They pulled away from my ears, pushed me onto my back and started taking my clothes off, practically tearing them off. They needed this badly.
Mom and Sis stood and began to take their clothes off then Mom walked up to Sis and began to carress Sis's shoulders then pushed her back on the bed beside me. Sis looked at me, "I want to suck your dick", she said.
I got up and knelt beside and leaned over her and guided my cock to her mouth. I looked down her body and Mom had started licking Sis's pussy. I grabbed Sis's hair with one hand and run the other over her tits. I was fucking her mouth as Mom licked her pussy.
The whole scene was so hot I thought I was dreaming. This is to good to be true and if this is how it's going to be then I'm in for some fun.

With her mouth full of my cock all Sis could do was eek out muffled, "mm, mm, mm, mm, mm" as she obviously liked the licking Mom was giving her.
Mom picked her head up and, "MMM, MM, MM", sweet pussy, she said.
I pulled out of Sis's mouth and laid back as Mom straddled my face. I reached my tongue out and went straight for her clit and teased it. She moved her hips forward indicating she needed some attention to other areas other than her sensitive clit.
Sis climbed up on me, grabbed my cock and placed it in the right spot. She impaled herself onto my now iron stiff shaft with an "uhh.
Oh God her sweet pussy felt so good good on wrapped aroundmy cock.
I licked Mom's slit while I reached up squeezing her wonderful boobs. Instead of drowning my face she controlled her jizz as well as her movements. She occasionally rocked her hips back when she needed me to tease her clit then thrusting forward so I could lap at her cunt lips while Sis rode up and down my cock and squeezing her cunt tight now and then.
She brought herself off with an, OHHHHH", as I felt her juice trickle down my shaft and onto my balls, it was very warm and slippery.
I was building towards an explosion myself and began to moan as I lapped at Moms cunt while Sis rode me.

Mom pulled off of my face and kelt back next to Sis. As she rode faster I belted out, "OH, OH, OH, OH I'M GONNA CUM, Sis pulled off and spun around.
Mom took me into her mouth and began sucking and my rippling cock and then with a roar, "I'M CUUUUUMMING", as Mom pulled off of me they both leaned close to my cock and opened their mouths.
I let out an, "AHHHHHHHHHHH!", squirting gobs of goo that splattering their lips and faces. I reached down and pumped my shaft and, "OHHHHHHH!", as I sprayed another load that splashed their faces. They licked there lips as I pumped a few more times and, "OHHHH MY GOD", as another spray left my peehole spattering their mouth and lips.
I let go of my cock and laid my head back with my eyes closed in sweet bliss. Mom and Sis worked at licking and alternately sucking my cock to clean and extract all the cum they could.

A high pitched scream pierced through the bliss, "WHAT THE FUCK !", a voice shreeked.
I picked my head up as Mom and Sis turned to look behind them.
There was my girlfriend standing in the doorway, eyes and mouth wide open with shock. Standing just beside and behind her was my sisters friend.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE", I said in a raised voice, looking right at my girlfriend.

"I"M PREGNANT !!!", she screamed.

Surveying the room my sisters friend said, "MMM, this looks like fun", as she looked at my girlfriend. Mom and Sis looked at each other as I dropped my head back and closed my eyes.

How did it get to this, how did this happen: it happened on vacation......... and continued at home.

I just laid thinking that you never know what the future holds, and a huge smile grew on my face.

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