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Chapter 3

Hey everyone. Chapter three is here. I spent some extra time revising this one so I hope everyone likes it. All the chapters have had an element of darkness to them, but this one takes it to a new level, so I am putting it in the dark fantasy genre. As always I am looking for feedback from everyone. I have over 1000 reads on each chapter and they both only have 11 comments a few of which are mine so come on people help me out here more comments. I would like to thank my "team" of reviewer. A group of fans have been keeping in contact with me via e-mail very regularly to help me revise my work, give me ideas, and express their opinions. In return they have gotten to be the first to read each chapter as they come out. I was originally only going to let a few people be in this e-mail group but I changed my mind. You can find my e-mail in either part 1 or 2's comments section so if you want to join the group just e-mail me. Now for people that haven't read parts 1 & 2 you are in the wrong place leave now and come back when you have read 1 & 2. Also nothing has changed in that this is not a sex based story with vampires. It is however a dark vampire romance story with sex in it, and it will most likely feature a decent amount of action in chapters to come so don't worry its on the way. For those who don't know this is my first story ever so I am not that great at writing yet, but I am doing my best and all criticism is welcome as long as it is constructive. I think I have rambled on long enough enjoy part 3.


Mike woke up in a bed. It was late afternoon and the sun was shining through the window of the

bedroom he was in. He could have sworn he passed out on the living room couch the night before, but

here he was. He was also surprised that he awoke alone and not next to Irina like he did the previous

night. He slowly got out of bed, and began to feel weary and light-headed. He then realized the sunlight

was shining right onto his naked body, and he could feel his energy draining from him, and before long it

even began to hurt. He quickly began to focus so that his clothes materialized to cover up his skin, and the

uncomfortable sensations stopped for the most part.

Mike wandered into the bathroom and took a long hot shower, after which he went looking for Irina. To

his great surprise he found her in the kitchen cooking. He was really confused. He didn't understand why

she would be cooking considering they no longer ate human food. “Are we expecting human guests or

something?” Mike asked, startling Irina. “No silly, I am making us a meal,” She replied. “But don't we

feed off human blood now that we are vampires?” He questioned. “While that is true, and while we wont

get any nourishment from human food I still enjoy cooking it, and eating it once in a while, so go sit down

in the living room and I will bring you your food.” Mike was amazed, and quite pleased, not only had he

thought he had given up all the tasty foods from his human life he had a beautiful girl cooking a meal for


He sat down smiling with anticipation. “So whats for dinner?” Mike asked. Irina replied, “well we are

having steak, extremely rare, with mash potatoes, and desert is a surprise.” Mike chuckled to himself at

the irony of vampires having extremely rare steak for a meal. Irina walked in with two small trays, a plate of

delicious looking food on each as well as a tall glass of what looked sort of like blood with ice in it. Mike

asked, “so is this blood in our glasses?” Irina smiled an replied, “yes and no. It is a delicacy I created that

I am quite fond of. I hope you'll like it. It is o- blood, which is the rarest and probably tastiest, mixed with

just the right amount of seltzer water. It's like a blood soda so to speak. I came up with it maybe fifty years

ago, and I have been making it ever since.” Mike looked impressed, “I never would have thought to do

that.” He took a gulp, and realized she was right, it was much tastier than any of the other human blood he

had tasted. Not only that, the carbonation fizzed on his tongue, and as he drank he could feel his energy

flowing back to him. He downed the tall glass in a matter of seconds, and complimented Irina on her

fabulous creation. She went to the kitchen to get him some more, and then they began eating. Mike was

pleased to find out that food tasted just as good as it had before he was turned.

Mike and Irina spent there meal getting to know each other better. Mike told Irina about his life as a

human, but kept it somewhat brief, because he still wasn't sure how he felt about leaving it all for his new

life. He knew he really liked Irina, and in no way regretted his decision to walk the night with her, but he

was mixed up inside about losing his family and friends. Irina told him about the many different era's she

had experienced first hand which fascinated Mike, and also got him thinking about all he would get to see

now that mortality was a thing of the past for him. They both finished their steak and potatoes. Irina told

Mike to wait in the living room with his eyes closed. She brought the trays to the kitchen and returned.

Mike felt her sit down next to him and heard her put something down on the coffee table in front of

them. She told him to keep his eyes closed and to open his mouth. She fed him a bite of what must have

been the most decadent chocolate cake he had ever tasted. “my god that was unbelievable Irina, where

did you learn to cook like that.” Irina replied, “well when you have had five hundred years to practice

something you tend to master it. Mike picked up a second fork that was on the plate next to the slice of

cake, and they began to feed each other bites of cake until the piece of cake was no more. Irina then

wiped a little bit of chocolate left on Mike's lips off with her finger and licked it off seductively. “Well that

must have been the best meal I think I have ever had.” Mike said complementing Irina who in turn thanked


After they cleaned everything up Mike asked, “so whats on the agenda for tonight?” Irina explained

that up until they had met she and Mihail had been living a somewhat human like lifestyle, albeit a little

solitary, but the would go out at night and even occasionally during the day and do many of the things

regular humans did. She did mention that they also did things that regular humans could not, like

exercising some of their vampiric powers, but they did not do that very often, as they had not needed to

fight for so long. Irina then continued to explain they could not continue living like that now that they knew

of a nearby threat to their safety. She told him they needed to spend time training so that he could defend

himself if need be.

Over the next month Irina taught Mike many things. He learned to become invisible to the human eye

during the hours of the night. He learned a form of mind control allowing him to control the actions of

weak willed humans. He learned to transform into a bat. He also learned to fly and move at incredible

speeds for short periods of time when he had enough energy. Irina even entrusted him with a sacred

katana, made from blessed silver, which she taught him to use. She also performed a similar ritual to

bind the weapon to his life force they way she had done with his clothes so that it would be available to

him at all times without him having to carry it around. She had explained to him that even though both

blessed items, and silver were a great weakness of vampires, they were also weaknesses of many other

beings that they may need to defend themselves from. The only thing she would not even begin to teach

him was to control the blue flames she had used the night he had been turned. Every time he asked her

she simply told him that he was not ready.

During this time of training the two became very close. An intense passion was building between the

two. Mike had never before felt for anyone the way he felt for Irina. One thing bothered him though. They

still had not gone on a single hunt together. He understood that they would refrain from hunting humans

often for fear of attracting attention, but they had lived together almost a month already and no talk of a hunt

had been made. For some reason he felt like it was something they should do together as a vampire

couple. Despite how he felt about it he had kept his feeling on the matter to himself.

He woke up on a Friday night to Irina sitting over him. She told him that they needed to talk. She

explained to him that tonight would be the night that they would go on a hunt together. Mike was excited,

she could see it in his face. Irina cautioned him. She told him that he hadn't been a vampire long, and the

only human he had drained had been under orders. She also tried to explain that when two vampires go

on a hunt together it can get rather intense, and that many new vampires are driven into a somewhat

psychotic state, because of how horrified they are by what they have done. She told him that she had been

a mess for years after her first hunt, and that she had been holding off on taking him on a hunt, because

she didn't want him to go through that. Mike looked into her eyes with a appreciative look, and gave her

very passionate kiss and said, “whatever happens I am sure I will be fine as long as I have you.” Irina's

eyes became somewhat watery and she said, “that is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to


Irina then explained that they would be luring their prey back to their house where they would do the

feeding. She told Mike that they would not only keep their victim alive for as long as possible, but that they

would be making sure that it was as painful, and as frightening an experience as possible for the human

as possible, because those emotions caused the blood to be much more potent and be that much more

enjoyable. Mike was somewhat horrified by this. He never imagined Irina to be the kind of person to be

capable of such things the way she acted. However there was a part of him, The part of him that had

fallen deeply in love with her that made him able to do any and everything no matter how horrifying to

continue to be with her. Mike asked kind of feebly, “what if I start to chicken out?” Irina told him that he

would not be able to. Somewhat confused he asked with little horror, “do you mean you will force me to

take part by commanding me?” Irina looked somewhat hurt, and Mike regretted saying it. “I wont have to.

After a certain point your vampiric instincts will kick in, and your way to young to be able to control them.

You will not in anyway be able to control yourself.”

Mike was in somewhat of a panic state. He felt kind of like the first time he ever smoked pot. He was

about to do something he thought at the time was wrong, but something inside of him was telling him that

he should do it. That something was the vampire in him. Nevertheless he asked, “are we really going to

torture someone simply to get a better meal?” Irina looking hurt again replied, “It is kind of impossible for

me to explain properly, but no that’s not the only reason. There are many reasons that we must hunt like

this. First of all tonight is the full moon, and that will cause your body to yearn for the hunt despite what

your head tells you. We must hunt like this at least once a month for the full moon. Most importantly

though the power of the blue flame lies dormant inside of you, because of our blood that flows through

your veins, and it is a very dark power. Much like the various source-bloods had to commit a terrible act to

awaken as vampires, you will have to commit one to awaken this power within you, and you need to

awaken this power. You promised me that you would do whatever it took to become the strongest vampire

you could. I have held off on this for as long as I could for your comfort, but this has to happen. Whats

more while you won't be able to understand this now, going on a full moon hunt with your partner is one of

the most romantic things two vampires can do together.” Mike was shocked as he took everything she

had said in. He could not believe that Irina was telling him that making someone suffer together was

suppose to be romantic. He did not want to believe it, but for some reason there was still a part of him that

wanted to hunt with her, which scared him even more. He held down his fears and said, “okay Irina, I trust

you lets hunt.”

Mike initially thought they would just pick someone at random and use their ability to control human

minds to lure the victim home. Irina told him that that would be unacceptable, that they didn't want to

entrap some weak willed human that they could just take over. It had to be more of a process. First of all

the blood of a strong willed human would be more potent, and it would be more exciting to trap one.

“Whats more the hunt is just the conclusion to tonight. We are going out and having fun while we search

for our prey. It is Friday night after all.” Mike liked the sound of that and said, “well okay I'm game, did you

have anywhere in mind?” She told him that she did, “Well I have not been to a rave in a long time do you

like techno music at all?” Mike smiled and told her he liked her plans very much. “I figured we could

dance until we find a suitable candidate to lure back here,” Irina told him.

Both Mike and Irina got dressed for the occasion, and they shared a blood pack before they left for the

club so they would have lots of energy. Mike asked, “you know I never thought to ask but how are we going

to get there?” She told him to follow her and he would find out. They transformed into bats, and flew to the

nearest gas station where she told him to follow her lead. They then became transparent to the human

eye and got in the back of a young woman's car that had heavily tinted windows. A light bulb went off in

Mike's head. He thought, “this is great, we're gonna charm (charm being the term Irina used for their mind

control power) her into giving us a ride.” He couldn't have been more wrong. The women entered her car

and closed the door when she had finished filling up her tank. Irina materialized herself, and the women

suddenly saw her in her rear view mirror. Mike was thinking that any second now she is gonna charm her,

but instead he got quite a shock.

Before the woman could say or do anything Irina placed her hand over the woman's mouth, and

restrained the woman's arms with a telekinetic power she had not taught Mike yet. The look in the

woman's eyes turned from one of surprise to one of fear. Irina was significantly stronger than any normal

human could ever hope to be, and try as she might the woman just could not break free from her grip.

Irina said with somewhat of an evil voice, “I like your car. I am going to borrow it. I don't think your going to

be needing it for much longer anyways.” She drew her fangs, and sunk them deep into the woman's

neck. Mike watched as she drank the woman's blood very slowly, and the woman tried to scream, but

could barely make a sound through Irina's hand. He thought about how much pain and fear must be

consuming the young woman. The worst part for him to wrap his mind around was the fact that this wasn't

even the hunt. This was just how Irina decided to get them where they were going.

Irina stopped drinking and turned to Mike, “She tastes very good. Won't you join me? (she said as

more of an order than a question) Just be careful not get blood on your nice clothes.” She returned her

mouth to the left side of the woman's neck leaving the right side open for Mike. He was some what

hesitant. He moved in close to the woman's neck and drew his fangs. He tried but he couldn't bring

himself to do it. He tried to tell himself that if he didn't join in Irina would still drink a fatal amount of the

woman's blood, and then she would just be disappointed in him. He placed his fangs right up to the vein

in the woman's neck. The thought of biting made his fangs ache, but he still could not go through with it.

Out of nowhere he felt a hand on his head, and Irina's hand came down forcing his fangs deep in the

woman's neck. Blood rushed into his mouth. He now knew what Irina had been talking about when she

told him that fear and suffering made the blood that much sweeter. It was as if he could taste the

woman's emotions. He could taste her fear and dread, and he could not get enough of it, but he did as he

was told and drank slowly and carefully as not to make a mess. He could see Irina watching him as he

drank from the corner of his eyes, and he felt an unbelievably powerful bond between them being created

as they slowly drank the life out of the poor innocent woman. As the woman's body went limp the blood

started to flow with less ease from her neck. Irina stopped drinking and motioned Mike to help her move

the body to the back seat as she moved to take the woman's place in the drivers seat. Mike followed into

the passenger seat.

Irina took a moment and looked at Mike as if he were her son and he had just won first place in a

spelling bee. She then kissed him deeply and started the car. Mike was still lost in the rush of the

experience, and the new bond he had made with Irina, and was temporarily relieved of his guilt and

shame over their heinous act. Irina drove like she was racing someone, constantly going at least twenty

miles over the speed limit. They arrived at the club in no time and Irina disposed of the woman's body the

same way she had dealt with the gas station attendant the night they met. She threw the ashes into the

wind, and they ditched the car in a parking lot a few minutes from the club.

When they got there Mike was still feeling the effects of having shared a living victim with Irina. He

was full of energy, excited, and ready to go. The club was 21 years and older on account of alcohol being

served. Mike was not 21 yet, and Irina was around 500 years old in a 17 year old's body with no I.D., but

they managed to charm their way in without any problems. Inside was intense. Glow sticks flying around,

strobe lights, and all kinds of stuff one might expect to find at a techno club. While still feeling the effects of

the blood they had drank, which Mike found almost comparable taking Ecstasy, they danced and played

with glow sticks. As the effects wore off they went to the bar with a couple they had met that were

practically professionals at making cool shapes with their glow sticks. Mike used the telepathic link He

and Irina had to ask her if alcohol would have any affect on them, as he had no desire to stomach its

horrible taste for no reason. She told him that she did not know if it was different as a vampire as she had

never consumed alcohol as a human. She told him it had an effect on her, but had never been able to get

her very intoxicated. She recommended he have a few drinks as it might make what they were going to do

easier on his mind. That reminded him of the woman they cruelly murdered, and decided that it was

definitely time for a drink. Irina and Mike sat and talked with the couple over drinks, and discovered their

names were Tiffany and Eric. Suddenly Mike heard Irina's voice in his head telling him that these two were

their targets. Eric was weak willed and charmable, but Tiffany was not. Mike started to get anxious. Part

of him yearned to do this with Irina, but so much of told him that is was wrong, and that he shouldn’t and

couldn’t do it. He tried to get some more alcohol in him to calm his nerves, but it didn't help much. Irina

had told him to just follow her lead.

Irina had gone into her hunting mode. Play time was over. Irina said, “you know we are awful sick of

how loud it is hear, but we got no way to get home, the friends we came with are nowhere to be found, you

think you could help us out?” Tiffany told her that they would be happy to give them a ride home. Mike was

looking at Eric's face and saw an annoyed look as if he was not happy about his services being offered up

for total strangers. Mike warned Irina of this via their telepathic link. Mike was told not to worry just to sit

back and let her do her magic. Just as Mike had foreseen Eric said, “you said you live all the way out on

the beach, and I really don’t feel like wasting the gas and time to get you home. Can't you call a cab?”

Irina said, “well I figured we could all have a few more drinks together maybe bring the party back to our

place.” Tiffany said, “I don't know about you Eric, but I don't mind helping them get home but I’m not really

up for any more partying tonight.” Irina then charmed Eric into responding, “come on baby that actually

sounds fun. It's Friday night, and its only 2am lets at least have a couple of drinks at their place.” Tiffany

gave him a look and said, “one drink we can have one drink. The last thing you need is a DUI.” Irina

smiled, “sounds like a plan to me, and if you change your mind you more than welcome to crash at our

place we have an extra bedroom.

They all left the club and headed for Irina and Mike's place in Eric's car. The closer they got the faster

Mike's heart began to race. Irina saw his nervousness and tried to calm him down giving him reassuring

words telepathically, and kissing him from time to time. Once they got home Irina led them all up to the

living room where Mike and Irina took seat on the couch, and Eric and Tiffany sat on two very nice

recliners. Tiffany asked, “my god, what happened here referring to the blood stains on the couch from

various nights Mike and Irina had spent making love in their unique ways. Irina said cunningly, “Oh that's

just a years worth of spilled wine, we never try to get out.” Tiffany sighed with relief, “oh I thought... well it

looked like... well never mind. Why don't we have that one drink I am kind of tired and wanna get home.”

Irina said slyly, “okay, you think you could grab a six pack from the fridge for me the kitchen is right in there.

(she pointed at the kitchen)” Tiffany replied, “you know we are just guests I would rather not.” Irina

charmed Eric again and he said, “come on babe, she's just asking you to get us some drinks.” Tiffany told

him, “fine” she would do it.

Mike could sense the fear building in her. He received a message from Irina that he was doing great

and to do as she said and he would be fine. Tiffany walked into the kitchen and found a fridge full of

blood. She could not believe what kind of weird twisted nightmare she had gotten herself into. She slowly

walked back to the living room and said quivering, “uh... why is your fridge filled with blood?” Irina told her

that it was none of her business and not not be so nosy. Tiffany told Eric she thought they should leave.

Eric sat in his chair, charmed, not speaking a word. After a little while she said, “well you can stay, but I

am leaving.” as she turned around to leave she saw Irina in the doorway. “Going somewhere.” Irina said

evilly. Tiffany looked back at the couch where Irina had been unable to understand how she had moved to

block the doorway. Mike knew though. She had taught him to exert decent amounts of energy to move at

near the speed of sound for short bursts.

Irina forced Tiffany into a chair and held her there with her telekinetic powers until she had tied her up

with rope that had been stored beneath the couch. By now Tiffany was screaming, and yelling. Irina then

duct-taped her mouth. Tiffany could not understand why Eric was just sitting on his chair as if everything

was normal. “Hey Mike, do you feel her fear becoming greater?” Mike nodded. Irina then released Eric

from his dazed state and instructed mike begin draining him. Eric said, “Hey what's going on here?”

Before he could figure any thing out Mike had drew his fangs and bit down hard on his neck. Eric

screamed and writhed in pain. Tiffany could not believe what was happening and what she was seeing.

She tried to close her eyes but Irina held her eyelids open, and forced her to watch. Before long Eric had

no fight left in him, and Mike let his limp body drop to the floor. Irina said telepathically, “okay its almost

time, she is almost ready to begin drinking from, we just need something to really push her over the top

before we drain her. Irina loosened some rope and ripped off all of Tiffany clothing. Mike was confused,

but Irina told him to follow her and do exactly as she said without question.

Mike followed Irina to their bedroom where Irina lay down on her back on the bed holding Tiffany's

arms so that she could struggle slightly but it was only making her less able to fight back. She told Mike

he would have to push her over the top. She said the best way to max out a woman's fear level was to

rape her. Mike couldn't believe it, he was being asked, no being told by his partner to rape some strange

woman. He could smell her fear though and he wanted to taste her blood at its full potential and his

vampiric instincts took hold of him, and he was no longer in control. He stripped down and placed the tip

of his penis at her entrance. She began screaming into the duct tape trying to scream no, shaking her

head. He then pulled away and stopped until she started to feel relief as if catastrophe had been avoided

and that’s when he plunged deep inside of her. She wasn't very wet, he assumed because she was

unwilling, and this annoyed him.

Irina told him that it was time, and to bite now. Tiffany was a pretty short girl and even with her

between them Mike was able to take himself out of her and start thrusting hard into Irina as he bit down

hard into Tiffany's neck. Mike felt connected to Irina in ways he didn't know were possible. Every sound he

heard sounded like it was a mile away. Tiffany's muffled screams, and Irina deeply moaning as she drew

more and more of the sweet nectar that was Tiffany's life force. This position while very creative and

exciting for Mike was pretty tricky to maneuver. He wanted Irina more than he ever had before, and the girl

they were draining was in the way. Mike got up and pulled Irina out from under Tiffany. They positioned

themselves so that Tiffany was lying on the bed on her back and Irina was bent over the corner of the bed

on top of Tiffany so that she could continue to drain the poor girl. Mike then began thrusting into Irina deep

and fast. She had never been as wet when they fucked as she was now. It felt to him like she was having

a constant orgasm, and it felt great. Her juices were flowing freely and her vagina felt like like it was trying

to milk him. Irina stopped biting for a second to yell, “that's it fuck me harder Mike, come on harder!” Mike

gave her everything he had. He even expended some of his vampiric energy to thrust into her at super

human speeds. Before too long Irina was screaming, “oh just a little more, just a little harder. I'm about to

cum.” At that point Irina bit down into Tiffany's neck for the last time to retrieve the last of her blood, and

Mike simultaneously bit down on Irina's neck as hard as he could. Irina's orgasm took over her. Her

vagina clamped down on Mike's manhood harder than it ever had, as juices began to flood out of her, and

before he knew he had reach his limit. He began pumping her full of his hot cum. They both climaxed in

waves for what felt like an eternity their bed covered in their bodily fluids, and poor Tiffany's blood.

They collapsed next to each-other on their bed and pushed Tiffany's lifeless body off the edge. They

then fell asleep in each-others arms. That night was the first of many that Mike was tormented by vivid

dreams of the acts he had committed during his first hunt.

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