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Hey all, Sorry for the delay. I had planned on releasing this one 4th of July, But some shit happened to postponed it. But here it is now. Please enjoy.

I didn’t know how long we stayed in the position that we were in. Gabriela was still on top of me, we were both naked, and my cock was at her pussy’s entrance. For some reason I was tired as fuck, in my opinion too tired. Although this was my first time of actual sex, I had plenty of experience of foreplay from my time with Tabitha.

Thinking of Tabitha again sort of soured my mood, I mean we been together for 8 months. We never had sex, usually all of our dates would consist of an activity (going to the movies etc..), then coming to one of our houses when no one’s there and have some foreplay, and usually that was me either fingering her or eating her out. While all she did for me was a damn handjob, not one time did she suck my cock. A few days ago, my best friend Daniel and I were talking about girls, and somehow our discussion turned to which girls were virgins and which weren’t. When he mentioned Tabitha as one of non virgins, I questioned him. Then he told me about his party seven months ago at his house, where he saw Tabitha and Andy going in one of the rooms and not coming out till the party was pretty much finish.

I wasn’t ready to believe Daniel until I got the Tabitha’s side of the story. When I did saw Tabitha again, I questioned her on whether the rumor was true. What pissed me off though wasn’t that she denied it or tried to sugar code, because she did neither. What she did though was that she stated that Andy and she were going to prom which pretty much ended our relationship. Then she tried to make seem like my fault, by saying I flirted too much with other girls behind her back and said she couldn’t handle it anymore.

What’s weird about that statement though, was that there was never a time, I flirted with another girl while we were dating. Sure I was probably in the top 5 most popular guys at school, short brown hair, brown eyes, 6’2, 17 years old, and with a nice built body from many intense football practices. But the closest thing I did that I would consider to flirting was the time when Margret dropped her books in the hallway, I helped her pick them up, but my elbow accidently nudged her tit. I wanted to argue with Tabitha but decided against it, so I just left.

My mind snapped back to reality as I felt Gabriela placed her smooth hand over my cheek.

“Master,” she purred, “Don’t tell me, that this was your first time?”

“Uggh…wait What?” I stammered, “How’d you know?”

Her sly smile widen, “But of course I know, I have to know all about you. Even about your previous sex life.” Then she leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “Did that little Tabitha leave your cock for Andy’s,” as she said this, Gabriela’s hand went back and started stroking my limp cock. She whispered again in my ear, “Did she leave Master’s mighty sausage for Andy’s puny wiener.” I moaned, Gabriela’s dirty words and her stroking my cock was starting to take a toll on me.

Gabriela must’ve known too, because she started getting more intense. “Oooh did Master stroked his cock like this to Tabitha in his head, while Andy got to fuck her cunt. The very same cunt Master couldn’t have.”

I could feel my cock hardening and pressure building, but I wasn’t planning on letting Gabriela having her way. I quickly pushed her hand off my cock, making her eye me with both surprise and amusement. “So Master is it true,” She asked slyly, “That you can’t pound Tabitha’s pussy?”

I smacked my hands on top of her ass causing it to slightly jiggle and Gabriela to yelp in surprise. “Yeah, it’s true,” I said, “But now I got this tight pussy to pound and I plan on pounding it.” With that I started thrusting my cock into her pussy as hard and fast as possible. Gabriela’s face was of pure ecstasy as she leaned forward, both hands on my chest help balance herself as she slammed her ass against my thrusting cock.


I gladly took the suggestion, all of my frustrations fueled me as I pounded into Gabriela’s cunt. Gabriela leaned back and grabbed her tits, I grabbed her ass to help support her and continued to relentlessly fuck her, I made sure to smack her ass a few times while I was at it. Gabriela threw her head back moaning, while pulling, and twisting her nipples.

Suddenly I felt the overwhelming pressure to cum building, “I’m gonna cu-,” I started, but Gabriela cut me off.

“Ooh, please just a little longer Master,” She moaned grinding her ass about.

“Fine,” I said through clenched teeth, trying with all my might to hold it in.

Gabriela smiled sweetly, “Thank you Master,” she leaned forward kissing me deeply as we fucked. Then when it seem inevitable that I was going to cum, Gabriela started speeding up so fast, I felt my entire body tremble from pleasure. I finally manage to match her speed. Finally when I couldn’t hold it any longer, I felt my cock release the large amount of cum it was storing into Gabriela’s warm cunt, filling her up. When my orgasm subsided, I felt my body go temporary limp.

I looked up at Gabriela, noticing that she also came as hard as I did, in fact I didn’t think she was conscious. Her back arched and head slightly thrown back, her body had a few tremors. It wasn’t until I twisted her nipples as hard as I could, that she responded by moaning in both pain and pleasure. Again she fell on top of me breathing profusely with a grin on her face, her eyes slightly rolled in the back of her head.

It took her awhile to gain composure again, and when she did, her first act was kissing me deeply again. Letting her tongue explore as much of my mouth as possible. We were interlock for a moment when she broke the kiss. Slightly lifting her head from mine, allowing her hair fall over our faces. She grinned sweetly at me.

“Oooh Master.” She cooed, “That was better than last time.” We laid like that for a moment, then I suddenly felt a weird irritation from my cock, then I heard a pop.

“What the fuck,” I said aloud.

“Oops,” I heard Gabriel say. Then my bedroom door flew open, I looked and saw my little brother wide eye staring at both me and Gabriela for awhile. It wasn’t until I heard the Car screeched from outside, which signaled Mom and Dad were home that he took off running(of course, not before nabbing my 3ds).

“Oops,” Gabriela said again and slowly rolled off me.

“Whoa whoa whoa,” I said struggling to put my pants on, “What’s oops? Wasn’t Tom supposed to be asleep for like half the fucking day, and why the fuck was my cock hurting? Huh? You have some rare fucked up genie disease that passed on to me, didn’t you?”

I looked at Gabriel, who was laying on my bed watching my with a sly grin while twisting her nipple and fingering herself.

I would’ve yelled, but I heard Tommy shouting his head off, “Tyler’s in his room, with a girl, and his wang wang was in her butt.” I barely managed to pull my shirt on, when I heard roaring footsteps coming towards my room. I quickly looked for Gabriela, but she wasn’t in my room. Sighing in relief, I jumped on my bed, grabbed random magazine and played it cool.

Moments later my parents came in my room and looked around my room with killing intent in their eyes. I masked my face with puzzlement.

“Where’s Tabitha Tyler?” My father asked.

I lowered the magazine and said, “How should I know, we broke up today.”

“Really?” My mom asked in surprise, “What happened?”

“Let’s just say, I wasn’t her type. I don’t really want to talk about it.” I said lying on my side. I played my cards right, both my parents pretty much backed off.

“Well then, why did Tom say you had a girl with you?” Dad asked.

I shrugged, “Heck if I know, maybe he had some of Mom’s home bake triple fudge brownies.”

Mom nodded to Dad, “It did seem like there were fewer.”

Dad wasn’t completely convinced until he searched my room, I let him. When he found nothing, he apologized to me, and called Tom. Tom expecting to see me in trouble came with a big grin on his face, only for it to disappear when he saw me smirking at him and have Mom smacked his hand, while father grounded him. Then I came up to him and took my 3ds from his hand.

“I’ll take that,” I said slyly.

Tom looked at the three of us than started bawling out things like “it’s not fair,” “I saw him with a girl,” or my favorite, “His wang wang was dripping white stuff.”

Dad told Tom sternly to be quiet now or face severe consequences, Tom probably didn’t know what the hell consequences meant, but the look on Dad’s face gave Tom a damn good hint. He slowly nodded, than his body went limp and once again he fell asleep on the floor.

Mom and Dad looked at each other and said, “Definitely the triple fudge brownies.” They got Tom, apologized to me again, and left. I sigh again in relief.

Then I heard fits of giggles, and suddenly Gabriela appeared again floating above me, she was wearing the same outfit that she first appeared in.

“What is a wang wang,” She asked me giggling, “Is that how lil kids say cock.”

While she was busy laughing, I silently closed my room door, then straightened my room. Finally I looked up at Gabriela, who was still laughing, and roared, “Stop laughing,” She stopped and looked at me in puzzlement. Then I said, “Come here.” She slowly glided towards me, when she came within range, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her onto my bed with me.

“M..master,” she said obviously worried, confused, and perhaps a bit scared.

“Tell me, what happened?” I said as my hand rubbed her firm ass.

Gabriela moaned, “Ye..yes Master. You see when you made me cum, I..I accidentally rejected your previous wishes.”

I smiled to myself as I thought of the perfect punishment. I squeezed her ass really tight again causing Gabriela to moan, “Well than I think for the time being, we can’t have you cumming, now can we?”

I felt her stiffen as she asked me, “What do you mean Master?”

I smiled and said, “I wished that you lack the ability to orgasm unless I command you to.”

Gabriela looked at me in fear and said, “Oh please no Master, any wish but that.”

I looked at her sternly and asked, “Oh so you’re ignoring my wish.”

Her body trembled, “No Master, Your wish is my command.”

I smiled, “Good, now suck my cock whore,”

She slid off me, and took off my pants and boxers. I stopped her before she started.

Pointing at my cock, “Is it the original size, or the size you had desire.”

“It is at the size I had lusted for, Master.” Gabriela said softly.

“Good work,” I said, “Now start sucking.”

Gabriela spat in her hands and rubbed them against my shaft, moistening it. I groaned in pleasure as she took the head in her mouth, surrounding it in warmth and wetness. Pleasure shook my body, as Gabriela started bobbing her head up and down against my cock, taking more of it in her mouth.

“Nice,” I croaked, “Now finger your self, and remember my wish.”

I watched as her hand slowly went in her green golden laced panty towards her pussy lips. She started off slow, rubbing her clit, finally she pushed 2 fingers in her cunt began fingering herself. I found it all sexy. Soon the pressure started building again, so I stood up and started fucking Gabriela’s face. I heard her gag a few times, which only turned me on more. Finally I pulled my cock out till only the head remain in her mouth and release the pearly white cum in there. It wasn’t as much as the other times, the orgasm itself was almost just as intense. After I finish, I pulled my clothes on and bent down in front of Gabriela.

“Open,” I command. She open her mouth revealing the cum on her tongue. I smile then said, “Now swallow it,” I watched as she gulped several times, then she opened her mouth again. “Good,” I said, “Now continue fingering yourself fast and deep until Tomorrow. Be sure to wake me up with a blow job too.”

“Yes Master,” moaned Gabriela.

I turned off the lights and laid on my bed, Gabriela moans were entrancing, and eventually I fell asleep excited for the morning.

To be continued

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