A bingham family tale 4
My name is Abigail Bingham I am 39 years old have a wonderful family my two daughters sarah(15) and Samantha (19) my son Jaymie (17) and my gorgeous husband who is 37. I have long light brown hair and light blue eyes. I have slightly tanned skin and big poutty pink lips. I have a Curvy pear shape figure and a big bouncy round ass which I love it to be grabbed or spanked. I have big 38DD boobs which I love to hold and grab. My nipple stands out about 1/2 an inch when hard and my aureola is about 5 inches wide. My asshole is very tight and i have never had anal sex. My pussy is shaven regularly and is loose but my clit is big but not too big and I squirt when I orgasm. 

Today was the day after my daughters birthday and I went on a weekend trip to paris from our english home. Driving to the airport with my husband I got horny and bored. I sat there with my hand up my skirt rubbing my wet pussy. My husband watching got a hard on and it was visible through his jeans. I leant over to him and layer my head on his shoulder whilst he was driving. I undid his jeans and pulled out his cock. It was 13 inches hard and it was really thick. I just stroked him for a while before I started to feel Pre-cum leak out of his huge cock. When I felt it I immediately put my head down and took his huge cock into my mouth. I only got his cock 9 inches in my mouth and I almost gagged. I forced myself further till it was 11 inches in my mouth. I started to gag as it reached down my throat. I took it out and started to lick the head of his huge cock and then took it back into my mouth. I gave him a deep throat blowjob for 10 minutes then he pulled over and started to seize up as he began to orgasm. He shot a huge load into my mouth as I took him deeper into my mouth with cum shooting out into the back of my throat. He shot load after load into my mouth then he stopped. I lifted my head up and shown him his load in my mouth and then swallowed it all. I grabbed his softening cock and put it back in is pants and then zipped up his jeans. He then drove off giving me a smile and wink. I then closed my eyes for the rest of the journey. 

When we arrived at the airport we took our luggage to the check in desk to get the weighed and checked when we were waiting for our plane my husband George whispered something in my ear. " i will get you back baby"
He then stood up as our plane was ready to board. 

On the plane I was tired and bored as films they were showing were crap. I needed to go toilet so I stood up and made my way out of my seat to the aisle. I walked down the aisle and passed I lovely air hostess she was gorgeous and young. When i got to the toilet I opened the door and stepped inside the small toilet. As I was about the close the door my husband quickly slipped through the gap and said " I told I would get you back". He locked the door and turned to me he grabbed my top and slid it off my shoulders. It slid down my body and stopped at my waist. He undid my bra and let my massive tits fall loose. He brought his mouth to my tits and sucked on the nipple hard, he bit and sucked on it for a minute. Then he pulled up my short skirt and pushed my panties aside to reveal my shaven pussy. He pulled his cock out of his pants and sat me on the sink. I opened my legs and wrapped them round his waist I could feel his huge cock rub against my wet pussy. He grabbed it and pushed it in my pussy I moaned quietly as he fucked me. His huge cock pumped in and out of my pussy as he thrusted into my pussy and fucked me like a rag doll he grabbed my big ass and pulled me further onto his cock, he was so deep in me I could feel him in the pit of my stomach. He fucked my hard I couldn't take it any more I covered my mouth moaned as I orgasmed and squirted all over the restroom. He then came inside of me it heightened my orgasm I squirted more and more as he pushed deeper into my pussy. 
He pulled out and and put his cock back in his pants and walked out closing the door behind him I quickly locked it and looked down at my pussy over the sink. The sink was now filling up with my pussy juices and my husbands huge load I looked at it and just thought of how much must still be inside. I relaxed and I started to piss into the sink as I came down from my orgasm. Washing all the cum away from the sink with my urine I saw loads more cum come out of my pussy. I wiped my pussy clean and pulled my panties back into place and my skirt down. I stood and made myself up and unlocked the door. I walked out and bumped into the hot hostess she had no bra on by the look of it and her nipples were hard. I walked back  to my seat and sat next to my husband. I rested my head on his broad shoulders and closed my eyes and waited until we arrived in Paris. 

When we had arrived in Paris we got off the plane and headed to out hotel right in the centre of the beautiful city. It was 3:36pm local time and we were exhausted from all our activities. We got to our room and got settled. I had a shower to clean myself up and then went to get dressed in some evening wear. As I was about to put on my panties my husband walked out the bathroom completely naked. He was about 6'5" and 206lbs. He had a muscular physic and a huge cock which swung between his legs. He has dark brown hair and blue eyes he has a bit of stubble finishing his manly look. He has a little bit of chest hair and a nice hairy cock. His broad shoulders made him loom gorgeous. 

He walked over and grabbed a towel next to me, I couldn't control myself I just grabbed him and pushed him to the bed. I knelt down between his legs and grabbed his cock. I stroked him till he was hard and I straddled his cock I held it at the entrance of my pussy and I thrusted down forcing his cock up my pussy. He reacted and thrusted up I bounced on his cock, my tits bounced around as we fucked. He grabbed my tits and massaged them as my wet pussy slid up and down his cock. He then came in my pussy, his cum leaked out of my pussy as I continued to bounce on his cock. I milked his balls dry. I fucked him for at least half an hour. After 8 minutes of his first orgasm he flipped my onto my back and fucked my as hard as he could. I felt his hands move around my body pinching my nipples and grasping my tits. His hard cock was pumping deep into me then he started to cum again after 25 minutes of fucking then when I felt the first load of cum hit my pussy I started to orgasm. I arched my back and started to squirt the bedsheets were soaks in my pussy juice and his cum and then he collapsed on me he finished cumming inside me and lay on top of me with his cock still burried in my pussy. We lay there for ten minutes before we decided to get dressed. 

As we walked through the streets if Paris we held each other closely and found a lovely restaurant next to the Eiffel tower. We gazed into each others eyes. 
" I love you" he said
" I love you too," I quickly replied." I wanna show you something"
" what is it honey?" he said softly
" look under the table." I said quietly. He looked under and saw I wasn't wearing any panties. My wet pussy glistened as he stated at it and grew hard. 
"wow, honey you are gorgeous and so wet." he said passionately.
He then sat next to me and put his fingers in my pussy. I grabbed his hand and pushed his fingers deeper. We decided to leave and head back to the hotel. When we arrived we quickly striped down and lay in each others arms. Unfortunately we fell asleep without for filling each others needs. 

When we woke up my husband received a call telling him that he was to come home and get to work as it was important. Disappointed we got on our airplane and headed home early. When we arrived back in England we had a long drive home. My husband drove to his work and I got a taxi back to our home a day early. Disappointed and relieved i was home I opened the door to my house and put our luggage in the hall and walked into the front room. I walked into a shocking surprise my daughters and my son  were all naked fucking each other senseless not even noticing in had walked.Samantha then realized "MOM!"

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2013-04-10 23:48:05
Ja, jeg kan sagtens forste5, hvad du skirver! Ff8rst skal du have tak for din ros..det er dejligt at hf8re, at jeg ikke er den eneste der kan lide billederne :O)Nej, jeg blev ogse5 meget overrasket, da vi fik pe5skee6ggene...det er ikke normalt at fe5 gave nu...kun til jul. Men vi voksne burde ogse5 give hinanden e6g noget mere; det skal ikke kun ve6re til bf8rnene....for man bliver se5 glad ved at fe5 et pe5skee6g!

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