Black turns wife into slut and husband to cuckold
Black Man’s Slut and Always

Two days ago it started. I managed an apartment complex and we had some repairs to an apartment that the last tenant had damaged. The two guys that were sent to fix the wall and doors were black and one was built and good looking, his name was Darrell. He looked to be in his mid-twenties and you just knew he was hung. He looked me up and down and smiled. I was 26 years old, 5’5” blonde and with a good body with 36-C tits. He asked me my name and told him Mrs. Johnson, he asked my first name and I reluctantly said it was Cary, as his stare made me uncomfortable and embarrassed as I could feel my nipples getting hard and my panty getting wet; I smiled back, but I kept it together.
That afternoon I went over to the apartment to see how it was going and the other guy had left and the Darrell was there, with his shirt off and he was built with ripple apps, his jeans down low showing his underwear. He took my breath away and my panty was getting wet and I could see him looking at my nipples sticking out against my sweater. I walked over and was standing at the repaired wall when he came up behind me and asked if it was to my satisfaction? He took a deep breath to smell me and I could feel his breath on my neck and my panty were getting wetter. I turned and said it was good, he said that he had been thinking about me and inched me against the wall and he asked if I had ever had big black cock. I started to yell, but nothing came out and it all came rushing back to me from my past and I blurted out “yes, but a long time ago”. His tongue was in my mouth like a shot and he French kissed me hard and had both his hand on my tits. He said that he wanted me to get on my knees and open his jeans, pull his underwear down and take his big black cock out and tell him if I wanted it or not.
I thought for the moment and all I could think about was that I had always loved big black cock and had been immersed in black men five years ago before my mother interceded. His hands were working on my nipples through my blouse. I dropped to my knees and did as he instructed and undid his belt and then unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. I stared at the bulge in his underwear and he leaned over and told me to pull down his underwear. Out popped a 12” four inch round cock, 3 inches away from my mouth. He asked if I wanted it and I started crying and said “yes”. He picked his cock up and told me to lick his balls, and all that black cocks I fucked and sucked five years ago came racing back. I stood still for a moment knowing when I began licking his balls it was over. Next thing I know I am licking and sucking his balls in my mouth, all the while he was rubbing his cock on my face.
He laughed and grabbed me by the face and said something told him that I wanted his black cock, and when I looked at him he just felt passion in my eyes and he just knew that I had been a black man’s slut, so he told the other worker to go home early and he would wait for my inspection.
He then told me to suck his cock and I got the head in my mouth, I had forgotten the size of a BBC as my husband had seven inches but it never stretched my mouth to give him head or reached the back of my throat. He eased his cock into my mouth and got it to the back on my throat and I licked his cock all over and sucked it with like it was gold. The memory came back of what a BBC wanted from his white cocksucker as he grabbed the back of my head and began to gag fuck my mouth. I chocked on his cock and gaps for breath and he pulled it out long enough for me to catch my breath and then he grabbed my face and told me to breathe though my nose, understand and I said yes. Then he put his cock back into my mouth and began to gag fuck me again and again and again. Saliva was dripping from my mouth all over my blouse and my eyes were watering but I loved it, my panties were drenched and my nipples were sticking almost though my sweater. He pulled his cock out of my month and grabbed me up by my hair and took me into the bedroom where there was lone mattress that had been left on the floor.
As I walked to the bedroom I thought of my husband of three years and how unsatisfied sexual I had been and our conversation just last week that I needed some great sex in my life. John had asked last week if I had a lover and I said no but I told him that I was not being satisfied. Darrell told me to get naked and when I was naked to spread my legs and then to bend me over exposing my pleasure holes for his inspection. Once I was bent over he bent down behind me and he liked the fact that my pussy was hairless and put his finger in my asshole and said that no one had been in your ass for a while. Then he spread my pussy and put his long finger in my pussy and laughed and said this might be the wettest pussy he had ever seen. He then put three fingers in my pussy and fucked me and I climaxed.
He then told me to lie down and he started sucking my tits and nipples while he pinned my hands to the bed and then bit my nipples hard and I squirmed and let out and muffled scream. He laughed and said that I should learn to take the pain if I wanted him as my black master. He then slapped me and chowed down on my tits again even harder, I kept my pain to a muffled moaning and he said you could be a very good black man’s slut, as he slapped my tits back and forth. He then lay down on the mattress and pulled me over on top of him and told me to suck his cock while he struck the longest tongue I had ever seen in my pussy. He worked my pussy and my clit like he owned it and brought me to another climax. My pussy was drenched and I sucked him till he was hard as a rock.
He then told me to turn around and put his cock in my pussy, put both my shoes next to his hips, this gave me leverage to push up and down and he told me to fuck him. I put his rock hard black cock in my pussy and it stretched me and hurt. It was slow going in my pussy but I continued to push down and sat on it and it slowly penetrated me until I felt his balls on my ass. I started to fuck him up and down he grabbed my nipples and wanted to know if I wanted him to be my black master. I said “yes”, and I was told to call him my black master and I did him say to say it over and I did. He slapped my tits and pinched my nipples and told me to go all the way up and then all the way down but faster. I picked up the pace and the then he started to fuck me like a piston and his cock was pounding up to the bottom of my pussy canal and I was stretched to the limit. It had been a long time since I had been on a black man cock, he was fucking the piss out of me but I was in haven. Darrell still held my nipples in his fingers playing with them very hard and he started counting my climaxes as I added two more.
He then rolled me over and told me to get on my knees and then he put he held his big cock at the entrance to my pussy and rubbed it against my lips it was driving me crazy. He instructed me to beg my black master to fuck my pussy and he mercifully inserted his cock and grabbed my hips and started that piston like fucking motion, my pussy was tight but it was getting bigger and it was being stretched out fast. I was fucking him back and hard and I could but I just submitted and took the fucking like the black cock slut I was. The fucking went on and on, my husband was done in 5 minutes tops, we had been fucking for 20 minutes and I was up to 7 climaxes.
He then told me to turn and around and he was on his knees with his massive cock dripping form my pussy juices and said he wanted to come in my mouth and he told me that he had a big cum shot and he wanted me to hold it in my mouth until he told me I could swallow. I stroked and suck his big black cock until it began to vibrate and then it burst in my mouth with more come then I had seen in five years. It came over and over for almost a minute, I held as much as I could in my month but it was dripping out the side of my mouth. He then he pulled his cock out of my black cock sucking mouth and he told I to show him the come in my mouth and I did and then he laughed and told me to swallow. He then told me to lick his cock clean and suck it down to the nub.
Once I finished he grabbed my face and asked me if I liked what he had done to me. I told him that I loved it but that I was married and he told me that that did not matter to him that he wanted me to be his pussy-slave, but that I would have to beg him or he would go, I just looked at him.
I started crying and telling him that I was married and had obligations and he got up to leave. But before he got to the door I was that begging him not to leave and to make me his pussy-slave. He made be beg out loud and repeat I want to be your pussy-slave three times and then he came over and stood over me and told me he wanted me to be ready to be fucked tomorrow afternoon and he would call him for the apartment number and he would come around mid-day. He said that he wanted my ass tomorrow and he wanted it doused and lubricated with a butt plug.
He then slapped his ass and told me it was worship time and walked over and stood with his back to me and grabbed the back of my neck and told me to French kiss his cheeks. I gave each of his cheek a slobbering French kiss. Then he told me to go get a wash cloth and wipe his crack and asshole, he then pull his cheeks apart and he inserted my face between his cheeks and instructed me to stick my tongue in his asshole and then lick the asshole then French kiss my asshole. I did and instructed to his asshole and then licked up and down his crack, he used me as an ass wipe to service his asshole for 5 minutes, then he let me go and I dropped to the floor. Did I like it Darrell asked? I said “yes black master”. He told me I could be a good pussy-slave for him, but tomorrow would tell and he got dressed and left. Now, I knew that I was going back to being a black man’s slut.

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2012-01-31 03:29:52
I think its hot that he calls her a slut! I would love to he a black mans whore

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2011-12-01 21:41:00
Mere description of the fuck scene will never create arousal to the reader. It has to be a certain naughty situation or planning to engage in interracial sex that will. The interracial story cannot be sexy if the white woman has already had sex with black men in the past. Lastly, I feel pissed when the BBC is dominating and calls the white woman a slut and other filthy names. That is not sexy at all.

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