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This is my second story and i took a different route than my last. Hope you like it. Please leave feedback whether you like it or not.
“Who the fuck is knocking on my door?”
“It’s me fucker. Your BITCH.”

Hell yeah. I’d been waiting for her arrival for that past 2 hours. She was bout 5’6, jet black hair, and about 115 lbs. Nice slim waist with a nice ass.

“What the hell took you so long?”
“I was waiting for the fuckin slow ass to get there.”
“You got the stuff right?”
“Yeah, yeah, it’s all here.”

I grabbed the sack out of her hand and smacked the bitch. I am 6’1, 215 lbs of pure muscle, with brown spiked hair. This bitch had it comin to her.

“I’m tired of always having to wait on you. You’re gonna pay for this later.”

I pulled the weed out, rolled a blunt and filled my bong. I took two deep hits from the bong and lit the blunt.

“Take a hit!”

As she puffed her way through a good strong hit I grabbed my straps and threw them around her throat, making her hold it in as long as she could. I released as she blew out the smoke and I took the blunt from her. I took a couple more hits and ripped her shirt off her body. I pulled down her tight blue jean shorts.

“Lay your ass on the table. Face down.”

I grabbed the rest of my straps and tied her hands and ankles to the legs of the table. She couldn’t move. I grabbed the ball gag and strapped it securely over her mouth, so she wouldn’t be able to make much noise.

“This is just the start. BITCH.”

I grabbed my 2 inch leather belt and slammed it hard against her ass. She whimpered. I beat her ass 12 times. Once for every ten min she was late.

“At least you got everything this time, so no punishment for that tonight. But, you were still 2 hours late and this is not going to be tolerated.”

I pulled her thong aside, grabbed the lube and spread it on her ass, then squirted some in her asshole.

“You’re gonna need this tonight.”

I reached for the monster anal plug and slammed it in as hard as I could till the entire thing was in her ass.

“How do you like that?”
I took a few more hits off my blunt and on the last removed her ball gag and blew the smoke into her mouth. I quickly put the ball gag back so she would have to exhale the smoke through her nose.

I took ahold of the anal plug and thrust it back and forth till she was screaming so loud over the ball gag that I was worried someone might hear. So, I pulled it out and grabbed my belt again.

“Don’t ever be that late again or this will be 20 times worse.”

Then I beat her ass 12 more times so she would get the point.
I undid her ball gag and untied her and we sat around finishing off the blunt and drinking some beer. After getting stoned off our ass, I decided it was time I fucked the hell out of this bitch.

I pulled her off the couch released her 36 D tits from the bra, and ripped her thong off.

“Get on your knees. NOW!”

I grabbed my roped and tied her hands behind her back.

“Suck my cock bitch.”

With that I pummeled her face with my cock, driving deeper and deeper till my 8 inch cock was fully in her mouth. I face fucked her till she gagged and almost puked.

“Do you like that? Do you want more of my cock? You fucking whore.”

I yanked her up and took her to the bedroom. This was the place it always happened. I thrust her up against the wall and chained her against the wall facing me. I had my stash of clothesline clips on a table close by, so I walked over and grabbed 3. I put one on her left nipple and she cried out in pain. I would have thought she would be used to it by now. I put another on her right nipple and she cried out once again.

“Shut the fuck up. You know you like it. If the neighbors come to my door again because of your screams, you will pay.”

I slapped the bitch again and then put the final clothespin on her clit. She squirmed quite a bit when I did that cause this was the first time I put one on there. I could tell it was very discomforting, and I was pleased to see that.

I let her stay there for a little bit while I went to my sex table to get things ready. I pulled out the 12 in dildo, the electro shocker, and a few other things.

First, I grabbed the dildo so I could get her worked up and nice and wet. I walked back over to her and could see she was in agony cause of the clit pin. Instead of pulling it off, I thrust the dildo deep into her pussy as she cried out.


As tears rolled down her face, I began thrusting the toy in and out of her pussy making sure to thrust it deep and strong. I could see the orgasmic pleasure build up in her face as I kept pushing harder and harder. I pulled off the pin on her right nipple and bit down hard. This brought her orgasm hard and strong as her body gyrated from the release.

I pulled the other two pins off and walked to my table to trade out for my electro-shock therapy gun.

“Please no, not the shocking thingy.”

“OH yeah, you’re gonna get this tonight. 2 hours late, I can do whatever I want with you.”

I came back over to her and placed the gun close to her left nipple. I pulled the trigger and a beam of electricity hit her right in the dead center of her nipple. Her body jolted as I went from between nipples shocking the hell out of them.

I moved to her inner thighs, some of the most tender parts of her body. I pulled the trigger and her pelvis started moving in a fast rhythm. This was getting her wetter and hornier so I held it on her clit and shocked the fuck out of it. She orgasmed even harder than before making her whole body shake.

I undid the chains from her hands and she collapsed on the floor.

“Oh no, you’re not getting away that easy. I haven’t even had my fun yet.”

I picked her up and threw her faced down on the bed. I raised her hips and put a wedge under her so I could easily access her pussy. She had juices flowing down her legs. I pulled my clothes off and my cock wasn’t fully hard. So, I lifted her head and thrust my cock into her mouth. I grew fast and extremely hard in her mouth and made her gag on my cock. I was ready to make her pay.

I made my way back to her pussy and grabbed her hips. I pushed my throbbing cock deep inside that wet pussy. I went balls deep as I continued fucking her hard and fast. I was about ready to blow so I pulled out to make it last. I gave it a minute and went over to the table and grabbed a smaller anal plug and some lube. I slicked her up and pushed the plug into her awaiting ass.

She moaned as I fucked her with the plug and I knew she was ready for another orgasm. So, I slammed my cock back in her pussy and fucked her hard. As she was nearing her orgasm, I pulled my cock and the plug out and pushed my cock deep into her ass. She yelped as I penetrated her ass, but took it quite well.

“Yeah you like dick in your ass don’t you.”

She didn’t say a word she just moved her hips back and forth moaning louder and louder.

I kept plunging my dick deep into her ass as she reached her biggest orgasm yet. Her ass clenched tight around my cock almost sending me off. I pulled out, flipped her over and pushed my cock in her mouth. As I reached the back of her throat, I sent load after load deep into her depths.

After my orgasm subsided, I flipped the bitch over and smacked her ass one more time.

I cleaned all the toys and put them back in their place, ready for the next time. Told her to get her shit together and get out.

I locked the door and went to bed dreaming of the next day and what I would do to her.


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2014-03-08 07:28:38
I like the last responder,,, she ( I hope it is a she ) sounds like a good sweet cock loving slut !!! Nothing wrong with loving to fuck !! No matter what people try and make you believe !!! I love filthy sluts!!

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2011-11-26 16:15:06
if you lived in PA you can live out your story with me raping my virgin ass over and over again.


2011-08-14 20:21:30
More please! Waiting... waiting... waiting for chapter 2, or at least another story period! Not like you're too busy working or anything gosh! ;)

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