Jason was 19, a senior in high school, and a very horny young man. It wasn’t entirely his fault; his father had recently gotten engaged to a woman only a few years older than Jason himself, and she had two beautiful teenaged twin girls that loved teasing him unmercifully. Even Lisa, their mother, enjoyed flirting with the handsome young man when her fiancée was at work in the City, several hours commute away. All three of them would parade around the house in lacy negligees, wearing little or nothing under them, and enjoying the sight of his bulging boxers as he tried not to look at them.

This morning was no different. Jason was up early, getting himself breakfast before school. He usually jogged to school; it was only a few miles from his house. The twins usually slept in and took the bus. He poured milk on his Cornflakes, then dug his spoon into it for a big bite as his father crossed the room, wearing his usual suit and tie. He picked up his briefcase at the door, then turned and smiled.

“Good luck at the Meet this afternoon, son.” he said. “Sorry I’m going to miss it; got a big meeting this afternoon with a prospective new client. If I get this account, I’m sure to get a raise at the end of the Quarter, and maybe they’ll finally come through with that Partnership they’ve been hinting at.”

“Yeah, Dad, good luck on that. I know how much it means to you. Do a good job on it, and I’m sure they’ll kick down.”

“Uh, yeah, whatever.” said his dad, lamely. He could never quite keep up with teenager parlance. He went out, got in his car, and Jason heard him drive off.

A few bites of his cereal later, he saw Lisa come into the room, wearing the flimsiest of lingerie he’d ever seen her wear. It was obvious that she was nude under it, and he could see just about everything through the sheer silk.

“Did your father leave already?” she asked, seeing the man’s briefcase gone. Jason just nodded, staring at his cereal. He was fully hard in his shorts, and was embarrassed that she might see him looking at her. “Damn, he forgot to kiss me goodbye.” she pouted. “I was hoping he’d kiss me a lot, this morning, too.” she said. “Guess WHERE I wanted him to kiss me, Jason.” she said, coyly. She struck a pose for him as he blushed. Not being able to help himself, he glanced up at her , and saw that she was rubbing her pussy under the gauzy material of her peignoir.

“Oh, man, do you have to do that right in front of me?” he asked, a pained expression on his face. “I’m trying to eat.”

“Why, Jason, I do believe you’re SHY!” she crowed at him, coming closer. She gasped and raised a hand to her mouth. It was the hand that had been in her crotch, he noticed. She giggled and pointed with the other. “What’s that hiding in your shorts, young man? Oh, it’s moving! Is it a mouse?” She giggled again. “Do you have a mouse in your shorts, Jason?

“It’s not a mouse.” he said, pushing away his bowl and standing up. “It’s more like a dog.”

She backed up a little, seeing the look in his eyes. “A-- a dog?” she whispered, backing up even more as he advanced on her.

“That’s right.” he confirmed. “And you know what dogs do?” The counter hit her backside and she could go no further. He came right up to her, looking her right square in the eyes the whole way.

“N-no.” she said, thoroughly cowed before him. He was a good 6” taller than she, and his shoulders were intimidatingly wide in front of her. He could smell her sex, wet and ready. He put his hands on her waist, pulling her hot little body tight against his. He was wearing only his shorts, leaving his torso bare, as well as his legs, and he could feel her nipples like pebbles burning into his chest, and the smoothness of her legs against his.

“Dogs chase pussy.” he said, grinding his cock into her belly. She struggled in his grasp, suddenly realizing that she shouldn’t have teased him quite so hard. It was his father she loved, but she saw so much of him in the son, she couldn’t resist herself.

“Jason, you’ve got to let me go.” she gasped. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have started this. Please, let me go?”

He didn’t answer her; he just lowered his hips a little and let her feel his hardness press up against the length of her soaking wet slit, rubbing it up and down over and over again. Her breath caught in her throat, and despite herself, she could feel her thighs parting slightly.

“You like that, don’t you.” he said, reaching down and pulling her right knee up and draped it around his waist.

His cock swelled and the tip of it poked out the top of his shorts. He could feel it sliding between the puffy outer lips of her labia, and his precum mixed with her copious juices. His hand slid from her hip and went to the front of his shorts, pushing the front of them down, and freeing his cock, which stood out proudly from his groin.

She shook her head as she felt it sliding along her slit, and knew it was bare flesh touching her most secret place now.

“Oh, God, Jason, NO!!” she begged. “Please, don’t do this! I’m so sorry; I’ll never tease you again, I promise!”

“Why should I stop?” he asked. “I’ve got you right where you wanted to be. Right?” He took himself in hand and rubbed the head of over her clit several times, causing her to buck her hips up at him. Her eyes were closed; her bottom lip caught in her teeth. She eyes flew open in panic as she felt it slide lower and hover at the opening to her innermost self. She knew he was one thrust away from having her.

“Oh, God, Jason, we can’t!” she sobbed. “Let go of me this instant! Oh, God, your father!”

Jason pushed himself away from her, leaving her to sink to her knees, sobbing. “Don’t ever come on to me like that again!” he ordered, stuffing his cock back in his shorts. “Not unless you want me to finish what I almost did just now.”

She looked up at him, tears streaming, and nodded. Her eyes fell to his groin and the obvious bulge there. He went right up to her once again, standing over her. She was still staring at his groin.

“You’re fascinated by it, aren’t you?” he asked, softly. “You want it, huh?” He rubbed his hand over it through his shorts. “If you want to see it, take it out. Have a look at what almost went inside you just now.”

“I… no, I…” she whispered. Her hands came together at her bosom, clasped tightly, but her eyes were locked on his crotch. She licked her lips nervously. “I… we can’t! What will your father say?”

He laughed. “I’m not going to tell him!” Jason laughed. “Are you?” She shook her head, looking up at him with expressionfull eyes.

“Then how will he ever find out?” He laughed again, looking down at her. “It’s okay, get it out and look at me. I know you want to.”

She dropped her eyes back down to it, and slowly reached up and slipped her fingers into the waistband of his red jogging shorts. They were made of terry material, and the elastic waistband was really easy to pull down. Soon, he was stepping out of them as she lowered them to the floor. She was looking down as she did, and when they were off, she raised her face back up to look at what he had.
It was at least 11” long, and several inches thick, much bigger than his father, who was rather modestly endowed. She licked her lips again, staring at it like it was a snake.

“I… it’s huge!” she whispered. “It’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen!” She sat back on her haunches a little, getting her face away from it some more.

Jason had other plans, tho. He took her head in both his hands and drew her closer, a lot closer.

“Come on, Lisa, you know you want to suck it. “ he said, groaning as it brushed past her cheek. “I saw you licking your lips just at the thought of it. Come on, give me some relief!”

“No, Jason, I… I’ve never!” she said, panicked. “Please, just let me go! I’m sorry I ever started this!”

“Goddam it!” he cursed, seeing that she really wasn’t going to do it. “You tease my Dad like this? Do you?”

She was sobbing again and shook her head as he angrily put his shorts back on. She saw him turn and head for the upstairs.

“Where… where are you going?” she asked, nervously. Both her daughters were up there.

“I’m going to go take a cold shower, and if that doesn’t work, I’m going to blast half a load of babies down the drain.” he said. “I can’t go running with a boner like this!”

“Jason, I’m… I’m so sorry.” she said, fresh tears welling up.

“Yeah, well, maybe you’ll think about how it makes me feel before you go flaunting yourself like that again.” he said harshly. “Fucking tease.” He left the room as she began sobbing again, still sitting on the floor where he’d left her.

Upstairs, he went into his bathroom and saw Ashley in there, wearing just a T-Shirt as she applied make-up in his mirror. She was freshly showered, he saw, as her hair was still wet. He looked in the mirror and could clearly see her nipples showing darkly through the wet white cotton T. Also, she wasn’t wearing panties, and her bare ass was sticking out as she bent forward.

“Dammit, Ashley, what have I told you about using my bathroom?” he said quietly. “And are you aware that you’re not hardly wearing any clothes in here?”

She didn’t even look at him, too engrossed on not stabbing her eye out with the liner pencil to pay him much attention.

“Well, duh.” she said. “I haven’t gotten dressed yet, so obviously, I’m not wearing any clothes.”

“Well, I need my bathroom back.” he said patiently. She turned and looked at him, one eye done, and the other not.

“Can’t you see I’m busy?” she said, exasperated. “Go use the one downstairs.” She turned back to the mirror.

“Ashley, this is your last chance.” he warned. “I’m getting into the shower now, and if you don’t want to see what I’ve got, I suggest you get out, right now.”

She turned back to him and smiled. “Who says I don’t want to see it?” she said, coyly. She dropped her eyes to his groin and he saw them widen at the massive bulge he was sporting. “Oh my God!”

“Don’t say you weren’t warned!” he said, skinning the shorts off. Her hand flew up to her mouth, and her eyes bugged out even more.

“Oh my God!” she said again, this time in a whisper. “It’s huge!”

“I’m glad you think so.” he said. It was pointing right at her. “I think it likes you.” he joked, moving closer. He jerked it a couple of times with his belly muscles, bobbing it up and down. “Oh, look, it does! It does like you!”

“Keep it away!” she said frantically, seeing him approach. She backed up and the toilet hit the back of her knees, causing her to sit down suddenly. Fortunately, the lid was down, so she didn’t fall in.

He saw the opportunity to tease her a bit, and brought it right up next to her face, which was right on a level with it, now that she was sitting down.

“Touch it with your hand, Ashley.” he said. “Go ahead, it won’t bite.”

“C-can I?” she whispered, not taking her eyes off it. It was only six inches or so away from her face, closer that she had ever dreamed. It looked so BIG!!

Slowly, her hand crept upward, and she poked it with her finger. It jumped at her touch.

“No, like this.” he said, gently, then took her hand and wrapped her fingers around it, covering it with his own. She breathed in, awed by the strength she sensed under his smooth skin on his dick. Her other hand came up as well, and she used them both to stroke up and down the length of it as he let go.

“Oh, yeah, that feels really good.” he sighed. “Would you like to give it a kiss, too?” he asked.

Her eyes opened up wide again as she looked up at him.

“I’ve heard about that.” she breathed. “Cindy Crossman at school claims she did it, once.”

“Well, here’s your chance to match her, Ashley.” he said. “Go ahead, I don’t mind.” He looked on with great pleasure as his pretty, brunette step sister brought her head forward and put her pursed lips up against the head of his cock.

“Oh, yeah, just like that.” he sighed. “Now, open your mouth and take in the head of it. Don’t forget to suck on it as you do, but remember, no teeth!”

Unbelievably, she did as he suggested, sucking on the head of it. Instinctively, she swirled her tongue around over it, and let him feed her a little more as he thrust his hips forward a little.

“Oh, God, yeah, Ashley, how much can you do? Can you suck on the whole thing?” She tried, going down on him a little over halfway before making a panicked sound and pulling her head all the way off and looking up at him again.

“Did I do it right?” she asked, hesitantly. “I know I couldn’t do the whole thing like you asked, but the part I did do, it was good, right?”

“Oh, yeah, you did it real good.” he said. “No doubt Cindy Crossman is a little better at it, but she’s not here, is she?”

“I can do it as good as she can.” Ashley pouted. “Just let me practice a little more.”

“Okay, but this time, I want you to practice doing the whole thing.” he said. She nodded dutifully and put her mouth back on him. “Good girl, just like that!” he said. She was bobbing her head up and down on his length, taking a little more every time she went down. “Try to relax your throat.” he said, feeling her starting to gag as she went too far. “It won’t choke you, and you’ll still be able to breathe, I promise.”

She went down again, this time further than she had gone on any of her previous tries, getting about ¾ of it in her gob, then pulled her mouth all the way off, slurping up saliva as she did so. She looked up at him, a little nervously and wiped some drool off her chin.

“I just remembered something.” she said. “Cindy told me that her boyfriend… uh, finished… in her mouth.” she said. “Are you going to do that?”

“What did Cindy tell you about it?” he asked.

“She didn’t exactly tell me.” Ashley admitted. “She was telling her friend Dawn about it in the locker room one day, and I happened to overhear them.”

“Well, what did you overhear?” he asked. He was impatient for her to suck it some more, because he was getting close. Another little bit like the last, and he was going to “finish” in her mouth indeed.

“I didn’t hear any more than that.” she said. “I’m kinda curious as to what happens.”

“Okay, I’ll tell you what happens.” he said. “Just so you know what you’re getting into, right?” She nodded, staring at it again. He brought it back to her lips, and she began sucking on it some more as he went on. “In just a few moments, it’s going to spit out some white stuff.” he said. “Not much, and most girls like the taste of it. There’s nothing dirty about it, either, it’s the stuff that makes babies when it goes inside your belly. I want you to try to swallow it all, okay, because it feels really grand when a girl can do that.” She bobbed her head up and down, faster and faster as he spoke, letting him guide the pace of it as he held her head lightly in his hands and pistoned his cock through her lips.

She could feel it getting harder in her mouth, and then it throbbed once, twice. She heard him grunt, and suddenly her mouth was filled with hot, salty/sweet stuff. There was a lot more of it than she expected, and after gulping down the first couple of mouthfuls, she couldn’t keep up and pulled her face back, turning it to the side.

He wasn’t done, and several more squirts came out, splattering her cheek and going into her hair.

“Ohh, gah, that was… that was…” she stammered, spitting gunk into the sink as she leaned to the side.

“That was fuckin’ COOL!!” said Caitlyn from the doorway. Jason turned to look at his other almost step sister, and saw that she was as scantily dressed as her sister, wearing only a lacy little half cup bra that barely covered her nipples and matching panties. Jason could feel new life surging into his half hardness as he checked out her form in the skimpy underwear. “I want to see what it tastes like.” she said.

Caitlyn came into the bathroom with them, and knelt on one knee down next to her sister, licking up some of his cream off her cheek. Jason groaned at the sight of it, two pretty girls wearing next to nothing and eating his come. His cock was fully hard again.

“Mmm, good.” she said, licking her lips and turning her head to look up at him. “My turn, now.” She opened her mouth and took the head of his dick in her lips, sucking softly on it. Jason groaned, louder this time, and ran his hands down through Caitlyn’s long black hair.

Ashley stood up and squeezed past them, getting in front of the sink and looking in the mirror once more. What she saw there appalled her. She was a sticky mess, and she was going to have to wash her hair again. It had come all over one side, and was stuck together in clumps. Not only that, it was all over her T-Shirt, too.

“Look what you did to me.” she said to him, in breathless horror. “You got it all OVER me!”

“You look beautiful.” he said, surprising her by raising up one hand to the back of her head and pulling her close for a kiss on the mouth. She thought it was going to be a quick peck, but he held her there and kissed her deeply, even slipping his tongue against hers.

She let out a muffled sound of protest as his other hand came up, under her T-Shirt, and cupped her right breast, twiddling the nipple erect with the pad of his thumb as he cupped the apple sized mound in his palm. She felt her thighs parting slightly, and got very wet between her legs of a sudden.

She looked down as the kiss ended, and saw her sister still sucking away on his cock. It was the hottest thing she’d ever seen, and now both his hands were under her shirt, pushing it up. She lifted her arms and let him take it all the way off, then he was kissing her again, his hands now sliding down her ribs, onto her hips, and then…

“Ohh, not there!” she gasped, pulling away. She couldn’t go too far away, because he had caught her by the waist and prevented her from leaving altogether.

“Yes, Ashley, there.” he said, slipping one hand back between her thighs again. She squeezed them together, trying to keep his hand off her most secret place, but her body betrayed her as he bent his head and took her nipple in his mouth. Her thighs gently parted and his hand crept up between them as she gave a long, low cry from the back of her throat. His palm cupped her sex as his middle finger slid lightly back and forth through her slit.

He moved his head up and kissed her on the mouth again, pulling his cock out of her sister’s mouth with a pop. He pulled her leg up onto his hip and turned her to face him, his cock sliding across her sex.

“Oh, damn, that looks so hot!” Caitlyn said in awe, then reached up and placed his cockhead right at the entrance to her sister’s womb. “Do it, Jason, put it inside her!”

“Oh, noo!” wailed Ashley, as she felt herself stretching to accommodate his girth. Only the head was between her pussylips, but she could feel how perilously close it was to slipping fully inside her. “Jason, please, take it out!”

“No way, Ash.” he said, thickly, feeling her tight heat on his dick. “I’m going to fuck you!”

“Please! I don’t want my first time to be in the bathroom.” she begged. “Please? Not here!”

“Okay.” he agreed, then picked her up by cupping her ass, still in place with his cockhead just inside her. He carried her over to his bed, then put her down on the edge of it so that she was laying sideways. He bent down on top of her and drove his cock into her with one smooth shove.

She let out loud moan as he entered her and clawed his back with her nails. Her feet shot straight up in the air, then curved together and clasped ankles behind his back.

Caitlyn was kneeling on the floor just behind them, and had an awesome view of his cock disappearing into her sister. She was astonished that the huge thing was able to fit in there. She touched herself through her panties, wondering if it would fit inside her the same way. “Oh, man, look at that!” she marveled, in a soft, breathless whisper. “You’re really fucking her!”

Ashley was grunting as he pistoned his massive cock rapidly, getting off on the brand new sensations flooding her young body for the first time. She screamed in ecstasy as he brought her to the brink of orgasm, them drove her right over the edge. She felt like the whole world was falling away form her as his big dick hammered away at her.

Finally, he slowed his strokes and pulled out, letting the little girl, now a woman, under him catch her breath as he got up. He felt Caitlyn move out of his way and looked down at her, amused.

“Did you like what you saw?” he asked, grinning at her. She was staring at his cock, dripping pre cum out the slit in little drops and shiny with her sister’s pussy juices.

“Oh, yes!” she whispered excitedly. “It was the coolest!”

“Are you ready for it to be your turn?” he asked, holding out a hand to her. She took it, and he helped her to her feet.

“M-my turn?” she stammered. She gave a quick glance at her sister, who was still sprawled out on her back, pussy just now beginning to close up. It was swollen and angry red looking, with just a hint of blood leaking out of the lower lips. Ashley was moaning and tossing her head.

“Yup, you heard me right.” he said, putting one hand around the girl’s waist and leading her away. “I’m going to do that to you, too.” he told her. “Let’s go into your room.”

“Well, okay.” she said, letting him guide her. “But, uh, I’m not sure I’m ready for that.” she said, as they entered the hallway.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Lisa had her hands on her hips, glaring at Jason as she stood, blocking the hallway as she stood at the top of the stairs.

“I’m doing what these girls want me to do.” he said, cupping Caitlyn’s head and kissing her deeply. The girl moaned into his mouth, but it wasn’t a sound of protest. Not exactly.

“Didn’t you hear what she just said?” Lisa demanded. “She said she wasn’t sure. That means `no`, buster, and if you do anything with her, I’m going to file rape charges.”

“Look, bitch, you had your chance downstairs just a little while ago.” he retorted. “Or are you reconsidering?”

She just stared at him speechlessly as he turned his back on her, his arm around Caitlyn’s waist and made their way down the hall.

“You come back here!” she screeched, running and jumping onto his back. She clawed at his chest, and he grimaced as he grabbed her by an arm and bent forward, slinging her to the floor.

“You bastard!” she spit at him from the floor. “Don’t you touch my baby! Dirty sonovabitch! Fucking rapist!”

“You got a dirty mouth on you.” Jason remarked, mildly. “Is it good for anything but cursing?”

“Fuck you!” Lisa said, getting on her hands and knees. “I said to get your hands off her!” Jason was rubbing Caitlyn’s ass through her panties, his other hand firmly around the girl’s waist.

“It’s okay, Mom, I… I want to.” Caitlyn said. “Don’t hurt her, Jason, please!” She tugged his hand, urging him down the hall, so he followed her, with a meaningful look over his shoulder at his step-mother, who was sitting forlornly on the floor, sobbing tears of anger and frustration.

Caitlyn pulled him into her room, letting him kiss her as his hands roamed up and down her body, first feeling her breasts, then slipping down between her legs and rubbing her pussy. He slid his hand around to her back and unhooked her bra nimbly with his fingers, then pulled it down and bent his head to kiss her newly exposed breasts.

“Ohh, Jason, Jason, that’s heavenly.” she said. She was aware that they were moving backward, but when her mattress hit the back of her knees and made her sit down, she suddenly became aware of her surroundings and what they were about to do.

“Oh, Jason, I’m… I’m not sure.” she whispered, letting him lay her down onto her back. “Ohh, yesss, that feels so nice!” she moaned out loud as he kissed her breasts again. His hands were caressing her body, moving slowly from her breasts, down over her belly, and in between her legs, fondling her pussy through her panties. They moved up once more, then when he slid them down, he wormed his finger under the elastic waistband of them and pushed them down off her hips.

“Lift up your hips a little for me, Caitlyn.” he said, nuzzling her neck. His words sent little puffs of air into her ear, and her hips came up off the bed, allowing him to slide her panties down her legs and past her knees.

Both his hands were caressing her inner thighs now, urging them further and further apart, with his fingers making the occasional journey onto her bare pussy. While they were there, he rubbed her clit with his thumb and slipped two fingers inside her.

She was moaning as he fingered her, and only looked up at him as her pulled her ass further toward the edge of the bed and got between her open thighs.

“Ready, Caitlyn?” he asked, rubbing his cock up and down her slit. He got it good and greasy with her juices, then slipped it down and pushed the head of into her.

“Unngh, yeah, right there!” she grunted, and felt him renew his grasp on her hips. He pushed it in a little more and came up against her hymen. “Oooff!” she winced at the sudden, pain, then got a look of relief as he pulled it back slightly. She wasn’t prepared for what happened next, though. He slammed it back into her, burying it to the hilt with one strong push.

She couldn’t help it; she bit his shoulder to stifle her scream of pain as something tore inside her. He left it all the way inside her, letting her get used to the feel of it, then began moving it back and forth inside her.

“Ohh, yes!” she sighed, feeling the pleasure building as the pain ebbed. He gradually increased the speed of his strokes until he was fucking the teen under him as fast and hard as he could. His balls were slapping her ass so loudly he was sure her mother could hear it if she were still sitting outside on the floor where they had left her.

Suddenly, he slowed his pace and started moving it in and out of the girl with deep strokes that made her squirm with pleasure. She met each of his deep thrusts with her hips, trying to get every inch of him into her he could. Slowly, he started increasing the speed once more, and then she was coming under him, wailing out her pleasure at the top of her lungs, Surely her mother could hear that, even if she had gone downstairs!

He pulled his throbbing cock out of her and let her come down from the heights of passion he’d driven her to, laying his cock on her belly. When she had caught her breath, she smiled up at him.

“Oh my God, that was incredible!” she sighed. “You can do that with me anytime you want, step-brother!”

“Count on it, step-sis.” he said, kissing her deeply on the mouth. “Right now, tho, I’m going to go out for a run.”

She could feel his hardness on her belly like a bar of red hot iron and was a little confused.

“But you didn’t…” she asked, hesitantly.

“No.” he answered. “I didn’t in your sister, either.”

“Don’t you want to?” she asked huskily. “I want to see you do it!”

“Okay.” he agreed. “Go ahead and suck on it like your sister did, and I’ll come in your mouth, just like I did in hers.”
“Oh, man, hell yeah!” she said. “This is the best day ever!” They traded places, with him sitting on the bed and her going to her knees in front of him.

“Ready, Caitlyn?” he asked, seeing her hesitate a second. “You’ve already done this in the bathroom, remember?”

“I know.” she whispered. “It was easier to be brave in front of my sister, though.”

“How about in front of your mother?” asked a voice from the doorway. “Are you still so brave now, little missy?”

Jason turned and saw Lisa standing there, her hands on her hips and a pouty expression on her face. She was still wearing the scanty negligee, and he could just make out the darkness of her nipples through the gauzy material.

“M-mom!” Caitlyn said. “Get out of here! You’re killing the mood!”

“Good!” said Lisa. “Jason, get out of my daughter’s room, right now. You’ll be lucky if I don’t call the cops on your for statutory rape.”

“Mom! He didn’t rape anyone! Me and Ashley both wanted this!” Caitlyn insisted.

“It doesn’t matter.” Lisa said, sweetly. “Both of you are under the age of eighteen.”

“The age of consent in this state is sixteen, Lisa.” Jason told her. “The girls are both seventeen, so if you do make a call like that, you’ll be laughed out of court, and good luck getting my Dad to pop the question after that.”

“I’m telling him everything that went on here this morning!” she said, defiantly. “I’m telling him how you almost fucked me- twice, now, and that you have deflowered both my daughters.”

“Third times the charm!” he said, going over to her, faster than she’d ever seen anyone move before. He grabbed her arm and hurled her toward the bed.

Lisa gasped and tried to stop herself, but wound up sprawled on her belly on it anyway. Her legs hung down the side, with her knees almost touching the floor. She started to get up, but them Jason was right behind her, holding her down with one hand on the back of her neck.

“Nooo!!” she screamed. “Let me go!” She felt his hand grab the back of her negligee and yank it up. She knew what was next; her bare ass was exposed to his massive cock. “Ohh, God, stop, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I won’t tell!” she begged. “Please, I promise!”

“What do you think, Caitlyn?” he asked the girl. “Should I give it to your mom in her pussy or in her ass?”

“In her… in her ass?” Caitlyn asked, looking confused.

“Good idea. That’ll really teach this bitch not to come around teasing the way she always does.” Jason grinned. “Do us a favor and get some Vaseline, would you? I don’t want her blood all over my cock.”

“Oh, God, noo! Let me up, let me go!” Lisa begged, trying to squirm out from under him. “Please, I’m begging you!”

Jason laughed and pressed his cock against the woman trapped beneath him, letting her feel the massive organ laying all along her ass crack. He had one hand on her neck, holding her in place, and with the other, he grabbed the base of his cock and moved it into position at the entrance to her womb as Caitlyn left the room.

“Gonna fuck you, Lisa.” he growled in her ear, sinking his cockhead into her pussy a little. “Gonna lube up with your pussy cream first, before I fuck your asshole, though. That’ll teach you not to prance around in front of me with nothing on, won’t it?”

“Jason, please don’t do this… UNNGGH!!” she grunted, feeling him sink the whole length of his cock into her soaking wet pussy with one brutal shove. “Get it out! Take it out! I’m not protected!” she gasped. “Don’t! I can get pregnant!”

“Perfect.” he said, beginning his strokes in and out. “Maybe I won’t fuck your ass, then.” he said. “I’m gonna blow my whole load right into your cunt and knock you up higher than a kite, bitch. How do you like that idea?”

“Noo, Jason, please… I’m, I’m… Your father, Jason, what about your father?” She lost the ability to speak for a moment as he pulled it out of her almost all the way, just leaving the tip of it inside.

“Get him to fuck you without the rubber that you always make him wear, tonight. It’s okay with me if you tell him it’s his.” Jason replied, sinking his whole length into her again. She felt great on his dick, almost as tight as her virgin daughters had been. He slid it smoothly all the way back in, and she grabbed a double handful of the comforter.

“Jason, you don’t, ungh, you don’t under…stand!” she gasped. “I’m not letting you father do this until we’re married. We, unnhhh, we … have only been doing oral… with… with each other.” she told him.

“What?!? You two haven’t been fucking?” Jason asked her, astonished. He laughed, and increased his tempo in and out of her. “You’ll have a hell of a job explaining why you suddenly changed you mind and want to go all the way, then, won’t you? I’m doing my old man a favor with this.”

“No, please, Jason, take it out, please, I’m begging you not to do this to me!”

“Too… too late!” he grunted, burying himself balls deep inside her and letting his sperm flood into her tight little pussy.

“Oh, God, NOOOO!!!” she wailed, feeling his cock spasming inside her as he came.

“Hell fuck yeah!” he groaned. “Can you feel it? Can you feel my little wigglies swimming up to your egg?” he whispered in her ear. “Dad gets to go bareback tonight!”

“Here you are, Jason…” Caitlyn said, holding out the jar to him as she came back in. One look was enough to tell her it was too late, though. “Oooh, you did it inside my Mom?”

“Let me up.” Lisa said. “Let me up! I need to go douche! Maybe it’s not too late.”

“Nope.” he said, still holding her down. “I have one shot left, and I said I was going to fuck your asshole, and that’s what I mean to do!”

“Ohh, God, please, no! Not that! Jason! Please don’t do that! Everything we did here today, everything you did with my daughters, please, I won’t tell him anything if you spare me that!” Lisa begged.

“Pff, you think I’m scared of you telling him anything? Hell no, bitch! Blab all you want, it ain’t gonna save your asshole from getting speared by my cock!” He got a fingerful of Vaseline and smeared it on her asshole.

She shrieked as she felt the cold grease slathered on her asshole, and his finger worming it’s way inside, totally panicked.

“PLEASE, oh, God, no, please don’t do that!” she begged. “I’ll do anything, anything else, just please don’t do me there!!”

“Promise?” he asked, placing his cock into position.

“YES, I fuckin’ promise!” she sobbed.

“Hmm, anything, right? You know your friend Tanya?” he asked, not withdrawing his cock yet. “That cute little brunette that was here for your wedding shower a week or so ago?”

“T-Tanya?” Lisa stammered. “What do you want with her?”

“Well, I’m not interested in her mind, if that’s what you’re asking. Now, do I shove my cock in your asshole right now, or are you going to help me get her and her daughter in bed?”

“Sophia too?” Lisa exclaimed. “Get off of me, okay? I’ll help you do it, you bastard. Now let me go!!”

Jason pulled back and let her get up, smiling evilly at her. “Now, you know if you welsh on this deal; if you tell her what’s up, and cock-block me, I’m going to have to invite several of my friends over, and we’re going to take turns at your asshole and cunt, right? That’s the consequences for breaking your word.”

“I won’t go back on it.” she said bitterly. “No matter what you threaten me with.”

“Good. You have a phone call to make. I want her over here today. Since you’re her boss, I guess you can free up her schedule, right?” Jason smiled at the woman and handed her the phone off the bedside stand.

“What, now? But I’m naked still!” Lisa protested.

“It’s a phone.” Jason replied. “She won’t know you’re naked. Now get her over here. Sophia can wait until after school.”

“What do I tell her?” Lisa asked. “I can’t just tell her to come over to my house without a reason.”

“True.” Jason mused thoughtfully. “What can you tell her to get her to come over?”

“I know.” Caitlyn volunteered. “Mom, didn’t you borrow her casserole dish last week for the shower? You could have her come over to get it today.”

Lisa flashed Caitlyn a dirty look, but she nodded and began dialing. She looked surprised when Jason took the handset from her, and put it on speakerphone, but Jason gestured for her to speak as the other end picked up on the second ring.

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