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Triple Sex Ultimate

….We all decided this story should be told. I’m Jenna and I got picked to write it in the computer. We all smiled thinking back to when it began. I thought back to where to start.

….I met Randi as she lived next door to me. Tom lived on the other side, my boyfriend. We were all in our teens and it was that time in life when girls get curious about other girls. Randi and I had heard the story’s at school about girl on girl sex and Randi and I were just at the age when it got curious to us. Randi was a shy, introverted girl. A plain dresser and no boyfriends. She had reddish hair, bigger tits than me and was a sexy girl past the plain look.

…We decided to do a sleepover so we could play computer games late. I put on my tiny nightie and tiny panties. Randi wore big sloppy pajamas. As the night went on and we lay beside each other, the talk turned to sex. She asked me lots of questions about boyfriend Tom and what we did. I told her we had been having sex for a while now and it was great. She said she had not had sex with anyone.

…. I got in a mood and said I would show her how Tom feels me up. She got all excited and watch me get naked. I wanted to see her naked too, but she wouldn’t. I got my self hot, in hopes to make her hot too watching me play with myself. Finally she started playing with her tits and pussy, but over her pajamas. I saw a lump starting to build in her panties. She noticed me look at it and explained.

... She said: “I have a really big clit, and it gets big as we do this.” I was dying to see it and I started in rubbing her leg. I put her hand on my tits and said how much secret fun this was. She was really breathing hard now and put her hand on my pussy and rubbed it. When I did the same to her she gasp big and squirmed. The lump was real big now.

….Finally she stopped, took a big breath and said: “Jenna, you have to promise me to keep this just between us...ok?” I said: “Sure Randi, what is it?” She said she had more than just a big clit, it was a penis, and that she had both a pussy and a penis.

….She told of how she was born with it and only her mom and dad knew. As she grew up and started getting sexual feelings for guys, her pussy would start to get wet like other girls. When she started getting aroused over girls, her penis started to get big. She wore thick tight panties to hide it. She told me that I was the first one to start to making her penis get big a while back. The more she was around me the more it happened. She now figured it was time to trust me not to tell her condition.

….I gulped. My hand was feeling her ‘big clit’ which had grown into a penis now. I didn’t even ask, I just reached in her panties and felt it bare skin. We pulled her pajama’s and panties down and there it was, just like Toms, with a pussy right underneath it. I felt everything as we both got real turned on. I had to go take a look. She slow stroked her penis as I spread her legs apart. I had never taken a close look at another girl pussy before, and doing this was making me very horny.

... I wanted to touch it and ….so I did. Randi liked it and let me touch her all I wanted and then…stroke her penis with her. She whispered for me to turn around so she could see my pussy close up. I did and spread my legs wide for her. Shy Randi was now bold and excited and got on her all fours on top of me. She began fingering my pussy.

….It felt wonderful like when Tom does it. I was very wet as I looked up at her pussy and penis which was now erect. The wet look of her pussy was turning me on. We let our fingers do the feeling for our first time, plus, I had penis to play with also ….I was in ‘girl and guy’ heaven at the same time.

….That first time was a really high turn on for us both. The high was building in us both. I rubbed her clit and let my fingers enter her wet pussy. I love fingering her inside her warm pussy. She was doing the same to me as we were breathing hard and little moans were so hot as we played. I wondered what was going to happen next as the high was pushing for more.

….Randi’s shaky arms went slowly down and now her head was resting next to my pussy. I could feel her heavy breath on my pubic hair. I opened my legs wide and raised my pussy up. She moved in and just touched her tongue to my clit. I let her know I liked that with a good moan. I slowly pulled her pussy down to me and I let my tongue slide up her wet slit. From there we just dived in and did our first pussy lick. I held her penis and stroked it.

….Tom liked his to be sucked so I figured she would too. She had never had anyone suck on her penis. I gently moved so it went in my mouth. She was shaking all over slightly now. She slowly began to fuck my mouth. Her moans were awesome. Now she had 3 fingers in me and it felt hot and exciting. She started using her fingers and tongue as she started fucking my mouth faster. I worked my fingers in her pussy as I sucked her good.

….I heard it in her moans as she was about to cum. I worked my lips and tongue faster as she let go with her first blow job. Her penis was real big now as her cum came shooting out to flood my mouth. She jerked and pulled my legs up and clamped her lips down on my clit. I peaked as I had a shaking climax that lasted and lasted. She just kept shooting cum over and over in my mouth.

….It was a good thing her parents weren’t home as we moaned loud and shook her bed.
….We did a lot of sleepovers when our parents weren’t there, or quickies anywhere we could. I would get her hot real fast, and her penis would get hard fast. Into my pussy it went for a hot fuck in a bathroom, the garage, or anywhere we had time.

…One sleepover we had just fucked ourselves completely weak, when she told me she wanted a guy to fuck. There was no way a guy wouldn’t freak out at a girl like her. I told her that I bet Tom would love to have a threesome with us.

… Her happy face lit up as she was not even expecting that. Now she was all excited. She said: “Oh my god…he’s never even looked at me.” “Can I give him a blow job maybe?” “Will he lick my pussy?” “Will you help us explain…I…I…oh jeez…when…Jenna…I have to get ready and,…and…”

….I told her to relax, I know Tom. ’If ’ Tom had known about your extra’s I bet we would already having 3somes .” It was fun watching her dance around and look at herself in the mirror. “Do you think I should wear my hair up?…I have to go shopping!…will you come with me and help me pick out some sexy nighties that Tom will like?”

…Now the fun part of telling Tom, Randi’s little secret. I waited till late one night at his house. We snuck around behind his parents and felt each other up. I wanted him good and horny before I told him. I took him into the den while his parents watched T.V. I slammed him up against the wall and felt his boner. I felt his big hands grab my butt cheeks. I whispered: “Guess what?….I have a chance to line us up with a girl for a 3some.” Wide open his eyes went and a evil grin with it. “She’s someone we both know, an I found out she’s ‘special’. She has the biggest clit I’ve ever seen. “

….I walked away now that the bait had been dropped. He chased after me as I said: “Goodnight to him and his parents.” He stood behind the couch so his big boner couldn’t be seen and smiled with a puzzled look on his face. I walked home next door and my cell phone started ringing. “Jenna, WHO?” the voice said in a whisper. “I’ll call you when you get in bed Tom, about 11:30?” I let him squirm and then called him. I gave him the proper build up about Randi and now….he was all ready…of course I gave him all the usual ‘death threats’ to go along with the ‘secret’ being kept ‘super’ secret. We all picked a time to play. A sleepover for us girls at my house, my folks went camping for a week with Tom’s folks. He stayed behind to provide ‘security’ for us girls…ha ha.

….*I should explain what’s it like trying to write this story. Behind me is my bed. I can hear and see some in my monitor Tom and Randi giggling and fooling around. It makes writing this very exciting and brings back the beginnings….but…it also makes me want to stop and join them.


….so all this time, Randi had a pussy and a dick…this I had to see for my self. I can picture all the ways we can have a great 3some. It sounds like I’m in for an awesome weekend…..

Part II “The Awesome Weekend”

*To be continued
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