How a man's desires took him and his wife to the dark side!
I wrote this for a woman after her husband asked her to fuck black men and she was thinking of doing it because it turned her on knowing he wanted her to. She said that he admitted he craved to watch her, his wife, fuck black men and wanted them to dominate her and himself. He found it arousing thinking of her having black lovers and all of them humiliating him and her. He admitted to having Bi tendencies when he thought of her taking black lovers but knew he could never do anything willingly. Tell me what you think!

We had talked of taking a vacation by ourselves for years and now that the kids were older we felt safe leaving them at home alone for a week or so. We had been married raising kids for 22 yrs. and now it was our turn to let our hair down and howl a little we figured. Let me say that we have always had a very honest and open relationship concerning our feelings, especially our sexual fantasies etc. My wife had learned of my desire to watch her fuck another man years and years ago and I knew of her fantasy of being gang raped by a group of black men. We had talked of these many times as we made love and through the years we had collected a library of black gang bang movies I purchased through mail order. I don't guess either of us really ever thought either of our fantasies would ever become a reality or to the extent they did.
I had often wondered how Lisa my wife would react if a black man approached her sexually when I wasn't around because of the intense orgasms she had when we talked of her being with one in our love-making. Just the sight of a thick long black cock was enough to cause her to moisten immediately. For some reason, I have never fully understood why, just knowing how hot it made her thinking of fucking a black guy made my cock harden and throb relentlessly. With that known I will now relate the story of our vacation trip and our newfound awakenings.
We arrived in Jamaica Friday afternoon and after checking into our hotel decided that we should change into clothing that fit the hot weather conditions. I donned shorts and a loose fitting white shirt and some sandals I had purchased specifically for this trip and appeared the ultimate tourist I'm sure. Lisa decided on a short, almost mini skirt and a tie blouse that showed off the flatness of her stomach and allowed the fullness of her breasts to be accentuated. In short she was hot looking. Lisa works at staying fit and in shape and has the nicest rounded buttocks and the flattest stomach and is the envy of all the mothers in our neighborhood, not to mention the fantasy of the husbands I'm sure. More than one husband has been taken to task for looking a tad too long as she passed. I was beaming and proud as a peacock as we left the room.
On the elevator we decided to stop at the outside bar and get a drink and survey the premises and the beach and just relax for awhile, we were on vacation, remember. Seating her at a canopy covered table I walked to the bar and ordered us both drinks and engaged the owner in chit chat about the area night spots. I inquired as to where would be a good place for us to go to enjoy ourselves as he made our drinks. Glancing outside at Lisa he inquired, "That your wife mon? And expecting the usual compliment on her beauty I beamed, "Yes, isn't she beautiful?" His face furrowed and he said in a low voice, " That be a bod man she talk to mon, bod man. You don want to visit his club mon, not wit that lady, mon. People say bod tings hoppen to pretty ladies, in his club mon, bod tings!". Than he handed me the drinks and I paid him and while waiting for my change I watched Lisa talking to a large athletic looking black man at the table next to ours. As I watched he rose and sat down at our table. Her thighs were crossed and her leg was pumping quickly and I knew that she was thinking of something sexual in nature. She was either in the early stages of excitement or she had to pee really bad because she only did that with one or the other. When the barkeep brought my change he placed both hands on the bar and leaned close to me and half whispered, "You take care of your pretty woman mon, he a bod mon!" "Thanks, I will" I said as I took the drinks and left. Boy, not here an hour and already drama, I thought as I walked back to our table drinks in hand.
Who's your friend I asked as I sat the drinks down on the table. "Hi honey" Lisa said with a big smile on her face. " This is Big Enrico, he runs a night spot here on the island and I was telling him we planned on kicking up our heels tonight and he said we could come to his club as his guests, isn't that lucky?" Alarm bells sounded in my head remembering the barkeeps warning. Well maybe one night this week we’ll take him up on his offer I said as I reached my hand out to him. He grasped my hand and his grip was like a steel trap as he squeezed just a little too hard I thought as if trying to impress me or let me know something about him. "You must be Jim, Lisa has been telling me what a lucky guy you are to have her and I must say I have to agree with her” he said with a kind of leer on his face. Lisa smacked him lightly on the arm and said quickly, "No I did not, and I never said that Jim, he's just saying that!" And Enrico just laughed loudly showing a mouthful of the whitest teeth I've ever seen which contrasted against his black skin. He was sitting facing Lisa and I noticed her gaze kept falling to his waist and her thigh would begin pumping quicker each time it did. Her short skirt had ridden up and most of her sexy thigh was visible right up to her perfect asscheeks and the good Enrico was having a hard time keeping his own gaze above the table.
Standing, he reached in his shirt pocket and handed me a business card and said, "Call me when you're ready to go clubbing, I'll provide everything you'll need except your bodies and because Lisa is so beautiful if you visit us tonight I'll even give you VIP status for the Annual Rite of the Darkening!" I couldn't help but notice the bulge that ran down his leg almost to his knee. My God I thought that can't be his cock, it looks like a small log! Lisa couldn't take her eyes off of his cock as she said, "Oh we will I promise", her voice sounding nervous with eager anticipation. What is the “Rite of the Darkening” I asked, my defensive nature sounding an alarm as I realized that Lisa obviously wanted to be around this imposing figure of a black male. “Oh, it’s just sort of an initiation of tourists that we do every year. You’ll both love it I’m sure”, Enrico off-handedly said as his eyes dropped to Lisa’s thighs and his tongue slid slowly across his lips in a very obvious message to Lisa. Bending, he kissed Lisa, not on the cheek as I expected but on her lips. Not a kiss kiss, just a soft touch of his lips but his lips lingered on hers just a tad too long for my liking. “Till tonight then, I bid thee farewell my lady” And turning to me he again extended his hand and said, “ Take good care of her Jim and I’ll see you tonight!” And he turned and sauntered off.
“ My lady hell, where does he get that, you’re MY lady I said, smiling”. I felt intimidated by this man and was forming a dislike for him but at the same time seeing Lisa responding to his obvious flirting was causing my cock to begin hardening and I found this very disconcerting and confusing. Add to this the warning I had received about him and I was truly worried if we should attend this darkening initiation. Even the name seemed to impart fear and wondering. “He seemed to like you’, I said to Lisa. “A lot it seemed, unless he carries a small log around in his pants” she beamed. “Did you see that Jim, my god if that’s his dick he’s hung like a real horse?” “Yeah I noticed you couldn’t take your eyes of it and the way your thighs were pumping I figured you were spending a few moments thinking of fucking that log. Were you?” “Will you get mad if I say I was?” she asked, with a concerned look on her face that didn’t seem feigned. “Well he rubbed me the wrong way right off the bat the way he made it so obvious he wanted to fuck you.” I commented. “But at the same time seeing you respond to it and knowing you were probably getting wet from his attention and the effect you knew you were having on his dick, well I started getting hard. Are you thinking of fucking him Lisa?” “Jim we’re married, you know how I feel about that. I might think about his big dick and might even think about it while you fuck me but I could never violate our marriage vows.” And then added quickly, “Not even if you wanted me to Jim, I know how your mind works honey…but that was a nice dick wasn’t it…….maybe I’ll get my big dildo out when we get back to the room and give you a thrill baby…”
I did happen to notice though that her eyes followed him as he walked away till he turned the corner of the hotel. My mind was in overtime trying to comprehend the events that were unfolding on our first day here. I thought of all the years of fantasizing we’d done about sexing others, especially our fantasy of her fucking a very large cocked black man and my cock hardened in my pants till it hurt as I thought of her fucking Enrico, him forcing that log of a cock into her tight pussy. Lisa saw my pants bulging and reached out and placed her hand on my cock and said, “Looks like my husband is thinking of Enrico’s dig dick too, now I wonder, are you thinking of sucking his huge dick baby, or are you thinking of him doing something to me with it that I know I would love but that I’ll never do!” and with that poured her ice cold drink on my dick and took off running yelling, “Last one to the room doesn’t get to cum” I jumped up as the cold hit me and began wiping the front of my pants with my hands shocked at her actions and cussing as her words sank into my brain. Turning I took off and quickly ran to the stairs on the side of the building and began taking two steps at a time till I reached our floor, knowing she would take the elevator up. I opened the door and sprinted to the room and opened the door and planted myself in a chair by the window and sat there panting as I tried to catch my breath.
In just a few moments the door opened and she rushed in with a big smile adorning her face until she saw me, then her mouth dropped open and her eyes opened wide and she asked, “How’d you do that?” “That doesn’t matter, I said smiling, what matters is that I am the winner and you the loser so on your knees bitch and suck this dick till it cums I said laughing. Then I stood and pushed my clothing to my feet. I knew how hot she had been, thinking of Enrico’s big dick and how badly she wanted to cum right now. I could read her mind as she sank to her knees and began sucking and licking at my cock and balls. She sucked me eagerly, as if she was on fire herself and needed my cum to extinguish the flames within her. Her mouth flew up and down my cock as she pumped with her hand and soon I was extended and feeling as if my glans would explode if another ounce of blood filled it. Her tonguing around my balls had filled me with a throbbing need to cum. It was then she looked up at me coyly and cooed, “You’re not going to hold me to what I said are you Jim, you know about the loser not cumming, are you? As her mouth engulfed me to my balls, her throat gripping me tightly as I moaned loudly with need. “Yes I am Lisa”, a deal is a deal, now make me come honey, damn you suck dick sooo good!” and I grabbed her hair and began fucking her mouth in earnest as she was trying to protest. I wouldn’t let her remove her mouth from my cock as I knew she wanted to beg me to relent and allow her to cum too. Feeling myself ready to blast her with my juices I withdrew as I erupted and sprayed her face, shooting large globs of white cum over her nose, eyes and all over her hair and in her mouth.
“I thought you were going to cum in my mouth and make me puke she said as she tried to wipe her eyes clean.” “Get your dildo and let me see you fuck yourself while you think of Enrico’s big dick babe and maybe I’ll let you make me cum again” “Oh NO, she said quickly, not unless I can cum too, why should I torture myself, I’m so hot now I’m gonna have to take a cold shower to cool off? You made the game babe I’m just playin by your rules I smugly asserted as she headed for the shower.
Later as we were getting dressed to go out she asked me if she should wear her thong underwear or her regular ones under the sarong like wrap she planned on wearing and I suggested she should just wear nothing, no bra or panties of any kind. “Didn’t you notice today that none of the women seemed to wear a bra and I’d bet they weren’t wearing panties either because it’s so hot here. You’ll be more comfortable without them and maybe you’ll feel sexier and be ready to fuck my brains out when we get back to the room tonight hottie,” I said as I squeezed her ass. “Yeah, and maybe somebody else might want to squeeze my ass too” she said as she flipped her butt and walked away throwing her thong on the bed with a “come fuck me” look on her face as she smiled at me.
We arrived at Enrico’s club around 9:00 PM and the place was already packed and there wasn’t a table open anywhere so we went to the bar and grabbed a couple of drinks and stood watching as men were placing a large altar-like stone on the floor of an open area that on other nights was probably a dance floor. Other men were hanging what looked like one of those love swings, a black web-like thing with straps alongside the stone. Now I was intrigued and asked a guy standing close-by, “What’s that for?” He replied, “For the ladies I think”. Hmmm this could be interesting I mused, wondering what women he was talking about. Soon a beautiful black woman approached us and asked, “Are you Jim and Lisa?” “Yes”, I replied. “Come with me”, she said with a smile. As we followed her I kept watching her asscheeks moving beneath the thin dress she wore, “beautiful”, I thought, and Lisa pinched me on the ass saying, “See something you like asshole?” “mmmmmm, maybe so”, I replied.
Stopping alongside a table that was shaped like a half circle at the edge of the open area she removed a “Reserved” sign from it and said smiling, “This is your table, Enrico was hoping you’d come tonight.” “Can I get you something to drink, I’ll be sitting with you to take care of any needs either of you may have tonight.” The way she said that while her eyes roamed both our bodies made me think she meant more than just bringing us drinks but I decided it was just hopeful thinking on my part. She suggested we both have a “Stripper”, but cautioned that many people had been known to strip their clothing and lose their inhibitions if too many were consumed. The thought of my wife stripping here in front of everyone scared me but also caused an instant throbbing in my loins as I quickly said, “OK, maybe we’ll have just one to loosen up a bit.” Watching her ass wiggle as she walked away and remembering Enrico’s large cock I wondered how many times she had felt him forcing his seed into her depths. Those thoughts had my cock straining to be loosed from the confines of my pants.
Lisa hadn’t even noticed my staring and I was surprised to find her gazing intently at something across the open area. Looking in the direction of her gaze I saw 15-20 very muscular Black men clad only in short loin cloths. I could see the redness of her face and her breathing was quickened and she was squirming in her seat as her crossed thighs pumped rapidly. “See something you like honey?” I asked with a huge grin adorning my face. Without averting her glance she answered, “My god, look at those guys cocks hanging below their clothes!” Again I glanced at the men arranging things across the room and my mouth dropped open in awe as I saw what she was looking at. Almost every one of the black men had fat long cocks dangling below their loin cloths. But what amazed me was they were all soft and had to be at least 7-8 inches long and most probably that same measurement around their girth. Needless to say Lisa was as excited as I’d ever seen her and couldn’t take her eyes off their cocks. I was wondering just what tonight was going to entail and was remembering the bartenders warning about Enrico and his club.
As I glanced around I saw many white couples and all the wives and girlfriends seemed to be in a state of sexual excitement as they all seemed to be staring across the room. Couples were leaning together and whispering and giggling as if they were the only ones noticing the men’s dangling cocks. Many of the women present were trying not to stare but inevitably their gaze returned to those fat black cocks. Knowing all these women were craving to cross that floor and take those cocks in their hands and mouths and harden them before forcing their pussies down upon them excited me like I had never been excited. I knew there was precum flowing from my tip as I throbbed and I thought I was going to cum without even being touched. Just then Kim, our hostess, brought our drinks back and sat them down as she asked, “May I sit between you both please?” Rising I pulled the chair back and said “Sure, and rising I offered her my chair and took the other for myself. Sitting, she placed one of her hands on each of our thighs and said smiling, I’m sure you will be very satisfied with the show tonight. And you, Lisa, should enter the Queen of Darkness contest, I’m sure as beautiful as you are you’d win easily and the queen has more fun than anyone tonight. It’s an experience that you both would remember forever I’m sure. “And Jim, while you can’t be King of Darkness because you’re white, if Lisa is chosen queen you will be treated to”…..and just then Enrico picked up a microphone and boomed “Welcome to the Rites of Darkening”…..The altar is in place and the rites will begin now with the election of our new “Queen of Darkness”….All those initiates wishing to compete should now come to the altar area and stand in front of a Jamaican Spearman.
Hurry, because we have only 20 Spearmen so only the first 20 ladies will compete. Kim hurriedly said to Lisa, “go on girl, Jim wants you to, don’t you Jim?” Every ounce of my intelligence was screaming for me to say NO! But the throbbing I felt in my cock as Kim placed her hand on my hard dick and said, You want her to be Queen don’t you Jim?” caused me to quickly blurt out, “Go on Lisa, hurry before you miss out!” I could see her hesitate but her gaze fell on those fat hanging cocks and she rose saying as if entranced, “OK Jim if you really want me to” Enrico smiled broadly as he saw Lisa coming and took her by her arm and placed her in front of the spearman with the lowest hanging, fattest cock of the bunch. I watched as he kissed her softly on her cheek and whispered something in her ear that caused her to smile and glance behind her and down as if trying to see her spearman’s cock. The man behind her placed his hands on her hips and pressed against her and I could tell the way her hips moved she was feeling his large cock against her ass. The spearman reached down and took her right hand and pulled it behind her and I could see her face flush with excitement and she looked as if her knees went weak as she leaned back against him and her eyes closed and her tongue snaked across her lips, wetting them as if she was thinking of mouthing the cock he so evidently placed her hand on.
“Looks like Lisa is already enjoying herself Jim. Have you ever seen her that excited before?” “No I haven’t Kim, and seeing her like this is very exciting to me for some strange reason. She IS feeling his cock isn’t she Kim?”….I asked. “Oh yes Jim she is feeling a cock that is as fat as a beer can and at least 12 inches in length, does that bother you Jim?” “Yes and no, it scares me to know she might fuck him and lose interest in me but at the same time it excites me and makes me want to cum badly.” Really Jim, thinking of your wife, the woman you love fucking such a stud turns you on…well lets see how much it turns you on.” she replied, as she unzipped my pants and reached in and pulled my hard cock out. I felt my cock was going to explode the skin was stretched so tautly on it. When her small hand wrapped around it I mouthed a loud moaning aaarrrgggghhh and my eyes closed and I almost blew my load. “Look Jim, I told you she’d win, Lisa is the new Queen of Darkness!”
Glancing at the altar I watched as the black men began undressing my wife. My heart was in my throat as I realized their intentions. I felt a tinge of jealousy and concern as I watched her clutch at her top as they tried to remove it, prompting them to grasp and hold each of her arms as they removed it from her body. Lisa kept glancing my way, a look on her face that begged to understand how I could just sit there while they disrobed her without attempting to intervene. Her sarong was quickly whisked from her and she was standing nude in front of all in attendance. She was beautiful, my wife, standing there nude in a room full of people. It was easy to see her embarrassment and how humiliated she felt as they lifted her into the harness like arrangement of straps. When finished she was suspended by straps that ran between her thighs and around her waist and from her ankles. They were fixed to hold her upright spreadeagled with no apparent discomfort to her.
Hanging there I could see the fear in her eyes and when our gazes locked her eyes begged me to stop this, a look of betrayal etched on her face as she saw the reason I could not move. My loyalty to her caused me to begin to rise to go to her but Kim’s mouth engulfing my cock stopped me cold and Lisa watched as my hands found Kim’s head and my eyes closed and I’m sure she heard my moan as Kim’s tongue played havoc with my senses sliding swiftly, deftly around my tip. I hated myself but her sucking of my dick felt so wonderful all I could do was sit there and watch as Enrico announced it was time for everyone to pay homage to their new queen. Lowering her till she was only inches from the floor, the spearmen as they were called all began to gather around her body and began kissing and laving everywhere on her. I could see their large tongues laving her skin, sucking at her breasts while others licked the soft skin of her widely opened thighs. Kim’s mouth expertly kept me in place as I saw the black men’s cocks hardening as they both teased my wife and themselves. Lisa was breathing heavily and her eyes were on myself and Kim whom had my cock buried to my balls in her throat as I hunched up into her mouth.
I couldn’t tell if I saw hatred or heat in her eyes until one of the women knelt and began softly licking her clit causing her head to fall rearwards and her eyes to close from the intensity of the sensations that coursed through her. Everyone it seemed, even the men from the audience took their turn licking, sucking and feeling my wife’s pussy as other’s continued to kiss her and lave each pore of her body. Seeing two black men, one laving her clit and another behind her, his face between her asscheeks undoubtedly tonguing her asshole caused my balls to tighten and I felt the first of many hot lumps race the length of my cock to explode forcefully into Kim’s receptive mouth. My wife was hunching uncontrollably, screaming, seemingly going crazy from the wet caresses everyone was bestowing her with while unable to retreat from even the most tantalizing sensations as each nerve of her body sent wave after wave of pleasure rippling through her. My cock never softened even after unloading the largest load of my life, instead it throbbed as I watched my wife debased, her body twisting, turning, trying desperately to escape the confines of her bindings as her mind roiled from the intensity of her pleasure.
Then with a motion from Enrico’s head she was lowered to lie upon the altar while still harnessed, thighs widely apart and the first of a long line of people began licking and sucking the skin between her soft magnificent thighs. I could see Lisa’s reaction to the soft tongues and gentle sucking at her mound by the way her hips rolled and lifted. Her gaze would meet mine and no longer was it etched with betrayal but masked with an all consuming passion. A fire was being stoked in her body by warm tongues probing the depths of her pussy and ass, sucking her clit while others were laving all over her body. Her orgasms came fast and often as everyone tasted of her body and caressed her mind with carnality.
When Kim left me to take her place between Lisas thighs a woman next to our table knelt and began sucking me softly, slowly making me stiffen even more by her unasked for actions. Kim glanced at me and mouthed the words “watch her” and then stuck her tongue out, a tongue that seemed a foot long, before smiling and lowering her mouth to Lisa’s pussy. I watched Kim’s mouth open widely and cover Lisa’s mound completely. I could tell Kim had her tongue twirling within Lisa’s pussy by the way she moaned and hunched as Kim’s face pressed tightly into her crotch. Lisa’s cries were so loud that everyone stopped to see what was happening, even the couples fucking on tables. Everyone watched as Kim caused her to scream from the intensity of the orgasms wracking her bound body. I’d never seen her body jerking with such force as she cum repeatedly from Kim’s wet tonguing caresses and deep probing tongue thrusts in her pussy. I could feel her pleasure it seemed as I watched her lifting to Kims face.
Glancing around the room I could see many of the white women lain across the tables where their husbands sat, their hands holding hers as a spearman thrust deeply into their wives pussies bringing forth cries of love for what they felt. You could tell by their reactions, their quickly hunching hips and the way they clawed at their black lovers bodies they loved what they were experiencing. They were feeling more cock rammed in their tight white pussies than they had ever felt before In their lives and it was easy to see the cravings that were being instilled in each of them. To a woman their eyes were open wide with awe at what they felt ravagng their bodies as they stared up into their black lovers faces. It appeared that the sensations they were experiencing were so intensely pleasurable that they couldn’t believe the overwhelming fullness that pressured their bodies and provided such extreme emotions as they knew their husbands were seeing their total submission to the men fucking them! Amazingly, all their husbands all sported hard dicks, many of which were in their hands as the Black men enjoyed their wives’ warm body.
A few women, the even luckier ones were treating their hubby’s with the sight of one huge black cock fucking their ass while another probed deep in her pussy as they responded by continually cumming and exhorting how much bigger and better their wonderful black cocks made her cum than her husbands did. Then, glancing back at my wife and Kim, who was still sucking Lisa’s clit, I saw one after another spearmen begin placing their cocks in her mouth and allowing her to suck at them viciously until they were hardened. I had never seen her so overwhelmed with need. She seemed crazed, like her world consisted of cumming and making all those huge cocks cum for her. Her ass would lift, tensing, her hands, now unbound pulling Kim into her uplifted pussy HARD, grinding her pussy into the woman’s face as her mouth sucked energetically at the cock in her mouth. As Kim tired of sucking her pussy and moved from within her thighs she was replaced by the smallest of the spearmen, which meant he only had around 9 hard inches of coal black dick.
When I saw him press into my wife’s pussy, and heard her loud moans of pleasure, her gaze upon his face as her head lifted, then eyes closing as her hips began to slowly hunch into his large dick I felt my balls lift and knew I was near cumming again. Her words began begging him to fuck her, to ram his dick into her pussy and fuck her hard. For some reason I found her loud exclamations of pleasure and desire for his cock extremely exciting and I couldn’t help but unloose a hot load of cum into my newfound cock-sucking friends mouth. I felt like my soul was erupting from my glans as she pumped and sucked at my spewing cock, surely I was doomed to hell for finding pleasure in my wife being debased as she was now and earlier. Her hand squeezed my balls as she milked me into her mouth. Before that night I’d never had a woman literally suck the cum from my balls as she was now doing and this was twice in a row. That, combined with the site of my wife’s hands on a black man’s ass pulling him into her while exhorting him to cum, to fill her with his baby making seed had me shaking like a leaf as more and more cum shot from my tip until I felt completely drained. I had never cum so hard or long in my life and still my cock throbbed as I watched one after another black man fill Lisa’s hungry pussy with huge loads of semen after her pleading, begging for them to let her feel it. After each ball-load of cum was unloaded within her a white man or woman would suck and lick it from her now gaping pussy.
Within minutes, while watching my wife’s reaction to the ever increasing size of her lovers dicks, my cock was again throbbing with need. Kim then stripped nude and lay across the table saying, “Fuck me Jim, fuck me while you watch your wife being stretched and filled by huge black cocks. You can see she loves them Jim, does that bother you, and are you mad at her for loving what they’re doing to her Jim? Fuck me hard Jim, fuck me like they’re fucking her, bury your dick in my black pussy and fill me up Jim!” And her words excited me even more and I pressed my cock into her pussy and began fucking her fast, hard, driving my cock into her as deeply as possible while she moaned, “Do you think your little white dick will make her cum now Jim, fuck me Jim, you’re teasing me Jim, I need a man’s dick in me Jim, is that what she’ll say now Jim…show me you can be a man Jim or I’ll call one of those big black cocks over here and have them fuck me!” Her words humiliated me but they also excited me for some strange reason and I felt myself pulling at her hips as I cum again while embedded to my balls in her hunching pussy, my knees giving out and falling back into my chair as the last dreg of cum I had seeped from my tip. My throat was parched and I grabbed the untouched “Stripper” and chugged it down without pausing. “Oh Jim, Kim moaned, go fetch me a man from the altar Jim, a real man, I need to cum so bad, god you teased me Jim”
And I did, I arose and began walking towards the altar when suddenly I felt lightheaded and swayed, stopping to lean on a chair until I felt surefooted enough to continue as I went and got the stud with the biggest cock that wasn’t being sucked, held, or fucked by my wife and brought him to Kim. “Watch Jim, watch me fuck a real man’s cock. “Sit in that chair Andre!’ she said to him. His cock stood straight up, swaying, rock hard and threatening looking as she straddled him and raised one foot to allow her the height needed to press his thick, long cock into her pussy. She gazed straight at me as she raised and lowered her body on his cock, working more and more of his cock into her tightly stretched pussy with each movement. “See Jim, I do the work for a real man, I want him to last a long time because I love his cock…oohhhhhhhhh……come here Jim, kneel down!” And I knelt in front of them obediently as she ordered me. “Now suck my clit Jim while a real man fucks my pussy…..yes, that’s it, lick it, lick my man’s balls Jim, lick my juices off his cock Jim……this is what you’ll do for your wife now Jim as she fucks her black lovers because she needs them to sate her hunger for black seed now.”
My mind seemed foggy and what she suggested seemed entirely plausible to me at that moment and also excited me for her to suggest it so I did, my tongue laved at his black hairy balls and licked his cock as he withdrew it from Kim’s now sopping pussy until she said “Now my clit Jim, suck me while I cum on his big dick ……aaiieeeeeeeeeOOOHHHHHGODDDD…suck it Jim…and she began wildly hunching into his cock and pulling my face to her pussy as she tensed, her whole body shaking with the intensity of her orgasms and each time she’d relax she’d immediately begin fucking him again, slamming her pussy down on his cock as she screamed with each deep impalement. Finally, when the lights began strobing and Enrico again picked up the microphone to announce it was time for the King of Darkness to possess his new Queen, she slowed her fucking of his gargantuan cock and began moving her pussy in slow grinding circles saying, “Now watch Jim, Watch the King fuck your woman Jim, you notice I didn’t say your wife anymore Jim because her pussy belongs to the King now, he owns her pussy Jim….you can never tell her not to fuck the King because she’ll leave you for his cock, remember that Jim…even though she says she won’t, if you press it she will cheat on you to fuck him Jim. Now watch and jack-off your small white dick while a man stretches your woman’s pussy…a black man Jim.
I did watch, I watched as Enrico dropped his robe and stepped between Lisa’s opened thighs. Her eyes were opened as if awed and her hand was rubbing at her clit in anticipation of his entering her, hips rolling, the craving and need to feel him very evident in her face and actions. My wife, the woman I loved was craving this man’s big dick after sucking and fucking uncountable men and women for god only knows how many times. It would have been impossible to count the times she tensed in orgasm and she still craves his dick. “Fuck me Enrico, take my pussy, make it yours baby, make me scream, hurt my pussy with your big dick, please give it to me baby….god I need you Enrico…need your dick in me forever!” Am I crazy I thought, as each of her plea’s caused my dick to throb and harden and I found myself also silently pleading, “Fuck her Enrico!...Fuck her hard…bury all your big cock in her pussy till she screams and begs for your cum.” His cock looked enormous, even bigger than earlier now that it was unleashed from his pants. He placed it on Lisa’s stomach and she reached for it immediately, her hands looking so small as she held his girth. The whiteness of her body contrasted with his blackness and made his glans appear even larger as she slid it along her slit trying to position it at her gaping entrance. Her body glistened with moisture from the many bagfuls of cum that had been deposited in and on her by her many lovers.
Yes, I watched in awe as his huge swollen glans began pressing into her pussy, stretching her open wider than anything she had ever experienced. Her moans resounded off the walls as everyone in attendance watched silently as she opened centimeter by centimeter, her eyes full of fear as he continued to press into her until she screamed, “No! NO! I CAN’T…IT’S TOO BIG…OH GOD IT HURTS! As she tried to push him away! Stopping, he motioned and a spearmen raised her by her harness until she was hanging with her pussy positioned directly over the altar and then he lay down upon it with his ass at the edge and she was moved till her pussy was positioned directly over his huge glans. It was then Kim motioned for me to come to the altar. As I approached them Kim stated, “You can stop this now Jim or you can give your wife’s pussy to Enrico to use as he pleases forever Jim, it’s your decision Jim. You will both be bound to him forever Jim. Just say the word Jim and we’ll lower her and you can both leave. OR, take his cock and lick it Jim, wetten it so it will slide into your wife’s pussy and hold it while she’s lowered onto it. My mind was foggy and I couldn’t think straight but my dick throbbed when I looked at his big cock and thought of him fucking Lisa with it. I seemed addled, confused, and Lisa was begging me to take her and leave, pleading, “God Jim if you love me get me down and lets go…please!” But in my mind I was seeing her pleasure as everyone fucked her with their huge black cocks and the thought of spending the rest of my life wondering if she’d have loved his cock was too much and after glancing at my wife’s beautiful face I approached Enrico and placed my hands on his cock and began licking around his large glans. My hands couldn’t close around his cock it was so thick and that thought caused me to hesitate for a second as I wondered if Lisa would be ripped open by it.
But again, Kim fell to her knees and began licking my dick as I licked his and my inhibitions seemed to flee me and with certainty I began sucking and licking him in earnest until he said, I’m ready now Jim, guide me into my pussy Jim and suck your woman’s clit as she takes me. They began lowering her and I positioned his huge cock at her entrance, amazed by the muscular feel of his dick and how I could feel it pulsing as if it were a live and breathing animal. As it’s tip touched her outer lips, spreading them I could see his enormous glans quit pulsing, swelling and relaxing, and begin to swell bigger as if hardening in anticipation of it’s need to spread and open her forcefully. My mouth instinctively went to her clit and I began licking her as she was lowered slowly, her weight resting on his glans, thighs still bound widely open as she began spreading, opening, her pussy looking like a mouth trying to swallow a softball as with each small drop she was penetrated more. Her screams filled my ears and made me hasten my sucking and licking of her clit, my tongue laving his cock as I tried to lubricate it for her. Kim’s frantic sucking of my own dick had me so excited I couldn’t stop even if I knew Lisa would divorce me. For some reason I needed for him to fuck her, my mind reeled as I thought of the excitement she felt earlier that day as she saw his hardened cock, how she had wanted it, wanted to feel it in her pussy fucking her. Her head flailed as she screamed for me, eyes terrified and pain etched deeply on her face contorting her beauty horribly. Then her eyes found mine as she stared down at me licking his huge cock and she pleaded with me….”Stop him Jim…oh baby he’s killing me…please Jim!!”
But by then Kim had my cock entirely in her mouth again and I couldn’t move…I hated myself but all I could do once again was watch as her pussy was lowered onto Enrico’s huge glans until finally as the rope holding her went slack and her entire weight pressed her downwards it disappeared from my view and slid into her body, leaving whiteness surrounding his thick shaft as he slowly began fucking her, ordering me aside as I watched her hips moving, working in circles, feeling his enormous cock as it slowly penetrated her as her weight pressed it into her pussy. Her screams were now more muted and deep, more like pleasurable moans and her eyes were now aflame with need, her chest rising and falling quickly with her labored breathing. “Oh god it’s so big…shit I feel it all, every little movement…oh Damn Jim…I can’t…can’t….” and just then one of the black guys took her by the ankle and began walking around the altar, turning her on his cock, corkscrewing her pussy down onto it as she turned and her moans turned to screams, not of pain but of intense pleasure as she screamed….I’m cumming…OH GOD I’m cumming….yes, oh damn YES…DOIT…TURN ME…..fuck…big….ohGOD…can’t…can’t …stop aaiiieeeeeee. And Enrico motioned and two men released the quick snaps and her harness fell from her body and she began hunching crazily, knees still unable to touch the altar by inches, ankles alongside his body behind her, toes on the altar, hands on her hips and hunching hard as she slowly felt herself working down onto his cock. She was totally suspended on his dick, her full weight forcing his gargantuan knob deeper and deeper into her depths seemingly unable to control her actions, only react to what she was feeling within her, deep within her.
Soon her hips were moving faster, hunching and rolling in circles as she tried to open herself, stretch her walls to accommodate his thick length of black hard meat. The look on her face now appeared as if she was in heaven, eyes closed, head rolling from side to side, as a black man on each side of her steadied her while she frantically hunched and screamed extending her arms she grabbed each mans arms and clenched them so tightly her knuckles were whitened as she orgasmed over and over. It looked like someone was fisting her, like an arm was extending from her cunt but this arm was black and attached to a man’s groin. Soon her hunching became faster, hips moving, rubbing her walls around his swollen glans as she caressed herself with his dick, opening her pussy, stretching it till he moved freely within her, fucking her, plunging deeper and deeper into her writhing body as she began mouthing plea’s once again, “ Yes, Yes, fuck me, oh god I love it! Cumminnngggggg ohhhhhhh fuck it!, fuck me…shit it’s huge…..I want it all Enrico,,,all of it baby! Yes that’s it, give it to me…ohhhgoddd it hurts…so good…sooooo goooddd….aaaiiieeeeeeeeeeerrghgghhhh! I watched as Enrico gave her something I would never be capable of, something she had never felt before….SATISFACTION!....a satisfaction so good and deep that she would crave black dick the rest of her life.
It took almost half an hour before her knees touched the altar and then she began forcefully fucking his large cock, pressing down into his dick as she moaned her pleasure loudly. Her hips hunched really fast as she fucked him, and then she’d stop and press down into his cock as her eyes closed and her head threw backwards and she looked like she was in heaven. He fucked her for hours and she was still begging him to fuck her even after many people had gotten dressed and left. Soon the spearmen and I and Kim were the only ones left besides the two of them as they fucked on tables, the floor, everywhere. I wanted to leave and at one time even asked Lisa if she was ready to go and she looked at me as if I was a piece of shit and said, “No, you go on, I have a man’s dick to fuck and I won’t go till he tells me to……ohhhhh damnnnnn…fuckit…fuckit Enrico baby! Everyone laughed at me upon hearing her words and I felt humiliation creeping into every bone of my body. And then Lisa turned and said, “oh Jim, I want to thank you for not stopping me earlier, I’d Have missed the best damn sex of my life baby…damn how did I ever think you had a dick baby…these are cocks…as she grabbed a big black cock with both hands.
I sat and watched as Enrico ordered her to let the biggest spearman fuck her ass while he fucked her pussy and another guy literally fucked her mouth. Seeing her cumming, hearing her screams of enjoyment so deeply embedded within her as she seemed to be going crazy from the overpowering sensations that flooded her body and mind had me jacking off again and again as they used her. They all fucked her ass and mouth repeatedly as Enrico stroked 14 inches of hard black cock in her pussy till she was almost faint from cumming so much but still begging him, “fuckit, fuckit, let me feel you cum baby, I NEED your cum so bad baby…..give it to me…make Jim hear me when you fill me up baby…fuckit in me hard baby…make me love it Enrico…..and he did…He began fucking her unmercifully hard and fast and especially deep, burying every hard inch to his balls inside her till he grunted and thrust forward as deeply as possible causing her head to flail and her mouth to open wide as if to scream but nothing escaped her lips as he knocked the breath from her lungs but her eyes said everything, the look in her eyes was as if she had been impaled by a sword in her pussy…her face contorted till I thought she was actually going to die from the excruciating pain she was in but again her mouth begged, YES! YES, OH GOD I’M CUMMING….FEEL IT! SO HOT…AAAIIEEEEEE…DON’T…DON’T STOP!...OHGODPLEASE DON’T STOP….YESYESFUCKIT….FUCKME ARRGGGHHHHIEIIEEEEE and her back arched as she tensed repeatedly, thighs extending as her muscles tightened till I thought she was going to break and still she cum and cum..hunching sporadically at a feverish pitch and intensity till he again forced to his balls and spewed again, grunting and saying to me, “Thanks Jim for allowing us to fuck your woman fella. You never thought she’d beg for a black man’s cum did you Jim. Hell I think you enjoyed us using your wife more than she did taking our dicks Jim. Well Lisa I guess you can go now, I’m through with you for now. “Oh Enrico I don’t have to go, we can fuck some more if you want or I can fuck your friends here isn’t that right Jim baby?” My god I thought, she’s become insatiable for black man’s dick. “Er, no I think we should go Lisa, haven’t you had enough tonight?” You don’t understand honey, I love black dick now…I don’t think I could ever get enough…isn’t this how you wanted me always wanted to watch black men fuck me Jim and now I want it too….god can you believe the size of these cocks baby…you look like a baby next to one of these men.
I can’t believe I ever told you I couldn’t fuck a black man in real life honey…damn I can’t fuck white men anymore now…….she said laughing. And you Jim, I saw you licking that guys balls while he was fucking Kim and you looked like you loved it…did you love it baby….did you like licking this big black dick for me baby, knowing I was seeing you. It made me cum watching you with Kim and him baby…I liked seeing you with a black woman and licking his ballsac hon. I tried to say NO! I didn’t like it and could never suck a dick but the whole time she was talking my cock was growing at the thought of her seeing me doing that. Her knowing I was willing to lick a black man’s cock to get him to fuck her while I was so excited caused me humiliation. Seeing my erection she cooed, “Look, look at his dick guys, he wants to suck one of you, which one do you want baby, go on you know you want to. Suck my pussy juice off these guys cocks baby. I…I…can’t…I murmured feebly “Yes you can, Enrico make him suck a dick for me”
With one motion of his hand the guys were on me holding me, forcing me to my knees and then forcing my jaws open before asking Lisa if she wanted to suck my dick while they fucked my? No, his dick isn’t big enough for me to even suck anymore, she spat defiantly! Besides she said, I want to watch him suck the cum from your black balls. He laughed and then shoved his dick in my mouth all the way to my throat. I choked as he roughly fucked my throat a few seconds before saying, now suck dat dick good or that’s how I’ll fuck dis dick down your throat white boy.In my drugged mind I knew deep inside me I wanted this. My head swooned as I tasted his cock on my tongue and as my mind and inhibitions relented and I began sucking his cock, sliding my tongue around his glans almost adoringly Lisa sighed loudly, my, my, just look at my husband suck his big black dick, he loves you guys as much as I do as they all laughed loudly. Soon my head was bobbing as he stroked deep in my throat uncaring I was choking. I wanted his cum…god was I queer…I wanted to make this black cock spew more badly than anything in my life..both my hands gripped his shaft as my mouth followed them up and down his cock.
The others all laughed and taunted me calling me sissy boy and black cock sucker and cuckold bitch and Lisa was so hot she was pounding her pussy down on Enrico’s hard dick again and screaming as she did it, “Suck it honey, make it cum baby, we’ll suck and fuck black guys together baby…..oohhh god I’m cumming…god I love this dick….uuunnngghhhhhhh shit..aaaaiiiieeeeeee oh damn can’t stop..aaaaiiiiiiieeeeeeeeaaaaagggrhhrh And that must have sent my guy over the edge because I tasted his precum gushing on my tongue and at the realization I was making him cum I began sucking him hard while moving my lips up and down over the sensitive crown of his cock until he grabbed my head and I felt this massive amount of cum flood onto my tongue and down my throat as I tried to swallow but he kept spewing and spewing and soon his cum was running down my chin as he face fucked me with his cock until shoving deep in my throat he held me to him and began violently shaking all over…then his cock began softening as he withdrew and said, “Lisa he sucks dick better than you do girl.”
But Lisa was gone to everything but the dick Enrico was forcing into her stomach doggy style on the floor, slamming forward with such force I thought surely he’d rip her open but she just kept moaning and screaming and cumming and begging him not to ever make her go home keep her as his fuck slut…saying she’d fuck all his friends…do anything he told her to…..fuck Jim, I want your dick baby…forever…please..aaaaiieeeeeeee and then her head lifted and she had that awestruck look again and I knew she was feeling his huge cock swell even more as he unloaded his bag full of cum into her deeply again. She began fucking back into his dick, screaming and a look on her face like she was going to go insane if she didn’t stop cumming so intensely and another guy stuck his cock in my mouth and as soon as I began sucking him he cum and then I cum, I cum without even being touched. I loved it, I began sucking at his dick like a cum crazy whore, sucking and spewing, my whole body twisting with the intensity of my orgasm as he gripped my head and forced his cock into my throat while still pumping me full….I gagged and his cum spewed out my nose but I couldn’t stop sucking him and soon he too wilted and I grabbed my dick and began pumping it, absorbed in the feelings racing through me as I watched Lisa begging Enrico to keep filling her with his baby making seed………….

When finally we left the club and returned to our room we showered together and I washed her gently all over, soaping her as I marveled at her beauty. I was so proud of her, for being such a woman and sating such huge cocks. We hadn’t spoken since we left the club and as I washed her tenderly she turned to face me and asked softly, Do you love me Jim, I mean really love me knowing what I did tonight with you watching it all. I gazed into her eyes and felt like crying as I said, that’s not the question now Lisa, the real question is do you love me now that I allowed it all to happen. I’ll always love you Lisa, after all, like you said its what I wanted for years. But you saw how I reacted to their big cocks, I felt helpless to control it Jim and I know I’ll always react that way to you when I’m around black men now. I just lose it when I feel those big cocks in me and whats worse is I can’t stop thinking about them even now as I stand here. A part of me wishes I was with Enrico or one of the others right now. But I do love you Jim, maybe not as a lover anymore but in a more special way and I never want to lose you.
You were right Jim as always, I do love black cock, but I’m afraid I was right tool I loved it as much as I knew I would and that’s what kept me from doing it all those years and now I’m addicted to them. I smiled at her and said no Lisa, WE’RE addicted to them. She grinned hugely and asked, Did you really like sucking their cocks honey. I blushed as I admitted yeah, it was pretty exciting! She grabbed me and hugged me hard then kissed me with a fiery passion and asked, does that mean we can fuck and suck black cock together when we get back home? God, that would be so hot to let you suck a guy hard to fuck me in our bed. You’re making my dick hard talking like that Lisa?
We spent most of our vacation at the club and before we left I was taking black cock up my ass while Kim sucked my white cock and I dined on black ball seed. Lisa is truly addicted to black cock now and doesn’t even come around me for sex unless I have a black cock in my ass and she jacks me off while being fucked by two or more blacks herself; or there isn’t a black man available to her.
We enjoyed our stay there and now we’re home making plans on how to meet black men to sate these newfound desires of ours. Through all this we continue to love each other and wouldn’t want anyone else…well unless they’re black and wanting to fuck one of us or both…….

As an end note let me add that after they both read this they went out to a local XXX theater and she was fucked by 7 black men in the theater. They used all her holes repeatedly and even a few large cocked white men got in the act also. As a condition to her fucking them in public like that he had to suck each guy hard before she would fuck them. They took two blacks home with them and she fucked them in their bed and she said that was very exciting having them cum in her with their neighbors so close they could hear her screams and cries. They are now an addicted hot wife couple!

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