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This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

One day I was walking through the woods behind my house. I normally do this when I am bored. About 5 minutes after I entered the woods I heard noises behind me. I turned around to see what is going on when two men in tattered clothes leaped in front of me. One started mumbling something that I couldn’t understand. When I leaned closer to hear what he was saying, he grabbed my head and pulled it towards his crotch. I see a thick bulge of an erection start to grow. I though to myself, man, this guy must have a huge cock. So I decided to let him show me. The other guy came up behind me and grabbed my hands and held them behind my back.

The first guy, whose name was Jess, must have thought that I wanted to get away because he kept a hold on my hair and it was interfering with his ability to get his pants off. I tried to move my hands to help him but I didn’t realize that the other guy, who was Kev, had put hand cuffs on me and was now leaning against a tree about 20 feet to the side of us and had his cock pulled out of his pants. I realized that I would have to co-operate with them because there was no way in hell that I could get away. Not that I wanted to anyway.

As soon as Jess got his pants down and his huge cock had bounced out I lunge towards him. Even before we hit the ground I was sucking on his massive cock. Kev had leaped up and started running towards us, but as soon as he seen that there was no problem he slowed to a walk and crouched a few feet away from us, his cock swaying from side to side the whole way.

I decided to devote my total concentration to Jess’s cock. It was about 11 inches long, super thick, and very veiny. It had a very smooth head which I loved to pass my tongue over.
I consider myself an expert cock-sucker because so many guys have told me. I decided that I wanted him to cum inside me so I slowly teased him to a climax but stopped before he could cum.

Kev had been watching and jerking off. I motioned for him to come over and I quickly do the same to him as I did to the other guy. I must have spent a long time since this guy’s last suck because he didn’t take nearly as long as Jess before I sensed that he was going to cum.

I stood myself up and ordered them to take off the handcuffs and strip me. The two guys switched glances but quickly did what I said. Kev took off the cuffs and my shirt. I am average size in the tit department, only a 34B, but this guy looked at them and began sucking on them like he was a baby. My nipples have always been very sensitive so I almost came as soon as he took one into his mouth.

As the first guy took off my pants and played with my panties I could feel myself getting dripping wet. He slid my panties down and I stepped out of them. I could feel his breath on my cold pussy. It only made it wetter. He drew his face closer and nuzzled it, sticking his tongue right into the center of my lips. This act almost brought on an orgasm by itself. He told me to sit down on the ground. I quickly did so and he covered my pussy with his mouth.

Kev got down on his knees without letting my nipple escape from his mouth. Once I reached the ground he started twisting my other nipple with his free hand.

Meanwhile Jess had opened my pussy lips with two fingers and was licking my swollen clit. After about three minutes I neared an orgasm and my breaths came in gasps. Jess stopped licking my pussy because he didn’t want me to cum yet and stood up.

Kev laid down on the ground behind me and told me to do a back bridge just over him. As soon as I did this, Kev drenched his hand in my pussy juice and lubed up his cock. Then he grabbed my ass and slowly sank his cock right into my tight asshole. I waited for him to begin pounding away but he didn’t. I didn’t understand why until Jess walked around and rammed his cock into my quivering pussy. It was obvious that the two guys had done this before because they both started moving in a simultaneous movement. A fire started building in my pussy and asshole. They were being attack by two huge cocks and were being pounded into oblivion. It only took about two minutes before the fire in my pussy consumed it and exploded into multiple orgasms. But the two guys weren’t willing to let me stop until they had both cum. It felt so good when both cocks burst at the same time and filled both my ass and pussy with their cum.

We rested in that position for as long as it took for both cocks to soften then we headed back into my house for some more afternoon excitement and several more interesting positions.

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2014-04-06 23:06:57
there's no "reluctance"


2006-05-28 16:23:23


2005-06-03 16:31:00
The god says that his grandmother could write porno better than this piece of shit. 150 % rewrite is needed.


2005-03-13 17:46:04
REWRITE!!!! u need a better ending, better disciption, and better background scene


2004-12-27 12:45:46
Really, well think it needs a 100% re-write. Bullshit

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