Wrote this for a special someone that knows who they are!
Hair dark as the night frames your delicate features
Undoubtedly one of God's more beautiful Creatures

Your smile warms the hearts of all that behold
Dimples creasing cheeks looking so bold

Eyes that speak volumes about your past pain
Haunted by those you have lovingly lain

Lips that promise of love and beckon my kiss
Twould be a moment of joy and such a sweet bliss

A vision of perfection you roil up my loins
Ah to be younger your heart I'd purloin

I think of my lips trailing your skin
Softness of lips is where I'd begin

Around your throat I'd kiss and I'd lick
Into your hand I'd place my hard dick

I'd pamper your body with gentle kisses and laving
Nails raking your skin these moments I'm saving

Round and round each breast as I savor your taste
Not a pore would I miss as I kiss without haste

Nipples erect I leave them yearning my touch
Your softest of moans is almost too much

Excitement causes you to tighten your grip
The feel of your hand is a heavenly trip

Across softness of stomach my tongue flatly laves
Your intoxicating aroma causing passion in waves

Along valley of groin my kisses I ply
With a lifting of hips a pressure you try

Teeth gently biting the softest of skin
Along inner thighs my soft laving begins

I'll suck and I'll nibble close to your mound
Teasing and taunting till your begging resounds

Laying tongue flat alongside your labia I'll lick
Your moaning and writhing speaks of your heavenly trip

Sucking hard on the skin covering your clit
The look in your eyes tell of the flame I have lit

Into your moistness I press tongue tip so deep
Gathering your nectar as from your walls it does seep

Coating your lips lightly I lave towards your need
But your pleading and hunching cannot cause me to heed

Circling your orb, lightly I lick
Words from your mouth plead for my dick

Wetting my fingertip I create a need in your ass
Your mind silently screams to be filled with more mass

Hands finding my head you try and hold me in place
Needing some pressure as your mound softly I trace

Swollen and throbbing I watch as your need doth appear
The slight touch of my tongue is a feeling so dear

Mewling and moaning you crave my caress
My resistance to laving creates such duress

When finally my lips close round the throbbing you feel
It's easy to tell that soon your orgasms I'll steal

Licking and sucking while my finger pressures your ass
Deep in your body my tongue will hotly harass

All the pent-up need and desire flows from your body
I drink of your nectar like it's the finest of toddy.

Hands holding me tightly you hunch and you buck
My tongue buried deeply your body continues to fuck

My mind is in turmoil as each tensing spasm I lick
I know in my mind you'd love to be feeling my dick

Laying back on the bed exhausted and spent
A smile on your face as into your body I went

The wet warmth of your body sends my mind in a spin
Thrusting into your hunching I slide deeply within

Your hands on my body like a dream in real life
Thighs wrapping me tightly you're creating such strife

You hunch and you fuck such a hot little lass
Tensing and cumming as my hands grip your ass

The warmth of your cum engulfs my hard need
The tightness I feel drives me like a steed

The pounding I give you causes moans at my ear
Your body trembles and shakes with spasms so dear

Legs on my shoulders I drive ever deep
The pain etched on your face forever I'll keep

Hands gripping my thighs you cry out your need
Ramming into you hard your wishes I heed

Rolling you over on your side I proceed
Straddle your thigh I take care of your need

One leg towards the sky my pounding is deep
Once again round my cock your cum continues to seep

Engulfed to my balls your moans come so quick
Hands holding the sheets you press into my dick

Lowering your leg I place sweet ass in the air
Pounding deeply you cum with me pulling your hair

Your screams tell of your wonderful plight
Deeply I fuck you you'll remember this night

Hands reaching rearwards you can't get enough
Holding your hips my fucking gets rough

With hips rolling swiftly you press into my thrusts
Your pussy clenching me tightly my cum seems a must

Your body clenching and hunching I know heaven is near
The swelling you feel says soon your walls I will sear.

Balls drawing up along my shaft cum doth race
I spew deep within as your hips set the pace

Pressing deep in your pussy my balls continue to pump
My whole body tenses as I hold tightly your rump

Heart beating wildly I feel my end is at hand
But upon my face is the broadest smile in the land

Your walls clench and suck at me tightly
This heaven you give me I want to feel nightly

Staying deep in your body I turn you to face me
My hardness returns as in your eyes a craving I see

The need in your hunching fuels a fire deep within
Slowly grinding and hunching I stretch you again

My glans pressing you hard your moans become pained
The emotion within me causes my cock to feel strained

I know that you need this to feel sated and pleased
This is no longer the time to let you feel teased

Lubed by our pleasure I slide slickly within
Long hard strokes have you moaning your sin

Hands on my ass you pull me in tight
Eyes open in awe my shoulder you bite

In your mind you savor each stabbing thrust that I give
The pain in your pussy is the lifeblood you needed to live

The feeling of fullness my thick girth doth provide
Is much of the pleasure in which your orgasms reside

Your body clenching me tightly my mind swims with delight
Rippling waves of pleasure tell me I'm fucking you right

You scream and you cry as your ass lifts to my cock
Your swiftness of hunching says your orgasms I'll rock

Your nails drawing blood thighs tense so tightly
Its this moment I give you I want to feel nightly

Pain etched on your face from the intensity you feel
I fuck you so deeply with a speed thats unreal

Your back arching so greatly I fear that you'll break
With my hunching and thrusting all your cum I will take

Thighs wrapping my body you continue your trip
My cock feels so swollen I fear your pussy I'll rip

The way your pussy hunches into my glans
I'm thinking my cum is now in your plans

I'm trying not to lose the pleasure I feel
But the sensations you give are totally unreal

With my lips pressed to yours my balls give no warning
Into your depths my cock drives as my orgasm you're fawning

Groaning and fucking with all of my might
The awe on your face is such a beautiful sight

Lengthening and growing within your moans become anguished
The fullness you feel renews spasms you thought languished

Together we moan as we hunch into each others sweet plight
Bodies and minds melding as one we'll remember this night

Tensing together through heavens gate we do soar
The spasms in your pussy causing me to groan in a roar

Looking into your eyes I feel so much love
No longer in need you seem to coo like a dove

The love that I feel I don't want to test
Of all the women I've loved you are the best

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2014-12-18 00:10:51
Amazing piece of work

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2014-10-02 05:03:41
wtf is this

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2014-09-13 11:02:36
If inaromftion were soccer, this would be a goooooal!

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2012-11-22 02:47:34
45 years later, and I still love Petula songs, voice, and music.. Like many of that ERA, she just fills my soul and with happiness, from a smipler and much happier time.She, and many of the are now, and will always be my permanent time period, of my childhood and your adult memories..Add mollydog1 for some trial runs and if ur good enough I will record some of your gameplays in HD (hd pvr)Peace out

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2011-12-09 12:40:02
This artclie is a home run, pure and simple!

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