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The fact that my twin teenage daughters had blossomed into full-blown sluts was made clear to me during poker night at my place with a bunch of my buddies. .

"Hey, Charlie, I hear your girls have been giving it to my son pretty good -- any chance you're gonna restrain those wildcats of yours? Or share them with an old man like me?" said the next door neighbor, Sam. I raised my eyebrows. "Both Ruby and Sapphire fucked my son Sammy last night. I could hear everything through the walls!"

"Yeah, Charlie, Ruby's been screwing around with my boy Aaron lately, too, you got some real vixens, you know?"

"Um, no, Theo..." I stuttered.

"Oh, for sure," piped in another guy, Max. "My daughter has the same classes as Sapphire and says she's a real nasty girl. Gave the Edwards' boy a blowjob in the school auditorium one day, sometimes gives boys handjobs on the bus or in the middle of class!"

"I heard they both take it up the ass! Manny's kid told him Ruby fucks herself with cucumbers in both holes!"

My jaw dropped as all the guys at the table nodded. I laid my cards down and stared numbly at the laughing faces around me. Not the cucumbers I use for family dinner! The guys all started yammering amongst themselves about various sexual activities they'd heard my daughters engaging in. I was furious -- knowing they'd both be getting a bare-ass spanking when they got home.

"I heard Sapphire sucked off that Mexican clerk at the gas station for some Snickers -- what a whore!" laughed Jeremiah.

"Yeah, last week I walked in on Ruby fucking my son Benjamin down in the basement! She was on his lap, bouncing up and down. She's really well-developed, you know?" grinned Tom. "Nice titties!"

Each comment pissed me off a little more. After their mother's death in a tragic car accident, I'd done my best to raise the girls into virtuous young women like their mother had been. And now I was hearing that they were both whoring around the neighborhood and school? Where were they now, screwing some strangers in the bathroom at the mall?!

I had watched both my girls grow into sexy young women over the years, it was true. Though they were twins, they didn't really look it. Sapphire had dark hair and light blue eyes just like me, whereas Ruby looked a lot like her mother with sandy blond hair and freckles but with my light blue eyes. Ruby and Sapphire were about the same height and build, about 5'7" and 115lbs by age 17, with breasts that were at least C-cups. Their asses weren't that voluptuous yet -- their breasts were quite ample, but it seemed they were still developing their curves. I'd been washing their thong panties, low cut shirts, tiny shorts, and mini-skirts for awhile now, knowing they weren't little girls anymore and they were enjoying their womanly bodies.

I knew they were sexually precocious when I walked in on Ruby going down on Sapphire years ago. My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw naked pre-teen Sapphire sprawled on the bed, her cunt right in her sister's hungry face. They'd confessed that they orally enjoyed each other often, and in their innocent eyes there was nothing wrong with it. "We like to kiss each other all over, Daddy, what's wrong with that?" As their father, I was speechless. As a man, I was aroused. I actually shut the bedroom door and said nothing. Soft, girly moans continued from behind the closed door. Hours of jerking off still couldn't deflate my cock after that image was emblazoned on my mind. I still jack off thinking about it to this day.

Now, years later, they were fucking boys... lots of boys. The guys continued chattering about my hot, slutty daughters while I seethed with anger. Someone raised a beer in a toast -- to hot, young sluts!

When the front door opened and slammed closed, I swallowed my rage but couldn't keep my heart from pounding in my chest. The twins bounded into the den moments later, smiling, waving, and blowing kisses to the middle-aged men sitting around the poker table. Of course the men encouraged it, hooting and hollering at the young whores.

Sapphire bent over to hug Sam, her cleavage heaving out of her white buttoned-up tank top. Her nipples were hard and poking through the thin fabric of her bra and top. Both girls were wearing short terrycloth shorts, camel-toes on display for the guys to ogle and salivate at. Their long, taut legs looked even longer in the short shorts, tanned from laying out on our back deck in their tiny bikinis. Ruby leaned down and kissed me on the cheek and I suddenly snapped.

"What's this I hear about you two whoring around, huh? Fucking all the boys in the neighborhood and school? Fucking cashiers for chocolate bars?!" I shouted as I got to my feet, grabbing Ruby's arm and twisting it hard behind her back. I pushed her down against the table. She fought me, but was no match. "Fred, block the doorway," I said to heaviest guy in the room. He moved and stood staunchly with his arms crossed, preventing Sapphire from making a run from it. She stared in shock at her sister bent over the table.

"Daddy, what?" cried Ruby.

"What are you talking about, Dad? Let her go!" yelled Sapphire.

"I've heard lots of stories about all the fun you two girls are having," I said through gritted teeth. Ruby's cries were muffled with her face against the table as I yanked the small terrycloth shorts off her ass in one quick motion. Just like a slut, she had no panties on. Ruby shrieked and writhed beneath me as I held her firmly by the hips and back, keeping her pressed against the table. My hand moved from her hip to her pubic mound as she squirmed and I suddenly felt the bareness of her cunt -- what a slut, all shaved and ready to fuck! I dipped my middle finger inside her slit and it was instantly coated with wetness. Was it her slut juices? Or a load of cum dumped in her womb?

"Dad, no!" yelled Ruby.

"You two are out of control! You need punishment!" I yelled, raising my hand high to bring it to a hard smack against Ruby's perfect peach of an ass. Instantly a red hand print began forming on her smooth ass. She screamed. Sapphire shouted, yelling for me not to hurt her sister. "You're next, Saffy!" I glared over at her. She swallowed hard, her eyes on Ruby's head pressed against the table while her bare bum was in the air. Poker chips and cards were scattered all around Ruby's restrained body.

I reared my hand back again and distributed another spank to Ruby's bare ass while she wiggled beneath me. My prick was beginning to stir at the sight of her naked ass and cuntlips from behind. All the other guys looked to be getting excited, too, egging me on to spank her again and harder. Sapphire gasped, knowing she was going to get what was coming to her, too!

Theo was excited, reaching out to pull Ruby's shirt apart, ripping it so that buttons flew in all directions around the room. She gasped, lifting her tousled blond head off the table and gasping as her bra was suddenly exposed -- and what a tiny bra it was! It barely covered her ample teen breasts, her nipples protruding proudly through the sheer fabric of the unpadded triangles. Tom reached over and pulled Ruby's tits free from her bra and Sapphire yelled and cried for us to stop; Jeremiah was restraining Sapphire now, holding her arms behind her back as she squirmed against him. He told her to keep squirming, her ass was grinding pleasurably on his cock! Ruby was crying softly as her ass bounced with another hard smack. Her formerly porcelain asscheeks were now pinkened by my strong hand.

After one more hard spank, making her asscheeks bounce wildly, I let Ruby up. Sam reached out for her, taking her in his arms as if consoling her. But I saw his hands start reaching for her ass, soon rubbing her bald cuntlips from behind while she sniffled into his chest. I then grabbed Sapphire angrily, using her long dark hair to force her head against the table while I pulled off her little blue terrycloth shorts. She screamed as her ass was exposed to the roomful of men. No panties, just like her slut twin sister!

"You should enjoy this, Sapphire! It sounds like you enjoy letting men have their way with you! Huh? Isn't that right?" I yelled as my arm winded up to strike the teen's firm ass. She shrieked, her ass quivering with the force of my smack upon the smooth white skin. Looking up, I saw Ruby's head was still buried in Sam's chest, and now Jeremiah was fingering her pussy and puckered asshole from behind while Sam kept Ruby's luscious asscheeks spread apart. My cock was raging hard at the sight of the older men pawing my slutty teen daughter. I had the sudden urge to fuck her myself. And her sister!

"Daddy, stop, please! Please!" yelled Sapphire. I ignored her pleas and spanked her a few more times before letting her up. She rubbed her bum and looked hatefully up at me.

"That's what you get for whoring around!" I yelled. "Keep it up, see what happens!"

"Daddy, you're mean!" yelled Ruby.

Sapphire went over to her sister, prying her from Sam's arms so they could console each other. The two girls, still nude from the waist down, embraced and turned their tear-stained faces to me to glare and pout. Both sported nice roses asses. Ruby's tits were still hanging out of her bra, and Sapphire started lovingly caressing them as if to calm her sister down. My jaw dropped as they then began French-kissing each other. Of course all the guys started cheering and hollering, encouraging more. The girls smiled at each other after breaking the kiss, then blew kisses to all the men. I couldn't believe it!

"Ah, fuck yeah, that's enough to make my cock explode right there!" exclaimed Fred. He pulled his huge cock out while he stood in the doorway while I stared, stunned, as my teen daughters walked over to him and started caressing the huge man muscle dangling between Fred's legs. I was instantly jealous -- the man looked to be about 10" long! Sapphire and Ruby turned to me, each girl with a hand on Fred's cock as he threw his head back in pleasure. My daughters grinned at me as they jacked the huge cock in their hands. Fred groaned and braced himself in the doorway as the girls pulled on his raging prick.

Then Sapphire bent down, turning to look me in the eye before turning her attention back to the huge cock in her hand. She got to her knees and I gasped as she began sucking Fred's big purple cockhead into her small mouth while staring innocently up at him. Fred sighed loudly, his pants falling to the floor. Ruby reached in and pulled his huge swollen balls from his boxers, maintaining eye contact with me as she did so. She rubbed his nuts in her hands and oohed and ahhed over how big they were and how long his prick was while looking straight at me.

"Oh, Mr. Fred, you're so big! Your cock is probably ten times bigger than our dad's!" said Ruby, giggling as she looked at me.

"Oh, yeah, and it's so delicious, too!" cooed Sapphire as she pulled her lips off Fred's big cockhead. "I'm sure it tastes so much better than our dad's!" Both girls laughed.

Sapphire put her lips back around the raging cockhead and resumed sucking it, slurping sounds filling the room as she dramatically sucked him, gagging and sputtering occasionally as the giant dick invaded her throat. I was furious. The men laughed.

I pulled my cock out of my pants and walked over to the girls, now both on their knees cocksucking. Ruby playfully slapped the huge meat against her tongue as she watched me come closer. Sapphire then took the huge cock back in her mouth and sucked Fred hard while Ruby jacked him steady and rubbed his balls. He shouted that he was cumming, and Sapphire began choking on his cum as it spurted into his throat. Fred growled like an animal as he spewed his load, holding Sapphire's head roughly by the hair as he finished face-fucking her.

When Sapphire pulled her head off his cock, she showed some of his cum on her tongue, flashing it at the crowd of men and me and then turning to Ruby. They began French-kissing lewdly, swapping the load of cum from one slut mouth to another until it was all over their lips. Finally they looked over at me, smiling their cum-stained smile, both swallowing nearly simultaneously and then grinning broadly.

"Hold 'em down, guys!" I shouted suddenly, my cock hard as nails and badly in need of a pussy. "Don't worry, I'll let ya'll get a crack at them too -- pussies and asses!" My daughters gasped as strong arms grabbed them by the shoulders, forcing Ruby down onto her back and Sapphire on her belly on the floor. The guys crowded around as I stepped up with my turgid prick in hand.

"Dad, no! No!" screamed Ruby as she stared up at me in shock.

"What's wrong, baby? You can go out and give that sweet cunt to everyone else but your old man?" I said through gritted teeth, jacking my dick hard. Pre-cum glistened on the shiny head of my cock. I felt nearly delirious with anger and lust.

The men all cheered as I pressed my cockhead against Ruby's moist pussy slit. Her tits stared me in the face -- beautiful, perky, begging for me to lick and squeeze them. She tried to kick but was held down by several men. Hands started pawing over both their tits and bellies and pussies. Most of the men were now jerking their pricks off to the sight of the restrained teens. Dicks were forced all over Sapphire's face, slapping against her mouth and breasts. I saw her start willingly sucking the cocks in her face while her tits were mauled with pairs of strong hands. Fred was fingering Sapphire's pussy hard from behind, making her grind her ass into his hand. His fingers were coated with pussy juice.

"Saffy, you're next!" I shouted. Fred gave Sapphire's ass a hard slap. She moaned, his fingers swallowed up by her cunt flesh.

"What a beautiful pussy you have, little girl," said Fred as he jammed his thick fingers in and out of Sapphire's squelching hole.

Turning my gaze back to the sprawled teen beneath me, Ruby was squirming while her arms were being held down firmly by a couple of guys. I pinched Ruby's nipples hard while straddling her nearly naked body, making her moan loudly and stop resisting for the moment. Taking her flimsy bra in hand, I tore it off her chest to expose her perfectly developed tits, such sexy handfuls. She whimpered as I began squeezing them and biting her nipples, softly at first and then making her cry out. They were standing at attention, hard as pebbles. Tom stepped up, nearly sitting on Ruby's face, and began fucking Ruby's titties while squeezing them together. Meanwhile I focused my attention back on her pussy, flicking her cunt meat with the head of my rock hard prick.

"No, Daddy, don't, it's wrong!" cried Ruby tearfully.

"It ain't wrong, baby," I said, my cockhead starting to park her slick cuntlips. "Not when you go around fuckin' anybody and everybody but me!" I stared down at her glistening pussy meat and shuddered. Her pussy mound was perfectly bald, her tiny clit hard as a rock, the pink folds of her cunt starting to envelop my cockhead. She moaned softly as I slid my cock another inch inside her pussy. Oh, it was exquisite! She was tight, her cunt walls squeezing the head of my cock and my shaft hard.

"No, please... ahh, ohhh... Dad, no... ohhh..." moaned Ruby. I was rubbing her hard little pearl as my prick sank deeper into her moist, velvety depths. Jeremiah was now sucking and licking her nipples while Theo stuck his cock in her face. At first Ruby just laid there, but then she reached her little pink tongue out and started licking under the cockhead, making Theo shudder. She soon sucked more of his prick into her mouth as my cock began filling her tight hole.

Once I was balls deep inside her, I remained motionless a few moments to observe the scene around me -- dicks being slapped in my daughters' faces, hands and mouths all over their young tits, my cock burrowing in some teen pussy -- it was hard not to blow my load then and there. I struggled to control myself. It had been years since I'd been with a woman, and I was eager to blow some cum in some pussies!

I shuddered, eager to start fucking some teen brains out. Ruby moaned around the cock she was choking on when I reared my hips back and then slammed hard into her. Her gorgeous tits bounced wildly on her chest. Sapphire turned her head around and watched my cock as it sank in her sister's depths and pulled nearly out and then slammed hard back into her teenage womb. I grasped Ruby's hips firmly, my fingers digging into her soft, warm flesh as I began fucking her faster. Ruby was moaning loudly as I penetrated her young cunt hard and fast.

Sapphire was moaning, too, the men taking turns now eating out her cunt out from behind while she writhed on the floor. It was so sexy! Ruby's pussy felt so snug around my prick, like a hot, wet, velvet glove. I had built up an intense pace, fucking her manically, making her cry out around the cocks she was sucking. Ruby's tits were bouncing wildly on her chest. Taking my hands from her hips, I started rubbing her rock hard clitty again, her cries intensifying. I felt her pussy walls squeeze my cock hard and start spasming around my raging meat -- I think she was cumming!

The thought, the action, it was all so overwhelmingly hot that I could hold back my sperm no longer. With a guttural groan my prick began pulsing in my daughter's pussy, my cockhead deep in her womb. Ruby let out a long moan as she felt my cock throb inside her cunt, knowing her daddy was gonna fill her up with his cum right about -- now!

I gasped, my prick twitching in her cervix, my hand still on her stuffed cunt. She was shaking beneath me, moaning as my semen spewed into her squelching depths. Hands and cocks were rubbing all over her and her slutty sister. Looking over at Sapphire as my cock pulsated its last globs of cum into Ruby, I saw Theo with two fingers in her ass and Bob with his fingers in her pussy -- these guys were ready to get inside some teen holes!

With a sucking sound, I pulled my prick from Ruby's depths, my cum instantly starting to leak out of her pink satiny folds. My cock wasn't even subsiding, I was so aroused. As soon as I was out of her, I gestured at her naked body and told the guys to enjoy! Ruby cried out around some dicks as three men fought each other to fuck her cunt after me, men grabbing her body from every direction.

I chuckled and walked over to Sapphire. She was still on all fours, and when she felt me step up behind her she tried to move away but was held down by a few strong arms. I started slapping her ass hard, getting it pink again. Her lips were wet from all the men eating her out -- perfect! I knew I could probably jam my meat into her womb with one final motion and give her a long, hard fucking since I'd already ejaculated in her sister.

Meanwhile Jeremiah had won Ruby's cunt, now nailing her hard. The sound of his cock thrusting in and out of her sperm filled pussy was like music to these perverts' ears. Ruby was moaning deliriously now, her tits bouncing all over the place, being squeezed and sucked by various hands. Next to Ruby's spread body, I was holding my cock up against her sister's cuntlips from behind. Ruby looked up at me, watching me push my engorged prick into her twin.

Sapphire groaned, feeling my cockhead parting her pussylips and stopping there for the moment, savoring the heat her hole was giving off. I shuddered, nearly delirious with the hot, young sex around me. My hands were on her hips as I suddenly bucked forward hard into Sapphire's depths, making her scream. I smirked, my cock reaching completely into her womb, balls pressed against her pussy.

To make her squirm even more, I started rubbing my sack on her wet cock-stuffed gash, grinding my dick into her hard as I did so. She moaned. I moved my hands to her back, feeling along the curve of her spine, then without warning I ripped her bra off. She shrieked. I reached beneath her and grabbed hold of her jugs and squeezed, holding onto them tight. Her cries turned to moans as I started thrusting my cock hard into her pussy, in and out, building up to a jackhammer pace. Now the room was filled with the squelching sounds of both the cunts being stuffed with prick!

While I held onto Saffy's tits, Bob was reaching beneath her stuffed pussy and rubbing her clit hard. She was soon moaning steady with all of the pleasures being unleashed on her body. Tom couldn't hold his load -- he splooged in Saffy's face while I penetrated her hard form behind. I watched as his prick exploded. Sapphire turned and looked at me after he came on her face, cum glazing over her forehead and cheeks and dripping onto her lips. She looked annoyed, but flushed from arousal. It seemed though she was reluctant, she was enjoying getting screwed by her daddy.

I bucked wildly, my balls slapping all over Sapphire's thighs and ass with my thrusts. She was grunting, her tits swinging with my animalistic fucking of her teen hole. I looked to my side right down into the cum-gushing cunt of my daughter Ruby, Jeremiah's load leaking out of her all over her thighs and ass down to the floor. She looked breathless and spent already, her blond hair all matted with sweat and her spit in between all the cocks she'd been sucking on. I shuddered as I watched the sparkling load of semen dripping out of the teen hole, knowing my own sperm was probably mixed in.

Bob pushed Jeremiah out of the way and was on top of Ruby in seconds. She moaned as Bob's 7" prick was shoved inside her cunt, probably having the realization that her pussy was going to be filled with lots more cocks for quite awhile longer so she might as well enjoy it! Lester, one of the neighbors, was face-fucking Sapphire as I nailed her cunt hard. Since I'd just cum, I knew I was going to last, and I enjoyed every nanosecond of the erection spent spearing my teen daughter's cunt.

Sapphire was sputtering on Lester's cock as he jammed it in and out of her throat with no mercy. She was sweaty now, her own dark hair wet with cum. Fred was rubbing her cuntlips and clit from below while I nailed her cunt hard and maintained my manic pace. She was groaning and choking on the prick in her mouth.

I knew I was far from cumming, so I suddenly pulled out of Sapphire's pussy and told Fred to take his turn in it. Fred grinned -- he'd already lost a load, and was ready to lose another after a good, hard fuck. He walked up, his 6'5" frame shadowing Sapphire's lithe porcelain body as she knelt on all fours.

Fred tore her away from Lester's cock and Sapphire gasped with eager breaths of air. Then she shrieked as Fred wrapped a muscled arm around her thin waist and scooped her up, carrying the naked teen over to the table and laying her down amidst the poker chips and cards. Ruby, getting fucked hard by Bob, watched her sister carried helplessly over to the table. Cum was oozing out of Ruby's hole with each of Bob's thrusts.

I watched as Fred stepped up to the table, his massive erection pointing straight at Sapphire's tight cunt. She squealed as she felt the huge cockhead rubbing against her wet cunt. A few guys walked over to the table to paw at her breasts. Fred playfully slapped his cock against Sapphire's slit, his cockhead reaching nearly to her belly button. I was so turned on -- this was gonna be awesome! Watching Saffy take that gigantic prick! That'll teach her what fucking around will lead to! Getting impaled!

Sapphire screamed like a banshee when Fred's raging cock began entering the 17yr old's tight hole. He held her hips firmly as he slid inside her, both of them gasping as he pushed further inside. The men were all cheering, all of us jacking hard cocks at the hot teen sex. I left to grab a porno to put on the big screen TV in the den for everybody's enjoyment and grab a bottle of cheap vodka from the freezer while I was at it!

The level of excitement grew with the porno that began playing on the large television. A short blond was getting double penetrated on the screen -- I knew the idea of dp'ing my girls was suddenly racing through every horny mind in the room. I know it was going through my head as I pulled hard on my raging prick!

could hold his cum no longer and spewed it inside Ruby's cunt, cumming with only his cockhead inside her pussy so that his semen instantly began leaking out of her. He pulled his cock out while he was still cumming and finished spurting all over her belly, getting her all slick with cum. Theo was inside Ruby's pussy in seconds. She was complaining of being sore from being held down on her back, so Theo pulled her on top of his prick and starting bouncing her up and down on his stiff pole.

Fred was making Sapphire scream on the poker table with his huge meat. It was jamming into the girl's tight cunt, and he was making sure her pussy took all of his 10" -- stuffing himself in up to the base. This poker night was turning into an orgy! I grinned -- my little girls had both grown up so fast!

Sapphire moaned as I rubbed her clit while Fred stuffed her to the brim with cock. Lester was sucking and biting on her nipples while she was getting fucked hard. The sound of Fred's cock squelching around in Saffy's pussy was so lewd, so awesome. I shuddered. She was bucking her hips back at Fred, eagerly taking his cock. Her moans intensified and she screamed out that she was cumming. All the men cheered

"Yeah, cum on my cock, you hot little slut!" growled Fred. "Fuck, your goddamn pussy is so fucking tight! Ahh, I love it! Yeah, slut, squeeze my prick with your cunt while you cum on my cock, oooh yeah, ah fuck, milk it, milk it, you're milking my fucking cum with your tight little cunt! Ohh, fuck, here I cum, yes, yes, ah yes, take it, take it, take my sperm!" he screamed.

We could see the base of his cock throbbing and knew jets of semen were being unloaded into Sapphire's teen pussy. I'm sure she felt it being injected directly into her womb! She groaned, her eyes closed, Lester slapping his cock all over her face. Her body was quivering after her climax.

Fred groaned, his cock still spasming in my daughter's hole. Lester got up behind Fred, ready to take his place in Saffy's cunt as soon as Fred pulled out. He made Sapphire get on all fours on the table and I watched as he fucked her with a jackhammer pace, his nuts slapping against her ass loudly. She moaned. Then she squealed as Les pulled his meat from her cum soaked cunt and pressed his cockhead to her puckered little asshole.

"Yeah, take my cock in your ass, slut!" growled Lester. "Take my prick, ah, fuck, this is one tight shithole! Come on bitch, relax your ass, let me get my cum up in that ass. Arrrgh..." he groaned, her tight ass resisting the mushroom head. Sapphire groaned, tears starting to fall down her face. "Yeah, that's hot baby, cry for me, cry as I shove my cock in your asshole! Come on, don't act like you don't like it! We all know you let your teachers fuck your ass for extra credit!"

Les squeezed my daughter's asscheeks from behind as he pried her shitter open with his cock. Sapphire was sweating and flushed, now covered with cum and sweat. She shrieked as Les' cockhead parted her anus, her tits bouncing sexily under her chest. Les slapped her ass hard, making her gasp and jump. Her asscheeks bounced up at his cock, forcing a little more of it into her chute. She was trembling as his turgid prick jammed itself halfway inside her. Then suddenly Les bucked his hips, thrusting his dick fully inside my daughter's asshole as she emitted a loud scream. He began pounding her hard, forcing her face into the table while her ass was raised up to receive his thrusts. Sapphire grunted with the anal pounding.

"You're such a sexy little cum receptacle, you know that darlin'? Oh, yes, yes, yes... fuck, your ass is so fucking tight, girl! Let me fill you up with my cum, I know that's how you like it! Yes, milk my cock with your ass! Fuck! Ah, yes, you're gonna make me cum, I'm gonna cum in your belly, baby, oh yes, you sexy fucking cum dumpster! Ahh, arrrghhh..." groaned Les as he released his sperm deep in my daughter's guts.

When Les was finished, he pulled his prick roughly from Sapphire's asshole, making her cry out. He slapped her ass a few times and then Jeremiah stepped up and started pounding into Saffy's little ass, now getting a good stretching. She shrieked when she felt him pull out of her ass suddenly and then start rubbing his prickhead against her sperm soaked pussylips. Jeremiah pushed his cockhead inside her wet slit and started fucking her cunt hard from behind. Then he pulled out of her pussy after a few minutes and started fucking her asshole again while she screamed. He began alternating between both her holes while Les rubbed her clit hard.

Meanwhile, Ruby sat perched atop Sam's cock, watching her sister getting fucked on the table. Ruby's mouth was hanging slack and she was moaning in pleasure. Max was behind Ruby and I realized he was using the cum leaking from her womb to lubricate her asshole, inserting two fingers knuckle-deep in her cum-soaked ass. The porno showed a school girl getting fucked hard by a few teachers, but we were all really just watching the real-life group sex in my den.

When I saw Max stretching Ruby's asshole open, I knew I had to get inside her tight little chute. I simply had to feel it squeezing my dick hard while another man filled her pussy! I'm sure her pussy and ass would be so tight from the simultaneous penetration. Stepping up behind her, Max moved aside and I raised the head of my prick to Ruby's teen asshole, making her jump slightly. Sam stayed still, letting me get my cock into my daughter's ass.

Ruby screamed as my cockhead split her asshole open. She gasped, and I stayed motionless to let her get used to it a moment. Then I pushed forward slowly, making her whimper. Her ass was almost impossibly tight. She began crying while Sam held her hips tightly and caressed her tits, trying to keep her calm as Daddy screwed her ass.

It felt like her ass was going to choke my cock, it was so tight. I got myself inside nearly to the base and started thrusting slowly. Sam started thrusting up at her pussy, and I could feel the jabbing prick in her womb through the walls of her tight young asshole. Ruby wailed between us.

"Hey, come lookit this Fred, look at her stuffed up holes!" Theo said, pointing at Ruby from behind. "Look at those tight holes, she is completely plugged up with dick right now! Imagine if you had your cock in her ass, eh? That'd be a show!"

"Yeah, anal destruction!" laughed Fred.

We all laughed and cheered. Ruby whimpered and shook her head. Her body was shuddering in between Sam and me, so full of pricks. Max began face-fucking Ruby as I held her hair up roughly, Sam and I rhythmically fucking her holes. Her shitter was so tight, I knew I had to cum soon.

"Sam, Sam, I'm gonna cum soon in her ass!" I said. "You should cum in her pussy while I cum in her ass!"

Sam started fucking her cunt harder to make himself cum. We were all groaning, rutting like animals. On the table, Sapphire was getting nailed hard on her back now, tits swinging around wildly. I needed to cum!

"Ah, fuck, I'm gonna cum, here I cum!" shouted Sam.

I thrust hard into Ruby's ass a few more times, pushing my turgid cock as far into her bowels as possible, feeling my balls tighten. I could actually feel Sam's cock throbbing in her pussy as I jammed my dick into her rectum. My mouth fell agape with pleasure; I was vaguely aware that I was groaning.

"Yeah, look at that, both their cocks and pulsing in the little slut, she's getting filled up by two cocks at once! Fill her with cum, boys!" shouted somebody.

I grunted as my cock erupted, spewing sperm into my daughter's guts. She moaned. I pulled out of her ass abruptly, leaving my cum deposit deep in her belly, making her shriek with the sudden removal of my hard meat from her rectum. Sam slid out from beneath her and Max picked her right up and took her over to the couch, having her face away from him and sit down on his dick. He forced it up into her asshole as she moaned. Her pussy leaked cum down onto his balls as he began penetrating Ruby's asshole hard.

Tom stepped up between Ruby's legs and Max held her against his chest, spreading her wide open. Ruby moaned as Tom flicked his cockhead at her sopping wet pussylips -- she was about to get some more meat stuffed in both holes! She looked up at him, and I enjoyed seeing the trepidation in her face as another cock was forced into her slender body. I turned to the poker table where Jeremiah lay on his back now, bouncing Sapphire on his prick.

"You're next, Saffy!" I yelled, chuckling. "Next to get it up the ass while your pussy gets nailed!" She groaned. I walked up behind the men rutting away around Ruby's helpless body, watching her groan from the intense penetration. It looked like Ruby's stuffed teen holes were about to split open! It certainly looked like more meat than a girl should be able to take. Cum leaked from her holes, which luckily added some lubrication for the hard fucking she was getting. I shuddered, my prick coming alive again.

After Jeremiah had spermed all over Sapphire's tits, I picked her up and carried her to the couch. I sat down on the couch next to the writhing bodies of Ruby and the men sandwiching her body -- I had an excellent view of my teenage daughter on her back, a cock jammed in her ass sawing in and out while her pussy was pounded. I pulled Sapphire on top of me and held her close to my chest as I speared her pussy on my raging erection. She moaned as I proceeded to bounce her up and down hard, her wet gushy cunt leaking all over my cock and balls. I grabbed her asscheeks and forced them apart, nodding to Fred who had walked up behind her.

Sapphire didn't know who was about to impale her asshole with cock. If she'd known, she probably would've screamed. Fred's 10" prick was so engorged that the cockhead was an angry purple color, shiny with pre-cum dripping off it. He grinned and walked up closer. I held Saffy still, my cockhead buried in her womb. She moaned and grinded against my hips. I tried to get her to look me in the eye but she kept averting her gaze, her soft moans turning me on even more.

As I kept her asscheeks spread apart, Sapphire squealed when she felt a cockhead rubbing against her shitter. She looked over at her sister, Ruby's body barely visible between the rutting men sawing in and out of her pussy and ass. Sapphire swallowed hard, her knuckles turning white as she grasped the couch cushions hard. Then she cried out as Fred's big cockhead pushed against her asshole, forcing its way in. Her cries grew louder as the cockhead split her puckered hole open. Fred chuckled. He grasped her hips hard and pressed his cock harder into my daughter's teen asshole. I kept still beneath her, my cock hard as a fucking bone as her ass began filling up.

Sapphire's ass was luckily lubricated with Lester's load of cum, so Fred was able to jam his meat halfway inside Sapphire's ass with no problem. She howled as he forced the rest of it deep into her guts. I groaned, feeling her pussy compressing around my raging prick as Fred's huge cock filled her ass. Once Fred was in, he began thrusting in and out of her ass, stretching her asshole even more.

"Ah, yes, yes baby, good slut, good slut, you like gettin' fucked with my prick deep up in your belly while your daddy fucks your womb? Huh? You gon' take all these pricks and then some, ahh, yesss..." groaned Fred into Sapphire's ear. I kept her close to my chest, still not thrusting my own cock, just letting Fred do the fucking for now. Sapphire was breathing heavy, her belly hard and bulging it was so full of meat. Soon the squelching sounds of cock in both Ruby and Sapphire's pussies and assholes filled the room, added to the slapping and moaning of the porno that was playing on the TV in front of us. The girls were screaming in near unison.

"Hey, guys, I invited my son over and a few of his friends!" said Sam.

"Great, Sam, the more cock the merrier for these sluts!" I groaned. I began picking up my pace inside Sapphire's cunt, her body squeezed tightly between Fred and me.

"Daddy!" yelled Ruby. The guys laughed.

Fred gripped Sapphire's hips hard as he pounded into her ass again and again. The force of his thrusts was grinding Sapphire's crotch against mine and I could tell by her loud moans and convulsing body that she was cumming. Her pussy squeezed around my prick, encouraging me to cum up in her womb. Fred slapped her ass hard.

"Damn, girl, your shitter is so fuckin' tight, ease up! Ugh, oh, fuck, come on, ease up, I don't wanna cum yet!"

Ruby had been released from the double fucking she had been enduring next to us on the couch. The guys pulled off her and she sat next to me, her legs spread, and I could see loads of sperm dripping from both her pussy and her asshole. I shuddered, knowing I could hold my load back no longer.

I grunted as my sperm began flooding my teen daughter's womb, washing her cunt tunnel with my baby juice, cum already leaking from her pussy. Fred continued his intense assault on Sapphire's ass. He paused a moment to let me slide out from underneath Saffy, holding her up with his strong arm around her belly.

My cock deflating, I stepped aside and watched Fred force Sapphire's face into Ruby's well-fucked pussy and assholes, commanding her to slurp up the cum oozing out of both. Ruby moaned as her sister's tongue dipped into her sensitive cunthole, licking all over the wet folds of flesh, the tip of Sapphire's tongue hesitantly licking into Ruby's asshole. Fred continued fucking Sapphire's ass while she ate her sister's cum-filled holes, each of his hard thrusts forcing Sapphire's face hard into Ruby's cunt.

When Fred was finished depositing his load deep into Sapphire's asshole, he pulled his cock roughly out of her shitter and made her get on top of her sister for a nasty sixty-nine. Sapphire sat on her sister's face, cum leaking from her holes. Both girls moaned as they slurped the cum from each others' holes. Expert cunt eaters! They'd look up at us guys as they licked their tongues all over each others' slits, swallowing cum along the way and smiling at us. When they were finished cleaning the holes out, they started passionately French-kissing, exchanging loads of semen, stopping to suck each others' nipples occasionally.

The doorbell rang and Sam went to get it. It was his son Sammy who had brought his best friends Broughton and Mike. Sammy and Mike were on the high school football team, both athletic, both tall and muscled. They were the same age as my slut daughters. Each boy broke into broad grins as they saw the girls making out on the couch.

"Oh, fuck yeah, insta-boner!" yelled Sammy, high-fiving his friends. "Oh, hey Mr. Evans, thanks for letting us fuck your daughters! They're always a good screw!"

"No problem, Sammy -- if you have any other friends, feel free to invite them over. My sluts are insatiable!"

"Hey Charlie, you should invite that old fat fucker from the other block, you know, that guy what's-his-name who's always complainin' at the bar how he hasn't been laid in years?"

"Oh, yeah, that Tucker guy -- he's too shy to pick up hookers on his own! Well, it's his lucky day, we'll provide the hookers for him!"

"Ha! Yeah! Tell him it's $200 a hole."

"Yuck, Dad! No!" said Ruby, looking up at me while Sapphire was fingering her clitty.

"Sammy, run over and invite Mr. Tucker over," said Sam. Sammy obliged, leaving to ask the neighbor if he wanted to take a go at my twins.

Broughton and Mike were on Sapphire and Ruby as soon as Sammy was out the door. The girls got on their knees to suck the boys' cocks, looking like old pros. Slurping sounds filled the room once again. I stood around with my cronies, all of us watching the teens fucking around while we guzzled beers and downed shots. The boys roughly faced fucked my daughters, a sight I quite enjoyed.

Mike pulled Ruby off his cock by her hair, making her squeal. He got on his back on the floor and made her ride his cock, grabbing her tits and squeezing as he thrust his pole up into her womb. Ruby bounced up and down on his meat, her wet cunt squelching around the cock meat burying into her womb.

Broughton had Sapphire get on all fours so he could fuck her from behind. His cock was really long for a kid -- about 9"! Sapphire moaned as his prickhead began entering her. His strong arms reached beneath her to grab her tits hard, pulling on her nipples. Sapphire cried out as Broughton suddenly slammed forward, filling her cunt completely with a single thrust. He groaned as he fucked her with a jackhammer pace. Her tits swung wildly as he nailed her hard.

"Yeah, yeah, bitch, oh, fuck, you like me fuckin' you like a dog, huh, baby? Yeah, slut, ooh, yeah, God, I love hearing your messy cunt squishing around my steel hard prick! Ah, ohh, fuck, fuck, yeah... Take this cock, cunt, fuck!" groaned Broughton.

Mike had pushed Ruby onto her back and pushed her legs up so that her ankles were on his shoulders. His thighs smacked hard against her ass as he shoved his cock deeply into her bald pussy and back out again. She groaned with the hard thrusts.

When Mr. Tucker walked in with Sammy, his jaw dropped at the sight in the den. Seconds later, a bulge was forming in his trousers. Someone got up and handed him a beer. Poor Tucker was a divorcee, his wife cheating on him with a few different guys. He rubbed his hands together eagerly at the sight and smell of teen pussies in the air.

"Heya, Charlie, thanks for letting me fuck your girls! How much you want for 'em?" asked Tucket in his raspy voice. He laughed loudly, his laugh turning into a choking fit of coughs. He lit up a cigarette when he was done hacking.

"That'll be $200 a hole, Tucker. So if you wanna fuck each girl's pussy and ass, it'll be $800," I replied.

"Wow, I can fuck them in both holes? What about oral? I get that, too?"

"Sure, why not," I replied, grinning at the figures of my daughters getting nailed by their studly classmates.

"Oh boy, this is gonna be awesome!"

When Broughton was done fucking Sapphire from behind, Sammy took his turn, fucking Saffy's ass and sperming up in her guts. Tucker pulled his stiff cock from his pants at the lewd scene of teen sex. Everyone's jaw dropped -- Tucker's cock was huge! It looked to be about as long as Fred's, about 10", but even thicker! Damn! I grinned, knowing that would destroy some teen assholes!

Both the girls' eyes widened at the sight. Tucker's prick was massive, veins bulging throughout the shaft, the cockhead shiny and purple. Huge hairy balls dangled down his thighs. I don't think anyone expected weird, timid Tucker to be packing that kind of weapon.

"Holy fuck, no way, that thing's the size of a Coke can!" exclaimed Ruby, her eyes glued to Tucker's prick meat.

"Yeah, almost!" laughed Tucker, walking up to her. Mike was fucking Ruby's asshole from behind as Sammy simultaneously screwed Sapphire's shitter. Tucker, cock in hand, waved his long cock in both girls' faces. He caressed their cheeks with his prick while grinning, telling them to suck it.

"Do it, girls, or I will get my belt right now!" I bellowed. They stopped resisting and let Tucker begin stuffing their throats full of cock. He would face-fuck one of them for a few minutes, pull out, and face-fuck the other one. Both girls choked around the massive erection, tears falling down their faces. The teen boys in their asses were showing no mercy, either.

"Yeah, suck my cock, suck it, bitch, fuck, ah, yes, yes, oh shit, fuck your mouth is so tiny, choke on my meat, that's right, choke on it, haha, ah yes, good girl..." he said as Ruby sputtered on his cock.

When the boys were done unloading in the girls' asses, a few men held them down on their backs so they could stare up at Tucker as he fucked them. Tucker was often ridiculed in the neighborhood -- always seen wearing the same sweat-stained shirt, his breath always foul, only a few straggly hairs left on his head. He was a perfect fuck for my twins!

"I gots some friends who'd love to take a crack at these whores," said Broughton to me as Tucker teased my daughters with his fat prick. He was slapping it against their slits as they squirmed on their backs.

"Oh yeah? Bring 'em over. I'm trying to teach these sluts a lesson. This is what they get when they whore around!" I chuckled. Broughton grinned and pulled out his cellphone to make some calls.

Ruby began screaming and I looked down, knowing she was being impaled by a massive cock. Tucker straddled her prone body, forcing his enormous length and girth in the young girl's twat. He held her hips tightly, shoving his pole halfway inside the teen. Ruby screamed and kicked her legs but Tucker and the men surrounding her held her down.

Tucker pushed his hips forward to force more cock into Ruby's pussy and she screamed again, tears shining on her face. A few guys slapped their cocks on her face. Ruby wailed as Tucker's prick buried itself to the balls in her womb. He grinned, breathing heavier now, his hands starting to wander all over her slender body.

"I hope I get you pregnant!" he giggled creepily.

"Oh gross, fuck you, you old creep! Oh, God, get him off me, please, oh my God, help, fuck, nooo, oh shit, shit, Christ, get that fucking cock out of me, aieeeeeeeearrggh! Oh God, God, no, it's too big, stop, please, oh fuck, it hurts so bad. Come on, Mr. Tucker, stop, stop... I can't take it, please..." moaned Ruby.

Tucker built up a frantic pace in my daughter's pussy, his cock looking like it was splitting her open. It was beautiful! Sapphire looked nervous as hell as she watched Tucker's cock going in and out of her twin sister's cunt. Tucker rubbed Ruby's clit, making her shriek again.

"Stop, stop touching me! No! Fuck! Ahhh, ohhh, oooh, stop..." Ruby cried.

"Shut up, whore, shut up and take my cock!" yelled Tucker. He pounded even harder at her pussy, making Ruby wail even louder. "Someone needs to gag this one!"

"No, no, don't gag me!"

"Fine, choke on this, bitch!" yelled Theo, slapping his cock on her lips. Her muffled cries escaped around Theo's prick as Tucker fucked her like crazy. Her tits were bouncing all over the place, her cunt squelching around the fat cock meat.

Tucker pulled out of Ruby's pussy without warning and stepped in between Sapphire's legs. He grinned, his foul warm breath all over her naked body. She shuddered as she watched him raise his cockhead to her wet cunt. He slammed into her with a single stroke, making her scream.

Bob started fingering Ruby's gaping pussyhole, jamming two fingers inside her with ease. She moaned when he added a third, her eyes on the cock being stuffed into her throat. Ruby started moaning even louder when he tried sticking a fourth finger into her cunt. Bob pulled his fingers away and moved them into a fist shape, raising it to her pussy. He grinded his hand against her wet gash, his knuckles burying into her flesh. Bob was trying to fist her pussy!

With the cock in her face, Ruby couldn't see what was going on with the hand near her vagina. She groaned as the fist was shoved into her cunt walls, her groans turning into wails. Max was slapping her titties hard. Jeremiah pushed Max aside and started biting her nipples. Ruby sputtered around Theo's cock in her mouth, howling as Bob forced his fist inside her pussyhole.

He kept it in there a few minutes, pumping his arm, jamming his hand in my daughter's cunt. When Tucker was ready to stick his cock back inside Ruby, Bob moved out of the way but kept his fist inside Ruby's cunt, encouraging Tucker to fuck Ruby's asshole while Bob kept his fist in her pussy!

Ruby's screams intensified in pitch as Tucker's cockhead began entering her bowels while her pussy was fisted. The men held her down as she thrashed around. Sapphire was crying and yelling for us to stop hurting her sister. The men paid no attention to the girls' protests.

Bob took his other hand and started forcing it into Sapphire's cunt as she lay sprawled next to her sister. I helped restrain one of Saffy's legs as Bob shoved his fingers into the soft, wet cunt flesh. He grinded his hand against her gash, his fingers starting to sink inside her. She squealed and groaned with the intense pressure of a fist in her cunthole.

I was so turned on that I decided to take a turn fucking Sapphire's ass while Bob kept his fist lodged in her pussy. She screamed loudly, gasping, writhing around on the floor as my cockhead parted her anus and quickly delved balls deep into her guts. Her ass was wet and warm around my prick and significantly constricted by the fist in her pussy! It was incredible, making me shudder. I kept my cock still, adjusting to the extreme tightness. Bob jiggled his fist around in her cunt and I moaned.

We all jumped as the doorbell rang, but then I remembered Broughton invited some friends over. He ran to let the friends in, leading them back to the debauched scene in my den. Three of the boys he invited were basketball players on the local high school team, big tall, black kids. The other was the father of one of the black kids. Their mouths fell open at the extreme sights in the den.

"Holy fuck!" cried one of the boys.

"Jesus, what the fuck is goin' on over here, Broughton? I mean, I know you said it was a fuckfest, but what the fuck!" another exclaimed.

"Calm down and get your cock out, idiots!" yelled Broughton.

Tucker was about to blow his load in Ruby's ass, and I was about to blow mine in Sapphire's. Her asshole was just so fucking tight! It was milking the cum from my cock, squeezing it hard. Bob kept his fists in both pussies as our pricks spewed cum into the girls' asses, both the girls moaning and groaning. They were flushed and sweating, cocks being slapped against their heads and chests.

Bob pulled his hands from the cunts after Tucker and I pulled our pricks out of their asses. The older black man that had just arrived stepped up to Sapphire's cunt and immediately shoved his cock inside of her. He started fucking her with a manic pace, encouraging his son to come over and start fucking Ruby.

"Yeah, Todd, get at them sluts!" he said, patting his boy on the back. Just like his dad, Todd's cock was fully inside a cunt in seconds. The girls were moaning again, obviously relieved that the fists had been removed. Squelching pussies made me shudder, my cock oozing the last of its sperm.

When Todd was done cumming in Ruby's womb, Broughton's other friend Chad stepped up and pulled Ruby to her feet. He bent her over and started fucking her while they stood up, her tits banging her chest crazily with his manic thrusts. His thighs slapped against hers with his intense pounding.

"Oh, yeah, what a pussy, yes, fuck, oh shit, fucking slut, yes, ohhh..." Chad moaned.

Todd's father pulled Sapphire to her feet and started fucking her while holding her up, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. He held her by the ass and bounced her up and down athletically on his pole. His prick must have been about 9" long if not more, thick and veined. Giant balls bounced at Saffy's ass with the older man's penetration of her whore hole.

Chad started fucking Ruby's ass from behind, then began alternating between her pussy and ass while she groaned. Broughton started fucking Sapphire's asshole from behind while Todd's dad held her up, his prick in her womb. The girls were moaning in delirium as they were stuffed with cock after cock after cock. That's what they get for batting their eyelashes at middle aged men and squeezing their thighs when they rub up against them for hugs or when they lay out back on the patio topless to sun themselves.

I chugged down a beer as I watched the orgy going on in the den, wondering how much the sluts could take. When Broughton and Todd's dad were finished sperming in Sapphire's holes, they made her bend over so they could spread her asscheeks and show her gaping, oozing asshole. Droplets of cum leaked from her pussy onto the floor. Todd told her to get on her back.

Chad finished depositing his seed in Ruby's womb, and as soon as he was done Broughton had Ruby stand over her sister's head, her legs spread, letting cum droplets drip from her hole onto Sapphire's face.

"Good girl, now squat down over her face, dangle your cuntlips in her face, your sperm coated cuntlips, your cuntlips that are so fucking thick from being the little turned on whore that you are..." growled Fred, his prick getting hard again from the cum shower show.

Ruby obeyed, squatting over her sister's face, her cunthole opening up a torrent of sperm that leaked onto Sapphire's nose and lips. She tried licking it up, darting her tongue out to clean the cum that leaked from her sister's pussy down onto her face, but cum started oozing all over. Ruby rubbed her clit as she squatting, flexing her pussy muscles, strings of semen leaking from her cuntlips down onto Sapphire's cheeks and forehead.

"Clean the cum out of her pussy, Saffy," I commanded. "Squat down and sit on her face, Ruby."

Ruby squatted further, her pussy right on Sapphire's mouth. She gasped as Saffy licked her tongue out, lapping the cum from her sister's pussy. Her tongue ran circles around Ruby's clit, making Ruby moan and writhe. Sapphire gasped, nearly smothered by cunt. Her nose was buried in Ruby's asscrack.

"Now Ruby, clean your sister's cunt," Fred said. Ruby got on her hands and knees and started eating Sapphire's pussy, taking her time to lick the cum from every took and cranny. Sapphire moaned with pleasure.

Fred was completely aroused at the scene and needed a hole to fuck. He grabbed Ruby off her sister's pussy and laid down on his back, having her sit facing away from him, spearing her asshole with his raging prick. She screamed as the big cock meat jammed up at her ass. Fred grunted, holding her hips to force his meat into her ass. His enormous cock split her anus open, sinking to the base. He bounced her up and down on his ass awhile before reaching up and grabbing her by the tits, pulling her against his chest. Her legs were wide open, his cock thrusting in and out of her guts while her pussyhole gaped.

Lester stepped up in between Ruby's spread legs and initially I thought he was going to stuff her pussy full of his cock while Fred fucked her ass. Instead, my eyebrows raised as Les rubbed his turgid cockhead against the girl's already stuffed asshole! Fred slowed down, feeling another cock seeking entrance. Ruby screamed, a long wail, as she felt Les' cock trying to get into her already occupied shitter!

Les rubbed her nipples while Fred squeezed her tits. Then Les pinched her nipples hard to distract her from the pain of his prick entering her asshole, trying to join Fred's cock in her guts! The men were all watching and cheering Les on; Sapphire was watching in horror.
"No, please, Les, come on, don't, nooooo!" shrieked Ruby. Her whole body was trembling. Les had gotten his cockhead inside her rectum. Fred was buried to his base and staying still. Angry veins throbbed in both pricks. Les pushed forward, ignoring Ruby's pleas.

"Be a good slut, shhh, just lay on your back, honey, come on, shhh..." said Les.

Ruby wailed again. Les forced another inch of his meat into her shitter, making her gasp. He stopped pinching her nipples and began rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. About 3" of his seven or so inch cock was inside her ass. Fred remained motionless, holding Ruby tightly.

Tears fell down Ruby's face as Les' cock sank a couple more inches inside of her. Her ass was stretching obscenely around the dicks. Les continued fingering her pussy hard while stuffing his meat into her ass. Fred was thrusting, eager to start fucking again. Lester pushed forward again, finally pushing his entire length inside Ruby's ass. She screamed, now stuffed in the ass by two pricks!

Les took his hand away, letting Ruby's pussy gape open while the cocks plugged up her bowels. Her belly looked so swollen from the stiff pricks in her ass! The look on her face was that of pure agony. She groaned as the men started moving, both of them working up a rhythmic penetration of the girl's ass. They thrusted simultaneously, in and out, stretching Ruby's ass without mercy.

"That's so fucking hot, yes! Fuck! Come on guys, what are we waiting for, grab Sapphire!" I exclaimed.

Broughton grabbed Sapphire and pulled her over to the couch where he forced her to sit on his cock while facing away from him. She tried to resist, but Theo forced her down onto her back against Broughton's chest while his prick buried balls deep into her rectum with only a few strokes. She moaned. He fucked her ass hard for a few minutes while the guys fought about who was going to join Broughton in her asshole.

Jeremiah pushed his way forward and raised his prickhead to Sapphire's stuffed shitter. She squealed. He slapped his cock against her wet pussy gash, teasing her with his meat. Broughton held Sapphire close to his chest while Jeremiah worked on splitting her ass apart. Jeremiah grunted while rubbing his meat against the stretched asshole, trying to join it in Saffy's guts. Sapphire looked down at her sister on the floor getting torn apart by the pricks in her ass.

It took a few more minutes and lots of screaming, but finally Jeremiah's prick sank into Sapphire's bowels. The men began a savage pace inside her ass, both teens screaming now for mercy and getting none. My eyes were hypnotized by the gaping pussies as the assholes were filled beyond capacity.

Theo bent down and started flicking Sapphire's hard clit while her ass was double penetrated. He slathered her cunt folds with his saliva, running his tongue all along her flesh and dipping into her hole. Sapphire started moaning, enjoying the attention on her clit. Theo slipped a few fingers into Saffy's wet cunt, making her moan louder. Soon she seemed to be gyrating her ass at the cocks as if trying to get as much meat as possible in her guts.

The crowd of men were in a frenzy. We were all so turned on seeing the split open asses of the young sluts, seeing them full of cocks in all holes. Tucker was hard again, eager to get back into some cunt or ass. Since everyone wanted a turn double fucking, Jeremiah pulled out of Sapphire's ass and let Max have a go. Since her ass was stretched, he had less trouble adding his prick to Broughton's in her rectum.

Down on the floor, Les and Fred had pulled out to let a couple other guys get in Ruby. They made her clean their cocks after pulling them from her asshole. Ruby groaned as her bowels were filled up again. This time Sam and his son Sammy starting screwing her shithole simultaneously, squeezing her hard between them, eager to flood her guts. They both spermed in her ass within about five minutes, both their cocks throbbing nearly simultaneously in Ruby's ass. Sperm starting to ooze out of her rectum.

After Sam and Sammy, Todd pulled Ruby on top of him, sticking his prick into her womb. She grinded weakly on his cock, visibly exhausted now. We weren't done with her yet -- or her sister. Todd pulled Ruby to his chest and started biting and kissing her neck, making her moan. Her ass leaked sperm; it oozed down onto Todd's balls.

Todd's dad, I think his name was Tre, stepped up behind Ruby with her pussy impaled by Todd's cock. He scooped some of the cum from her ass and rubbed it on his cockhead. I'm sure she thought he was going to shove his prick in her rectum... But instead, Tre pressed his cockhead to Ruby's cock-filled pussy. She gasped. Todd went still, feeling his dad searching for entrance.

Both men groaned as Tre's prick began ripping into Ruby's pussy. She screamed and thrashed around, the men holding her down. Tre's giant cock slid a couple inches inside the inundated cunthole, making him shudder. His balls swung wildly. I couldn't tear my eyes off the scene, it was so incredible. Her pink cuntlips were obscenely split open, stuffed with cock. A crowd of boys and men, myself including, were cheering them on.

The girls were screaming in near unison. I turned to look over my shoulder at Sapphire and there was Broughton, still maintaining his erection in Sapphire's asshole, and now Tucker's massive prick was added to Saffy's guts. She was crying, her eyes closed, looking like she was about to pass out from the pain. Theo was jacking off by her head, and when he could hold back his sperm no more he jacked it right into Sapphire's open mouth as she wailed with her ass stuffed full of prick.

Bob stuck a couple fingers in Saffy's slit, thumbing her clit. Broughton and Tucker kept a steady pace simultaneously penetrating her asshole. Sapphire gasped when Bob added a forth finger to her pussy, her belly so distended with the meat filling her rectum and now the hand entering her pussy.

As hot as it was to see Ruby getting double fucked in the womb, I had to see Sapphire getting it in the ass by two pricks with a fist in her cunt! She wailed, her asshole stretched painfully and now her pussy getting filled up. Bob pushed deeper, forcing his whole hand into her cunt. The men fucking her ass stayed still to let Bob get his hand in her cunthole. She gasped.

"Oh yeah, oh fuck, damn, baby..." moaned Broughton beneath Saffy's prone body that was speared atop his dick. "Fuck that's so tight, oh my God, oh my God, yes, you slut, yes, fuck, I'm gonna sperm in your ass, ohh, yes, I'm gonna cum in your ass baby, fuck, that shit is so tight with that fist in your pussy baby, come on look down, look down at your pussy -- there's a fist in your womb, baby, while you got two steel pricks in your asshole! Fuck! Look at it, arrghhh, fuckkkk!"

Sapphire breathlessly looked down at Bob's fist, wrist deep in her pussy. Broughton groaned, his cock exploding sperm into my daughter's rectum. I could see his meat pulsing in her asshole. Her eyes rolled back into her heas and she passed out. Bob was about to take his hand from her cunt out of concern but Tucker told him to hold off on pulling out since he was about to cum, too.

He shuddered and groaned, his prick throbbing, and we could soon see sperm leaking out of her ass. Tucker pulled his massive cock from Sapphire's ass and Bob slapped her pussy to rouse her back to consciousness. She stirred as Broughton pulled his prick from her bowels.

"Here baby, have some water," I said to sapphire, holding a cup out to her. She gulped it down eagerly. Ruby was howling on the floor, Todd and Tre's cocks still lodged in her womb. Saffy was exhausted, her breasts heaving and her entire body trembling. Her eyes were on her sister's body, being screwed in the cunt by two strong men.

The guys rutting between Ruby's body were groaning like animals, fucking her tight cunt as hard as they could while she shrieked. They'd been pounding her pussy with no mercy for awhile now, and it looked like Ruby was about to collapse.

"Ahh, yeah, I'm gonna cum..." groaned Todd. "Oh, yes, I'm cummin' in your tight pussy, baby, oh fuck yeah, take my cum, take that shit..."

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum, too, hold on, slut, have some more baby juice in your womb! Arrrgh, fuck, yesssss..." growled Tre. He smashed his balls against her gash in an effort to fill her completely with his cock meat and sperm. Both men grunted as their cocks unleashed torrents of cum into Ruby's womb. She cried weakly in between the sperming men, feeling the pulsing cocks erupted into her depths. Sapphire's mouth was agape at the sight.

After Ruby's double womb-stuffing, the men still weren't completely finished for the night. It was getting late, nearly dawn now, but we all still had at least another load to shoot. The girls were nearly comatose as we deposited our last loads for the night, each of us taking them in whatever hole we chose, no matter if it was already occupied with another prick!

The men finally started leaving around daybreak, Ruby and Sapphire couldn't even move from the floor and couch to go to bed. Cum was splattered all over their bodies and oozing out of their stretched holes. I left Ruby and Sapphire passed out in the den with cum leaking from the pussies and asses, encrusting all over their bodies.

When the girls roused in the morning, I asked if they had learned a lesson from their punishment. I told them if they liked to fuck around so indiscreetly, they'd get what was coming to them. As I lectured them, I jacked my hard dick in their faces. They looked up at me, cum crusted and exhausted.

"So, did you learn your lesson, girls?" I said, my dick about to explode. They both broke into nearly simultaneous grins.

"No!" said Ruby and Sapphire, nearly in unison.

"Oh, you little sluts... I guess the punishment will have to continue!" I growled, and then my prick erupted. I gasped, my cock pulsing. I aimed my spewing prick from one of their slender spread bodies to the other, showering them both with ropes of my semen, aiming for their grinning faces.

In my head I wondered how to "punish" them next... Hmmm... Lester has a gigantic male Great Dane -- maybe that would fuck some sense into these teen sluts!

To be continued

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2016-06-29 03:15:07
the first mistake was naming your daughter stripper names lol


2016-05-17 22:21:21
Loved it!!

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2016-05-05 05:26:30
Wish I could get some dick like that


2015-07-06 17:19:32
Great story to read

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I would love to let a big group of horny men fuck me senseless like this, reading this made me so wet and horny

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