He uses me as a real slut
That night I was lucky in that John had to work late and I was able to find and old dildo and fuck myself in the ass, but I slipped out and bought an 8” triple ring butt plug. John wanted some sex but I told him I was tired to save my pussy that was sore from the fucking Darrell had given me today. I got up and John left early and I put on a tight blouse that showed my tits and a tight pair of pants with a string thong. I put the butt plug up my ass as I knew I needed it stretched as much as possible, if Darrell was going to fuck me in the ass today.
My phone rang at noon and it was Darrell, and he asked me who my black master was and I said “said you are” and I told him Frank’s apartment number, he was out to town for a month at a new job and allowed me to show his apartment. Darrell told me he would be there at 12:30 and wanted me on my knees with only my thong panties and high heels, when he got there. I was on my knees at 12:30 and it passed and as it got closer to 1:00, I was dishearten and started to get dressed when he walked in with another black guy.
He chided me for not being on my knees and told me to bend over and pull my panties down. He then meticulously showed his friend the butt plug, pulled it out and put Bobby’s fingers in my ass and then he opened and showed him my pussy and me tits, and told him that I had the makings of a good pussy-slave. I started to say something about the other guy, but he told me that if I wanted him I would service Bobby. Bobby then pulled out his cock out and then Darrell struck his 10” cock in my mouth and told me to suck him as if were my master’s cock. I started to suck and struck Bobby and I slowly felt Darrell behind me and he asked Bobby if he ever gag fucked and good looking white pussy before, he said no that he was too busy trying to please them. Darrell grabbed his hands and put them on the back of my head and told him to fuck my throat and to my amazement his cocks slide in my throat. He commenced to give me a mouth fucking with vigor. Again I was being gagged fucked saliva dripping from my mouth and my eyes watering, but I loved it.
Darrell then turned me around and struck his cock into my mouth and gag fucked me while Bobby pulled me to my feet and began licking my pussy. They lead me to the bedroom and Darrel laid me over the bed with my head hanging off and Bobby came around and started fucking my mouth and Darrell eating my pussy, within a matter of minutes I had cum twice. That’s when the fun began, Darrell told Bobby to lie on the bed and stick his cock in my ass from behind with me standing with my back to him and that left me standing facing Darrell with legs wide open, Bobby cock deep in my ass and my pussy wide open to be banged and Darrell did not disappoint. They started fucking me and with their two large black cocks in my holes it was tight and it hurt in the beginning. I got used to it and with Bobby was pushing his cock in and out of my ass and Darrell hammering my pussy I just kept coming and had two more climaxes, and then Bobby rolled me over and kept his cock in my ass and stated to pound my ass. He was good and he drove his cock deep into my ass, and he made me beg for his fucking and then he came big time in my ass. Darrell said he wanted a piece of my pussy he began fucking me on my back with Bobby cum draining out of my asshole and while I sucked Bobby off and then the both Darrell and Bobby came on my face. They took their cocks and wiped my face off and then put them in my mouth and I sucked them clean.
Bobby got up and said that you were right that was the best fuck he had in while and threw 5 one hundred dollar bills on the bed and left, Darrell picked up the money. When Bobby left, Darrell grabbed me by the throat and said that I probably was upset but I needed to understand he was my black master and I was to fuck and suck whoever he told me too and if there was money involved it belong him, my black master. I started to say something but he stuck his cock in my mouth and told me to either suck his cock or leave. I sucked his cock until it was hard again then he told me to go to the bathroom, drain my asshole and douse, because he wanted to fuck my ass. I thought that I had just been used as a prostitute and but that I had enjoyed it and that Darrell was as mean and distrustful as the black guys that I had been involved with five years ago.
I came out of the bathroom and he was sitting in the chair and motioned my over to my knees and then he told me to suck his cock and gag fuck me and he wanted me to swallow his cock. I got eight inch in my mouth and throat and then gag fucked my throat hard. He smiled and called me his pussy-slave and slapped the top of my head three times and said that I was going to be one of his prized white sluts. He then told me to get on the bed and pull my cheeks a part and beg you black master for an ass fucking. I did as I was told and he slid his BBC in my ass, it had been years and his cock was the biggest I ever had in my ass but I pushed back as hard as I could as it slid in inch by inch. Once he got half his cock in my hungry ass he began to fuck me and I remembered the black guys from long ago that made me their ass slut and I wanted it again. He ordered me to play with my clit and get my pussy hot and wet. It was deeper than Bobby and he fuck me harder and the fucking went on for 10 minutes and I was almost in tears when he pulled his cock out of my ass and told me ass to mouth and clean up his cock. While I was doing the cleanup he struck his fingers in my pussy and it was dripping and he said that is why he likes to fuck his white sluts in the ass first, that it was an automatic that their pussy got blazing hot and wet.
He then had me lay on my back and pull my legs down to my chest and he played with my pussy while he made me admit that I liked what he did to me and that I like the ass fucking from Bobby and that I wanted to be his ass slut. He then commences to give me the best and deepest fucking I had in years. He put a pillow under my ass and got my pussy up and in the right position and then he began slowly but picked up the speed and laid it to me and pounding my pussy with no mercy. I was moaning and let out a muffled scream it was so deep but he said that he wanted to mark me as his pussy-slave and he unloaded his big come shot in my pussy. He told me to sit up and stick my fingers in my pussy and get his come and then put them in my mouth. He stood in front of me with that BBC at rest and then took my nipples in his fingers and began to working them over roughly and told me to tell my black master what a BBC slut I was and that I wanted to be his BBC slut. He made me beg to be my black master and to let me be his slut and his friend’s slut.
He looked me in the eyes and told me that I needed to know that he wanted to use me as a black master’s come dump, for him and his friends, and that he if I did not want to be a come dump then speak right now. If it was what I wanted then go get a wash cloth and cleans his asshole and give it a love sucking. I went to the bathroom and cleaned his asshole and French kissed his asshole with my tongue deep inside, and kept it up until he said it was OK.
He also told me he wanted an apartment for himself in my complex and I was to pay the rent. He said that I needed to be available to service him and his friends anytime day or night. He said that I was to either make a cuckold my husband or leave him, it did not matter to him but if I was serious about being his slut then I had to be available to him at any time. We got dressed and went down to my office and she wrote up a lease to herself, and gave me the key to a furnished apartment. He picked me up and laid me on my desk pulled my panties off and gave me a go hard fucking and made my beg him to come again in my pussy. He unloaded his massive come shot and he pulled out a plug and stuck it in pussy and he laughed and kissed me telling me I should go home with his come in my pussy, so my husband can get a taste if he wants to be a cuckold.
When I walked into the house John was there and I told him to sit down and listen to me that I needed tell him about where I was and where I had been in the past, and where I going.

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Good Christ, how hard is it to use paragraphs and line breaks?

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I could not agree more!

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If John was smart he'd just show her the door & go & break the niggars head in with a baseball bat

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