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Listening to the Apartment next Door

…..Apartment living brought a new form of entertainment to my girlfriend and I. A new girl moved in next door. Starting with the first night, we could hear her moaning clearly. Night after night we could hear her not only moan, but we figured out she like to role play. One night she would be this helpless girl who some guy was forcing himself on her.

..The next night she might be an aggressive girl who ordered some guy to not only to hurry and fuck her, but it had to be just a certain way before her husband came home. She was good at this, playing a different role each time. Each night always ended up the same with her moaning and fucking somebody like an animal. We never saw a man come or go from her place. The landlady said she lived alone. Hmmmm? We never heard a man’s voice, only hers.

…..My girlfriend and I got real hot listing to all this and it was really enhancing our own foreplay and sex life. This girl was hot sounding and she was making me want to meet and see her bad.

…..I saw the girl at the mail boxes. She was hot looking. Petite, long blond hair, big tits, blue eyes and she knew who I was. She got my name from the mail box. She was very friendly and pulled me aside and said: (“Don, I enjoyed hearing you and ‘that girl’ having sex, It really is a turn on to me. Can you guys hear me?”)
…..I said quietly: (“…oh yes, your turning us on too. We have great sex after hearing you. I’ve been wanting to meet you and see what you look like.”) She then smiled up at me and said: (“I’ve wished I could just walk thru that wall when ‘she’s’ not there.”)

….I gulped, as I felt a shot of feel good, race to my cock. I said: (“…well…I have an idea, if you go to the back of your bedroom, there is an old door back there, I think we can hear each other real well and I’ll tell you a hot story.”) She looked all around and whispered: (“…oh god Don, (gasp) I would really like that, can we do it tonight?”) I said: (“..10pm would be perfect, my girlfriend has gone back to collage now, so I’ll be alone. Just tap on the old door, and I‘ll tap back.”) She looked around again and whispered: (“..I’ll be there at 10.…I’ll be naked.”) …then she walked away. I saw her name was Brandi on the mail box.

…..I thought about what kind of story to make up for her. I knew she liked to role play, she liked sex and she liked to masturbate. I wanted a story so hot, we could unlock that old door and… mind drifted to all the hot things we could do. I checked that door again. It was a sliding door that slid back into the wall. Just a hook lock, probably on both sides. I carefully unhooked my lock open. I looked, yep. I could see a second hook lock on her side. I left my side unhooked. Now with the unhooking of her lock, she could slide the door open. My bed was close to the door, so I inched it over closer. Now my head was next to the old door, and ready to tell a story.

Brandi’s thoughts….
…..Damn this is making me horny, he probably thinks I’m crazy with my acting out my role play and he can hear it. I didn’t realize he and his girlfriend could hear me….but….I sure love the fact I turned them on. They turned me on too…oh wow…did they ever. I had such a good orgasm after listening to them have hot sex.

….She’s a little moaner, but I’m better. I want to have him come thru that door after me. That excites me real good….whew,

(fanning herself)…I’ll be the helpless girl with a big man coming in my bedroom, he wants me so bad, he has to have sex from me. I’ll struggle a little and then find he has made me so hot and horny, I’ll give in and find I like it. I’ll fuck him so good all night, to make sure….he comes back…..

….At 10pm…I hear….taptaptap. I tap back. I say in a low voice: “Can you hear me ok?” I hear a whispery, sexy voice say: “…oh sound so good. I’ve got my bed right next to the door now. We’re just inches apart and I’m so ready for a hot story. What are you wearing?”

…..I whispered one word: (“..naked”)

…She said to put my hand on the small center panel of the old door. “Now we’re just a ¼ inch apart, I feel your heat. I feel wonderfully horny and warm between my legs. I hope you don’t mind if I feel my own breasts. My nipples are suddenly growing hard, and are begging to be fondled“…..

….Damn...and I hadn’t even started telling my story yet. A raging hardon would not describe what mine was. I joined in the verbal sex play.
“The lights are dim in here and it’s warm. It must be the heat from this old door. I suddenly have a huge erection. Wow, is it ever warm when I put my hand around it. My one hand is on the door and the other around my erection…no wonder is so warm in here. I hope you don’t mind if I stroke it a little, it seems to be begging me to do it.”

…..There was pause as I could even hear her heavy breathing. Then I heard a tiny voice say:…”…is the door unhooked on your side?”…..
I whispered back: (“..there’s only one way to find out Brandi.”)

….Damn him, now he’s turned the tables on me, and I want to go in that door and get him! Talking about his erection…and how warm it is in there…damn he’s good. I’m so fucking horny right now, but let’s just see who opens that hot door first. I have an idea….

….I whispered: (…”I’m all alone in here and very afraid that some strange man might come in here and take advantage of me. I can’t seem to lock the lock on this ’back’ door. I wonder if I can trust that guy ’Don’ next door. He looked at me with those lusty eyes of his. He has very sexy eyes, but they gave me a hot flash in my pussy. If he came in this door right now, I just don’t know what I would do. I would be so helpless I guess I would just have to submit to what ever he wanted to do to me. It’s making me so horny just thinking about what he might do to me….or….

…..maybe he’ll come over and protect me from any danger and of course I’d just have to reward him.”)

….I began to chuckle and said back: (“Damn, your good Brandi, that makes me want to come thru this back door and ether attack you or protect you or …both?”)

…She went back to her ’helpless girl’ role play. “Oh Don, I hear a strange noise in my apt. Is that you Don?” I hear her side of the door, unlock. I reached over and slid open our mutual door open about an inch. I see her fingers slide through slightly. I leaned over and kissed them…I hear a moan.

..She opened the door another few inches. I see a nipple appear in the opening. It was rock hard. I began to feel it and added my lips to it. More moans. I hear her whisper: (“…help me Don, I think someone is coming in my apartment!”)

….I teased her. (“..this door seems to be stuck Brandi.” I hear. “No it’s not, I tried it today and…” We both began to giggle. I said to stand back, “I’m coming to save you, you helpless girl.”
She switched.

“Don’t you dare come in here, I’m not dressed and I have long fingernails to scratch you with.”
I opened the door a few inches more. I could see her beautiful body now…naked. I watched her hand come through the opening and reach for my boner.

….”Oh…you lusty attacker! What’s this?” She began to stroke my boner as we slowly moved close in. She had her eyes closed as our lips met. I reached through and felt the sweetest tits, all warm with firm nipples. She took a big breath and whispered: (..”oh god,… get your filthy hands off me…let me go…don’t…(gasp) touch me…” I whispered back: (…”…your just a little prick teaser lady….and now your going to pay for it…”) She moaned as I reached down and felt her wet pussy. “What’s this lady, a wet pussy?…” I opened the door all the way. She gasp and clung to me pushing my boner between her legs. (“Don’t hurt me mister, I’ll do whatever you want..”)

…I stepped through and picked her up. I walked over to her big bed and put her down on her back. She never broke with our kiss and squirmed like she was trying to get away. “Oh stop mister….your making me so hot I can’t breathe…get off me…”….all the time her hand was playing with my boner. “..what are you going to do to me?” She rubbed my boner on her clit as she opened her legs wide. “..oh no...your not going to…force yourself on me are you?..” She started slipping my boner in her warm pussy. Her arms came up around my neck and her legs wrapped around mine.

...She whispered out of breath: (“…oh…please stop. ….oooo.”) I had a wild woman under me and she was jerking, thrashing and moaning all at once. She said quietly: “..damn you, you better fuck me good mister before you go to jail!…oh baby yes!…last pussy you’ll ever get….fuck me harder mister….you just had to have me, didn’t you…well the fuck me then!…deeper and faster …I…Oh…Yessss…yessss…yes baby do me …..Oh God …your going to make me cum so good…damn you!…..Oh God Yes!..”

…She must have had a mind blowing climax as she shook all over. I let go with a massive cum shot in her hot pussy…now we both moaned and shook. He fingernails dug in my butt cheeks as she pulled them hard. Her petite hips moved so fast as the panted out of breath. She held on tight as the both our spasms finished us off. She moaned and wouldn’t let go of me….so I just relaxed right on top of her as we drifted into sleep……..

….That ‘door’ has never been closed since…
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