The cuckolding of my husband
Black man’s slut and always III

John could see that I had something special to tell him. I started when I was on Spring Break six year ago in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I had come down with another girl from college and we had made passionate love that night and we had fucked each other with a 10” dildo. We had talked about my really wanting to meet a black man and had always fantasized about BBC and I wanted to get fuck with a large cock on this trip. She asked me what I considered a large cock and I told her that guys had always told me I had a big pussy so I thought 10”or more. Her father became ill and she left the next morning and I now had a room all by myself and I did not know anyone else at the hotel.
I went down to the pool and was lying out under an umbrella when a very cute black girl, Cindy, ask me if she could join me under the umbrella. We laughed about her not needing a tan and I said yes and then she bought me a large daiquiri. Then she asked who I was with and I told the story and she said then I will be your friend. She had a cute trim body, nice tits and ass and I did not know if she wanted to hook up or what, but were getting higher and higher when all of a sudden two young black men appeared and she hugs them and introduced me.
She said that she would go with the Earl to the bar and get us more drinks, the bigger of the two sat down next to me, his name was Troy and he was from a well off family in New York. We hit it off and when Cindy got back, we talked. I said I wanted to take a dip in the pool and then Troy came in after me. He put his hand on my butt under the water and I did not resist. He asked me if I had ever been with a black man and I said no, but I had thought about it. Cindy and the other guy came into pool and we partied for a while and Troy hands were all over me. Then Cindy said she had to go and meet with some friends for dinner but wanted to get together later to go clubbing. So I gave her my cell number and gave it to Troy.
They all left, but within two minutes my phone rang and a text from Troy asked if I wanted to hook up with him and Earl. I was taken aback by the text message but I was high and I wanted some BBC. I text back and asked how big were their cocks. His text back that both he and Earl had 10”cocks. I told them yes but to give me 30 minutes to showier. I showered and doused and lubricated my ass as my friend had taught me. When they knocked at the door I had nothing but halter top, thong panty and five inch hells. They came in and Troy smiled at me and nudged me to the wall and took my halter top off and was sucking on my tits, and he had his finger in my wet pussy. Earl was getting his clothes off and when I saw his big cock I ask them to take it easy as this was my BBC coming out. Troy told me to get on my knees to begin sucking their cocks and then Troy put his cock in my mouth. I sucked their cocks and it was everything I had imagined and my panty was wet. They got me on the bed and while one ate me I sucked the other and they finally got me on my knees and I was sucking Earl and Troy was fucking me doggie style. They each got their tuned to hammer my pussy and my ass and they did, just like I had dreamt. We fucked for two hours and they each came twice and they fucked me in my pussy, my ass and my mouth and I had taken all four loads of cum down my throat. Earl said he needed to meet another white girl me had meet that afternoon at the pool but Tory stayed and fucked me again before he got a text from Earl, there was more than one girl and he left.
Cindy called about 9:00 the next morning and said that she had a text from Earl and he had told her they had hooked up me and she was happy for me, but jealous. She said she had met a guy and got tied up with him last night but did I like the BBC? I said “yes”, but I was sore but it was a good sore and told her that it had been a long time coming but a statement one black guy had told me was that once a white girl had ever had a BBC in her pussy and her ass you will not want go back to white guys.
She laughed, and said it was true. She said had met a black guy last night and had dinner with him and that they went to his boat and they hooked up. He said that he was having a few male friends over for a meeting and asked if I knew any white girls who might like to hook up with some black guys. She said that they had large cocks, and they were well off, but bad boys who wanted to fuck you anyway and everyway with ever how many men could get into your holes. I said I would like to go and we met at the pool and discussed all the coming and going of last night.
They sent a limo for us and when we got in the limo, there was her friend and another big black guy and they gave use some E and Champaign. The other guy immediately kissed me and untied my halter top and then asked my name as he chowed down on my tits. The guy with Cindy pushed her to knees and I followed and they pulled out two large cocks and we commenced to suck their BBC and they turned us around and began to fuck us both on the way to the boat. Switching off half way, they fuck us good and both came in our mouths. She was right, they were demanding dudes, but my pussy was tingle and wet and I wanted more.
We got out at the boat and went in and there was one white girl there and four guys, she was lying naked on a round ottoman and a black guy licking her pussy and she was getting her mouth fucked by another black guy’s huge cock. We went out back and they gave us a drink and then I turned and there was Cindy on her knees sucking a new guy’s big black cock with another guy pulling her shorts off. The two big muscular mean looking guy approached me asked if I had ever had BBC and I told them once. He asked if I liked it smooth or rough, I told him semi-rough. He then took my drink out of my hand and the second guy undid my halter top from behind then the other guy pushed me against the wall with both my hands pinned my hands over my head and they each took a tit and began working my nipples over big time, sucking and biting my tits, I thought I would go crazy and I had a climax like no other.
One picked me up and carried me over his shoulder to bedroom with a bed, ottoman and stand with a stock for tying up a girl. The guy looked at me and asked me to look around and if I wanted to go, then they would call me a cab but they were both taking their pants off and they had the biggest cocks I had ever dreamed of or seen. I asked if they would teach me to be a black man pussy, one of the guys stroked my face and lightly slapped my cheeks and told me that a black cock slut, like me, needed to please them and that if I fucked as good as I looked then I had a chance of all six guys would fuck me tonight and they would take care of all my love holes.
One guy had his fingers up my ass and said he wanted it first; I got down on my knees and was told to suck my brains out, I said that I loved big black cock and began giving them as good suck job as I could, not having a lot of experience with big black cocks. I had learned from last night that black men wanted action from their cocksuckers. I was getting into it when the door burst open and a big naked black guy came in carrying Cindy and told me to lie down on the ottoman. He sat Cindy pussy on my face and told me to suck his come out of her pussy. I sucked and a big load came into my mouth and then they told me clean her up good and then bring her to a climax. I did and then he pick her up and took her off and pulled my head to the end of the ottoman and rammed his 10” cock in my throat and started giving me a rough throat fucking, I thought I would never get air and saliva was gushing out of my mouth but it was exhilarating. They then turned me over and the first guy lubricating my ass and begin fucking it with abandoned, while the other black man was standing in front of me and giving me a gag fucking. After ten long minutes of getting a hard fucking in my ass, they changed positions and the other guy went to my pussy and they fuck me continually changing over and over until they both put big loads of cum in my mouth. Geez black men had big loads of come.
They then told me to take a break and cleanup, piss and douse and then come back. When I got back my guys were fucking the first girl in the ass and her mouth but the two other men took me into the next room and before I knew it they had tied me down to the bed and gagged my mouth and began working my tits and pussy over with clamps. They then both sat on my face and I was instructed to lick their assholes and they would take the clamps off. I sucked my one asshole then they took one clamps from one tit and then I sucked the other’s asshole and they took the other clamp off. They untied me and rolled me over with a guy on the bottom and he put his cock in me wet pussy then started fucking me good, the other in my mouth and they fuck me in four positions before coming down my throat. I got called every name in the book pussy, cunt, ass fucker, slut, whore etc.
They then took me back into the other bedroom and told both of us to to clean up the others girl’s pussy, which we did and then I was told to eat each other’s pussy Needless to say this is the way it went all night long. As it died down one of them named Frank then took me into a back bedroom. He had a 12” cock and I liked the way he talked to me, it was dirty but respectful unlike some of the others. He slides his cock into my pussy and gave me a good straight fucking that lasted for 30 minutes. He kept saying that I was going to make some black man a very good slut. It ended by coming into my mouth after I had come 4 times. He got my phone number and asked if I wanted to take a cruise on the boat sometimes, I said that I would and then found Cindy about 4:00 in the morning and the limo driver took us back to the hotel.
A day went by, but then the next morning my phone rings with a local number, it was Frank and he was the best fuck of all. He told me that he was going out of his yacht later in the afternoon and did I want to go? I said that I was a little sore from the all night fucking yesterday and he said he liked to make it better. He had a huge yacht and he was very good looking. He led me to the small bedroom we were in the night before and told me to get comfortable, douse, lubricate and then come upstairs with only a thin string bikini, laid out on the bed, and my five inch heels. I felt the boat pulling out from the dock and when I got to the top of the main room there were him and two other block guys with their big cocks out and hard. He came over and introduced me to them and then told me to take the bikini off and spread me legs and bend over. He then commenced to show the others and brag about my ass, pussy, tits and mouth, telling them of my performance two nights before. They had some E on the counter and I used it and then told me to get down on my knees; he stuck his cock in my mouth, and showed them how a black man’s slut wants a gang bang. He slammed his cock in my throat and got about 9 “in and began to fuck my throat like a pussy. I was gasping for breath and he pulled in out and then he would shove it back in my mouth and hold it there before fucking my mouth again. He shot his load passed my mouth down my throat.
Frank set out the ground rules of no coming except on my face or in my mouth. I was surrounded by big black cock and I began to suck and lick to my heart’s content.
They then laid me on the ottoman and one cock went in my ass, one in my pussy and one in my throat and they were off and fucking. Sometimes there was one fucking me, then two, then three. I was really beginning to like ass fucking and the double and triple penetration was bring me to multiple and long climaxes. All three shot there loads down my throat and they then took me up to the bridge and the black captain gave me an ass fucking, he was good looking and had a big cock. I never dreamed of a fucking like I was given that night, I lost count at eight cum shots and the positions they fucked me. They tied me down and worked me over and I licked all their black asses that night. When I woke up the next morning I knew that I had become a black man’s slut. We docked that morning and he gave me $2,000 and wanted to know if I wanted to come down and spend time with him and his friends give them more pleasure. I told him anytime he wanted. Then the captain asked what I was doing that night and I told him I hope I would be fucking him. And came over to my hotel and pounded my ass and pussy all night long.
I left Fort Lauderdale a changed women and knowing I was and in need of being a black man’s slut. When I went back to college I sought out black friends and hooked up with black men and soon I was living with two black men and still seeing Frank one weekend a month to pay the house rent and expenses for my black lovers. My mother found out and pulled me from the college and made me move home and attend a local college and live at home and that is when I met you. John was starry eyed and said I should have told him. I apologized and said I thought I had gotten it behind me.
I meet his black guy two days ago, he is a football player who hurt his knee and is doing odd jobs waiting to make another try at the NFL. He came over to the complex to fix a damaged wall and door and before he left he fucked me, and has fucked with another black guy today.
John, he has reignited that I am a black man’s slut, I am sorry, but I thought I could get passed it. You and I have a choice, you and I can stay together and if you want to watch him fuck me, then you will have to clean up; or you can just understand and let me have my BBC, or I can go pack a bag and leave and except for some personal items, I do not want anything from investment in the house or furniture etc.
He started crying, and said he said he knew I was not happy and that he did not want to lose me, but he did not know how he would react to a black man fucking me and wanted to see me getting fucked before he decided. I told him that Darrell had sent him a sample of his come shot and it was in my pussy did he want to taste his come? He thought for a moment and then said yes. I threw him a pair of thong panties and told him to strip and put them on, and he did and then I took off my clothes. I told him to lie down on the bed with a pillow behind his head and then I stood with legs spread right over his face and sat down and pulled the plug out of my pussy told him to suck the come out of my pussy and he sucked it dry and then I put the plug in his mouth and told him to clean it up. His sucked and licked and actually brought me to a climax. I told him to lick my ass and then lick my pussy again and I came twice. I asked him if he liked being a cuckold he said he was happy, if it pleased me. I told him that I would ask Darrell to come over tomorrow and fuck me all night long.
Darrell was pleased he cleaned up his come from my pussy and agreed to come but he wanted to have John in a pink cock thong and high heels. John went out that

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