more of our experiences
Twins n best buds VII

Tris did a good job telling you about our fun with Gavin. The one thing that he couldn’t tell you about was how much it hurt when Gavin screwed me. Gavin did have one big dick and when we did that it felt like 2 or 3 of Tris’s dicks in me. Yeah, it hurt a lot. We are both still trying to figure out how a kid who was smaller and shorter than us had a dick so much bigger than us. We’ve both seen our dad’s and it’s a pretty good size.

We wrote Emails back and forth with Gavin after Great Wolf and the next year we got our parents to go there again (we had even more fun during that vacation but we will have to tell you about that another time). That was the last time we saw Gavin but we still write and the last time he wrote he told us about his new girlfriend and a friend he messes around with.

So I’ve decided that I am going to tell you about Harv Woods. It’s a park/woods thats about a half mile from our house. Growing up it was where we and almost all of our friends spent our time climbing trees, playing war, hiking, and 4 wheeling.

After Tris and me discovered sex we still hung out there with our friends but we also made it a point to go there alone and when did we went to a very remote area that we discovered we would strip and run around naked and mess around. (Ever had a mosquito bite or you ass or balls? We both have. It isn’t a good thing for sure.) At 15 it was cool being outside like that naked. It added to the eroticism of it all.

It happened a few times where we came across other people who were hiking or bird watching. There were also a few times when we saw people out there making out and having sex. (Even knowing what we had seen neither of us ever gave it a thought that someone could see us when we were out there messing around. Dumb huh!)

Anyways, we were around 15 the 1st time we watched a guy and his girl laying on a blanket all naked smoking pot right before they had some wild sex. As we watched we both undid our pants and let them drop so we could play with our dicks. We watched the girl suck the guy and him go down and eat her out. Thats about when we reached over and grabbed each other’s dicks. We watched then 69 and then we watched in awe when she got on her knees and the guy got behind her and fucked her. They both made so much noise that if anyone was anywhere in the woods they had to hear them. We jerked each other off that time. We tried to stop messing with each other so we could save it until we got to our spot in the woods but we failed. Tris shot on my hand and arm and mine shot on his knee and leg. We snuck away quietly and continued on our way to our spot.

I remember how we talked about how the guy was eating his girl out and the sounds that she was making. And we both wondered if he was fucking her in her pussy or her ass. I told Tris that if she was lucky it was in the ass.

By the time we arrived at our spot we were both feeling horny. I told Tris that I wanted to undress him so I slipped his t-shirt over his head and then I played with his nipples and kissed around his chest. I knelt down and undid his belt and unzipped his shorts and let them fall to his ankles and then I rubbed my face all around his crotch until a wet spot appeared. His dick was standing straight up when I pulled the front of his boxers down. I held it and ran my tongue up and down the underside a few times and then I concentrated on the area right below the head by flicking my tongue back and forth and up and down there. That really gets Tris going. I sucked some precum from the slit and then I opened my mouth wide and took it all only stopping when my nose hit his pubes. He shivered and I worked the under side with my tongue. Once I was sure he was worked up I stopped and pushed his boxers down so he could step out of them.

Tris told me it was his turn and after he pulled my t-shirt over my head he got behind me and pressed his dick into my shorts along my ass crack. While he rubbed his dick around he rubbed my chest and pinched my nipples before sliding his hand in my shorts and undies. I was so hard. Tris humped my ass and played with my dick some and then he pulled his hands out and undid my belt and pants. He grabbed the waist band and pushed both my shorts and underwear down until they fell to the ground and then he humped into my ass crack and played with my dick and balls.

( Ok, so Tris told you that my favorite thing is when he screws me and it definitely is. I love feeling his dick in me. As twins we are very close. Sometimes its almost like we share ideas without having to say a word. Theres been a number of instances in our lives where one of us would feel a hurt or disappointment and the other senses or feels it without being anywhere around. So yea, we are closer but we have sex sex, you know, screw. That when I feel the closest to Tris. I can’t really explain it. It has nothing to do with how good his dick feels in me. I just have this feeling that overcomes me. Its when I feel the best I guess.

And I love when I feel him cum. Haha

Ah and what about Tris’s favorite thing? He has 2 but I can only tell you about one of them . So the one of his I can tell you about is how he likes getting cum shot on his face and dick. And he likes getting it smeared around on him after I shoot. Ha, but if I don’t do the smearing, he does.)

Ok, back to the woods. Anyways we both stood there and stripped and did some kissing and grinding and kissing. Looking down you never could have guessed that we both just jacked off 15or 20 minutes prior to this.

Tris knelt down and cupped his hand under my balls and licked them and then he held my dick at the base and he swallowed me. No gag reflex at all. And when his nose hit my pubes I held the back of his head so it he couldn’t move and he worked his tongue against the underside of my dick. I know I quivered a few times it felt so good. Tris told me sit down so I sat and leaned against a large old stump that we used to sit on usually. Tris got between my legs and held my dick straight up in the air and he licked it. He licked the underside and then each side and then he licked the pee slit. He stuck the tip of his tongue in my slit and got some of my precum and then he took the head in his mouth and started jerking me. I let my head fall back and I looked up at the trees and told him to keep going and he did. He sucked and sucked and when he felt the underside of my dick swell up he pulled away and jerked me shooting my jizz on his nose and forehead. Then he used my dick to smear it all over his face.

A few minutes of catching our wind and Tris broke the silence with,
“So now you want to fuck?”
“Yeah” came me with no hesitation.
“Ok Im ready”

We laid down and made out and rubbed our dicks together. I was semi hard and Tris was rock solid hard. He pushed me down to suck him so I did and when I was done I got up and laid next to him and pushed him down to suck me. He sucked my dick and balls and even slipped a little lower and licked around my hole. Then he slipped his finger in me and went back to sucking.

By the time he said he was ready my dick was back to standing at full attention. We decided to do it with Tris laying on his back and me straddling him. I got over him and guided his dick head to my ass and then I just sat down on it. Tris lifted his hips and pushed in me deeper and kept doing that. He lifted his hips with such force he had me bouncing up and down.

I reached behind and held my ass cheeks apart and Tris drove his dick deep in me. We didn’t make as much noise as the guy and girl we had seen but we did both make some noise. Lets just say an awful lot of

“Fuck this feels good”
“Yeah push harder”

Going on.

As soon as Tris said he was getting close I clamped my ass muscles around his dick as tight as I could and I lifted myself up and down as fast as I could and I wiggled my ass the whole time. Though Tris had his eyes open and was looking in the direction of my face they looked blank and glazed over.

Soon my lifting and his thrusting were perfectly synchronized. Tris grabbed my dick and jerked it and together we worked one another’s dick to the point of cumming. Tris planted his load in my ass and I shot a few streams on his belly and chest. I smeared my jizz all around both of Tris’s nipples while mine continued to drain inside his ass. We laid around naked and after maybe an hour we jerked each other until we had boners and then we got dressed and headed home.

Wes lept in the same bed naked that night but we didn’t have anymore sex. We were both worn out.

Another time we were at our spot in the woods so we could smoke some cigarettes, not to mess around, and we heard voices and we saw John a guy who graduated from our school a couple of years earlier and his brother, Mike, who was 2 years behind us in school. We both put our cigarettes out and ducked so they wouldn’t see us.

They stopped to take a piss and after John got done peeing he didn’t put his dick away. Nope, instead he stood there holding it and playing with it. He had a nice one and he played with it until he had a boner. He whispered something to Mike and that made Mike laugh and then John moved so he was closer to Mike. John kept shaking his dick and when he stopped Mike put his hand on it and jerked it. Mike turned and faced John and they stood there jerking each other.

I whispered to Tris that it didn’t look like we were the only brothers who messed around and then we both watched closely at what John and Mike were doing.

John put his hands on Mike’s shoulders and said something and pushed him down. Mike knelt in front of John and played with his boner. He grabbed it in his hand and stroked it and played with it. John moved his hand from Mike’s shoulder to the back of his head and pushed it toward his dick and when he did that Mike started licking John’s boner and then he licked the head and took it in his mouth and sucked it. John leaned his head back and looked at the sky and Mike worked his mouth back and forth on John’s dick. Mike sucked until John pulled away.

John stood up and they said something to each other and then they both took all of their clothes off. John had some red boxers on and Mike was wearing tightie whities. After they took their underwear off John moved close to Mike and they rubbed their dicks together. From where we were it was easy to see how much bigger John’s dick was compared to Mike’s. He has a pretty small one and hardly any pubes.

They stood rubbing against each other for a few minutes and as soon as they stopped John knelt down and licked Mike’s boner and then he took it in his mouth and sucked it. Mike stood there and watched John intently. When John stopped sucking he stroked Mike a few times and then he stood up and pushed Mike down to his knees. Mike knelt there while John rubbed his boner all over his face and then he opened his mouth wide and closed it around John’s dick and sucked it. John kept his hand on the back of Mike’s head and sometimes he would watch Mike sucking him and sometime he would look up at the sky.

Me and Tris undid our pants so we could play with our dicks while we watched and John and Mike didn’t disappoint us. They continued taking turns sucking each other and they finished up by standing and facing each other and rubbing together until they shot. John wiped the cum off of his stomach and out of his pubes with his boxers and then he used them to wipe it off Mike’s chest and stomach. They both got dressed then (John didn’t put his boxers on. He balled them up and threw them next to the tree) and then they left.

Tris and me waited and then Tris went and retrieved John’s boxers. We both wanted to see how much cum was on them. After we checked them out Tris sucked me and then I sucked him. I swallowed his load. He had me shoot all over his face and then he used John’s boxers to wipe my cum up before throwing them back on the ground.

Since John had graduated we didn’t get to see him at school but we did see Mike and I made it a point to get to know him during the next year.

Tris is going to write the next part. I want him to write about seeing Gavin at Great Wolf but he wanted to tell you about when we answered a ad on Craigslist. Maybe I can get him to do Rocks, Scissors,Paper.

He just came out of the shower so I have to go.


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