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The next day I took on the early shift again. That day before work I did a lot of relaxing and preparing for my second time with Jamar. First I got into the jacuzzi tub early that morning. I filled it with peach juice and lit peach candles all around it. I cut up peices of peaches and mixed them with champagne.

I got in and enjoyed a soothing bath. I stayed in there until my skin was like prunes. I got out and walked around the house naked most of the day. I decided to change up my look a bit so I made a few changes in my appearance. I dyed my black hair really light brown and curled it into thick long locks. Usually I dont wear any sort of make up but tonight I put on some dark blue makeup that matched my light ebony skin perfectly. Then some brown gloss to my lips and a bit of eyeliner and some long fake eyelashes. To top it off I put in some hazel contacts.

When I made it to work my boss seemed amazed that I had changed since the day before. Even though I wasnt ever ugly before this he said I looked like nubian gold. I swished and swayed as i walked. Today I had shower duties again. When the men walked in from the yards I payed special attention to Jamar. When he passed by me he smiled at me and winked. When I made it to the showers all the inmates whistled when I entered the stalls. I made it to my cubicle and sat in the chair.

I was surprised when Jamar walked inside totally naked. His flaccid dick hung between his legs and I watched it's every move. Soon as he made it over to me he pulled me up out of the chair. I stood up as soon as I did he jammed our faces togethor. His soft lips touched mine. It felt like pure heaven as his togue invaded my mouth. It lingered over my tongue and sucked it. I kissed him back. We kissed passionately like that for a bit. He undid my blue shirt and took it off to expose my large orbs inside a tiny yellow half cup bra. He snatched back the small cups and attached his mouth to my super sensitive nipples. Pleasure churned through my body. His tongue danced and twirled all over my left nipple while his right hand twitched and tweezed at my nipples.

Then he changed to the right tit. He grabbed harshly on the left nipple. I let out a small yelp. He rolled it between his fingers roughly.Mostly he concentrated on sucking on my right nipple. My nipple expanded and swole in his mouth as he bit down on it. Then he pushed me onto the table."Baby I couldnt wait until tonight to fuck you good,"he said. I chuckled to myself a bit. I sat up on the edge. He was unbuckling my pants buttons with his teeth. Seeing him do this made me twitch.

When he finally was done he stood up and lifted me just enoguh to pull my pants down. Underneath them were some small yellow transparent thongs that tied on the sides. He quickly untied them and yanked them off. He threw them to the side. I stood back up and he pushed me against the wall with my face towards it and my back to him. He squeezed and fondled my ass cheeks. He slapped my ass really hard. I shuddered and sqenched as he repeated this. I looked back to see him smiling as he was watching my fat and juicy ass cheeks bounce and jiggle. My pussy was wet with anticipation.

Then he got on his knees. I had no idea what he was doing until I felt his wet tongue touch my pussy lips. Concentrating on my clit he suckled, bit, and licked my pussy. I moaned in sexual release. He really knew how to eat pussy. I mean it was incredible. His tongue swirled and went throughout my pussy. Then he licked my ass. I squirmed beneath him. My body was in an ecstatic state. Then it happend. I came. the entire world seemed to disappear. It was so great I slipped into unconsciousness.

When I came to he had stood up and was behind me. He had his dick in his hand stroking it really slowly. Then he got closer to me. So close I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. Then he placed his dick on my pussy lips. he pushed slightly in. Just enough the head was slightly resting inside my pussy. Jamar grabbed my hips and pushed forward with his lips while pulling my hips downward. His dick thrust in me really fast. It was so unbelievable.

My breath quickened as he pulled out and rammed it back in just like before. It seemed to crash at the end of my pussy and send shockwaves through my blood. As he continued the hard strokes I grew closer and closer to my nutt. His balls slapped my pussy and added to the expererience. He was really beating up my pussy now. It made moan and scream his name. My juices covered every inch of skin down there between the both of us. Soon I came. I pussy pulsed and spasmed around his real thick dick.

Then I felt his hot dick cumm inside me. My pussy twitched as his hot cumm squirted my insides. He shot two loads inside my tight pussy. He pulled out and slapped my ass with his dick once or twice. I turned around and kissed him in return. When I walked out the cubicle I was totally naked. Then I looked at the time. I realized the showers had been on almost an hour and a half. I knew if my boss was still there he would be pissed. Most of the inmates had left. There were a few stragglers though.

I was so glad that the boss had left. When all the men where in there cells i went to lay down. I was so drained and weak from the strong multitudes of orgasms. I faked a stomache ache so I could take a nap. I slept like a baby. I woke up with my hand between my legs. It was about 12:30 when I woke up.

Soon as I woke up I changed into a little red corset and some matching thongs. I walked down to his cell slowly and sensually. Tonight mostly all the inmates were awake. I heard some of them whistling and clappin while I walked down the hall. Finally I made it to Jamar's cell. He was up like the night before. He was sitting in the bed with his back turned to me while he was reading a book.

When I unlocked the cell door he turned around and smiled. Soon as I got in there I told him to stand up. I pushed him against the wall and got on my knees. I pushed down his boxers. I grabbed his soft dick in my hand and squeezed it gently. Then I moved a bit closer while i massaged his nuts. I looked up at him. He had a slight smirk on his face as he looked down at me. I ran my fingertip along all the thick veins and lingered on them. Then i used my tongue. I ran it slowly along the veins starting at the head and working my way down.

Then I took the head in my mouth. I sucked it really hard. He moaned a bit as i sucked on it. Then inch by inch i took more in my mouth. I felt his hands against the back of my head. I sucked up and down on his long pole and concentrated on running my tongue along it. I still was massaging his nutts. I looked back up at him to see his eyes closed and a weird look on his face. I continued to suck it swiftly. Then he pushed my head all the way down on him. I deepthroated him. It felt so good. He kept his dick deep in my throat. I let up and took a breath and repeated. I squeezed his nutts really hard and he moaned really loud. I pulled all the way off.Soon as I did he bust a nutt all over my face. His hot cumm seemed to cover my entire face. he blew two loads on me and then another. He moaned gasped and almost screamed when I kissed the head. I got up and cleaned my face off.

I got up and kissed him bye and left. That week i didnt come to work for 3 days. I was exhausted and just out of it. I had incredible feelings all day everyday for a long time. Jamar really is my world.

2 months later---

I just found out Im pregnant. I told Jamar and he is really happy. they have reduced his sentence to parol and community service. So he is getting out within a few weeks. When he does we plan to get married.


2006-01-25 03:25:56
0/10 Read it before in a paperback, you copied it nicely though. STILL mispelled a ton of words though. Use spell checker or did it blow up your "cornpooter" when you did you biotch?


2005-07-12 04:21:44
wow fukin amazing


2005-06-22 23:27:04
Its a good story but I read it out of a book before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2005-03-11 14:53:03
Man this was a bomb ass story. I LOVED all three. Please write some more stories. Your the best writter EVER. I give you a ten


2005-03-04 17:43:02
I loved your stories ;). one word :awesome

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