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chapter 4
Mike awoke from his nightmare. It was around noon and the sun was blazing in through the window.

Oddly enough the sun did not seem to be draining him very badly. He figured he was still very high on

energy because of the feeding he had done the night before. He got up to go take a shower, and he he

almost tripped over Tiffany's dead body. He felt nauseous. He was curious why he did not smell anything

though, as he had always understood that dead bodies were suppose to give off quite an unpleasant

aroma. He then realized he couldn't think of one time in the month he had been a vampire in which he had

smelled anything, at least he couldn't remember smelling anything normal. The night before during there

feeding sessions he had been able to literally smell their victim's fear.

Mike could not stand to be in the same room as Tiffany's body any longer. He left to go wash himself

in the shower. He tried to go back to sleep in one of the houses other bedrooms, but was awoken by

another nightmare after only five minutes of sleep. He decided he had to do something to get his mind to

stop going over the previous night. In his human life he had dealt with most of his problems by getting

high. He didn't know if that would help him forget about everything for a while or not, but he was willing to

try anything at the moment.

He thought about calling one of his old friends to get some weed, but he was worried that they might

call his family if he did since he had been missing for a month straight. He decided he could visit one of

the dealers he knew without worrying about that. He knew a guy that did not live too far away, so he went

to the living room to try and find the keys to Eric's car. He found them in Eric's pants.

Mike drove Eric's car to his dealer's house hoping that he was home, he had not been able to call in

advance. His phone had been dead since the night he was turned, what's more its service had probably

been shut off by now. While he was waiting at the door he realized he had no money. He thought, “damn

why didn't I stop somewhere and charm someone into giving me some money?” But then he realized he

could just charm his dealer. It seemed like an eternity waiting at the door, but finally he was greeted and

told to come in.

Mike charmed a free, large bag of pot out off his dealer and drove home, stopping at the gas station to

get some rolling papers and a lighter. When he got home he was starting to feel weak from the sun, so

he went to the kitchen to get a drink. As usual it tasted good, but the taste brought images of his violent

cruel act back to the forefront of his mind. He put the blood back in the fridge and went to one of the empty

bedrooms and closed the blinds. He rolled up his first joint. It was like the first time he had ever rolled

one as his fingers were trembling so badly. He proceeded to light it and take deep drags in. He spent the

rest of the daylight hours trying cause himself to pass out, but as he feared he was not able to. It was like

with the alcohol. He would get somewhat high, but he could not get past that no matter how much he

smoked. He did not stop trying though, not until the bag was gone.

Irina woke up as the sun was setting. She found Mike in the extra bedroom curled up in the fetal

position trembling with tears in his eyes. She rushed towards him to try and comfort him. Just the sight of

her kind of scared him. He loved her, but she had turned him into a monster capable of acts he felt he

could not live with. She slowly approached him and he threw his arms around her and began crying into

her shirt. She felt horrible. She knew how hard her first hunt had been on her, even if it was 500 years ago,

she just hoped it would not take him too long to get over it. She rubbed and patted his back and told him,

“shh shh it's going to be okay. Just give it time.”

After a little while he calmed down. “how do I get the images out of my head? They are horrible.” He

pleaded with her, “I tried to ignore them, I tried to smoke weed, I can't sleep without having nightmares,

and I can't stand this.” Irina told him that it would be rough for a while, and that nothing she could say

would change that. She told him the best thing they could do would be to focus on his training, and he

might be able to get his mind off it for a while. She said, “at some point you will reach a place where the

horrors of being a vampire won't affect you any more.” Mike replied, “you mean you have no remorse over

what you did last night?” Irina told him that to her it was no different than a man killing an animal to feed

his family. “You promise it will get better?” Mike asked. “I promise it will... Eventually.”

Irina told him that since he went out in the sun he would need to replenish his energy even if it meant

thinking about the night before. She made him a big glass of her special blood soda and told him to get it

all down while she cleaned everything up. He thanked her for not asking him to help. She was

surprisingly quick. She told him that they could use Eric’s car for a day or two but then they would have to

get rid of it. He said so what are we going to practice tonight. She said, “no practice your going to learn to

use your flames.” Mike got really excited and was even able to forget about everything for a while.

Irina explained to him that there was another dimension. It was much like humans might envision

hell. It was where most demonic creatures called home. The dimension was filled with blue fire. She

explained that somehow, for some reason their blood-line had a link to this dimension. Once they had

“awakened” this link within them, they were able to pull the flames from the demon realm to their own and

use them in various ways. Mike had no Idea that it was so complicated. None of the other things she had

taught him to do were so complicated. Everything else just involved channeling his vampiric energy. This

was a whole different story. She told him that while it was difficult to master there was a huge advantage

to the way it worked. She explained that opening their link to the demon realm and summoning the flames

used a very minute amount of their vampiric power especially once the technique was mastered. This

meant that with practice their most powerful weapon was also their most efficient.

Irina spent the next few days teaching Mike the different ways to manipulate the flames and use them

in combat. Mike was learning slowly, but was determined for training was the only time he could keep his

mind at peace. He did not sleep for fear of the nightmares that plagued him. He just drank extra blood

during the day and would practice various vampiric abilities, especially his manipulation of the blue

flames. Because he was a vampire as long as he drank enough blood his body did not require sleep.

The problem was after a couple of weeks they began to run low on their blood supply.

One night after Irina woke up Mike asked her how they were going to get more. He was already

dreading the next full moon that was less than two weeks away, he had no desire to hunt before that. Irina

told him they would simply steal it from a blood bank at night. She told him not to worry about it, that she

would take care of it for him. When she returned with the blood Mike smelled something familiar. He

thought to himself, “that's odd I thought I could not smell.” That's when he realized what the smell was. It

was the same fear he had been able to smell when they were hunting. He was puzzled, and he asked

Irina, “your not scared of something at the moment are you?” Irina replied, “no... Not much scares me.

Why do you ask?” Mike replied, “well its just I smelled fear when you got back.” Irina was kind of

surprised. “Oh... I didn't realize you recognized your ability to smell emotion.” Mike suddenly realized what

had happened. “So you fed off someone while you were gone?” Mike asked with a suspicious and

almost angry tone. Irina replied firmly, “and if I did?” Mike responded weakly, “well I thought we only had to

hunt on the full moon?” Irina became kind of upset. She said, “well since you have been traumatized I

haven't gotten to have any fun at all. You haven't made love to me once since our hunt, and I needed to do

something thrilling. You know just because you can't handle your own nature yet doesn't mean I should

suffer.” Irina was now holding back tears.

Something started to click in Mike's head. He still wasn't quite over the whole gruesome murder

thing, but he was realizing how his trauma was effecting Irina. He also decided that he loved her and no

matter how much he was suffering he wasn't going to allow something that was natural for their kind to get

in the way of that love. He pressed her against the wall and began to kiss her deeply. Irina was shocked

with delight. Their tongues explored each others mouths passionately. Mike began to massage Irina's

breast fiercely. Before long Irina removed her pants and forced Mike down onto his knees. She then

forced his face into her crotch where he wasted no time getting to work on her. He began to flick his

tongue over her clit quickly making her moan aggressively. He explored every inch of her sweet folds that

he could. He savored her sweet nectar that he had not tasted in weeks.

Irina loosened her grip on him and he stood up and caused his pants to disappear freeing his

ranging hard-on. Irina jumped onto Mikes cock wrapping her legs around his waist as his cock

penetrated her. She wrapped her arms around him too and bit down on his neck hard. Mike not having

had sex in several weeks practically came right then. He stood still for a moment while Irina sucked on

his neck allowing him-self to calm down a bit as he did not want to cum too soon. As soon as he felt he

could move without climaxing on the spot he carried her into their bedroom. Before he could get her onto

the bed she stopped biting him to say, “no. I want to be on top.” Mike walked up to the bed, turned his

back to the bed and fell back. Irina kissed him, her face covered in his blood. She moved her hips around

as she kissed him She then sat up and began to bounce herself up and down and mike met her

downward motions with hard upward thrusts, while slamming her hips down with his hands. These

thrusts were met with the sexiest groaning sounds. Before very long Mike let out, “I'm gonna cum, I can't

hold it much longer.” Irina lay down onto Mike. As she did this she cocked her head to the left and used

her left hand to press Mike's head into the right side of her neck. Mike drew his fangs for the first time

since the hunt and bit down hard. Irina yelled, “That's it Mike, bite my neck and fill my insides with your hot

sticky seed. Let's cum together.” Irina's pussy began spasming around Mike's cock and wave after wave

of hot cum began to coat her insides. “Oh Mike I have wanted to feel you filling me up again for so long.

That was so great.”

As Mike's cock deflated and slid out of Irina, he released her neck and locked lips with her once

more. They could both taste the others blood all over their mouth as their blood soaked tongues violently

forced their ways past each-other into the others mouth. All of a sudden their unbelievably passionate

exchange of blood and saliva was interrupted by an ominous sound. A loud howling could be heard

ringing throughout the house. As if that was not bad enough it did not sound like a lone wolf. This was

definitely a whole pack. Mike jumped up startled. “I thought we were safe in this house. I thought a barrier

protected us here.” Irina said worried, “Mihail created the barrier, I had worried that maybe, just maybe it

died with him. He never did teach me to create a new one so I figured that the barrier was independent of

him.” Mike gulped and said, “well it seems we have some unwelcome guests... We better do something

about them before they do something about us.”

The wolves howls were menacing. Irina summoned her clothing and weapons. She wielded a pair

of tonfa made from sacred wood edged with a blade of blessed silver. (for those who are familiar with

soul caliber the video game tonfa are the type of weapon Talim uses. For those who aren't visit this page

for some more info however Irina's tonfa have a silver blade facing away

from her on the long part of the weapon) She told Mike to summon his katana as werewolves were very

weakened by silver. She cautioned him as werewolves were incredibly fast creatures and considerably

stronger than humans.

Before they could begin to move out of the room a wolf bolted through their bedroom door. It leaped at

Irina knocking her to the ground. His paws had landed on the silver blade of her tonfa, and a loud sizzling

sound was heard and smoke began to billow from the wolf's paws. The wolf began to whimper like a dog

whose tail had been stepped on. The wolf jumped off Irina onto the floor, and as it did it lost its footing.

Irina's eyes began to glow, and she informed Mike that she was holding the wolf down telepathically, but

she couldn't afford to waste the energy to keep him down for long, and she couldn't move while she did

so. Mike was enraged. His blood began to boil, and his body temperature rose almost as high as that of

a living human. He channeled his energy to his center of gravity and began to use it to open up a link to

the demon realm. He used the hatred for this creature to help him summon his flames. He felt the

intense darkness of the demon plan and began to pull flames from that plane to his own. His whole body

began to glow with blue light as it erupted in flames. He drew his sword which was also burning blue. In

one quick clean motion he decapitated the wolf's head. As its head left its body both the body and head

reverted to its human form. Mike collapsed to his knees and the flames enveloping his body

extinguished. As they did he could feel them being sucked back into their own realm through the portal he

had created at the center of his being. As the last flame left him he felt the portal vanish, and he was

drained. As Irina got up Mike asked her why he was so drained. “I thought one of the biggest reasons our

power over the demon flames was so great was that it used a minimal amount of vampiric power.” Irina

looked at him and told him that what he just done while very impressive and powerful was a display of his

complete lack of control, and that only with a great deal of control were the flames very efficient. Also that

the more flames he brought to this plane the better control he would need to prevent lots of his energy

being drained in the process. Irina said, “come on there are definitely more of them we need to get some

blood from the kitchen so that you have the energy to fight. Oh and by the way I understand your hatred

and rage towards these filthy creatures, but you could have sliced through that wolf's neck with a small

fraction of the power you used in your enraged state do your best to control your self.”

They moved towards the kitchen in silence. Irina had flipped a switch in their room that turned all the

lights off in the house as well as closing all the blinds so that it was pitch black not even the moonlight

could get in. Vampires, even with absolutely no light were able see perfectly. Irina explained that by taking

away the werewolves' sight they had evened the playing field, because the wolf's definitely knew the

general area they were in at all times, because of their unreal sense of smell. Right as they were

reaching their blood supply two more wolves appeared from around a corner and blindly pounced towards

Irina and Mike. Irina ducked, and as the wolf jumped over her she sliced the wolf's stomach with the tonfa

she held in her right hand. The wolf's stomach smoked and blood began to pour out. Mike's reflexes

were not so great. He tried to move out of the wolf's flight path, but the wolf managed to put a giant gash in

his back as it flew by.

Mike began to bleed quite badly. He felt the last of his energy pour out of him as he bleed. He tried

his best to channel every bit of energy he had left into healing. He was able to close up the gash a bit and

slow the bleeding, but he couldn't keep his focus because of the pain he was in. Irina told him to try to get

to the fridge, that she would hold off the wolves. Mike began to slowly make his way to their blood supply.

The wolf that had slashed Mike's back starting running towards him. Right as began to pounce again Irina

made the tonfa in her right hand disappear, and she pointed her palm at the wolf. The wolf was blown

backwards by a mini explosion of blue light as her palm burst with blue fire. The wolf's head was bashed

into the wall and as it fell to the floor unconscious it returned to its human form. This one, unlike the one

Mike had decapitated was a young and beautiful girl that couldn't be more than fifteen or sixteen years old.

She had the most unique long, straight, silver colored hair. Her eyes were silver too with a glow to them.

They sort of looked like the moon. She was really quite small, almost petite, but she did have rather large

breasts at least for her size. She looked so very innocent lying there unconscious.

The wolf that Irina had put a gash in had recovered to some degree and was going for Mike who had

not quite made it to the fridge yet. While the werewolves' were naturally faster than vampires and it took no

toll on them using their speed, Irina and Mike's ability to expend decent amounts of their energy to move

faster allowed them to exceed the wolves' speed. Irina followed the wolf in a blaze of speed. Her right

hand was still free as she had not re-summoned her weapon, and with it she swiftly grabbed the wolf by

the skin on the back of his neck. She then let go of her left handed weapon twisted her arm and caught it

so that the blade was guarding the inside of her arm. She place her left arm in front of the wolf's neck and

sliced deep into its neck. Blood began to pour, spurt and splatter everywhere. As the wolf bleed out it

returned to its human form, a somewhat muscular looking man. Irina told mike to forget the fridge and to

come to her. She told him that while it was a grotesque taste and most vampires would consider it

beneath them, drinking werewolf blood would give them incredible energy. She told him all supernatural

blood was more potent than human blood. She told him the were-blood would also give them them

speed of a were-wolf for a while. Most importantly by drinking the were-blood their scent would be

masked and the wolves would not be able to recognize the difference between them and their fellow

wolves giving them a huge advantage. Irina told mike to drink as much as he could stomach. She had

bitten into its neck from behind and Mike went to drink from the giant gash she had made in the front of the

werewolf's neck.

Mike opened his mouth and placed it under the werewolf's wound. Its thick blood poured into his

mouth. It tasted like dirt. He gulped it down gagging as he did. The taste made him feel sick, but he

continued to drink. It tasted like his was drinking death, but it felt more exhilarating than he could have

imagined. He felt his wound heal very quickly. He also felt his energy flow through him like a warm fluid

was spreading throughout his body. He could only manage a few gulps, but it was enough. He felt great.

Irina let the man's body drop down to the floor. Irina said, “now we search and destroy the rest of the

pack.” Mike nodded and followed closely behind her as they began to search the house. Their were only

two wolves left. They found them in the downstairs living room. These two were bigger, fiercer. The four

of them were squaring off and Irina said, “this must be the pack mother, and the pack father. When

werewolves live in packs the strongest male and female become the pack leaders. They control the rest

of the pack. If we can get rid of these two any wolves in this pack will think twice before returning.”

Irina assumed a defensive position her tonfa in her hands, and her hands and weapons erupted with

blue demon flames. Mike drew his katana, but was unable to control himself the way Irina could. The

were-blood was fueling him and he could not hold back in the slightest. His whole body erupted in a

mass of flames. Mike dashed towards one of the wolves with lighting speed to slash at one of the wolves,

but the other wolf pounced at him and slashed at his hands with its claws. His sword went flying from his

hands, the flames enveloping it disappearing as it left him. His hands were bleeding badly, but he healed

them quickly. Unfortunately, even though he was able to heal them fast he still couldn't do it without

thinking about it, and the wolf he had gone to attack mauled him pretty badly. Irina, fearing for Mike's life let

loose anything she was holding back. She drew forth a enough flames to cause the entire house to glow.

She began moving faster than she ever had, an after image of herself trailing behind her along with a blue

light trailing behind her. With the blink of an eye the wolves were reverting back to human form bleeding

out from a slew of slices she had put in them.

Irina then rushed over to Mike asking if he was okay. Mike assured her he was fine and had plenty of

energy left to heal with. After Mike healed Irina told him one of the vermin upstairs was still alive and just

unconscious upstairs. Mike asked, “was the wolf that attacked you and Mihail in this group?” She replied,

“He was most likely part of the pack, but no he was not here tonight.” Mike then said, “well we have to

keep the unconscious one alive.” Irina objected, “why on Earth would we do that? She tried to kill you.”

Mike smiled and said, “is it not obvious? We can use her. If we can get her to tell us where the rest of her

pack is we can get rid of the one that killed Mihail.” Irina smiled, “you are smart for your young age.” Mike

smiled at her, “thank you.”

They walked upstairs. They carried the unconscious girl into their room and fastened her wrists and

ankles to their bed with rope. After an hour the girl began to come to. Her face became filled with fear as

she struggled with her restraints. She screamed. She looked up at Mike and Irina. “What are going to do

to me? Please don't hurt me. I didn't want to attack you, but I had to do what the pack father said.” Tears

were pouring from the poor little girl's eyes. Mike felt kind of bad but just stayed where he was quietly as

Irina had told him to stay quiet, that she was an expert at interrogation.

Irina waited for the girl to be quiet and to stop crying. She asked, “little girl what is your name? We

might be here a while and I need to call you something.” The little girl whimpered back, “my name is

Lycinia.” Irina smiled, “well Lycinia, do yourself a favor and make this easy on yourself, and just tell us

what we want to know.” Lycinia asked, “what to you want to know?” Irina said, “where does the rest of your

pack live?” Lycinia gulped and asked, “If I tell you are you gonna let me go?” Irina got somewhat fierce

and said, “I think you should be more concerned about what we will do to you if you don't tell us. You do

realize you are in no position to be negotiating here.” Lycinia cried, “but you killed them all.” Irina

screamed furiously, “a second ago you were asking if you would be let go in exchange for this

information. I do believe you are changing your story.” Irina paced for a moment and said, “well answer

me this how old are you little one?” Lycinia sobbed through her tears, “I am fifteen.” Irina said, “ah your

still so young and innocent but that can be changed.” Lycinia pouted and said, “well you don't look like you

could be more than a couple of years older than me.” Irina smiled, “ah so naive young one. I have walked

this planet for more than five hundred years.” As she finished her last statement Irina drew out her fangs,

“so your pack leaders never even told you what you were up against? Some leaders they were.” Lycinia's

face became one of fear and anger and she said, “so you are vampires. No wonder we were sent here

with so little information. They were worried we would back out.” Irina got excited, “do you mean to tell me

those to big wolves we killed weren't your pack leaders? Very interesting” Lycinia replied, “oh no... I have

said too much already. I will never give you scum the information you want.” Irina replied, “scum? That's

not very nice of you. If I were you I wouldn't want to piss me off.”

Irina left the room. Lycinia turned to Mike, “please you can't let her hurt me.” Mike responded, “I don't

know why you think I will be any more sympathetic. You know you did try to kill me, and if it weren't for Irina

you probably would have succeeded.” Lycinia retorted, “but you don't understand. My pack leader ordered

us to carry out this attack, and you can't disobey the pack leader, you just can't. You would be disowned

from the pack. I am still young and the pack is all I have ever known. I wouldn't make it out in the world

alone. So you see I had no choice.” Mike felt bad for the girl. She looked so sweet and cute, and the

thought of her being all by herself in the world saddened him. “Look I am sorry, I sympathize with you I

really do, but you tried to kill us, and not only that someone in your pack killed someone very important to

Irina, and Irina is very important to me. So you see my hands are tied.”

Irina came back with her hands behind her back. “Mike don't talk to the captive. That's my job. You

don't have to worry, I will get the information out of her.” Irina had an extremely evil look in her eyes. Mike's

stomach sank. The look in her eyes was the same as when they had gone to hunt. Irina then said,

“However, if you want to help that's fine.” She told him to remove Lycinia's pants. Mike gave her a horrified

look. Irina got mad, “I don't have time for this she knows where the damned wolf that killed Mihail is.” Mike

replied, “yea, but she just an innocent little girl. Isn't there a better way.” Lycinia had become so afraid that

when she tried to scream nothing would come out. Irina was fed up and said, “If you won't cooperate, I am

gonna have to make you.” She then commanded him to remove her pants. Mike's body began to move

without him being able to stop it, and he removed the little girl's pants.

Irina began to move towards Lycinia. She began shaking her head violently screaming, “no whatever

your planning don't do it. Leave me alone. Stay away.” Irina replied, “well all you have to do is tell me what

I want to hear and I will stop.” Lycinia said, “please, have you no heart. How can you do this to me.” Irina

told her, “fine have it your way.” Irina removed her hand from behind her back. She was holding a dildo.

Lycinia began to cry with fear squirming as much as she could, but it was no use. Irina placed the head of

the dildo against Lycinia's pussy lips and rubbed it up and down the length of her tiny, tight snatch. Lycinia

kept screaming for her to stop. Irina told her there was only one way to stop her. Irina then began to press

the dildo into Lycinia. Lycinia yelped with pain as electrical like shocks went through her body. “It hurts,

please stop, Mike help me, how can you watch her do this to me?” Mike pleaded with Lycinia, “just tell her

what she wants to know, it's the only way she will stop.”

Irina slowly continued to press deeper into Lycinia until she felt the dildo blocked by the girl's hymen.

“Ah I've reached your hymen. Trust me, I know from experience breaking this is gonna hurt. You should

just tell me what I want to know.” Irina paused for a second, “no... Okay if you insist.” Right before she

was about to thrust the dildo deep into Lycinia's body Lycinia said, “stop! I will tell you, just please stop.”

Irina pulled the dildo out, and Lycinia gasped with relief. “Okay you stinking wolf tell me what I want to

know, now!” Lycinia told her that their pack had only one leader. He was the strongest werewolf she

knew, and he had to be the one she was looking for. She told her that their pack lived in an abandoned

house on a beach a few hours south. She gave Irina the exact address.

Lycinia said, “so your going to let me go now right?” Irina laughed menacingly, “when did I say that?”

Irina then drew her fangs, “you know I normally wouldn't drink from your kind except in an emergency, but

I'll make an exception for you, I want to drain you slowly.” Mike had had enough. He interjected, “That's it.

You have gone too far. It was hard enough to watch you extract that information the way you did. She told

us what we want to know. She is no threat to us you need to let her go.” Irina was furious, “Mike I am not

arguing about this. She is a werewolf. You are a vampire. She is you enemy, and that is final.” Mike

replied, “why that is the stupidest thing I have heard. Just cause she is a werewolf we have to hate her.

She was forced to attack us. She didn't even know what she was up against. If she hadn't followed orders

she would have been thrown to the streets.” Irina retorted, “how can you ever be expected to get used to

hunting if you have so much sympathy for a werewolf, one of our greatest enemies?” Mike replied,

“hunting is one thing. We have to do that. We don't have to do this. I know what its like to do something

you don't want to, because you have to, and the kind of toll that can take on you. What's more you do too,

even if you have gotten over it by now.”

Mike's last statement made Irina stop and think, “was he right? Was this little girl in the same

position that Mike was in, and she herself had been in so many years ago?” Irina then retracted her fangs,

“okay Mike. You trusted me when your better judgment, and most every fiber of your being told you not to.

So... I will trust you.” Mike sighed with relief, as did Lycinia. Irina loosened the ropes binding Lycinia, and

then gave her her pants back. Lycinia put her pants on and wiped the tears from her face. She began to

run out of the room, but Irina grabbed her. “Oh no you can't leave yet. I can't have you running home to

warn the rest of your pack. Mike you will watch her here, while I go finish off the bastard that killed Mihail...

then she is free to go. Lycinia you better not have given me faulty information.” Lycinia told her she hadn't.

Irina morphed into a bat and flew out into the night. Mike looked at Lycinia and said, “I'm sorry you had

to go through all that.” Lycinia looked at him with her glowing silver eyes, and dashed towards him and

flung her arms around him, “thank you for saving my life. I'll never forget this.” She began to cry. Mike

gave her a hug and asked, “what's wrong it's all over you don't have to cry anymore.” Lycinia said, “it's not

that I'm crying because I am scared. I have nowhere to go. No one to take care of me. I don't know how to

take care of myself yet.” Mike thought hard for a minute. “why don't you stay with us?” She asked, “do you

mean it?” Her big, silver, watery eyes staring into Mike's. “Well there wouldn't be much point in saving

your life just to throw it away.” Lycinia gave him a big kiss on the cheek and thanked him over and over

again, but then she said, “wait... Is Irina going to be okay with this, and can I even bare to live with her after

what she did to me.” Mike said, “look if you don’t want to stay here that is fine I understand. I will have you

know I love Irina, but she is a vampire and brutality can be part of her nature, and I have to accept that. I

also have to accept that I am a vampire too. I do promise you that as long as you never betray us I will

make sure you are safe.” Lycinia said, “I understand. I am a werewolf and there are certain violent

tendencies that are in my nature too. I can not fault you or Irina for what you are. What's more you are the

kindest sweetest person I have ever met. You saved my life even after I tried to kill you. I would be honored

to stay with you.”

While Irina was out Lycinia told Mike all about growing up in a wolf pack. She told him about how as a

werewolves transformed without control during the full moon and lost themselves in a frenzy of rage, also

that on the night of the full moon their body's regenerated much like a vampire's giving them their near

invincibility during the full moon. She said that if she were to stay with Mike and Irina that she would have

to make sure to be nowhere near them during the full moon. Mike told her that that was perfect as he and

Irina had to go out to hunt on the night of the full moon.

Irina arrived at the abandoned house that Lycinia had told her about. Her scent was still masked by

the were-blood she had drank recently. She stayed in bat form and looked through a window, and there

she saw him the wolf that had taken her maker away from her. He was siting at a window looking out at

the moon howling. Irina was enraged. Irina shifted into her human form and crept up behind the wolf.

She then pointed her hand at the wolf and all of a sudden he was doused in blue flames. He howled in

pain as he turned around. He then clenched his teeth and growled. Out of nowhere the flames

disappeared as they were blasted away from his body. The wolf pounced at Irina. Irina summoned her

tonfa and caught the wolf's paws with the silver blade causing them to begin to burn. She then sliced huge

gashes in the wolf's paws as she blasted him back with and explosion of demon flame. The wolf could

no longer stand on his front paws and reverted back to human form. He began trying to plead for mercy,

but Irina would not hear it. She knew in human form this piece of filth had no chance, and she swiftly

sliced deeply into his neck and watched him bleed out on the floor.

Irina Incinerated the body, and then started a fire before leaving the house. When she returned She

found Mike sitting with Lycinia in the living room. Lycinia was eating one of the raw steaks they had had in

their fridge. “I told you to watch her, not feed her.” Lycinia ignored her as she hungrily ripped apart the raw

steak. Mike told her his plans to take Lycinia in. Irina was not happy about this idea. Mike told her that

they had plenty of room, that he could not just abandon the girl, and what's more it might be nice having

someone else around. After much arguing he convinced her.

Lycinia was allowed to stay in the downstairs bedroom. Werewolves like vampires were for the most

part nocturnal, and it was almost daybreak. Mike and Irina retired to their room upstairs, and Lycinia to

hers. As Lycinia lay in bed she wondered what living with vampires would be like. She was scared of

Irina, but she trusted Mike. She thought he was pretty handsome too. She giggled to herself, “do I have a

crush on a vampire?” She fell asleep.

Lycinia found herself sitting on the edge of a bed with Mike. Mike began to lean in towards her. His

dark red eyes stared longingly into her glowing silver ones. He then pressed his lips against hers and

pressed his tongue into her mouth. She followed his lead and their tongues began to dance and she felt

as though she would melt into him. Mike then put his hand on her leg, and began moving it up towards

her crotch, massaging her inner thigh. It made her feel so good. Mike eventually started to rub her snatch

through her pants. She began to feel herself getting wet. All of a sudden Lycinia awoke from her dream

panting. Her crotch was dripping wet. She placed her hand between her legs. She had never tried

masturbating before.

She massaged up and down the lips of her vagina until she found the little nub that was her clitoris.

As soon as she rubbed it lightning went shooting through her body. She began rubbing her clit more

vigorously. She began to let out audible moans. As the right hand continued rubbing her clit her left

started massaging her breast. As her moans became louder she began to arch her back. She kept

rubbing faster and faster until she began to climax for the first time. Her vagina began to spasm and let

out a decent amount of fluids. As her body shuddered from the aftereffect of her first orgasm Lycinia

collected some of her juices on her fingers. She brought them to her mouth and tasted her fluid. She

continued to lick every last bit off of her hands, it being one of the best, most divine tastes she had ever

tasted. It was nectar from the gods. Before long her exhausted body fell asleep and she had dreams

about Mike for the rest of the day.

Hope everyone is still enjoying the story. Please everyone vote and comment I want to know what you think good or bad. and there is much more to come so don't worry

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