Flying out to Thailand to meet a new slave girl
Damn those customs took for EVER to get through. Just because I have long hair and was wearing a rock band t-shirt they assumed I had something to hide! Must look like a hippy or something and they wanted a free hit. Well, sorry lads. Had to disappoint.

This place is BIG.. and I have never been here before.. Just need to keep my eyes peeled for those exit signs.. and hope that the other people I am following know where they are going.

Eventually I see the outside world.. it looks bright, sunny warm and inviting I must say. The double glass doors swish open and I am hit by the heat as I leave the nicely air conditioned airport.

My eyes take a moment to adjust to the brightness of the sun and as I squint trying to regain my vision I can see a bamboo wall. Nice. Bamboo.. I feel all tropical already.. I'm half expecting a young child to run up to me bearing a cocktail served in a coconut shell and a girl to hang a string of flowers around my neck.. Hang on... That;'s Hawaii isn’t it?

As my vision starts to clear my only concern is that there will be no one here to meet me. But then that's just silly, after all, she has shelled out for my ticket... why wouldn't she show up? But then if she doesn’t, does that mean I am sleeping under that tree over there, begging coffee from the local cabbies and having to become a lady-boy just to survive these few weeks?

Fortunately it only takes me a couple of seconds to sot a familiar form against the bamboo wall. Looking confident yet at the same time a bundle of nerves. Is that the effect I am having? I hope so.. it is quite inspiring!

I walk over to where she stands giving her a quick once over. Wow... she really is hot! Her pictures simply didn’t do her justice! I take the final step, closing the gap between us, and I see a look of expectation in her eyes. My upbringing says a polite “Hello” is needed here, but fuck that! I've just flown half way across the planet for a girl who wants to give herself to me. Wouldn’t want to disappoint!

I wrap my arms around her and hoist her up to my eye level. I just hope that the horn dog isn’t showing TOO much. Meh! Who cares. She's probably felt it by now any way. And if she hasn’t then she soon will!

The urge to kiss her, to own her mouth and her tongue overwhelms me and I lock my lips on to hers kissing her like a man who hasn't gotten laid on over 3 years and has just been bought a willing prostitute for his birthday I take the time to explore her mouth with my tongue completely, trying to catch hers between my lips as it darts in and out of my own mouth. I have no idea how long we were in that lip-lock it could have been seconds. Or minutes but eventually I allow myself to come up for breath and just gaze into her eyes and smile. I see you smile back at me and suddenly the realization of the situation hits us and we both begin to giggle and then openly laugh while She is still in my arms.

Much as I don't want to I put her back on the ground and she turns away from me with her body but her gaze never leaves mine. “Come on!” she beckons with yher eyes and I follow her over to a rather cool looking motorcycle. I watch as she looks it over briefly, a look of pride and joy in herr eyes as she admires it's sleek curves and then mount it slowly as if it were a lover. She pats the seat behind her and as I secure my bag to the back of the machine I also mount it. I wrap my arms around her. It has been a good while since I have been pillion on a bike. Hell it's been a good while since the last time I was ON a bike but it feels natural. The feel of her back pressed against my chest.. yher ass grinding into my crotch, the softness of her stomach beneath my arms. My mind goes into over load and my hands instinctively begin to explore her.. taking one of herr breasts into it and squeezing it gently. She makes a feeble attempt to slap my hand away but I ignore it.. She is mine and I have waited long enough to enjoy her. I lean forward to you and whisper one word into her ear. “Drive”.

She manoeuvres the bike through the airport traffic, my hand remaining on her tit squeezing occasionally, sometimes releasing it to stroke herr nipple. From time to time I feel her back arch, grinding both her ass and your shoulder blades into me. Damn she's hot! And Damn how long is this ride going to take!

Eventually we exit the jungle to a clearing. There are a few scattered dwellings here. Well I say dwellings... pretty snazzy dwellings. Some even have pools by the looks of it! I guess bring a writer must pay pretty well if you can afford a place like this!

She draws the bike to a halt and we dismount. I grab my bag containing the bare minimum of clothing and toiletries and follow her shapely ass as it sways seductively in front of me. Damn is she doing this on purpose? Or is that just her natural walk? Either way, its going to make things slightly uncomfortable for me in the trouser department for a while until I get used to it.

We walk past a gathering of 4 or 5 people. They seem eager to say hello and of course it is only polite to return the gesture, but she seems to have something else going through her mind. Maybe it was the vibrations of the bike? Maybe my groping of her tits but there is certainly a fire behind those deep brown eyes .

She grabs me by the hand and before I can even get a word out of my mouth in greeting I was pulled off balance mid way through extending my hand to shake the out stretched one of one of the gentlemen in the group.

I regained my balance and walk behind her, my pace quick as she is nearly running towards one of the houses. She turns the handle and flings the door open. I cant help but worry for the glass in it as it bounces off of the wall and closes again half way from the sheer momentum.

She moves to the centre of the room and turns towards me the desire clearly showing on her face, and, I have to admit it entirely shared. My cock hasn’t gone soft since the airport and it is now aching inside my jeans and my blood is boiling, my balls are aching as well. This stunning firey vixen standing before me wants to be my property. I want her to be mine as well and if I had a collar with me, I would have it snapped around her neck by now. If I were a cave man she would have been clonked on her head and taken back to my cave. Time to claim what is mine!

I strip off my shirt. Surely that action alone will send some feeling coursing directly to her pussy. She takes one look at me, and her eyes suddenly become fascinated by some invisible object on the floor and a laugh escapes her mouth.

Great! I have come all this way to be with her and she MOCKS me! MY blood rises to my cheeks my ire rises and this bitch will pay for laughing at me. I take 2 long strides across the room. Grasping her by the shoulders and in another stride her back is against the wall hard and my weight is pinning her there against it. I grab a hand full of her hair and put my mouth on hers. Kissing her hard almost bruising her lips with the ferocity of it. I move from her mouth to her neck and then her chest exploring her with my lips tongue and teeth. I want to devour this girl whole, make her a part of me. She will never laugh at me again. She will learn her place and she will learn it now!
I pull my belt buckle loose with my free hand and undo my flies, allowing my jeans to drop to the floor. A couple of foot movements later they are sent flying across the room. I hate underwear and that has worked to my benefit as I am now there before her, my raging hard cock pressing into her belly.

I place a hand around her throat as I take a step backwards holding her at arms length, watching the mixture of desire and terror in her eyes. I place a hand on either shoulder and push her to her knees before me. That is her place and she should get used to it. I force her head onto my raging erection and as it enters her throat I grab her wrists which are flailing wildly and pin them both behind her back, almost in a double hammer lock, this bitch isn’t going ANYWHERE without my say so.

I grip both her wrists in one hand and with the other I take hold of the hair on the back of her head, forcing her gaze upwards towards mine. I watch her as her eyes burn with her lust and a tiny amount of hate for what she is being forced to do, my cock lodged in her mouth.. Fuck that looks so hot! I memorise that image.. it is one which I will remember for years to come and one which will bring me comfort should I find myself alone at night and in need of relief.

Once I have that image permanently memorised I pull her by her hair to her feet. The pain etched on her face even though she is fighting showing weakness I can still see it there. A small smile spreads across my lips knowing that this girl is completely under my control now. If she wasn't my cock would be on the floor across the room.

Once she is on her feet I once again kiss her.. my mouth crushing her lips as she struggles to catch her breath through her nose

I glance to the side and spot a wooden table.. Perfect! I pull her by her hair roughly and push her face first on to the table placing my forearm on the back of her neck and putting my weight on to it pinning her in place. She attempts for the first time to gain her freedom but with a small amount of effort her cheek is back on the table's surface with my free hand I begin to feel her ass looking for the hem of her skits which I quickly navigate under ’neath. I curse quietly to myself as I feel her knickers obstructing my path to her womanhood. I feel around for the hem and ball it up inside my fist and in one hard yank tear them from her body and throw them behind me. I hear a gasp as the material is ripped and her ass squirms slightly beneath me.

Now with the obstruction out of the way I can begin to explore my new play thing properly. Parting her lips with my index and third finger and rubbing her clit with my second for a few moments before lining my cock up with her opening, teasing it with the tip. In one thrust I plough my length inside of her. Her hot wet pussy gripping my cock hard massaging it almost milking it with her muscles. A cry escapes her throat as my balls slap against her clit. I lean over her. Debating whether or not to speak to her. To tell her that I now own her, instead I choose to lamp my teeth on to her ear lobe. Increasing the pressure until she whimpers in pain from it. I suck it as I release it and then whisper into her ear.

“Is that what you wanted?”

A small and whimpered “Yes” comes from somewhere deep within her. She draws breath to speak again but I clamp my hand over herr mouth, preventing her words from escaping all the while pounding her wet slippery little cunt with every ounce of force I have within me, her feet leaving the floor as the will of her knees to hold her up has long since left her.

I can feel the pressure building up in my balls. She will receive my gift. My marking of her pussy as my own and with one long hard thrust and a guttural moan from my throat I cum in to her, pouring my cream into her waiting cunt. Exhausted I collapse on top of her, panting at the sheer power of my orgasm. Somehow I have managed to keep my knees about me.

After a couple of minutes catching my breath, I gently raise her up from the table and remove the clothing that is left on her exposing your beauty, her curves and herr nakedness to my eyes for the first time. I scoop her up and carry her to the bed and as I sit, I position her on to my lap, holding her in my arms. My new toy, my girl, my desire and I kiss herr face gently, kissing away a tear and then proceeding to plant tiny kisses all over her face. And then she puts her arms around me and presses herself into me so hard I wonder if she is trying to merge us as one being.

We spend hours like that. Cuddled up talking about everything from food to fucking and what we expect from one another as the tiredness begins to set in to her and she must feel as though she has exhausted all the subjects her mind can hold. She gazes into my eyes and smile warmly I wait for her to speak again and the words “You know, I am not too keen on the idea of.....” but I put a finger to her lips and say to her “The time for negotiation is over now, I am here.” She looks concerned for a moment or two but the contented grin quickly comes back to her face and she nods and says “I'm sorry Daddy, you are right and I should not have questioned it”.

After a few moments she jumps to her feet asking me for permission to take me out. Well I would like to see a bit of the place, and while the bed is very appealing to be in with this sexy young slut by my side I haven't flown this far not to see the sites. She looks at me in am almost begging posture and I say that we can, but she has to earn it. I point to my cock and order her to her knees. No more meeds to be said than that and she gives me the most amazing blow job, it doesn’t take me long to cum her big brown eyes never breaking their gaze with mine, her mouth hungrily slurping my length as she takes it deep into her throat and gives me THE most sexy grin as my balls rest on her chin. That is just too much and I begin to fill her throat again with my seed. My vision blurs as I cum hard into her and she swallows every last drop, nothing escapes her eager mouth. She withdraws from my length with a pop and then looks up at me and smiles “Thank you.. I was SO thirsty”. She gets to her feet and opens up her wardrobe revealing 4 or 5 outfits and requests that I choose what she wears. I pick out a tight fitting top and a pair of short shorts.. she'll look hot in those. But then she'd look hot in a potato sack.

She dresses quickly and we leave the house,she at my side, like an extension of me. Never breaking contact. I notice the group that had tried to greet me upon arriving, they are laughing and glancing over at us smiling.. you know that smile.. the one one guy flashes to another when they KNOW he just got laid by the hottest girl in the bar.. a weird mix of pride in their fellow man and insane jealousy.

We both go over to join them. She hasn’t stopped grinning since we walked out of the house. I am thinking she is enjoying the fact hat they know she has just been force fucked and that they are secretly wishing it was them, and to be honest I am as well.

She says something about going for a ride on the bike.. I nod vacantly in agreement. I'm far too busy examining her, her curves her posture her face nut I get up and follow her to the bike and we both get on, this time I take a tit in each hand to hold on to as we ride. It must be doing something to her because although I cannot see her face the bike wobbles from time to time as though her concentration is waning.

She suggests a cosy little place she knows to go and eat. We take our seats and over a couple of beers we talk more. I comment on her accent. I have always adored the Irish accent and hers is simply melting me inside. I could so easily love this girl. I try to hide it by doing my own impersonation of the accent and receive a swift kick under the table. Honestly I did deserve that, but I wasn't going to allow it to slide at all. Start out as you mean to go on and all that. I stop talking and just stare through her for a moment. Just long enough to see her expression change, realising that she has overstepped her mark.. She offers an apology, a rather weak one in my view.. I accept it though but make sure the look on my face lets her know that it is by no means forgotten. I hold the gaze for 10 seconds or so and then blink returning back to my usual chirpy cheeky demeanour. I joke with her that she does realise she will pay for that. She hangs her head slightly and says in a low respectful voice “I know sir”

We are then approached by a couple of people. They seem to know her and she introduces them to me and me to them as a friend from the UK and after some pleasant light conversation, we agree to meet up the following night in town there is much talk among the girls about introducing me to various names I didn’t recognise and that my toy had best be careful as they would be trying to poach me... you know.. the usual girlie banter..

After a while we finish our meals and bid the girls goodbye and once again mount the bike and begin the ride back to her place. I couldn’t help but notice that we are crawling along the road. I give her a tap on her shoulder and whisper in to her hear to hurry the pace up and gradually to rev the bike up to the full speed limit her body tense in my arms.

We get back to the house and both dismount.. She is doing so slowly, deliberately slowly so I grab her hand and pull her towards the house roughly I throw her towards the door,she fumbles with her keys and her hand shakes as she tries to find the hole. Eventually she opens the lock and the door. I can't help but grin at the site of what the sheer anticipation is doing to this girl. She has no idea what is in store for her, and to be honest right now I don't either, but watching her shitting herself about it is quite a turn on.

I gesture her in through the doorway and follow her in. closing the door behind, almost silently, before folding my arms and looking at her with a look of “you're gonna get it now” She is trying to talk to me, almost begging me to accept her apology to say to her that it's OK and I'm only kidding. Normally I would do just that, but tonight is different.. tonight is setting the standard and tonight she will learn her place and accept who is in charge.

“I don't want to hear it!” I say in a stern voice before going over to the bed and sitting down on it I point my finger towards a spot on the floor between my feet and simply say the word “Kneel”. She walks over timidly and drops to her knees occupying the invisible dot that my finger makes on the floor. I lean into her and grab a hand full of the back of her hair squeezing it tightly and almost whisper to her “I am most disappointed in your behaviour this evening. Our very first day together and already you disrespect me.” I see her draw breath as if to speak but before she can utter a sound I say “Do not speak”.

I continue to tell her about the respect I expect to be shown at all times and that I expect nothing less from her. Tears start to well up in her eyes and flow down her cheeks, I know she genuinely is sorry, but this is a path that has to be completed this is something that although I know her sorrow is real and heartfelt, she has to be shown that it will not be tolerated. She is now openly crying, the bottom lip is trembling and the tears are dripping from her jaw line onto her breasts wetting her top.

“Stand up and strip to your knickers girl.” I command She complies with almost a defiance. It seems that she has accepted that she will be punished and there is now no way of escaping that. I think to myself this is good. A lot of girls would be arguing the toss by now, digging their own hole deeper, but this one is something different. Now the trick is to get her thinking this way BEFORE she opens her mouth or swings her foot again. Once she has stripped I tell her to lie on the bed face down which she also complies with slowly trying to asses what her fate might be. I leave her to lie there for a few minutes. To build up the anticipation and also to see what goodies might be lying around the place that I might use on her. After a couple of minutes of searching I have found nothing of use other than a towel and a wooden spoon. Then I remember that I am wearing my belt so I undo it and pull it free of my trousers doubling it over into a loop and bringing it down on to her ass then her back and then her shoulders followed lastly by the backs of her legs all in very quick succession I had completed the beating before the pain had actually registered in her mind and she began to sob and after a few moments tries to get off of the bed by crawling forwards and away from me but I place my weight on her stopping her movement and pinning her to the bed. “You do not move until I instruct you to do so, understood?” I saw her head nod in confirmation although her words were muffled by the sobbing.

“Sit up” I command her and she does so. I open my arms to her and smile to her and gesture her over with a nod of my head and she quickly scurries on to my lap. I wrap my arms around her and pull her in close to me she is babbling apologies and that it will never happen again in-between planting kisses all over my face and neck. I whisper to her “It's OK, you've paid your price and it is over and forgiven now and I don;t want it to ever happen again” She nods to me.. her still teary eyes yanking at my emotions making me adore her and I lie her down on the bed gently and lie next to her.. She wraps herself around me snuggling into me hard and I try to sooth her by stroking her hair slowly and softly. She seems to be struggling to find a place that is comfortable complaining about the pain from the marks.

“I know baby, it's OK, just relax and be quiet and I'll make it better.” I roll her gently on to her back and slip off her knickers before sliding my cock slowly and smoothly into her. Fucking her slowly almost making love to my poor bruised play thing. I look in to her tear stained eyes, gazing up at me all big and wet and brown. I slide myself into her completely and pause

“Are you going to be a good girl now baby?”

“Yes Daddy” she replies the words warming my heart and also causing my balls to tighten squeezing a load of cum deep into her cunt for the second time today. I lea forward and kiss her gently on the cheeks and then roll to the side, gazing at her tear stained smile, wiping the tears away form her cheeks with my thumb. Conversation begins nervously at first.. Work related issues it seems to be the place she feels most comfortable to begin with so I ask her how the new book is coming along and she tells me about the story so far and the problem she is having with an aspect of her main characters personality and asks me if I can help her with her schedule so that she can get everything done but still have plenty of time for me. I agree to help her. I roll over and grab some cream from the bedside table and begin to apply it to her back where the belt has left its bite on her, gently rubbing it in to her skin slowly letting my hand train across her flesh.

It's time for sleep babygirl.. it has been a long day. Now go get ready for sleep. She disappears into another room, I watch her as she goes.. that seductive wiggling of her ass is there and in full swing. Even after the ordeal she has been through she is still teasing me, seducing me. Damn what a girl!

A few minutes later she returns, naked and slips beneath the covers, she places her head on my shoulder and her hand goes straight to my cock massaging it gently.

“Baby?” I ask.

“Yes Daddy?” she replies, a tone of playful innocence in her voice.

“when you wake me in the morning, I expect the first thing that I see is my cock in your mouth, understood?”

“Yes Daddy, of course” she smiles at me and cuddles close to me, I wrap my arm around her and we slowly drift off to sleep.
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