If you dont like guy on guy stuff dont even bother with this story. This was my first and only sexual relationship with another guy. I dont call myself gay but I wouldnt completely rule being with another guy out. This story is very true. But I shortened it a bit for convenience and changed my brothers name..
This story is about me and my brother. Excuse my grammar at times. I'm not typing this out perfectly so I hope you can enjoy it without noticing ever little mess up :).

I'm going to get right into it. At the time I was about 7, and my brother who i'll call Steven was going on 12. We were playing monopoly in our room.

"What does yours look like Jake?" he asked.


"I know.......your weiner."

My mom was very weird about us being naked in front of each other so she always made sure if we were changing to change seperately so that we didn't see each other. Same rules went for bathing and pissing.

I kind of just frowned at him. That's when he pulled his shorts down a bit so his cock fell out. I looked away remembering what my mom had told us.

"Oh come on Jake....let me see yours. Stop being such a wimp man." he said dropping the dice and closing up the monopoly board.

I just sat there. Confused. I didn't get why my brother wanted to see my weiner so bad. What's the big deal? I had no idea that it was anything sexual. Innocence.

Without warning he reach in and pulled at my shorts and power ranger undies and stared as he finally got to see my dick. He sort of just licked his bottom lip and I noticed him rubbing his dick as he stared at mine.

"Yours is small. When you get my age it'll be bigger like mine. Hey, lets grab each others weiners. And you with em. It feels good."

Him being my hero, my older brother I complied. He had my stand up and he pulled them down around my ankles. I sat back down. He played with mine and I played with his. After about 10 minutes of this we pulled our pants back up and continued our game of monopoly.

The second time was when we were watching a movie together. I don't remember the exact movie but it had a hero plot. Man saves woman from danger and they make out. We didn't have the cable in our room but every now and then mom would leave her bedroom door open while she made dinner, drank wine, and talked on the phone. We would sneak in for a good 30 minutes until we heard her loud conversation subside.

"Let's pretend we're them Jake. I'll be him and you be her. I'll save YOU!"

"No way man. I'm not playing a girl!" I yelled. I remember being really insulted. I even ignored him. He often suggested us do dumb things together and we ended up in trouble by our mom. Im talking bad spankings. I remember one time we decided to ride our bikes down this big hill and were met at the bottom by a huge dog. That fucker chased up all the way up and down the road until we both crashed and ruined our bikes. We hid it from her for a while but she found out and we got it. I don't know about him but my ass was burning. My whole body was burning. And she liked for us to get buck naked and wail on us.

"No not a girl. Just be yourself and I'll save you. It'll be fun. Come on......"
Me being a little kid I thought about it and it sounded fun. Plus I loved playing random games with my brother.

"Ok........but last one in the room gets to be the hero!" I took off running. At first I was way ahead and them Jake, being taller and having longer legs jetted right past me. He ended up in our room first.

"Hahahaha! Ok. This is how we should play. You get on the top bunk and jump off. I'll catch you, I promise."

He pulled a blue sheet off of the bed and spread it out on the floor.

"This is the ocean. We'll fall in it together and I'll swim you up to the sand. Which is the carpet."

"Ok!" I hauled ass up to the top bunk of our bunk beds.
This sounded like the time of my life.
It was fun just being boys. Just the two of us.
I loved my brother.

"Ok Steve. I'm ready." my little body at the edge of the bed waiting.

"No you have to act scared Jake! Like you need to be rescued." he said getting frustrated with me.

I hated when he got frustrated because he often would yell at me and sometimes hit me if he were really mad.

"Sorry." I studdered.

"Dammit Jake if you can't get this right then we won't play. I'll find some other guy to play with!" he yelled.

"Ok I'm sorry!! I'm stuck on a cliff. How do I get off? Where's the way down? Mr.? I need some help! where'd the way down?" I improved.

His face lit up. I could tell he loved it.

"Yes, sir! Just jump. My arms are made of steel! I once caught an ice cream truck in mid air!"

We both got out of character and laughed a little at how silly it sounded.

I jumped off and sure as he said he caught me.

Instead of swimming up the water he pulled the sheet over us. It was so dark under there I could only see his blonde hair.

"We're under water now. Now I kiss you cause I saved you." he said his breathing getting a little heavier.

"But we're under water. How do we breathe?" I said. Being the innocent kid I was. Once again I had no idea that this was sexual.

He said nothing more he just put his lips on mine. In response I kissed him back, but he did most of the kissing. He was the one in charge. Bigger and stronger than little old me. He breathed hard and pulled at my shorts and undies again. I tried fighting him but he was too strong. He yanked them down. He stopped kissing me and said in a low raspy voice, "I love you Jake." He began kissing me again and I gasped as I felt his hand tightly grip on my little 3 1/2" cock. I didn't know what he was doing but my weiner was all tingly.

I didn't ask questions because I knew if I did he'd yell at me or even hit me so I let him touch me.

"I want to suck it. I've been wanting to suck it. Guys do that. We suck each others weiners and get them all hard. And once you're my age you can shoot white stuff." He said between kissing me and kissing my chest and jacking off my little dick.

He bent down and in an instant I felt my entire cock enter into a warm wet place. I gasped and whimpered as his head went up and down on me. I almost cried.

He slurped and slurped and the sheet feel from our heads and I saw what he was doing. His head was bobbing so fast so my little hard rod and suck so fucking hard that I thought he'd suck it off of my body. He plopped it out with a loud suck and licked the head a couple times.

His cock was out now and he was jacking himself off. He sucked me back up all the way into his mouth and sucked some more. My cock was now gone because it was all in his mouth. I mean he wouldn't let up at all he just swollowed me whole. It was feeling really good but somehow I knew it was wrong and that he was just taking advantage of his little brother. I felt dumb.

After about 12 minutes I started feeling sick in my stomach but my dick felt really tingly and good. Almost like when I woke up in the morning and had to pee really bad.

"Stop Steve I have to pee!" I yelled.

He stopped, looked over at the door to make sure it was still closed, and started sucking on me again. He held me down and sucked and sucked and sucked.

I was crying at this point.

I thought I would piss everywhere.

That's when my body started shaking and I just groaned. He slowed up his sucking until I stopped shaking. Then he kept my cock in his mouth until my little dick shriveled back up and plopped me out.

"See buddy? You just had a dry cum. It's ok. It feels good." he said in a surprisingly soothing voice.

I was freaked out at what just happened. My brother had pretty much just forced me into oral sex and it felt really......really good.

He finished jacking himself off and squirted white stuff onto the sheet.

He kissed me and told me that he loved me again and to come with him to the bathroom.

We got up opened the door, looked out into the hallway, no mom in sight so we quickly ran into the bathroom and closed the door. Our dicks we dangling all over the place.

He pissed and then told me to come up to the bowl. He held my little cock while I pissed and shook it off.

"Come on buddy. Let's go play some sonic. I know you've been wanting to play all week."

My face lit up and we ran for our room. We played video games all night. We didn't discuss what happened but he was really nice to me that night. He kept telling me that he loved me and that we never tell mom what happened. I told him I wouldn't and we pinky promised on it. We went on with our night.




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