Some answers, some understanding, some passion
Caught IV

Needless-to-say, me and Mom’s relationship chanced a great deal.
We were now lumped in together with our government, Santa Clause and even Jack the Ripper…..We had to be careful...we had a lot to hide.

Our new relationship started the very next morning. Dad, as he did almost every Sunday, had gone to the golf course.
I got up, showered and got dresses. I felt different today. Less like a kid I suppose. I put on a nice pair of jeans and a dark blue Polo shirt. I wanted to look trendy, older, more mature I guess. I didn’t want my Mom to see a kid when I came downstairs this morning. I put on my watch, made sure all tree buttons on my shirt were open and I left my feet bare. I wanted to look cool not like I’d just been voted the President of the Chess Club.

When I went down to the kitchen I found Mom sitting at the table, coffee cup in front of her, nibbling on the arm of her glasses, staring off into space as her finger made slow circles over the rim of her cup.

She had a pair of faded jeans on, a hole in the left knee. She had a sky-blue blouse on, short sleeves, tucked into her jeans, no belt. Her hair hung loose over her shoulders and down her back. Though brushed, it hung limply, with no real texture. She had no make-up on. She hadn’t taken a shower yet. This wasn’t the norm for Mom. Regardless the mood, good/bad/or indifferent, Mom took a shower every morning.

Still, she looked beautiful. But she looked troubled. I approached with extreme caution.
I quietly walked up beside her and kissed her softly on her cheek. I didn’t linger. Stick and move…Stick and move.
“Good morning.” I tested the water. I stepped back and waited to see. With my Mom…there was no telling, calm seas, or batten down the hatches, it could go either way. I stood nervously by the lifeboats and filled myself a cup of coffee.

She looked up at me, through the turmoil I could still see the loveliness of her eyes. “Good morning Sweetie.” She say quietly. There’s a sadness in her voice.
I sat down at the table feeling a bit bummed out……………..but still optimistic.
“You OK?” I asked softly. In hind-site, I realized that was kinda like asking a victim of a plane crash if they were OK as they staggered out of a gaping hole in the fuselage shaking debits off their shoes.

Mom took a deep breath and let it out slowly.
“I’m sorry Bobby.” She tells me.
I have to admit, Her apology made my head jerk back.

My first thought was that she was sorry for what had happened yesterday…and the day before. It seemed like the logical progression of things. I suppose lust could be like that, full of excitement and impulse with a side order of remorse. Throw a little dash of consequence on there and you got a full meal.

I asked… Still cautious, “For what?” And then before I could shut myself up--- “Cuz I’m not Mom. I know it was wrong. I realize that, I do, but I thought that was great, amazing. I thought that you…”
I was ready to go on and on. I had adjectives lined up like paratroopers ready to leave the plain, but Mom raised her hand and cut me off.
“I’m sorry I’m always a bitch.” She tells me.

The silence grew long and awkward. I was hoping she would follow-up because I was empty, speechless. I found myself looking around like I’d walked into the wrong kitchen. I finally broke the silence but all I had to say was, “OK.” Not much of an acceptance speech.

“It’s just that…” Mom was having a hard time here. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought there were tears in her eyes. “Allergies” she would no doubt tell me. She was a tuff cookie and I once again wondered why that was. I waited patiently with hopes I might find out.

“It’s just that, when I was a little girl…” Once Mom cracked….Everything came spilling out.
Mom went on to explain that she’d been like this {Moody. For lack of a better word} since she was just a kid. She’d been all wound-up inside, tight, and when she couldn’t hold it anymore, it came out. She used words like manifested, deep-seeded, and suppressed feelings…but what it boiled down to was that her father had molested her when she was twelve, intimidated her to secrecy and she’d had a hard time dealing with it.

“Did he hurt you, I mean, beat you and stuff?”
“No. Not at first. He was pleasant and uncharacteristically kind in the beginning. He made me believe it wasn’t wrong; that it was just another way to show my love for him. And it….it…”
I noticed her voice had started to crack a tiny bit.
“It what?”
“I liked it…It felt good.” She told me with a great deal of shame.

She went on to tell how he’d become demanding, intimidating, and just plain wicked. He convinced her it was all her fault and threatened to tell everyone what she did if she didn’t submit to his demands.
She had to stop her story every few minutes to wipe her eyes.

She told me how she’d lived with this for years until her mother had come home unexpectedly to find her father and her in the bedroom.”
“Did you tell her what was going on, how he made you do that stuff?”
She smiled a weak smile, “I was sitting on top of him…” she says solemnly. “Fucking him…when my mother saw us…I hardly looked like someone being forced to do anything. I was almost seventeen. At that point…” She trailed off. I sat quiet and waited until she could go on. “At that point, I’m ashamed to say, I…liked…it.” She told me.
“My mother left three days later. Left us both. Left me with HIM. I left two months later. Three months before my 18th birthday.” And she began to cry.

I’d never seen my mother like that; so distraught. I felt such a hatred for my grandfather and suck a profound feeling of sorry and love for my Mom that I got up and threw my arms around her. She hugged me back and we stayed like that until our coffee got cold again.
Now I knew what she’d been talking about when she’d told me she knew what incest could do to a family. I couldn’t bring myself to ask what happened after her mother left.

“That’s over now Mom.” I whispered to her. “You don’t have to think about it anymore.” I kissed her on the cheek again. I felt her push her cheek harder to my lips.
In spite of the mood and topic of conversation, her smell, her fragrance filled my senses. It’s hard to explain how it made me feel. Somewhere between going to the bakery on an early Sunday morning and slipping between cool clean sheets after a nice hot shower and pushing your face in a soft, cold pillow. I inhaled again, long and slow so the feeling wouldn’t go away.

I barely heard her,
“But it’s NOT over.” She sighed.
“Sure it is Mom.”
“No…It’s NOT.”
I’m sure I looked confused.
“I’m doing it now. I’m doing it to YOU.” she cries. She got up and ran out of the kitchen.

“Holy shit!” I thought. Boy did this boat get turned around. I couldn’t just let her go like that. Me and her were nothing like her and her father. Not even close. I ran after her to tell her so.

I found her in her room; on her bed crying. “Mom…” I started. I sat next to her and rubbed her back as she laid there, her head on her pillow, her face turned away from me, trying hard not to cry.
“I’m not a twelve-year-old kid. And you’re certainly not {By any means, I thought to myself} a demented, selfish old man…” I tried to tell her. “Look at me.” I told her as I tugged on her shoulder to try and roll her over to face me.
“What we did…WE…US…Not just you, not just me…US; what we did was consensual. Regardless of all the bullshit and the pretence, I wanted what we did. I wanted you.” I tried to explain but felt I was falling helplessly short of the mark.

I didn’t feel like I was making my point. I didn’t think she was understanding what it was that I was trying to say. Then Mom touched my face with her hand, slowly, affectionately, she brought it across my cheek to the back of my head and pulled me down to her.
“I liked what we did.” She tells me when her lips are just a few inches from my face. “I liked catching you in the living room.” She whispered. “I liked what we did in the garage and then in your room.” She quietly tells me, her lips nearly on mine.

I was having a really hard time listening to her words…breathing in her scent.
“But I couldn’t say that Bobby. I couldn’t just come right out and say that.” She sounds so sorry, so apologetic, and maybe even a tiny bit ashamed. Not for what we’d done but for the pretences, the mockery…the bullshit.

She closed the few inches between us and touched her lips to mine. This certainly wasn’t a motherly kiss. In a few short seconds, it wasn’t even a kiss lovers might share. There was an urgency…a need…in this kiss. A burning, insistent need that had taken my mother away…and now…this woman on the bed with me, was about to share this need with me.

Like a rock hitting a pond, Mom pulled me onto her and wrapped her legs around me as she sucked my bottom lip into her hot mouth; the ripples of passion spreading out around us.
I admit, I didn’t have a great deal of experience sexually. I had fucked quite a few times, I would like to think I was good at it, but who wouldn’t. I certainly knew what I liked…and I liked THIS. It scared me a little at first, but I liked it. It’s always better when you’re scared with someone else.

This was new to me, this kind of feeling…this level of passion. I call it passion now, at the time I had no words for it. What happened between us the day before in my room was hot sex, an erotic, forbidden lust. This was something else. There was a heat in this…a fire…that threatened to burn me alive…us alive…if we didn’t do something about it.

I’m not sure if she took me or I took her, but we rolled together on the bed, our arms and legs tangled around each other, two mouths looking for a way to become one; moaning and gasping each time there was a space between them.

Mom grabbed the front of my shirt with both hands and pulled hard. It ripped down the open “V-Neck” and straight down along the front until my bare chest was exposed. She rolled me over onto my back and stuck four fingers in my pants behind the snap, closed her hand, and yanked with more power than I would have thought possible. My jeans tore open, the zippers actually ripped from the material.

Satisfied that she’d made it clear to me what she wanted, she took her pretty blouse in both hands and tore the front open. Buttons ricocheted off the headboard and the night table. I heard her glasses bounce of the headboard and fall somewhere between the wall and the bed.

Mom’s jeans were ripped and hanging off one leg when I finally entered her. What was left of her pretty blouse looked more like a scarf now, twisted around her neck. Her heaving breasts pushed up into my chest as my hands slid behind her…As if I could hold her any closer to me, her arms and legs wrapped so tightly around me that I could barely move my hips.

The irony. We wanted this so badly but held each other almost too tight to let it happen. We squirmed and rolled and bucked and kissed in the place my mother and father slept, coming close to finding ourselves on the floor each time we flirted with the boundaries of the bed. My dick buried inside her coochie, her coochie swallowing my dick as we held each other trying to find that place that would let us breathe again; trying to make something so wrong….into something perfect.

The room was filled with moans and grunts, tangled words and broken sentences. Neither of us could stand to pull our mouths away from the others long enough to say what we wanted, what we had to have. We just knew.

Mom closed her hands around my face and pulled her mouth away from mine just long enough to cry out, “Fuck me Baby! Oh god Yes! Fuck me!”
I found the room to increase my stroke and did it with a blinding fury. We were cheek to cheek now, our passion and urgency too violent to allow us to dare put our mouths together.

“Oh God! Oh Fucking God!” I heard myself howl into my mother’s neck.
“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Mom grunted each time I slammed into her.
“Harder Baby! Harder!” She begged but I thought I was already giving all I had.
I didn’t think I could do it any harder but her words spurred me on. She was now in danger of hitting her head against the headboard each time our bodies slammed together.

“I’m gunna!’ Mom yells out. “I’m gunna! I’m gunna cum.” She screamed.
I was right there with her. Feeling her pussy squeeze me like a strong angry hand was too much for me and I followed her right over the edge.

We both became rigid, almost painfully so, two bodies trying to occupy the same place. Low, growling sounds escaped from someplace deep inside us both as the entire world disappeared. There was nothing….only us…only the space we took up and the pure pleasure we now forced upon each other.

We were one taut heap in a mess of rags and sweat, un-moving, except for the heaving of our chests as they struggled desperately to capture the oxygen we needed so badly. We lay there, holding on, a low ominous growling like the roar of a great machine, being pushed out of someplace deep inside us.

Little by little, a fraction at a time…we eased. Slowly, steadily, we came back. Sweating, breathing hard through our mouths, we wiped the hair from each other’s faces. There were the beginnings of words spilling out, grunts and sighs, but nothing that could be considered dialogue; nothing that made any sense. We laid there long after the fire was extinguished, both of us drifting in and out of a blissful sleep.


It was a while before we ended up down stairs in the kitchen again. Breakfast had long gone. We would have to hurry if we were to get brunch.
I was redressed and Mom was fresh out of the shower, her hair still wet and smelling of Lilac. She had on a simple house dress, reminiscent of the late fifties television shows, -Father Knows Best- -Leave It to Beaver- -The Donna Reed Show. It was “Everyday Simple” but on her…Well…I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a pumpkin on wheels outside waiting to take her to the Ball.

It was loose but still managed to show her great figure. Her make-up was light but sexy, like the night I “Made her do it” in the garage, only her lips were a little darker. She was stunning, to put it mildly. I find it a little hard to breath now, as I recall image

“Ya wanna try that coffee thing again?” I asked.
“I believe I do. I think I really need it.”
“Some brunch?”
“Maybe a bagel if you’re toasting.”

We sat, drinking coffee and eating bagels, looking at each other, smiling, sometimes even giggling like we were in the second grade or something.
I watched my Mom, her body language, her mannerisms. She was happy. There was no sign of the woman that beat my ass red when I was twelve for spilling Cool-Aid on the living room carpet. The woman that had pulled off in a huff and left me at John Hastings field after baseball practice when I was thirteen, because I didn’t get to the Van fast enough to suit her, was gone as well. The bitch that had first caught me jerking off in the living room had also disappeared.

She looked happy, almost care-free. The worry lines at the corners of her beautiful eyes were all but gone. I felt a kind of pride that she was my Mom and that I might have played a small part in… …in… …Saving her…For a lack of better words.

“You made me rip my blouse.”
“You broke my zipper.”
Mom sipped her coffee. I chewed my bagel.
“You tore the leg right off my jeans.”
“There was already a hole in the knee.”
Mom bit into her bagel. I took a sip of my coffee.
“They were my favorite jeans.”
“Well now you can turn them into your favorite shorts.” I told her with my head cocked matter-of-factly. “What-da-ya-think about that?” I added, defiantly.
“Well, I think…I think…”
My mother faded off. It would seem the playful banter had ended.

“What happened up there?” She blurted out, abruptly changing the subject.
I would have rathered we talked about the clothes, the weather, the state of the economic world, those were things I could, at least, make some kind of sense out of.
“I don’t know.” I told her shaking my head, bringing my shoulders to my ears.
“That was….I’ve never….I mean….”
“I know.” I broke in. “It was crazy.”

Mom would have looked at me over the rim of her glasses, but they were broke. Her eyes sparkled at me, she nibbled on the corner of her bottom lip with her perfect teeth.
“I really liked that.” She shyly tells me. I find the gesture cute…Misplaced…but cute. It makes her looked even prettier, more like a girl than a woman. More like a friend than a mother.

“I have no words for it.” I told her. “As you know, I got a “D” last grading period in Vocabulary.” I added. Mom rolled her eyes.
“I think we should do it again.” She says quietly, uninhibited.
{I liked that. There was no bullshit…Just the truth.}
“What did you have in mind?” I gladly asked, my dick already starting to make his way to the waistband of my boxers.

“I think we should go out someplace and do stuff.” She says with a gleam in her eyes.
I’m dumbfounded. I’m not 100 percent sure what she’s suggesting here. Did she want to go to a motel? Seedy, I thought, but the idea was more than arousing.
“Like to a motel?”

I was getting a little bit nervous. I really wanted to do it again but I didn’t think I was prepared to do it in the candy isle of the local 7/11.
I thought camping would be a cool place to fool around but I wasn’t sure how we’d work that out with Dad and all but I was certainly willing to listen to some ideas.
“Ya mean like…Camping?” I asked hopefully.
“I don’t think so. I’m not sure how we could pull that off but I like that idea. We’ll have to put that one in the “Maybe” box for some other time. I’m talking about
today. ” she clarified.

“You wanna go someplace today?”
“Well, yeah.”
“Like where?”
“Outside.” She says like she’s suggesting we should go to the movies.

Oh my god, I’m thinking. She’s not thinking about the back yard is she? That’s just crazy.
“Like in the car?” I asked grabbing at straws. I hadn’t played “Twenty Questions” in a long time.
“Well, kinda. I mean, I suppose you could drive somewhere, someplace nice, and I could give you a blowjob on the way.”

And I thought the back yard was crazy.
I couldn’t believe we were sitting at the kitchen table, drinking coffee, eating bagels and mom was suggesting blowjobs in the car. What a far cry from yesterday.

Wow, I thought. And when I finally pushed that vision out of my head…I asked her, “On the way to where?”.
“I was thinking that maybe we could go up to the park and spend the afternoon there.”
“Great Falls!” I wasn’t expecting THAT.

Great Falls was a National Park ten or fifteen miles down Rt. 7. It was a wildlife preserve actually. No swings or monkey-bars or anything like that. Hiking paths, a nice stream, almost big enough to be a river and of course…A big waterfall. It was a really nice place to hang out…if you didn’t mind walking, snakes, and birds of prey big enough to carry off a good size goat or a weak, undernourished toddler. I would think the elderly should keep an eye out too.

“It’s Sunday.” I told her. My point being that there would probably be a lot of people at the park on a sunny Sunday afternoon.
“I know.” She says with that sweet little girl look in her eyes. I was willing to bet she had that same little girl look in her eyes when she and maybe one of her slutty girlfriends were about to hide out in the boys locker room in junior high.

“What are you getting at MOM?” I asked right out. She obviously had something in mind and I was getting a little anxious to hear what it was.

“I was thinking that maybe we could go to the park, just me and you, and maybe find a secluded out-of-the-way spot in the woods, maybe where we can hear the falls and….Do stuff. I can bring a blanket and maybe a little late lunch too. What-da-ya think?”

I thought my mom was some kind of adrenalin junkie or something. I thought I was just gunna have to worry about Dad catching us but as it turns out…I have to worry about a fair percentage of Virginia catching us as well.
“Are you sure about this?” I asked apprehensively. “Is this something you’ve done before?” I had to ask.

She went on to tell me that she’d tried to talk Dad into something like that a few times when they were first married but he wanted no part of it. My first thought was that maybe the old man was smarter than I gave him credit for. But then looking at Mom…I couldn’t imagine turning her down. I couldn’t.

I agreed. Within the hour, we had everything we needed {Including a bottle of Mom’s favorite wine. You weren’t allowed to bring any alcohol onto park property but I believed that---All and all---Getting caught with a bottle of wine might be the least of my worries.} and we were out the door.

Mom had suggested that I change into some loose “Driving shorts”.
“…Something easy to get into…” She’d said with a sultry drawl.


Well, by noon we were on our way to Great Falls. I was sitting behind the wheel of the family mini-van and Mom was reaching into my lap.
“Are you sure you wanna do this?” I asked as I swung my head around and scoped out the nearby traffic.
She had her left hand on the back of my seat, by my head, and she was leaning over, her long fingers tracing a path back and forth over the front of my shorts. My dick was trying its best to brake free.

“Feels like I better.” She tells me as she lightly pats the bulge between my legs.
I’m having a hard time concentrating on the road. No big surprise there. She unbuttons my shorts and slowly, very, very slowly, pulls the zipper down. The teasing does nothing to improve my driving. I’m still in my lane, but I’m nudging the lines on both sides; first one, then the other.

“You OK Sweetie?”
I’m not. I mean I AM…but I’M NOT. I can’t wait for her to slip her hand around my hard dick but I’m not real thrilled about killing us both in a head-on collision.
“I can’t Mom.” I tell her.

I’m sorry…I’m ashamed…And I’m a little pissed too.
I’m sorry because I really want to do this. I’m ashamed because I feel like such a…a little boy; a little inexperienced boy that can’t handle it. And I’m pissed…Well…for the same reason, I guess. That’s really not the way I wanted my Mom to see me.

“Tell ya what.” She says. “Pull into that gas station and we’ll switch.”
I’m a little confused but I turn into the station. Like an idiot, I’m wondering how in the hell she’s gunna give me a blowjob while she’s driving. Then it hit me.
“Am I gunna get to do what I think I’m gunna get to do?” I asked playfully.
“Do you think you’re gunna get to lick your Momma’s pussy?”

I wasn’t sure if I would ever get used to her talking to me like that. I wasn’t sure I really wanted to. Hearing her say that made my stomach drop.
“I’m hoping.” I answered.
“Well, pull over there and switch seats with me.” She tells me. I can hear the excitement in her voice.

In a few minutes we were back on the road. Mom flipped up her arm-rest and did the same to mine. She told me to scoot up a little in my seat. I wasn’t sure what she was getting at but I willingly did what I was told. She replaced her right foot on the gas with her left, twisted a little in her seat, and swung her right leg up, over and behind me. It was really quite graceful considering. She pulled her dress up around her waist revealing her beautiful hairless coochie.

Ya know how boxes of hair dye have beautiful women on the front to help sell the product, and there’s always that babe holding up the bottle of fingernail polish on the huge advisement in the cosmetic center…Well I think you could put a picture of my mom’s coochie on a box of tampons or maybe even a “Lady Schick” razor. I really think that would bring up sales.

Anyways…Mom’s steering down the road with one hand on the wheel and the other reaching out to me. I scan all around the van, shrug my shoulders, throw caution to the wind, and lean over the cup holders. I feel Mom’s fingers in my hair as the smell of Lilac fills my nose. Before it even registers that I love that smell…I feel she softness and the wetness of her warm pussy lips.

“Oh god Bobby…” Mom whispers as I suck her delicate folds into my eager mouth. I suck and lick tenderly, playfully. I just let my lips slide over them, up…I kiss…then down again to that tiny little place between her pussy and her asshole. Then I do it again. Mom’s becoming pretty vocal, pretty fast.

“That’s feels so good Baby.” She moans softly to the road. “Um-hum…Do that. Do that again. I like that.” She urges me on.
I purposely neglect her clit. I can see that it’s swollen and peeking out of its little hood. I slowly lick all around it, letting the tip of my nose find it every once-in-a-while. I can feel her pushing into me each time I get near it, wiggling around trying to guide it to my mouth.

A quiet grown escapes her when I slip a finger inside that slice of heaven she keeps between her legs. I am in constant awe of how pretty it is, how soft and smooth, the smell and texture. It’s like burying your face in a basket of lilac petals; warm, wet lilac petals.

Mom started to move her hips a tiny bit. I glanced up from her coochie, her eyes were jumping back and forth between the road and what I’m doing to her. I suck the swollen little nub into my mouth as I watch her. Her hips jerk and her head falls back slightly on the head rest. “Jesus….” She sighs and then cuts the wheel hard.

The van swerves and jerks enough to break my stride. She looks at the road, nervous and much more attentive now.
“I can’t do this Bobby.” I hear her say. “Stop Sweetie, hold on.”
I sat up in my seat.
“Watch your head.” She warns me.
I ducked a little and Mom swung her leg back to her side of the van. She sat up straight, fixed her dress.

“You OK?” I asked.
“Almost ran off the road.” She tells me with a shaky smile.
I felt good knowing that I had had that effect on her, that she too, was having a hard time paying attention to the road. I didn’t feel like such a little kid anymore.

Mom pulled off the road and turned into a Wal-Mart parking lot.
“What are you doing?”
“I can’t make it to the park.” She informs me as she scans the parking lot, slips into a parking space, and turns the engine off. The nearest car is at least twenty spaces away.
Without a word she makes her way over the cup-holders and into the back of the van.

There’s no middle seat. There’s the driver’s seat and shotgun and there’s a bench seat way in the back. The middle seat was taken out a long time ago. I don’t even know where it is anymore. All I really knew…and cared about…was that there was plenty of room back there.

Mom made her way to the back seat, sat down, pulled her dress up and spread her legs.
“Come-on.” She hurried me. I practically leaped over the front seat. I was nuzzled in between my mother’s long shapely legs before she could take another breath. I kissed and licked my Mom until she was unable to sit still. The fingers of both her hands were tangled in my hair, pulling me in closer, holding me there while she ground into my mouth with a slow rocking of her hips.

“Jesus Bobby…You do that so good.” She cooed. “I’m gunna give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had after you make me cum.”
She’d already given me the best blowjob I’d ever had, but if she was willing to see if she could hit another homerun, I was certainly willing to give her the bat to swing.

I glanced up. Mom had her head back. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip and jerking her hips. She wasn’t much of a look-out but at that point I cared about getting caught as much as she did.
“Oh fuck Baby…You’re gunna make me cum!”
Her tone was much more urgent and she was breathing through an open mouth.

I sucked and nibbled. I rubbed my cheeks against the softness of her smooth pubic area as I slid three fingers in and out of her wet pussy. My hand was wet and slippery. I slid my fingers out, sucked my mother’s creamy offering off them and then slid them back in. I increased my speed as I softly scraped my teeth over her dark red clit. Her ass jerked up off the seat in quick little jerks as she once again pushed my face between her legs.

She was pulling my hair now but the pleasure far outweighed the pain. I dug deeper into her sopping slit with my tongue each time her ass came up off the seat. She was making a low, steady groan that began to get louder and louder as she got closer and closer to where she needed to get.

“That feels so good!!!” she let the van know.
“Ohmygod!!!Holy fuck!!!” she announced to the closest car to us.
“I’m cumming Bobby!!! I’m cumming!!!” she told most of Wal-Mart.

“That’s it Baby…Eat mommy’s pussy!!!” She demanded as one hand came off my head and pushed against the roof of the van, she arched her back until her head practically hung over the back seat, and her legs clamped around my shoulders, her heels digging into my back, trapping me. Trapping me in a place I never wanted to leave. Her warm wetness flowed over my lips and fingers, thin and sweet.


Mom gathered her wits reasonable quick. Perhaps having her son between her legs in the parking lot of the local Wal-Mart on a busy Sunday afternoon had a little something to do with that.
She gently pulled me from my task as I finished gathering what I could with my tongue. I kissed her dripping coochie good-bye.

“Pull your shorts off.” She tells me as she studies the parking lot. She holds a finger up to me, telling me to wait, as she watches a red Ford Pickup slowly drive buy. The driver craned his neck to star at her. No doubt, a guy who appreciates beauty.

Content that we were safe for a little while longer, Mom dropped to the floor of the van, helped me with my shorts and wasted no time getting my hard dick in her mouth.
Considering neither of us needed to drive, getting my aching hard-on inside that hot pussy of my mother’s seemed like the logical thing to do.

I didn’t get the best blowjob I’d ever had that afternoon in the back of that old van but once I felt the wet velvet glove slide over my hard dick and felt her soft, full lips cover mine…Everything else seemed to drift away.

When Mom and I were finally done, Mom asked me to get her a few napkins out of the glove box. “You got cum in the crack of my ass.” She tells me as she plays with it with her finger.
“You helped.” I told her as I pulled my shorts up and started to make my way to the front of the van, to the glove box. When I got up on my knees, I noticed a dark four-door sedan parked next to us on one side and a little yellow Honda right in front of us, the driver and passenger just getting out. I ducked down real quick like I was a little Hide & Seeker checking to see if the coast was clear before I headed for home base.

“People!” I whispered to my Mom as I pointed a sharp finger in their direction.
Mom giggled…Uncontrollably. It soon turned into laughter. The joke was lost on me. I was freaking out.
“It’s OK Baby.” She regained a little control to tell me. “Are they coming over here?” She asks still giggling.
“Then don’t worry about them.” She says. “They won’t bother us. Just get the napkins before I make a real mess back here.”

We finally made it to the park that afternoon and spent the time getting used to our newfound….friendship.

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Enjoyed the series and how it developed.

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2016-10-14 13:24:09
I understand taking a little hiatus from writing. You wrote a lot of great stories in a relatively short amount of time, but it's been 5 years. It really is time to add a few more chapters to these. I would love to have more Caught and Mom's Insecurities.

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2016-10-07 19:33:34
shame there are no more chapters to this story after few years. Since there is no more "conflict" between the too regarding fucking, the story should find a new one and in my opinion it would be them having two different fetishes. She should find more of his porn movies discovering her son is heavily into anal sex and atm and the story should make her appriciate it and love it. constant anal sex should help her open up about her fetish... piss. she has a problem admiting how big her fatish is at 1st asking her son just to pee on her breasts but than finally admiting she wants him to piss into her mouth. The story could end in the moment of him pissing inside her ass after anal as it combines both of their needs. Another chapter should be about her realizing that she should be thankfull to her dad for forcing her into an incest relationship as a teen as it her become who she is. She ask her son to drove her to meet her dad in another state to offer herself to him...and....his dogs.

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2016-08-12 11:34:36
i need more of caught 5,6,7

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2016-07-04 03:46:05
write another chapter in which it shows that ur blackmailing ur mom again as she was not giving u... that make the story more horny and more exited to read like the 2nd chapter

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