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A reunion, an awakening, a reunion.
Welt ~ 4

There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It…

With her heels digging into the mattress she pushed her hips upwards with her hands holding her tiny ass up from beneath, her elbows bracing her there to receive his thrusts. Her chin was pressed into her chest and her hair splayed across her face did little to hide her piercing green stare. She looked up into his eyes and grinned a wicked grin, egging him on to fuck her harder and faster as she cried wordlessly between her panted and sighed encouragements. Screaming at the top of her lungs she threw her head backwards to lick her tongue along the wet opening of the blonde woman on her knees above her tiny face who was leaning forward to kiss the man deeply on the mouth.

“Please, must this continue?” I thought.

I could feel her excitement. My heart raced along with hers and I felt it skip a beat or two as she began squeezing and gripping at him with the muscles inside her small opening, stretched to accept his size. I could feel what she felt as his cock began to pulse inside of her pussy and she squealed in pleasure as he pulled it from her and she dropped the lower half of her body to the bed and sat up quickly, tucking her knees under her with her feet under her little ass and taking his cock in both hands. He was large, but felt even larger in her small little hands. She took his cock into her mouth and I could feel it push past the back of her mouth and into her throat. I could feel and taste his cum as she moved her head up and down from his base to his tip, covering the inside of her mouth. She made no effort to swallow; it flowed past her lips and down his shaft over her hands.

“I’m serious, stop this at once,” I thought desperately.

She released him from her grasp and leaned backwards at the waist, her hair fell to the mattress in a dark-but-sun-kissed cascade and she looked up to the blonde woman’s pretty face and their tongues entwined, sharing his cum back and forth between their open mouths. Three more spurts fell across the outside of her pussy and front of her pelvis where she was on her knees between his thighs. They laughed and giggled together and collapsed in a tangle of groping, sweaty, sticky, bodies.

Another similar scene began as the first ended, this time the blonde woman on her elbows and knees on a soft carpeted floor with the dark haired man fucking her from behind with deep short strokes and a look of intense lust in his grey eyes. Her pretty face, dimples and short blonde hair and a savage seeming smile, was between the lithe green-eyed girl’s legs; I could feel her licking the small girl’s pussy while looking up into her eyes and wrinkling her nose mischievously every time the tanned little nymph twitched in ecstasy.

“I’m serious! Enough!” I snapped in my mind.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Aliona asked me with a cocky smile as she sipped her pink lemonade and bobbed her head slightly side to side on the patio of the coffee shop. There was no escaping the sun but she didn’t squint her sharp green eyes in its glare, they were wide and sparkled with their own inner light.

“Because you are my sister, and your thoughts are…unholy,” I said to her, trying to maintain my composure. I was of the Elohim. We didn’t respond to our emotions, we tried not to even feel them; but one is not meant to see their sister in such a way and it was hard not to feel something.

Aliona stuck her tongue out at me, licked her lips, and sipped her lemonade again. Her voice was coy and the dare was evident in her tone. “Stop reading them then, little sister.”

Her slow wink combined with her tongue on the edge of her glass as she paused before taking another small sip with her small lips shattered my resolve and I blushed. “You’re incorrigible. Do you do this to torment me?”

“Do what?” she quipped impishly, “I’m not doing anything. You’re the one watching my thoughts.”

“How is this proper behavior?” I thought. She just looked at me over the rim of her glass then set it empty down on the glass table, ignoring me.

“Are you trying to talk to me?” she asked with a giggle, popping two pieces of pink gum in her little mouth. “I can’t do that anymore, Av.”

There was no sadness in her voice when she said it, only mirth at my discomfort. How could she be so…stable? Without hearing the thoughts and feeling the emotions of those around me I would be blind. Without the choir swelling in every fiber of my being, the Spark bright in my eyes at all times, I would feel empty. Alone. Terrified. Indeed, I would lose control and feel; and then likely fall like so many that had spent more time around humans than I had.

“I was never jaded and guarded like you. I didn’t have to be. Cherubs don’t do what you do, we have to feel everything,” Aliona said, signing a credit card receipt and swishing to her feet. She took my hand and I left my coffee unfinished and followed her down the sidewalk.

The thoughts of the men, and many of the women, about my sister as she padded barefoot past them shocked me. A protective urge surged inside of me and I wanted to dim them all down; tone their lust and scandalous thoughts to a dull roar so they would stop noticing her. That would be selfish though, manipulative of the mortals and their whims. Still…she was my sister and some of the things they were thinking seemed just so…wrong.

“I can’t heeeaar yooouuuuu,” Aliona sang in her high breathy voice, smiling and spinning on the ball of her right foot so that her little swatch of white cloth she no doubt considered a skirt span around her hips and showed her pink thong and what it scarcely concealed to any that may look; and most looked, a surge of lust rang through the Choir around me.

“You should show composure Aliona; you may not hear them, but I can,” I warned her sternly.

“Let them look,” she said with a shrug and a laugh like little glass chimes. “I have no shame but that more of them don’t have what I have.”

“No shame indeed,” I mumbled as she tugged at the sleeve of my beige overcoat. “What are you doing now?”

“Take this crap off,” Aliona chided me. “Do you realize it’s hot and sunny and you’re in Los Angeles? It’s the city of fucking angels, you dope!”

“My caste finds no redeeming qualities in…” I tried to say before she cut me off. She had always had a terrible habit of finishing other’s sentences. I had once found that charming, but now it only frustrated me.

“ appropriate clothing?” she finished for me. “That’s retarded Av, take your fucking coat off and get a tan or something.”

There was a note of frustration in her; I sensed it in the Choir more than I heard it in her chipper voice. Looking deeper to see if it was from something else other than me I saw only the tangled flesh of sex acts and felt mirth and pleasure and bubbling exuberance. It was me. “I have displeased you, I apologize.”

As I began removing my coat she frowned slightly. Even the smallest frown on her pristine little face was like seeing a great stained glass masterpiece crack and I felt a stab of remorse and sadness that I had made her unhappy. I checked myself again, struggling to find the flat and clean blank note that was the hallmark of my caste. The Elohim were the great arbiters; the impassive, some would say cold, instruments of raw judgment of intent, be it pure or profane. The dissonance in the Choir around me subsided as I let out an even breath.

“I don’t remember you being so sexy,” Aliona said as she took my hand and we continued down the street under the hot sun.

“What? Why would you…I am not.”

“Oh sure, right,” she teased me, stopping me to point me towards our reflection in a shop window. “You’re not fucking hot at all.”

“What others think of my physical appearance has no bearing on my tasks, sister,” I explained.

“Then your vessel wouldn’t look like a hot blonde model,” she said scoldingly.

“I don’t believe this is what I needed to speak with you about,” I said to Aliona frankly, turning to continue walking. She was frustrating me again. I had never been so discordant before; never had such trouble restraining my feelings from affecting the world around me. It was dangerous; I had to regain control. I had to find the perfect harmonies and observe them as opposed to taking part in them.

“No?” she asked. “Want to talk about your movie then?”

“My…movie?” I was confused; I had no idea what she was referring to.

“Yeah, I totally saw you naked on the internet, Av,” she looked up at me and bit her bottom lip and grinned and threw her wink at me. I’d seen that wink still a violent man’s hand so that I wouldn’t have to kill him, seen it bring a king to his knees before her so that he could be saved from himself, seen it quell the rage of armies so that they wouldn’t wreak death on each other. I didn’t think she’d ever use it on me in this way; but it worked. I smiled despite my turmoil and I felt the Choir smooth out again.

“How do you still do that?” I asked. “Your resonance should be silenced now.”

“You assume that all power stems from divine right? Face it, sis; I just have a nice smile.” Aliona quickly flicked her eyebrows up and down.

“I didn’t mean for him to see me,” I said. It wasn’t true. I knew that Gavin Day had a camera and I knew that I should have taken it so that he couldn’t circulate the image of me coming for the old homeless man when his time had come. It was only a small lie; I was not a Seraph after all, bound to truth as Aliona had once been bound to love and as I was still bound to placid calm. Still, it stung as I said it; one should not lie to their sister.

“Then you would have stopped him,” Aliona said to me cheerfully. “So why did you want him to see and to remember?”

“Damn her,” I thought to myself, regretting that too as soon as I thought it. There may not be a hell as mortals saw it, but it was an unkind and dangerous thing to think. “I sensed he had an unresolved passage in the Choir. Some part to play that required him to know.”

“And did he play it?” Aliona asked me as we wandered onto a boardwalk along the ocean. “Oooooo…let’s get ice cream.”

“No, he did not,” I replied to her, sadness washing over me again before I could stop it. “He lives in his own hell now.”

Elohim find no redeeming qualities in ice cream. Aliona apparently did and we detoured to the ice cream stand before I could continue. She had three scoops, each a different flavor but all pink, piled atop a waffle cone before we resumed walking. My feelings of inadequacy at failing to save Gavin Day drowned out any sadness I may have felt at taking away her enjoyment of the frivolous frozen silliness as I told her what happened. By the time I was done we sat on a bench at the end of a pier, looking out across the blue waves under the cloudless sky; half her cone and the ice cream it contained was melting on the bench beside her as silent tears rolled down her cheeks. She took my right hand between hers and shook her small head side to side slowly with her mouth turned down in a look I wished I hadn’t put there.

“I had forgotten how bad it can be,” Aliona whispered.

“I wish that I could,” I replied, my voice hoarse and quiet.

She wiped her tears with the backs of her hands and sniffled, then put her hand on my face. Her fingers came away wet from under my left eye. She tried to smile at me but only sobbed and wept in earnest. I felt my lips quiver, my vision blurred with tears of my own, and I succumbed. There was no more strength left to maintain unemotional placidity.

There is nothing in this world or any other quite as sad as seeing a Cherub cry, and it broke me.

With my face against Aliona’s thin little neck and shoulder I sobbed and cried. My body shook and I felt the Choir around me jangle and stagger out of synch, becoming sharp and atonal. Still I wept, and she just held me there with her tears wetting my hair. I do not know how long we sat there, Aliona holding me in her thin arms and stroking my hair as she cried with me. I had missed my older sister more than I had known; missed her counsel, missed her voice, missed her touch, missed the way she had that made everything, no matter how dark k and grim, seem like it would actually turn out alright if we only tried hard enough. It had been two years since we had seen each other, decades since we had worked together. I lost myself in her presence as others were wont to do.

“Avrielle?” she said eventually, and I looked up into her wet green eyes between her fine hair falling across her brow. The sun had moved. The breeze had shifted. The air was cooler now. She had that crooked grin on her face and the light I had always assumed was her Spark had returned to her eyes.

“Yes, Aliona?” I asked, my voice still unsteady.

“You need to get laid.”

There Is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret…

“So you lied?” I asked her as we walked through the twilight back to her home.

“I would never lie to Mark or Lisa, Av,” Aliona explained, patiently as though to a child. To her I was a child. “None had ever touched this body as they had. The flesh of this vessel was new, and the things I felt I had never felt before. It was no longer ‘the job’; it had become very real for me and so I knew I had to stay with them. And the things we do together…little sister, you have no idea.”

I did, though. I flinched back from her thoughts as she drifted away in another of her seemingly endless fantasies or memories, a wicked grin slapped across her face.

“You are missed by many, not just me,” I said to her. “They would not have remembered you; they would not have missed you.”

“Yes, but I could not bear to miss them,” Aliona went on, “and that would have been a far greater disharmony for me. I could not have forgotten as they could have. I would rather die than be without them.”

I was happy for her. ‘The job’ as she called it was all most of us knew…would ever know. To let go of ‘the job’ was to fall and become like them. The demons, as mortals called them. It was not accurate to call them that, no more so than to call me an angel; but they were the words that fit best. Some sing the Choir, and some tune the instruments. We were those that tuned it to the best harmony possible, while they sought to rupture it’s beauty with their own disharmony and scattered passages of random notes. There wasn’t a single one of us, on either side of the Scale, that could make a mortal do something they didn’t already wish to do…but we could set the stage for them to make the choices that led them one way or the other.

It would have been nice is there were a heaven and hell. It would have been nice if their were a God on high answering the prayers of the pious. It would have been convenient; easier. Instead the bitter truth was that we all did what we did, and that’s what we got; the fruits of those pains and pleasures. The result of passion and passing pique put the momentum behind the whole thing. It was a frightening truth for those who didn’t want to accept their role in their own fate or destiny. Perhaps that’s why such elaborate fictions had been invented by the mortals around the whole thing. If only that fiction, and my part in inadvertently fostering it, had served Gavin Day better than it had.

“You’re brooding,” Aliona said as we approached the front of her house. She winked up at me, still grinning and thinking her scandalous thoughts. “No brooding in my house, please.”

“It’s really…big,” I said, looking up at the large white house with its red tile roof. The image that flashed through her mind made me blush.

“I can keep doing that until you smile, if you want,” she said suggestively, raising one eyebrow and flashing her green eyes at me. She did; the images were lewd and I was very embarrassed at what I saw my sister doing with her mouth to the big hard cock in her mind.

“I’d rather you did not,” I said. “My caste finds no redee…nevermind.”

Her laugh was like a peel of church bells to me, and I relaxed and smiled.

“Do you want to know a secret?” Aliona asked, placing her small hand on my arm and leaning conspiratorially close. “You’re no different from them. The mortals. If everything we are taught of discord is true then I would have fallen the moment I met them and fell truly in love. I did not. What does that tell you?”

If the fictions of the mortals had been true, what she was saying was blasphemy. If my superior was here he would be mortified, but he had fallen and I had been without higher guidance since he became one of them.

“Aliona…I don’t…” I stammered.

“Shhhh,” she said, standing on her tip toes to whisper into my ear, “We…I mean you… are allowed to make choices, just like we mortals are. So choose to smile for once, and we’ll do something fun to relax you.”

The imagery in her mind shocked me. The things she was picturing me doing, things I had never even imagined, made my mind reel while eliciting a thrill in me I’d never felt before now. This just be what it feels like for them, right before they fall.

“I don’t need to read your thoughts to know what you’re thinking,” Aliona said, patting my cheek as she led me by the hand up the red gravel path to her door. Someone had picked up her flip flops from where she’d left them in the yard. I could hear music inside, and up on a balcony above the front door I could see a large easel and canvas. I couldn’t see the artist, but paint splashed suddenly in a blue arc across a red background. “You worry far too much; come inside and meet my family, little sister.”

I paused as she turned the handle, “How much do they know about…”

“Nothing. Not one. Single. Thing. Please keep it that way,” my sister said pleadingly. “They do not ask me of my past out of love for me, and I do not tell them out of love for them. They would not…could not..understand.”

I nodded my agreement and we went inside.

“YO!” the dark haired man from her mind yelled from halfway up the stairs in the large marble foyer, turning and running down the stairs to pick her up in his arms. She looked so small as he wrapped his arms around her waist, picked her up, and spun her in three circles before even noticing me. Without putting Aliona down he stopped and met my gaze. “Hi. I’m Mark.”

His smile was huge and infectious. I felt my lips twitch and realized they were trying to return the gesture so I let them, worried as I did it that this could be the end of me. My voice sounded drab as I spoke, as it always did. “I am Avrielle. Pleased to meet you.”

He looked at Aliona, setting her down, “Out making friends on the boardwalk?”

“Avrielle is my…friend,” she said to him. Her grin was ever present, easing my tension. “A friend from before I met you and Lisa.”

“Oh, hey!” Mark said, throwing his arms around me and hugging me warmly. He left his right arm around my shoulders as he led me inside to a modern kitchen, black tile and stainless steel with the smell of something spicy cooking. “We’ve never met anyone from ‘the great unknown past’ Ali won’t talk about.”

There was no suspicion in his voice. I couldn’t help but wonder why; Aliona appeared far younger than she was, and I appeared to be several years older than her. You would think that a mortal would find this odd, but he seemed to accept it in stride and move on like the surreal was part of his normal existence. He turned his back to us, opening a cupboard.

“Ali?” I mouthed to my sister. I could hear her thoughts telling me “You know I hate ‘Aliona’.”

“Wine?” Mark asked, turning around with a large glass in one hand and a bottle in the other.

“My caste finds...” I started to say, and then caught Aliona flashing her sharp green eyes at me. “Yes, please. Wine.”

“Mark, I’m going to say hi to Lis,” Aliona said to him, standing on her toes to kiss his cheek before spinning her hair and tiny little skirt around her and skipping towards the stairs on the other side of the large kitchen. She called back down the stairs as she ran up them, “Get Av to talk about music! She loves music!”

“Oh yeah?” he said to me happily, handing me the full glass of white wine and turning to flip the contents of a large steel skillet around. “What do you know about music?”

I was uncomfortable. Sitting seemed like a commitment, and standing felt awkward. I leaned on the island counter, my coat still draped over my left arm and the wine in my right hand. I truly did love music; it was a joy we all shared. How could one not when the Choir surrounded us and sang from every action of every being? I doubted that I could speak about it with any mortal with the depth I could with an angel.

“It is the pulse that tells us all that the world is real, and that is all happening.” I said bluntly.

“Whoa,” he said, looking up from his cooking and wiping his hands on a white towel. He threw it over his shoulder and poured more wine into his own glass beside the stove, turning to sit across the granite topped island from me. “Good fucking answer.”

The look in his grey eyes; it was piercing and acute. It was like looking at one of us. Perhaps he was not as simple a mortal as I expected them all to be.

“We’re going out tonight,” he said with sudden finality after a few seconds of matching my gaze. I had been trying to stare him down as I always did with mortals; unsuccessfully.

“Well then I will find some way to amuse myself in your absence,” I said to him. “Do not let my presence deter you.”

“What?” Mark asked me. “No, I mean all of us. What kind of hosts would we be if we didn’t try to show you a good time?”

“Hm,” I replied, sipping at the wine. I felt lame, foolish. I was trying my hardest not to pick at his thoughts and emotions out of respect for Aliona.

He went back to his cooking, stirring whatever was in the pan. It smelled good, hot, foreign. Curry, I realized. “So you’re from out of town?”

“Yes, you could say that,” I replied flatly.

Mark made several more attempt at conversation while I sipped the wine and wondered what I was supposed to do. My caste finds no redeeming qualities in social interaction. I opened up my mind to the Choir and felt only curiosity from him. I regretted it as Aliona came back down the stairs holding the hand of a beautiful and shapely blonde woman, hopping slightly on her metal leg. With the three of them in the room even the slight opening I had allowed flooded me with their love for each other. It was almost overwhelming and I set the wine glass on the counter hard to avoid dropping it. Aliona caught my eye again and must have seen the shock on my face, her eyes lit up and her wicked grin split her face and she nodded a wide-eyed nod in recognition of what she knew I was feeling.

Yes, I was happy for her; happy, and suddenly jealous. This was far too many emotions all at once, but I couldn’t stop fear from piling itself on top. Dangerous ground; Elohim are to sense and gently manipulate, not to feel and revel in it. At least…that’s what we had always been told. I downed the wine in one long swallow and filled the glass to the top again. Aliona rolled her eyes and shook her head at me before introducing me to Lisa. I started in surprise at the images and thoughts in her little head…in all of their heads… and drank the glass half way down again. She giggled, Lisa wrinkled her nose in a cute smile, and Mark looked over his shoulder from the stove with a look of mild confusion on his face.

Perhaps it was for the best that there was no true hell for me to go to.

To Be an Angel Blind, The Crippled Soul Divides…

He was an attractive man, and even from across the crowded nightclub I could sense his lust as he looked over at me. I do not drink, not even on occasion, and the wine with supper had led to sweet and sticky liquor of some kind in the back of the car Mark had called to take us out. My head was buzzing and I was feeling confused by the emotions of all those around me. Usually I could block them out or single in on individuals but the club was full of too many feeling too elated, and I was drunk. I was awash with their sensations as they moved together on the dance floor or jostled against each other in the rest of the large crowded room. This man was different though. He was projecting at me. Mortals can do this, but they do it clumsily. This man though; he had a singularity of thought as he simmered and watched me from across the club.

He saw me looking at him, smiled, and I felt a stab of pride and courage flash through him. He moved through the packed press of people like a hunting cat through the jungle. It was as though he barely touched them, weaving this way and that to methodically make his way towards me. I glanced around through the jumble of people and feelings, trying to find Aliona. She was with Mark and Lisa on the dance floor and the three of them were bumping and grinding against each other. Looking at her I latched onto her mind and called to her, forgetting momentarily that she could no longer hear me. The thoughts and images I found there were sick and sensual, the look on her face matching the look in her mind’s eye. Whereas before I was scared, nervous, shocked at what I saw there, I now found myself warmed by it. A peculiar sensation was forming in me, one I had only encountered in the minds of others.

I was so turned on that I dropped my drink and the glass broke on the floor.

I looked back up from its broken little shards at my feet and into his eyes. Lost in my reverie I hadn’t noticed he had reached me. He had a warm smile, soft brown eyes, a strong jaw with slight stubble. His hair was neat and simple, dark like that on his face. He wore a simple black t-shirt, somewhat low at the neck, tucked into simple black pants. I felt lust and want, surprised to realize I hadn’t touched his mind yet; it was coming from me. My pulse matched the fast music.

“Hi!” he yelled over the noise of the club, “My name’s Christopher!”

I reached into the Choir and felt his mind. I saw myself as he saw me. He wanted to touch my hair, sandy and blonde and hanging loose around my shoulders. I could feel him wanting to push it back from the side of my strong cheekbone and over my small ear. As I looked into his eyes he flicked them down momentarily and I could sense his arousal at my pert and round breasts, pushing against the inside of my white button up shirt. His gaze lingered for only a second on my exposed cleavage and slid down to my narrow waist and across the front of my flat stomach to move over my hips, curved and stretching the tight dark grey wool of the short skirt I wore. In his mind I saw him put his hand on one of my hips as he continued to take in my long tanned legs, my calves firm from the lift of my black heels. Wait; I realized he had put his hand on my hip. I clutched at the Choir and pushed the haze of alcohol from my mind, clearing my head. The lust remained, his and mine.

“Do you want to dance!?” he shouted near my face. We were near some of the speakers facing the dance floor but I could hear his words in his head clearly.

Part of me wanted to push him away, shoving his own lust at him and forcing him to take a step back. The rest of me was too thrilled to bother. I put one hand on his chest and the other over his on my hip and leaned in close to his ear.

“I don’t think that’s what I want to do,” I said in a voice that seethed far more than I knew I was capable of. His eyes went wide and I felt his shock. I felt the lust, but also surprise and trepidation. I probed deeper and felt his warmth, his kindness, his gentle nature. I wove my own lust into his, and watched as his eyes lit up and his chest went in and out with short breaths. I let my emotions run wild as I never had before and twined them together with his, knotting them together and fueling the small fire in him into an inferno. I felt him feeling his mouth water. I felt his confusion fade to resolve.

“Elohim do not do this,” I heard the small part of me protest in my mind. “We do not exude, we sense.”

I was tired of being the good little sister though. I turned to look out to dance floor and found Aliona. I let a wave of raw emotion roll from me, through the people on the dance floor between us. In its wake the packed people writhed and danced closer to each other, pressing tighter as their movements became more sensual. Startled, Aliona looked at me with her big eyes getting bigger eyes. Her face went wide and her grin doubled. I saw her mouth form the words, “KICK ASS!” I heard her pushing her thoughts louder so I could hear them.

“Now that’s my little sister!” her mind shouted with pride. “Call me later!”

I nodded with a passionate sneer and led…Christopher? Yes, Christopher… towards the nearest exit sign.

Behind the Faces I’d Assumed, Powerless To Wipe Away What You Have Suffered…

“Wow, well, should we go to my place?” he asked as I led him out the back door into the alley beside the parking lot.

I turned and took him by the shirt, putting his back hard against the wall and pushing my lips against his. I kissed him clumsily, inexperienced, and I felt his surprise turn back to lust as he began kissing me back. I couldn’t tell where my own passion stopped and his started anymore so I amplified both. His hands clutched at the small of my back and pulled me closer against him, one sliding down to hold firmly around my ass while the other went up my back and entwined his fingers in my hair. I pulled his shirt from where it was tucked into his pants and reached for his belt. I didn’t know what to do, so I instead locked my mind with his and prepared to do whatever I saw myself doing in his imagination.

I pulled back with a start and looked in his eyes. I didn’t see what I expected there; him fucking me desperately against the wall in the dark behind the club. I saw him instead laying me down softly on my back, kissing my neck as he slowly undid my shirt. Surrounded by candles he removed my shirt gently, standing up on his knees to pull his shirt over his head and tossing it to the floor beside the soft, white, silk-sheeted bed. I felt his want for me as he lay atop me, taking my head between his hands and kissing me deeply with his tongue slowly sliding against mine between our lips. He pressed one of his legs against the space between my legs, sliding his thigh between mine and putting pressure on my pussy. No man had ever touched me there, my startled pleasure rose in me and I wound it around his own sensations of desire as he moved his hands down my body, one squeezing and massaging my breast as the other slid down my thigh and back up under my skirt.

I saw in his mind as he slowly and gently pulled my panties down over my legs. I squirmed this way and that as he leaned up on his free hand and shifted his body so I could move my legs and let him pull them down to my ankles. I kicked them to the floor to join his shirt and he moved between my legs as I spread them. He pushed my skirt up over my hips and he took in a breath through his teeth as I deftly undid his pants and pushed them down over his ass and took his big hard cock in my hand. His lips pressed back to mine as I moved him to my wet opening. I felt what he felt as he slid into my tight pussy and started moving his hips up and down atop me. His body was pressed down onto mine as we writhed in his sheets. Fucking me slowly and gently he moved his mouth down over my neck and to my chest as he lowered the cup of my bra off my breast and then put the flat of his tongue over my nipple and licked. A new stab of pleasure went through me and I reflected it back into him. He put his mouth around my breast and pumped his cock harder and deeper into me.

I locked my heels onto his hips and pulled him into me. He lifted his upper body up off of me, his hands holding the bottom of my breasts and pushing them together as he drove into me. I could feel the climax he imagined building inside of him and folded the sensation into myself, a rising wave of feeling washing through my whole body beneath his. We cried out together as our hips wound around and we gyrated against each other. I’d never felt this before and I reveled in it, lost in the moment of our shared ecstasy. I felt him pulsing through his body and my own, his mind and mine. As he came into me I screamed and threw my arms and legs apart, digging at the sheets with my fingers and toes as he ground down into me and smothered my insides with hot fluid from his pulsing cock.

I stared at him with my eyes and mouth wide, lost in shock and bliss. He looked back, stunned into silence.

“How did you…what just…” Christopher stammered, still leaning back against the cold brick wall in the dark alley.

“That was incredible,” I breathed.

“I don’t understa…I don’t…” he stuttered.

“We need to go do that right now,” I said intently, leaning back from where my breasts were pressed hard against his chest.

“Yeah…whoa…yeah…” he said, gulping in breath through his open mouth. “My car’s over here.”

He started to lead me out of the alley to the parking lot.

“Hey!” a man’s sharp voice said behind us. We both turned to look and as we did I felt my whole body go cold and sticky.

“Yeah?” Christopher asked, peering through the darkness at the form in the shadows by the door of the club. “Can I help you?”

I could feel the hate. The bitter wave of terror slithering towards us like dirty smoke. The voice rasped, “Fear.”

Christopher dropped my hand and bolted down the alley, leaving me there in the dark.

“You fucking slut,” the voice sneered, amused. “It feels good to take control, doesn’t it?”

“Don’t hurt him,” I said, blocking the fear he was radiating. “He’s done nothing.”

“Little Jenna Jezebel can take care of your toy; this could be our most precious moment and I won’t have anyone fucking it up.” He stepped out of the blackness into the shadows, but I already knew him by the stink of his hatred. He was one of the most powerful Elohim ever to fall and become Habbalah. He was the author of Gavin Day’s descent.

He was my old mentor.

“Raguel,” I said bitterly.

“Avrielle,” he replied pleasantly.

“Now what?” I asked, clenching my fists and widening my stance.

“Now?” he laughed a laugh like snakes slithering on sand. “Now…you fall.”

“No,” I said to him quietly, “Not tonight…”

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2012-05-31 18:37:35
I'm guessing a fan of BMTH using the album name as chapter titles,nice xD also,love your story's,Muse is simply amazing

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2012-02-11 22:44:35
x2Ae0X Uh, well, explain me a please, I am not quite in the subject, how can it be?!...

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I don't believe in slowing down. If anything, I'm speeding up. So keep reading and I'll keep writing. Actually; I'll keep doing that anyways. I'm just happy some people like what I do.

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Simply amazing. I've never enjoyed reading a story as much as i have reading this (as well as muse, personal favorite). You have an uncanny tallent for storytelling and I hope you don't slow down with it anytime soon. I'd also love to hear some of your music :)


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