Senior year was here, girls swimming was in full swing and I was the only guy managing the team this year. Birdy and I had managed the team with the coach last year but this year it was my team to manage. It was my turn to coach the new freshmen and I wanted it to be my year to get Jennie.

She was my closest friend in all the school the only thing she didn’t know about was my desire to make sweet love to her 5’6’ 120 blonde, blue eyed beauty with a smile to die for. Oh and lets not forget her perfect 34B tits and the tightest ass and thighs you’ll ever see.

Every day we flirted and every day the freshmen girls giggled at the fact that Jennie was missing out on the fact that I wanted her. This continued for the better half of the month.

About half way into the season as we were approaching hell week the girls all started getting injured now I am not nor was I ever a sports trainer but I got to know my way around their offices and helped a lot of girls find their way down to get care. On one particular day two freshmen Christa and Sam (best of friends) got shoulder injuries I took them down to the trainers office.

Christa was a taller blonde with legs to kill for, her Mom was a Sweed she has a great ass, and some nicely developed tits. Sam on the other hand had long black hair and was only about 5'3 but shit the tits and ass on her were perfectly proportional even Jennie didn't have an ass this bubbly. Sam was always pulling her tight suit out of her ass. She acted blonde and I think thats why she and Christa were such good friend.

Anyways Jeff the head trainer was not around and his assistant they were going to go to take care of two football player who had leapt for a ball in the end zone and cashed helmet to helmet. So there was no one to care of the injured girls. I got them ice and said I’ll be back just let me get some towels so you don’t get and ice burn.

When I got back there were Christa and Sam holding hands and giggling. Christa said "Mike come here and take a look at Sammy’s shoulder", Sam turn around and show me her red shoulder and of coures I noticed her swim suit was riding up her ass. I thought oh shit this would be such a hot fuck no way will this happen. So I went over and took a look at Sam, its red that's for sure. When you swim your storkes what stroke makes it hurt the most? "Oh the breast stroke" Sam said with both girls laughing at that.

Ok well I know there are some strenghening and stretches that Jeff will want you to do there over here...all of a sudden I felt Christa’s chest against my back. I didn't get a change to stop turn or even open my mouth to excuse my self. Christa said "we want to go swimming with you sometime she said actually we want to swim in your cum." I just stood there (shit faced) Sam continued ya we see how you want Jennie and how you look in your Speedo they giggled some more but we haven’t see all you have to offer she continued. "But you ..." I startred to say "shut up Mike we want to fuck you and we are having a PJ tonight and your going to come." Sam said with a demanding tone in her voice.

"What's a PJ I asked? "Its a Party Jam at my house said Sam." "Should we give him an idea of what to expect Christa asked Sam?" " Of course" and with that Sam grabbed my shorts and my cock and gave me the smoothest blow job ever. "We’ve been practicing on Annie’s dildo’s" said Christa referencing Sam’s older sister who I had know from the year before.

No shit I said this is Sam continued Christa move around and walked over to the ice bin and grabbed a couple of cubes and came back and pushed Sam aside and began to use the ice on my balls and my hard dick what a feeling it was so intense and all the while the girls keep working over my dick brining me closer and closer to cumming. As my balls got iced more and more Christa took my dick and buried it into her mouth and I came so hard that I know she didn’t have any choice but to swallow O the feeling I was really looking forward to the PJ. But the girls were not done the began to play with each other and tease me and occasionally would look to see if my dick was hard again. When it was they stopped and said you better go your going to be up all night.

Both girls quickly put their swimsuits back on and ran back to practice. I took it all in standing there with a hard on and if it was not for the loud bang of the locker room door would have had some explaining to do. I pulled up my Speedo and short, and tucked my cock up so it was not so noticeable and headed back to the pool. Practice at this point was almost over and coach said "head out it’s going to get busy for the game soon." As he said that I knew just how the girls were planning on getting away with their PJ thing. It was a Friday night home game and being that I knew both Christa and Sam's parents were drinkers would go to the game and be tired when they got home. To tired I hoped to notice a senior fucking their daughter and her friend.

So I went home, grabbed some dinner and said "Hi" to my mom and younger brothers. Told them I was going the game and then was going to stay at a friend’s house and go biking the next day. The last thing I wanted was a tag along which I was lucky and didn't get. I called up Christa and got Sam who said "you better bring drinks and plenty of water" "ok I said", "yeah we have a bet we can make you cum 8 times before the sun comes up she said"! Shit that’s a challenge I was looking forward to enjoying. I made some calls and got some Wild Turkey and water and headed over. When I got to Sam's house her parents were already walking over to the stadium. I rang the bell and Lindsey answered the door. "Hi come on in Christa and Sam told me to get the door". Ok now I'm starting to think what the fuck is going to go on here I walked in and saw Christa and Sam kissing.

Ooooo goodie Christa and Sam exclaimed! Come over here you its time to start the party as Christa took the Wild Turkey and water from me. Sam led me out back to the deck. As we sat down she said Lindsey is going to watch and learn. With that she pulled my shorts off and grabbed my cock. Christa came out in a huff that Sam had started and got really bossy and told Lindsey to pour drinks. Christa took over from Sam and told Sam "rub that wet pussy all over his face."

Sam moved up to my face and let me play with her wet pussy. I focused all my attention on the heat she was generating while Christa sucked my cock. As the girls then changed positions I felt hands on my arms and felt myself being pulled and tied up! I freaked and stopped! "Oh no you don't" Christa said, "this is just to make sure you behave and do what your told." With that she stepped a way and I had Lindsey's pussy in my face, go to it the girls said. I did as I was told. Lindsey was a bit of a stocky girl but had some very powerful thigh, which I love and as I ate her pussy and was held back by the rope I started to notice she was very wet. As I ate her pussy she got louder and louder and then she squirted! She came all over my face I was so wet with pussy juices it was a full out pussy shower! Her pussy juices were everywhere and I loved it.

"See I knew he'd love it" Sam cried out We tied up you Christa said to make sure you wouldn't run off when she came. "Oh fuck,” I said out of breath "nope not going to run away." "I fucking loved it"

Good the girls said we have more surprises for you. You’re our sex toy.....!

I was a sex toy! Well its ever guys dream to have hot sex with hot high school girls but to get three in one night with their stated purpose of making me cum 8 times that night well thats down right awesome.

After Lindsey showered me with her pussy juices the girls untied me and let me hop in the pool to clean off. While I was in the pool they poured some drinks. The girls started doing body shots. I really was starting to wonder where they had learned to be so sexual? I knew that Sam had an older sister Anne but Anne was in my view a sweet girl I never pegged her for someone who would be teaching her little sister sex games and all. The other girls were only children so I didn't have a clue.

So what got you girls into wanting to do all these things. Oh easy high school Christa said. We know how horny boys are and after going online to see just how much porn was out there we began to play around. We see how you lust over Jennie and we wanted you to know there is so much more out there. With that she grabbed her phone and walked away. Sam and Lindsey approached me and said ready for more fun?

Lindsey got down on all fours and Sam grabbed some KY jelly and turned to me with a sinister smile and said open her hot ass up! She shot a load of KY into Lindsey's ass and told me go to it! My cock was at full erection and I slowly entered. What a tight ass. Lindsey even with this being her first anal thrust back against my cock and let out a loud yelp. She only picked up speed from there. Her ass was in full gear back and forth working my cock when Sam placed a small table over her back and grabbed my head and pulled it in close to her pussy and said "fuck away". I was in such a hot fuck that I totally forgot about Christa. As I came closer to cumming Linsey seemed to know it and picked up the pace and actually was going so hard that Sam had to get up. She quickly got under Lindsey and ate her pussy as I fucked away. I blew my load and Sam ate up what dripped out. A round of applause sounded and I turned to see Christa, Jill, Beth, and Jess all naked.

Well now that you have cum twice tonight Christa said you are going to fuck Jill, Beth, Jess, Lindsey, Sam and I each tonight to meet our goal. I hope you can preform because if not well ... she said with a grin.

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