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*Continuation From Part 1*

From the last time. Me and my dad had just had an amazing time in the shower. I now have my mind set on getting him to fuck me. We went to get the lube. My dad went into the store and came out with two big bottles of astroglide. He said “ This son, feels great. Its nice and thick, feels great on the cock and lasts pretty long.” We went home and before the gym I went to take a nap.
I went up to my room, got nude and my cock was throbbing again. I laid down and started jerking off. I was going at it for awhile when I figured maybe something would happen at the gym. So I stopped and passed out. I had some crazy dreams about me and my dad. I imagined his huge cock in my ass pounding away and his sweet big balls slapping against my ass. Than before he came, I was awoken by my dad. My eyes opened to find is cock in my face and saying “ Mike, Mikey wake up were going to go to the gym now.” I reached out and caressed his balls and rubbed his muscular hairy thighs and said “ Are we gonna have fun at the gym dad?” “ Sure we are son.”
I got up and he left my room. My cock was rock solid with precum dripping onto my floor. I quickly got up slipped on my underwear, put on regular clothes and packed my gym bag with my jockstrap shorts and tank top. I walked down the stairs and went to my dads room to find him also packing his bag but putting a bottle of lube in his bag and I knew it was gonna be a great night. We got to the gym and went to the men’s locker room. We went to the nearest open locker and got undressed. I was comfortable here. We were all men. We all had cocks, we all just did our own thing and we were all comfortable around each other. I sat down on the bench and pulled off my socks and underwear. My balls dropped to the bench and it was cold. But felt great to let everything hang free. I saw my dad slip out of his boxers and I asked him, “ Hey dad, can I wear your boxers? I really don’t want my manhood being stuffed up in the jockstrap” He said, “ Sure son, I just want to borrow your jockstrap because when im running I don’t like my cock flopping around.” “ Sure dad.”
We got dressed, and hit the gym. We worked out like animals and got all sweaty. I saw my dad eyeing me as I worked out. He looked me up and down and when I got on the treadmill to run I saw him watch me from across the room and I immediately knew why. My cock was flopping around and I started to get hard. I stopped and went to the locker room. He followed me in and said “ Done for the day? Me too. I wasn’t hoping to shower here but im really sweaty and so are you.” He quickly got undressed, took off the jockstrap and I could see he had a semi. He put all his clothes in his bag and grabbed the lube. I wasn’t even undressed when he told me to go to the shower all the way in the back. He turned around and walked naked all the way across the locker room into the showers. I stared at his firm tight hairy ass and my cock was now as hard as a rock. I got out of my clothes as fast as I could and walked fast across the locker room with my cock hard and guys looking at me. I didn’t care. I kept saying I want dad to fuck me here. Now.
I got to the showers and it was steamy. I saw a guy jerking off which turned me on even more. I got to the back shower which was basically a private shower that took the whole back wall up and had a large sliding door that was semi see through. I went in closed the door and my dad said, “Son if you wanna do this now is the time. I heard you mumbling yeah dad oh yea fuck me.” He started to say something but I didn’t care. I pulled his body close to mine, embracing him. I kissed him hard. He started rubbing my chest and moved down to my stomach. I put my hands on his firm ass and rubbed it. He pulled away and said “Son I am way to horny to be doing this. I promise you we will have a very intimate day or night but now is the time to fuck hard.”
That sent me over the edge and I got on my knees sucking hard on his hard thick cock. I put my hands again on his ass and he spread his cheeks. I slipped my finger in his hole. He was moaning now. He stopped me and told me to lay on the ground and get ready. My back was on the floor and he came over with the lube but first turned on the showers to drown out my moans and groans. He lubed up his cock, put some on his fingers and stuck them in my ass. He said, “Are you ready son, it might hurt a little” I was so ready I just shook my head and 1,2,3 he put the head of his cock in and loosened me up. I told him to shove his big cock in my ass and fuck me hard. I saw a shocked look on his face and like nothing ive ever felt before his whole cock was stuffed in my ass. I let out a grunt and he started to rhythmically pump and fuck my ass. I was grunting and moaning. “ Yeah dad you like this tight ass. Fuck me harder. Pump that sweet cum deep inside me.” “Oh Mike, your ass is so tight and nice. Im gonna bust. UH.”
Just like that I felt dads breathing get faster, his body tensed up and his cock got rock solid and he grunted and moaned louder than Ive ever heard before and I felt his cum shoot deep inside me. I was jerking my cock the whole time and after he had pulled out I grunted and shot thick cum all the way to my chin and all over my stomach. He stood up and so did I. We hugged and he licked my chin. “You have sweet warm tasty cum son.” “Thanks dad.” We washed up and got out of the shower. We walked to the locker room and got dressed. He handed me my jockstrap and I inhaled the cup. Damn it smelt great. I slipped it on and thought, my dads balls were in this. We left and in the car my dad said, “Is your ass sore yet?” He laughed and smiled.
We got home and I couldn’t walk up the stairs. My ass was now killing me, I dropped my bag and went to my dads room before he could say anything. I got nude laid on the bed and put my head down. My dad came in a short time later and I turned over. He said, “Don’t worry it’ll feel better in the morning,” while getting undressed. I watched him get undressed and finally take off his underwear. He got in bed pulled the covers over us and wrapped his arms around me. His cock laid on the back of my thigh. I instantly fell asleep.

* Watch for part 3. Uncle Mark comes to visit!*

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2011-08-18 23:52:29
Enjoyed part 2. Cant wait for part 3!

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