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Avrielle finds the peace she requires, and makes the fight her own...
Welt ~ 5

Regret So Full of Haste, Coming Clear…

Suddenly I stopped running, wondering what the fuck had taken a hold of me. There wasn’t one single reason I could remember for running away and leaving her there. The fear that had been so acute only seconds before was gone, and as I caught my breath leaning against the roof of my car I shook my head and tried to bring it back to see if I could recall what had caused it. I had been a little afraid of her from the moment I started following her from the club; she had an almost predatory bearing from the moment her hand had touched mine on her hip. That wasn’t it though, that was nerves. The way she had looked at me and the things that had gone through my eyes after she met them with her own in the alley shocked me; how had that happened? Still, it was no reason to outright flee.

The man. The man in the alley. It had been him. He had told me to fear and I had. What the hell? Now she was alone with him back there in the dark. I popped the trunk and opened the lockbox and took out the gun. It gleamed a chrome and sudden solution in the dim light coming from the nearby street. Safety off, action back; ready. I was myself again.

“Where you think you’re going, tough guy?” The female voice was sugary and playful, sounding the way a pin up girl looks. I turned and saw her approach my car from the shadows, swaying her hips and toying with her tangled and unnaturally red hair. It hung around her shoulders in a rough waterfall of inky black streaks and candy red petulance. Her corset and tiny shiny skirt clung to a body that looked like it was drawn more than grown.

“Stay back and out of the way,” I warned her, keeping the gun down along my leg where she couldn’t see it. “Go call the police.”

“Call the who?” she was snide and sniveling. “Fuck you, boy scout; you’re mine.”

She lurched forward and I was glad I had only had one drink; people don’t move that fast unless they’re on drugs. I leveled the automatic at her chest and plugged three rounds into her. Suddenly she was on top of me, carrying me to the ground under the force of her body hitting me. I rolled over, straddling her midriff and trying to pin her arms with my knees. She wiggled under me and fought to free her arms, her laughter spitting blood from her mouth.

“Stay down!” I yelled, using the ‘voice’ we learn in infiltration training. She was too strong for her size, I was surprised at her ability to struggle around under my practiced pin. That moment of distraction was all she needed; I found myself crashing painfully to the hard pavement ten feet away. She was already up and coming at me again, sprinting low and feral with her hands dragging like claws behind her.

One chance; rolling onto my back I aimed for her face and pulled the trigger, snapping her head back as her feet kept running. One more step brought her legs out from under her body. Two more steps took her off her feet entirely and she fell to her back on the ground in a lifeless heap. There were shouts of alarm from the sidewalk on the other side of the lot, and I yelled “Call 911!” as I got to my feet and ran for where I’d fled in abject fear a moment ago.

As I came to the end of the alley I took it in as fast as I could. She was struggling against the man who’d made me run, grabbing him by the lapels of his jacket and yanking him sideways through the air. She slammed him into the green dumpster, buckling its front with the impact. What the fuck was I looking at? How could that be?

“Freeze!” I yelled. Neither of them did. He bounced off the dumpster to his feet, unfazed by the force of the impact. He shot his palm out and hit her in the face, rocketing her body through the air to land in front of my and slide five feet on her back to stop at my feet.

“Run!” she yelled as she sprang up deftly, landing with a quick double click of her heels on concrete.

You run!” I said, taking aim at the man’s chest. He wasn’t there now, he was to the left. I resighted. He was to the right now. If this wasn’t happening right in front of me I’d call it impossible.

Make him feel it!” he rasped in his harsh voice. “It’s the only way they learn and you fucking know it!”

In a blur he was moving towards me and she met him half way, they slammed into each other hard and their bodies turned sideways in the air, spinning around each other to land in a tangled struggling heap. I felt the stab of fear again, but I was already too terrified for her safety for it to do anything to me this time. I tried to get a shot at him but they moved together too quickly; up on their feet, back to the ground, up against the wall, spinning together in the air, back to the ground. My hands started shaking as the fear doubled, then tripled, then exploded inside of me into unremitting horror. My grip wavered and I almost dropped my gun, my knees shook and I fought not to piss myself but I stayed rooted to the spot, intent to help this woman I had only just met. God damn it, this was my job. How could one man scare me when a tank full of them never had? There was blood on her face and his as they paused in their struggle for the briefest of seconds and she met my eyes and hers flashed a spark of brief light. I felt a wave of perfect calm wash over me and I looked down the barrel at him and squeezed.

One bullet to the side of the face should stop anyone. Anyone. It snapped his head sideways and drove him to the pavement. He was up just as fast, leaping to the side of the building fifteen feet up and grabbing a pipe bolted there. He launched from there to the roof of the building on the opposite side of the alley. The unnatural calm was still there and I followed his movements with my gun, emptying the rest of the magazine into him as he went. Instinct told me to run around to the other side of the building and locate his body when his adrenaline failed and he fell, dead, from the roof he was fleeing across. I couldn’t though, desperation replaced the calm and I snapped my gaze back to the woman in the dark grey skirt. She had slumped against the wall and slid to the dirty concrete of the alley.

I heard sirens and the strobing red of response vehicles came into the alley from the parking lot behind me as I rushed to her side. She looked only semi-conscious one second, surprisingly lucid the next. She wiped blood from her nose and mouth with her white cuff and looked at it, then up at me.

“You’re a very stupid man,” she said, resisting my help as she got to her feet. “You should have kept running and not stopped. We have to leave before she gets here.”

“Who?” I asked, looking back over my shoulder. “The red haired girl? She’s down.”

“No she isn’t,” the woman said with frank certainty.

“A bullet in her face says she is,” I said grimly, regretting it immediately. You don’t talk about things like that with beautiful women. The calm facts are disturbing to those not inundated with them until they jade over and calcify against them.

“You don’t even know ‘jaded’,” she said to me, taking my arm and leading me into the dark near the club’s back door. “We have to leave…now.”

I don’t remember saying that last part out loud, but I must have. How else would she have heard it? “We need to stay and talk to the police. We can’t flee the scene of a crime.”

Her eyes went wide and she gripped my arm hard. A long, ragged, animal scream came from the parking lot and I heard cops yelling and guns blazing. “See? She’s not dead. Let’s go.”

Certainty, resolve, calm. It flooded me again. I didn’t know how, but I was sure it was coming from her. She meant it. We had to go. Suddenly I found myself agreeing with her. I heard the sound of shattering glass and twisting metal from behind us as she opened the door and dragged me back inside the noise of the club. She led me to the bathroom and pushed my into a stall, she took my gun and was about to drop it into the tank of the toilet.

“That’s legally registered; ballistics, the bullets in her, I can’t just leave. They’ll dig them out of her and match them,” I said.

“You’re right,” she said matter-of-factly, handing it back to me, “they will. You have to stay with me or they’ll find you alone and kill you.”

“The police? What?” I asked, confused.

“No, stupid. Them,” the way she emphasized the word while steeling her gaze against mine was unnerving. She had ‘the stare’ and my attraction to her increased exponentially.

“What the fuck is going on?” I asked finally. My lust for her was looping back on itself, growing and writhing around in the air between us. She felt it too; I could see it in her eyes.

“Later; right now we have to get out of here. We have to try to get to your car before he pulls himself back together and finds you. He hates you now…so he can track that back to you if we remain close. We need distance…now.

“Say what?” I blurted, not knowing what to think or feel. It was hard to think through the passion I was feeling. There was no way this was all coming from inside of me, but that didn’t make any sense either.

“Move,” she pushed me out of the stall. Her voice was one that was used to being obeyed, calm and decisive. Grace under fire; I knew it well. I knew it and it turned me on even more. This wasn’t normal. I laughed at my understatement and she snapped at me, “This isn’t funny, now move!

People were gathered at the club’s back door and we pushed through them into the alley again. The red lights still strobed but the sirens had stopped. There were a few people gaping, shocked, from the end of the alley into the parking lot. I took her by the hand and we ran through them towards my car. One of the squad cars was on its roof now; the other had no windshield and was missing a door. Dead officers were strewn about amidst shattered glass and their spent shell casings. I could hear more coming from down the street. The red haired girl was nowhere to be seen, but an area of splattered blood showed where she had been; where she should still be. We weren’t the only ones fleeing. Others were pulling out of the parking lot and I slipped my car between two of them and sped off down the street.

“You’re a soldier of some kind,” she said plainly, too calm for what was happening. I could feel it rolling off of her and seeping into me, like when you lock in and just do the job despite how many bullets are flying around your head and how many people are dying around you.

“Private consultant, ex-spec ops,” I said, quiet and sure. “Where did you serve?”

“Me?” she asked, looking at me with momentary surprise. “Here and there.”

“Army? Marines? Navy?” I asked as I drove, running a red and turning out of downtown.

“I’m a different kind of soldier,” she replied, poking at bruises and checking herself for broken bones.

I instantly liked her even more. She looked at me and a wry grin spread across her mouth; I felt the tension, tight and sexual, pull taut between us. How was she doing that?

“I’ll explain later, for now take us to your place,” she said calmly. “We need to get inside somewhere.”

This time I was absolutely certain; I had not said that out loud.

“No, you didn’t,” she quietly responded to my thought. I felt a second of panic, washed away by her infectious calm. I’d never met anyone like her, and despite the chaos that had ensued I was glad that I had.

Damn she was hot.

So What the Hell, Let it Grow…

“I’m perfectly safe,” she was saying into her phone out on my balcony, “I met a soldier and we’re laying low at his place for now…No, not that kind of soldier, at least not yet… I’m staying away from you until this passes, you’ve earned your peace little cherub…I will, thank you…Aliona! That’s scandalous... Well, yeah, sort of…Okay okay, more than sort of.”

She laughed uncomfortably and said good bye to whoever she was speaking to. I had reloaded my gun and I placed it on the coffee table as she stepped back inside and closed the sliding glass door.

“I think you’ve seen that that is of no use,” she said, looking with disdain at my weapon.

“It’s what I know though, unlike the rest of this. Tell me what’s going on, Avrielle; I don’t usually shoot people and then flee from police.”

She smiled a small smile when I said her name. I’d never met a woman like her before; she had the stance and poise of a well-served soldier without the overt masculinity most tried to affect. Every woman I’d ever been in a relationship with was eventually pushed back by the grim core inside of me. I needed that core; it got me through my days when I was on the job. I liked that core; I’d been made to be like this because the world needs people like me, and I didn’t resent it like so many others. It was hard to imagine though that someone like me would ever find what everyone else seemed to just stumble across.

I’d stopped even trying. It was too much work. The novels on my shelf were at odds to the medals on the shelf above them. The things I could talk about with women were at odds with the things I thought in my mind. I was free of hang ups and free of baggage, but at the expense of being “free of a soul” as one woman had put it on our third date a year ago. That had been my last real date since. I didn’t feel the need to defend myself to anyone; the world had evil people in it, and without those like me that were free of guilt to do something about them there’d be no room for people who wanted to have picnics in the park or sit at a café and talk about literature. The only reason I’d been at the club that night was to meet a client and collect a check for services rendered. He was still wandering around the club most likely, wondering why I wouldn’t meet him when there were so many zeros on that check.

“It’s because they don’t understand,” she said, sitting down in a chair across the room by the window.

“Excuse me?” I asked her, confused again. “Who doesn’t understand what?

“The job,” she replied. “They don’t understand that you don’t do it for the money.”

I didn’t, she was right. I did it so I knew people would be safe to pursue their ends. I did it because so few would. Wait; I hadn’t said any of that either, just like in the car.

“I can hear what you’re thinking,” she said plainly, standing again and peering between the blinds to the street far below then looking up to the roof of the building across the street.

“Bullshit,” I said, knowing that what she said had to be true. Part of my brain wouldn’t let me accept it though; there was no precedent.

“I would establish this as the precedent, Christopher” she said, looking over her shoulder at me with her deep brown eyes. Not deep in color, but with actual depth. Who was she? “I am Avrielle…that is all.”

“That is not all,” I said, challenging her with my tone. “Clearly that’s not all.”

She liked being challenged, I felt it somehow. She narrowed her eyes at me, somehow sensing my recognition of her soft spot. A sense of danger rolled from her, as if to warn me and keep me back. I liked being challenged too though, and it only intrigued me more. My desire for her looped off of her and back into me. It was strange feeling my own emotions reflected into me; or were they hers and she was somehow projecting them to me to let me know she approved somewhat?

“I do not know how to do this,” she said bluntly with a small look of defeat on her face.

“Do what?” I asked, waiting for her to continue.

“Any of this. Have a conversation with a man, affect a courtship ritual, be pleasant company.”

I laughed at her almost childlike confusion poorly hidden behind her stern façade. I knew how she felt.

“So you do,” she said, looking out the blinds once more before sitting back down in the chair, appearing to relax somewhat.

“Well, we could make small talk if that makes you feel more at ease,” I said, leaning back on the couch and putting my feet on the coffee table. If I had had this night so far with anyone else they would have been put off by my casual acceptance of the violence, my lack of emotion at the danger. Avrielle seemed to like that part of me. No one else ever had.

“It would not,” she said. She looked deep into my eyes, her gaze moving beyond ‘the stare’ and approaching something even I couldn’t fathom. I felt something inside of me; it was like a finger sliding around inside my brain and experimenting with the textures of my very thoughts.

“You can feel that?” Avrielle asked me, looking surprised and leaning forward with her elbows on her knees. “You felt it in the alley as well, didn’t you? When we…when I…when we were…”

“Yeah,” I answered, recalling how I somehow knew she was seeing the fantasy in my mind. It had been like it was really happening, having her absorb the image and project it back into my mind with her sensations added to it. I was turned on again now, picturing her half naked body moving sensually beneath mine. I hadn’t wanted to fuck her in some dark alley; too many things had happened to me or been done by me in dark places around the world. I was a romantic at heart, as ridiculous as that might sound compared with my profession.

“What am I thinking?” she asked, doubling the intensity of her stare. I looked into her eyes, trying to see something. “You do not think it, you feel it.”

There was nothing. All I felt was my desire for her. Then it twisted and grew stronger. “Is that you?”

“It is,” she said, sitting back again and crossing her legs. “Remarkable. It is rare, what you are doing.”

I’d sort of imagined that everyone could do this if they tried hard enough; or rather, stopped trying and just listened. It was like there was a song with predictable passages playing and all you had to do was shut up and listen to determine what was coming next. I’d always been able to sense things about others; my mother had called it intuition and my superiors had called it ‘gun sense’. It had saved my life and the lives of others on numerous occasions. I’d never felt it as acutely as with Avrielle though.

“It is because I can respond to it by pushing back, though I am not supposed to,” she said to me. I felt her tense up inside; she was afraid of something. Nervous like someone poised on a cliff and about to step over the edge. I loved that feeling; it reminded me I was alive. I let it build in me.

“This is dangerous,” she said, looking away from my stare. “There can be consequences.”

“Explain it to me,” I prompted her, sitting up and putting my feet back on the floor, “because right now I’m either crazy or dreaming.”

A look of apprehension crossed her face, replaced with her calm resolve, and she began talking. She spoke of angels. Of Demons. Of a constant war for the hearts of mortals like me. At every turn I wanted to be incredulous, to contradict, to refute. I couldn’t though; I could simply feel that she was telling the truth. I saw in her much of myself; her impassive role, following instructions until the situation demanded improvisation, taking steps with no time to fathom the long term outcome. It’s precisely why I left the military so I could make my own decisions and follow my own instincts. The wars of governments, the wars of men, had ceased being altruistic before I had even been born and once I saw that I couldn’t stay and fight for them. She calmed even more as she spoke, relaxing in the chair and loosening her shoulders from where they had been clenched and ready for whatever might happen next.

Speaking with Avrielle was like standing in a firefight with no cover; adrenaline, nerves, tense energy rippling and flowing around me. I liked her more the more she spoke. When I had seen her across the club I had felt something inside me as I looked at her. I had felt foolish asking her to dance, surprised when she had so aggressively denied me and pulled me outside. Amidst it all though, I had felt the familiar certainty of actions that needed to be taken. My ‘gun sense’ had led me into all of this and now I was sitting in my 34th floor living room with an angel, growing more attracted to her by the minute. Her passion for duty, for doing the right thing, for facing all odds to achieve the correct result; it was all very much a turn on for me and I couldn’t stop myself from revisiting the images of us together from earlier. She must have felt it to, because when she was done talking we just sat looking into each other’s eyes from across the room with a tangible bond between us.

“I need to release this feeling inside of me before it consumes me,” she said after a moment of silence, “as do you.”

“You what? That sounds rather…mechanical, don’t you think?”

“What is the alternative?” she asked me, genuinely curious.

“You already know; come with me and I’ll show you,” I said, standing and walking to where she sat. I took her hand and her eyes went wide as I pulled her out of the chair.

“But what about him?” she asked me as she stood, “He is still out there, no doubt trying to find us right now. The danger…”

“…is exciting, isn’t it?” I finished.

“Oh my,” she breathed. She was probably reading my thoughts, seeing what I meant to do with her. I smiled and led her to my bedroom.

Frantic Air Growing Up While Inching Near a Reason…

Her skin was soft, stretched taut over perfectly formed muscles. Goose bumps drifted up her back as I stood behind her sliding her shirt slowly off her shoulders and down her arms; she inhaled a slow breath between her teeth and I could actually feel what she was feeling as she no doubt felt the same from me. As her shirt dropped from my fingers to the floor at our feet she shivered and I slid my hands over her waist and around to her flat stomach. She tensed her muscles at my touch; I felt each one distinctly as I pulled her back against my hard chiseled chest. Her hair was soft against my skin and she leaned her head back slightly. One of my hands moved up over her firm right breast and I stroked the front of her throat with my fingertips before gently drifting them over her chin and over her lush and sensual lips. I felt them quiver and the moistness of her tongue as she licked them. My other hand was holding her left hip and I pushed my hips against her ass. She pushed back, tentative and nervous.

As my hand slid back down the front of her body to rest above her pelvic bone she started in apprehension. I kissed the side of her neck softly, moving my lips along her shoulder and back up below her ear. I found the zipper on the side of her skirt and slowly pulled it down, freeing her hips from its confines as I pushed it over them to fall at her feet. She turned in my gentle hold on her and we both inhaled a sharp breath as her breasts brushed my chest. My left hand rested on her perfect, hard ass and with my right I ran up her side to her face as I took her mouth against mine and licked softly at her lips. She parted them slightly and I felt the tip of her tongue touch experimentally to mine. She was shivering all over.

“Are you cold?” I whispered around our kiss.

“Scared…” she replied softly.

“Don’t be,” I reassured her, guiding her slowly towards the bed, “I won’t hurt you.”

“It is not me I worry for,” she said, “it is you. There is a danger…”

“I know,” I replied, smiling and lowering her to her back.

“It is not what you think…” she started, then sighed as I lay beside her and stroked my hand down her hard front to her sculpted inner thigh. My other hand was still on her face and I kissed her harder. She responded by wrapping her arms around my waist and pulling me on top of her. She was strong; very strong. A thrill raced through me and she gasped.

“Can you really feel everything I feel?” I asked close to her ear as she moved one hand over my ass and pulled my firmly to her.

“Everything…” she whispered. My lust bloomed further, like a room full of fire, and she gasped again as she received it.

My knee went between hers, moving her thighs apart, and I slid my hand into her hair to clutch it softly as my other hand caressed her thigh and hip. She moved slightly under me, apprehensive like a school girl. I licked the tip of my tongue up her neck and behind her ear and she gasped in another breath and arched her back under me. Her legs moved apart further and I slid between them, my cock pushing against her through my pants and her small but plain cotton underwear. Every part of her was firm and toned. I moved back and forth, grinding myself against her pussy.

“Ohhhhh, this is probably bad,” she breathed quietly, grinding back against me anyways.

“What are you so afraid of?” I asked, just as quietly into her ear, as I slid my hand around her hip bone and under her firm ass.

“The danger…”

I lifted myself above her with my free hand and looked at her face. Her eyes were closed, her mouth half open and her jaw set hard. She looked scared but ready; afraid but eager. I stopped moving against for a second and she fluttered her eyelids open to look into my eyes. Whatever she saw or felt there must have calmed her because her body relaxed and she lifted her hips up into mine to get me to start moving against her again. The muscles in her ass moved in my hand, strong and hard. Her hair was spread around her head on the bed like a sandy blonde halo.

“I’m beautiful,” she whispered, almost inaudibly. I nodded and lowered my mouth back to hers, our lips locking in a wet passionate kiss.

She tried at first to hold me there with her hands behind my neck, and could have if she’d wanted to, but I broke our kiss and slid my body downwards along hers. As I slipped the straps of her bra off her shoulders she put her arms at her sides, no doubt seeing in my mind what I wanted her to do. I pulled them down and gently moved it from where it barely contained her firm and bulging chest. As I put my mouth on one of them, my hand closing softly around the other, she breathed in a high sigh and raised herself on her elbows to reach behind her back and unclasp it. She pulled it from her body and threw it over the edge of the bed as I licked and sucked at her lovely round breasts. They were shaped like they couldn’t have been real, but clearly were. She stayed with her back raised on her elbows and slid her legs around my waist, grinding herself into my stomach. I could feel the moist heat from between her thighs against me and my passion doubled at the thought of what lay beneath the thin material of her panties.

“Oh…oh my…” she stammered between soft gasps of air. I stood on my knees between her legs and pulled my shirt over my head, tossing it to the floor with her clothes. I undid my belt and pants, pushing them down to my knees before raising each one to take them the rest of the way off. She watched me with growing heat in her eyes, her breasts rising and falling with her breathing. As I lowered myself back to her body, kissing along her hard stomach, I put my hands on her hips and slid her soft white panties over her ass and up her thighs. After taking them from around her ankles she put her feet apart on the bed and licked her lips, her hair falling over one of her eyes.

I gently held her right leg behind the knee and kissed along her inner thigh, moving up and towards her tight pussy. There was no hair there; not shaved, just bare. Her legs were smooth as well, smooth and hard and formed. Reaching where her leg met her pelvis I licked softly at the skin there, Avrielle gasped loudly and clutched the sheets in her fingers. Still on her elbows she looked on as I licked with the flat of my tongue at her lips, then again with the tip of it, pushing past them and to the wet slit between.

“OH!” she cried, all her muscles flexing and staying tense. I looked up without stopping my licking and met her gaze. There was a hot flame behind them and I felt a wave of pure pleasure lash out from her lick the crack of a whip. My cock jumped in my underwear as though she had licked it. I gripped the bottoms of her thighs in my hands and lifted her legs, spreading them further and pushing in hard with my tongue to glide it wetly up and down her slit form her tiny opening to her clit. Each time I did it I felt the sensation along my shaft. I stopped and looked up at her, raising my face away from her pussy. I felt the loss of sensation as keenly as she did.

“Don’t stop now,” she panted pleadingly, taking one of her hands from where she gripped the sheets and putting it on the back of my head. “You can’t stop now…”

I went back to her wet lips, flicking and probing at her with the tip of my tongue. She cried out softly with each flick and I felt it with her. Avrielle had spread her legs as far as she could and her toes gripped the sheets as hard as her fingers did my hair. I licked and sucked at her pussy, feeling my own climax coming faster than ever before as she screamed and fell flat back on the bed. Her whole body shook and shivered as I shot my load into my boxer shorts while lapping at her between her thighs.

“What the hell…” I panted heavily, lifting my face from her and looking up to her eyes. She looked at me, startled that I had stopped.

“I said don’t stop,” she seethed at me, narrowing her eyes.

“I have to, for a moment anyways,” I breathed.

“No…you don’t,” she hissed. She was right…I didn’t. My cock was still hard as she fed me with her own lust. I pulled my underwear off and her eyes went wide at the sight of my wet cock bouncing in the air between us. “Keep going.

I slid up her body and we locked our lips together in a frantic and sloppy kiss as I twined one hand in her hair and guided my cock to her opening with the other. She slammed her thighs against my hips, squeezing me hard. She was so strong. As I pushed into her she drew me in with hard undulations of the muscles inside her pussy. Every fiber of her being was under her exacting control and I felt her clenching and gripping at my shaft, moving me in and out of her all on her own. My thrusts joined hers and we lay pressed tightly against each other, writhing and thrusting and moaning loudly into each other’s mouths with our tongues wrapped around one another.

Avrielle bucked her pelvis wildly, lifting her ass from the mattress with each gyration of her hips. I fucked her as hard as I could, trying to keep up with whatever had awakened inside of her. Her hands slid along my back, raking her nails up and down my skin. I slid my arms under and around her, holding on tight, her breasts pressed hard into my chest. She took my ass in one hand and my hair in the other, driving me into her harder and harder with her heels dug into the backs of my thighs. Her moans became screams and she came as I did, never slowing or letting up as she wailed and bucked through her climax and into the beginning of another. I heard myself yelling with her, our every movement and sensation matched and synchronized. I came inside of her and I felt the wetness on my thighs and balls as her tightly clenched pussy squeezed it out around my cock.

With a twitch of her hard muscles she flipped me over onto my back and sat up on my lap, thrusting her hips roughly forward and back with me all the way deep inside of her. Her hands clutched at her breasts and her hair tumbled over her face and shoulders, whipping around as she undulated her entire body as she fucked me. I put my hands on Avrielle’s hips, holding on tightly to their perfectly flared shape. I raked in a ragged breath as she came again, and so therefore did I. Her high screams had become short shouts and she started lifting herself with her knees, banging up and down atop me. I looked at saw my cock going in and out of her pussy as she bounced up and down on top of me. She was gripped so tightly around me that I was amazed she wasn’t hurting me.

“Don’t… AH!…worry… AH!…I… AH!…won’t… AH!…hurt… AH!…you… AH!… AH!… AH…AH AH AH AH AAAAAAAH!”

How could I be coming again? How could she? She fell forward, her breasts hitting my chest and her hands grabbing her ass as she kept bouncing herself up and down on top of me. Wave after wave of our combined lust and physical rapture washed through me; I lost myself inside of her, I could no longer tell where she stopped and I started. Poets had tried forever and had never captured this in words.

I was fucking an angel, after all. Who else had ever done that?

Locked together we rolled over and over on the bed, the sheets tangling around us. I don’t know how many times we came, I don’t know how long it went on, I don’t know when we fell asleep from exhaustion drenched in each other’s sweat.

If They Came With Words We Would Not Take Up Swords…

When I woke the sun was shining through the window and the bed was a disaster. The mattress was slid half way off the box spring and we were cradled together, my cock still hard inside of her. There was a gentle milking sensation in her pussy, that’s what had woken me. I leaned my head back and looked into her eyes. She still had that seething and simmering look and she was looking back at me.

“I…that was…” I said softly.

“It was,” Avrielle purred, rolling over to sit on top of me. “My sister was right; I did need to get laid. I’ve never done that before…”

“Your sister?” I asked, taking in a sharp breath as she clenched and unclenched herself around me. I found it hard to believe that last night’s reckless abandon was her first time.

“Did you think I was the only angel?” she asked, flipping her hair over her right shoulder with a toss of her head.

“I guess not…” I started.

“Will you help me do something?” she asked, starting to move her hips again.

“Anything,” I said passionately, “Anything at all.”

“Help me find him. Help me find him…and kill him,” she said through her clenched teeth, grinding her hips sensually. I could feel it all, both of us, and I bit my lip and nodded as I took her hips in my hands and started pushing up into her.

“First though,” she growled, putting her hands on my hard stomach and lifting her pussy up and down on my cock, “First we finish this…”

I nodded again and she moaned as she put her mouth to mine.

Anonymous readerReport

2016-05-29 11:55:18
This storyline shows real promise. And to the people who want to post their ideas here, write them out and post them under your own monicker. This is for Minus Three, you can have your own place for the asking.

Minus ThreeReport

2011-08-29 16:45:53
It's not bad. :P My sex life that is.

anonymous readerReport

2011-08-22 01:53:00
My god. What is your sex life like? It must be amazing.

Minus ThreeReport

2011-08-16 11:11:30

All sories include a milieu, an idea, character, and events. Of course, a writer must choose one and allow the other three to serve as the vehicles through which that one is expounded upon...and that becomes the plot. A question asked at the beginning related to one of the four musts be answered at the end or it won't feel like it actually ended properly.

Me, I write mainly Idea stories.

anonymous readerReport

2011-08-16 03:49:23
All I wanted to say after reading this latest installment was "Holy Shit." However upon attempting to do so I was told my comment was too short. Well, now it's not.

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