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Part 2 guys!....secret revealed!
I woke up and looked Tara who was sleeping peacefully next to me; I stroked her hair back and looked at
her angelic face. Her breasts rose and fell as she breathed quietly. I got out of the bed and put some
clothes on and headed outside. The first couple of weeks of college has been a real bitch but we both
managed through. My roommate almost never stays in the dorm so Tara grabbed some of her clothes and
lives here with me. We have most of the classes together except for Math and Economics, Tara sucks at
both of them.

I went outside on the track and stretched my muscles and started running laps across the field. We went
through with our plan and told people that we were dating. I enjoyed kissing her in public and claiming that
she is my girlfriend and Tara loves to show me off to her new friends as if I was a new toy only she has.
We have a lot of common friends and recently started getting invitations to parties. I increased my pace
and started running a little bit faster, since football tryouts were coming up I want to be in the best shape I

“Hey Jason…” Mike said running next to me. Mike was roommate and turns out he was the football team’s
captain, which is really helpful when you are trying to make an impression.

“Hey Mike!” I said. We started working out together every morning before going to our classes and he gave
me few tips which improved my performance. He was a little bit shorter than me but very muscular. After
couple of laps, we headed to the gym and worked out asses off. I gave my farewells to him and went back
to my room to take a shower. Tara was still sleeping and I decided to wake her up after my shower.

I took a quick warm shower rinsing off all my sweat and washed my hair thoroughly. I examined myself in
the mirror and smiled, not only did I get an inch taller but I got much more muscular and my old shirts
showed off my muscles quite well.

“Hey Tara…wake up” I said gently shaking her. She stirred but didn’t open her eyes “Come on
sweetheart…you only have 15 minutes to get ready…”

“I am tired…” She moaned but I kept on persisting her and she finally opened her eyes and went to the
bathroom. I admired her ass and gave it a quick slap before she disappeared into the bathroom. I hate how she takes so long in the bathroom but I wasn’t going to complain. When she comes out of that door
she looks like a model.

I put my clothes on and waited for her to come out of the bathroom. I started having my doubts that maybe
she fell asleep in the bathroom (which happened couple of times before).

“Finally…wow looking beautiful” I commented. She had a tight pink shirt and her hair was smoothly
straightened and fell over her shoulder. She had tight blue jeans similar to mine but they were a shade

“Aww…thank you Jason” She said and planted a long kiss on my lips. We finally stumbled into our History
class and just when I was about to have a seat, Tara grabbed my hand pulling me to the last row. There
were couple of other people sitting around here so I sat down next to her. This was a terrible mistake since
I could barely hear the professor when he speaks without his mic.

The class was beyond boring and I was already feeling sleepy, about half-way through the class I looked
around to see some people sleeping while others were bored out of their mind. Tara had her arms
crossed in front and was resting her chin on her forearm watching the professor with great interest. History
has been always interesting for her and she especially loves Greek Mythology.

I placed my hand on her thigh and gave it a light squeeze, her eyes flicked over as she looked at me with
the corner of her eye. I saw a small smile forming on her face and continued walking my hand up her
thighs. Her jeans were so tight that it was as if there was no cloth on her. I gently squeezed her leg and
traveled it down the inside of her thigh.

She spread her thighs open a little bit and I ran my index finger along her inner thigh closer towards her
crotch but stopped just short of it. I heard a light gasp from her but didn’t stop. I slowly edged towards her
pussy which I am sure must be soaked and just when I was about to caress her lips I skipped over and
landed on top of her pussy. She whimpered when she realized what I did and her sexy lips formed into a

This time I spread my fingers as I came down and brushed a finger on either side of her slit. She let out a
small moan and bit her lower lip as I continued doing this adding more pressure. I used my other hand to
pull her zipper down slowly. I looked around the room to see if anyone noticed our activities, luckily
everybody was bored out of their mind. I pushed my fingers into her jeans and felt her damp panties.

“”Oh Jason…don’t stop” She moaned in delight. I continued playing with her pussy with my fingers and
grazed over her outer lips. I was enjoying the reaction on her face the pleasurable torture. I knew she was
close to cumming judging from the expression on her face so I roughly pushed my fingers into her sizzling
cunt. She gasped rather loudly and brought her thighs together with such force as she crushed my hand. I felt warm liquid seep through her panties and smiled in satisfaction.

“Fuck you…” She muttered and leaned back. She took my hand in hers and intertwined our fingers while
pulling her zipper with the other hand. She rested her head on my shoulder and sighed. The class ended
after couple of minutes and we quickly left the classroom.

“I hate you so much! Now I have to change…” She cursed as I laughed. She then pushed me back with
such force I didn’t think she had it in her. I fell back and accidentally knocked some girls books down.

“Oh I am so sorry let me help you with that…” I said as I quickly grabbed her book and handed it to her.

“Thanks…I am Megan…”

“And I am Jason and this is Tara, my girlfriend” I introduced myself and Tara. I looked at Megan closely. She had fiery red hair which was in a ponytail and dark brown eyes. She had a cute smile and slender body with probably B cup breasts.

“Are you a fresher?” Tara asked her and she nodded her head.

“Yeah and I have physics next…” She said looking at her watch.

“Really? So do I…I’ll see you there then” I said and gave her a dazzling smile. She smiled back and waved at Tara before going to her class. “She is cute…”

“Shut up! Now I have to go change because of you bastard…” She said and I snickered. She smacked me once before turning around to leave but I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her deeper into me.

“Want me to cum with you sweetheart?” I whispered in her ear and she nodded her head. I leaned in closer and pressed my lips on to her soft lips. I loved the sweet perfume she puts on every morning which drives me crazy. I pressed my hardon into her crotch and squeezed her ass tightly.

“Jason please cum with me…” she said placing her chin on my chest and looking up to me. I placed a quick kiss on her forehead and held her closely.

“Sorry baby…I have a class to get to and tell you what…after this…I will fuck you so hard and-

“Stop!” Tara has a rather over-active imagination and I wondered what was going through her mind. I kissed her quickly and hurried to my class blowing a kiss at her. She stomped her foot and went towards her dorm.

“Hi…” I said sliding next to Megan. She gave me a killer smile and said “Hi”. After couple of minutes, we were split into a group of four and began doing some simple experiments. It was Megan, Kyle, and a cute brunette Donna. I talked about sports with Kyle for a little bit before talking to Megan and Donna. They both immediately liked me and I started flirting with them. After a while they started talking about bags and clothes so I sat next to Kyle and we worked on our observations. He was really cool kid and he shares the same sense of humor as me.

"Hey wanna come to the party this Friday?" Kyle asked "It is exclusive man so don't start going around babbling about this..."

"Really man?" I asked him excitedly. There was a rumor that Kyle throws one of the most lavish parties and it is where the hottest chicks from college hang out.

"Yeah I was talking to Mike the other day and he really likes know...and you can bring your girlfriend too...but you have to bring a six-pack or 20 bucks...though I would advise you not to bring your girl over...there are plenty of good looking girls and you don't wanna be seen..." He trailed off when the professor came to observe our progress. He commented on our data recording and went to talk to the group of boys who were goofing off.

"Yeah sure man I would love to come but I got to bring Tara with me or she will kill me..." I said and he laughed.

"Yeah sure you can bring her along.." He said and the class ended right there. I went to find Tara and found her talking to a cute girl. I walked up to her and hugged her from behind. She continued talking to the girl about some project and I patiently waited for her to finish. She finally turned to me once the girl left.

"I am so hungry right now..." She said as we walked towards the parking lot. I just remembered that I forgot my wallet in my dorm.

"Shit my wallet is my are the car keys I'll be back in a jiffy..." I ran up the stairs and inserted the key to my room. Almost as soon as I opened the door, I felt a cold hand on my back push me forward. I stumbled forward and turned around to see who pushed me. There stood the R.A., I later learned that her name was Nikki and she is considered one of the hottest girls in the college. Her body was simply amazing but it was her eyes which turned me off. She had baggy sweatpants and tight white tanktop. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail and she looked at me evilly.

"Hi Jason..." She purred closing the door behind her. I arched my eyebrows and took a step back instinctively. Why the fuck was this bitch so intimidating? I stepped forward blocking her entrance to my room.

"Umm Hi Nikki...what are you doing in my room?" I asked her politely but you could tell that I was not being friendly by the tone of my voice. Her eyes lighted up and she took another step closer to me.

" you know how much you are torturing me?" She asked me placing a hand on my shoulder. Her grip was firm and she pushed me back against the wall.

"Nikki what the fuck are you doing? Get the hell out of my room..." I tried to push her back but she didn't budge. She pressed her breasts tightly into my chest and moaned when my dick rubbed against her crotch.

"Shhh...I want you and won't leave you alone till I get you..." She whispered and ran her finger over my cheek while rubbing my erection. "Where is your sister?"

"My sister?" I said uncomfortably and she laughed. How the fuck did she find out that Tara was my sister? Our lips were practically touching; she stuck her tongue out and licked my lips seductively. I pulled back and she suddenly grabbed my head and kissed me roughly as if trying to inflict a wound upon me and at the same time please me. I felt her tongue trying to enter my mouth.

"You bitch!" I opened my eyes to see Tara grab Nikki by her hair and pull her out of the room. I quickly grabbed my wallet and followed her outside. "Don't you fucking touch him! You get that you fucking slut"

"Possessive...huh? I like it...we are going to have so much fun" Nikki said licking her lips. She looked at me and smiled before leaving us alone. Tara came up to me and caressed my face.

"You okay?" She asked me hugging me tightly. I stroked her hair and kissed her softly.

"Yeah I am fine...let’s go" I said. She held my hand tightly and leaned against me. "And Tara...thank you"

She smiled at me and I felt my heart do a summersault. I love her so much. We went to Pizza hut where we ate in silence until I broke it asking her if she wanted to come to the party Kyle invited. She got all excited and was back to the old-Tara, she talked about she was going to wear. We finished our lunch and drove back to our college. Almost as soon as we reached my room, she ushered me inside and pushed me on my bed straddling my chest. She looked at me with her pretty green eyes and cocked her head to a side.

"Jason? It's been so long..." She moaned moving back so her ass was resting on my semi-hard dick. She gently rocked her hips bringing making my dick hard.

"I know...when was the last time I fucked you? Last night!" I said in a shock and laughed. She smiled and kissed me softly on the lips. She immediately took off her cute pink shirt and revealed her lacy black bra. "Tara...we have class-

She silenced me with a long kiss and ran her soft hands through my hair. I rolled off her and kissed her harder as I took off my shirt. She ran her hand over my back and wrapped her thighs around me pulling me closer. I managed to undo her jeans and pulled down to her knees without breaking our kiss. Fuck class! I thought as I wrestled her tongue with mine. She was such a great kisser always kissing lightly but passionately. I quickly broke the kiss and unclasped her bra slowly pulling it down so the fabric grazed against her breasts. Like I expected, her nipples were rock hard as I gently began to play with them with my tongue.

"Ohhh damn! Yes just like that bite them oh I love how you pull them" She groaned in delight as I tugged on her nipple with my teeth. I held it gently with my teeth while I flicked it with the tip of my tongue driving her crazy. "Lick my pussy! I am so hot!"

She didn't give me a chance to speak and rolled so she was on top of me. She hurriedly pulled her panties and placed her glistening cunt right on my chest. I felt the heat radiating from her pussy and gave her a smile before grabbing her firm asscheeks and pulling her into my face. She cried lustfully as I attacked her soaking silt with zeal. She threw her head back and almost fell over but grabbed the headboard to hold herself in place.

"So damn good!" She moaned as her body trembled. I didn't wait for the foreplay and thrust my tongue into her sizzling cunt. I teased her inner lips with the tip of my tongue and grabbed her ass tightly. She ran her hands through my hair and pushed herself farther into my mouth. I sucked on her outer lips and massaged them with my tongue. "I am cumming oh god I am cumming!"

I spread her lips with my fingers and traced alphabets on her pussy. She squirmed and thrust her breast forward; I lubed my thumb with her juices and slowly pushed it forward into her tight asshole and rotated. The reaction was not what I expected; she grinded her pussy deep into my face and her juices gushed into my face. I drank her sweet nectar and slurped her clit coaxing more. She pushed my head away and collapsed on my chest. I pulled her into me and kissed her hard letting her taste her own juice. I moaned as she sucked on my tongue and rubbed my erection through my jeans.

"I want it in me...I want it in me now!" She demanded squeezing my erection tightly. She quickly pulled my jeans down and slowly removed my boxers revealing my massive erection. She kissed my head before enveloping it with her warm and moist mouth. I moaned as her tongue worked its magic on my cock twirling around my head relentlessly before taking me deep into her mouth. She quickly lubed my cock with her tongue and rolled my balls with her tongue as I gasped with delight.

"You want it? You want my pussy baby?" Tara said as she straddled my chest and lined up my dick against her pussy. She slowly lowered herself so my head was in her steamy cunt. I gasped as waves of pleasure coursed through my body, I grabbed her hips and tried to pull her down but she didn't budge at all.

"Tara..." I whined as she moved her hips in a sexy manner.

"You wanna fuck you sister...beg for it...don't you want to shove your cock up my tight pussy" She moaned taking another inch of my dick.

"Please Tara please?" I begged and pouted my lips trying to persuade her. I saw her eyes soften and she lowered herself slowly. She was amazingly tight and incredibly hot; I watched her sexy face as she closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. She squeezed my chest tightly and rubbed her hips against mine.

"Oh god..." She gasped as her sensitive clit rubbed against my skin. She held on to my chest for support and moved her head to a side so her hair was hanging to side which should be illegal. She slowly started moving her hips as she picked up the pace. I grabbed her ass and squeezed it tightly as she bounced off her cock so fast I thought it would snap. "Oh baby you are so big it feel so good"

"Like that? Like that? Like fucking your sister?” She screamed with pleasure as she began to jackhammer her ass down rapidly, slapping her ass on my groan. I slapped her ass which only turned her on more and she was riding my cock like she was possessed. Her magnificent breasts were jumping up and down as my cock disappeared into her cunt. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

I felt her pussy start to pulsate on the shaft of my cock in orgasm, her body shuddering with pleasure. She stopped bouncing on my cock and squirmed her ass, groaning in ecstasy as her orgasm continued. I pulled her towards me and kissed her with fervor as she kept on cumming. I felt molten lava flow around me as it tried to squeeze past my dick.

“Tara? Have you ever tried anal?” I asked her and she looked at me with a disgusted look on her face.

“Why would you want to stick your cock in there?” She asked me incredulously.

“You wanna try it?” I asked her excitedly. I have fucked a few girls up the ass and loved the tightness.

“No Jason…first off that sound like it’s going to hurt and it’s disgusting…” She said calmly squeezing my dick with her vaginal muscles.

“Come on Tara please? I always wanted to fuck your ass please?” I begged her and she hesitated. “I swear I am going to take it slow…”

“I don’t know Jason…” She said cautiously

“Fine…I thought you would understand…” I said rolling off her pulling my erection from her warm pussy. I grabbed my boxers and just as I was about to shove my erection in my boxers she stopped me.

“Wait what are you doing?” She asked me confused “You didn’t cum yet…”

“I know…it’s clear that you only care about yourself…you orgasmed twice aren’t you happy?” I said as I continued to dress.

“Fine you can fuck my ass…” She said rolling her eyes. I grinned and was naked within seconds. I got in bed with her and she shook her head.

“Trust me you will love it…” I told her as I softly kissed her. “I will stop whenever you want me to…”

“Fine…” I slowly pushed my erection into her warm slippery cunt and we both hissed in pleasure. I took long slow strokes as I lubed my cock with her pussy juices. She sighed in pleasure as I continued fucking her slowly. I massaged her tight hole with my tongue and got on top of her. “I love you and if you want I will stop…don’t worry I won’t be mad or upset…”

“It’s okay…go ahead…I trust you” She braced herself and tensed her whole body. I knew I was going to get nowhere if she so tense so I softly kissed her lips.

“Relax sweetheart…just relax…kiss my neck…” I told her as I pushed slowly pushed my cock into her. I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her trying to make her less tense. She really got into the kiss and I pushed and inch forward. I very slowly began to push my cock in a fraction of an inch at a time, waiting until her rubbery sphincter became used to the intrusion at each stage. Eventually the entire cockhead was inside her, and I waited while her asshole spasmed and puckered on it, Tara gasping: "OH! OH! OH! OH!"

Eventually I felt her sphincter relax completely, and I continued to push my cock in deeper, my sister's ass shuddering in my hands, her moaning increasing. Finally I was balls deep in her ass. The tightness was incredible; she was easily the tightest ass I have ever fucked. . I waited a little, then pulled back slowly, only to again ease it back in all the way. I continued this, gradually increasing the tempo while I grunted with pleasure, squeezing her ass cheeks harder and harder as I progressed.

"Ooooooooohhhhhh........that feels gooooooddddd....." Tara moaned. "I think I like it up the aaaassssssss...." I continued to ream her faster and faster, the vise-like grip of her ass on my cock driving me into frenzy. Tara reached with one hand and began diddling her clit as I pounded into her harder and harder, my balls slapping up against her pussy and fingers.

“Yes! Yes fuck my ass baby! This is so gooooood!” She gasped as I rammed her tight ass with my cock. She started pushing back towards me as I fucked her harder than ever. I leaned forward and took her nipple into my mouth and sucked on it furiously. “Ahhhhhh!”

Her screams and the thought I was finally fucking my own sister in the ass, a long-time fantasy of mine, drove me almost wild and I hammered my cock in and out, over and over with increased brutality. After several minutes of this I could feel myself approaching climax, and I hoped my sister was almost there as well.

“I am cumming!” I grunted as I felt my balls churning. I grabbed her hips and pounded her ass with all I had left.

“Oh oh oh I am so close” She gasped and I held my cum. I wanted to cum with her so I held my cum but it was insanely hard.

“Cum with me baby!” I whispered in her ear and shot my load deep into her ass. This triggered her orgasm as I felt her juices flow and her ass gripped me tightly.

We stayed that way for a minute as our orgasms subsided, then Tara cuddled closer to me and rested her head on my chest with a satisfied sigh, her asshole pulling off my cock with a soft pop. She looked back up at me dreamily and purred with an exciting grin, “I knew I picked you for a reason…from now on you are fucking me up the ass...”

“Come on we still have to get to class…” I said getting up and putting my clothes back on.
“Fuck class…I am taking today off…and you better hurry back here…” She said stretching

“I am sorry baby…football tryouts are today and I will probably be back around 7…” I told her as I closed the door. The rest of the day was exceptionally boring but I managed through. Football tryouts were much harder than I expected but if didn’t start working out a month before I would be on the ground puking like half the guys who tried out. Luckily, I managed through and made it to the dorm. I basically collapsed on the couch with my clothes still on.

“Jason? Holy shit…tryouts were tough huh?” Tara asked me stroking my hair. I looked at her and smiled weakly. She had pink panties and a white shirt with no bra on. “Come on you smell like shit and you are not sleeping next to me without taking a shower…”

“Later…” I mumbled “too tired…”

“Yeah no…let’s go I will give you a nice massage…” She said pulling me up. I groaned and took off my clothes and followed Tara into the bathroom. She turned on the hot water and pushed me against the wall as she ran her hands over my body. It looked more like she was feeling me up than washing me but I wasn’t going to stop her. She got on her knees and I thought she was going to give me a blowjob but she was just massaging my thighs, slowly moving up.

“Having fun baby?” She purred and I looked down to see I had a raging bonner. She smiled at me and massaged my balls with her soft hands and placed a kiss on the head of my cock. “Don’t worry I will take of it later…”

My cock twitched as she stroked the shaft but she didn’t jack me off. She washed my hairless chest and licked my nipple before winking at me. She played with my nipples a little bit longer before running her soft hand across my abs. She turned me around and pressed herself tightly against my body. She quickly washed my back and gave me an amazing massage which almost put me to sleep right then and there.

“Thanks a lot Tara…” I told her as she finished my back and my ass. I took off her shirt which was soaked and ran my hands through her wet hair. I pushed her against the wall and pressed myself tightly against her. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles and I could feel them trying to penetrate my skin. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me instinctively.

“Aww…you are welcome baby but I am not done yet…” She said kissing me softly on the lips. She handed me a towel and quickly dried myself and followed her into the bedroom. She pushed me on the bed and took my semi-hard dick into her warm mouth. This is what she meant.

She took my erection deep into her mouth and sucked as hard as she could. My cock grew quickly and within seconds it was 8in long. She twirled her tongue around the head and took my deep into her mouth and tried to swallow it giving me amazing sensations. I gasped as she sucked me hard while coming up. I almost lost it right then and there but managed to hold it. She stuck the tip of her tongue into the slit and tickled the underside of my shaft.

“Oh fuck!” I groaned as she took me deep once again pressing her face tightly against my stomach. I stroked her damp hair and held her head firmly. I could feel myself coming to close to my orgasm and held her face tightly as I fucked her face. “I am cumming!”

I warned as I shot load after load of deep hot cum. She swallowed quickly and sucked me dry. I was tired as hell and fell asleep right then and there.

I didn’t wake up till the next day. I quickly tried to do my homework and went to classes as usual. The whole day was normal and I was releived when I didn’t see Nikki that day. The second day of tryouts was much harder since everybody was sore as hell. I was glad that I made the team when the coach came up to me and informed how well I was doing. Mike must have known what he said because he came up to me and slapped me on the back and congratulated. Tara and I decided not to have sex because we had to catch up with all our homework’s but we still managed to sneak couple of kisses.

Friday was much more relaxing and I went out and bought a pack of beer for the party. Well I didn’t go out and buy a pack but asked a close friend of mine. I wore a black shirt which clung tightly to my muscles and waited for Tara to get back from her extra-help.

“Hi Tara-baby…” I kissed her holding on to her tightly. “Ready?”

“Ready? I got to take a shower and put some sexy clothes on…give me ten minutes” She said as she disappeared into the bathroom. I groaned knowing that ten minutes usually meant 30 and the party already started an hour ago. Luckily she came out in 15 minutes, my jaw dropped when I saw her.

“How do I look?” She asked me.

“Hot…” She had a white shirt which was a size too small for her and ended up showing her tight stomach. She had a black skirt which came up to her mid thighs and when she raised her skirt, I saw pink hello kitty panties. She dressed like a slutty school girl and I grinned in response. We then took off to the party.

“Holy fuck dude I thought you weren’t going to show up…and is this Tara?” He asked glancing at Tara. “Hi I am Kyle…”

“Hi Kyle…yeah I am Tara…” Tara said cheerfully

“You are hotter than the picture Jason showed me...make yourself at home…” He said winking at her. She blushed and smiled at him politely. I handed him the six pack and he grinned at me. We walked past him and into pure noise and chaos. Kyle Johnson’s parties drew the crowds, and not just from one social group either. There was an astounding mix of kids here, the jocks, the popular kids, the theater kids, skaters, emos, from every click you could imagine. It was a melting pot and all put together by Kyle Johnson. We struggled into the living room, forcing our way in through a press of teens and the ever present pounding music. I cast a glance at Tara and found her grimacing slightly at the noise.

All the furniture had been moved to the sides of the huge room and an entire side had been given over to tables holding enough alcohol to choke Ireland. And next to that, a massive sound system filled the house with noise. A bunch of football guys were gathered around a keg and I couldn’t help but notice the furtive looks they threw Tara’s way. I grabbed can of light beer and so did Tara. It took her almost nothing to get her drunk and she learned it the hard way couple of weeks ago.

“Jason! My nigga!” Mike slurred as he came up to me. He fell on top of me and gave me a pat on the back. He nodded at Tara and pulled me into the crowd of hot chicks. Almost immediately, couple of girls came up to me and pressed themselves against me. I motioned Tara to join me and she made her way across a bunch of blondes. A cute red-headed girl pushed Tara away and jumped on top of me wrapping her thighs around me. I grinned and pulled her skirt down so you can see her naked ass. She was drunk as hell and I slapped her ass couple of time laughing my ass off. Tara glared at me and I put her down.

“You are so damn sexy…” I whispered in Tara’s ear as I grinded my hips against hers. She smiled at me and rubbed my erection through my pants. Just as I was about to kiss her, she pushed me off and went to grab some beer. Soon she was drunk and swayed on her feet. I pushed on to a couch and started drinking my ass off.

I was drinking at an alarming rate and was well on my way to breaking things and fornicating with hot girls, when some Tara came up to me and said, “I need you to fuck me…”

“What?” I asked her swaying on my feet. She laughed and held on to me but she was just as drunk as I was.

“That bitch dared me and I need your cock…” She said pointing at a blonde chick who was smoking pot. I rubbed my eyes but Tara grabbed me by my shirt and pushed me onto a couch next to that chick and jumps on top of me.

“Tarrra stop it! Whats aresh you doing?” I said. I was pretty drunk but wasn’t too drunk like Tara. She shut me by kissing me with passion on my lips and everything became clear. Tara needs my cock. I need her pussy. I pulled my pants down and glanced at the girl who was next to me and smiled. I slowly pulled my boxers down and rubbed my raging hardon against her panties which were quite damp. She grabbed my head roughly and rammed her tongue deep down my throat while running her hands through my hair. I moaned as our tongues grappled in passion and she rubbed her breasts against my chest. I pulled her deeper into me and started humping her.

"Get thesesh off me " She slurred referring to her panties. I grabbed her head and pulled her back into the kiss as I tried to pull her panties down. I managed to get them to her ankles and moaned as her hot cunt made contact with my cock. We finally broke the kiss and I looked around to see a small circle formed around us. I was always an attention seeker so I had a huge smile on my face as Tara lowered her pussy onto my cock.

“Fuck that feelsh so good” I moaned as she impaled my cock with her tight cunt. I grabbed her hips and kissed her deeply while rocking my hips. I lifted her up and dropped her on my cock loving the pleasure; it felt so great her vaginal muscles rubbing tightly against my erection. She tucked her knees to my sides and held on to my shoulders for support as she rode my cock like a porn star.

“Ohhhh yeah mmm” She moaned as I started nibbling her neck. I felt her soft asscheeks pressing into my thighs as she sat on my cock and I could tell she was all ready tired. I picked her up and threw her on the couch “Aeiiiii!”

I grabbed her legs and threw them over my shoulder so her knees were pressing tightly into face. I held her by the hips and I shoved my cock deep into her tight cunt moaning in absolute ecstasy. I looked at Tara who was looking at me lustfully with her deep emerald green eyes and continued to fuck her with long deep strokes.

“Yessssss, fuck that big cock into my hot cunt, Ohhhhh Ohhhhhh yes baby, fuck me hard yesssss Oh Jason” She gasped as I pounded her pussy. My balls slapped against her soft asscheeks as she kissed me with zeal. “Ohhh I am cumming!”

“Shit you are so tight…” I gasped as I felt my balls tighten but I didn’t want to cum yet. I slowed the pace down just a little bit so I wouldn’t cum too soon. I felt Tara’s pussy convulse around my cock as her juices squeeze past me. As soon as I felt my orgasm subdue, I fucked her juicy cunt with all I got.

“Fuck her up the ass!” I heard someone scream and then it dawned on me that almost everyone was watching us. I glanced across and saw couple of girls giving their boyfriends blowjobs and some guys were taping us. I pulled my cock which was covered with her juices and pointed at her asshole. I glanced at Tara who nodded her head; I slowly pushed my cock into her pussy until it was completely buried in her tight ass.

“Holy shit!” Someone gasped when I pulled my cock completely out of her ass and shoved it forward. She was unbelievably tight and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I slapped Tara’s ass as I fucked her furiously holding her hips for support. I suddenly had an idea and continued fucking her ass until I couldn’t hold my cum any longer.

“Who wants my cum?” I asked in the crowd but nobody moved or said anything. Two girls stepped up next to me and got on their knees. I grinned in response and I pulled my cock out of her ass and exploded on their faces. I swear I heard the whole room gasp as I shot load after load of hot cum on their faces, they stuck their tongue out but most of it fell on their faces. I gasped as I finally felt my cock subdue.

“Yeah! Whooo Yeah baby” I heard cheering from everybody in the room and laughed. I put my clothes back on and looked at Tara who was passed out.

“Holy shit man you got some balls to pull that off…” Mike said as slapping my back. Couple of girls came and talked to me and before the end of the night almost everybody in the room knew me.

“Next part is a month from now and you are coming” Kyle said as I left his room with Tara on my back. I laughed and promised him I would be there. I stumbled into my room and collapsed on the bed with Tara on top of me.

“Hello?” I answered my phone running my hand through my hair.

“Jason? It’s me Jamie…listen…can I come over and talk to you…” I looked at my watch and it read 11:25.

“Yeah sure…everything ok?” I asked her but she already hung up. I stumbled to the bathroom and took a nice warm shower. Almost as soon as the party ended and after Tara tested if I was sober, we drove home. I slept forever and Tara told me she was going over to one of her friend’s house. I dried myself with a fluffy white towel and put some clothes on. I heard a small knock on my door and opened it as soon as I put shorts on.

“Hi Jamie…everything ok?” I hugged her. She seemed genuinely upset about something and she hugged me tightly. I kissed her forehead and stroked her soft long blonde hair. We sat down on my bed and I put my arm around her. She rested her head on my chest and closed her eyes.

“Yeah everything is okay…I guess” She said but it was clear the she was upset so I hugged her tightly and put my hand on her thigh and squeezed it. She had shorts on and a tanktop.

“Ok…tell me about college…how’s college? Meet any hot guys” I teased her and gently elbowed her. She sighed.

“Ben is so fucking stupid! I fucking hate him!” She said suddenly and slammed the bed with her fist.

“Ha-Ha Ben is a retard…what did he do this time?” I asked her and she glared at me and then her eyes softened.

“I thought I would find someone who will love me…Ben told me he loved me but he just loves me because I am his sister…and all the sex…he just wants sex with me…” She said tears welling up. I stroked her smooth hair and hugged her tightly.

“I love you….” I stroked her hair and caressed her face. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and kissed me softly on the lips first but soon I was kissing her back with passion I never knew I had within me. I pushed her back on the bed and massaged her lovely with mine. She stroked my hair and pulled me deeper into her.

“I wanted you for so long…” She gasped as she tried to get rid of my pants. I helped her get rid of my boxers and pressed my erection against her shorts. She quickly got rid of her clothes and got on top of me pressing her breasts tightly against mine. “Fuck me please? I just need you in me”

Just as I was about to obey her command my mom showed up at my doorway.

“Jason! Get off Jamie right now!” I was surprised and slowly got off her and pulled my boxers up. My mom knows I have sex with other girls and I don’t see what the problem is. Jamie immediately put her clothes on and sat on my bed.

“Mom what’s wrong?”

“What wrong!?! You are having sex with your siste…” She trailed off but we both knew what she was going to say “sister”

We were all sitting in the living room. Jamie and I sat on the couch while my mom sat across from us.

“Yes…Jamie is your half-sister…Jamie, your mom is my sister and your parents later found out that you dad can’t get your mom pregnant…after numerous arguments we decided that Jason’s dad should donate his cum to my sister…so they had sex and you were born…”

“But Ben is older than me…” Jamie said

“But your dad well I should say step-dad really wanted a son so he asked your dad to get my sister pregnant again but…your dad was upset and thought he cheated on me so he refused to have sex again…so your mom and step-dad adopted Ben…”

“Mom is this really true? Why didn’t you tell us?” I asked her

“We don’t know how you were going to take it…” Mom said.

Jamie grinned at me and kissed me on my lips.


“Sorry…just one last kiss” Jamie said as she leaned towards me and whispered “This is just the beginning…brother”

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