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So this is my first story, it's a bit long but I hope you enjoy it...
The telephone rings and she instantly feels herself getting wet when she sees his number on the screen. “I want you to come over and come inside when you get here” he commands and hangs up without waiting for her reply. She glances in the mirror to make sure she looks acceptable and gets in her car to drive to him.

When she opens the door and enters, it takes a moment for her eyes to adjust to the semi darkness. The living room has been rearranged with simply a table, a chair and a blanket on the floor and lit only by candles. She doesn't see him but knows that he knows she is there and he is watching from somewhere. She sees a box on the table and walks up to it. On it is a note that says “open me.” She opens the box and inside there is a beautiful corset, panties, stockings with garters and heels with a note saying “put me on.” She slips her clothes off and puts on the new outfit, knowing that he is somewhere watching and feeling herself becoming aroused by the thought.

Once she finishes dressing she stands and waits.

She doesn't hear him come up behind her but can sense him there. His hands caress her arms sending a shiver down her spine. She knows better than to turn around. She feels him touch her hair as he lifts it off her neck and his mouth finds her weak spot. Her body melts into him as he kisses her neck and down her back. As his mouth explores her back and shoulders, his hands reach around and caress her toned stomach, sliding up to her medium 34B breasts, fondling them through the corset.
His mouth along her back and shoulders drives her crazy and he doesn't stop kissing and licking them as he senses her reaction to his touch. His hands explore the front of her body as his mouth teases her from behind. He slowly moves his hands lower grasping her slim hips and pulling her back into him, pushing his cock against her panty clad ass and letting her feel that he is already undressed and hard. He slides his cock between her legs, feeling the wetness already soaking through the panties. She gasps as the head of his cock touches her clit through the thin fabric.

Suddenly her world goes dark as she feels his hands tying a blindfold over her eyes. She listens, trying to figure out where he is as he steps away from her leaving her desperate for more of his touch.
She can feel his eyes on her as he circles around her taking in every inch of her tiny body in the outfit he picked out for her. She stands still allowing him to look, to take her all in with his eyes. She feels his mouth on her breast as he begins to suck her nipple through the fabric of the corset. He moves to the next one allowing only his mouth to touch her body. His mouth moves up, kissing her exposed collar bone, making her gasp.

Then he moves away again and she loses him to the darkness. Instinctively she reaches for him and feels a light swat on her hand reminding her of her place. She stands still and waits for him to make his next move. She feels a tickling sensation on one leg and shivers, feeling goosebumps rise all over her body. As it reaches her inner thigh she realizes it's a feather tickling her skin. Up one thigh and then the other. Over her ankles, down her arms and across her collar bones. Anywhere she might be sensitive to the lightest of touches. As he teases her body, she gets more and more aroused. She can feel her pussy start dripping, the wetness seeping through the panties and down her thigh.
She knows he sees it too, because his mouth is there licking the stream of cum up her leg making her moan. He finds her pussy and licks her through the panties, getting a taste. He licks her clean but pulls away as she gets excited and begins pushing her aching pussy towards his mouth.

Suddenly, she cries out at a new sensation, as he traces an ice cube down the back of her legs... his way of telling her to cool down. He’s not ready for her to cum yet. His mouth licks up the trail of cold water from the ice alternating from cold to hot.

She feels his hands grab her hips and pull her forward and she takes a step, following his pull. She feels him pushing her down and she is sitting in the chair. He pulls her to the edge and pushes her legs apart so he has access to her pussy. Knowing she must not move, she sits like that and waits for her master to touch her as she longs to be touched. She knows he is taking his time.
Her body is at his command without a single word from either of them. She feels his finger trace over her slit, teasing her clit for just a moment before he pulls it away. She feels it trace over her lips coating them in a layer of cum and she licks it off. His mouth finds hers as he rewards her for knowing what he wanted. As he kisses her his fingers slips easily inside her soaking wet pussy, skillfully moving the panties aside. He fingers her deep as he passionately kisses her lips.

All at once everything stops and she is alone again.

Then his finger finds her mouth once more, this time a bit more forcefully, and she opens. She sucks his finger in licking it clean. He gives her one more sweet kiss of approval.
She feels his hands unhook the garters and pull the panties down her thighs slipping them off her legs. She waits for him to touch her there but he surprises her yet again

He leaves her exposed as she feels a caress across one cheek and then the other and realizes it's not his hand. His cock finds her lips and traces around them leaving a trail of precum. He pulls back and she licks it off before he is at her mouth again. She opens up and feels him push halfway in as his hand grasps hers and places it around the shaft. Even blind she expertly sucks him taking as much of his 8 inches as she can in her mouth while her hand strokes his shaft and squeezes his balls
As she sucks him, she feels something pressing against her pussy entrance. She moans as it fills her, momentarily confused (as she has his cock in her mouth already) before she feels the vibration turned on. Her sucking starts to match the rhythm of the dildo fucking her pussy as she feels the orgasm starting. She moans around his cock as her pussy starts squirting but he keep fucking her with the dildo making her cum again and again until she can't tell when one orgasm stops and the next starts. When he can see she needs a break he slips the dildo out of her and brings it to her mouth to replace his cock. He lets her suck all her cum off it while he stands back and watches with pleasure. As she sucks the dildo, he brings his cock back to her face and caresses her cheeks with it again and then moves lower, rubbing it over her breasts and nipples. She feels him pull the corset down, exposing her chest and his mouth finds her nipple. As he sucks it he plays with the other breast with his hand. He switches sides and hears her starting to moan with arousal again. His hand takes the dildo from her and she hears the vibration start. He turns it to low and places it on her nipple. She gasps at the sensation and immediately feels a tingle in her pussy. He alternates breasts, teasing her with the vibrations. As she starts to become more aroused she feels him grab her hand and place it on her pussy. She lets her fingers trace the wetness there, spreading her legs wider so he will have a good view. She fingers her pussy for him as he teases her with the vibrator on her breasts. She doesn't hold back as another orgasm comes over her, squirting his face and making him need a taste of her bare pussy. He puts the vibrator down and pulls her hand away as he takes her pussy for his own toy now. His mouth hungrily licks up all the cum from her orgasm as his tongue pushes deep into her for more. He fucks her with his tongue as his fingers tease her clit. He hungrily licks and sucks every drop of cum he can get, but she just keeps getting wetter and wetter. His fingers push deep into her pussy finding her g spot. It only takes a few seconds before she’s squirting into his waiting mouth. He starts fucking her pussy with his fingers harder and harder as his mouth sucks her clit. She starts cumming again and he happily takes it all.

His hand grabs hers as his mouth leaves her pussy and she is pulled to her feet. She walks a few steps and feels him behind her, bending her over the table. His hand caresses her ass, no doubt admiring how her well toned legs and ass look with the heels and stockings still on. She holds onto the table for support as she feels his cock rubbing her clit. She knows he’s getting it nice and wet with her juices and savoring the sensation before he fills her.

When he is pleased with how wet he is, she feels him positioning his cock at her pussy entrance. Exasperatingly slowly he starts to push into her. As she pushes back trying to take him in faster, he pulls out completely. She whimpers, letting him know that she understands... they're doing this at his pace, not hers. She feels his cock once again find her pussy and this time she holds still. He pushes into her as slowly as he can, feeling the stretch as he fills her tight pussy. When she feels his hips pressed against her ass she lets out a satisfied moan as he holds her there. One hand reaches around her waist and teases her clit with his finger making her moan even more. Slowly he brings his hand back to her hip and grasps her by both and starts sliding out just as slowly as he filled her. When the head is almost completely out he thrusts into her hard and fast and starts a rhythm. He fucks her hard, taking her body as his toy. Every time he thrusts into her his hands pull her hips back allowing him to fill her entirely each time. She starts to cum hard around his cock squeezing him deep inside of her. He knows he can't hold out much longer and she is surprised when he pulls out of her pussy. She feels him turning her around and pushing her to her knees as his cock finds her mouth. He fucks her mouth in the same rhythm he was her pussy and she eagerly takes him in deeper now that he's wet from her cum. She feels him explode in her mouth and over her chest. When he finishes he takes the blindfold off her eyes and she looks up at him for the first time. He looks down at her covered in his cum and smiles. She looks down at her chest and lets her fingers trace his cum over her nipples loving the feel as she rubs it all over. She brings her fingers to her mouth wanting to taste more of him. She sees he is amused, watching her play in his cum and it turns her on a bit. She gets some on her fingers and brings them to her pussy pushing it inside of her. She stands and gets on the table so he can have a better view as she spreads her legs and start fingering her pussy with his cum. She smiles up at him as she lets one last orgasm out soaking his now spent cock as he stands over her enjoying the show. He leans down and kisses her lips and she tells him, “wow! That was amazing!” He turns her head to the far side of the room where she notices a red light glowing and he smiles and tells her “just wait until you see the tape...”

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2012-02-11 21:04:26
ZDWBCC Pleased to read intelligent thoughts in Russian. I`ve been living in England for already 5 years!...

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awsome i got rlly wet keep writing

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