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Summer 1995

My son James and his friend Edward were about 14 the summer this story takes place, having just gotten out of 8th grade they didn't have anything better to do than spend the warm sunny days escaping the heat in the basement of our ranch style home in the suburbs of Chicago.
With their 8th grade year behind them they were especially clingy this summer, anticipating the beginning of high school and new social experiences. They had been best friends since the 3rd grade when Edward was dropped off on a weekly basis to try out the latest video game selection James had been gifted with.
As far as James's mother goes, she hadn't been around since he was in diapers and as far as James was concerned, didn't exist. Lacking a mother figure had the effect of a needy behavioral habit, but most of this was addressed by James's time spent with his friend Edward. Both boys were about 5'6" at this time and 140 pounds. Both boys were comfortable around each other physically, and could often be found only wearing pajama pants together on the large fluffy couch in our finished basement.
I noticed an increase interested in the topic of girls and sex as they had approached this summer and their reclusiveness had me rather suspicious of their common conversation topics lately. Having been this old myself at one point in my life I can closely relate to their mindsets, and thought that it would be helpful to ease their anxiety of the upcoming school year's experiences with a little help from a drug called MDMA which I had stashed a few hits away from the last New Year's Eve party. I know my son and Edward had already had experiences with smoking weed since 7th grade, and although not being in complete approval of their approach to this, did turn a blind eye to it in an effort to promote a non-confrontational relationship between us.
I wanted to get a chance to hear my boys talk freely about some pent up conversation subjects that hadn't been talked about aloud since James entered an awkward stage about a year earlier. I also wanted to get some insight on how sexually experienced they might already be. I had come accross James jerking off on more than one occasion and not saying anything to lighten the mood had created a barrier. When it happened, I did however notice that my boy had certainly come along ways towards reaching sexual maturity and had a member comparable to my own 7" long manhood. The thickness was impressive too, as when I had stubled accross him and a porn mag, his hands, also comparable to my own were just big enough to have his finger tips touching wrapped completely around the shaft. This was topped by a swollen, helmet shaped head that was visibly leaking juices already. With this image instantly burned into my head I continued walking and never brought it up.
To set my plan into action I picked a normal saturday night mid-july that James and Ed had chosen to watch the latest sci-fi horror movie they had rented on the way home from school Friday night. Both boys were talking in fast-forward about the special effects in the movie and I offered to make them some popcorn as a snack. I gave each of them a hit of X and breifly explained it was a vitamin pill that they had to take if they wanted to skip dinner and replace it with movie snacks. They both washed the little pills down without arguement and took a big bowl of popcorn to share on the couch.
"Dad, why don't you join us tonight, this movie is going to be awesome!" James yelled up the stairs. The X still had atleast an hour before taking effect so I played along and agreed. I changed into a pair of spandex boxer breifs and underarmor tshirt to help get into the mood that was likely going to be taking place in my basement over the next few hours.
I took my place on the couch downstairs beside them as they were already almost cuddled together with the popcorn bowl. As it was nearly 80 even in the basement Edward was the first to strip down to his boxers and James was soon to follow, but was only left wearing contoured pair of boxer breifs that I had picked out for him during back-to-school shopping. They did a great job of defining his package against the afternoon sun coming in at an angle still through the basement windows.
As the previews finished and the feature started both boys were brimming with excitement, taking as much about prospective girlfriends as the movie itself.
"Boy Ed, are you ever going to get the nerve up to ask Katie out? We're going to be high-schoolers in another month!" James poked at Ed, who had seemed more focused on the movie up to this point.
"We'll I don't think she's going to have any interest in giving up her pussy until atleast Junior year, she said her mom would kill her, so whats the point?"
"Getting a girlfriend in highschool isn't always about that Ed, part of it is just not looking like a single looser. You can take care of that part yourself you know! I know the same tricks you do!" James said. James immediately blushed when he realized his boldness in front of me, and this was the first hints that the X was beginning to take effect that I noticed. Both boys were looking a little flushed, and blank happy looks were beginning to sweep over their faces.
A smile began to creep across my face as the mood in the room became more evident.
"I know, and those magazines you let me borrow last month were the coolest thing ever. I've never seen a woman like in those magazines. Remember when you first showed them to me on the sleepover?"
I took this opportunity to interrupt with "Exactly what all happened on this sleepover youre referring to?"
"Well I scored about 6 porn mags from Randy at school, all of them showed alot of cool pictures of ladies showing their vaginas and doing things to do them with plastic penises. We had them hidden until you went to sleep dad and then went through them all down here on the couch. We pretended we were hiding under the blanket and talked about what they were doing in the pictures. It was so much fun and it made us think about what a pussy really feels like. We both wanted to feel what a pussy feels like, but we couldn't think of anything like the pictures in the magazine so we ended up jerking off."
I could see him almost trembling with excitement while telling the story. I noticed Ed had come down with a solid erection and it was making a tent in his boxers. The x was in full effect and they were very open to any ideas for interaction I would have to offer. They had lost interst in the popcorn completely and had sat it on the floor and now were showing much more interest in eachother. I too, had a firm erection, the head of my thick shaft easily showing through my boxerbreifs.
"You boys know you don't have to spend so much effort trying to find the girl you think is going to put out. Pussy sure does feel incredible, but you don't have to have a girl to experience this incredibly bonding feeling." This immediately got their attention and they went from cuddling and chitchatting to focusing on me, and then immediately on my pulsating member clearly visible through the thin fabric of my shorts.
"Well, what does it feel like exactly? It has to be better than masturbating" James asked.
"Well to show you two what I mean you have to first masturbate a little to get ready. I have a bottle of olive oil under the couch that will help too."
I reached over and guided James and Edward to standing positions and then removed their underwear. Their cocks immediately sprang up and their mushroom heads began to fill and become swolen. The smiles on their faces gave me a happy warmth swell up from my groin and I too felt compelled to remove my shorts. My cock was eye-candy to the boys, and Ed reached for it first, grasping it with his smaller hand and slowly stroking up and down the length, stopping at the ridge of the swolen head.
"Now we all have the same equiptment here but as you boys can see its not going to stop us from having a little fun". I reached out and grasped my sons cock and pulled him forward by it until its mushroom head met my lips and I took it slowly into the back of my mouth. I caressed around the head and then worked my way down the shaft with my wet toungue, while gently sucking with my mouth. James, my son, was in ecstasy and Ed was now sitting down, leaned back slightly stroking his cock watching this real fantasy unfold.
"We still won't be able to know what it feels like to be a girl since we are all guys" edward interrupted. I paused for a moment and replied " Thats what you think boy, You want to know what it feels like to get penetrated by a cock in your pussy?"
"Well that would be so good, but how?"
I then guided James to the side and Edward to slide down further on the couch. I pushed his legs apart and then up, showing his bottom with his boypussy facing us. His tight butt was smooth and his pussy was pulsating slightly from his anxiety and excitement. I squirted olive oil on his ass and rubbed it around in circles with my finger. He moaned with pleasure and then I led James in for some fun too. I guided James finger into Edwards oiled pussy hole and we both smiled as he squirmed on his back. Ed's cock had shrunk some so I took his package into my hand and massaged it as James played with his pussy.
"Now Ed, I'm going to have james show you the feeling you are wondering about. He is going to penetrate your boy-pussy with his cock. I have oiled your hole up so it will feel like you are getting penetrated in a wet pussy like the girls you talk about so much at school. Remember you two can have this type of fun any time you want, without having to deal with a girl. James can even show you what it is like to have your pussy filled with cum and you can decide if you like it."
I guided James close to Ed's ass made available now to his throbbing, thick cock. I guided his cock into Ed's ass, and when James's mushroom head pushed into his pussy he let out a low moan. Now with James cockhead inside of Ed, I had him pause a moment to let Ed's schincter relax and for James to take in the power feelings of penetration. I felt my son's cock pulsating in my hand as it reacted to its new enviroment, surrounded by Ed's tight boypussy. Both boys were entranced as this and their pupils were at max dialation.
My son James's cock slowly made its way into Ed's boypussy until his balls were resting against his ass. They were entirely taken in by pleasure as they began the breeding ritual and James's ass began bouncing up and down on top of Ed.
"Dad I can feel Ed's pussy throbbing and squeezing me! I feel him from inside, its amazing!" James said as I smiled down at them. I had lubed up and began stroking my own cock, and enjoying the show as the boys bonded physically on the couch in front of me. I knew that from here forward they would be bonded at a deeper, brotherly level. I adjusted myself to view different angles of their breeding and enjoyed seeing my son's balls bouncing against Ed's upturned ass. Lube leaked down ed's crack and dripped into the floor as they muttered moans of pleasure. My son was a natural top and looked deep into Ed's eyes as he dominated him with his cock. Ed also seemed in complete acceptance of his new role in their relationship and gazed up to meet James eyes throughout the entire mating session. Ed thrusted his hips forward in rhythm with James to meet his forward cock thrusts.
They were embraced for about 30 minutes before I noticed the change in James's rhythm that indicated to me he was about to ejaculate his semen inside of Ed. I changed positions to get a better angle of view behind the breeding boys and paid close attention to the view of James's shaft from behind, with his balls now clutching up closer to his shaft getting ready to jettison their sperm payload. I played with James's ass and put him over the edge, as I noticed contractions in his sphincter with my finger, and his shaft started pulsating at quick intervals. I knew this certainly ment my son had deposited his seed inside edward, and began to slowly slump down as he recovered from the burst of pleasure. Ed was kissing James's neck and taking in the feeling of being dominated and filled with my son's sperm load.
I was proud of the two taking the first step towards male bonding of a sexual nature, and put my hand on James's sweaty back as he pulled out of Ed, leaving a trail of semen dripping from his still-throbbing boypussy. Ed's still dialated eyes gazed up at me now, almost with an expecting look. He had just received his first full strength injected dose of sperm, and wanted more. I felt obligated to fulfill a fatherly role for Ed, and led him upstairs along with James.

To be continued...

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