Getting Ready for School, the moment of truth and a group date.
Introduction: Getting Ready for School, the moment of truth and a group date.

Dale and I, Part V

This is a true story about friendship and coming of age. The names were changed. These events took place in the early 1970's. I do welcome constructive comments, and thank you to those that have. I also thank everyone for voting and if you really like what I am writng about, tell me so and also VOTE,VOTE, VOTE. This is a true story of a friendship that has evolved over 40 years. This is also a tribute and a memorial to my friend, Dale, who passed away a few months ago. I am not a professional writer. This is not the typical gay suck and fuck story that seems to permeate this site and others. Both Dale and I grew up,went to college, eventually married women and had heterosexual sex,families and careers. But I am getting ahead of myself, so let me move onto part V.
School was about to start in another week and a half and I had not gotten my school clothes yet. Mom walked into my room and handed me $300.00 for school clothes and supplies. “Mom, this is too much money!”, I protested. “Michael, I want you to look good at school and not like a poverty case, many of those student's parents frequent the restaurant and we need to keep a certain image, O.K.?, besides we can afford to splurge now and then, and this is one of those times. I got to my feet and kissed my mom on the cheek ( She was a great mom, there will be more about her in later chapters). I am going to ask Dale if he has gotten his clothes yet and if not, get him to come along, OK? Sure Mike, Dale is always welcome. I walked over to Dale's house and knocked at the back door, Dales mom came to the door. Hi, Mrs Ozisky, I was wondering if Dale has gotten his school clothes yet? “ No , he is a procrastinator like his father.” Are you going to get your school clothes Mike? “Yes, Mam” “ Dale get down here now” his mom commanded. Dale slid down the banister and did as rolling summer salt, he could really ham it up if you know what I mean. “Dale , Mike's going to get his school clothes and you need to get yours also. “ Why don't the two of you go and get them together?” his mom questioned and reasoned at the same time. Dale's Mom went and took money out of her purse and handed it to him. We left and got to my house and mom called to us to come outside. We got in moms car and left for the North Town Mall.
Mom drove up to the mall and told us to get out and she would be back at noon to pick us up and to be out front. Dale and I jumped out of the car and took off for the air-conditioned confines of the mall. We walked into the Sears store and made a bee line for the teen department. I knew my sizes for shirts and pants. My tastes were simple, a solid color shirt and blue jeans. But this time my friend had other idea's about how I should dress for school. “Mike, you need a new “ Cool” look and I am the one to do it for you” Dale chimed. He went over to shirts and picked out 7 silk shirts with different Bahamian patterns and for pants, well he went and grabbed 7 pairs of split bell bottom jeans. He went to the socks and underwear shelf and picked out, get this, the then NEW thong underwear for men, a package of seven, no less. For socks black was the fashion of the day. “Dale, where did you get all this fashion sense from?” I asked” I read my Dads Esquire magazine“” Now go get changed or do I have to do that for you?” Dale teased. “ On the other hand??”, “No we are not creating a spectacle in the changing room Dale!” I said sternly back. “Shit, Mike where is that adventuresome spirit I have cummmm to love?” questioned Dale. “Oh, come on, but just a quickie that's it” I said. We went into the changing room with the clothes in hand and locked the door for good measure. I sat down on the bench and slid off my cutoffs. Dale knelt between my legs. He started to lick my flaccid shaft, which grew in seconds to its masterful attentive glory. He licked my cock from under my balls to the tip of my dick head. He gently inserted the tip of his tongue into the opening to the urethra, at this point I was groaning into a pair of jeans, as I did not want to draw the store security's attention. Dale's head was bobbing up and down at a furious rate. I could feel my orgasm was coming at a equally furious rate and probably quite messy, as has been the experiences of the past. I leaned over to Dale's right ear and quietly informed him ” I'M COMMING”. He squeezed my balls gently and that sent me over the edge. I hit his larynx with a torrent he was not ready for. He gagged and puked his breakfast on the floor of the dressing room. Thankfully, nobody heard what was going on and the store was not packed with people. Luckily his breakfast covered up the puddle of cum underneath it. I got dressed and we collected the clothes and quietly moved over to the dressing room at the opposite end of the dressing area. I kicked Dale out and just concentrated on trying on clothes. I was pissed at him, but at the same time appreciated what he was attempting to do for me and with me. The clothes looked really good and I had the body structure to carry it off. I walked out to where Dale was suppose to be, but he was nowhere to be found at least in the teen department. I went back to the dressing room and changed back into my cutoffs and collected the clothes. I went up to the register and paid for my clothes. I stood out in the long hallway of the store, hoping to see Dale and also apologize for being to hard ( no pun intended)on him. I walked up and down the isle hoping to see him. I turned around and there he was behind me, mimicking my moves. “I have a surprise for you” he said. He held up a pair of aviator sun glasses with a mirrored finish. “Try them on, I'll bet you will look bitchin with your new stitchens”, doing his best Wolf Man Jack impression. I burst out laughing, everything I was mad at him about did not matter anymore, all that did matter was my best friend was standing there smiling along with me. I put the shades on and I did look pretty cool in them, he was right as usual.
“ We need to go get you some new boots also, like the ones Billy wore in Easy Rider” said Dale. “ You mean the Dingo(tm) brand, those are expensive.” I cautioned. “ Come on, stop being a stick in the mud, besides they are on sale” countered Dale. We went to the shoe department and sure enough the boots were on sale for 50% off. We both bought a pair each and doubled back to the teen department and he copied my purchase, but in his size. Standing next to each other we looked like a mirror image of each other. I had a growth spurt ( I have a feeling the other spurting helped) and now I was as tall as Dale. We literally could have passed for twin brothers. We lugged all the bought clothes and odds and ends out in front of the mall. Before we left the store we put on our new threads, just to fake my mom out. You know what it worked, she drove right past us and did not recognize us. She came back around and passed us again, this time we waved at her. She slammed on the brakes and backed the car up. “ I did not recognize you boys, damn you two look good and I am going to hell for what I am thinking at this moment.” my mom said. “ Don't worry mom, we will probably be right there with you” I said laughing the whole time.
We arrived home and dropped Dale off first. “Mike, who helped you pick out your clothes?” Mom asked” Dale did Mom, he reads his Dads Esquire magazine and he is hip to all the latest styles.” I replied. “ He has been a real positive influence in you life hasn't he Mike?””Mom, he is my best friend and he saved my life, I will always love him” I told my mom gently. “ What do you mean you love him?” “ I would do anything for him and I would lay my life down for him.” “Didn't Jesus say no greater love hath a man for another, than to lay his life down for him?”” Yes Michael, he did” “ Are you and Dale lovers?” “Why are you asking me this?” ” I see the look in his eyes and yours when the two of you are together, you are more than just friends, I can see it and so can your siblings. “Then you also need to know Dale and I met a set of twins at the mall and we are going on a date with them this Saturday and would you drive us, Mom?” I said sternly yet respectfully. “Mike,you did not answer my question,” Mom further prodded. “Does it matter, sex is sex and only momentary and love is eternal.” “ Mom, I love both Men and Women, so I am Bi-Sexual” “I am grateful for having the ability to be able to relate to both men and women sexually.” I know this is hard for you and I am sorry you are taking it so hard, but I want you to be happy for me as I am happy for myself. “Mom,you did nothing wrong in the way you raised me” My Mom was sobbing at this point and demanded,” Are you and Dale Fucking or not “ “ No not at this moment ( which was true technically at that moment- later that might be a different story).” I answered her. My mom stopped sobbing and dried her eyes.” Tell me about these girls.” “Well Mom we met the twins at the Hardee's in the mall. They walked up to us and started talking to us and asked us which Junior High we were going to. We told them Middleton Junior High and they said they were also attending Middleton. So we started talking up a storm and they seemed to really like us. I suggested a date and they accepted. Dale was thrilled as hell about going on his first teen date and I am to. We both liked the girls equally as much and as we get to know each other better I am certain we will each settle on one of them, but for now its just a bunch of friends getting together for a movie and some eats after.
Saturday night rolled around and we had been talking on the phone to the twins on and off all week, so we got their address. My mom played chauffeur and drove us to the movies. Dale, Karly, Carrey and I went to see the Poseidon Adventure. We bought drinks and popcorn and all the stuff you should not eat and will pay for when you get old. The girls hugged and held onto us through the scary scenes. Dale's dick damn near broke through his zipper, his boner was like a flag pole on a condemned building, it was that noticeable. Karly's hand was on Dale's chest and as she was repositioning herself, her hand slipped and landed dead center on his boner. Karly jumped a mile and said out loud, “What the hell is that!!”We got shished and shutuped. Luckily the movie was ending when this happened. We walked outside and Karly reiterated her question” What the hell is that bulge in your pants, pointing at Dale's now sedated crotch. We sat down on some benches outside the cinema and started talking. “Dale, do you want me to explain or do you want me to explain?” “Will you take this one buddy?” “Ok” “ Karly, when a young guy like Dale or myself are out and about sometimes, involuntarily we have erections, it is something we have no control over, it happens to all young guys and walking down the halls at school you will see it a lot. “Mike, you sound so mature and knowledgeable about it, how did you learn that it was normal?” “If you have brothers or fathers, it happens when we get up in the morning and pretty much any time and sometimes at a very inopportune time like in a movie on a first date.” All I am asking from you two is a little understanding and compassion. I know I am speaking for myself and my best friend Dale, we would like to see you again. We had a great time and we would like more great times with you if you will allow it. Karly walked over to me and kissed me on the lips, Carrey followed behind and kissed me also. Karly then walked over to Dale and kissed him and Carrey followed suite. The girls said in unison,” We want to start seeing you both, we like you both equally as well and we are asking you both out on a date, are you interested?” “We accept.” Dale and I said in unison.


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sorry about what happened to your friend. Death is a horrible thing.

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