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Okay this is my first story so tell me what you think! This is a true story about what happened to me when I started babysitting for this couple in my hometown!

He texted me and we got to know each other as friends. Next our text turned from things about summer camp to talking about his children and the next thing I remember was I offered to babysit his kids the next week. We kept sending text back and forth and we eventually started talking about sexual things. Adam has been married to his wife for 8 years and they get along very well! I am now good friends with both of them since I worked at the summer camp that their children attending for the past 3 summers. We are even better friends since these incidents took place.

Adam was his name and he was about 15 years older than me. A skinny/muscular build with nice hair and a great body. He was the typical type to write home about on the outside but he was a freak when it came to sex. I was young and a little overweight but I had a nice firm athletic ass and a good set of 38DD tits. And I am not going to lie I am always horny. I tried very hard to attract older men. I have been interested in older men for a long time now.

I watch his kids at summer camp and i always thought to myself man i would really like to just suck his dick or makeout with him but i never thought anything like this would happen. I would talk to him everytime he dropped his kids off and i would make sure he would get a little show either me bending over in front of him so he could see my ass or my tits. We always had a conversation about what either happened over the weekend or what was going to be going on the next weekend. I made sure I was there and free when he showed up.

Adam texted me and asked me how I liked it and I told him the honest whole truth about how slutty I was. I told him I loved to have my hair pulled and my ass spanked. I loved being called a bitch in bed or a dirty whore. I wanted to be told how much of a whore I was. I then proceeded to tell him how much I loved to suck cock and I always had to swallow! I loved being told what to do! I don’t think this was anything what he expected to hear.

We hung out Adam and I and his wife. She got totally drunk and had no clue what was going on but when we decided we wanted to be around more people we went to the other side of the fair grounds where a lot of their friends were and he started playing with my ass. At first i hit his hand away because his wife was around but then he put it back and she never noticed so i let it slide. He would give me a few drinks of his and i had my own but I felt so much cooler drinking from his drink than my own. He then tried to get me to go suck his dick in his truck but I was too scared with all these people around. He then sent me a text and it said you know your going to suck my dick tonight right? I texted him back and said make me and he yanked my pony tail but it ended with that! Later once I got home he texted me and said bitch I told you that you were going to suck my dick tonight where the fuck did you go?

We sexted all week and then he finally snuck into my parents house to help me out one night. We had both had a couple of drinks even know i was underage! I was a lot more willing to do almost anything! Next we are making out on the couch and he un buttons my shorts and puts his hand inside my thong and starts to finger my dripping wet pussy. He then un zips his jeans and tells me to suck it and I get right over and put my little mouth right on that dick. He goes on to tell me that he can’t fuck me tonight and I give him my puppy eyes and say why not and then go right back to sucking his dick. After a few minutes I sit up and he gets on top of me and he says I cant fuck you as I keep begging please fuck me please! I am so horny! I finally line his throbbing dick up with my pussy and he teases me! I loved it, all it did was make me start moaning and he knew i was extremely horny.

Adam still says no and that he better get home his drunk wife is waiting, and I say no please Adam fuck me! He again says no and I lay my head back and he thrusts forward all the way ball deep into my tight dripping wet pussy! He fucks me so hard, I am moaning his name telling him to fuck my young pussy! He thrusts harder and harder and I say make sure you don’t cum in me! He starts telling me how i am a dirty little whore and all i can say is you know you like it! He then says I am going to cum and he pulls out and shoots in on my face I lick his dick and he gets up and leaves!

He texted me almost as soon as he walked out my door and said don’t tell my wife or you will pay! I texted him back and said well let me know the story of what we are telling her if she ever asks me. And his reply was I don’t know what your talking about I am at jack in the box getting my wife food and by the way I just got pulled over! Apparently this is what he wanted me to tell her if she asked me what happened the night before!

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2011-08-17 01:25:13
go fuck you siiter then she obviously wants it! Just bend her over the couch one day

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2011-08-16 21:35:33
make so fictions about youngs kids doing things with babysitters because those stories are great

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2011-08-16 11:18:27
babysittr good story. More details. Your suddenly at the fair and we dont know how. How did u meet him? what were u wearing. etc

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2011-08-16 07:41:42
I was fourteen and had been getting fucked since I was twelve. I babysat for my sister and her neighbour would drive me home most times. He was about forty, lanky and nice looking, he had a real country-boy voice and a nice line in chat.. One evening I went to his house fully expecting to get fucked and I was not disappointed. He took his time stripping us and when he got his cock out I almost fainted. It was really thick, much thicker than my sisters thickest dildo and over 8 inches long. His cock end was like a ball and bigger than his cock shaft, it wouldn't go anywhere near into my mouth. My cunt is always juicy and slippery so with a series of nice firm pushes he was in me, after a few moments he was right up to the end of my cunt and the root of his cock was against my hole opening. We were a perfect fit ! ! ! ! He was the first man to fully fill my cunt and the first to cum into me and give me an orgasm. In a lifetime of fucking I've never been satisfied like I was that day.

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2011-08-16 04:26:25
Keep it going. I want to fuck my sitter and she sexts me all the time.??

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