I walk around the bedroom to find my phone so that I can call in to work. After finding it I look back over at the bed and see my daughter laying there naked with a gleam of perspiration and a wickedly lustful look in her eye. I dial my boss's number put the ear to my phone and return my attention to my lovely 13 year old daughter. She has two fingers up her cunt and is playing with the massive load I left up it only moments ago. With the other hand she is beckoning me to come back to her so I take the couple of steps back towards the bed as the phone starts ringing. Just as my boss picks up she grabs my cock and quickly sucks it between her lips and starts sucking it back to life causing me to let out a little moan.

"Ugh, hello?" I here from the phone on my ear.

"Oh, hey Dave, it's me. I just found out that my daughter doesn't have school today so if it's OK with you I'm gonna take the day off and spend some time with her." I say.

"Yeah, sure, as I'm sure your aware we're pretty slow today anyway. Have fun. Tell her and the wife hi for me."

"Will do." I say as I return my attention to the petite little beauty sucking wonderfully on my dick. "Dave says Hi by the way."

"HMmmgh" she says around my now throbbing hard-on, sending a vibration through my body. Apparently she noticed effect too and started humming on my cock and playing with my balls with her beckoning hand. All the while still has her other hand attentive to her wet little snatch. She sticks two fingers in and scoops out my cum then slowly pushes it back in over and over.

I feel a small tingling in my balls and think I'm actually close to cumming from a blowjob, but before I say anything she pulls away from me and says "I want you to fuck me again Daddy. I love the way your cock feels in my tight little pussy."

"Ok," I say obligingly and grab her by the waist. She looks at me oddly for a split second then let's out a gasp as I flip her from her back to her hands and knees doggy-style away from me, giving me a very nice view of her wet little hole and her perky little ass. I knew she was already wet enough so I plunged my right into her young pussy without hesitation or warning. She inhaled deeply as I fully penetrated her petite body on my rod then started thrusting in and out of her almost savagely.

"Oh.Fuck.Me.Daddy. Oh.It.Feels.Great. I can feel you so deeeeep. Aaghhh" she says in grunts. With her little asshole winking up as me as I fuck her hard and deep I just can't help myself from giving it a little attention too, so I stick my finger in my mouth to moisten it up nicely and start tracing the tip of around and over her puckered little hole. She lets out a loud moan as I apply a little pressure and slip it in up to the first joint.

"You like that baby? You like Daddy's finger up your ass?" She grunts a 'yes' so I start working my finger in and out of her ass constantly going deeper until I get it all the way in.

"Fuck yea, Daddy, Finger my tight asshole. Fuck me hard."

"Do you want more baby? You want another finger up your asshole?"

"Yes, Daddy, put more up there, that feels so good."

On her command I start easing my middle finger up her tight little asshole too. This gets me really excited. I love giving girls anal, so that my very own daughter loves anal I feel in heaven. I start gently working the two fingers I have in now and she starts moaning and squirming more. After a few minutes of grinding them in and out of her asshole and still pounding away at her tender little pussy she groans loudly and shrieks "I'M CUUMMMINGGGG!!!!" And I feel her pussy and assholes both clamp down on there respective members. as her whole body goes stiff with an intense orgasm.

I let her lay there crouched over in front of me raking for air and glowing with sweat so until she caught her breathe and regained composure. I still had the two fingers in her ass and a throbbing hard-on that was dieing for some anal. I eased my fingers out of her ass and my dripping wet cock from her pussy and started rubbing her pussy juice all over her little asshole for lube. I eased it in a little ways and realized I was now dry so I went back into her pussy and ground it in a few times then quickly reapplied it to her ass. I did this a few times until I felt I had it sufficiently lubricated and started slowly easing my cock in and out of her asshole letting her get used to the size and feel of it.

With each stroke she let out a low moan, as I picked up speed and found a pace.I looked down and saw that she had two fingers once again deeply inserted into her pussy and she was grinding down on them hard while the other hand was playing with her petite young tits. I grabbed her tightly by the hips for the second time this morning and started pounding my cock deep and hard into her tight little asshole like, well, like I hadn't had a piece of ass this good, ever. I looked down at my thirteen year old daughter as her body shook from me pounding into her and heard the sound of her moaning with two fingers up her snatch and one tit firm in her other hand and new it was time. I reached down and grabbed a fistful of her beautiful brown hair and pulled her head back firmly at the same time pulling her ass tight against my body and growled like an animal as I let loose a wicked load of cum deep into my daughter's asshole.

"Oh Daddy, I can feel you erupting inside of me. Oh Daddy, your cum feels so good in my tight asshole. Uuuggh" she says as she shakes hard as another orgasm rocks through her body.

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