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My fuckmate introduces her young son to our world
This may be true equally as much as it may be fantasy. Parts of this is true and I have not changed the names as there are no innocent people in this account.

I had been having an affair with Mary for some months, the sex was good and always different. She was a big woman, 40d size tits, pierced nipples, a round figure and a cunt that was shaved more often than not and always wet. The best part of our sex was watersports, I'd seen alot of it on the web but she was the first to turn fantasy into reality. She gave me a copy of a dvd she had, full of women pissing on guys and vice versa, and we used to swap video clips we'd found online. One clip she gave me had a background story to it that blew my already confirmed twisted and very perverted mind.

Mary told me that this one clip was a particular favourite of her 14 yeal old son Jamie. Did I hear that correctly? Was this her testing the water with me to see how I'd react to incest? What she didn't yet know (she'd get all the details later) was that as a youngster I'd had alot of incest experiences with my sister. Although 3 years younger than me, she behaved much older. Our activities never developed into sex, but we spent many times together, wanking and licking each other. I lost count of how many times I'd cum on her naturally bald cunt.

Mary admitted that she had a very open relationship with her son, and the thought of it got me more horny than it probably should have. Over our next couple of meet ups the details started to come from her, and I must admit that I encouraged her to tell me more. She told me about the first time she'd caught him looking at porn on his computer, it was a site full of clips of women pissing, and like me and his mother that was his kink. Jamie was shocked he'd been caught watching porn, but being a good parent, Mary took him by the hand, led him to the bathroom and sat him down on the toilet seat while she stripped naked and got in the bath next to him.

Without a word being said by either of them she lifted one leg up on the side of the bath, spread her bald pussy lips and started to piss. Mary used to be able to hold a big stream of hot piss for about a minute, and today was no different. Jamie sat and watched as his perverted mother, just inches from him, showed him how much she enjoyed the simple pleasure. Once the hot piss ceased flowing from her, she rubbed her cunt and gingerly Jamie reached out a hand to touch her.

Mary moved one hand away so he had room, and gently encouraged him, letting him explore her. She asked him if he needed to piss, and in an instant he was undressing infront of her, his teenage dick hardening. He stood upright, and Mary moved again so that her cunt was just an inch or so away from the tip of his dick as he started to piss. The hot stream bounced on her clit, giving her an orgasm, and once he'd finished she knelt in the bath and gently wanked him until he'd cum on her tits. As she described the encounter in explicit detail to me, my mind was racing, the possibilities were endless and I asked her how it felt to be sexually active with her own child. She admitted that she knew it was wrong, even more so as he was just 14 years old, but she was so turned on by the fact that she couldn't stop herself.

Mary and I fucked hard, talking out a bit of a fantasy where she'd brought Jamie along to one of our meet ups, so that we could teach him about sex properly. Just the fantasy of me watching her wank, suck, fuck and piss on her child was too much, and within a few thrusts I'd cum deep in her cunt. We caught our breath then went to the bathroom, Mary kneeled in the bath and I stood over her as I pissed. A full 2 minutes later her body was drenched, but she was greedy and told me the next part of our fantasy was to have both me and her son piss together on her tits.

It was then I really knew that it was too good to remain as a fantasy, and told her that I wanted Jamie brought up to speed with our fun, I wanted her to have more activity with him than I ever did with my sister. My only regret is that I never fucked her, and Mary felt sorry for me and also determined that she'd never have that regret of not doing something. I shared with Mary my memories of the times with my sister, how much she used to enjoy wanking my young dick until I'd cum, how I used to suck on her tiny nipples promising that it would make her tits grow big, which it did as she started budding not long after, she also enjoyed the warm and sticky feeling when I'd cum on her tiny pussy (at this point Mary said she'd have loved to lick her preteen cunt after).

My dick was hard again, so Mary made me sit in the bath then moved so that my face was close to her cunt, soaked with my piss, and pissed hard for me. My chest glistened as her hot golden piss ran down my body and as I wanked she moved so that my dick got soaked too. Once she finished pissing I moved to stand up, Mary bent down and sucked my cock.

The sight of her sucking me, soaked in her hot piss was too horny for words, and I couldn't hold my cum any longer. I pulled out of her mouth, but she kept it open as I wanked and splashed alot of cum into her. Mary never swallowed, she used to take all of my cum in her mouth then spit it all back out on my dick and balls before wanking me hard again. She told me about her plans for Jamie, and true to her word by the next time we met up he was up to speed. He'd told me that at ever chance he got, the two of them had indulged in some sex activity, a quick handjob or if time permitted he got sucked off.

More to follow...

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2011-08-28 04:33:28
great story cant wait for the second part just had to jerk off as i love pissing storys

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2011-08-17 19:25:44
this sucked didn't make sense at all

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