When guy finds out his hypnotherapy sessions are more physical therapy, and not just for him

It was hard when my dad left my mom and me when I was five. It was harder when at seventeen; I lost sleep over countless nightmares.

My mom was there for me for everything. She was there for my first heart break, a bitch by the name of Catelyn thought it would be fun to sleep with another guy while I was visiting family.

She wasn’t one of those moms that every male around drooled over, but she was damn near close. She had all the curves in the right spot, breasts close to a D size, and an ass with a little sagging but still mostly tight.

The one issue with her being there for me was that she almost never went on dates. One of the things I could tell was that she was frustrated bad. I found that out late one night when I needed to take a piss. I heard a deep moaning coming from her room, and it grew louder as I got closer.

I slowly opened her door, and peeked inside, what I saw amazed me and instantly got me hard.

She was sitting there with a rubber dildo in her hand, thrusting it hard into her surprisingly bare cunt. I never really saw my mother in a sexual way until that night, her body covered in sweat, her chest heaving, her cunt almost sucking the dildo deep into her sex.

I didn’t stay for long cause I needed to jack off bad, so I ran to my room and came three times in a towel.

The next day, when she left for work, I immediately ran into her room, going straight to her dirty laundry and grabbing the skimpiest and frilliest pair of panties, they were also the wettest. I could smell them as soon as I pulled them out, feeling my cock get hard; I jacked off with them wrapped tight around my cock.

It didn’t take long to cum all over those panties. Sitting down, breathing hard, I threw the panties back into the laundry bin.

I then went over to her panties drawer and searched for some fresh ones. What I found surprised me. There were DVD’s, about five or six, each with a date printed on it.

I grabbed all of them and took them to my room and pulling out my computer, putting the earliest disk in.

I was immediately surprised to see myself, lying down on a seat. I then recognized it as my therapist’s office.

I then heard my therapist talking in a deep voice, apparently hypnotizing me.

As I fell into the sleep what I then saw made me drop my jaw. My therapist, who I would not be surprised if someone told me used to be a model, walked over to me and pulled down my shorts and boxers.

She then grabbed my cock and started jacking it off till it got hard.

After licking and sucking on it, making it hard in her hand, she then straddled me and sat down hard. After she rode it for a while, she pulled off her skirt and blouse, revealing her firm, bouncing breasts.

She pulled me up by my shirt, grabbing my head and pulling my face to her nipple, moaning in a low voice telling me to suck on her nipple. I then saw my mouth come alive yet I was still in a trance.

She rode me hard, her firm breasts bouncing. As she pinched her nipples and ride me for a while. Then, in that same low voice, told me to cum hard inside her, and I heard myself make the first sound while under the trance she had me in as I grunted and she moaned.

She sat on top of me for awhile and when she got off me, she bent over and sucked me in her mouth, cleaning my cock off fully. As she dressed me, and then herself, she slowly counted me out of the trance, I woke up. We talked for a little more, and the movie ended.

I had jacked off during the entire movie, cumming hard all over my hand, pants, and the keyboard.

I needed to see the other movies. So one after the other, I watched each and every movie.

But I was given a huge surprise on the third movie. It went like normal, until I saw my mom, wearing absolutely nothing, walk into the movie.

She then straddled my face as my therapist instructed me to eat her out.

She rode my face hard, grabbing my therapist by the hair and kissing her hard. Her hand shoving down between my therapist's legs, obviously rubbing and pulling on her clit, telling her to cum all over my hard throbbing cock

My limp cock grew instantly hard as I watched this, and I couldn’t help but start jacking off to seeing myself get ridden on both sides by two of the sexiest women I know.

I saw my mom cum all over my face first, moaning into my therapist’s mouth, pushing her over the edge as she came hard over my cock.

They both got off of me and sucked and licked all over my hard cock. She then stuffed my cock deep into my mom’s throat, ordering me to cum deep in my mom’s throat.

My mother moaned as I came down her throat. I felt my balls tighten as I jacked off hard to the movie, feeling myself cum hard all over my chest and stomach.

As I cleaned it up I received a text from my mom, telling me that I had an appointment for the therapist tomorrow.

My mind reeled as I thought about how this time I’m not going into a trance and how I’m going to fuck the shit out of my sexy therapist, and if she was going to be in this session, my mom.

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2016-08-16 18:17:23
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I'm Billy age 12. Kids all hate clothes, want sex, and hate authority. I use my "Make Mommy Mad Game" I invented to get them out of their clothes and into my bed. This works on women too. I asked some first-grade girls to come to my house after school. I said I have a new game I want to show you. When they arrived I asked if they get really angry when their mothers scold, spank, or ground them for doing the things they love to do? They said yes. I said when you want to do those things come here. You can do all of them here. I won't tell your moms. I asked if they like peeing their panties? They said yes. I took them to the shower. I undressed them except for their panties. I said now pee your panties. They loved how naughty it made them feel. I washed out their panties and hung them up. I undressed and gave them a shower. They liked me washing out the inside of their pussies. Afterward, I said I bet your moms would really be mad if we had sex? They beat me to my bedroom. :)

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I'm Billy age 12. I snuck out of the orphanage to make life better for myself. I stole an iPhone from someone's pocket. I noticed online the word hypnosis. I signed up for a free online course. I practiced on homeless people and drunks. Now I can hypnotize almost anyone, even over the phone. I went to the richer side of the city. I found a large mansion. I made him adopt me and my friend Jimmy still in the orphanage. I made him thank us for fucking his 3 little girls and his wife. I made him give me and Jimmy $20 million each. We'll be moving out when we are 18. I made him give the orphanage $10 million. He's a multi billionaire. He can easily afford it. Jimmy is bisexual. He makes our new father beg him to fuck his asshole. I like hanging out at the park, roller rink, and swimming pool. There are lots of mothers there that are easily hypnotized. I make them get on their knees and beg me to piss on them and fuck their little girls, even toddlers. I love making little whores. :)


2013-10-07 18:06:37
I really enjoyed this fantasy but I agree with the other commenters - It should have follow up chapters... I know we'd enjoy reading about his adventures with his mom and/or therapist :)

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2012-05-12 14:37:09
its to short need a second part maybe even a whole series

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