This is my first submission, so be kind. And no, I don't condone these things, but I love fiction about them.
He sat on the couch, in his underwear, drinking a beer. He was watching a porn, but it wasn't really doing anything for him. Lately they weren't any good unless the chick resembled his ex AND was not happy about being fucked. And although porns of both types were common enough, he never seemed to be able to find one that was both together.

He finished the beer and picked up another. Now he was thinking about that whore and didn't want to be. Oh, but she had a sweet pussy. Nice, firm tits. Only way she got a hold of him, really. He knocks her up and actually starts deciding that a family would be nice, and seven years later the bitch disappears, leaving him alone with a six-year-old. What the fuck.

So this is ten years later; ten years of jacking off and the occasional hooker, taking care of the little girl she left him with. He loved his daughter, he really did, but he resented her at the same time. He tried not to, but you can't help your feelings, can you?

He popped open another beer and took a huge swig. He heard the front door click, and then open. "Hi Daddy!" he heard his daughter chirp brightly. "Hey Karen," he called back. She didn't peek in on him; she knew what he'd be watching. She was only sixteen and didn't like 'those movies'. At least she was used to him walking around in his boxers.

He shifted position slightly tipsily and realized he was hungry. He drained the beer and rose heavily from the couch. "Karen?" he called, making his way toward her room. "Do you want to order out? I don't feel like cooking." He pushed her bedroom door open.

The sight that greeted his eyes left him in shock. Karen was wiggling out of a pair of shorts so tight that she was having trouble getting them over her knees. She had on a brief tube top that made it obvious that she was braless, and she was wearing a black lace thong. Her head snapped up and she stared at him, eyes wide, like a rabbit in headlights. "Dad! I... you didn't knock..." she trailed off at the expression on her father's face.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" he roared. "Are you allowed to dress like that? Would I EVER let you go out dressed like that? You look like you want every guy who sees you to grab you and fuck the shit out of you. What the fuck is wrong with you?" She had begun weeping silently as he berated her. He did feel kind of guilty, but he knew she knew that outfits like that were not allowed. He didn't even know where or when she'd gotten it.

He noticed his cock stirring as she sat there looking up at him, sniffling, crystal tears sliding down her face. Bothered, he turned away abruptly. "Put on some proper clothes. You're cooking tonight," he said gruffly. He stalked out and went to his room, leaving her there.

He'd always known she resembled her mother, but until today he hadn't realized exactly how much. Same sweet mouth, pert nose and bedroom eyes, the same chocolate brown as hers, same shoulder-length brown hair. She'd inherited her height and general build from him, but in all other ways she was her mother's. Including, he had just seen, those mouthwatering tits and sweet round ass. Absently he slid one hand into his shorts and gently started jacking his cock. In his mind she sat there, half-naked and crying. Her face wavered; sometimes herself, sometimes her mother, the only constant the pathetic tears. The image was erotic and enticing, and made this feel better than the average jackoff session. He felt himself getting close...

Suddenly a sharp, acrid smell came through the door, wilting his erection. He jumped out of bed and slammed the bedroom door open. The kitchen was full of smoke. He yanked all the windows up and opened the back door. Thankfully the smoke quite willingly made its exit, leaving Karen standing at the stove over a smoking pot, wearing a bathrobe and a stricken expression.

He had had it. He snatched the pot, dropped it in the sink and ran some water into it before slamming the door and windows shut once more. He then rounded on his daughter. "What the hell, Karen? First I catch you dressing like a whore, and then I can't trust you to put dinner together?" he shouted. He backhanded her and she fell, sprawling across the kitchen floor. The bottom of the bathrobe came open, revealing that she was still wearing the thong- and not much else.

"I can't BELIEVE you, you little slut!" He advanced on her and she frantically backpedaled. His erection had returned full-force at the sight of that little scrap of lace trying to conceal Karen's teenaged cunt. "You want to be a whore?" He grabbed her by one arm and wrenched her to her feet. "Then I'll treat you like a whore. A whore, just like your goddamned mother!" He dragged her into his bedroom and threw her down on the bed. She tried to scramble up but he slapped her again and she landed on the pillow. She was crying again, and she looked so very sweet doing it.

He tore the bathrobe open to expose the tube top and thong. He grabbed a scissor from his nightstand and cut the shirt off. She screamed and tried to cover herself, and he hit her again. "Keep it up, you little bitch, and I'll beat the shit out of you." He ripped off the thong one-handed and forced her arms away from her chest, and then grabbed her right breast and fondled it roughly, enjoying the feel of the warm flesh beneath his fingers. "Daddy," she pleaded, "please, I swear I'll never do it again! Please, Daddy, stop!" He grabbed her other breast too.

"Nice tits, baby girl," he said. "I guess we got a few good things from your mother, didn't we?" He smiled cruelly and thrust two fingers into her warm, moist pussy. She screamed in pain. "Ow, Daddy, please! That hurts!" He ignored her and jammed his fingers in and out of her. He was drunk and pissed and horny, and not looking for any outside input. He'd already decided how this was going to go. "This is gonna be so good," he muttered to himself. He pulled his fingers out and licked her virgin juice off of them. Then he applied a big glob of saliva to his fingertips and shoved them back into his daughter.

He worked them in and out, lubing her up, and then yanked his shorts off, exposing his 8-inch cock. Karen screamed again and tried to clamber off the bed. He grabbed the robe hem and pulled her back to him, pushing her down on her back. He slapped her again and put one hand around her throat. "You can hold the fuck still or I can choke you till you pass out, you little slut. Either way I'm doing what I want," he growled. She relaxed marginally, eyes full of fear, sobbing softly. Oh, that looked good.

He positioned himself between her legs and without further hesitation slammed his prick into her, feeling her hymen break, as she screamed in pain. Oh, her sweet virgin cunt was so warm and tight. Another good thing from her mother. He sucked and bit at her tits, making her whimper. His cock slid in and out of her, gripped tightly in her unwilling pussy, and knowing it was his own daughter he was fucking just made it better.

He rammed himself into his daughter over and over again, feeling his balls slapping against her ass as she continued to cry beneath him. "Do you like being a slut?" he panted, fucking her harder. "Do you like having a man use you? You see what you get, dressing like that?" She was sobbing with pain and humiliation. He liked that. Each sob tightened her pussy around his cock, just slightly. It made him even harder and he felt his balls drawing up. "Oh, fuck, baby. Boys only want you for that tight, wet pussy. They don't give a fuck about you," he groaned. "They just want to get their cock in you and get their rocks off!" He slammed his hips against his daughter a few more times, slow and hard. "Yeah, Karen, how do you like being Daddy's little cumslut?" he grunted.

Karen shrieked. "No, Daddy, no! Don't cum in me! Please don't cum in me!!" The look on her face was sheer terror and it set him off. He pushed all the way into her and stayed there, spurting his hot seed into his daughter's virgin womb. "Fuck yeah, can you feel me, princess? Can you feel Daddy cumming in your sweet little pussy?" He pumped her a few more times, wanting to be sure he'd completely drained himself into her.

He lay atop her, half-hard penis still deep inside her, gently kissing the tears from her face. Her expression was one of shocked disbelief; her father had just hit her, raped her, and cum inside her. "Daddy?" she said, in a tiny voice. "I'm not on the pill. What if I'm pregnant?"

The idea hadn't even occurred to him, and the thought quickly brought his cock back to full attention. She squirmed in surprise, feeling her father's prick hardening inside her. "What if you are?" he responded, once again beginning to thrust himself into his daughter. "This is MY sweet slut pussy now. You belong to Daddy and if I want to fuck you you'll open your legs for me, and I will cum in you if I want to!" He fucked her harder as she whimpered in trepidation, enjoying her cum-slicked teenage pussy around his throbbing cock. "That's my good little whore," he panted. "Take Daddy's big cock in your tight little cunt." He jackhammered into her, unable to believe how good his daughter's young pussy felt. "Oh're Daddy's little pussy now, Karen... you're so tight around Daddy's cock."

He was loving every second of his daughter's rape, enjoying the panic on her face from thinking he might already have knocked her up. His cock swelled at the thought of planting a baby in his baby. "Yeah, Karen, that's my little whore. You're going to make Daddy cum inside your hot little cunt again!"

He fucked his daughter with long, powerful thrusts, loving her fear and his control. "Take my cock, baby... take my cum... oh fuck, Karen, Daddy's gonna cum!" Her twat was so hot and wet... he was going to knock up his little whore daughter whether she liked it or not! Pounding hard into her, he shot his daughter full for the second time, spasming the sobbing teenager full of his incestuous semen.

He rested there for a minute with his penis still lodged inside her. He gazed tenderly into her eyes and said, "If I want you pregnant, princess, you'll GET pregnant." He kissed her forehead and pulled out with a sucking noise. Cum leaked from her cunt and onto the inside of the bathrobe. He smiled and pulled his shorts back on. "Get up. Go to your room and get ready for bed. And remember what I told you." She drew the robe around her and fled.

To be continued...

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