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Here’s part 4, and yes it’s even longer than part 3 was. This chapter is more of an explaining chapter and a major foreshadow for future chapters. Well enjoy.

“Sure you can go to Daniel’s party Tyler.” My dad said finishing his beer for the evening, “Just be sure you don’t stay out too late.”

“Thanks Dad,” I said. I ran up stairs to my room. Daniel’s party was starting at seven pm, it was five now. It only took a moment me to realize that I didn’t have an actual plan. I sighed in disappointment at my lack of creativity; I laid on my bed, trying to go through prior knowledge. The girl’s name is Alice, she has….., she likes...uh.., and she’s into…Argh.

“Ah fuck,” I said to myself. I didn’t know a fucking thing about Alice, I didn’t know if she was already dating, or if she’s a virgin. Hell, for all I know, she could be into that S&M shit.

“Really now, Master,” Gabriela said from above. Sitting up, I looked up and almost felt my cock jumped. Floating above me, Gabriela had her hair in a bun with a few bangs in her face, she was wearing a thin shiny purple silk robe that had golden symbols stitched into it and what seem like a red strap of cloth wrapped around her stomach. She was plain white socks and sandals. While this was her less revealing outfit that I’ve seen her wear, since the most she was revealing was the top of her cleavage, it was her most exotic. On her face, she wore the same look of disappointment that I felt. She lightly landed on her feet, then proceeded laid on my bed next to me.

“Is this outfit to your liking Master,” Gabriela said raising her leg up allowing some of the robe to fall past her tanned thighs. I gulped as I felt my eyes take in the beauty in front of me. The plain socks were quite long, for they reached past Gabriela’s toned calves and onto her knees. I continued to look past her knees towards her thighs and her ass, she was wearing a tiny black thong that barely covered her seemingly lightly shaven pussy. Her round perky tits protruded out perfectly against the robe with absolutely no sag. Again I find myself marveled at her sexiness.

Trying to ignore my raging hard on that was occurring, I said, “It’s a wonderful outfit, but... um what kind of robe is it?”

Gabriela smiled and raised her leg even higher giving me a better view of her shapely smooth tanned ass, “Master you have very little knowledge in culture. Didn’t you say you read Japanese literature? This is traditional Japanese clothing known as a kimono.”

“Oh,” I sheepishly replied.

“So Master,” Gabriela said looking me over, “What are you going to do to help your friend?”

“To be honest, I don’t know,” I admitted weakly.

Gabriela sighed, “Didn’t you yourself say that the plan was to go wild Master.”

“Yeah bu--,” I started to say, but stopped when my vision suddenly blacked out. I was surrounded by pure darkness, then I saw a human figure composed of light slowly crouched. The figure then jumped and quickly brought its hand down as if striking something. I didn’t know what it was doing, the figure did the same motion over and over. It wasn’t until the tenth time, when I finally understood.

“Spiking,” I exclaimed aloud, “It’s spiking. That’s what you do in volleyball, wait that’s it, Alice is into Volleyball.” The words were barely out of my mouth, when I suddenly looking up at my ceiling. Gabriela came into view.

“Master,” She said looking at me, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah,” I said jumping to my feet, “I know what to do now.” I told Gabriela about my vision. “So I think it means she’s into volleyball,” I said when I finished recounting my vision.

“Perhaps,” Gabriela said pondering over it, “but, how will that help us Master? Isn’t Daniel on the football team?”

I smiled, “Yeah, but Daniel’s also a fan of almost any sport.” With that I started formulating a plan, while Gabriela silently watched. When I finished, I glanced at my watch. The time was 6:45, I quickly got dressed in my blue jeans, a black turtle neck shirt, and a grey sweater, then left the house saying my byes. Daniel’s house wasn’t too far, it was only about a ten minute walk from my house. I arrived just before his parents were leaving.

“Ahh, Tyler,” Daniel’s dad said giving shoulder hug, “It’s good to see you.”

“It’s good to see you too sir,” I said then turned to his wife, “You too Mrs. Hawkins.”

Both his parents smiled at me. They were going out to dinner with some other game company employees. As they got into the car, they asked me to make sure Daniel doesn’t drink too much, and for me to have fun. I promised I will, and watched them drive away.

As I stepped up to the porch and proceeded to open the door, I heard Gabriela said, “You had them eating out of the palm of your hand.”

I turned to her and asked, “What do you mean?”

Gabriela continued, “You were acting like such a goodie two shoe, all respectable.”

I said sternly, “I show respect to anyone I meet, end of discussion.”

Gabriela shrugged, “Sure you do.”

I asked, “Are you going to be invisible?”

She nodded, “Unless I’ve been order otherwise.”

“Okay,” I said grabbing the door handle

Gabriela looked surprise, “Don’t you want me to be seen, so you can show me off in front of your friends. Like with Dan-”

I cut her off, “First of all, I’d never commanded you to be visible to Daniel, although the action was helpful. Second, you’re not a trophy or object, you’re a living being. A all powerful one, but still a living being, so I’m not going have hanging around my neck like some medal. Now it’s up to you if you want to remain invisible or go visible, but I prefer you to remain invisible for now.”

Gabriela looked shocked, but she nodded. I nodded back and opened the door and was met with my first party ever. Like my earlier dream, everyone was dancing, drinking, and especially flirtatious. I saw Daniel by himself looking down, when he saw me, he instantly brighten up.

“Hey man glad you can make it,” He said when I came near, then he looked around, “Ah, where’s Gabriela, couldn’t make it?”

“Yeah,” I said glad that she chose to be invisible, “She’s still unpacking and stuff.”

“Yeah I hear ya,” Daniel said nodding. Then there was a knock on the door, Daniel went to answer it. “He…hey, glad you cou…could make it.” I heard him stuttered out. I watched as Daniel approached with Alice next to him. Daniel quickly introduced us to each other. Alice was just as tall as Daniel probably a few centimeters shorter with light brown skin. With a pretty face as well as big brown eyes and long brown hair, she indeed had nice big tits, and a sweet ass. She was Hispanic decent for sure. She was wearing a gray shirt and a tight jean skirt.

Alice put her hand out towards me and said with a smile, “Buenos Dias senor Tyler.”

Confused I took her hand and tried to copy her greeting phrase, Alice shook my hand. Then she started laughing.

“I apologize,” she said through fits of giggles, “I was just practicing Spanish, because my grandmother will be visiting at the end of this month.”

“Well I’m glad to be your experimental subject,” I said with a smile, “But I don’t think you should’ve added “senor” with the greet phase.” We all started laughing, I could see why Daniel liked her, not only was she cute, but she had a good personality. We got on one of the massive sofas in Daniel’s house and started talking awhile. Daniel then offered to get some beer, I turned to him about to nod, until I realized with shock. I barely realized that my plan was slowly pummeling towards failure. Daniel wasn’t offering to get beer for us to enjoy, he’s so fucking nervous right now, he’s trying to get drunk enough in hopes of scoring a girl. But the problem with Daniel getting drunk is that tomorrow’s school, and he’ll just fall asleep in like ten minutes if he gets wasted. I wrapped my arms around both Daniel’s and Alice’s shoulder with a smile on my face.

“You know what,” I said, “I’ll get us some nice cool soda from the frig. In the mean time you two can get acquainted.” That had some success, however when I saw the pleading look in Daniel’s eyes, I knew I was gonna have to pull out all the stops. “Oh yeah, Daniel you’ll have to tell me the rest of that volleyball game sometime later,” I said heading over to the kitchen hoping for some type of achievement. It did, loads of it. While Daniel was staring at me, like I had lost my mind, Alice was staring at Daniel in a whole new light.

“Oh my gosh,” I heard her exclaimed, “You play volleyball?”

“Ugh no,” I heard Daniel respond, “But I am a huge fan of it.” The rest of conversation was a mystery to me as I entered the kitchen, because of the wild music that was going on in there. I grabbed three cans of sprite and closed the refrigerator.

“Not bad,” I heard Gabriela said. I looked at her, she was wearing the same Japanese kimono from before, but what did change was her look of superiority into a look of only one thing, shame.

“Are you okay?” I asked slightly worried. She nodded and then disappeared in a puff of purple smoke. I felt a bit guilty now, I think I actually offended her. I sighed, and went back to the living room. Things worked out better than I thought they would, Alice and Daniel were chatting like best friends now.

“And when she spiked the winning shot,” Alice exclaim mimicking a spike.

“It was like the shot heard round the world,” Daniel said acting like he’s holding a rifle. They both let out fits of chuckles. They both noticed me approached them. I felt terrible inside, but covered my face with a smile. I handed them both their sodas and started drinking my own. Now the next part of the plan was to get her uninterested in me and only interested with Daniel.

“You two seem like you’re having fun,” I said winking at them. Both their faces became red.

Alice changed the subject by asking me the perfect question. “Hey Tyler, are you into volleyball.”

I sat back acting like I’m putting a lot of focus on the question then said, “It’s a cool sport, but I’d never had a chance to get into it.”

“I see,” Alice said smiling.

Daniel turned to me and asked, “You okay man?”

Startled, I looked at him faking smile and said, “Yeah why?”

“Because I’ve noticed you seemed down when you were coming back with our drinks. Dude I’ve known you since elementary school, you can’t hide it from me. Hell if you were a terrorist, I’d know,” Daniel said. Damn this is why I hate ever fucking lasting shit-stained friendship, you can’t hide a damn thing.

“Yeah dude, I’m fine,” I said. Daniel held his fist out.

“Bump on it,” he said. We bumped fist and everything was good again. After about thirty minutes of talking, I’ve realized the final step was at hand. I thought for a moment, then I remembered something awesome.

“Hey Daniel,” I said, “You should show Alice this month’s sports issue. They had some great volleyball feedback.”

Alice looked at Daniel, her eyes sparkling, “Oh yes please do.”

Daniel turned red as beads of sweat started to form on top of his head, “Ugh sure, it’s in my room, I’ll be right back.” He got up from the sofa and headed down the hall towards his room.

I leaned towards Alice, “Alice,” I said getting her attention, “You should go to his room too. It’s gonna take awhile for him to find it, his room’s a total wreck.”

Alice smiled, “Okay.” I gave her directions to Daniel’s room and she was off. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Andy was talking to a girl. He started laughing, then froze in what seem like fear, when he saw me looking at him. I didn’t care though, I got up and walked towards Daniel’s room. His door was obviously closed, I want to check if it was locked or not.

“Hey Tyler,” I heard Andy call. I turned and saw him walking towards me.

“Great,” I thought, “He’s the last person that I want to talk to.” Andy suddenly stopped walking and looked confuse, he shrugged and walked back to the living room. I was about to call out to him, when all of sudden he stop moving. No that wasn’t the right deion, everything stopped moving, people still, music stopped, everything was frozen in time, everything except me.

“Did time just stop,” I asked myself.

“Of course not Master.” Gabriela said, appearing in front of me.

“Ugh, then what happened?” I asked.

“You moved yourself up one dimension.” She answered.

“Wait what, there are only 3 dimensions….well probably 4, but that hasn’t been discovered yet,” I stated

“Actually there’s over 200 dimensions after the fourth one,” Gabriela corrected surprising the fuck out of me, “But that isn’t important.”

“So we’re in the fourth dimension?” I asked. She nodded. “So if you go higher in dimension, time stops for the previous dimensions?” I estimated.

“No,” Gabriela said, and then she pointed at Andy, “Look carefully.” I walked over to Andy and inspected him, but no matter where I look, he just seemed frozen in place. When I gazed up toward his face, I suddenly saw hint. Andy’s eyelids were moving, although really slow, I could only catch them moving if I looked carefully.

“He’s slow as fuck,” I observe, “Wait he wasn’t this slow, when I first moved to the next dimension.”

“How observant Master,” Gabriela smiled, “Indeed, before his speed was unhindered, but now as you see, you can walk around this planet at least a 1000 times and still come back here before he can take a full step.”

“How?” I asked, “Why is everything slow.”

“Because, I merely slowed the passage of time within the third dimension,” Gabriela answered.

“You can do that?” I asked shocked.

She nodded, “Each dimension has its own passage of time, while we divine beings are forbidden to stop it, since it will cause untold catastrophe, we can increase or decrease its very passage to our hearts contents.”

“Wait, but why did Andy act like that?” I asked recounting how he walked away like I didn’t exist.

Gabriela smiled, “That’s the beauty of crossing dimensions, that’s what makes it superior to time. Beings on lower dimensions cannot interfere with beings from higher dimensions unless their allowed too. For example, when you moved beyond dimensions, you made your entire existence disappeared from everyone who is on a lower dimension than you are. Of course it will returned once you either return to your original dimension or if you allow someone from a lower dimension to be aware of your presence.”

“Is that how you remain hidden?” I asked, “By going on a higher dimension and allowing me to be aware of your presence.”

She nodded with a smile, “I glad you finally caught on. However sometimes I just remain invisible on this dimension, otherwise your friend Daniel wouldn’t had remember me.”

“Wait a damn minute,” I proclaimed, “When I asked you, if I was like superman or captain universe, you said fucking no.”

“Well I never said that your abilities were weaker or superior. I merely said you weren’t like them,” Gabriela explained with a sly smile.

“Well answer this with details then,” I said, “Will I learn how to slow passage time or something.”

She nodded, “but right now you have to help your friend get laid, right Master?”

I nodded and turned to the door and walked through it, with Gabriela right behind me. Inside Daniel’s room, both he and Alice were at his desk looking at the sports magazine. Daniel’s face was red, but I knew if I just left it up to him, Daniel will never get past first base.

I turned to Gabriela, “Can you change the time speed to normal?” I asked her.

She smiled, “My pleasure Master.” Within a moment everything was normal again. I watched Daniel turned the page to the magazine. It was a funny thought to think at the moment, I didn’t exist anymore, at least dimension-wise.

Alice pointed at something on the magazine. “This one seems cool too huh?”

Daniel nodded, “Yeah it does.”

I walked over to the light switch and tried to flick it off, but my fingers would just go through it.

“Concentrate Master,” Gabriela said, “If you wish to interact against a lower dimension yet wish to remain invisible, you must embrace an idea of dominance over it. If you wish to for one to be aware of your presence, then you must embrace an idea of equality between you and the target.”

I nodded, taking a deep breath, I focused on how I was superior to the light switch, I was in a higher dimension space, I can control who can be aware of my existence. I felt my fingers come into solid contact with the light switch and flipped it down.

Although nothing seemed to happened, I heard Daniel said, “Did light blowout.”

“I think so,” Alice said. I looked at them, the room seemed as lit as ever, however the two of them were moving with hesitation and slowly as if grasping their surrounding.

“Why are they moving like that,” I asked.

“Because, you turned off the light Master,” Gabriela revealed.

“But I can still see,” I said puzzled.

“Of course you can Master,” Gabriela stated, “You’re in a higher dimension, as such light from a lower dimension cannot affect you.”

I smiled as I anticipated my next move, “Alright Gabriela I want you to get Daniel horny, and I’ll handle Alice.

“Yes Master,” She said her sly smile widening.

“Found the flashlight,” Daniel was saying then he gasped as Gabriela rubbed her smooth delicate fingers across Daniel’s back.

“What’s wrong?” Alice asked before gasping herself as I placed my on her flat smooth stomach. Neither of them said anything, then Gabriela and I decided to pick up the pace. Gabriela unzipped Daniel’s jeans pulled out his 6 inch cock and started rubbing the head with her thumb. Meanwhile I pulled up Alice’s shirt and grabbed her big tits, feeling their weight in my hands only magnify my growing erection. I paid attention to rubbing together her brown nipples. Gabriela other hand went to massaging Daniel’s balls, while jerking him off.

Daniel groaned as his body shudder from pleasure. I went in between Alice’s legs and began rubbing her clit, feeling her growing wetness. Then I plunged one finger deep in her pussy causing her to moan with ecstasy as her body trembled. After about five minutes of teasing, Gabriela and I backed off from our assault, I went over to turn on the light for them. It only took me a minute to concentrate enough to turn the light on again. I smiled as I was starting to get the hang of this dimension control. We stood back and watched as things unfolded. Both Daniel and Alice were breathing hard and both seemed to be on the verge of an orgasm.

Daniel was staring at Alice’s now exposed big tits, while she was staring at his hard on. Then they both latched on each other, kissing with such passion, eventually they backed off.

“Ah sorry Alice,” Daniel muttered red in the face.

“It’s okay,” Alice said kneeling down in front of him grabbing his cock and started to jerk him off, “I want you to be my first.”

Daniel groaned as his cock disappeared in Alice’s mouth. I watched as Alice bobbed her head back and forth taking more of his cock in her mouth. Daniel groaned as his hips moved back and forth against Alice’s face. Alice started gagging on his cock as Daniel started thrusting deeper and faster in her mouth.

“Ugh Alice,” Daniel groaned as he bucked his hips, “I’m gonna cum”

Alice let Daniel’s cock pop out of her mouth and started jerking him off, “Cum all over my tits,” she said as she pumped him off. Daniel grunted as cum after cum shot out from his cock, all over Alice’s tits, some even landed on her face. Alice took her time licking Daniel’s cum off herself. Then she laid on his bed on her back spreading her legs showing her completely shaven pussy. Daniel put his head between her legs and started licking her cunt bringing waves of pleasure to Alice. Alice moaned as Daniel proceeded to finger her, Alice’s body jerked as she was overcome by an orgasm.

“Daniel take me now,” she moaned. Daniel nodded then pushed his cock in causing Alice to cry in pain. They were both still for awhile, Daniel started off slow, so Alice could get used to it. After a moment though, he began picking up his speed, thrusting in Alice as deep as possible. Alice and Daniel’s moans became one as they fucked. Daniel bent down to suck on Alice’s bouncing tits. My own hard on was starting to become quite painful, though I willed myself to resist the urge of jerking off. Eventually Daniel’s thrusts started getting wilder, his groans more ragged as he came close to another orgasm.

Daniel said, “Alice I’m about to cum.”

Alice moaned, “its okay, I’m on pill, so cum inside me Daniel.” Daniel increased his pace, Alice wrapped her legs around him tighter, forcing him deeper into her. Finally Daniel grunted as he was overcome by another orgasm. He fell on top of Alice, and they laid like that for awhile.

I turned to Gabriela and said, “Well I think we’re done here.”

She nodded with a smile, “Yes Master.” We walked out of the room (literally), then Gabriela instructed me on how to travel across dimensions.

“Concentrate on transcending the ones around you if you want to go higher, or on descending beneath or to them if you want go to a lower dimension. At the moment stick to only the third and fourth dimension. If you go to far below or above with your experience, you’ll waste away in an instant.” She instructed. It took me a while, but I realized I succeeded when I bumped into the wall.

“Cool,” I thought as I found the sofa and sat down on it. Most of the people had left already including Andy. I stared at my watch, it was 9:34, party was almost over. I decided to help the remaining guest straighten up mess and throwing the trash away. I was finishing sweeping when the last guest left. I saw both Daniel and Alice emerge, both of them blushing and in each others arms.

I gave them a big grin, “So you two had fun discussing volleyball.”

“Yeah,” they both said in unison and then turned red.

Daniel then said, “Alice and I will be dating now.”

“Cool,” I said, “Congrats to the two of you. Alice I know he’s a bimbo, but try to look after him.”

Alice smiled and nodded, after about ten minutes, she left for home.

“Thanks for straightening up,” Daniel said.

“Ah no prob,” I said, then I leaned towards him and asked, “Did you finally made it past toddler level?”

Daniel playfully punched me in the shoulder laughing but nodding, “Ahh man, it was so amazing. I never felt this good in my life. Man I am in your debt forever. You made our wish come true.”

“Your wel… Wait, what do you mean by “our wish”?” I asked.

“Oh she told me, that she wished her first time was with a guy into volleyball,” he said grinning like a little kid, “She said there’s not many guys into volleyball.”

I smiled, because I scored 2 extra wishes, while it may seemed cheesy, it was still legit. I left soon after, I was tired as fuck, when I did get home. My parents were still up, they were glad that I had a good time. I said good night to them and went to bed.

I woke up early with a familiar sensation. This time there were no covers concealing Gabriela sucking my cock. I moaned as she let it slip out of her mouth. She then began licking up and down its length.

“Good morning Master,” She said with a smile.
“Good morning Gabriela,” I managed to say. I glanced at my watch, it read 5:00, so I allowed myself to relax.

Gabriela then pulled my boxers off completely as well as my shirt. She then started to disrobe herself of her kimono. First she started with the red strap tied around her stomach. Then she let her kimono loosely fall off her shoulders revealing her perky tits. She then hunched up the leggings and pulled off her thong. She then straddled me and positioned my cock at her pussy. Then she let her ass fall, taking in my entire cock at once. We both moaned in pleasure, I started thrusting up in her. Gabriela allowed me to do the most of the work before getting into rhythm. Our bodies smacking against each other, I watched her tits bounced in front of me before grabbing one myself. Rubbing her small, firm hardening nipple with my thumb, I fondled her other tit, I took my special time in squeezing it. Gabriela’s moans echoed throughout my room. We continued fucking for awhile, then Gabriela raised her ass till half of my cock remained inside and started grinding it, engulfing me in an endless pleasure. I grabbed Gabriela’s ass and forced it down every time I thrusted inside of her causing moans the escape her. Finally when I felt the pressure building, I thrusted inside her and came so hard that my teeth chattered. Gabriela fell on top of me as we both tried to regain our composure. My deflated cock slipped of her pussy, while trickle of cum slid out of her pussy.

Gabriela looked into my eyes with her own, she was about to say something, when my door opened up. I closed my eyes in anticipation of what would happen.

“Oh good you’re up and dress,” I heard my father say. I opened my eyes, Gabriela was gone, I was cleaned and dressed for school and my entire room was straightened. “Anyway come on,” My dad said ushering me downstairs towards the living room.

“Wait, what’s going on?” I asked.

My dad looked at me and said, “Don’t tell me you forgotten already. She just got here from Romania and she’ll be staying with us.”

“Huh who?” I asked, although the answer was seeming increasingly obvious. “There’s no way,” I thought.

My mother answered it all, “Oh look how you’ve grown Gabriela,” I heard her say.
Dad and I arrived to see Mom hugging Gabriela. Their hug was broken off by Tommy who got up wanting to hug Gabriela also. When their hug was finish, she turned to Dad and hugged him.
Then she looked towards me with a sly smile only I saw and said, “It’s been so long Tyler.”

To be continued.
Sorry for the lack of Sex in this Chapter, the next one will be full of them though. Please look forward.

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